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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 6, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." cops use body cams to capture the chaos of crime scenes. >> it's fair to say they did that. >> the stories behind some insane footage. he may just look like he's muscle bound, but -- >> you will not believe what ails this man. >> what he did that has baffled doctors trying to fix. a husband plans to fix stuff around the house even though -- >> handyman stuff isn't his strength. >> the anniversary gift that's definitely a surprise. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including why like it or not -- >> squiggly eyebrows are a thing. >> why a comedian on stage is
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trying to tell you the truth. >> because they look like crinkle cut fries. the problems with police officers wearing body cameras is we have a new genre of viral videos. we'll start with one in taiwan. starts inside the vehicle. gets shaky as the officer starts running toward a vehicle. >> whoa. >> gunshots ringing out left, right, and center. you can see they're aiming at the tires. they're trying to disable that vehicle. and with 22 shots they're estimating, it's fair to say they did that. they did get another angle of it. you can see here that the white vehicle enters and gets blocked by traffic. that's when the guys surround it, pull their weapons. but this is where it escalates by jamming it into reverse almost hitting that officer right there. i believe that's our officer with the body camera we were watching. >> that's really scary. look at how many people are around. >> what started this? what did this person do?
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>> once they searched the car, they found a number of fake or stolen license plates. they also found narcotics. so now the driver is facing charges of theft, evading arrest, and endangering law enforcement officers. now head to china where a traffic camera caught this. >> oh! >> this officer trying to stop the vehicle and the driver decided to take that officer for a bit of a joyride. we've got his body camera as well. fortunately further down the road, they managed to stop the vehicle and rescue that officer. if you're wondering if the decision making seems a little weird, that's because he's drunk. this actually happened back in june. found himself in court and has been found guilty of obstructing justice, evading justice, and harming an officer of the law. five months in jail and a $300 fine and people are assuming he also lost his license. this man is a peruvian diver. and he suffers of the bends.
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the thing you get when you're dyeing and y ining -- diving ano the top way too fast that dissolved nitrogen in your blood bubbles up. it can cause brain damage, paralysis, headaches, coughs, dizziness. in some cases it can be fatal. >> he looks like a bodybuilder but not quite. was this an accident? >> he did make a mistake of coming up too fast. he is very experienced and has done this for many years. his case is rare because these nitrogen bubbles became like sacks around his muscles. that's why he looks that way. he's been suffering of this for four years now. when this first happened, he ended up gaining about 56 pounds. he's been going through treatment this entire time. they are putting him through a decompression chamber which is often used when you do get the bends. doctors have been able to reduce
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30% of the nitrogen in his body. researchers are studying his case trying to learn more about what could happen or the effects of decompression sickness. it's obviously not a simple fix the way we think because of where these bubbles, where these pods are. and they're trying to, one, learn more about the bends. and two, try to figure out how if ever they'll be able to get him back to 100% where he was. >> it's like those cartoons you watched as a kid where they go -- and they suddenly inflate. because he looks like that. >> bizarre, yeah. so what do you get your wife for your tenth anniversary? >> gold, diamond, wood, something. >> honey dew. >> you know what i'm doing? today i'm going to fix everything in the house on the to do list. >> that a good, good man right there.
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>> the to do list, every woman has one. >> every door handle in the house is broken. >> they all fall out. >> this is our friend david. he is very crafty with words and creativity. handyman stuff really isn't his strength. so don't worry, i love you, have a good day. i'm off to get supplies. so he heads off to the very store that, of course, has ten-year anniversary gifts. >> we're at the place where anniversaries come true. >> he's got to get a couple of things. we need some of this. we need some of those. and now let's start with the easy project. the next one is a bigger problem. a spindle is broke and it leaves a small gap. he's got a small child. >> that's a child sized gap. >> yeah. he's got to close that up. he runs down to the basement to get some supplies. and this is what he comes up with. we got a problem though.
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>> i need to cut off an inch and a half. >> he doesn't have a saw, so the closest thing? he's just going to try to sand it into shape. which it does eventually work after this happens. after hitting himself in the head with some wood. he's working on the doorknobs. he's now locked himself inside his daughter's room. >> well, now. >> because he's pulled off another doorknob that was broken. eventually he figures out how to do it with a plastic hanger and a screwdriver. now, honey, welcome home. let me show you your presents. >> oh, do we notice that someone can't get up? >> you're welcome! >> but i think it's a nice lovely way to express your care for your wife after ten years. >> happy anniversary. i'm no expert, but you see two bulls locking horns going at
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it, you should probably stay out of the way. this guy didn't get the memo. he gets right in the middle of them and he's trying to shove them away from each other. >> he might know what he's doing. >> oh! >> wow, didn't see that coming. >> they're like get out the way, there he goes flying. he stands back up. >> and sits back down. >> just going to stay out of this one now. >> don't do that. not cool. >> good advice expert. >> next time i encounter two fighting bulls on the street, walk away. here's the next note. if you're ever out on the beach and you run into -- >> a fox? get her number. >> well, in most cases, that would be correct. but in this case, these folks left their shoes out and little curious one was like, oh, those are cute.
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snatches it and -- >> he's pulling off a heist. >> drops it a few times, but gets away with it. >> i did not know foxes would tangle with crocs. that's amazing. a lady dances by the pumps and -- >> she cannot be ignored. >> the story behind the gas station moves that have made her a viral sensation. >> outrageous. you're joking. and it's the other side of mila's viral spat with sawyer. >> i don't even like her. >> why their drama is the real deal. >> i will make it all better. >> no.
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for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. so this model was hired for a marketing stunt. and it turns out it worked. >> is 86 the type of gas? >> no, it's 76. >> yeah, this is in mexico at a gas station where apparently this really was a marketing clip. >> so instead of having a sign waver, she's out there -- >> yeah. because the sign wavers don't get attention. people have learned how to faze them out. she cannot be ignored. the people recording the video are in awe. they can't believe how pretty she is. look at that body. look at her pretty face. >> wait, wait. they're shooting a video a commercial or is she just dancing and going, hey, come pump with me? >> no, this is targeting a
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certain demographic by putting such a cute girl there. but as she's standing there recording, you notice she's looking off to the side. that is because apparently she is being recorded. she's dancing for a different camera. it's now gotten millions of views. >> no. >> thousands of shares. >> what? >> and thousands of comments. >> outrageous. you're joking? >> oh, i'm serious. >> that's what she was hired to do. right? she was hired to garner attention and get people to come to this gas station. so she did her job. >> people do have a lot of opinions about this video, but the bottom line is, people are loving it. people are sharing it. and it's gone megaviral. if only we could combine beer, ping-pong, and golf into one spectacular and awesome sport. but wait. somebody has finally thought of it. this a kickstarter campaign for the beer pong golf. it's super customizable.
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you can make it into any of your favorite teams. just change the logo at the top and it's very similar to beer pong if you've played that. >> often when you have beer, you want chips too. in this case, it's just the golf chip. >> chip the ball into a cup. you win, you lose. the cool thihing about this, if you don't like to drink, they thought of that. you can modify the game very easily. you could put money in each cup or you could put challenges or dares in the bottom of each cup. so it's a fun way to start. they put it on kickstarter and blasted way past their goal of $20,000. >> yeah, it's versatile. it uses a deck of corn hole. i see how people are interested in that. >> similar to the corn hole game people play at tailgates. they saw that and thought we like to golf, so why not. who could forget this face? for many of us this is when we actually met mila. she saw sawyer in the park with another girl. she got on the phone and gave him the what for.
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>> what are you doing with that girl? >> sawyer looks weirdly and suspiciously like mila, but just go with it. >> hey, why are you mad at me? >> just trying to explain himself. he's there hanging out with his boys. but mila isn't having any of it. >> it wasn't me. >> never ever don't ever -- >> every guy has been in that moment in the conversation where the phone goes -- >> that's because y'all say it wasn't you and we saw you with our eyes or our girlfriend's own eyes. but whatever the case is, it was you. >> sawyer now tries so hard pouring his heart out to mila. >> but i love you. >> yeah. when all else fails, drop ti th love you.
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don't fall for it girl. >> i will make it all better. >> you heard me. >> so no play date tomorrow? >> no. go play with her on the monkey bars. >> yet another viral video from mila. this one already approaching a million views. i'm sure it's going to shoot straight past it in no time. this is penny's dog life. >> this is an adventurous dog. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, some brave guys decide to try the drive-by pool challenge. >> let's go. >> it's get wet and get out. >> watch what happens when they make a splash. plus -- she's giving her man a little ink to reveal some baby news. but -- >> she's not really a tattoo artist. >> oh. >> see why the final look is picture perfect. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600 when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ]
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to fall asleep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. ready to of your back pain? icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. human beings love to share their culture from country to country, even space to space. >> we're bringing the midwest to california by doing some good old fashioned pool hopping. this is something we used to do as kids in the midwest. why not l.a.? >> little different from ohio to los angeles. >> we're doing it in millionaires' houses. this is going to be a little interesting. >> the first house, they do not linger.
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it's get wet and get out. >> something about it makes me really uncomfortable because they are in essence trespassing. >> that feeling you have is called adrenaline. that's basically why they're doing this. worked well the first time, so they look at the maps on their cell phones, go for another dip. >> did they knock and check if anybody is home first? >> they don't show that in the video. i would think maybe there would be a doorbell chances. i don't know. maybe they took their chances. >> i don't know why, but this is way more adrenaline rush than doing it back in ohio. >> yeah. because in ohio people are probably cool with it. in california, people might chop you. >> they might. but so far they're getting by without getting pinched. this is going so well they amp up their game. now it's time to go into a really nice home. a mega-dollar home right on the beach it looks like. they climb up the hill, hop the gate and dip into this negative edge pool. >> where i'm from, you're not even supposed to walk on the next man's grass let alone hop the fence and be in they back
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yard taking a dip. >> i'm of course not condoning this. it is trespassing. it looks like they got away with their dream plan. no trouble. they didn't seem to disturb, bother, or break anything either. so success? sure. am i holding it like this or like this? >> the other way. >> we're currently inside drop of ink tattoo parlor. in this case, we're switching roles. the person getting tattooed is the tattoo artist. the person doing it is the wife. she's not really a tattoo artist. and it's going to be it's a very simple it's a boy or a girl. >> so she knows the gender? >> she doesn't yet. she started the tattoo and got as far as "it's a." and right about here, they finally hand her the envelope so she can find out the gender of the baby and finish the tattoo. she finds out what it is, but now she's telling him don't you look at my face because you're
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going to know what it is. finally it's his turn to see what it's going to be. >> okay. >> [ bleep ] yes! >> he finally getting to see that it's a boy. >> could we get a closer look at that tattoo? i'm intrigued to see if it was even close. >> it's a boy! >> nice work. >> it's not bad at all. they are super excited. in this case -- >> mommy went to the doctor again today -- >> these kids are about to learn the gender of their upcoming sibling. >> it's a boy. >> the 6-year-old is super stoked. yes, he wanted a brother. the reason little candice is upset is because mom had already been told that she was having a girl. >> it was a girl. we thought it was. >> and when she went back for another follow-up, they were like --
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>> what do you think? [ screaming ] squiggly is the latest trend, but kev on stage wants to know -- >> why? >> but see why his beef doesn't end at the brows. >>
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the water is so cold, it's going to inspire you to stay on your board. whether we like it or not, squiggly eyebrows are a thing.
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>> come on. so stupid. >> i like it. >> what? >> they're funky looking. >> but why? >> because they're different. >> kev on stage wants to know why. >> why did squiggly eyebrows become a thing? why'd you have to do this? i get eyebrows are a beauty thing and you can show your skills off. i get it. >> it looks like thayou're drun when you put your makeup on. >> you can't be mad when snoeb knows what you're saying. nobody can read your language because your eyebrows look like crinkle cut fries. how am i supposed to read your emotions when your eyebrows look like charlie brown's shirt? >> right. straight football plays around this mug. >> it looks like a healthy heart rate monitor and i'm dead looking at you living. god is calling for the straight and narrow, huh? and not the squiggly.
3:27 pm
y'all have added squiggly lips to this and i'm getting nauseous just looking at it. these lips look like you've been kissing electricity. why you kissing the plug? >> i love you, kev. >> i don't see what the problem is. why do people hate them so much? >> if you're so in love with this, wear it. on the air. >> i will. >> we are holding you to that. >> if the -- hey, can i wear my eyebrows like this on the show tomorrow? >> there it is. tune in to see goofy brow. >> oh, goodness. >> eyebrows look like this. your eyebrows look like this. have a great day, everyone. we'll see you on the next all-new "rtm."
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tonight, breaking news. hurricane irma, turning deadly. the category 5 storm, 185 miles per hour, headed for florida. new video coming in tonight, slamming into the caribbean right now. tonight the prime minister of one island just reporting at least 90% of the island destroyed, buildings and cars. american tourists huddling in hotels. the new track tonight -- which scenario will play out in florida. ginger zee standing by as several other states brace for impact too. states of emergency in south carolina and now north carolina tonight as well. running on empty. millions of americans heeding the warnings. fuel running out. traffic backed up. airlines canceling flights. and the cruise lines with ships at sea. also breaking tonight, the de


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