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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 2, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the new challenges in texas. rivers rising in hard hit beaumont hampering efforts to fix the water supply system there. people lining up for hours for bottled water. tiny babies evacuated to safety. unstable chemicals setting off a new massive fire at this plant. receding waters in houston revealing the damage in thousands of homes. >> you can see the water line right here. >> and the wildlife trapped inside. >> i looked down and there was a ten-foot alligator in my dining room. plus, the new flooding concerns as president trump returns to texas today to support hurricane harvey's survivors. and we do have breaking news overnight. wildfires, raging flames burning in burbank. residents forced from their homes in the middle of the night.
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>> please evacuate your homes. >> the fire fueled by record-breaking heat and the desperate fight going on right now to keep it contained. and this morning, the penn state hazing case, a judge dismissing the most serious charges against the frat members indicted in the death of a fellow student. his mother speaking to "gma" this morning. >> nobody should go through this. >> and the district attorney's next move here. hey, good morning, and let's get right to the new developments in the wake of harvey. look at these new aerial images showing parts of texas before and after the storm went on its rampage causing all that flooding. >> president trump is headed back to the state of texas this morning, as well as louisiana. now, overnight the white house asked congress for nearly $8 billion in aid for recovery efforts there and this is just the first ask. >> harvey is predicted to be at least the second costliest natural disaster in american
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history, the number of homes damaged or destroyed, that number now stands at more than 185,000. >> and the governor of texas is warning that this is not over yet saying that rivers in some areas could remain at or near record highs for the next week and flooding could even hit new areas that have remained dry until now. meantime, there were fresh explosions and fires at a flooded chemical plant outside of houston overnight. >> and the storm itself is still going. harvey is bringing hail and high winds to the carolinas. that happened overnight. we've got team coverage this morning starting with rob who is just back from the disaster zone. rob, great to have you back. good morning. >> good morning. great to be back, but harvey obviously not quite done yet. a lot of people getting a piece of this storm as it winds its way up the ohio and tennessee valleys. there is the center of what is left of it. heavy rain on the back side of it getting in through parts of louisville and cincinnati and this rain will be spreading up towards washington, d.c. as well. had some severe weather last
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night across parts of north carolina. a lot of wind reports there of some damage and then by tomorrow afternoon we're getting rain into new york and boston. so i guess everybody getting a little piece of that. meanwhile, hurricane irma, this is a category 2 storm. it is very far away, but it has its eyes on the u.s. we'll talk more about that, but harvey, still in the storm zone. there is our abc gio benitez in lake charles this morning. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, rob, good morning to you. the water is really receding in parts of southeast texas, but make no mistake about it, even with harvey long gone, the storm is still causing massive problems across the state. overnight a massive fire breaking out at this houston area chemical plant for a second straight day. the chemicals stored there only stable if kept cool. but under six feet of floodwater, the plant lost all power killing the refrigeration system. authorities evacuating residents living within a 1.5-mile radius
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tuesday and warning it's not the end. >> the product will ultimately warm up. it's going to begin to degrade, and then it's going to catch fire just like it did today. >> reporter: in beaumont, texas, desperation setting in with yet another day without water after the flood knocked out the water supply. some waiting seven hours in a line going for miles all for that critical drinking water. >> sorry about the delay. >> that's all right. thank y'all so much. >> the city has no water so we're doing the best we can to supply water for these people. >> reporter: people in such need are even scooping up water from smelly drainage canals for household needs like flushing toilets. the neediest patients here choppered out from a hospital including more than ten babies in intensive care. the air force evacuating the nearly 1,000 residents who already had to evacuate once. the nearby neches river rising. flooding parts of beaumont that officials need dry to fix the water supply problem. >> beaumont is working aggressively at a fast pace to try to get the water system
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fixed. >> reporter: but a very different scene just 40 miles east here in hard hit orange county, texas. signs of relief as the massive floodwaters we saw here just days ago now begin to recede quickly. we joined truckloads of troops looking for anyone who might still be trapped. and we are in lake charles this morning. this is where president trump will visit today to meet with members of the national guard and volunteers from the kajiuraen navy. dan and paula, i got to tell you these are the true heroes here, they helped rescue so many people affected by harvey. >> yeah, in the worst of we're seeing some of the best in people. thanks for your reporting, gio. as the water recedes in houston, people are returning to their homes or what's left of them to survey the damage. and now begins the monumental task of getting those homes as well as the city back up and running. >> abc's victor oquendo is right there with the homeowners who are starting the cleanup. victor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan
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and paula. we're in the meyerland neighborhood, one of the areas hardest hit by harvey. some had four feet of water in their homes. this is what every street looks like, piles of debris, trash and furniture. the cleanup process here will take a long time. >> the water came up about right here. >> reporter: this morning some of the 1 million victims displaced by hurricane harvey are finally heading home. >> i'm speechless. i mean it's just devastating. >> reporter: but after a week of record-breaking rain and catastrophic flooding, many are facing years of rebuilding. kelly janks says she's helping her parents pick up the pieces after floodwaters rose to 29 inches inside their houston home. >> it's still really wet as you can see in here. >> reporter: her dad dave ripping up the floors, gutting the down. >> you can see the water line right here. >> reporter: all the furniture that once filled his home now contaminated trash on the curb. it's not just debris, like this is your life. >> yep, yep. that chair right there we got
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from sherry's grandmother. that's probably 100 years old. >> reporter: their home is just 1 of at least 185,000 texas homes damaged or destroyed by hurricane harvey. some victims even coming home to new roommates. >> i looked down, and there was a ten-foot alligator in my dining room. >> reporter: while these harvey victims are preparing to rebuild, there are some facing the heartache of evacuating again. >> if you are living in a home today with water in your home, that situation is not going to change for the next 10 to 15 days. >> reporter: the mayor of houston asking some residents to leave their homes again as the u.s. army corps of engineers plan to release water from two brimming nearby reservoirs. those evacuations are for people in certain areas of west houston who have already had to deal with flooding in their homes. the mayor has a number of concerns including possible electrocution. dan.
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>> victor, thank you for that. the alligator in the dining room, quite a sight. victor, thank you again. as we mentioned earlier, the president and the first lady are visiting texas and louisiana today for an up close look at the devastation caused by harvey. >> abc's david kerley is at the white house with the very latest on the administration's response to this crisis. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the president is feeling a bit of harvey right now. it is raining here. these are the remnants of harvey that have moved into washington, d.c. the president has now made his first request to congress for helping the victims of harvey. it won't be his last. he's asking for nearly $8 billion, 7.4 billion for immediate recovery and more than $400 million in small business loans. and congressional leaders said overnight that they expect to approve this request next week as they return from summer recess. now, with that news in hand, and the request to congress, the president and first lady head back to the flood zone this morning with the white house promising very different optics than that trip earlier this week. that's when the president only met with his cabinet members and state and local officials and then outside the firehouse as you're seeing holding up at that impromptu waving of a texas
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flag. little direct contact with victims. that will be different, says the white house today, when the president visits houston and lake charles. the white house saying, quote, the president will be able to meet quite a few storm survivors as well as talk with some of the volunteers. houston first this morning for the president and the first lady, then lake charles, louisiana, back to the white house. the president said everything is going well in the flood zone but he did admit during that trip earlier this week this, dan and paula, is going to take a long time for the recovery in texas and louisiana. >> i think that is indisputable. big day for the president ahead. david kerley, thank you. let's bring in abc news political commentator cokie roberts who is also in washington this morning. cokie, good morning. how in your view is the president handling this disaster thus far? >> well, he's doing a redo today. the trip earlier this week, as you just heard from david, didn't go well. he was seen as being aloof and
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distant. the first lady, who did show up with a baseball cap and sneakers, but left washington in stiletto heels, and there was a lot of comment about that, but the president clearly understands partly because the vice president and mrs. pence did such a good job of going in and working really on their hands and knees with the victims, the president understands that he has to go back. now, we know that his redos times work and sometimes don't. his redo of the charlottesville situation backfired against him so we'll have to see how it goes today. >> now, cokie, this isn't like president bush circling katrina and not landing. i mean shouldn't we be really critiquing the president based on his performance and so far he was right there in texas, right after the disaster. he has pledged support. he met with every notable politician. he's asking for $8 billion in aid. don't you think that some people are going to say it's grasping at straws to say this president lacks empathy? >> well, it might be, but on the other hand, that's what the
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criticism is. so he has to deal with it, whether it's fair or not, but i do think that he will discover as all presidents do in these natural disasters that it's very hard to play a winning hand because as you've just heard in the very fine pieces that have preceded me, this will go on for a long time. and fema, the federal emergency management agency, comes in for a huge amount of criticism no matter what they do and that $8 billion, that's a drop in the bucket, you know. we'll be talking about hundreds of billions of dollars before this is over. >> well, let me pick up on that. congress is back in session on tuesday. you think they're going to authorize more funds for harvey recovery and what kind of impact do you think this will have on the overall budget battles we've been expecting? there's been talk of possibly even a shutdown. >> i think that we probably have just -- that harvey has pushed away the idea of a government shutdown and, of course, there's
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going to be a lot of speechifying, dan, because some of the texans who are going to be asking for this money voted against funds, as you know, for new yorkers and new jerseyites after hurricane sandy. so there will be politicking going on, but the money will come through because it's absolutely necessary for the people in these areas, but, you know, after every single one of these storms, whether it's betsy or camille or katrina or sandy, new legislation is passed to fix the way fema dealt with it the last time because it's very hard to get it right. >> all right, cokie, well, you always get it right and we appreciate you coming on the show. >> oh, paula, what a nice thing to say on a saturday morning. >> had to say something. >> it's not inaccurate. >> it's not inaccurate, but i had to say something especially because we're ruining your weekend basically asking you to get up bright and early on a saturday morning. cokie, thank you so much. >> it's okay. it's book festival day and that's always a perfect day in washington.
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>> awesome. thanks, cokie. we do want to move on now to new developments to a story that we've been following at "gma." a judge has dismissed the most serious charges in a range of charges filed against more than a dozen penn state fraternity members in the alleged hazing death of timothy piazza, and he's completely thrown out the charges against four others. this is a horrifying case and it's not over yet. abc's linzie janis is in bellfonte, pennsylvania, and has reaction from piazza's family and from one of the students who is now no longer facing charges. linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. that verdict is a setback for prosecutors who say they remain determined to see these frat brothers held accountable for allegedly forcing timothy piazza to drink excessively then failing to call for help until it was too late. this morning, the d.a. vowing to keep fighting for justice for 19-year-old timothy piazza, who was killed after an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual at his penn state fraternity. >> we do plan to refile charges. certainly the manslaughter is
7:14 am
being refiled. that was just a no-brainer. >> reporter: on friday, the judge throwing out the most severe charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault brought against piazza's frat brothers despite prosecutors pointing to surveillance video from inside the beta theta pi house that they say shows a visibly drunk piazza falling head first down a flight of stairs, struggling and in pain for hours, his fellow frat brothers ignoring him. waiting 12 hours before calling 911 then allegedly trying to coordinate a story. >> the consequences of their conduct of the individuals who acted recklessly are very serious, and the piazzas are going to see this thing through. >> it cannot happen again. nobody should go through this. >> reporter: of the 18 brothers initially charged, 14 will now stand trial on charges including reckless endangerment and furnishing alcohol to minors. while four others saw charges dropped altogether including joe ems who said he thought piazza had too much to drink and was
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sleeping it off. but you were there when tim was laying unconscious on a sofa, correct? >> yes. but i was not really involved in the people taking care of tim. i wasn't really fully aware of what was going on. i didn't see the fall. i wasn't around. >> but this was your friend. didn't you try to figure out if he was okay? >> there were other people taking care of him. >> joey ems is long gone before this morphs into a young fellow who looks like a drunken frat kid to a young man who is in obvious distress. he is home sleeping at that point. >> reporter: joe ems said he wish he had known how badly timothy piazza was injured because if he had, he would have saved his friend. many of the defense attorneys who have represented these fraternity brothers have said this was a tragic accident and not a crime. still, with the charges that remain, some of them could face as much as one to two years in prison. dan and paula. >> linzie, thank you. as you know, i spent some time with the piazza family. this is an incredibly hard
7:16 am
ordeal for them. >> it is reliving every moment over and over. >> absolutely. absolutely. we're going to move now to the breaking news out of california. wildfires threatening homes in burbank, a heavily populated part of los angeles. >> residents were forced to evacuate in the dead of night and abc's jim avila is on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the southern california heat wave lighting up the hillsides this morning making for a wild and sleepless night. overnight, mandatory evacuations ordered as a wildfire rages out of control racing toward hundreds of homes north of los angeles. the blaze in burbank growing to 2,000 acres, huge flames burning on hilltops. 260 firefighters tackling hot spots from the streets and in the air. >> we have an abundance of firefighters here on scene that will remain here overnight and over the next several days. >> an evacuation has been ordered by the burbank fire department.
7:17 am
>> reporter: so far at least 200 homes evacuated. residents packing up belongings and preparing for the worst. >> when you see how far it is because you know how fast, all it takes is just a little bit of wind and that's it. >> this is nothing to fool around with. if you're familiar with fire and wind, it's a lousy combination. >> reporter: officials saying wind and dry conditions fueled the flames. the record-breaking heat in california not helping. all traffic on the 210 freeway shut down as the fire intensified spreading across the highway. >> it's actually really scary because we've never had a fire this close to us. >> reporter: the high temperatures expected to continue today back in the triple digits. firefighters hoping the wind stays down so they can get control of this blaze. dan and paula. >> all right, jim, thank you. and for the very latest on the weather conditions out there in california, let's get it back over to rob. hi again, rob. >> hi again, paula. i tell you what, if we didn't have the hurricane, this would have been a much, much bigger story in the news. they've had this heat for several days now. excessive heat warnings across much of the state of california today and red flag watchings
7:18 am
extend up into western parts of oregon. look at these record highs yesterday. 112 in redding, 109 in sacramento. 104 in san francisco. their old record was 94 so they blew that out of the water and will likely see more records today with temperatures in the 90s plus again. good saturday morning. it's going to take another day or two o get us out of this horrible heat wave. the dangerous air quality. we're looking at more records today, but the it's cooler tomorrow and into labor day arpd the bay. excessive heat warnings for everyone today with the red flag warning upper elevations look ing at records possible and check out the highs today from 102 in fremont to 114 in livermore. 104 in san jose and much more on hurricane irma coming up in the next half hour. it is great to be back. i see you guys still haven't gotten me a chair, but that's fine. >> you've earned a chair at this point. >> thank you, adrienne.
7:19 am
thank you very much. >> that's all ron's doing, by the way. >> i'm responsible for him not having a chair? >> you are. you are. >> well, i didn't know that. >> you're also responsible for the news. so what's going on? >> good morning to you, paula and dan, adrienne, robert. well done by the way, sir. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with the u.s. state department investigating what it says is a new sonic harassment attack on american dims at the u.s. embassy in havana, cuba. the latest incident occurred last month. investigators had originally said the suspected attacks which began last december stopped this past spring but so far at least 19 diplomats have been affected and have experienced hearing loss and even some brain injuries. the source of that attack still unknown. in san francisco a mysterious fire at the russian consulate is raising questions about a possible effort to burn evidence of espionage activity. smoke was seen coming from the building's chimney less than 24 hours after president trump ordered the consulate shut down. the move believed to be in response to russia ordering hundreds of staff members at the
7:20 am
u.s. embassy in moscow to leave. and new this morning, we're learning more about the patient at the center of a video which shows a utah officer arresting a nurse for refusing to take blood citing hospital policy. the arrest happened after a fatal accident in july. police say that the patient is a reserve police officer with their department and the person who hit his vehicle was being chased by police officers. two officers have been suspended in response to the wrongful arrest. and if you're hitting the road this weekend, labor day weekend, you can expect to pay more at the pump. gas prices expected to increase to the highest prices this year. in fact, in two years. the average price of a gallon of gasoline nationally expected to be 25 to 35 cents higher than before hurricane harvey struck shutting down refineries in texas and louisiana. experts say the gas prices, the rise should slow by midweek next week. take a look at this video of a pontoon boat and check this out crashing into a bridge in tennessee. this happened friday afternoon
7:21 am
on the sycamore creek during flash flooding conditions. residents say the water was five to seven feet higher than normal. no one was on that boat when it broke free of its moorings. and finally, american astronaut peggy whitson is preparing for her trip back to earth from the international space station. whitson and her expedition 52 crewmates are expected to land in kazakhstan, that's in asia, tonight. whitson was supposed to then head back to houston shortly afterward. nasa now reviewing those plans in view of hurricane harvey, of course, and with this trip, whitson will have spent more days in space and outer space than any american, 665 days. that's a long time. >> that is a really long time. i'm trying to do the math. >> almost a couple of years. >> almost two years. >> a lot has changed. a lot has changed since she's not been on earth. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate that. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, more of our team coverage of harvey. what rob saw during his truly harrowing week on the front
7:22 am
lines from the moment the storm raged ashore as a category 4 to the helicopter rescues of entire families. plus, the red cross sheltering thousands of people he houston convention center alone. how volunteers are jumping into action to help make life bearable for those forced from their homes. on a much lighter note, we're serving up some big news about serena williams. stay with us. that's coming up in "pop news" with adrienne bankert. >> what could it be? >> i know what happened. >> shhh! "good morning america" is brought to you by sherwin-williams. make the most of your color with the very best paint. the very best paint. ♪ ♪
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. good morning, everyone. drivers should eck pecht delays on the bay bridge this morning. caltrans will strart blasting away supports for the old eastern span. no cars will be allowed for about 30 minutes during the blasting period this morning, which is expected to tart around
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u:00 a.m. an exact time detend on weather conditions. the bay bridge bike path closed and boats will be b kept away as a precaution. getting a a check of the forecast with lisa. >> hey, chris. warm the hot already with the hazy sky, spare the air alert. it's 75 in the city. 65 in gilroy. more records today and look at this picture. so, becareful out there. stay out of the sun. we're looking at temperatures well over 100 degrees. even 114 in livermore. >> thanks so much for
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now officials in houston plan to release water from two reservoirs that could keep as many as 20,000 homes flooded for two weeks. >> and in places where the water has cleared out residents are dealing with the destruction. meantime, president trump and first lady melania are preparing for their second visit to texas this morning and their first to louisiana, and that's where we find abc's gio benitez who is in lake charles with more. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. some residents in texas are now on that long, hard road to recovery. the water just beginning to recede, but you know what so many many are still suffering, the after-effects of harvey causing mess after mess after mess. i want you to take a look at this video right now because we
7:31 am
saw yet another massive fire break out at this houston area chemical plant. authorities evacuating residents living within a 1.5-mile radius this week warning there is still much more to come and a truly dire situation over in beaumont, texas, the water supply had been knocked out, and people are really, really becoming desperate, some waiting in line for seven hours for some drinking water. people are even scooping up water from dirty canals to use at home. now, the neediest patients were choppered out from a hospital and we're talking about ten babies in intensive care. the nearly 1,000 original evacuees now evacuating again to another city. the water supply problem could take a week or even longer to fix. meanwhile, president trump will visit houston today to take a look at all of that damage, but then he's going to come here to lake charles. he's going to meet with members of the military here and volunteers. people who really helped rescue so many after harvey. dan and paula. >> gio benitez has been on the front lines for days now. gio, thank you very much. as we said, rob is just back from the flood zone as well. >> you've seen so much, and i
7:32 am
would imagine it's hard for what you've seen not to affect you a little bit. >> a little bit but, you know, for the people who are dealing with it ongoing, that's -- words can't even describe that. you know, it's been a full week, guys, since hurricane harvey made landfall. its legacy, certainly the rain and flooding but let's not forget its crushing wind and i got to experience most of it all much like a lot of reporters so here's a week in review. >> you can see rob struggling in this weather. >> reporter: harvey making landfall last saturday as a monster category 4 storm. >> this is a sobering experience. >> reporter: whipping winds to 130 miles per hour and bringing a devastating wrath of torrential rains and extreme flooding to texas. the storm is still blowing and blowing this rain sideways. the town of rockport taking a direct hit at landfall sustaining catastrophic damage then we watch in disbelief as houston nearly disappears underwater.
7:33 am
the flooding has gotten personal. my producer, gina sunseri, who lives in houston just found out that the river is going to rise to a level that will engulf her home. we scramble to retrieve her car and other important items as the water comes up. in rosenberg just 30 miles southwest of houston, bayous and creeks overflowing to record levels. the infrastructure here is being pushed to the brink. this now a big sinkhole. but the rising waters didn't stop the everyday heroes traveling near and far to help countless victims. >> and it's only going to get worse, right? >> reporter: on the ground we're with team rubicon, a nonprofit composed of a group of military veterans. we come across a family of seven, some physically challenged. one by one bringing them to safety by the team. the emotion there is just palpable. i'm glad team rubicon is here to help them out. from the skies we see what's a water world for beaumont and port arthur, water so deep only
7:34 am
the rooftops of some homes still visible. we've already made one dramatic rescue. now we're right back at it. along with the u.s. customs and border protection, our rescue crew pulls 15 people to safety. witnessing it up close is surreal. they are true heroes. heroes, indeed. it is like being in a movie looking out at those black hawk helicopters because you see a slew more like "apocalypse now" trying to scoop people up from rooftops working in tight spaces. the precision which they work is really phenomenal and they are banged up at the end of the day and they get right back to it the next day, not just the professionals but the volunteers, as well. it's amazing to see the human spirit down there in texas. all right, switching gears to hurricane irma, this is all they're talking about now as this may very well make a run at the u.s. it's strengthening now again. it's a category 2. you see the eye just popping out there. so it's going to go through fluctuations of intensity. it's nearly 3,000 miles away but it's so big and strong, it's reason for concern and keep it
7:35 am
as a major hurricane towards the bahamas by the end of next week and some of our computer models, you know, go out longer than that. a lot of them do have it making a run at the u.s. by next weekend. we'll be watching that closely, of course. that's a quick check. good saturday morning. a spare the air alert and dangerous heat once again with an excessive heat warnings. temperatures in the 70s and 80s now. triple digits by noontime inland. and we're l this weather report is brought to you by carmax. if irma does make landfall, let's bring the whole show down there. i'll keep you safe, i promise. >> you know, i just want to say i know you rightly want to keep the focus on the first responders and the survivors, but you actually, we should point out, did a phenomenal job. >> you did. >> absolutely. >> there was a lot of reporters doing good work down there. we just want to shine a spotlight on the things that are happening there. it is a huge event.
7:36 am
>>s that sea exactly what you did. thanks, rob. >> bravo. great to have you back. >> thanks, buddy. coming up on "gma," the family trying to get their lives back together seeking refuge in houston's shelters. what they're facing. and serena williams missing the u.s. open but making headlines of her own this morning, that's ahead in "pop news" because she popped. popped. btw by the way, and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours hey, what if i wanted to sell my car? wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo!!! wbyceiydbo!!! no, no, we're cool. i got you. ok. it's the right thing to do. ♪ carmax music sting
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the massive flooding from hurricane harvey has forced tens of thousands of people to seek refuge in emergency shelters. >> abc's kenneth moton is at one of the largest, the houston convention center where those who had to evacuate their homes are sharing their personal stories of survival. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. houston and this area all about community, so we've seen these shelters turn into a microcosm of the city, neighbors helping neighbors cope with the disaster. and it's not just supplies, donations and services, we've seen the feeling of gratitude that's really bringing people together. this morning, victims of harvey thankful but anxious ready to move on from shelters in and around houston. >> the hardest thing to get back to your house. that's where the home is. >> reporter: red cross says more than 42,000 people in nearly 260 shelters across texas. each one a makeshift community
7:41 am
filled with plenty of food and water, fema assistance and families. an emotional time for many. >> there she goes. >> reporter: dorothy stark and her children rescued from their flooded home. days after harvey hit her daughter checked on their house and found it unlivable. >> i couldn't even walk in with the smell. stones falling off of the house. both cars were totaled. everything in the house is just all over the place. >> reporter: now they're all back in the shelter waiting for what's next. red cross officials are working to keep up spirits, face painting superhero characters for the kids. activities for adults too, even a walmart pop-up shop for clothes and supplies. >> people have gone through traumatic experiences over the past couple of days, and we're just trying to do so many different things to get them to take a deep breath, possibly laugh or smile every once in a while and that's important because that keeps the energy high as they move toward the next phases of what is going to be a long journey for many of them. >> reporter: the red cross says
7:42 am
right now it has enough shelter supplies to help 75,000 people here in texas, but more supplies are on the way to help thousands of more. dan and paula, so many flood victims we spoke with, well, they're just grateful to be in this safe and dry space. >> we have to say that in the 12 years since katrina, it looks like certainly lessons have been learned because this is a lot more orderly than what we saw play out in new orleans. kenneth, thank you. >> thanks, kenneth. >> the response has just been amazing to disney's day of giving. we want to say thank you so much for your tremendous outpouring of generosity to help those affected by harvey. so far we've raised over $14 million and you can still give. you go to or you can give by calling 1-855-999-give. >> impressive total there. and coming up on "gma," we're going to talk about the celebrities working a little magic for people and pets displaced by this hurricane. plus, gearing up for tonight's college football kickoff. it's going to be an epic match-up between alabama and florida state.
7:43 am
our live report from atlanta with espn's desmond howard. we're right back. espn's desmond howard. we're right back. there was a lg that had built his house out of straw. one day a big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and blew the house down. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the pig with homeowners insurance. he had replacement cost coverage, so his house was rebuilt, good as new. the big bad wolf now has a job on a wind farm. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance. to tinto a flamecker you'll need a spark. new emergen-c energy+ natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind. 7 b vitamins plus vitamin c to fortify you.
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oh, mom, making them eat their favorite snack in the back seat. whatever happened to "eating at the table?" that's what cup holders are for. tonight could be the biggest opener in college football history. number one alabama taking on number three florida state in atlanta. and espn's desmond howard joins us with a preview. desmond, thanks for getting up bright and early with us. first and foremost, we have never seen a number one take on a number three in the first weekend of the college football season. do you think this game will be worthy of all the hype? >> i tell you what, paula, we tout it the g.o.a.t., the greatest of all time. i think it will live up to the hype because you do have just two monster teams, i mean,
7:47 am
alabama, you know, you say alabama, you think nick saban, you always think national championships, whether win or lose, and then what jimbo fisher has done down in tallahassee with the florida state seminoles, i mean, this team is a perennial powerhouse year after year after year. they're always in contention, so i think this is going to be a colossal match-up of two giants at mercedes-benz stadium tonight at 8:00. >> this isn't david versus goliath. it's goliath versus goliath. so let's talk about alabama. of course, you know, they lost on that last-second touchdown to clemson in the national championship game. you got to imagine nick saban will be out for a little bit of blood and revenge tonight. >> gets the edge. >> i tell you what, nick saban, not only is he a fantastic coach, he's a great motivator. he knows how to put a loss behind him. he knows how to get his troops, his players, to buy into whatever they're selling, so believe me, that clemson loss is used as motivation for the
7:48 am
alabama team at this point. you any know, he's not looking at this as woe is us, but this is an opportunity for us to go out and redeem ourselves with a new season. that's 2016. this is 2017. let's go out there and show the college football world what the roll tide is all about. supply got -- >> i got to ask you because we know hurricane harvey has affected so many people but it's also affected the college football schedule and it's affected a lot of the players. can you tell us how? >> i tell you what, paula, on "gameday" we'll hear from houston's head coach, major applewhite and how this has affected his players and what they've been through since hurricane harvey and we're also going to hear from vince young, a houston native. he voiced an essay about the resiliency of houston. so i just encourage you to tune in to "college gameday." we're going to have some good stuff, and, of course, the effects of harvey is going to be part of our show. >> all right. hail to the victors. i had to get that in there,
7:49 am
desmond howard, the heisman trophy winner. thanks so much. you always brighten our saturday mornings. go, blue. >> go blue, thanks for having me. >> thanks, desmond. espn's "college gameday" starts at 9:00 a.m. and you can catch the big game tonight, everybody. florida state versus alabama starting at 8:00 right here on abc. we'll be right back with "pop news" and adrienne. we' we'll be right back with "pop news" and adrienne. that's cool. looking fabulous in my little black dress? that's cool. getting the body you want without surgery, needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. "oh no, the fridge just died." don't worry, at lowe's we offer free next day delivery
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osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. whatever your mood, we've got a bean for you. time now for "pop news." adrienne is here. >> what's up? okay, let's talk about serena williams welcoming a brand-new baby girl. williams delivering her bundle of joy. can you believe it's already happened? st. mary's medical center in palm beach was the location. this was yesterday, serena's first baby with fiance reddit co-founder alexis ohanian. the u.s. open going on without serena. tweeting their congratulations. new aunt venus who is
7:54 am
participating saying she is very excited. congrats to the couple. harvey >> i can't wait to see that baby. gorgeous. >> i want to see the pictures and -- >> you don't have pictures yet for us? >> well, the baby was born yesterday. >> yeah, that's what an iphone -- >> easy, paula. >> you can facebook live the whole thing these days. >> you know, that's true. i think they wanted a little more privacy. but there are celebrities certainly getting involved in houston in the relief efforts there, and we've seen it all over social media, right, miranda lambert and her mutt nation foundation stepping in to help dogs displaced by hurricane harvey taking to instagram to highlight all the rescued pups and the trusty volunteers working to bring them to safety saying they've already sent 72 dogs to lambert's oklahoma shelter. the grammy winner taking in a family of dogs calling them her roommates for the night and magician david blaine bringing joy to the george r. brown convention center in houston doing magic tricks for some of the evacuees and their children.
7:55 am
10,000 people evacuated there. shoutout to seaworld and the san antonio zoo. i had a friend contact me and say they've had staff go into houston to try to take care of the zoo animals in houston. >> nice. >> it's a lot of work. >> all hands on deck. >> all hands on deck. >> certainly. well, marvel's "inhumans" going big, like really, really big, imax big. the first two episodes of the legendary comic book series, which is set to be aired on abc is first being shown in studios. this whole first two episode season premiere happening in imax with all i-max cameras but the premiere date for tv is september 29th. so go get it. >> a lot of violence. >> well, it's a comic book. >> i get it. i get it. >> action, action. ron. >> compared to everything else we see on tv. >> yes. >> special effects. >> it's fine. >> glad you're back. >> a little violence over there with the two guys at the end of the table. >> when did you get so sensitive? that is what i want to know. >> these are the guys that watch professional sports all day long. >> well, good point there. we have one more point to make, it's breaking news.
7:56 am
justin bieber reached 100 million twitter followers. >> oh. >> and that's your morning. done. >> 100 million beliebers. i think i actually follow -- do you follow him? >> no, ron believes -- >> actually i don't. i'm going to join. >> he owes you 20 bucks, doesn't he? >> tweet him. >> that kid owes me money. >> he owes you 20 bucks, doesn't he? >> tweet him. >> that kid owes me money. it's going to be at skornlger today. travelers could face delays at sfo because of heat. you're looking at people waiting on shutting buses after the air train was closed yesterday. they are now running limited
7:57 am
services kegting ternlales. beat the heat with dip in the pool. the san francisco department of emergency management said on twitter all the city pools will be b open and free to the public today. if you need a place to keep cool, go to the public library or a cooling center near you. we posted a full list of locations at abc 7 you can also relax this labor day weekend at the art and wine festival in millbray. the first day is today. broodway avenue will be b buzzing with food, wine and artwork. there's also a classic car show. the festival is open from 10:00 until 5:00 tonight and if you can't make it today, you've got another chance to go tomorrow. turning to weather now. and the bay area forecast with lisa. hi, lisa. >> good morning to you. it's another spare the air alert. the poor air quality, excessive heat warning around the bay area and we're looking at more records, so temperatures now are already warm.
7:58 am
san francisco, the average high is 70. you're at 75 right now. 73 oakland. mountain view, 78 in san jose. 64, half moon bay and mt. tam. murky, hazy, 67, santa rosa and we have that excessive heat warning for the entire bay area today. san francisco, close to 100 today and we'll zsee 80s along the shoreline and inland, well over 110. chris. >> thank you. coming up, a warning if you're planning to cross the bay bridge in morning. what you need to know about the demolition and delays. also, new evidence that could reveal whether president trump fired james comey from the fbi to block the agency's probe into his possible ties with russia. you're going to be hanging out in here.
7:59 am
so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours.
8:00 am
it's saturday, september 2nd. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. leets start with a look at the forecast. here's lisa. she's tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> good morning to you. hi, everyone. our excessive heat continues today. the dangerous heat with poor air quality, we are fog free, but certainly not free of any particular in the air. you can see how bad it looks out there. we are looking at those hazy conditions throughout the afternoon. with northeast winds,


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