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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 26, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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protest over racial injustice. the dallas cowboys including jerry jones and the arizona cardinals linked arms last night. president trump sent a tweet that said, the booing at the nfl football team when the entire team dropped to its knees was the loudest i have ever heard. >> a quick update on your weather and traffic. >> 49 is the coolest number right now in napa, low 60s in the south bay. as we look at live doppler 7 no fog to speak of. we are looking at temperatures that are warmer this morning than yesterday, so 24 hours ago we were cooler, starting out 4 to 7 degrees warmer from concord to antioch and that means another warm day. in fact, we will be 120 to 20 degrees above average. notice the wind direction out of the north or northeast here and that's key to our critical fire weather that lasts throughout the next 48 hours. 40s and 50s right now, 70s and 80s around the bay. a quick warm up by noontime.
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by the afternoon plenty of 90s in the north bay, east bay and 70s at the coast. low 80s yesterday in san francisco. two more days of 80s downtown so maybe a light jacket this morning, but, boy, it's going to be warm this afternoon. alexis. >> okay, lisa. so far we are looking quiet on the roetds this morning. 101 and 880 in the south bay, no issues there, looking at light volumes 4:31 in the morning. not so much on one of our drive times. no issues around walnut creek so southbound 680 highway 4 in walnut creek six minutes. that construction i mentioned westbound 580 tracy into dublin you are just under an hour at 57 minutes. that was scheduled to be picked up at 4:00 so they should be wrapping that up any minute. next traffic update coming up around 4:40. new this morning, a car smashed into the side of a house in san francisco amazingly the people were able to get out of
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this car before emergency crews got there although we do not know their condition right now. the house was also damaged. it is not structurally sound so two people have been displaced and power was not out to nearby buildings. this was at elk and boss worth in the glen park neighborhood. nearly two-thirds of that car was rammed into the corner of the building so pretty major impact. free speech week isn't even a thing anymore at uc berkeley but the campus is still bracing for possible problems. >> amy hollyfield is live in berkeley with more on the events happening today. >> reporter: hi, natasha. two speakers say they will be here, they are coming to spoul plaza this afternoon and will march over to a park. one of those speakers is joey gibson, he says he is coming here today, he is the founder of patriot prayer, that's the group that was planning to speak at crissy field in san francisco last month but canceled because of safety concerns.
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he says he denounces racism and doesn't want extremists at his events but his appearances sometimes attract them anyway. kyle chapman also says he is coming today, he calls himself base stick man and is charged with possessing an illegal weapon in the form of a stick at a pro trump real this did you meaner. milo yiannopoulos was here on sunday even though it was said that this whole thing was canceled. he made a quick 15 minute appearance and uc berkeley said that cost the university $800,000 in security. campus officials say they are planning for security, too, for today's events and all of this today is scheduled to get started at 2:00. reporting live from erk aboutly, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. happening today, attorney general jeff sessions joining the heated debate about free speech. he will give a speech at the georgetown university law center in washington, d.c. many students and faculty members plan to protest that event. georgetown student newspaper says an invitation to the
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protest reads, quote, a university that claims to care about the travel ban and dak ra rescindment shouldn't invite the man to defended both. session's speech comes after they called off free speech week in berkeley. an officer in town to assist with the canceled event in berkeley had two guns stolen from his vehicle. his defendant in taft in kern county doesn't have set rules for how officers store handguns, however, state law says that officers must lock away guns or face a fine. this is the latest in a string of bay area incidents where thieves have stolen firearms from officers vehicles. the resolution limits cooperation between local police and u.s. immigration and customs enforcement or ice. the goal it to build trust. undocumented immigrants fear calling police who may be working with iso initials especially after president trump's decision to rescind daca.
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the measure denounces hate speech against minority groups including muslims and the lbgt community. a billboard facing the bay bridge is drawing a lot of attention this morning. drivers heading into the san francisco see this, the word impeach next to a picture of the president. courage campaign which is a grassroots progressive organization paid for that ad. the billboard will stay up for a week, maybe longer if there's more traffic seen on the organization's website. it links people to a petition calling for president trump's impeachment. >> i think em blaze thing that and shoving it down people's throats is a little too much. >> i will look into it and if it is worthwhile, sure, i might go ahead and sign it. >> courage campaign plans to put up more billboards in seven republican districts where hillary clinton won the majority of notes. the bay bridge toll plaza robbery we told you about yesterday. officers say around 2:00 p.m. sunday two thieves driving a black mercedes sedan waved a weapon, demanded money and got
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away with $3,000. the same thieves robbed another toll plaza of $1200 around 4:00 a.m. watching breaking news in southern california. a huge brush fire is burning in orange county. it has prompted evacuations at least 300 homes are being affected right now. this is right on the board ever of anaheim and corona. it can be seen from the 91 freeway. overnight the fire grew to more than 2,000 acres and they have named this thing the canyon fire. i will be keeping my eye on developments throughout the morning for you and i will let you know as soon as we get any more details. happening today, the san francisco board of supervisors will discuss banning all glass containers that includes beer and wine bottles in all city parks. the ordinance is a result of the persistent trash at dolores park. some nearby businesses have made a switch from glass products to cans and they have been reminding customers to throw away their trash before they leave. mission local reports some 7,000
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gallons of trash are left behind at the park every weekend. is a. this week san francisco activating cooling centers as temperatures are expected to reach the hoe to mid 90s. several facilities will be open today through thursday to provide people with a place to stay cool. all pools except for two will be open and passes cost $6 for adults. the national weather service reminds everyone that heat illnesses are possible especially for older adults and kids. we do have a list of all the cooling centers on our website with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average today those cooling centers certainly necessary. i've heard a lot of folks saying they are enjoying the weather but as we look outside it's very comfortable out here. current numbers, we have numbers in the 40s in napa, 62 in the city, that's warmer than you should be for this hour, 62 san jose, gilroy and half-moon bay down to 51. a live look outside from sutro, no fog at all. there is your 49 in napa, 60
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concord, 53 livermore. today you will notice that numbers that red coming into play with 90s in the east bay and north bay, those northerly winds driving those temperatures up, warmest places should be up north near st. helena and st. rosa. upper 80s in oakland. this is tomorrow. very little change, the heat holds with another red flag warning. by thursday we will get the sea breeze back, san francisco drops into the 70s but we will all cool off tonight back into the 40s and 50s. several days of critical fire weather ahead of us. right now we are just looking at some construction, that's about it. i don't have any blocking incidents to talk about so far this morning. taking you down to the south bay, san jose we are looking at all green traveling conditions on 280, 680, 880, 17, everything looks great. a little further south if you're starting off in gilroy that typical delay on northbound 101 has not filled in yet. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no slow downs there yet and we should have
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until about 5:20 until they flip those metering lights on. construction is slowing you down out of the central valley we will head there next. a san francisco supervisor blaming uber and lyft for the increased gridlock in the city. jeff sheehy joins sfmta in asking for more scrutiny for ride share companies. the county transportation authority estimates 5700 people drive for these companies on a typical day. the chamber of commerce is saying it's the booming economy that is playing more of a role in traffic gridlock than uber or lyft. >> we have over 700,000 jobs in san francisco now on a daily basis. by far a record. and a population now of 870 or 800,000, also a record. but we haven't anded any new streets and we are not going to. >> the city attorney has already sued uber to force the company to divulge driver information. another hearing in that case is
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set for next week. is the gop healthcare bill nearing its end. the action today that could put it to rest. it to rest. too shocking
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me.
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uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig tension continues to rise over u.s./north korea relations. this latest conflict stems from an apparent threat president trump tweeted against north
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korea's leader. that was considered a declaration of war prompting north korea to say it would shoot down u.s. bombers. some civilian airlines includes lufthansa avoiding to an accidental strike. the pentagon continues to warn against provocations. the u.s. navy has beefed up its presence near korea. the detection of mysterious seismic activity is refueling concerns over north korea's nuclear ambitions. happening today all senate republicans will decide the fate of the gop maelt care bill. a top member of the party says he doubts whether the graham cassidily healthcare bill will even come up for a vote this week. main senator susan collins essentially delivered the final blow to the bill after giving it a thumbs down. >> it would have a negative impact on millions of americans
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who are now insured. so it was that final piece of the puzzle that i had been waiting to -- to confirm. >> the main lawmaker joins senators rand paul and john mccain as opponents of the bill. u.s. capitol police arrested 81 protesters who disrupted the hearing on the bill. at least six of president trump's closest advisers occasionally use private e-mail addresses to discuss white house matters. jared kushner the president's son-in-law and adviser used a private e-mail account to send or receive about 100 work-related e-mails. also included in that group of six, former chief white house strategist steven bannon, former chief of staff reince priebus and ivanka trump. police searching for the man that you see getting out of the car there, he allegedly tried to kidnap a woman right off the street.
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this entire incident caught on camera. you see the man grab a woman kicking and screaming, forcing her into the car. police are not sure if there was someone else in the car with the accused kidnapper who helped. he is still on the loose. the victim fortunately is safe this morning. >> it is clear that our fellow american citizens in puerto rico are in desperate need of help. the governor of puerto rico says the island is facing an unprecedented disaster in the wake of hurricane maria. he's asking for more government aid. at the same time evacuations under way in north carolina as maria continues to move north. >> from the air you can see the extraordinary destruction inflicted by hurricane maria in puerto rico. houses clutching at the sides of cliffs after mudslides rips the houses from underneath their foundations. the governor saying it is a humanitarian disaster for all of its 3.4 million u.s. citizens.
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>> it's not a neighborhood no more. at night you can't feel the air because there's nothing, there's no end with, it's horrible. there is no water, electricity. >> at the san juan airport residents and tourists wait for days hoping for a plane and a lifeline. >> all i want to do is get home and here i am fighting my life because my insulin is my life and they don't have no ice here, they don't have anything to help me keep my insulin safe. >> people are running out of food, they're fighting, i just went to the bathroom and the bathrooms they have water all over the floor because people are trying to take baths here or -- you know, it's really, really survival mode right now. >> here in the continental u.s. preparations for maria are under way in north carolina. tourists told to evacuate. >> they need to get out as quickly as they can. we can start to see roads impassable and flooding so they
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need to be going now. >> maria the latest in a success of devastating hurricanes to affect the united states. as president trump says they are currently assessing the needs in puerto rico. his response is increasingly coming under fire as the situation there is worsening. let's talk about where maria is right now, lisa argen is tracking that. what are you seeing? >> we are looking at a minimal hurricane but still lashing at parts of the united states later on today. here it is with winds of 75 miles an hour. it is moving parallel to the united states. tracking to the north at 7 miles an hour. it will continue to track to the north going into the cooler waerd of the atlantic and it's going to weaken but as it does it still is bringing in impacts to virginia and north carolina in the form of storm surge and heavy rain. so we are looking at tropical storm force winds later on today anywhere from who to 50 miles an hour and that storm surge of perhaps 2 to 4 feet along the
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virginia and north carolina coast. so hopefully those folks are heeding those warnings to move out of town, but this will continue to weaken. back home live doppler 7 no clouds around, current temperatures are running mild. 60 mountain view, oakland is at 55 degrees. today 10 to 20 degrees above average but look at that 49 in napa, we've cooled off nicely in most locations, 55 by the delta, 53 livermore, but we are looking at a another warm day today with numbers above average, high fire danger through tomorrow and cooler by the end of the week into the weekend. we talk about the relative humidity, the moisture in the atmosphere. right now we are at 40 to 50% around the bay and inland valleys, 77% in san francisco. look what happens when the temperature rises by the afternoon. we are down to 19% by the delta, 21% in santa rosa. it continues to get dry through the early evening hours.
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it is critical fire weather today again along the peninsula. 86 san matteo. 85 downtown. in the north bay where you have those down slope north winds, 88 today in oakland, inland 93 in concord, 92 pittsburgh. accuweather seven-day forecast just as warm tomorrow, see braez on thursday, everyone cools into the weekend. usually this is the time of year we get that, but also in october as well. so hopefully you have good traffic weather to go with that. >> the roads are nice and dry, we certainly can't complain about that. we don't have any incidents so far this morning, either. at this point we are just talking about some construction that is slowing you down. taking you out to the central valley, it does look like they have picked up cones now or they are working on getting those picked up, westbound 580 between grant line road and greenville, that was scheduled to be done at 4:00, i think they ran a little bit late judging by this backup. you are extra heavy as you get
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out of the tracy area. 10 miles an hour, 7 miles an hour, that's much slower than it typically is if you're traveling eastbound the counter commute side we do have lanes scheduled to be closed along that same stretch until 6:00 this morning. a quick check jut side here a live look at walnut creek southbound 680 no delays there yet so far this morning. we will check on mass transit coming up in just a couple minutes. the reason why today is important for those looking for political change. >> a new mark twain book is out today, the way a local professor had a had a nd in this historic lit ra rear moment. in today's "techbytes" your phone's gps is about to get smarter. >> a navigation chip manufacturer is starting to make one that is accurate to within one foot. the chips in our phones are only accurate to within 16 feet. >> the new chip will start appearing in phones next year. >> no need to wait for that perfect sky when taking a picture on snapchat.
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a future will allow users to add sun sets, rainbows elements to their photos. >> you swipe to find the effect you want. >> a new jean jacket from lee vice features a smart leave, it allows you to control your smartphone by a bluetooth app. >> tapping or swiping let's you control your music and have messages read. messages read. the price is $350.
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make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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. happening today, the city of sausalito is expected to decide whether to give the guantanamo bay bridge district the okay to replace the ferry dock. after three years of back and forth the city and bridge district agreed on a plan for a new dock. the marin ij reports the work would cost over $11 million. the city council meets tonight. today is national voter registration day. every year millions of americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don't update their registration or aren't even sure how to register. national voter registration day serves as a day to make sure everyone has the information they need to second vote. today volunteers and organizations from all over the country will hit the streets in a single day of coordinated field technology and media efforts. >> you can go to for more information on national voter registration day and ways
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that you can register to vote. our sea breeze has been cut off for the next several days. we are starting out warmer than we were yesterday and that's going to aid in our warmup today. critical fire weather especially in the upper elevations. we are 4 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time and temperatures are running in the 40s just in napa, but we are in the mid 50s in san francisco, 60 hayward, concord, 57 fremont, 62 san jose. it's going to be a quick warm up, maybe a light layer this morning, with lots of sunshine temperatures will be in the 90s today in many locations. we will win point those high temperatures and talk to you about when the cool down arrives coming up. good morning. so far we are off to a fairly quiet start for the tuesday morning commute. yesterday really turned into a tough drive westbound 92 across the san matteo bridge. right now we are wide open. dunbar ton looks good. most of our mass transit agencies looking good.
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no delays for bart, no delays for capital corridor, and we have ace one out on time. one low spot out of tracy doo you to road work. >> a new children's book is available for purchase after a scholar visiting uc berkeley uncovered the unfinished story in a journal belonging to mark twain. there were 16 pages handwritten by him. he wrote the partial story after telling his daughters a fairytale one night. a publishing company finished the book for him. a young boy eats a flower sprouted by a magical speed and gains the ability to talk o animals. the world's second biggest diamond finally has a buyer. canada's diamond corporation announced a luxury jeweler bought it for 53 million bucks. the diamond weighs more
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1,000 critical caarats. it is the biggest gem quality diamond found in 100 years. >> you have to look at what it will look like when it gets cut. >> we will never know. next at 5:00 we just entered fall but there is a big sign the holiday season is already here. and a warning from police after robbers target people who use an atm. the suspects caught on camera. i'm getting word of a san jose police officer involved in jose police officer involved in a crash right now working on
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fall and the sierra already seeing signs of winter. here in the bay it is definitely going to feel like summer this week. looks like mother nature can't quite make up her mind so she has order everything and we are getting it all. >> it is tuesday, september 26th. laids tracking this for us. growing up in the bay area that's what happens in october as we head into that month. >> they are having heat on the east coast and i'm like, yeah, your point is? >> exactly. >> that's what we have. so we're sort of used to it, although we have critical fire danger that is also with us through the next 48 hours. north and east bay hills, the diablo range with gusty northerly winds allowing temperatures to warm even more today. 63 in mill pita, good morning santa maria, 54 degrees there, 62 alameda and 63 on the coast bodega bay. 90s north bay with down sloping winds, east bay and just about 90 in


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