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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  August 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> i was on his bumper and he stuck his head out the window. >> high speeds and flying bullets, the victim of a truck theft in the east bay goes on a wild ride to track down the thief. hello, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. it all began outside a home in gam bell court in hey word where a man took off with someone else's truck. as abc7 reporter cornell bernard
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reports, the victim decided not to let it go. >> reporter: he didn't realize the suspect was armed. luckily he wasn't hurt. one man in custody tonight, his identity has not yet been released. >> i was glad i didn't get shot. >> reporter: stacy is talking about some scary moments saturday when he was visiting a friend on gamble court in hayward. >> i thought i heard my truck start up. i went out to see what was going on. >> reporter: his dodge ram truck had been stolen. this neighbor saw it happen. >> we just got in and had some tools bent down, and the truck was gone. >> reporter: he borrowed his buddy's truck to follow the thief down the hill toward hayward boulevard where he caught up to the suspect. >> i pulled up to the back and said, hey, that's my truck. so and so you, and pulled out a gun and shot. so he took off and i didn't bother to follow after that.
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>> reporter: he called 911. hayward police briefly chased the the man through city streets where he crashed into several cars. at one point police say the suspect drove toward officers. one officer opened fire, missing the suspect who crashed the stolen truck moments later and was arrested. neighbors say another car was stolen from the very same hayward address last week. >> at the end of the day, it's just -- when you have to be watchful. >> reporter: neighbors now on alert. in hayward, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> an autopsy scheduled tomorrow on the santa rosa man shot and killed by police. meantime we are learning new details about that deadly officer involved shooting. police say the man was found under a mattress armed with a 12-inch knife. they were responding to a call yesterday from the home of about a man who was, quote, acting crazy. officers used a taser and pepper spray on him and say they tried to talk to i am had when he advanced on the officers with the knife in his hand, one officer shot him several times. we also have new details
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tonight in the national manhunt that ended here in the bay area. wyndham latham, a northwestern university professor and andrew warren, an employee at oxford university in england are accused of murdering cosmetologist trenton in a chicago high rise. police found his badly mutilated body inside professor latham's apartment nine days ago. it was such a violent act that police say one of the knives used was found broken in a garbage can. friends say prior to his death, he and leegt a.m. were dating and he wanted out of the relationship. >> it is a little scary that they were loose for that long. you think it's kind of easy to catch someone who when their picture is all over the internet. >> warren arrived in chicago three days before the murder. he indicates his passion for bondage and torture, both suspects are awaiting extradition back to illinois. half a dozen people attending a company picnic get men low college escape serious injury when a large branch
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collapsed right next to them. men low fire department responded to the call yesterday afternoon. a branch broke off an oak tree and struck several people. moments before they said they heard a loud crack. two dozen people moved out of the way as that limb came crashing down. >> it was a result of several years of drought and then a winter of heavy rains contributed to the limb breaking. >> paramedics treated a woman for a blow to the head and a one-year-old child suffered from scratches. new information now on what caused a thrill ride to fail at the ohio state fair, the manufacturer of fire ball says the investigation found excessive corrosion on an interior of a support beam led to last month's accident. an 18-year-old man was killed, 7 other people were hurt when the ride broke apart. the fire ball ride at the santa cruz beach board walk remains closed until cal osha can finish safely tests. clean up is upped way after several series of cloud bursts.
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abc's mark remalard hasremalards >> tornadoes, sirens. >> reporter: sarcastic and nervous homeowners are receiving tornado alerts but hearing no sirens. scanning the skies over tulsa, oklahoma. wind speeds of at least 111 miles per hour hitting businesses and restaurants. >> dispatch started getting calls of people who were trapped in the restaurants because of the roofs started collapsing in on them. >> reporter: at least two dozen people were injured and taken to hospitals. thousands without power. in new orleans, up to 10 inches of rain falling in three hours. overwhelming pumps that are supposed to keep dry a city that's mostly located below sea level. >> it is not going to be able to pump that in an hour. it's going to take a few hours for that to be done. >> reporter: so much water came down in such a short amount of time the only way to get around wasn't by land but by sea.
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chris got a flash flood warning on his phone but he couldn't believe what he saw a little while later. >> it wasn't long, maybe an hour after. i stepped outside and the street was flooded and my eyes went down the street. i saw this and we had to come out here and pull the boats out. >> reporter: torrential rains also hitting kansas city, flash flooding shutting down interstate 35 for a while. mark remalard, abc news, new york. >> the search for three u.s. marines missing since their aircraft crashed off the australian coast is now a recovery effort. the marines were on board an ospraie aircraft that crashed ysterday while trying to land. the navy and marine corps suspended the rescue operation today essentially confirming the military does not expect to find the missing marines alive. 23 people on board the aircraft were rescued. the eiffel tower in paris is open once again with extra security today after a terrorism scare closed it last night. police arrested a man who bran
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dished a knife and tried to breach security at the monument. it happened just before closing time. the tower was briefly evacuated. the company that manages the eiffel tower says no one was hurt in the incident. italian police have arrested a 30-year-old man suspected of abducting a british model in milan. police say he threatened to auction her online unless a $300,000 ransom was paid. the 20-year-old britain arrived for a photo shoot arranged by her agent. when she got to the studio she was assaulted, drugged and taken to a small village where she was kept prisoner. the cap or freed her and went to the british consulate where he was arrested. a google employee's manifesto ginest tmanifest against -- manifesto against the company expressed his opinion google should focus more on idea logical diversity and lesson an issue to hire more women and people of color. he argues the disparity between men and women in tech is a result of biological difference and, quote, we need to stop
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assuming that gender gaps imply sexism. he published the essay which was internally circulating at google. the author then goes on to say he strongly believes in gender and racial diversity, but says google has created several discriminatory practices. google's head of diversity says the memo advanced incorrect assumptions about gender. ucla is alerting thousands of students about a possible security breach. the university says a hacker gained access to a server containing personal data for more than 30,000 current and former students. the school doesn't believe the hacker stole any sensitive information. it is offering people affected free identity protection services for one year. taylor swift is getting ready for a live appearance in denver. ♪ ♪ yes, she won't be on stage. she'll be in court. the encounter with a former dee jay that launched a legal feud.
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starting today some bus riders in san mateo county have to take a detour. sam trans has eliminated bus lines 11, 43 and l80 -- make tht 89s. the board of directors voted to end the routes because few people use them. it will save them $170,000. transportation officials say the canceled routes serve schools in daily city, millbrae and al atherton. they run in lines already
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covered. taylor swift is going ahead with a lawsuit against dee jay. he is suing her for $3 million claiming they planned to fire him. she accused him of sexual assault groping her four years ago. she is counter suing for assault and battery. >> she's very sure about being a victim of this groping, and she wants to prove that she is not fabricated this. >> jury selection set to begin tomorrow. though swift and mueller are expected to testify. actress cynthia nixon's name is being mentioned as a possible candidate for new york governor. the "wall street journal" first reported that liberal groups approached nixon encouraged her to mount a democratic primary challenge against governor andrew cuomo. her agent has not returned messages for comment. she is best known former president her role in "sex and the city" series in movies. well, streets turned into a giant museum in fremont this
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weekend. we'll take you to the outdoor festival that combines fine art and music next. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. something we haven't seen in quite sometime. temperatures slightly below normal this afternoon for this time of year. how long this cooler weather pattern lasts ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> here's a look ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> eric, good evening. tornado strike, the american city torn apart. plus, team trump firing back on a report of a gop challenger in 2020. and the model drugged and stuffed inside of a bag, tonight describing the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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there is one place to find art owe fish nad owes around the bay area this weekend. abc7 news was in fremont for the fremont festival of the art. thousands of people packed downtown streets and purchased a piece oor two. it is promoted as the largest
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free street festival west of the mississippi and some people come back year after year. >> yeah, we come to the fremont festival every year. it's a great opportunity to run into friends. there is always amazing work. >> this is the 34th year for the event which also features live music, food, beer and wine, street performers and fun for the kids. nonprofit group teamed up with north face to make climbing accessible to people with disabilities. abc7 news was in san francisco for the launch of climbing initiative at planet granite. they are working with staff and climbing gyms across the country to make them aware of needs of disabled athletes. it is intended to find a way for people in wheelchairs to injured veterans who want to learn to climb. a 9-year-old space movie fan is chasing a job at nasa. jack davis from new jersey sent this letter to the space agency. he wants a position as a new planetary protection officer. that's a scientist working to prevent possible contamination
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from samples brought from space. jark's letter said he was qualified for the job because he saw so many alien and super hero movies. he even got a thank you letter back. there was no job offer, but nasa told jack to do well in school and one day he may get there. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> it's going to be tough to beat today's forecast. really comfortable temperatures. and if you like today, you're going to love tomorrow. live doppler 7 with satellite showing you a really august-like picture. we had fog early this morning, pulling back to the coast. lots of sunshine away from the coast. and this is a very typical picture to our north and to our east. live doppler 7 tracking numerous thunder showers that have popped up along the sierra crest. notice they are all moving slowly to the north and east at this hour, but they are packing quite a light show. take a look at this. the past 30 minutes, the number of lightning strike live doppler counted 233. this will have no effect on us the next 24 hours. all that active weather is
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moving away from us. in fact, look outside, this beautiful shot of the south bay san jose, nothing but sunshine out there. and very comfortable temperatures right now in the south bay. 75 degrees the current number in san jose, 85 right now in san ramon. foggy in parts of the san francisco at 63. 68 oakland and napa, currently checking in at 76 degrees. here's the call, overnight tonight we'll have the coastal cloud cover thickening and it's going to move its way inland. a lot of spots overnight tonight, i would say in fact the majority of the region will wake up to gray skies tomorrow morning and temperatures starting out in the mid 50s to lower 60s monday morning. future weather showing you as you go hour by hour, watch the time stamp. 6:00 tomorrow morning a fair amount of fog. along the coast i wouldn't be surprised early tomorrow morning for the commute. a little bit of drizzle out there and that slow clearing once again means it's going to be another comfortable day in the afternoon temperatures are slow to warm. monday, 76 in san jose tomorrow, sunshine, cupertino about 85,
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though, in morgan hill along the peninsula 72 for palo alto monday afternoon, 71 san mateo. foggy for half moon bay 64 degrees tomorrow afternoon. afternoon sunshine is going to take awhile to get the sun in downtown san francisco. 66 degrees, 63 for daily city. into the north bay, 75 for petaluma, 80 sonoma, 76 san rafael, up to 90 degrees. tomorrow in the east bay a really nice afternoon. 74 oakland, 73 castro valley and inland we're sitting pretty in the 80s. 85 concord, 85 livermore and 86 for brentwood. to the beach we go tomorrow, it's going to be one of those days where we're slow to get rid of the cloud cover. some afternoon sunshine, sea breeze kicking in 5 to 15 miles per hour. santa cruz a high of 70 bodega bay 63 degrees. i do want to quickly take you into the atlantic right now. we are tracking the potential for a tropical cyclone. this is tropical cyclone 7 likely to be named franklin in the next 24 hours. just want to show you we do have
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tropical storm warnings that do include cancun for early tuesday morning for the potential for heavy rain. take note of that if you are heading to mexico. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you coastal drizzle on monday. we're staying below average on tuesday. i think a lot of people like this forecast. it's steady. morning fog, afternoon sunshine, even into next weekend we're not tracking any intense heat moving our way. this is the kind of payoff for what was such an extreme july last month, i think. >> he's always optimistic. >> you have to be. [ laughter ] >> thank you, drew tuma. >> you're welcome. >> sports up next with mike. >> that's what we love about him. two straight with panda on the roster. he did play today. the a's knocked the angels around to the tune of 18 hits. around to the tune of 18 hits. chad leading (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase,
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>> announcer: now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> this time of year in training camp players are ready to hit someone besides their own teammates. raiders travel to arizona to face the cardinals saturday night and these guys can't wait. their facility is getting stale and monotonous just like every training camp around the nfl. family day in napa, a welcome day to see yr fe, girlfriend and kids. players are competing for a job. they want to make sure they don't forget this is a business where everyone has a shot to make this team. >> we're going to have a competitive camp. i told the guys when we opened, i don't care how you got here. it doesn't really matter. you're undrafted. you're a high pick, a low pick, or if you weren't picked, or if you're a veteran.
5:24 pm
certainly a veteran, we've seen a certain amount before, but still, we want to make it competitive. we want to make it real, the competition real. >> all right. the a's traded all star first base manlonzo to seattle powell. 30-year-old was hitting 266, powell is a 24-year-old minor leaguer. all right, angels today in what would be considered -- not considered, that is, the pitcher's duo. chad pender 4 to 5 of the solo home run. he was a triple away from the cycle 10-6 l.a. a single to beat the ship with two outs in the eighths. instead of an inning being over, chris davis smacked his 29th home run of the year, two-run shot. makes it 10-8. pender made it a one-run game with his 6th straight hit. the a's scored five runs with breus maxwell delivering the
5:25 pm
two-run single all with two houts. the a's will come from behind 11-10, their best win of the season. the shark on the hill, second inning g men down one. jared parker with the deep to center first home run of the season giants go 2-1. double their lead in the third. bases loaded single. hit a double off the wall, and gorky hernandez scored 4-1, giants. sharks win with five hits getting into the trouble in the fourth. d-backs would get within one on the sack fly. but j.d. martinez is thrown out by parker. giants still up 4-2. nick goes right up the middle. two more will score. giants go on to win 6-3. they take two out of three in the series. welcome the cubs for a three-game set. bank of the west final, first career match up between the good friends. first set tie breaker, keith wearing red. van da wee gets it back.
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a winning forehand down the line. that sets upset point where she rips her forehand to the other corner. she'd take the first set 7-6 between the two power hitters. second set championship point, rips the forehand winner. madison keys with her third career title straight sets, stanford and first ever on home soil. great week for professional tennis all week. we'll tee it up at 6:00 p.m. here on abc7. five rounds in one inning, lot of fun. >> all right. just like we used to do back in high school. >> that's (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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coming up new on abc7 news at 6:00, northern california's illegal pot farms now so toxic with waste that officers have been hospitalized after touching the plants. and good news for the thousands of incoming cal state freshmen after a big change to course requirements. a new trend that's kault on in one east bay city is making people's lives a little more colorful. people in pleasanton are finding painted rocks hidden throughout the city. once one of the rocks is found people post a picture on the facebook page and hide the rock for someone else to discover. that's how you pay it forward with a rock. >> go figure. >> that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas for drew and we'll e you again at 6:00, okay? right here.
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tonight on "world news," the tornado strike and the new threat. the twister tearing apart an american city. more than two dozen injured. plus, the hit to the high rise. the shredded skyscraper. where the storms are headed now. nationwide manhunt. the rape suspect in shackles, overpowering a deputy, stealing the officer's gun then vanishing. not a vacation. president trump defending his time outside the white house. his team scrambling on the russia investigation and a front page report about a republican challenger in 2020. model abducted. the terrifying account. the 20-year-old kidnapped, drugged, and handcuffed. found stuffed inside of a bag.


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