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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 13, 2017 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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visit stay sharp people! live where you live, this is 12-hour day planner through about 4:00, once the sun sets, the energy needed is over. turned our attention more to a summer-like pattern with drizzle developing during the overnight hours and some warmer temperatures on the way, kristen. >> mike, thank you. our abc 7 news viewers have been sending amazing photos and videos of the lightning shows we've been seeing all week. look at that, when you see news or weather happening where you live, share your videos and photos using abc 7 now and we could show them on air. and wind storms move through the bay area, get a minute by minute forecast inside the new accuweather app. you can just search accuweather in your app store to download i. all right. developing news right now, the
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president at the oakland a's will be speaking to reporters shortly about the big announcement this morning that the team has chosen the site for it's new ball park. the team wants to build it's field of dreams right next to leiny college. our new sky map 7 on sky 7 shows exactly where it is between lake merit and interstate 880. the area has warehouses, parking lots, and offices. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the site, matt. >> reporter: kristen, city leaders expect mixed feelings this morning about the proposal. they're excited that the a's to want stay here in oakland, but they're not sure that the peralta site is the best place to build in their city. look at this video from sky 7. you can see the area that we're talking about that you just described. the a's are looking at breaking ground in 2021 and opening the new ball park in 2023. of course a lot of other things have to happen before that including permitting, environmental approval, and ball park design.
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they also need to buy the land from the peralta community college district. the chancellor released a statement saying no decision, commitment, or deals have been made. >> they absolutely have to convince peralta that this is a land deal that peralta wants to engage in. and that is their work that they have in front of them. >> there's a lot of people who do not speak english as their first language, do not know their rights as tenants, these are all things i want to make sure we make a concerted effort as a city to make sure that tenants know their rights. >> reporter: the peralta site is right next to leiny college where about 20,000 students are enrolled. the mayor pushed for the howard terminal site while others would like the a's to stay at the coliseum site. the a's say they will privately finance the stadium and other features will include affordable housing, space for small businesses, restaurants, parks, and more. the a's president is talking with the media at 11:30, more on
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our abc 7 news app and later editions of abc 7 news. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. developing news in alameda, hundreds of residents are being told not to use the water. east bay mud issued the warning to residents in 267 homes in and near alameda point. officials did not say what the problem is but emphasized you should not use the water for anything including drinking of course. >> i've been drinking the water this whole week and like two days ago i tried it, and it tasted like plastic. >> sky 7 was over the alameda point collaborative on west ranger avenue as officials handed out water to affected residents. anyone can go for free water until the problem is resolved. take a good look at this man, antonio morales. deputies are looking for him, morales is wanted for attempted murder. investigators say morales rammed his car into a group of people in byron earlier this month. two victims were taken to the
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hospital. they have since been released. if you know where morales may be, contact the contra costa sheriff's office. a twist in the push to let women go topless in one east bay city. one woman went way beyond topless to show her anger at the berkeley city council. a woman took off her clothes and presented herself to the council, even climbing up on to their desks. this was at the end of the meeting late last night where they discussed whether to lift the law that says women must cover their chests. >> just because you want to go around topless doesn't exactly mean that you should. but, i mean, at the same time, guys can walk around shirtless. >> the council did not take action. so what comes next? one city leader suggested passing an ordnance requiring men to wear shirts as well. another is to have the commission for the status of women review the issue before the council discusses it further. a criminal investigation is under way at the florida nursing home where six patients died
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after the facility lost power in the aftermath of hurricane irma. but there's also better news for some residents now going home for the first time in the keys after a long and anxiety-filled evacuation. abc's molly hunter is live in naples where we got word president trump will visit tomorrow, molly. >> reporter: kristen, good afternoon, i just to want show you this tree. this massive tree toppled on to this condo building and these roots tore through this sidewalk. this is some of the damage that florida residents are returning to. for the first time, residents of the florida keys headed back to see what's left of their homes. down the south dixie highway, passing police check points to this tiny island where 90% of homes are either destroyed or damaged. >> it was how, you didn't know if you were going to make it or not. >> reporter: the national guards surveying whole neighborhoods obliterated. houses flattened. the keys is 112 miles long, but
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officials only allowing residents into the first 33 miles. >> i have dogs and i can't get to my house. >> reporter: elsewhere in florida without air-conditioning, a deadly situation at this nursing home in hollywood, florida. at least five people have died. >> at this related to the loss of power and the storm, it's a side event. >> reporter: millions still have no power and for some no running water. >> no power, no nothing, no internet, no tv, no bath. >> reporter: repair crews from 30 states in canada working around the clock, we saw them at all hour neehere in naples. >> which now numbers 20,000 is hard at work. >> reporter: but there is serious danger for residents relying on generators. near here, 20 people were taken to the hospital for possible carbon monoxide poisoning. >> there was a generator running that the residence when they called. they were instructed to turn it off. >> reporter: and in orlando, generator inside a garage killed
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three members of a family and four others are still in the hospital. now it is sweltering out here. it's september in florida, and nearly 4 million people are still without power, without air-conditioning, and officials are stressing that if you're going to use a generator to power ac or a fan inside your house, you've got to put the generator outside your house to stay safe. reporting live in naples, molly hunter, abc 7 news. >> absolutely. thank you. first responders from the bay area are ready to help hurricane irma victims in florida. task force three sent us this drone video of their station at an air force base near pensacola. after riding out the storm on monday, first responders spent yesterday preparing their equipment. the task force brought more than 60,000 pounds of search and rescue equipment and five search dogs. ♪ ♪ usher sounding good there. more than $44 million has been raised so far from last night's
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hand in hand benefit to support hurricane victims. dozens of stars turned out to sing, tell stories, and play for support during the one-hour tell on this, including ryan seacrest. it'll help people in texas devastated by hurricane harvey as well as florida and the caribbean hit hard by hurricane irma. happening today, a truck full of supplies and donations will be heading to texas from san francisco to help hurricane harvey victims. abc 7 news was on golden gate avenue yesterday when volunteers loaded hundreds of boxes on to the semi. it's an effort usf student bobby bosra who wanted to help after seeing the devastation. >> in about $2,000, but honestly, that's nothing to me because money comes and goes. it's, you know, for me it's more about making a difference and helping those people out in houston. >> there's still time for you to help because of our story, he is adding one more day for donations. find information on how to donate on our website,
11:09 am and the truck is leaving san francisco today at 5:00 p.m. next on abc 7 news at 11:00, distracted walking. why one peninsula city wants to ban cell phones on the sidewalk. target has high hopes for the shopping season. the big announcement that could mean jobs for you.
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new this morning, it's
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official, los angeles will host the 2028 summer olympic games. that announcement literally just made moments ago by the international olympic committee. the ioc announced paris will host the 2024 games. it's the first time two summer games have been granted at the same time. los angeles last hosted the olympics 32 years ago in 1984. now to your morning money report. amazon executives reportedly want boston for their second headquarters outside seattle. bloomberg reports boston is a favorite because it's close to prestigious schools like mit and harvard. amazon announced friday it plans to build second headquarters in america. sacramento, san jose, san francisco, and oakland have all expressed interest. target thinks this is going to be a busy holiday shopping season. the company just announced plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers this year. that's up from 77,000 last year. interested, apply online. target plans to hold hiring
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events at stores between october 13th and 15th. bay area housing prices just keep breaking records. our media partner the mercury news reports a sunny vale home sold for $800,000 over asking. did you hear that, mike? i know you track this kind of stuff. four bedroom, two bathhouse was listed at nearly $1.7 million. sold for just under 2.5 million. the keller williams agent who represented the sellers says it may have set a record for the most a home has ever gone for overasking in that city. now to the clothing box craze. it's the newest trend in fashion. clothing delivered to your door, but can they nail your style better than you can? we put three companies to the test. and a live look right now, golden gate bridge, boy, we have a lot of fog out there. some drizzle possible, thunderstorms possible. some great pictures of lightning over this bridge in the past few days. will we get more? mike n
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san mateo county lawmaker says he's confident the state will take action and make distracted walking against the law. supervisors passed a resolution unanimously yesterday to ban the use of cell phones in crosswa s crosswalks. the idea from supervisor david, he says he wants to make sure people are looking up as they cross the street, not down at their phones. one person we spoke with this morning says he's seen the trouble with distracted walking. >> i think it would be a help because they don't pay attention. i seen people fall off the sidewalk, you know, step off the curve and fall. >> the supervisor was
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demonstrating what not to do. the resolution doesn't change anything yet, only the state can govern who's legal. the resolution asked the state to consider it or consider giving local jurisdictions the right to regulate that issue. now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. >> we had pause this morning because of that weather, didn't we? hi everybody, see the thunderstorm behind me? that was the second one to roll across the county from east to west this morning. i picked it up from our camera, you can see the marine layer coming in at the same time. there's the sunrise, what a trifecta this morning of gorgeous mother nature-made brilliance out there. so that's what it looked like this morning. let's look and see what it's looking like right now. a lot of leftover moisture out there, i can't completely rule out an isolated shower, even some drizzle near the coast or a thunderstorm, but it's getting less likely as we get deeper into the forecast. cool we are patchy drizzle tonight in the extended forecast, seasonal weekend pattern coming at us.
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nothing too hot, nothing too cool. overlay the cloud cover, you can see it's gray outside. now, we have an easterly flow, because of that flow sometimes it'll hit the dividing line between the bay area and the central valley, those hills and mountains, and that could cause it to naturally lift and create some thunderstorms. but the best chance is going to be with the low, and that's going to slide south and east of us today. taking the better chance of widespread organized thunderstorms. if you're heading out right now, mid-60s to mid-70s. santa rosa, 64. san francisco, 66. oakland, 69, and looks like san jose is one of the warm spots at 74. concord, 71. pockets of sunshine from time to time, 80 degrees in the south bay. around 70 to 78, quite a spread on the peninsula, even with a cloud cover, upper 60s along the coast today to near 70 in downtown, south san francisco, and sast lee toe, about 77 to 81 through most of the north bay. along the shore, 71 at berkeley
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to 72 in richmond and oakland. 78 in fremont, inland, temperatures in the upper 70s, about 78 in walnut creek to about 83 as owe head towards brentwood. all right. how about we let the dodgers go, and they start a new losing streak as they do. how about that? 7:15 first pitch today, it's a wednesday evening game, even though it's the third game of the set. the sun will set at 7:20 and drop down to 61 degrees. little breezy. at&t park back closer to average. speaking of that, look at temperatures tonight. better sleeping weather, 54 in santa rosa to about 64 in antioch. little drizzle possible near the coast and the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. tomorrow afternoon to one of the coolest, 60s in the coast, 40s and 50s for lows friday morning. that's a little closer to average, but then we warm back to average friday. hold on saturday and sunday, then a weak cold front will drop our temperatures back below average monday and tuesday. right now it's not offering any rain. definitely no chance of thunderstorms sunday into monday, but just a very small
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chance later on this afternoon. >> okay. thanks a lot, mike. >> sure. we've been talking about this to the clothing box trend. these are outfits designed to you and delivered to your doorsteps so you don't have to shop. size and preferences and they do the rest. well abc's paula ferris put three services to the test on "good morning america." >> it's a great piece you can literally throw it on over anything. >> reporter: clothing box services like this one take the leg work out of shopping. customers fill out a questionnaire and for about $20, a stylist does your shopping for you. lauren chan, fashion features editor and former plus-sized model, size 16, which is average for women in the u.s. is skeptical. >> i think it's pretty hard to nail somebody's style based on a form. >> reporter: lauren agrees to help us check out clothing box services wantable, ditch fix, and dia and co. when the clothes arrived, we transferred them into new boxes so she wouldn't know which clothes came from which company. >> i could do this. >> reporter: lauren liked most of what was in the first box,
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but, it was a totally different story in the dressing room. are you going to come out? >> i can't. i don't know if i can walk in it. >> reporter: and she had questions about this from the second box. >> i wonder if it'll be too bill lowy. >> reporter: as for the third box -- >> surprised and happy. >> reporter: five items hand picked bay stylist. meant to match her budget and style. lauren selected clothes that fell into the midrange of 50 to $100 apiece. there were keepers like this one. >> this outfit i like. this is the one i like so far. >> reporter: and a few that didn't make the cut. >> so i didn't to want try this one on. >> reporter: but she did have a clear favorite. like being four out of the five items in box borks. >> reporter: who do you think it is? >> three, two, one. >> oh. >> by the way, stitchfix is based here in san francisco. that was paula ferris reporting. lauren's favorite overall turned out to be stitchfix. she did like a couple pieces
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from the other two companies. now in terms of returning what you don't want, all boxes come from with a prepaid return envelope. last night's game between the dodgers and giants triggered emotions including tears of joy. coming up next, what prompted this couple to start kissing on the baseball field.
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there may be no crying in baseball, but there was uncomable happiness and sheer joy at at&t park. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 here. bianca vasquez said yes moments after throwing out the first pitch. her boyfriend, now fiance surprised her by dressing up as the catcher and popping the question at the same place they met six years ago. >> and i just had to do it here. >> she's like, oh wait, you're not buster posey, just kidding. giants uniform with a number of 17 for the year he proposed. by the way, we counted at least two other proposals at last night's game including one between a dodgers fan and a giants fan. oh. >> wow. >> which section would they sit in when they go to the games? >> maybe they'll sit together. >> all right. that does it for all of us here, thanks for joining us. mike, you know how to keep a
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marriage together for sure. >> i'm trying. >> bye bye. >> don't follow me. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪
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