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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we're talking warmer weather. temperatures were warm yesterday but we're going to add on a few degrees. no fog to speak of and current numbers are cool in the north bay. 45 in napa. 58 in san jose. that's what we like to start the day. throughout the afternoon from noon to 6:00 in our north and east bay hills this is the highest threat of perhaps starting fires. that's why the national weather service issued a red flag warning for those areas through wednesday. so 60s and 70s by noontime. upper 80s inland. 70s at our beaches today. alexis? checking out the roads, no major problems so far today. looking at some really quiet volumes here, light volumes on 101 and 880 in san jose. a quick check of drive times. overall looking good, too. to the maze at 17. about eight across the bay bridge. i am just hearing about a new crash there, though, north of the airport. we'll take a look at that.
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>> thanks, alexis. nfl football was about more than just the games. some decided to sit or take a knee. >> good morning, amy. >> reporter: they go on the air at 6:00 a.m. and this is where they expect their phones to light up this morning. when the observing raiders, what they did last night during the n national anthem the offensive line sat on the bench, others kneeled or linked arms. more than 200 players took part in the protest during the games yesterday. we asked about his show today. >> it's based on the area we
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live in. here would generate a response but today a unique combination between the warriors and steph curry's response on friday and then with the nba. a real influx. it's one of our more versatile it's one of our more versatile shows, so to speak. they do expect the conversation to go well into today and will carry into the week. this show goes on the air at 6:00. it could dominate all four hours. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy.
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a protest planned has been canceled. yesterday conservative commentator milo yiannopoulos still made an appearance and berkeley police arrested a dozen people and lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: conservative milo yiannopoulos arrived at uc berkeley surrounded by an unprecedented number of police officers. his appearance on the steps of sproul hall lasted for about 15 minutes. >> i got to say my piece here on campus letting berkeley know. i would have been there. >> reporter: it took the place of what was supposed to be a more formal address. the event was canceled citing safety reasons. security, though, was still tight. those who wanted to enter sproul plaza had to go through a metal detector which limited the number of people in the crowd
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unlike in february when open access led to vandalism and violence that forced the cancellation of yiannopoulos' scheduled speech. >> obviously we're relieved that peaceful and safe. at the same time it feels a little bit like probably the most expensive photo-op in the university's history. >> reporter: in all 11 people arrested mostly for carrying a banned weapon. this photo shows the items seized from one of them. uc berkeley police say security for yiannopoulos's visit cost $800,000, for officeers who came from eight different agencies. students we talked with say they're growing tired of their campus being used as a battleground. >> the barricades makes me feel very on edge. >> i transferred here last semester, so i've basically seen it be pretty volatile. >> reporter: and the will likely continue. yiannopoulos vows to return over
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and over again. at uc berkeley, lilian kim. the aclu is accepting grant applications from cal student groups who are looking to bring speakers to campus this year. they would discuss local justice issues including racial justice, immigrants rights and lgbt inclusion. the aclu is making $10,000 available for grants. applications are due by 11. . 59 p.m. we have a link. pemople could see tropical conditions with maria moving north. >> communities across puerto rico remain flooded after hurricane maria dumped rain on the territory. recovery work will focus on restoring electricity. hospitals face a critical shortage of supplies and fuel for generators.
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>> to keep it working properly, the electrical system, and water. we have medications and surgical equipment for at least two or three days. >> a dam is holding despite cracking after being damaged by hurricane maria. it may be a few decades late but australia says it wants to get in on the space race. government officials announced today they are establishing a national space agency. the prime minister said it's a small agency for now but one that has, quote, enormous potential. there are still very few details. but why now? the global space economy is estimated to be $330 billion. australia wants to get in on that money. it only takes about 1% of those dollars. dollars. police shot and killed incidents started at 11:30. two shots were fired.
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incidents started at 11:30. he stopped talking to officers and that's when they say he fired the second shot. he died at the hospital. a man police warned could pose a threat to children was spott spotted. a woman says he pulled down his pants in front of her and made rude comments.
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a warning about turner who has been arrested twice for bizarre interactions with children. this morning a woman is facing charges at san jose city hall. hall. gina gonzalez was taken they believe it's white genocide. they believe it's white >> oakland city council approving a feasibility study. two berkeley city leaders support the idea. they believe a bank owned by taxpayers could offer loans to underserved communities. it is inside the city hall council chambers. good monday morning waking
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up to clear conditions. the numbers are cool but we still have a red flag warning. it's been extended into wednesday. and this is because the relatively humidity is in the upper elevations and the breezy offshore winds. so north and east bay about 1,000 feet. right now we're warmer than yesterday this hour from 2:00 to 4:00 degrees warmer and so that will help aid in the warm-up today. it's 56 in concord. 58 in san jose. some 60s from brentwood to los gatos but 40s. with that drier atmosphere we cool off quick and we're going to warm up pretty quick as well. look at the vantage point here. good visibility. red flag warning, temperatures rise through thursday. 80 in the city. numbers are uniform. they got warmer as we head inland. get used to the 80s. we'll see three to four days of the very warm weather.
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we have cool nights to look forward to. 69 degrees in oakland dropping off into the low 60s. a look at my seven-day outlook coming up in a few minutes. alexis? we have one new issue on southbound 101. it does sound like we have one lane blocked. this involves a couple vehicles and a motorcycle as well. we have not gotten full word on injuries yet but have an ambulance on the way to the scene. as you can see light volume so far. we'll check on drive times at 5:20. we heard three gunshots. a shooting at a tennessee church killed one person and injured several others. what the child did to keep the gunman from entering the room.
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like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. developing news out of tennessee. why a former church member opened fire during sunday's service near nashville. >> police say the 25-year-old killed a woman in the church parking lot and made his way inside all the way to the pulpit and shot six others. a 10-year-old boy helped his teacher hide younger children in the classroom. >> somebody just opened the door
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and we just heard three gunshots and the little girl shut the door and i heard somebody say get down. and we just started grabbing the couches and the chairs. we did everything like barricade it. >> wow. he's incredible. church members say a heroic usher also saved lives tackled the gunman and held him at gunpoint until police got there. president trump's criticism of the iran nuclear deal may bring swift retaliation against hackers. they are keeping close watch on what kinds of things might manifest against western targets if the deal falls apart. hackers might target america's power plants, hospitals, airports and other pieces of critical infrastructure. the white house did not respond when asked whether it was worried about retaliation if the u.s. left the nuclear deal. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner used private e-mail to conduct
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business. it says kushner corresponded with other officials about white house matters through a private e-mail account set up during the transition. you may remember president trump criticized hillary clinton for using a personal e-mail account to handle government business when she was secretary of state. >> uber hopes to meet as soon as today. public transportation officials in london hopes that it will open the door to operate on the streets of the british capital once again. this comes after the license to carry passengers was revoked in london. "the wall street journal" reports uber hopes public pressure, including 600,000 people who signed a petition. london's taxicab industry has fought hard against uber. natasha, i want to jump in from our live desk that uber ceo now issuing a statement this morning, so i do have an update on that story for you. the ceo saying the company will appeal the decision by the london transport authority but also did say that they will do
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so with, quote, the knowledge that we must also change so there was an admission of some wrongdoing. you'll remember as natasha said last week that license to operate in london was revoked and it was a little bit unclear and shaky if uber was going to appeal that decision. we're getting the confirmation this morning they will do so. >> tnks for the update. angela merkel won a fourth term in office but her party's parliamentary lead has been cut. they are facing a surge in support. exit polls are predicting the anti-migrant alternative will become the country's third largest party now. addressing her supporters a subdued merkel said we could have averaged a better result. the chancellor is pledging to find coalition partners to form a stable government for germany. in today's "gma first look" plenty of distractions behind the wheel. >> hoping to put parent at ease. >> reporter: in this morning's
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"gma first look" a teen driver radio on distracted by her phone then this. ton of the teens in these incidents provided by aaa died. but today four teens will die in crashes. [ bleep ] could technology cut those statistics? general motors and ford now offering teen driving options in vehicles. the technology provides a report card, tailgating, excessive speed. not only limits for the car but where the teen travels to as well. >> family link will text you when they arrive at work, when they arrive at home or their friend's house this is all virtual but peace of mind for the parent. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 how this new technology can protect your teen on the road. with your "gma first look" abc news, washington. it's 5:17 now. thousands of people who live in marin may see their access
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reduced. the county plans to close its dental clinic and specialty clinics. our media partner reports this is because congress has not reauthorized a federal grant that provides money to care for patients without health insurance. they face an october 1st deadline to reapply for the money. three bay area neighborhoods have been predicted to be hot to close out the year. the three neighborhoods made the top five. at number two, golden gate heights, bucknall in san jose and glenview in oakland. lisa argen is in bringing us some nice summerlike weather. >> that's right. good morning to you, natasha. if you look it, temperatures above average. here is live doppler 7. no clouds to speak of. we're looking at cool conditions in the north bay. elsewhere pretty comfortable as well. 50 in gilroy. san francisco at 59 and look at
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this vantage point, good visibility. numbers ranging from 45 in napa to 55 by the delta. 52 in livermore. we've been talking about a red flag warning extended through wednesday and into the east bay hills, so this is the reason why we're so worried with the gusty winds, low relative humidity and the hot temperatures through thursday. we'll look for slight cooling by the end of the week. want to get you caught up on maria. this is just beginning to weaken significantly as it moves to the noh. it's off the coast of the mid-atlantic and it will bring storm surge, maybe two to four feet and a couple of inches of rain to the outer banks of north carolina. it does move out to sea. back home it's another warm day with mid-70s at the coast. low 80s in san mateo. look at the 80s from fremont to san jose. some upper 80s in concord and mid to upper 80s down around santa cruz. we're looking at a warm extended period. accuweather seven-day forecast, a couple degrees warmer each and every day. looks like peak heat wednesday
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and thursday perhaps near 80 at the coast and sea breeze returns for just minimal cooling. alexis? okay. our first slowdown with a collision before you get to sfo. sound like about three vehicles total including a motorcycle. the two center lanes are blocked just before you get to sierra point. i'm not sure on injuries yet. they're calling for a couple tow trucks as well. fortunately this is one spot where you do have some options. you can see el camino real or 280 instead of southbound 101 to get around this. one new issue just past the toll plaza, a disabled vehicle in the right lane. drive times starting to ramp up, tracy to dublin, 53 minutes. looks like maybe just some slight delays, southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco coming in at 15 minutes. people in centra and southern california tweeted concerns over a bright light seen shooting
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across the sky. the light was from a rocket launching from the air force base. the u.s. national reconnaissance office sent a spy satellite into space. it's classified so we don't know what it will be used for. for the second time in recent weeks a mountain lion spotted on or near cal's campus. two hikers believe they saw one of the big cats on a trail signpost two. then nine days ago an employee saw a mountain lion hiding in the bushes off centennial lane near rugby field. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and runners go the distance in hopes of finding a cure. the big milestone reached this year. >> mike and alexis -- lisa and alexis actually. mike is at home enjoying his sleeping in. but he's helping make this a better day by sleeping. you can keep up [ engines revving ]
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seven things to know. members of the oakland raiders joined more than 200 nfl players kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. yesterday's protest followed remarks by president trump. the players had protest the anthem should be fired. number two from the live desk, starting next month new restrictions go into place for president trump's travel ban. the eight countries to be included are chad, iran, libya, somalia, syria, yemen, venezuela, and north korea. ban yesterday. number three, an abc news/"washington post" poll finds 86% of americans support daca. the program protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children from deportation. number four, protesters will be outside senator feinstein's san francisco office to demand leaders kill the republican health care bill. it starts at noon on post street. number five, chp asking for your help to find those robbing
5:25 am
toll booths. number six, warm and dry weather continued today as the national weather service has extended the red flag warning for not only the north bay mountains but our east bay hills as well for gusty winds, low relative humidity, and temperatures well above average in the upper 80s in these highlighted area. and number seven we're looking pretty good with traffic so far today. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights flipped on about 5:22 once you make it past the toll booths ten minutes in to san francisco. california governor jerry brown has just approved a bill that was millions of years in the making. just this weekend gave us our first state dinosaur. this is a rendering of it lived here anywhere from 100 to 66 million years ago. california has 30 other state symbols including an official flower bird and even an official dance. >> all right.
5:26 am
the bay area raised nearly $150,000. the susan g. komen race for the cure was yesterday. >> the embarcadero was shut down as people wearing pink tutus and feather boas took over the five, four, three, two, one! yeah, i had the honor of counting down the runners at the starting line and more than 1,000 runners turned out with the goal of ending the fight against breast cancer. we spoke with the first man over the finish line about why he runs. >> no one should have no hope. >> that's grant johnson. komen is celebrating 30 years here in the bay area. abc 7 proud to be the media sponsor. and let me tell but grant, this is the third year in a row he's been the first person over that finish line. >> that's cool. nice job. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the reason a
5:27 am
sacramento judge ruled a ballot measure to repeal the california gas tax is misleading voters. plus, breaking news out of oakland, just getting reports that perhaps an officer was involved in a really nasty crash there. we're working on getting details. thank you, jess. also a new report that shows uc students may be paying for way more than just their education. more than just their education. we're having a better day.
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good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday. it's september 25th. i'm matt keller. >> i'm natasha zouves. good morning, alexis, tracking our roads. and lisa argen holding things
5:30 am
down for mike nicco. unfortunately we still have a red flag warning. upper elevations looking at very dry conditions and even breezy. this hour it's 49 in dublin. san ramone 56. 57 in san francisco. ooler in santa rosa at 47. 40s and 50s by 7:00. in the noontime 70s in the bay. just a few degrees warmer upper 80s inland. notice we'll have those 80s around the bay. 70s at the coast. it gets even warmer. alexis? just one issue so far this morning. southbound 101 north of sfo we have a crash involving a motorcycle. calling for an ambulance and tow trucks. you are heavy. you can take 280 or el camino
5:31 am
real to get by that. a live desk update. >> this is breaking news coming in. involving a police cruiser and look at this video we just got minutes ago. a nasty crash. the police side of the cruiser was smashed in. this is at the intersection of international and high. no word yet on how all those drivers are doing but a witness claims at least one police officer was taken away by ambulance and you can see multiple victims there put on to stretchers. unclear what led up to the crash. thanks, jessica. nfl fans could be faced with more protested before the "monday night football" game. dozens of players protested over the weekend after president trump criticized players for kneeling during the national
5:32 am
anthem. many oakland raiders sat while members of the redskins linked arms in solidarity before their game in maryland last night. some teams even stayed inside their locker rooms. yesterday more than 200 protested. 5:32 now. the latest travel ban. eight countries and unlike the previous ban this one appears to be indefinite. tiffany wilson is live at sfo with the changes. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. white house officials say the travel restrictions are meant to be tough and targeted. restrictions differ country by country. several of which are not majority muslim as had been the case with the original ban. three nations were added, chad, north korea, and venezuela. venezuela's restrictions target the leadership. iran, libya, somalia, syria and
5:33 am
yemen also have restrictions. sudan is no longer on the list. the restrictions represent the third version of a travel ban offered by the trump administration. the white house says the new rules will go into effect october 18th and they will not impact anyone who already hold a u.s. visa. some travelers at sfo disagree with this ban. >> i'm against the travel ban. i just think that it's unnecessary. i think that the people that just go by the regular means to get in the u.s. should be considered equally. >> reporter: the supreme court has scheduled arguments october 10th on whether the previous travel ban is legal. live at sfo, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. thank you, tiffany. an abc news/"washington post" poll shows americans support daca by a huge margin. 86% of americans support a right to residency for undocumented immigrants who have arrived in the u.s. as children.
5:34 am
11% oppose daca. president trump decided to phase out the program this month. recipients could face deportation starting in march unless congress turns the program into law. happening today tprotesters plan a sit-in at senator dianne feinstein's office to kill the health care bill. the protest will start at noon on post street. the new bill would give states more flexibility to craft their own health coverage but with less federal funding. no guarantee how many americans with pre-existing conditions would be covered. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was planning to bring the gop health care bill up for a vote this week. a hearing today to talk it over with two senators already saying they will vote no. the republinsan c >> it's very difficult for me to envision a scenario where i would end up voting for this bill. >> right now they don't have my vote and i don't think they have mike lee's either. >> president trump says
5:35 am
eventually republicans will win the health care fight whether it is now or later. authorities say one inmate is dead and several others were stabbed in a large prison riot on california's central coast. more than 160 inmates involved in yesterday's brawl at california's men's colony near san luis obispo. now nine wounded inmates were treated at an outside hospital. the prison's spokesperson says they were escorted out when it started. no guards were hurt. happening today community leaders in san jose will call for increased police accountability after the city's eighth officer involved shooting. people acting in community together or p.a.c.t. will join at the bibleway christian center. they want the city council to expand the role of the independent police auditor and more police transparency. this comes after jacob dominguez was shot and killed earlier this month, a known gang member. chp wants your help solving
5:36 am
two robberies at bay area toll booths. the first one took place on the bridge and later that day thieves struck on the bay bridge. chp posted some photos of two suspects wearing blue or purplen a black mercedes. it had paper plates and distinctive chrome accents. if you have any information about the robberies call chp. san rafael fire department says a grass fire may be arson. abc 7 news was on san rafael hill as firefighters put out the flames. authorities say four youths were seen walking away from the fire. less than two acres burned and no one was hurt. firefighters say goats grazing on the hill reduced the fuel and slowed the spread of fire. a judge in sacramento ruled that the wording of a ballot measure to repeal the gas tax is misleading to voters. a lawsuit alleges the language to get rid of the gas tax written by the attorney general was intentionally deceptive. it said a yes vote would eliminate transportation funding
5:37 am
and road repair projects. the attorney general's office has to rewrite the summary. >> the judge was very clear. the attorney general has writ ann title in summary designed to mislead california voters. and essentially tried to prejudice them to keep this massive new gas tax of jerry brown. once the ruling is finalized backers would node to collect over 300,000 signatures from voteers to place the initiative on the ballot. uc students are paying for retirees' pension benefits. more than 5,400 uc retirees received pensions worth more than $100,000 last year. that's a 60% increase since 2012. a uc spokeswoman says it's impossible to say how much of this year's tuition will go toward retirement costs. "the times" says it could be tens of millions of dollars. this was a welcome sight in
5:38 am
key west following hurricane irma. well, not this here. the "empress of the seas" docked -- this is the wrong video. we probably shouldn't show this. you can come back to me. the mayor there was to greet the guests. the airport has reopened for commercial service. the storm caused varying degrees of damage along the island chain. key west and the northern most island of key largo escaped major damage. good morning. it's monday and we will be looking at a little more heat coming our way. live doppler 7 nice and clear right now. our red flag warning in effect for the north and east bay hills warmer already. we cooled off nicely last night. 48 in half moon bay. about a week or longer. 55 by the delta.
5:39 am
50 in santa rosa. humidity will continue to drop as temperatures go up and the winds are going to be a factor above 1,000 feet. got to keep that in mind today, into thursday as well. as temperatures continue to rise we'll see the numbers warm at the coast. slightly cooler by the end of the week but not much. upper 80s as you head inland. the reds come into play and those are 90s. we even warm up more so around the coast. and as we get into wednesday that should be one of the hottest days with numbers in the mid-90s. so we'll talk about when we cool off and a little at our extended outlook in a few minutes. if you are heading to sfo we do still have one lane blocked but they are in the cleanup
5:40 am
stages for this collision. we did hav debris and a motorcycle went down. we have not gotten word on how serious those injuries are. for the benicia bridge, a disabled vehicle that turned into a collision that is off on the shoulder at this point and a quick check of drive times. westbound 580 in the yellow. slight delays there. northbound 101, highway 85 to the san jose airport in the yellow. 280 highway 1 to san francisco looking good in the green at just about nine minutes. happening today the city of san francisco is kicking off transit week. it is a celebration of public transit and all those who ride it. officials will be on the steps of city hall today to show their support for affordable and efficient transit services. there will be a daily event this week, i should say, and giveaways including trivia night and riding the ferry to jack
5:41 am
london square. how they think public transportation can be improved. thanks, alexis. the death toll continues it rise after last week's earthquake in mexico. how survivors are holding on to hope. and an unexpected run-in with bill nye the science guy at a hotel. you have to see this video. as you get your day in gear, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break. ♪ ♪
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the death toll from last tuesday's earthquake in mexico now stands at 320. among the devastation still some signs of hope. this little dogs found alive yesterday after being buried in the rubble for six days and apparently it is in good health. and parishioners flocked to local churches offering prayers of hope and thanksgiving for surviving the 7.1 magnitude quake. >> we are a country with a lot of faith. praying to her mother to have a little mercy to this country that loves her very much. >> it has been relentless. mexico has endured three earthquakes. estimates put the damage costs right now as high as $8 billion. and today marks 60 years since nine african-american teenagers were escorted by federal troops into an all-white high school in arkansas.
5:45 am
the little rock nine had to deal with an angry mob that day and faced constant verbal and physical harassment. the eight surviving members of the little rock nine will speak at a commemoration ceremony today. former president bill clinton will deliver the keynote address. police say a man arrested near the white house had a car full of weapons. official say the suspect was stopped yesterday for allegedly urinating in public. in his car officers found nine guns, three knifes, brass knuckles and various types of ammunition. told the secret service he was going to speak with defense secretary james mattis and mike rodgers. he said he wanted, quote, advice on missing paychecks and how to get the chip out of my head. the man was taken to a facility for mental observation. he's facing several weapons charges. former congressman anthony weiner is set to be sentenced today for sexting with a 15-year-old girl from north carolina. the 53-year-old has pled guilty. he could go to prison for up to 27 months according to his plea
5:46 am
deal. happening today "modern family" star sofia vergara is using her name for a good cause launching a new subscription based underwear company. sales will go to a nonprofit to help women become entrepreneurs. the company will send monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscripti subscriptions. each pair costs around $15. a moment of bliss and joy this morning. this is the aurora borealis, the this is the aurora borealis, the northern lights as troe nau astronauts. it happens when electrically charged particles collide with the earth's gases. it is just so pretty. good morning to you. we're starting out with another warm and dry regime but this morning we have cool numbers. here is live doppler 7 right now where we're looking at cloud-free conditions, high fire
5:47 am
danger, red flag warning for the upper elevations, gusty win, low relative humidity. that's around santa rosa, so keep that in mind. temperatures are ranging from the 40s in napa. 53 in fremont. 51 in morgan hill. a nice cool start. 86 san jose. the peninsula numbers low 80s. and in the city 80 today. the north bay numbers coming up a few degrees for upper 80s in santa rosa. near the east bay, 82 in hayward with 84 in fremont. you head inland and we're looking at numbers just around 90 from fairfield and pittsburg. 88 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring a string of sunny, warm days with the offshore flow taking us right through the middle of the week and then when we do get relief not a whole lot of it but at least that sea breeze back at the coast. let's hear the good news.
5:48 am
things are looking good for a monday morning. nobody wants to get up and get moving today. we are congested. no surprise. those metering lights on about 5:22 this morning and then a quick check of the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. a little stackup in the cash lanes as well. overall no major problems and then a quick check of mass transit. all of our agencies on time today. i want to update you on our warm springs station. we did have the b.a.r.t. closure. not over yet. we do have another closure coming up this weekend and this is all for work on the silicon valley extension. take you to the fremont station. we'll take a look at drive times. thanks, alexis. a group of women got quite a surprise when riding in an elevator in las vegas. >> no!
5:49 am
>> oh, my gosh! >> wow. >> they appear to be doing i mn. i believe they were doing a snap chat thing. that's bill nyeguy. the women were clearly shocked this happened on friday. they say bill was nice and offered to take photos with them. >> there's so much about this i find so funny. i love this video. i could watch it forever. popular musician will not be playing at levi stadium now. the reason he's backing out. >> but first, a city in the bay area wants amazon to bring its new headquarters here. the plan for the online retailer. >> the story that affects all of us, sleeping. >> a better day starts here on abc 7 mornings even as we head to break, live weather and traffic.
5:50 am
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jcpenney saying they will hire 40,000 people looking for cashiers, workers to restock and beauty consultants to work at beauty consultants to work at the in-store sephora shops. the city of concord is teaming up with other local cities trying to bring headquarters to the bay area. according to the east bay times concord has the land. the former naval weapons station but it believes that a partnership will help fulfill other requirements like access to transit, local universities. it includes san francisco, oakland, richmond, and fremont. amazon is accepting proposals for its second u.s. headquarters
5:53 am
through october 19th. former president barack obama personally warned mark zuckerberg about the extent of fake news on facebook. according to "the washington post" it happened in november after the election during a meeting in lima, peru. at the time the president was told there was no easy fix. facebook initially discovered elements of the russian connection to fake news in june 2016 and notified the fbi. efforts lagged as they struggled to figure out a game plan. >> conditions are cool right now. we'll be in the 60s for many locations and that will start our warm-up rapidly. we're still going to see those numbers climb. by 9:00 we're in the upper 60s and by 11:00 it's in the 70s for concord, even san francisco, 70 degrees. mid-60s half moon bay so temperatures well above average.
5:54 am
if you're in town in oakland tonight for the ball game it's going to be a mild one. dropping through the lower 60s. we'll talk about how long this heat wave lasts. low clouds and fog not to be seen anywhere soon. we'll have a look at your seven-day outlook in a few minutes. alexis? taking a look at our roads, our one and only crash is still blocked just before you get to sierra point. down to one lane blocked and they are in the cleanup stations. the ambulance was at the scene. we did have overnight road work near monument. that did clear and these are those typical weekday volumes you're seeing now. westbound 580 tracy to dublin under an hour. antioch to concord.
5:55 am
no delays from the north bay. san rafael to san francisco, you look good. not that you need much reason to crawl back under the covers but new research confirms shorter sleep leads to a shorter life and not only that, heart attack, diabetes and alzheimer's. adults 45 years or older who sleep less than six hours a night are 200% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke in their lifetime. it was conducteded by matthew walker the director for the center of human sleep science at berkeley. world health organization recommends eight hours of sleep each night. when was the last time you got eight hours of sleep, natasha? a long time, huh? >> that's what weekends are for, right? i don't know if you can make up for the rest of the week, though. it may be time to break out your measuring tame. >> who is likely to cheat and it's all about this image behind
5:56 am
you. according to archives men and women with high facial width to height ratio have higher sex drives, are more comfortable with casual sex, and more likely to cheat. facial structure may be a sign of hormone exposure during key of hormone exposure during key periods of development. >> there's no study, no proof of each individual, the greater number reduced down to the individual. >> words, words, words. a new phone scam being reported. >> the cancellation of free speech week plus what people tried bringing on campus yesterday. >> i'm still tracking the breaking news in oakland. several cars in a nasty crash. one of those cars was a police cruiser. i do have an update on what happened next.
5:57 am
5:56 on a monday morning. we're here to make this a better day for you. the peaceful embarcadero in san francisco. live weather and traffic conditions on your screen. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. good morning. it is monday, september 25th. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for reggie aqui. >> bringing the energy today. >> i'm here, it's monday. we have to get going somehow. >> lisa argen in for mike nicco. >> somebody slept. >> i got my six hours. >> that happens. good morning, everybody. it's nice and cool right now. it's clear. high fire danger above 1,000 feet today.
6:00 am
50 in danville. 49 in san ramone. it's 48 in santa rosa. you'll notice the numbers change you'll notice the numbers change quickly. 70s at our beaches. nothing slowing you down here, just those metering lights on. we haven't had any issues. 49 b.a.r.t. trains in service. 49 b.a.r.t. trains in service. a's 1 and 3 out on time. i do have an update in oakland. two officers are hospitalized and a third person injured


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