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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 9, 2017 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonire bt,g aiinakr. north korea just issuing its newest threat, responding to president trump.g tion by mid a threatening to target guam. quote, seriously considering taking action. there are american military bases and nor than 16000 erican that is live there, after the president threat ntd to unleash fire and fury. also the raid by the fbi at the home of paul manafort. waking him up to conduct the raid. the soldiers ambushed. the chase today near paris and the highway shootout tt followed. our correspondent on the ground with what's now become a terror investigation. the f hurcanef thir season back here gaining strength at this hour, and the
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al alarming new headline from noah about what's ahead. the flames shooting into the air. good evening, and it's great to have you with us he on a wednesday night, and we do begin with breaking news. that headline, north korea just a short time ago, issuing its newest threat. the ap now reporting that the of ica s nonsense, saying they complete their plan to, quote, attack waters near guam by mid august. it comes after president trump warned north korea against any more threats or the fury unlike anything the world has ever seen. abc's senior white house correspondent, cecilia vega, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, a new threat from north korea coming o attack the u.s. territory of guam by mid august. this comes as president trump's
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shots fired at pyongyang sent shock waves around wld. but abc news has learned that threat caught some in the president's own inner circle by surprise. the president, in that statement, using language not r oedape-pr national security team. >> north korea best not make any more teats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: sources close to the president say behind closed doors with top aides -- including new chief of staff general john kelly -- he had discussed taking a tougher tone on pyongyang. but even members of his own national security team had no idea the president would go this far. >> he has been very threatening be normal statement and as ayo i said, they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.
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thank you. >> reporter: within a few hours, north korea responding with its own warning. saying it is "seriously considering" a plan to target guam with missiles. the u.s. territory -- home to crucial military bases and 160,000 americans -- is just 2,000 miles away. then today, rex tillerson landing in guam, offering very different words. sleep well at night. >> reporter: the secretary of state striking a much softer tone. oing is send a strong message to north korea in language that kim -ujonou wldnd u seem to underst diplomatic language. >> reporter: then, the president wemself weighed in, tweeting -- ea tr hanun ever before. hopefully we will never have to use this power."l wos have sparked international reaction. from new zealand. >> i think the
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comments are not helpful in an environment that is very tense. >> reporter: to germany's foreign office saying saber-rattling won't help. even some in the president's own party calling his words dangerous. >> all it's going to do is bring us closer to some kind of serious confrontation. i think this is very, very, very serious. the great leaders that i've seen, they don't threaten until they're ready to act. and i'm not sure president trump is ready to act. >>s with us live tonight from bedminster, new jersey, where the president is vacationing at his golf course. you have more on the north koreans at this hour, and any reonse from th response from the white house because this statement literally just came in. i want to read a bit of it. it's from a top army commander given out by state media. they say this is a crucial warning to the united states calling a fire and fury by president a load of nons.seenure
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army, and they this plan say will be complete by mid august, david. >> cecilia vega who will be covering this into the night. cecilia, thank you. abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz with us on this breaking developmenen tisth talking to your sources at the pentagon. a lot of americans watching want to kwnoow is it. will we see military conflict here? >> reporter: president trump's statement was a surprise to o say war is the last thing anyone at the pentagon wants to see happen, icdoifacing updated war plannin they are certainly focusing on defensive measures as well, but if those tough sanctions imposed on north korea do not work, if prress-u onscoinnt aue nuclear missile, a senior official told me in 6 to 12 months, the administration will have to
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decide whether some sort of pre-emptive strike or someunder stop kim, david. >> martha raddatz following the breaking developments as well. thank you. the other major headline developing at this hour involves the russia investigation tonight, and the rai one-time trump campaign chair, paul manafort. a dozen armed fbi agents, reportedly waking him up, knocking on his bedroom door to execute the search warrant. abc's mary bruce at the fbi tonight. >> reporter: before the sun came up, a dozen armed fbi agents knocked paul manafort's bedroom door, waking up trump's former campaign chairman with a warrant to search his virginia home. l al the agents seizing documents and gooninmaterials, part of the sp investigation into russian meddling in the election, including possible collusion with the trump campaign. manafort ran trump's campaign for months, overseeing the
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republican convention. >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. >> reporter: but there were mounting questions about his russian connections and lobbying in ukraine. >> are there any ties between mr. trump, you or your campaign and putin and his regime? >> no, there are n. and, you know, there's no basis for it. >> reporter: shortly afterwards, he was fired from the campaign, later registering as a foreign agent. and we now know manafort was in the room for that trwetop r meeting with donald trump jr. and the russian lawyer who promised dirt on hillary clinto ghnito confirms that recent fbi raid. a spokesman adding, "mr. manafort has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and other serious inquiries and did so on this occasion as well." >> this raid indicates that the fbi did not believe that manafort was fully cooperating with the investigation. >> reporter: the russia investigation, led by special counsel robert mueller, is pressing forward with a federal grand jury in washington, d.c.
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are pouring in to the senate judiciary committee. manafort turning over 400 pages and donald trump jr. handing in 250 pages of records. it all comes as tonight, trump's lawyers are pushing back against a report that the president is sending private messages to mueller. one of trump's lawyers tells tells "usa today," the president appreciates what bob doing. he asked m hesll ier to share t him, and that's what i ha done. but sources with knowledge of those conversations tell abc, it was nothing more than routine chatter between legal teams and that trump and mueller have not >> been in direct contact. so let's bring in mary bruce live at the fbi tonight, and mary, we are also learning about something else that will be closely scrutinized into these evening hours. the special counselor robert mueller's financial disclosures? >> reporter: for the first time, robert mueller has released a full account of his client hi flags, but the president's legal team has accused
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nflicts of interest, and they are pouring over these documents. >> thank you, mary. we turn overseas now and to the developing headline there. the terror investigation you should way at this hour after an attack at a paris suburb. a driver mowing down a group of soldiers. on a highway, severales til mhe investigated as a terror attack tonight, and abc's james longman reports from paris. >> reporter: tonight, a suspect shot by police and in the hospital, after allegedly mowing down six soldiers. at around 8:00 a.m., a group of officers were about to start their patrol, when according to authorities, a black bmw slowly edchoad , directly into the group -- seriously injuring three. his target, the soldiers patrolliisar p .led police on a five-hour manhunt, ending in a shootout on this busy highway north of paris. that bmw shattered with bullet holes. they started to fire, there were
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bangs everywhere, this one witness said. i saw the person fall to the ground, then i took cover. the suspect, believed to be a 36-year-old algerian with a history of petty crime. earlier today, heavily armed, masked police searched a building thought linked to him. this year alone, there have been six attempts on french police and military forces, including this machete wielding attacker at the louvre, and this gunman opening fire on the champs-elysees. >> and james longman with us live tonight from paris, and james, authorities are treating this attack as a possible act of terror? >> reporter: that's right, david. counterterrorism prosecutors have opened an investigation into any probable terror links. france's interior minister calling today's attack a deliberate act, david. >> live in paris for us. james, thank you. back here at home now, and to a suspected cop killer in missouri in custody tonight. ian mccarthy was arrested
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walking on the highway. urveillance video showing officer michael driving after a vehicle without its lights on, an over, the driver opened fire. mccarthy is charged with rst-de on in siurn to thefi a milwaukee neighborhood. already a ruin by the time abc's alex perez from the scene tonight. >> words cannot describe this fire. >> reporter: the mysterious, middle of the night explosio cking this milwaukee neighborhood. flames shooting 75 feet high. >> everybody come in on 24th place. the fire is on 24th street, 24th street. >> oh, my god. >> reporter:t wa about 3:50 nam. when ke hettr wout of bed. still shaking, she took out her phone, recording the inferno. >> lord jesus, it just fell!i catc on fire. i was worried about our house catching on fire, the back of the house catching on fire. >> reporter: the home, which was
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under renovation, completely leveled. >> we did see the basement block had been bulged out, which would be indicative of something happening internally forcing those blocks out. >> reporter: tonight, arson investigators are sifting through debris answers. and david, you can see what's left of this home. investigators here still on the scene.t, utno o luckily, no one was home at the time. david? >> just a stunning scene there. alex, thank you. we turn next hereirst hurri season gaining strength at this hour. hurricane franklin with 75 mile-an-hour winds growing in the gulf of mexico tonight. already felt near cancun, on track to slam ashore later this evening. allegation tonight, noah forecasters advising their outlook on what could be a, quote,re sxt esonlyme with 14 to 19 named stormed. including 5 to 9 hurricanes, and up to them major. let's bring in rob marciano tonight. where is this hurricane tonight? > it has warm weather underneath it, and that's why we have seen so many storms so far
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this season, and thave as youtit'ac mentioned. in the southern gulf of mexico, 75 mile-an-hour winds, and weor storm at land storm, and then the mexico, flooding rain and mud slides. we're worried closer to home, off the coast of florida, and another one rolling toward the bahamas. that has a better chance of developing here, potentially threatening the u.s. coasose.inn seven years. >> thank you. next tonight, to new fallout this evening after the senate's failure to repeal and replace obamacare. you remember john mccain giving it a thumbs down in that late night vote scuttling the plan. ron johnson of wisconsin stunning a radio interviewer with his answer when asked about mccain's vote. >> he has a brain timer right now. that vote occurred at 1:30 in the morning, so some of that might have factored in. >> really? >> a spokesman for senator
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mccain saying it is bizarre and unfortunatehat he would question the judgment of a colleague and friend. he was open and clear about the reasons for his vote, and senator johnson did a >>gi>lopo weze turn next here to the controversy sparked by a former google engineer who wrote a ten-page memo criticizing the diversity program saying women lagged behind in the temp world because of their buy yol ji. he is handing by his words as we hear from him for the first time. here's abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis. >> reporon tr:fi, rehtigstorm after challs inside google and its diversity program speaking out. >> i'm not saying any of the female engineers at google are in any way worse, than the average male engineers. >> reporter: in an interview on youtube, james damore standing by his internal memo in which he argues that "women, on average have more neuroticism" and "higher anxiety, lower stress tolerance" than men. and that the "abilities of men and women differ in part due to
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biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership." damore says he values diversity, but insists that by recognizing differences, we can improve the workplace. >> for example, cooperativeness, which is higher in women than men, we should make the workplace a place where you can actually thrive if you're cooperative. >> reporter: google firing damore after his post went viral, saying his words violated their code of conduct by "advancing harmful gender sters petyur oin by google's parent company, sharing how hard it was to explain the memo to her daughter. i thought about how tragic it was that this unfounded bias was now being exposed to a new generation. david, the labor department is already investigating allegations of wage discrimination. google denies those allegations, david. >> rebecca, thank you. there is much more ahead on
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"world news tonight" this wednesday. the deadly construction .ntthsc ene.mee the construction worker trapped under 40,000 pounds of concrete falling from a crane. headlines tonight involving stroked an, die thenffand. and cbs facing a lawsuit tonight. were customers charged for generic drugs more than they needed to be? look at this. they come face to face with a mountain lion, and you will hear them decide whether they should run or not. whether to walk or simply go backwards. >> should we back up? >> should we back up? what are you spoesepoupd d
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>> reporter: look closely now. that is a mountain lion. sam vonderheide and his friend, brian mckinney, spotted it on last month on the high sierra trail in sequoia national park last month. they creep up -- ever so slowly. and peer around the corner. to find -- >> where's he at? >> shh, shh. >> reporter: nothing. no lion! uh, but look up. right there. there's our puma. >> what are you supposed to do? >> i don't know. i don't think you're supposed to run or go away from it. >> reporter: park rangers say running away could trigger their instinct to chase. >> back up. >> reporter: nice kitty cat. ever so slowly, they back away. >> be careful. >> reporter: they decided to pitch their tents on another part of the trail this night, and had a very restless night's
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sleep. david right, abc news, new york. >> can you imagine? i wouldn't be sleeping. when we come back, important medical headlines, when it comes to men and women and strokes. we're also following that deadly construction accident. the worker trapped under concrete. emergency crews rushing to the scene, and we'll be right back. a farmer's market.ieve what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h.
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including high fwlood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. > the a new lawsuit tonight. megan schultz suing them for overcharging customers for generics. they collect a higher co-pay which a customer uses insurance. cvs denies it. when we cck $307 million up for grabs tonight, but how much would you take home in the lump sum after taxes in any guesses? stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. park. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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finally, no winners yet. now nearly $700 million up for grabs, and here's eva pilgrim.
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>> reporter: a rash of lottery fever has millions seeing dollar signs. >> thank you. >> reporter: for the first time, twin jackpots. each topping $300 million! >> would to go to work tomorrow? >> yes. >> why? >> i would rub it in people's faces. >> reporter: first up, tonight's powerball at $307 million. your odds of winning, 1 in 292 million. if you don't win that, you can $382 million mega million the jackpot. if you are thinking strategy, leave it tthe one powerball ticket please. 70% of past winners took the quick pick option to the bank. the odds of winning both? just 1 in 75 quadryon. >> good luk lu live where you live this is abc7 news.
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>> an attack or threat on guam is a threat or attack on the united states. >> tensions between the u.s. and north korea continue to escalate. and today u.s. officials are weighing in as north korea threatens to target the u.s. territory of guam. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> just a short time ago, north korea said it will complete plans by mid-august and it will be up to their commander in chief. >> action 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in concord with local protests and reaction. emily rowe is live in washington with the latest. >> that latest statement from north korea upping the ante once again. a lot happened in the last 24 hours but the state department is maintaining when it comes to north korea, the u.s. has a unified message and approach how to deal with it. >> it is scary. you know? it is something that we can't
4:00 pm
take lightly. >> reporter: residents of the pacific island of guam reacting to north korea's latest threat saying it is seriously considering a plan to target the u.s. territory, home to crucial american military bases and more than 7,000 u.s. forces. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. >> reporter: president trump with an overt military threat of his own, ratcheting up tensions with the nuclear arm nation as the latest assessment from intelligence says north korea can now produce miniature nuclear warheads that fit inside an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> it is a grave situation. not quite a crisis. real tough sanctions have been placed on north korea and they're reacting rather violently. james mattis weighing in with a statement making clear that north korea's actions will be grossly overmatched by ours calling


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