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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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british tourist and injured another. >> bunch of noise and smoke coming down like crazy. lot of us tasho whtt ifire. i thought it was fire. my wife is pregnant. first reaction is get her out of the car or run. scary stuff. >> there are about 80 reported rock falls in yosemite each year, rarely deadly. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze, ama daetz is on maternity leave. only on abc7 news, abc is getting mixed up with uous after preschool suddenly closed. families not getting money back. happy times preschool in sunset district. lonny rivera with story
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abc7. >> supply sale supposed to happen to recover lossesment hasn't been much foot traffic so we don't know if the sale has happened. for parents, many very upset, played september tuition and yet to receive money back. >> kids crying and sad couldn't go back to see all their friends. just a >> reporter: mitch mitchell said it was the news to child. >> i went to this school long time ago. some of these guys were my teacher. >> reporter: disappointed with this letter mailed to parents about the closure. explained that staff signed wage agreements but then several resigned. at that point board of directors had no choice except to close
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the school. >> they're trying to pass the buck on to somebody else and teachers were unbelievably caring. >> reporter: parents learned by fliers about the supply sale. not sure if money made will be refunded back to them. >> really felt like after all these years we were stabbed in the back and robbed. taking money out of our kids' education. orter: letter to parentsep>> also detailed how the assets appears to be $6,500 and and liabilities in excess of $100,000. questions about tuition refund, contact the school's c7ws. aor ne if there's a story you wa abc7 news to look into, let us know, twitter, facebook or e-mail,
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>> high speed case and stolen car turned into carjacking in hayward. climbing into white convertible, sitting down and getting the guy to drivey. ended wa apeacefully. all started in alameda. melanie woodrow ise with the ivlatest. >> reporter: this was a wild chase. suspect driving in wrong direction a times. hayward police saying the suspect is in custody. not releasing his name but say he likely will face stolen car and carjacking charges. two separate victims and incidents and it's not clear what else the been involved in. >> it was scary. >> reporter: suspect behind the wheel of the chevy equinox.
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stolen around 6:15 a.m. from union 76 gas station. ditched stolen car in hayward after colliding with white bmw convertible and climbing into the passenger seat. >> after the vehicle pulled over and both subjects taken out of the vehicle we understood this is a victim of a carjacking, not a friend of the suspect. >> reporter: employee from motor team in hayward was running errand in the car when the suspect jumped in and demand he driechlt he said he was still shaken up. no weapons were involved in the carjacking. by phoner of the stolen chevy said he heard his car had been located and wanted to get it back. didn't know about the high-speed
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chase. in hayward, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. sky7, a car burst car burstt flames. hit a piece of carpet and caused the car to break into fire. driver not hurt, other drivers faced delays until the fire was put out t ahis afternoon. while that burned, oakland firefighters battled flame inside a house. "e" street near 100th avenue after 2:30 this afternoon. people have been zplasd, including people with special needs. man in standoff on interstate 80 shut down the freeway almost all day yesterday in first look at prior mug shot for
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demilo hodge. most recently lived in napa and owned limousine service there. in 1999 served time for stalking and making terrorist threats. wanted on homicide charges in fairfield. police say the officers tried to pull him over 8:30 yesterday morning. eventually came to stop in middle of i-80 in emeryville. opened fire on officers, they fired back and killed him. car that hit a child in richmond and didn't stop. three-year-old taken to hospital in critical condition. geronimo perez. live in richmond with the latest. eric? >> reporter: police got the car and owner of the car early this morning but owner is not the suspect. that's the twist.
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that's what brought richmond detectives to this auto repair shop in 3700 block of mcdonald. stopped the car and owner and turned over to richmond officers this morning. police determined he was totally in the dark. >> driver didn't have clue as to what occurred with his vehicle. apparently he dropped it off for some maintenance work. >> reporter: led detectives to auto repair shop ten blocks from the accident scene. 19-year-old receptionist in for questioning and alleged she borrowed the car without owner's knowledge. >> under arrest and booked for filed yet.and run just taken in custody today. hopeful will be filed tomorrow or monday. >> reporter: collisione:3er h y.
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three-year-old slipped out of mom's grasp as she tried to put him in car and bolted into the street. this man was working nearby and came out to see the commotion. >> boy was not talking or speaking. flipped him over, saw the back, bleeding. >> reporter: boy in critical but stable condition. fact he was so young, makes it tough for even veteran cops to handle. >> just a little guy. as you can imagine, little car hittinhiitge child will cause pretty traumatic injuries. >> reporter: employees of the repair shop did not want to talk and suspect's name is not being released. abc7 news. woman just received settlement of more than $6.5 million after suing santa clara police. body camera video of violent confrontation. warning may find it disturbing. >> you're not allowed to come in this house. get your hands off me.
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>> officers went to danielle's to arrest her daughter. teen suspected of setting fire. accused officers of using excessive force and entering home without a warrant april of last year. >> i believe that part of our duty as to know your right and not be afraid to assert those rights. i did. i knew i was right but the officers didn't care. >> broke her ankle in the scuffle. santa clara's police chief says he's upset because insurance company decided to settle out of court. we hear it all the time, top concerns in the bay area, crime, traffic and housing. >> next, live with a look how san francisco's mayor plans to half the time needed to get new units built in the city by the bay. spencer christian, fall returned to coastline and fall-like feeling to the air. accuweather forecast coming up.
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and two signs that california has really recovered from the drought. been a consumer reporter long time and never seen anything like thi
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we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. drone view 7 gives us a view of what san francisco desperately needs more of, places to live. now the mayor is telling city agencies to get their act together with building housing. the goal is cut the permit time line in half. lyanne is live with more.
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>> usually something like this would go before the board of supervisor. in this case the mayor thought it was important enough to sign an executive director to move things along. that's what mayor wants to do with housing in san francisco. this is the mission bay neighborhood alreadyew developm. southeast part of san francisco still has space to expand. mayor edley's goal is build units every year for the foreseeable future. 30 to 35% of those would be affordable. has been slow to build. 1,900 units a year. >> it's not enough. if we want to keep that pace going, this directive will accelerate it. >> reporter: had to sign executive directive.
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here's why, not only planning department that deals with new construction, other city agencies slow to issue permits. >> trees, sidewalks, water and sewer, gas and electric. >> wants caps of 9, 12 and 18 months in the permit process to >> once i've given the proper directives and support the departments to make the right decisions and move projects forward, can cut in half the delays. >> reporter: san franciscoens we talk to want more housing but worry about the impact of public transportation. >> we can handle more people but unless mu nye and b.a.r.t. get upgrades and get people out of the cars -- >> reporter: ironically lot of congestion is construction projects throughout the city. abc7 news. daily life with diabetics could be transformed.
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fda approved first blood glucose monitor that doesn't require finger freestyle sensor can stay waached for ten days and it's glucose for eight hours and 90 days. take several months to be on sale. price not yet listed. what a difference a year makes. wet winter brought us out of the extreme drought that gripped much of the state. none of california falls into severe drought category or worse represented by dark red colors. only 20% of the state is even in lower stages of drought, lighter yellow colors. encouraging news and as david louie explains, there's also to measure progress.
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>> reporter: droughts or -- led to goals to lower water use and parched recharge ponds across the santa clara valley, water table dropping. if prompted reduction in pumping. sinking of the ground as groundwater is tapped. >> see a change in summer was more groundwater is pumped and recoveryn i spring with precipitation. but during the drought, a net downward trend because of pumping and reduce recharge. >> reporter: paid off. along with the rains, heaviest in 20 years. indicating groundwater is reer toed -- returned to predrought level. wildlife have come back. geese for example and people wh.
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>> payoff for heeding the call to cove however nancy yeager misses a certain bird. >> there was a beautiful white swan that was here a couple of years ago and can't find him anywhere. there was no water so probably went elsewhere. >> reporter: conservation goals in place. >> another drought could be around the corner so board has said keep up good work and habits you put in place in the drought andconservation a way of life every day. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> really encouraging to see what is happening. abundance of sunshine and warmth. >> and rain water apparently. >> marine layer is back. view from mt. tam, low clouds and fogs drifting over the bay.
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accounts for cooling. 62 degrees in san francisco. 82 in san jose, warm in gilroy. 60 at half moon bay. more temperatures, still mild to warm over the inland areas. 81 in santa rosa right now. napa 88. 85 in livermore. look at live doppler 7. you can see the low clouds and fog along the coastline. be pushing over the bay tonight and filling in along the coastline. how much of a difference has return of the marine layer made? 24 hour temperature change. 20 degrees kecooler than this te last night. around the bay, nine to 12 degrees cooler. howig b it's made. westward, beautifully sky. mid and high level clouds along
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with the l clouds along the coastline. foggy in the morning and reduced visibility in some spots. cooler all areas tomorrow afternoon and sunny and mild this weekend to cooler next week. forecast animation. 7:00 tonight, low clouds fill in the coastline and push over the bay and inland earlyorning. linger at parts of the coastline tomorrow and few high clouds in the afternoon. finally look and feel a lot like fall. overnight, low temperatures into the mid-40s in north bay valleys, santa rosa and napa. most other locations, tomorrow afternoon, high clouds, low clouds linger at part of the coast. and highs will be mid-60s on the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay dla locations that hit 90
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degrees or above today in low to mid-80s tomorrow. wind will be a factor starting tomorrow evening. wind gust animation. starting certain:00, gusts on the coast up to 30 miles an hour up to point rays. breezy and windy in other spots early saturday and over 30 miles an hour on the coast and winds 15 to 20 saturday evening. this weekend is for overnight lows in the -- still mild range over the weekend. mid-eighties, cooler than earlier in the week and earlier next week, temperatures continue to nose die a bit. next wednesday downrigh cool
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and fall-like. >> nice. they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. >> that's true.
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a local ipo leads tonight's bay area business watch. roku is now trading on nasdaq.
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rock ku with headquarters in los gatos offers streaming services, shares trading at 15.78 and gained almost 70% first trading day. stock closed at 23.50 and dow gains 40 points today, nasdaq, barely a win but overall good for the dow. ikea has ondemand platform for hiring people to do everything. having someone stand in line for you or build furniture, perfect link for ikea, financial terms of the deal unknown but expected to be finalized next month. tonight "how to get away with murder" premiers season four. viola davis talking about how the characters are starting out. >> lot of us reaching rock
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bottom and lot of people are sick and tired of annalise. it's interesting when people reach rock bottom. there's nowhere to go but up. you see that. >> season premier at 10:00 after season premier of graze tlt. a russian journalist in the bay area with insight into election and russian involvement ad putting herself at risk to share it. >> why she says being sent back to russia could literally cost he rhe crisis in puerto rico and how you can help. and -- >> san francisco's mta is
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go to and enroll today. more now on the breaking news out of yosemite. people are posting pictures on social media after another
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rockfall from el capitan. at least one person hurt today. in car at the time and airlifted to hospital. >> this was postedn hogan. cloud of dust covered the valley. bigger than yesterday's fatal rockfall. airmen on the ground in mexico and puerto rico to give relief to earthquake and hurricane victims. members of the team are helping support aerial port operations and communications. >> today president trump waived the jones act to ease shipping rules and get supplies to puerto rico faster. >> jones act prohibits any vessel not built, owned or partly crewed by u.s. citizens to transfer -- filling up as
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many empty containers as they could. and more than 2,000 people lined up to try to board a royal caribbean ship to get off the island. >> extremely surreal. i don't think reading about it would really illustrate how bizarre the situation is. coming from normal, stable background, never imagined could be so little security in america. >> it's been more than week since maria hit and only 4% of puerto rico has electricity. ♪ >> the rapper with the hit "desposito" isative pledged relief age. says he felt the call to help. money divided among feeding america, american red cross, habitat for humanity and other
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organizations. local puerto rican formed a group called sf for for for holding benefit, to learn more, new information from twitter on russiannce inthe irentfeer 2016 election. officials told lawmakers on capitol hill that the company shut down 200 accounts tied to same operatives who posted political facebook. new site called rt, linked to kremlin spent money for ads supporting then-candidate donald trump. russian seeking asylum. fears for her life. >> keen insight into the controversies making headlines. dan noyes with the investigation. >> tracking how russia trying to
6:32 pm
exert influence in countries around the world and her america. she's applied for asylum in the u.s. fears for her life if she returns home. >> if you went back to russia what would happen? >> death or prison i think. >> reporter: turned a critical we on ukraine with colleague l tbu found dead of gunshot wound and hours later in-depth article about his death appeared in russian media. too fast she says. >> knew in advance. >> reporter: article also contained a threat and named her. so she's here with her husband,
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a software programming, continuing reporting out of oakland loft. expert on russian influence around the world and analyzed american presidential race closely. she says russia didn't expect to change the results of the election but wanted to damage what would be a jose canseco presidency as much as possible. just last week president trump dismissed russian influence in the election >> i call it russian hoax. >> but spent $100,000 on ads and they favored donald trump. says no one could do that without vladimir putin's knowledge and approval. >> don't worry, be happy.
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>> reporter: putin tried to downplay hacking of democratic national committee e-mails in the election denying that government was behind it and must be russian patriots working on their own. as the investigations play out, she worries about the america's standing, image is becoming tarnished around the world. i asked her if she's concerned about chances for asylum being affected by this interview. no, after all, this isn't russia. special i-team report for teen.
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justice delayed too long. killed in 2013. jenny szu driving when hit the family's van but yet to face trial. >> frustrating how long it's all taken. seems like ball on this. >> why not gone to trial? what is taking so long?or answe. abc abs news at 11:00. weather looks lovely. fog is back. live view from mt. sutro. forecast in just a few minutes. stamping out
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actress julia dreyfuss has breast cancer. posted about it, also calling for universal health care. diagnosed one day after winning sixth emmy.
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joe biden tweeted we veeps stick together. i and all the bidens are with you julia. budding musician in the south bay had a thank for you people who helped her beat cancer. ♪ >> how good is she? nine-year-old leah at pediatric unit this afternoon. got very sick at four years old. felt like recital would be the best way to honor her caregivers. >> i cant save your life like you did to me, but i can play piano. >> she sure can. cancer free for five years. >> san francisco never an easy place to p cark but residents saw it's so
6:40 pm
intolerable, asking the city for help. jonathan bloom has a plan the mta wants to test out. could vote on it next week. >> having a car wasn't a problem. >> didn't think of it 20 years ago. i would come home and not think about where i was going to park. >> reporter: but now drive up any one of the steep narrow streets, nothing but cars bummer-to-bumper. >> some park here to take a cab to the airport. >> reporter: free parking and people know it. >> commuters come to park all day. 24/7. >> where do they go? >> stations are near here. >> reporter: sign a petition to create permit parking zones. >> in a lot of neighbors, more cars than spaces. >> reporter: each household
6:41 pm
allowed four permits. under new rules would be two. >> people taking up four spaces on block so need other neighbors to be taking zero. >> reporter: change would affect about 6% of households but could work wonders for blocks like this one that have always full. >> all parallel parking. want perpendicular down the side of the street. >> reporter: and city could put in parking meters, residents with >>mier pts not in the code, not before. >> reporter: city planners draw the permit zones to make them more logical than those drawn by politics. >> interesting shapes. crossing boundaries. >> reporter: considering a one year pilot program. >> i don't know if it will work, hope it does. >> reporter: abc7 news. next, surprise discovery one
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chase. make more of what's yours.
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i believe there is nothing more exciting and no better place to be during fleet week
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than on the water. >> been there, done that. so true. san francisco officials talked about water safety ahead of fleet week. police, fire department and coast guard will be on the water looking for speeding and boat overcrowding of the stress the importance of designated driver on any boat. prefer it be the owner. los gatos man installed cameras on his business. >> reveals what he saw. >> best thing about this job is l helping people. i really love. but second best thing in tv news never know what you might see next, what you're going to encounter. this is one of those times. mike ellenberg has a passion for golf. about to play in tournament and thought it was time for new
6:46 pm
shoes. said he never received them. >> contacted the company i bought from online and said they were delivered a few days earlier through fedex. >> then contacted delivery company and told him the same thing. package had been delivered. as fate would have it, just installed video cameras at his bar where the shoes were to be delivered. describes what he saw. >> fedex truck originally parked out front on the boulevard. driver then attempted to deliver on my side portion of the building. he goes up the staircase. and proceeds to place my package in the garbage can. >> discovered the video two days after the delivery. by then garbage hab emptied and taken to the dump. sent the video tape to fedex. each time he was told to send it in again.
6:47 pm
after fourth time he contacted 7 on your side and we exacted agr he paid for his now lost shoes. >> i'm just grateful for 7 on your side. never would have happened. >> we reached out to fedex for comment several times. only said it would work directly with mike to resolve his concerns. no other comment. i want to hear from you. hotline is open week days. you know the telephone number. also reach me at facebook and abc7. >> what a weird story. >> another job well done. speaking of, check with the weather expert. >> i like that. weather expert. let's put that right there. over here. live doppler 7. we've got low clouds back at coastline and cooler weather coming our way.
6:48 pm
goodbye september heat. coming overnight, clouds push beyond the coast. low to mid-50s but valleys mid-40s. tomorrow is fair but cooler. and sunday here in san francisco is bridge to bridge run benefitting special olympics. bay bridge to it's ideal. don't have to run, walk, saunter. i haven't sauntered lately. look oot accuweather seven-day forecast. mostly sunny. mild weekend and cooler weather, more fall-like next week sruau >>nter. i may watch on tv. >> there you go. how is it possible that preseason games can be so expensive? >> good question. >> you know what i'm talking about? >> didn't it seem the warriors parade was last week?
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>> when you win the championship, it's short off-season. wonderful problem to have year after year after year.
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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good evening. after off-season that saw the warriors hoist other larry o'brien trophy, jet set around the globe and spar with the president, begins this weekend. extended psirraeic preseason is saturday against the denver nuggets. next week's trip to o nly four preseason games. veterans get bulk of the minutes. kerr doesn't want the guys resting on laurels. >> needs to be awareness, not lasting forever. you have to have talent and keep the edge. lose the edge, this league is too tough. teams knock you off our perch. only reason we're going to win, reason we won last year and 2015 is combination of talent and edge. we know we have the talent.
6:53 pm
edge is up to us. >> nba's board of governors passed new rules to eliminate the tanking used by teams to get the highest draft picks. 14% in 2019 for the three worst teams in the league. 76ers the most blatant for years and loaded with top picks. should be decent. derek carr has a tendency to start slowly in games. problem in washington last week. carr, start, finish, middle everything was bad. nane of 31, 113 yards and touchdown. two picks. ending streak of no interceptions. sacked four times after only once all of last season. heading into a rowdy environment inen out what went wrong a week ago. >> if i missed meetings or process changed it would be like
6:54 pm
this is the reason. we had a great week of practice, just one of those days and went out there, didn't go well. nothing really i could put a finger on except man, i got to come back and work harder. whatever that means, looks like, whatever i feel throughout the day, just try to do it better. >> 49ers coming off a performance in which they scored 39 points but gave up 41. arizona on sunday, defense was solid but struggled against the rams. robert salah doesn't want to use the short week as excuse. >> will to drive and grind. every team is exposed to thursday night football. there's no excuses. didn't play good enough on defense but i have faith in defense and can't wait for sunday to see what we're made of. despite in last place, bob
6:55 pm
melvin is under contract through 2019. a's starting final series in the season in texas. three games over .500 in six-plus seasons, sean manaea on the hill. decent start allows one run on three hits so far. struck out four. matt chapman, that is gone. 14th. good young talent. scalg wall to no avail. a's leading 3-1 in the seventh. first day of the presidents cup. three former presidents in the stands. wonder what they're talking about. rickie fowler and -- defeated matsuyama and -- chipping in on three. dustin johnson and teammate matt kuchar down one until the seventh. won the match 1
6:56 pm
playing throughout the weekend. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee channel 20 -- and climber who cheated death. comments from on el capitan. >> a place that kids go to learn in south bay and could be closing for good. parents not happy. two hour season premier of "grey's anat s"y,nsoea of "how to get away with murder," then abc7 news at 11:00. >> "jimmy kimmelive" kaley cuoco and david muir. look for breaking news on abc7 news. >> for the team, leave you with this gorgeous picture.
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it all started when sophia found the perfect little mug at marshalls. then piece by piece, surprise by surprise, she built the greatest guest bathroom ever. did she expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise.
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