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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 31, 2017 1:07am-1:37am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." when you're at your most
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vulnerable, it is nice to know somebody is actually going to come out and help you. >> heroes step up tonight in texas as the sheer magnitude of the flood becomes clearer. the danger for so many people is still far from over tonight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. tonight about a third of houston is covered in water according to the texas military department. at least 19 deaths are blamed on the storm. harvey weakend as it came ashore again today hitting eastern texas an louisiana. 37 louisiana parishes have declared local emergencies. >> houston's focus is now rescue and recovery. the police chief says they've received up to 70,000 calls for help. rescuers believe thousands are still stranded. abc reporter marcy gonzales is at a shelter in houston. >> reporter: good evening. shelter vibrant soundbridge been welcoming people by the bus load and are expecting more. always the governor says, in some places the worst of harvey's impact still isn't
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over. the floodwaters still rising, bringing more desperation in texas near the louisiana border. >> everything in gone in the neighborhood. >> in port arthur, this nursing home under water. more than 70 elderly patients stranded and soaked for 24 hours until help finally arrived. >> it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: in beaumont, rescues by boat -- >> all of my years on this earth, i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: and by black hawk. this one lifted to safety wearing drenched clothes and a smile. and hard-hit houston still buried, though the sky is now clear the water keeps rising in some areas. more than 13,000 rescues here already. >> i didn't realize i was on camera. >> you look beautiful. >> no, i would have worn my wig for the occasion. >> reporter: some moment also of levity. ♪ >> reporter: and hope along with unfathomable grief. family members as six of their relatives killed when their van
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was swept away were found. >> family, i just notified them. obviously they are devastated as we all are as well. >> reporter: the death toll still climbing as fear of more destruction grows. at this flooded plant in cross by, texas he expects chemicals will catch fire or explode within six days. the danger prompting even more evacuations. tonight more than 30,000 people in texas are living in shelters, including this one. so many people showed up here today wanting to help, they had to turn away more than 2,000 volunteers. in houston, marcy gonzalez, "abc 7 news" harvey dumped nearly 25 trillion gallons of water on texas an louisiana. >> just incredible, piled on top of this entire city of san francisco that water would be more than 2,000 feet tall, if you can imagine. nearly twice the height of the sales force tower. >> many hope harvey will motivate action to combat
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climate change. "abc 7 news" reporter lilian kim is live at the san francisco zoo where a town hall meeting with congress woman jackie spier finished a short time ago. lilian. >> reporter: tonight's town hall was about climate change, a topic chosen weeks ago but timely in light of hurricane harvey. >> climate change is my number one issue. >> reporter: there are no climate change deniers at this town hall. with harvey on their minds, congress woman jackie speers's constituents couldn't help but worry about climate change effects in the bay area. >> i live on the hill but a lot of things you depend on are at the sea level. >> reporter: with the republican-controlled congress, they face an uphill flooding. >> it will be interesting to see what happens after hurricane harvey and whether or not some of the republican members in texas find that, you know, maybe
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there's some truth to this. >> reporter: congresswoman spier invited uc berkley professor canon to the town the town the t >> he is enabling division, not the sort of pulling together we need, not just to respond to the hurricane but also to think about long-term strategies around infrastructure. >> reporter: which is why speiers says it is more important than ever for california to continue taking the lead in climate change legislation. >> god bless california, because unlike everywhere else we are taking it into our own hands. >> reporter: a position that at least in this room no one seemed to object. in san francisco, lilian kim, "abc 7 news." now, "abc 7 news" reporter laura anthony has been in houston all week helping out our sister station ktrk. here is part of laura's report earlier tonight from an abandoned freeway. >> reporter: this is a major
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interstate. what you are looking at is about 150 yards at least of concrete median that has been thrust aside in the middle of the freeway as if it were some sort of tinker toy. this is a major thoroughfare leading into houston and it is closed. we have been driving around two days and every where we look it is a new sight and no less stunning. near houston, laura anthony, "abc 7 news" one easy way to help is through abc's day of giving tomorrow. abc stations nationwide will be fundraising on air and online all day long with money going to those people that need it most in texas because of harvey. you can also donate to the red cross any time by texting the word harvey to 90999. that will make a $10 donation to the red cross. >> well, here in the bay area we are preparing for some very hot weather. >> incredibly hot actually. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yeah, dan and ama, get ready for sweltering heat. we have excessive heat coming
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up, 105 to 112 for the hottest spots with isolated areas up to 114. heat illnesses are possible, high fire danger. heat advisory and an excessive heat warning in effect tomorrow for the hills and the valley also. so be careful. exercise caution. friday through monday most of the bay area will go under the excessive heat warning, and we have a heat advisory for the san francisco and the coastline for saturday. so you know that the warmth will be felt there as well. low humidity, gusty winds bringing high fire dang er. we have a fire weather watch for lake county for the same time period. live doppler 7 still picking up a little bit of fog along the coast but not for long. i'll let you know exactly how hot it is going to get in your neighborhood and where you might be able to go to get away from it all. ama thank you, sandhya. as she just mention, we are bracing for even hotter weather this weekend. those temperatures could reach numbers you normally see in a desert, not the bay area.
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"abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard is live in walnut creek with how people are getting ready. >> reporter: hi, all all. it is a cool 63 degrees according to is sign behind me, but it is about to change. a lot of folks already cancelling outdoor events and making plans to stay cool. water aerobics sound good about now. >> feels great. >> reporter: come friday when east bay is roasting, of the po >> it is horrible. we'll see how we survive it. >> reporter: temperatures could reach 114 degrees. that's why antioch's waterpark will be open all weekend. half price on labor day. >> as hot as it will be friday, you need two hours of cool dipping in the pool to keep your body temperature down and to stay hydrated. >> reporter: the community center will be open, giving residents a place to cool off. theontra costa youth soccer league in concord not taking chances by practicing during the heat wave. >> they will be cancelling because of the heat, yeah. >> reporter: probably a good idea, right?
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>> of course, yeah. stay home in the fresh. >> reporter: pg&e says its crews are on stand by for possible outages. >> we will be dispatching resources from less impact areas to areas that may be seeing higher temperatures are people are really running the ac, causing stress on the grid. >> that's insane. we have never had that kind of weather. >> reporter: she is counting on ice cream to get her through the heat wave. others are, too. >> reporter: what flavor? >> strawberry. >> reporter: in walnut cream, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." remember, you can download the "abc 7 news" app for up to date temperatures and heat warning where you live. new details now. investigators believe the man suspect of murdering a sacramento sheriff's deputy is from the bay area. 52-year-old deputy robert french died after a shootout with a car theft suspect today. french had been a deputy for 21 years. two highway patrol officers are expected to recover after being shot at a ramada inn as well.
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they had gone to the hotel to look for more suspect after chasing to women in a stolen car for 20 miles. officers wounded the suspect. he is now in the hospital new at 11:00, former piedmont mayor has announced he is stepping down from the council. this follows wieler stepping down after people were offended by his facebook post. they shared posts like black lives matter encourages cop killing and transgenders are mentally ill. >> we have much more ahead on "abc 7 news at 11:00." constriction contribution. a south bay restaurant owner is in hot water over an apparent donation to a white supremacist also, her dog dayzee died. tonight only "abc 7 news" follows a south bay woman's frustration and quest for justice. >> later, from hyperspace to the golden gate bridge. calling all star wars fans. this is the event
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a political controversy has claimed a restaurant in santa cruz. the owner was exposed as having apparently made a campaign contribution to david duke. >> the man now says his business is under attack. "abc 7 news" reporter katie
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marzullo has reaction from santa cruz. >> i'm shocked. if i knew he was contributing to hate organizations i would not come eat here. >> reporter: jason sahara planned to eat here for his birthday. he didn't know it was closed until he arrived and read the sign in the window. according to the sign the restaurant is closed because of "slanderous and malicious internet rumors." it is referring to an article written by indy bay which accuses the owner of contributing $500 to david duke's senate campaign. jacqueline griffin is outraged. >> i can't spend my money knowing it is going to a white supremacist group, a racist group. >> reporter: not everyone feels the same way. these men prefer to keep food and politics separate. >> i think it is unfortunate that he gave money to duke, but so what? you know, lots of people do. it is not exactly a crime. i think it is unfortunate and i think it is immoral, but i will
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still eat here. >> i may not like his politic goes, but to vilify him and to vilify his business i don't think that's right personally. >> reporter: the sign here at omei thank goes customers for the last 38 years and indicates the restaurant will reopen. in santa cruz, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news" a dog's owner is demanding answers after her neighbor's two dogs came into her dog and mauled her beloved pet to death. surveillance videos captured two dogs breaking through a fence and attacking dayzee. they have not told animal services the locations of the dogs that killed dayzee. >> is it okay they could attack another person or animal before they get taken? >> are they going to do the same thing? are they going to be able to escape? obviously we want to find out where the dogs are at. >> and the neighbors didn't answer when we knocked on their >> a northern california brewer
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faces a lawsuit from the son of a jazz legend over the use of his late father's image. north coast brews brother feloni feloni felon felonius ale. the suit demand an unspecified amount of money. north coast has not commented on the suit. >> we need to turn to weather and the heat coming our way. >> it will be uncomfortable but dangerous, too. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yeah, dan and ama. we are tracking excessive heat. it will be extreme towards the end of the week. here is what you need to watch out for. this heat wave hits tomorrow. heat illnesses are possible. make sure you stay hydrate and cool and limit outdoor activity. always you look at the graphic here, you want to stay inside in an ac area or with fans. check on elderly and pets. remember, this kind of heat can actually make you sick and i don't think i've ever said this on the air, but schools may
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actually want to cancel physical education outdoors or maybe take precaution to take those activities inside, especially towards friday. take a look at the temperatures for livermore. 104 on thursday. always we head towards friday and saturday, 110, 112, and then for the upcoming next week time period still will be a hot one out there. so definitely some intense heat, perhaps the hottest of the season. here is a live look right now as we take a beautiful shot of the moon from ore emeryville camera right now. the fog is limited, patchy near the coast on live doppler 7. tracking tropical depression harvey. not much left to it but still soaking parts of texas and louisiana. expected to dump another four to eight inches of rain, isolated total also of 12 inches if tennessee to kentucky as it meanders its way. tropical storm norma in the middle of the atlantic. too early to tell if irma will
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be a threat to the main land. tropical storm lidia south of baja. this one expected to intensify into a hurricane. it is the peak of hurricane season a couple of day i as way. it is going to heat up here in the bay area, but not right now. this probably will be your best sleeping weather. 50s, 60s at this hour, 70s around brentwood. a live look from our tower, san francisco looking good. intense heat wave begins tomorrow. dance russ heat friday and saturday with record highs possible into the holiday weekend. when you get going tomorrow, mid 50s to 60s. patches around but not a lot. look at the numberness the south bay, 102 in gilroy. it will get warm on the peninsula. 90 pal owe at ow, 70 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 74. looking at north bay, 96 in santa rosa, 102 in cloverdale. head into the east bay and you will be in the 80 itself and 90.
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84 oakland, 90 in fremont. triple digits inland. it will sizzle in livermore and antioch, 104 degrees. now check out what is ahead for friday. temperatures in the dangerous category. 112, possibly 114. coast will see 80s. saturday it is still staying hot, well above average for this time of year. 111, 112. sunday, little relief is expect. numbers in the 70s at the coast though. that's where you'll want to go if you want relief if the heat. air quality will suffer tomorrow, so a spare the air alert for thursday. poorest in santa clara valley. seven day forecast, a stretch of five days of triple digit heat. intense heat wave, hottest day 114 on friday inland. possibly the most intense heat wave since july of 2006. 80s at the coast friday, saturday. beaches will be more comfortable. sundays, 70s. labor day 60s.
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rolling out an augmented reality feature on the "star wars" app to bring classic ships to 20 landmarks including the golden gate bridge. this friday through sunday if you open the app within a mile of the bridge you will see a "star wars" destroyer and fighters fly by. it is part of a promotion for new "star wars" merchandise. >> fun. a new film coming out around christmas. on to sports. >> we have schuh here with the latest. >> a little baseball for you. the giants, season can't end fast enough. they're going to do something this year they isn't vibs the
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and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino all right. the latest version of the a's are fun to watch. these youngsters are having fun but they're going to have some growing pains. a's in anaheim where the l.a. angels pay. 3-2 angels in the fourth. a three run shot to left, 11th of the season. a's on a roll. still in the fourth, no out. bruce maxwell says i can do that. laufrmges one to outfield. two-run shot. they end up scoring.
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they cannot score -- most they've scored all season in anninging ban inning but not enough. pennington, first grand slam. angels sweep the a's with a 10-8 final. giants 40 games back of the dodgers but a cool hat. 1-0 in the sixth. blach gets a little help from friends. ball jumps off the bat. spann, excellent catch. next batter, he's going to hit it where spann can't catch it, second deck of the western metal. giants fall 5-0. the loss guarantees their first losing season since 2013. u.s. open staging 87 single match else today. we serve 'em up with maria sharapova. maria facing boboson in secon round. she had 12 aces. took second set with consistent strokes and well-placed winners.
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her conditioning moves in. venus williams also advancing. american john isner facing. this will drop shot for the winner. the big guy had 30 aces on match point. isner advances. maern sam query moves on. espn posted this video. we all know clay loves dogs, especially his own bulldog rocco. what is interesting to me, he is working out at the lakers' facility. all right. this is "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. with clay working out with different dogs, i hope rorco is not on the trade block. >> thank you very much. >> "abc 7 news" continues now online, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or...
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