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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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story. >> our reports led to the ban, some restaurants fight back and continue to serve fork raw. today this major ruling. >> restaurants around the state has been selling the delicacy despite the 2004 law banning it. the delicacy reduced in -- over turning the ban but today the u.s. supreme court upheld the law. >> everyone was excited. this is a cruel practice and based on this decision today it is also illegal. >> the team first reported in 2003 the activist raided a flaw grau farm and taking this undercover video. >> we didn't know as we walked in we were going to encounter sick birds, deabirds, birds with opening festering wound wo,
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essentially begging to get out. >> they recorded the -- at least two times a way a wokker du duck. during two days of force feeding the duck's liver expand up to times its size. >> at what point does it become abuse? >> at the point where they can no longer represent a healthy product. >> what was disturbing to both sides in this controversy, pictures of duck too weak or overweight to defend themselves against rats at the ranch. the rats were eating ducks alive. >> a healthy duck wouldn't let that happen. they would be able to get away. >> after i showed the it reports to senator john burt ton he sponsored the ban and after it
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became law, some restaurants refused to stop selling it. a california -- fledge to continue the fight, while zero began extremist may be celebrating the ruling devies the constitution. if california gets away with this, what's next, by tby t >> until that process plays out, duck can still be sold legally. we'll keep track of what happened and report back to you. law makers in sacramento took the big step -- abc 7 news reporter melanie wood row is monitoring melanie. >> the bill cleared a major hurdle after it was cleared. a legislation was the latest effort by democratic law makers to create barriers to
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president's donald trump campaign pledge to step up deportion efforts. >> the state cannot have its own separate independent foreign policy. i think it's ironic to have the state of california, or the agency heads of california willfully advocating the violation of federal law. >> the reality is is that you have certain sheriffs as well as the ice director, as well as the attorney general, jeff sessions who have a fixation today to do everything in their power to deport d.r.e.a.m.ers, young boys and girls who grew up if this country. >> the legislation moved to state senate for approval. it'll then go before the governor's desk, who has until october 15 to sign it. new at 6:00 we're finding that contra cost academy new district attorney will be sworn
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in on monday. retired judge diane fa becton will be the first woman and first african-american to hold the position. she takes over a troubled office that has been plagued by controversy including a campaign scandal. the terror threat level in britain has been raised to criminal. this as the manhunt continues for a person who left a homemade bomb on a train in london. the bomb partially exploded injuring 29 people. >> it's the sheets of orange flame and this huge -- everyone screamed and ran off. >> people were getting crushed and we were trambling each other. >> isis claims the explosion was carried out by an affiliate unit. police across the u.s. has increased their presence at the station but there has been no
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credible threats. other officers were pulled from assignment to focus on patrol in what it calls its core stations in oakland and san c canine units were deployed as well. we asked people what they thought. >> i think it should be on an ongoing basis not just after something happens. >> i think keeping an eye out is a good idea. >> police want riders to give them a call if they see anything suspicious. new at 6:00 a ban on drinking water and cooking with tap water in alameda pointe has just been lifted. the water is clear of bacteria. residence asked to flush all water for ten minutes before drinking. the water was contaminated by a leek from an irrigation line fed by an old well. earthquakes in south bay has put residence on edge.
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abc 7 news reporter david luey is live in san jose where people are taking action of a number of quakes. david. >> reporter: ama it's the u.s. geological survey that's predicting the chance that the bay area will have a 6.7 magnitude or grater earthquake in the next 30 years. the center is likely to be on a hayward fall. the small quakes are causing people to start getting prepared. gio physicist brian kilgore says a series of earthquakes originated in the falls. the movement was about a third of a mile below ground. some residence barely felt the size mic movement. >> wasn't bad but you knew there was an earthquake. >> reporter: for others the ground movement was more pronounced. >> they were like a quick jolt.
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>> did it knock anything over? >> no it did not. >> reporter: experts are not willing to categorize the event of a larger event. >> the technology doesn't allow us to look at any one earthquake and say yes, this is a fore shock before something to come. >> reporter: these earthquakes are magnitudes work off to shake up complacency for a big one. >> i guess i got lazy, living in california is typical. >> reporter: hardware stores tell us interests have grown in emergency kits. some kits include supplies such as water and food. >> we do have supplies but it's about ten years old so we need to resupply it. >> is that on your to do list this weekend? >> yes, i hope so. >> reporter: well, it's may's husband sam that's going to be
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doing that this weekend. if you're getting ready to prepare, there are backpack size kits available on stores and online that have water and food for two people up to three days worth, and they are available as low as $30. we're live in san jose, david luey, abc 7 news. >> david thank you. you'll find guidelines for stocking an earthquake survival kit and developing a emergency plan for your family at abc under prepare nor call. firefighters just about fully contained a fire. kings mountain road has been closed since monday night when the fire started. the stormy whether from earlier this week has given way to a beautiful start to the weekend. here through live looks across the bay area. abc 7 news sandy is in for spencer. what can we expect?
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>> it's going to be beautiful weather, dan. hard to pick which location you want to go to. we do have patchy low clouds near the coast. tomorrow they'll be around in the morning and then high clouds in the afternoon. nice late summer weather for you. 68 in half-moon bay. oakland a mild 73. walnut creek 83 and warm up to 86 in antioch. i'll let you know the second half of your weekend coming up. ama. >> thank you. you may have already seen the signs when driving, the bay bridge will be briefly closed tomorrow as crews employ the largest sports for the old span. that's what it sounded like the last time cal trans brid
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bridge piers two years ago. that time depends on weather conditions. the bay bridge is closed, boats will be kept away as a precaution. new at 6:00 tonight. the warriors and abc 7 news sports director, larry beal. also ahead. >> i don't want bad cops here, period. i don't need them. >> next we're live on the red carpet for the premiere on this documentary of the oakland police department. hear from the film maker who already has another oakland project planned out. escaping hurricane irma for forever homes in the bay area. live with been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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. happening now, it's premiere night for a new feature film set in the bay area. the oakland police department plays the starring role. film makers embedded with officers for three years. abc 7's reporter alisa hamilton is live where the force is being debuted tonight. >> reporter: you can see a large group of police officers actually just showed up and they're hanging out outside the theater. it's unclear if they're going in to watch this or here for another reason. this premiere is attracting a lot of attention. members of the police department are expected to not just be here but also be part of a panel to discuss the movie when it's over. and relive some of the department's most difficult moments. >> i don't want bad cops here. >> oakland film maker peter nick spent three years following the oakland police department for the documentary "the force".
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his cameras were there for what he calls some of the o pd's craziest years. >> the most shocking thing of this story is what happened to this young girl who was trafficked by police officers, not just the o pd but it was a region issue. >> he's talking about the section scandal involving a teenager section scandal who was sleeping with officers. >> we also found a very uneasy dynamic happening which was that being forced to address these issues of accountability. >> i think it's always difficult to watch your department make mistakes. >> deputy chief armstrong admits there were parts of "the force" that was hard for watch. >> it also captured what happens when you have tremendous set backs.
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>> mayor libby shaft is seen in the movie calling out the bad behavior of police. >> i'm here to run a police department not a frat house. >> in a statement she said, i'm hopeful this project brings even think and understanding to all members of our community. "force" is part of a trailology the director is working on. reporting live in oakland. alisa harrington, abc 7 news. what's happening now shelter animals approving in the bay area. they were already in shelters in miami hoping to be adopted. >> since the storm, shelters need to make room for newly lost and found pets. miami heat to basketball help. >> lesley joins us live. >> reporter: it seems like fed-ex lives puppies, dogs and
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cats and kittens. at least they did today. these got outloaded several hours oaago from miami to oakla. >> crate after crate of crate filled with cats and dogs, kittens and puppies, to make rooms for pets displaced by hurricane irma. the miami heat load it had 150 of them on the fed-ex jet this morning, now they're on the ground in oakland and were greeted by some of the warriors. >> i hear there were eight puppies. >> yeah i'm going to have to take one home today. hopefully i can find a good dog. >> you might adopt one? >> yeah definitely. >> we feel really bad for human beings and animals and grateful as an opportunity to be here to help. obviously miami heat is
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involved. teams and organizations and fed-ex, it's just team work. >> reporter: many are bound for peninsula humane society. most are enroute now to no kill shelters from monterey to the state of washington. the one on this particular van you're looking at, these dogs are going to washington. the ones going to bay area shelters have already left the airport, their stuck in traffic but will make their way to shelters. they'll be evacuated for health problems, checked out for seven days and then they should be up for adoptions and foster homes. reporting live here in oakland airport i'm lesley brinkley. abc 7 news. >> i think that one wants to go back with you. local crews have been in florida for a week. power has been restored to 80%
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of customers who lost it during hurricane. pge does not know when its crews will return to california but there is still more work to do in florida. some first responders are coming home from the sun shine state. these are members of the statistic force three who began that nearly 2500 journey back to man low park. two buses, 11 vehicles and trailers are carrying the team and rescue equipment back home. pounds of medical care items, that's how much med share has collected for people recovering from hurricane irma and harvey. abc 7 news called last friday to try to get donations for the profit. >> it's been a huge community, support and grateful for everybody who wanted to help.
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they felt it was a good opportunity for them to act and know the supplies get there. >> med share normally ships medical supply to areas in need. this time it's focused on collecting personal hygiene products needed for those displace by the hurricane. go to abc 7 to help. this is just into the abc 7 newsroom it's friday. >> dan and ama we're not going to let that get by us. we're ready for the weekend and the weather could not be better. concord warm, 84 degrees sunday, 83. earlier next week, cooler. no weather extremes to speak of. take a look at what's been happening in the northern rockies. remember the lightning storm that hit the bay area this week, that same system is producing snow at the higher elevations
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from idaho to montana. they have storm warnings up there. i know this is unusual, early, but this is the first winter storms of the season. we are tracking the marine layer. as we look at tur coming up from the marine layer. 66 degrees in san jose. here's a view of what you're morning will look like. expect those low clouds, 77 in santa rosa. 74 napa. temperatures in the comfort zone. lifer more 72 degrees. warming trend continues tomorrow. little change on sunday. much cooler on monday, autumn arrives next friday. in a week the seasons are changing. tomorrow morning you'll notice it's a cool start. nights are getting longer. mid-40s to the upper 50s.
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clouds in the morning, higher clouds in the afternoon. hour by hour we go. 7:00 tonight we're looking at low clouds along the coast. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow the clouds will be around. the high clouds filtering the sun, no rain associated with them. the sunlight is dimmed tomorrow a bit afternoon. 81 in san jose, 80 degrees in santa clara. cooper t cooper tin know. 67 pacific at downtown san francisco. daily city, 66. a touch higher than today. north bay 81. 82 santa rosa. east by the way low 70s, oakland, berkeley, 70 degrees. inland warm, low to mid-80s, 86 antioch, 86 concord. you load the app and check out the temperatures minute by minute. we're in a warming trend. minor dip on sunday, you won't
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start to feel it until monday. that's when it's going to get breezy and cooler. mid-60s to the upper 70s. then the temperatures come right back up again tuesday through thursday, low 80s and mid 60s coast. friday, 102 in the afternoon. fall officially aarrives next friday. two top executives at ex fax are ou ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step.
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a happy friday on wall street, the market closed at a new record high today. this is the fourth straight record closed for the dow. ended the week at 22,268. the nasdaq gained but closed a few weeks shy of the record. the s&p has had its week at the start. ending at a record of 2500 even. the s&p gone up 11.5% since january. fall out of equifax's massive breach. two executives are retiring. susan molden, the stop security officer. and david webb, the chief officer. molden has come under scrutiny.
6:26 pm
equifax is facing a murder yad of investigations and class action lawsuits for the breach. it includes congressional investigation, as well as investigations by the federal trade commission and the financial protection bureau. equifax says the names, social security numbers, birthdays and addresses of 141 million americans were jeopardized in the hack. a man wrongfully arrested and thrown in jail. >> see the impact it's having on justice. new at 6:00, inside san questioning ton with larry beal and the golden state warriors. the latest honor for
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. the county lawyers have been working over time and judges clerks and tax payers are spending money on overtime. >> it's because of a new state imposed commuter system that some say has done more harm than good.
6:30 pm
>> here's abc 7 reporter wayne freedmon. >> reporter: a moment in a busy day public drchder mike perry, a job that rarely have enough moments and right now technology is stealing more of them. >> on your level of one the ten what is your level of frustration? >> hi. >> reporter: all due to a state imposed computer program called odyssey. since august they are 3,000 cases behind because the clerk has to enter everything on paper. >> with the clerk enter something in i can see it immediately. now it'll take day it is looking. >> reporter: last week a smoem that county man had a warrant for his arrest. court cleared it with the computer, never got the message. three days later a man wrongfully arrested him and sent him to jail. >> how long did he stay in jail? >> i think six extra days.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: at the county jail, the sheriff's department knew about the system. >> the system is goofed up. we are bringing inmates to court that aren't supposed to be there for the day. or vice versa an inmate is supposed to be in court and he's not there. >> reporter: anyone in the county with recent issues is worried. eric hill came to court to do after being wrongfully pulled over for a zombi warrants. >> the officers in the street says it's active, the courthouse says it's dismissed. >> well, i guess it's a good thing for me but i've made sure that i was at home anyway. >> reporter: the county court administrate did not return our call today. people in all parts of the system are frustrated. >> one of our key mottos that we represent our clients to the best of our ability to make sure
6:32 pm
justice is right. this is making it harder for us. ? san francisco could be the first city to achieve the big goal, zero no nonresponsive infections. the city's annual shows hiv diagnosis decline decline declie allow low. it's did you known 60%. but there's still more to be done. >> the homeless population which has been stable is increasing in hiv infections. if we are trueing going to get to zero we have to deal with health and housing disparities. we have to prioritize people who are hiv for homeless services. >> the number of homeless infected with hiv increased from 7 to 13%. new at 6:00.
6:33 pm
>> it was an annual visit to san questioning ton prison and a team of inmates were waiting for them. >> larry beal reports on a day of competition and comradery. >> pretty safe place but it's not that safe. you have someone want to show you a stamp collection in my cell, we advise against that. >> for that we vaernd our treatment. welcome to sanguine ton prison. ja vessel mcgee showed all the larry o'brien trophy. >> do you have a sense of how this is. >> yeah the guys are excited. they want to see new faces and especially famous faces. >> the warriors have visited san kwint ton for years. bob meyers have made friends on the inside. >> if he loses he has to say the
6:34 pm
lakers are the greatest team ever. >> reporter: but the hosts have talent as well. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: and they all have nicknames. number one they call him fatality. >> why do they call you fatality? >> because of the of things i do on the basketball court. >> it has nothing to do with why you're here? >> no, not at all. >> oh good. >> reporter: check out the man they call the fee knob. late fourth quarter this was a tight game. highers led the game with 32 points and 30 rebounds. with seconds left, convicts down by one, it's our friend fatality with the game winner. 103-102, sanguine ton the final. it's hard to put in words what this win means for the prisoners. >> what does this mean whether you walk around this yard
6:35 pm
tomorrow? >> i'll be like a superstar around here. >> this right here helps tremendously. it puts the humanity back into it because a lot of people look at us at bar bar yans. >> great work being done there. we'll have a long version of the story tomorrow night after the game. a local college bucking a trend in a big way. >> next, what mills college hopes to get out of student tuition, by 36%. we are looking forward to a beautiful weekend. here's a hint of it
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alice waters will pick up an honor this weekend, she'll be inducked be a women's haul ll o fame. the women's hall of fame is located in new yorken on the sight of the first women's right convention. they are also celebrating the 100th year of women in new york securing the right to vote. the first in california to reduce its undergraduate tuition
6:39 pm
by 36%. >> rolling back fees will help increase enrollment. >> just to reiterate returning jurn graduates will pay less. >> reporter: it was an announcement that had to be repeated. beginnin next year, mills undergraduate tuition will go down from a little more than 44,000 to nearly 29,000. that's what mills charged back in 2005. frank hernandez welcomed the tuition revisit. >> i have two kids going to college, i'm retired and every bit helps. >> reporter: as the tuition decreases so lot amount of financial aid a student receives, which according to the university will eventually even out. >> the tradition to reset tuition is also responding to the college's enrollment.
6:40 pm
by attracting and enrolling more student the college hopes to bring in more revenue to fill in any financial gaps. >> the tuition reset is a growth initiatives. >> reporter: franky martinez wishes the roll back happened immediately. >> grants and scholarships and loans and different kinds of loans. >> it's great that its getting cheaper and it's going to get more kids to school. >> even today, mills is highly ranked as a best value college in the region. in oakland, lileana melendez, nbc 7 news. >> east bay has been named the most diverse in the country. it's a level of minority student outranks all the schools in the country. oakland's holy name, belmont,
6:41 pm
and san jose state all ranked in the top> what happens to oaklan s coliseum if it doesn't have the raiders or
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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an opportunity is opening in oakland at the sight that has been home to the warriors, raiders and a's. so what will happen to the coliseum area. abc 7 news reporter spent the day getting some answers. >> reporter: a new basketball stadium to be built in oakland about five myelos away. they still have plans for the coliseum. >> we feel an you shall ban youth academy for soccer and baseball would be an answer. >> reporter: the area will give kids a positive place for kids to hang out. >> i told him i didn't like what i was seeing. >> reporter: that's what oakland city councilman said when the idea was ran past him.
6:45 pm
there are already baseball areas in oakland, what they need are good paying jobs. >> there are other developers that will like to acquire the site and put better uses on that site. >> reporter: like affordable houses and retail. the a's says that's part of the plan too eventually. there are some in the government that han givhaven't given up on >> i respect the business decision but you couldn't ask for a ber location that currently sits here. >> reporter: the a's list still in exploretory stage. the team says it will solicit public input on the idea over the next year. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. more than 150 volunteers completing several weeks worth of construction in two days. it's
6:46 pm
it's the first high density condo project in has been tats e bs c's history. all the units will be energy efficient and owned by low income families who are doing some of the work on site. >> believe it or not i couldn't sleep yesterday night. >> i like building things and i like construction. >> freemont's city council approved the project back in 2014 and it's great to see it going up. the bay area is a beautiful police, and the viewers continue to prover it. jordan wire in hills burg posted this video. they added the hash tag abc 7 which helping us find it on the news site. >> i like slow moe.
6:47 pm
sandy's back with the week forecast. >> let's check out live doppler 7. we'll see there's low clouds along the coastline tomorrow afternoon. we'll see high clouds on top of the low clouds. we'll go with a warm up, upper 60s to the mid-80s. nice looking saturday. if you're taking part of the life at night walk in napa tomorrow evening, benefitting a leukemia/him foe may society. hurricane jose now a category 1 storm, it's threatening to affect the mid-atlantic. tropical storm norma, is what we're watching expected to battle ka bow, san lucas, that's a threat to the ka bow area. here in the bay area, no threats to speak of just nice weather. 60s to mid low 80s saturday and
6:48 pm
sunday. >> thank you sandy. a lot to talk about in sports. >> we have anthony flores in for us. the 49ers haven't won in seattle since 2011. the raiders locked down the anchor on their
6:49 pm
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the raiders put the pen to paper, today donald penn signed a contract and extension that keeps him protecting the blind side to the 2019 season. the word is his contractor worth $21 million. he only gave up one sack last year as part of an offensive line that many consider one of best if football. he held out during training camp as part of the preseason. now that the new deal is done he now no longer has to focus on the business side of the game. >> i can enjoy my teammates and everything and process. and focus on football because there was a lot of doubt. i didn't want to -- that was one thing i tried to make sure, i
6:52 pm
wondered, you guys don't know how much i love you guys. show me you guys love me back and let's get this done so i can retire a raider. raiders are going to suit up in silver and black for the first time. conley missed all of training camp with an injury to his right shin. he was elected 24th overall out of ohio state. it was expected to provide a big boast. >> we're exciting to get him. he's a talented young man, we really really liked him coming out. he's had a little bit of a set back because of some things that were beyond his control with the medical stuff. that's cleaned up and he's ready to roll now. look forward to watching him my. this weekend kyle shanahan trying to put an end to their
6:53 pm
six year drought in seattle. the 49ers came all the way back in week 16 of the 2011 season. shanahan faced it had seahawks twice last year as the offensive coordinator with the atlanta falcons. he knows how tough it's going to be to go into seattle and get a victory off the sea hawk team. >> i thought he played hard, but it wasn't good enough. it's definitely -- versus seattle. you ever come out flat in this leek, it doesn't matter if you're playing the best team or best second team it's going to be a long day, teams are too close. today was like the first day of school for the san jose sharks. new faces, plenty of excitement, everyone trying to figure out where to go as the squad reported for training camp. george thorn torn says he's off 100 pier following knee surge. this is the first training camp
6:54 pm
without patrick marlo in 21 years. jumbo joe says there's plenty of talent to replace his former teammate. >> myself and everybody has to step up a bit and score more goals this year. i think we got some good young players coming in to accept a bigger role in the team. be, yeah just, it's going toby committee how you replace a guy like that. >> baseball the a's filling the love in the city of broerll br y love. matt hits the top run. more fireworks for the a's in the second inning, matt joyce, rockets one out of the yard. it's a two-run homer. oakland takes the 4-0 lead. daniel, he was king of the hill. by the final, 4-0, giants open a
6:55 pm
three-game series against arizona tonight at at&t, highlights on the game at 9:00 and 11:00. join us tonight at 9:00 on cover necessary t.v. channel. coming up the skin patch that promises to burn fat. that's at 9:00. abc 7 news at 11:00 time runs out for san jose homeowners to meet a building requirement. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. you've heard of unattended consequences. i didn't know much about this guy before yesterday and i'm betting neither did most of the protesters. they guaranteed the police and the media would be there making the person they came to denounce that much famous and seem more important and influential than he is. when met with the violence and chaos they broke out at
6:56 pm
conservator commentator myelolow was scheduled to speak. the university cancelled the speech. quick story, a friend of mine used to play golf with a fame rapper. when he woke up one more than and saw in the paper that the first president bush has condemned the song he released, he told my friend he knew they were going to make a to make a e of it. i always appreciate hearing for you let me moe when you think. follow me on twitter and facebook @dan ashley abc 7. look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm ama daetz. >> we appreciate your time, we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a math teacher from parkville, maryland... an awards program manager from devon, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, a social media analyst from chicago, illinois... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. if you don't get the final jeopardy! right, it helps if you made the right kind of wager, and that was the situation for ellen on yesterday's program. $6,500 is not a big sum
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compared to winnings of other "jeopardy!" champions, but it was more than her opponent, so that's why she's here today to face sarah and julien. good luck to you. here we go, the jeopardy! round. ♪ and now we take a look at the categories. the first category, we'll have clues from a new pbs series from ken burns and lynn novick, "the vietnam war," making its debut this sunday. next category... followed by... hmm. we'll deal with... and finally... the industrial average, of course. ellen, start us. animated felines for $200. julien. -who is sylvester? -yes. felines, $400. ellen.


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