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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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of the fire. it's not exceedingly hot. it's 85 degrees. this is a nearby reports station. it's warmer. relative humidity 40%. a sizable fire can alter wind flow and generate stronger gusts. this is the situation right now. not likely to change much. our forecast for wind gusts over the next 24 hours in that area shows that we expect gusts to be mainly between about 10 to 12 miles an hour and overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. we have some very warm weather ahead for all the bay area as you look at this map of the western u.s. you can see this weekend is going to be very hot in the interior western states and very warm in the bay area as well. we may be facing elevated fire danger over the next several days. we'll have more on the fire conditions later.
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it's still five days away but preparations are well under way for rally at berkeley's civic park. >> city leaders are worried it might bring a repeat locally. the mayor and others are asking counter demonstrators to stay away that's been labeled as anti-marxist free speech rally. >> laura anthony joins us. >> i will stand against you 100% of the time. >> reporter: it's perhaps a preview of things to come where self-described anti-markist amber cummings is calling a free speech. >> we're not here to cause violence. you show me one prhiemist group that will accepa transgender at any of the rallies. >> this is not freedom of speech. this is bigotry. this is racism. >> reporter: the event is prompted berkeley city leaders
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to stand together with state and national representatives to urge counter protesters to demonstrate but away from the park. >> i share with my constituents the need to speak out against bigots and racists as i have my entire life. >> reporter: much of the fear is based on previous events downtown and at uc berkeley that have spiralled out of control. >> on sunday, it shouldn't be just one day to come out and speak against hate. it should be day in which we say we repudiate those who come from outside our community into our community to disrupt, to create havoc. >> i live here. >> reporter: she claim she's not a white supremacists but the mayor says the event could be used as platform for racists and those looking for the kind of fights his city have seen in the past. >> when you come dressed like a soldier with a helmet and shield
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and weapons and you have flag poles that you fashion as a spear or as a weapon, you're not interested in free speech per se. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the city of san francisco is taking a stand against hate. the mayor tweeted this photo and wrote hate filled speech has no place in sf. unite against hate this friday at civic center plaza. the city's latest plans for protests planned for this weekend. the california legislature will hold public hearings next month discussing a rise in violent encounters with hate groups. university officials will testify on how they are handling protest requests by neo-nazi and other extremist groups. legislature will determine if any new laws are needed to keep the peace at public rallies. a memorial service is set for the off duty firefighter
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murdered in san jose. jake walter and a fellow firefighter were shot without warning. walter died. the other firefighter was wounded. city officials announced a memorial service for walter will be held this this saturday morning in oakland. the california attorney general's office wants to intervene in the recall campaign of judge aaron persky. he filed a lawsuit of several provisions of the election code. >> a recall is very complicatco. it has a lot of steps and complex timelines. this lawsuit is wasting our days to do that. that's the point. the point is to waste our time, waste our money, tie us up in the courts and prevent democracy from happening.
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>> recall organizers say persky has a pattern of bias in cases involving sex crimes. some bay area nursing homeworkehome workers are on strike. they have refused to finalize new contracts unless the union takes down its watchdog website. they post complaints about how the company treats employees and patients. >> this is the worst company i have worked for. when it comes to the way they treat us by not giving us the increases and supplies to do our john. >> it says instead of continuing to manufacture lies in attempting to bully we would suggest to nuhw leadership allow the rank and file to vote on our final offer of three months ago. that included substantial wage, health insurance and other concessions.
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jessica castro from abc 7 mornings with the latest. >> the 49ers organization pointing to that decrease debt number as a victory. the city is still happy with audit that shows a $2 million paycheck coming their way. >> reporter: it's 49ers versus santa clara and both sides saying they were proved right. it shows the team owes much less money than original expected. >> the 49ers owed nearly $2 million. we have to fix the way we're doing business and managing the stadium. >> reporter: the auditor estimates about $114,000 in net unreimbursed city, staff costs, $894,000 in construction funds used for public safety and operation costs and more than $718,000 in unpaid parking fees.
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the major says the city's next step will be to collect the money due and demand the 49ers provide documents with held from the stadium authority. >> if they do not produce those documents we will resume legal action against them to produce those documents. >> reporter: 49ers team president said the report was riddled with errors and said they wasted over $200,000 in public funds. the 49ers disputed the parking fees number to our media partner the mercury news saying they overpaid by a million dollars. the bart station was supposed to open early in
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december. it will be pushed back to the opening date of june 2018. >> abc 7 news reporter got a sneak peak of what it looks like inside and joining us live to show us some of the progress. >> reporter: we're told the station is here 97% complete. the next six months they will spend testing it. here is what it looks like inside. >> welcome to the inside. >> reporter: a lot of open air, light and a touch of color will greet passengers to enter the new bart station. >> it's an iconic station. it's one of the most attractive bart stations in the system. >> reporter: the passengers lead into the concourse. the platforms are under ground. you can see signage is up and once open trains will run every seven and a half minutes. >> we are very soon going to be running trains through here in a test mode. the third rail is electrified.
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>> reporter: it's part of ten miles of track that connects bart and >> it has to be safe. it has to be reliable and fully integrated. we're not going to open it until that happens. >> reporter: it's slated to open in june of 2018. a lot of construction has cropped up near it. pedestrian bridge has been constructed that connects bart riders to the light rail. >> it will be much more convenient. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: the bart station in san jose as well as this one here, the construction will be completed by the end of the year. then the next six months is
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going to be spent on working out all the glitches and connecting the system here to the existing bart system. reporting live, abc 7 news. thank you. progress is being made on the pfeiffer bridge. the girders were made in vallejo. it was damaged during biwinter storms and is being rebuilt. i'm sure you know parking problem s nothing knew. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> the new parking rules in one garage leaving a lot of drivers frustrated. the eclipse is over so what do you do with all those eclipse glasses? why you don't want to toss them out. how much money will you need at retirement? depends on where. you might not like what we have
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to tell you. taiking a live look at our trachk. this is 680. lighter traffic is southbound on the right hand side. stay with us. back after this.
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a change this parking policy in raising some yeyebrows. >> the changes have those who use it kind of confused and the city hopeful. if that sounds like a contradiction maybe wayne friedman can shed some light on this. all yours. >> reporter: i don't know if i can shed some light on it, i'm
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having a hard time understanding it. it's not only raising eyeeyebro it's raising ire. do you know the license laplate number of your car? you're going to need it if you park in that structure over there. welcome toan francisco that sometimes teals like a giant no parking zone. >> ouch. >> reporter: a new layer of angst outside the garage. >> i'm so confused. >> you know your license plate in. >> no. >> reporter: as of yesterday this is the first parking lot in san francisco where you will need know your plate. >> i have stop and think. i don't know the first few digits but i don't know them all. >> reporter: barbara goes back up the stairs, took a picture of her license entered it into new machines in this garage. this san francisco metropolitan transportation agency now sells space based on transactions not time. in this garage, the shortest
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available is now one hour. license plate guarantee no cheating. >> if i'm doing one ten-minute hour and i have to pay for an hour's parking. i'm not happy about it but it's better than a ticket. >> reporter: this part of master plan to get more people parking short term on the street and long term in the garage but change is never easy. >> we think people will go directly to the garages when they are parking long term. we think the pricing will encourage people to do that. >> reporter: so far encouraged would be the last word we might use to describe consumer reactions. >> i believe in progress but that's not progress. >> what is it? >> it's a nightmare. >> reporter: the san francisco metropolitan traffic agency says it's going to monitor the progress of this program. if it works then you might see this program in every city owned parking garage in the area.
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oh, joy. reporting live from the marina district, wayne friedman. san jose officials are offering local groups at cash incentive to clean up the city. the city is encouraging established groups to apply for a hashtag beautify grant. official will be awarding grants of up to $5,000 for groups that want to reduce trash graffiti. not just anyone can apply. the groups need to be based in san jose and must pemeet certai requirements. you may be wondering what do you do with the eclipse glasses. >> we have some important tips and cool new video that we haven't seen. >> that's right. we guarantee it. our director chris johnson was in crossville, tennessee on the path of totality where he captured the experience on time lance. watch as day turns tonight.
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it's about to happen over the beautiful lake for two and a half minutes. compressed here into three seconds and the sun returns. thanks for sharing this video. if you watched with special glasses, hope you haven't thrown them out yet. a group called a strastronomers without borders will redistrict them to south america and asia. don't try to save your glasses for 2024 because most glasses are certified safe for only three years. > . if you watched without glasses and wondering are my eyes okay, abc 7 has this new video. symptoms of short term damage and treatment. don't rub your eyes.
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there's also information on long term damage and those symptoms could take days sthhow up. don't self-diagnose. do consult a doctor. >> thank you. next time wear glasses. when it comes to college football fans stanford cardinal are in a pretty good mood. they ranked 7th in 128 college teams in what's called the fan happiness index. it was developed by espn. san jose 89th. that's what happens when you lose a lot of games. top of the list is ohio state, followed by florida state and alaba alabama. it involves six stanford is kicking off a season this saturday against rice. they are playing down under, mate, in sydney australia. i was there last year when cal
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played against hawaii. sydney is spectacular. it's fantastic. the people are great. sydney harbor, the bridge. i could go on. i could do an hour on as i understand knee. >> and english is widely spoken. >> much better than here. we have a sydney forecast. it's going to be travel down under. friday will be cloudy with a high of 60 degrees turning sunny for the weekend. a high of about 63 degrees on saturday. going to be great weather for football or any other out door activity. it's a pretty nice day here in the bay area. here is live doppler 7. we have sunny skies across the entire coastline as clouds are remaining well offshore now. here is a view of blue sky over the bay from the rooftop camera. it's 66 degrees in san francisco. right now it's 71 in oakland. 80 at san jose. 91 at gilroy. check out this view looking westward from emeriville.
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there's no marine layer. it's 80 degrees now. right around 90 at fairfield. on we go to blue skies over the golden gate. these are our forecast features. mild to warm in next few days. hot inland with highs in the upper 90. the heat will ease a bit early next week. overnight we'll see low clouds forming along the coastline. it may be locally out over the bay. it will be mild once again with 4 50s to around 60. san jose 87. on the peninsula look for highs of 79. mid to upper 60s on the coast. tomorrow even though there will be lingering low clouds there, downtown san francisco will top out at 68 degrees in the north bay. tomorrow look for highs at 80. 86 at novato.
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82 at napa. 78 down at fremont. in the inland east bay our warmest region we'll see highs right around 90 degrees at virtually every location there. as we look ahead to the weekend it's going to get quite warm. saturday we'll see highs inland in the mid to upper 90s. not projecting triple digits yet but we'll be close. saturday and sunday will be very warm days. here is a look at our seven-day forecast. you can see that we'll have sunny skies and mild to warm weather the next couple of days. warmer pattern starts to kick on friday but goes into high gear over the weekend as we get low 80s around the bay. near 70 on the coast. close to 100 in some inland spots. the heat will ease up a bit on monday and further cooling on tuesday of next week. not a very sustained warm patte pattern. can you tell what's
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different about this money? some stores on the east coast couldn't either. the long odds on some legitimate and very big bucks. tomorrow's power ball jackpot closing in on history. 4:22 is the time. here is the traffic in san jose. this is 101 southbound as it usually is all backed up. car pool lanes moving a bit. northbound much better. back with more on abc 7 news right after the break.
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officials say jerry lewis died from heart disease. he was 91. the clark county coroner officially listed the comedian's cause of death as ischemic
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cardio cardiomyapathy. he had his first heart attack when hef was 32 years old. forbes is out with the highest paid actors. at the top, perhaps surprisingly. he's everywhere lately. mark wahlberg. he earned $68 million thanks to moves like patriots day as well as several endorsement deals. he finished ahead of dwayne johnson. he learned 65 million. vin diesel is third at 54.5 million. adam sandler. have we heard much from him lately. >> what movie has he done? >> 50.5 million and jackie chan with 49 million. rounds out the top five. someone is trying to pass off movie prop money as real money in pennsylvania. police posted pictures of the fake money. the money looks real exsent for
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the words motion picture use only printed on the front and back of the bill. film makers use fake bills so they don't have to worry about theft or loss of real money on move sets. it's legal to use in movies but not legal the use in stores. pretty soon retirees this next story may be informative or stressful. a new study calculating how far a million dollars will take you in certain states. a million dollars will last you 12 years in you live in hawaii. i'm done for. that's where i'm going. here in california, it will last you only 16 and a half years. alaska and new york around 17 years. the best state to make your money last head to mississippi where a million dollars -- try to restrain your enthusiasm. it will last 26 years and four
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months. the study was conducted by go banking rates. all right. the nation's political turmoil is expected to be on display this evening in arizona. >> tens of thousands are expected to protest president trump's rally in phoenix, arizo arizona. i'll have the latest, coming up. we're learning more today about the timeline for troop (con artists...) they'll try anything to get your medicare card number. so they can steal your identity, commit medicare fraud. what can you do? guard your card? guard your card? just like your credit card. nobody gets my number, unless i know they should have it. to protect your identity, new medicare cards without social security numbers will be mailed next year.
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visit stay sharp people!
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. appears firefighters have a brush fire in dublin under control. sky 7 shows the charred grounds. less than two hours ago there were flames and a large fluplumf smoke. firefighter will continue to mop up hot spots throughout the evening. chris nguyen tweeted the man charged with killing a firefighter and wounding another was in court today. coming up at 5:00, chris tells us what the d.a. said about surveillance video recovered from the scene. world news tweeted a white house lockdown is over. law enforcement spotted a suspicious package this afternoon and evacuated this area moving journalists and construction workers inside until they determined the package was safe. the president wasn't there at the time. he traveled to arizona where he is holding a campaign style rally. the nation's political split
4:31 pm
over president trump is expected to be on full display and police are preparing for tens of thousands of protesters. >> reporter: the rally is expected to start in just about three hours. the rally that in the wake of what happened in charlottesville, the mayor of phoenix asked the president the postpone fearing that tensions were high. police saying they are gearing up for every possibility. tuesday the president's first stop was in yuma, arizona visiting a border patrol station and meeting with marines. in phoenix. >> i want to come down here to show my support for trump and let him know his base stills stand firmly behind him. >> reporter: trump supporters standing in line for hours in triple digit temperature for the chance to attend his rally. >> we want to make sure we send
4:32 pm
a message. >> reporter: they could gather ounds the convention center. the police chief said she's not taking any chances. > we're ready. >> reporter: police will be at the highest staffing level and the national guard is on stand by. many people are wondering what president trump will talk about during this rally. one speculation going around was that there could be a pardon of former sheriff joe arpaio. we have been told that's not going to happen. there will be no discussion of a pardon here at the rally this evening. back to you in the studio. >> can you tell us more about what the mood is like there now? >> reporter: absolutely. i was taking a bit of walk before i came to talk to you guys. where we are can be pretty deceiving. i don't know if you can see behind me but it looks like a small group of people gathering. for safety reasons we are pretty far away.
4:33 pm
if you walk a block or so, that crowd becomes extremely large. it's great deal of trump supporters. then you also have protesters who are there on the other side of those supporters. the mood immediately changes. it goes kind of in fill energetic here with majority trump supporters to then going a bit further into that crowd and getting in the mix of those protesters and supporters and the mood starts to change. tension is high. there haven't beenfully violent incidents. i don't want to say yet because i don't want to wish anything that happens. the protesters and supporters are on separate sides. the mood changes once you go inside. people are passionate on both sides of this issue. >> all right. reporting live from phoenix. thank you. the navy's top commander has ordered a temporary halt in operations for all navy ships after five sailors were injured and ten others reported missing. this happened when the uss john
4:34 pm
mccain collided with a commercial vessel. officials confirm the remains of the missing sailors have been recovered. >> reporter: the search for answers intensifying off the coast of singapore. >> i just want to be over there searching. >> reporter: as nervous families here at home wait for word on their loved ones after learning the bodies of some of the missing sailors have been recovered. >> his father and i couldn't be prouder of our son. he's great hero. >> reporter: kenneth smith of michigan and logan palmer are among the ten missing sailors. as you can imagine this is a very difficult time for our family. >> till we have exhausted any potential recovering of survivors rr besides the search and rescue efforts will continue. >> reporter: it was just before dawn monday when authorities say the destroyer collidesed with an
4:35 pm
oil tanker leaving a gaping hole in the ship's hull. it happened in the south china s sea. >> one tragedy like this is one too many. >> reporter: this marks the fourth navy mishap this year and the second major crash in the last two months. seven sailors died in june. the navy is conducting a full investigation. the top u.s. commander for the middle east has the first deployment of new u.s. force will arrive in afghanistan pretty quickly. it could take days or a few weeks. president trump recommitted the united states, the 16-year-old war in afghanistan.
4:36 pm
he did not say how many more troops will be dispatched. jim mattis has militants are caught in a military vice. he arrived in background to consult with u.s. commanders and iraqi government officials. the visit comes after u.s. assisted iraqi forces completed the liberation of forces and recapture the city. >> i prefer not to go in those numbers. count for everybody on the ground there now. >> reports out of pentagon say an additional 4,000 troops will be sent into afghanistan joining the 9800 in country now. four men arrested in connection with last week's terror attack in spain appeared in court today. reports say one of the suspects admitted that the terror cell he belonged to had been planning attacks on a much larger scale. he rented the vans used in the
4:37 pm
barcelona attack. the testimony came as a day after police shot and killed the suspected driver this barcelona. the rampage along los left 15 dead including a bay area man on his honeymoon. the wife of that man is searching for the last person to see him. 42-year-old jarod tucker was killed. tucker's wife said she wants to find the waiter who tried to help her husband immediately afterward. she said his act of kindness was a testament to the helpfulness and love that strangers can show to one another. heidi tucker is now in barcelona preparing to bring her husband's beside back home. three young boys were rescued in italy after a 4.3 earthquake reduced their apartment to rumble. this shows rescuers pulling a
4:38 pm
7-month-old baby to safety. it took workers 14 hours to rescue the baby. two people dieped in the earthquake. the jury for bill cosby's retrial will likely come from the philadelphia suburbs. bill cosby was in court today. prosecutors and cosby's new legal team agreed that a local jury could hear the case. the jury that dead locked in cosby's first trial came from the pittsburgh area and spent two weeks in june. celebrating equality day here in the pay area. what people really think about removie ining confederate statues across the nation. we're looking at clear skies today. they will remain that way for a while. i'll have the forecast in just a moment.
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a new poll shows the majority of monuments show confederates should be reserved in monuments. the monuments should remain. the survey was conducted in the days following the deadly protest in charlottesville. 27% responded saying they should be removed. 19% said they don't know. the responses were sharply split along racial and party lines with whites and republicans
4:42 pm
largely supporting preservation while democrats and minorities were more likely to support the removal of those statues. some of the most powerful women in government rallied in san francisco today calling for equal pay. house minority leader nancy pelosi were joined by barbara lee and jackie spear. it marked women's she says the plan invested in jobs, education and policies to help women and middle class families. >> better deals p, better wages, better future. higher pay, that means as barbara lee said equal pay for equal work. >> pelosi says the plan builds on the affordable care act. we'll start with live
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doppler 7 showing sunny skies across the bay area including most of the coastline. we'll see fog return to the coast and out over the bay. overnight lows will be in the upper 50s to around 60. tomorrow look for another mild to warm day with a bit of lip r lingering fog on the coast. we'll see a few upper 70s near the bay tomorrow and it will start warming into low 90s in the warmest inland locations. here is a look at the sfeven-da forecast. we'll see mild to warm weather and our friday warmer pattern starts to build and it builds even more over the weekend as inland highs reach upper 90s saturday and sunday. we'll see low to mid-80s around the bay. heat eases up a few degrees. a bit of a heat spike over the weekend but not a whooeheat wav. >> it's vanilla. right now it's bit of caramel. >> you're changing constantly.
4:44 pm
always vanilla based. >> mint chocolate chip. we bring it up only because we're one step closer getting inside the museum of ice cream. according to the museum website tickets go on sale friday. you can get your ticket earlier but there's a catch. you need an american express card. platinum card holders can buy their tickets starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. those with a regular amex card you have to wait until thursday. the museum opens next month. shows in new york and los angeles have sold out quickly. the effort under way in the south bay to bring new bikes to hundreds of deserving kids. new lawsuit over those tacata air bags. these resolve aroun
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
hockey season is coming back. they put together hundreds of bicycles for a good cause. matt keller has the details. >> reporter: the shark tank has no ice. some say it's because of the warm compassion of 150 volunteers doing their good deed.
4:48 pm
turning wheels for kids are spending the day building 250 bikes. >> putting the front wheel on. you have to do this last. >> reporter: these groups have teamed up before. they built a playground last year. they are sticking with the healthy living theme and getting kids on bikes for exercise. >> the impact will be pretty fantastic especially with school starting. we've had lots of requests for children who need bikes to get to school. this 250 biekes will make a big impact. >> they were over the moon, so grateful, which is kind of the best part about this whole thing. >> reporter: 80 of the bike will be delivered to the nonprofits. the rest of them are going to be picked up here at the s.a.p. senter. expect to see the bikes on the streets soon. >> nice looking rides.
4:49 pm
cal train is asking for more input on how you like to store your bike. one is to stack them. another includes parking bikes on racks at an angle. the goal is more storage. etreach wl b a vaveriouss stations through thursday. planning last minute get away. start packing. summer air fare prices are dropping. fares are expected to be 11 to 20% cheaper than peak summer prices. fall season begins today for the air travel industry and as demand take a dive, so will ticket prices. travelers will be able to enjoy cheaper fares throughout the fall until the holiday season rolls around. recalled takata air bags are blamed for the deaths of people. could they end back on used cars? >> the accusations are being made by a woman in a new lawsuit. this keeps going. it never ends. >> we always talked about new
4:50 pm
cars. there you go. a 19-year-old las vegas woman said she was nearly killed when her takata air bag shrapnel punctured her trachea.c the nonprofit center for autosafety says there's no way to track it. since 2000 it's been illegal to sell a recalled part but the law is seldom enforced. it's launched its own investigation into the woman's allegation. will brick and mortar banks go the way of brick and mortar retailers. a new study from deposit accounts find online banks pay interest rates four times higher than banks and credit unions on main street. since 2016 the average percentage yield paid by internet banks has increased 29%
4:51 pm
versus 9% for brick and mortar versus 2% for credit unions. if you're a verizon custo r customer, expect to have your video throttled. that's limited. it's used to minimize band width congestion. in february, verizon relaunched the unlimited data plan to compete with other carriers. hd video was available on the unlimited plan. now video quality is being li t limited to 480p on phone and 720 on tablets. the cost has opinibeen lowered . it will be throttled not just unlimited customers. if you want quality video, you guessed it. you can pay more. $10 more a month then they will give it to you. those customers will only be throttled after they use 15 gigabytes. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00.
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always you can reach me through my facebook page and on >> you will pay or be throttled. >> pretty much. >> thank you. two of nasa's newest astronaut kandcandidates have t to california. they are among the 12 men and women training at the johnson space center in houston. today they had a chance to talk to the members of the expedition crew. the first question was about yesterday's solar eclipse. >> see it from the opposite point of view that we get on earth. to a person it was much more impressive and larger in size and vibrant in color in some ways than we expected. >> the 12 astronaut candidates were selected from more than 18,000 applicantapplicants. after two years of training they will serve as technical officers
4:53 pm
at various locations. some will end up going to space. hundreds of robots are dancing their way into the record bobobobobobobobo 169,000 pint size robots boogied. a central control system was used to execute the robot routine. they are kind of cute. gur guiness was on hand. all well and good until ama. they are programmed to attack and then it's on. >> they're adorable. they're an army size. you have so many of those, they can take you down. closing in on a record with big bucks up for grabs. the powerball jackpot is the second largest in u.s. history. the odds that you could be the next winner just ahead. dan is here with the look at abc 7 news at 5:00. a warning about traveling to
4:54 pm
mexico. what's the reason for the caution about cancun. >> we're getting [ bleep ] done and we're going to keep doing it. >> governor brown fired up. who he has in his cross hairs tonight. the smart grill face off putting promgss of perfection to the test. those stories and a lot more when we se
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at 8:00 it's bachelor in paradise followed by somewhere between at 10:00 and do not miss abc 7 news at 11:00. you may have heard the powerball jackpot is jumping. tomorrow night the prize could be worth over $700 million. s >> experts say don't just dream about what you would do, prepare for it. >> preparing my whole life. >> reporter: express liquors have had some small winners before but these players want it all. >> i'm hoping to hit. hit the big one. >> the easy part is buying the ticket. that's the easy part. >> reporter: susan bradley is the founder of sudden money institute. it helps lottery winners and other who experience financial wind falls transtoiition to a n normal. >> it isn't just money that's
4:58 pm
changing. you have relationships that change. you have an identity that is shifting. there's a sense of loss as well as a sense of gain. >> next number down is 60. that's followed by the number 9. >> reporter: right after winning is not the time to make rash decisions. raymond won $425 million after buying a ticket at this convenience store. waited more than a month to come forward and hid his face. his attorney was among a circle of legal and financial advisors he put together first. >> that's the most important thing. once people know that you have this money, that this money is coming to you, people will come out of the wood work. he actually, a few of them come to him and they were not the most scrupulous people and we were able to protect him from that. >> reporter: tomorrow's jackpot promises to be the second largest in u.s. history.
4:59 pm
>> all thank you so much for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. smoke and flames in alameda county. we are there live with new details. symbols of independence and motions over free speech. getting ready for rally has one city planning a counter protest. >> the message is let's come together and not at crissy field. >> crisis in the kitchen. hiring workers to get the pizza to your table requires a big slice of patience. i've never seen it in bad in all the years we have been here. firefighters walk side by side as flames race along. this fire in dublin spit out a lot of smoke.
5:00 pm
look at this this afternoon. a short time ago crews finally got a handle on this thing. i'm dan ashley. >> this fire burned 200 acres at camp parks north of alameda county santa rita jail. we got word the fire is out and evacuation vs been lifted. >> it was intense for a time. laura anthony is live with the latest. >> reporter: hi, dan. we're here at the office of emergency services where we just got a briefing. officially they are saying this fire is 90% contained. we can tell you it does appear to be completely out let's show you what it looked like earlier this afternoon. just after 2:00 this fire was whipped by some strong winds out here. fortunately, not all that hot out here. we do know this grass area is certainly very dry. this was a wind whipped fire. it was moving very quickly. we're told it started on camp


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