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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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evacuations are ordered for the oakmont neighborhood. >> deputies say houses are burning as we speak and some residence refusing to leave. >> melanie wood row joins us live. >> reporter: smoke has gotten so thick here in the day or two. i do want to mention as we talk about the reports of -- in oakmont, that information came from santa rosa police earlier about an hour or so ago. they told me there were homes burning on crust ridge. i want to tell you that photography cathy sager and i made our way to crust ridge but did not feel safe going up. there were other fephotographie in the area say a line has been drawn there. we've been trying to confirm that information been santa rosa police can't con if i were that
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information for us because they say they've pulled crews out of here. they'll pulled firefighters out of oakmont. definitely police officers have been pulled out of oakmont because of the safety concerns. all of that that are being said, there are people that live here that are refusing to leave. we've met two people and talked to them personally. one was an older woman walking her dog. she said she's received evacuation orders three times previously, nothing ever happened so she is not heeding this evacuation order. another want was man named leonard george we talked to for quite sometime. he was busily hosing down his house and all of his neighbors' homes. he shared with us he built his home, it was a very expensive home he shared with us, and he did not want to leave. we talked to him about the importance of his life over property. he is not leaving. santa rosa pd has gone house to
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house earlier today and individuals that were refusing to leave, they're taking their pictures and taking their names down so that they will have a list of who they believe is still in this area in oakmont. this is an older retirement community for the most part, 55 years old and older. they're taking names, and photos so they'll have a sense of who is still here. if you come to us now, you might be able see, looks like some sort of fire truck driving by. this one says will mar fire. that's another reason that there were mandatory evacuations. as you get deeper into the oakmont the roads are narrow. because of that they wanted to make sure the different vehicles that needed to get in, firefighters and other emergency vehicles wouldn't have to be navigating that roadway with anyone's whose car is still here on the roadway.
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lots of people contacting us on twitter and social media saying they're trying to get in touch with their parents here on oakmont asking us to check individual addresses. i want to say for the most part the santa rosa police officers who are in this neighborhood, who are in oakmont going door to door have since left and their imploring anyone who lives in oakmont to heed this mandatory evacuation. live in santa rosa. abc 7 news. there's a fire fight a few miles away near the glen ellen area. sky 7 was over this billing and saw it burning a few hours ago. >> this is right by kaf dale road, that is a few miles away from the oakmont neighborhood. this is east of santa rosa and highway 12. >> this neighborhood we're sad to say is right by rincon ridge park in santa rosa.
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those include mil burn drive and ridge driver. >> completely obliterated. we're looking and looking and we cannot find any homes standing. >> while the fires burn in some neighborhoods, people still can't return to others to fine out if their homes were spared or destroyed by the flames. >> the death toll is 15 in california and it may take times to see if more victimes are in burned out area, whether there are more. >> we're responding to calls and houses, i know that someone came up because someone was at a place. we ended up finding a body there. that is part of it. >> so far more than 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed in northern california and flames threatens thousands more in several counties. >> we've mentioned 183 people are still listed at missing in sonoma county. the sheriff's office hoping some have been found but not yet
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reported as found. >> if you know of someone who was missing but no longer is missing please reach out to the sonoma county emergency operation center 707-565-3856 so they can take that person off their list. we want to give you a closer look at where the fires are burning right now. you can see the names of fires highlighted in red. >> the tubbs, atlas patrick fires now being grouped together and called the napa complex fires. all of the fires shown on this map combined burned 127 square miles. that equals an area larger than san francisco. smoke from all the fire impacting air quality across the bay area. this is a live look from our emoryville tower. >> spencer christian is here with a look at air quality.
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>> dan, air quality not likely to improve over the next 24 hours. the wind is relatively light up in the north bay right now, except in santa rosa where wind is blowing 12 miles per hour. check out the increase around 2:00 a.m. when gust will be around 26 miles per hour. 8:00 a.m. winds increase to 31 miles per hour. the gust across the north bay in the santa rosa area. winds will be out of northwest, that will be blowing the smoke southward. early tomorrow afternoon we'll see gust over 35 miles per hour. you can see it will be coming out of north northwest. strongest winds about on the coast up in the north bay. smoke will be blowing southward and eastward at the remainder of the bay area tomorrow into the tomorrow evening. it'll start get lighter, the winds on thursday. high fire danger in several
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electronics. that later. christian. we are now live with sky 7 over the wildfires burning in snow may county. this is in kenwood. i've seen on twitter a lot of people asking is kenwood on fire and people weren't sure. now we have a visual confirmation from these flames and smoke rising from the burning of the vegetation. parts of kenwood touched by the fires. >> we are hearing stories of just how narrow the escape margin was for some families. abc 7 news reporter lesley brinkley live from napa with one of the stories. >> reporter: i've been wearing my mask, glasses all some day, it's still smoky up here along the silverado trail. i'm standing next to what was the backyard swimming pool of this house. it's a house where an elderly couple lived. they were 99 and 100 years old. they tried to escape but they
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perished here in the living room and bedroom. tragedies to report. also up the hill some stories of survival. >> i said i'm done, i'm going to die. >> reporter: peppy that mayo, his wife, parents and son tried to escape. acce access of on peek road was blocked. >> that was like a nightmare because we go up and down up and down until finally they told us to park here. helicopter came here and lift us up. >> reporter: the horses survived and slowed up this morning at what was that mayo's home steady. he used extension cords to them out of this fire zone. you drive and see home after home and estates, ghost-like remains and a moon escape devoid of color. and then surprises, what's the
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possibility of a pumpkin and scare coe unscaved. what about these chairs untouched outside a home that is no more. these incongruent images lit you at every turn and show the nature of a vicious fire that roared down atlas peek road along the silverado trail here in napa valley. >> literally everything's gone. >> reporter: david hard burden lost his family home and his business. this is what it looked like before the fire and now today. he said his dad, mom and 97-year-old wheelchair bound grandmother was trapped by fire surrounding them. a rescue helicopter saved them. >> my dad was raised here. there's so many memories. i think about all the pictures that were lost. just irreplaceable things. >> reporter: but your family, your grandmother --
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>> they're safe, yeah. >> reporter: the pet dog drake along with two e mus also survived. joining me live is david shoe. you have new information for us on new ens. >> just within the last hour the fire in sonoma county has blown up and has now impacting the mount vehicle coder area in napa county and dry creek road. evacuationes are in place on the west side of the county. on the east side, it's affecting gordan valley, so new evacuations in place for those areas also. >> one of the problems up here is the lack of communication. no texting, no cell phone calls no internet why is that? >> we've been told the fiber opo damaged. it will take a lot longer to
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repair. >> many more things happening and unfolding as we're up here just off the silverado trail. i'm lesley brinkley abc 7 news. it's deadly quiet in one neighborhood in santa rosa called coffey park. homes burned to the ground. vick joins us live with their story. >> reporter: well, this is what's left of coffey park, take a good look. there's a subdivision about two mles from santa rosa, thousands of people live here. or i should say thousands of people used to live here. looks like somebody dropped a bomb. >> yeah, i don't know where to go from here. be a long road. >> reporter: yesterday, this was for many a story of loss. today for them, its becoming a story of recovery of the stark reality for those who have return returned that their lives have
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changed. the mall people visited is like a ghost town, mcdonald's, apple bees, ar byes all gone. there is what it looked like before, this is the reality now. >> arm gedeon. >> looks like a bomb went off in this area. >> and the winds were blowing so hard the gusts were coming south like 60 miles per hour. there's nothing you can do -- >> reporter: but run. >> and we heard people yelling for help, open the door and all you saw was like a fog, but obviously it was all ash and smoke. that's when i told the family let's go. we're not waiting. >> reporter: larry and teresa holden bought their homes two decades ago. they got out with treasured notice and teresa's lab top. >> we ran out the door and you can't even see. >> reporter: larry had to leave his prized 1972 trans am he
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spent money restoring. the couple had a familiar place to move to temporarily. >> thankfully we have a travel trailer and it's usually parked over there it was at the shop. so we went and picked it up. >> reporter: that's what you live in? >> yeah for a little bit. >> reporter: hanson is a union iron worker, there was his first home which he bought last year, and this was his first truck. the one in back was pick up his dad gave him. >> yeah, every house was on fire including mine as i was leaving here driving through flames. that tree was down the road on fire. couldn't see the front of my joke it was all smoke and embers just pounding. >> reporter: like many we spoke with here, the young homeowner is pondering whether to rebuild.
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>> you don't want to be the only house to have a burned down lot next door. >> reporter: the aftermath and wiefrlds. what's different, the people and their stories. vick lee, abc 7 news. coming up next the abc 7 news i team and dan norris. >> he tooked with the head of cal fire ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time.
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♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are live right now with sky 7 over some of the wildfires burning in sonoma county. you can see the flames rising along with lots of smoke over
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that entire region. really pushing deeper into sonoma county today. >> this is over the glen ellen area, you can see why there's so much around the bay area. whether y when you see this one series of smoke you can understand why it's so bad all over the bay area. crews are too busy saving lives in order to stop and see what stopped these fires. >> chances are fire was caused by man. dan with more on the story. >> half a battle is going right now and why we're seeing so many more wildfires this year compared to last. at the state emergency operation center outside of sacramento, the fire chief compared the wildfires ranging across california to the very early stages of a boxing match. >> we're still in this fight it'sy. with the winds subsiding we don't see the conditions we saw
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sunday night. we have very little containment on these fires. >> fire crews are focusing on saving lives first, property second and getting containment of the flames. he says the investigation into the fire's origin will come later. 95% of the time wildfires are caused by plan. >> that's all caused -- it could be caused by someone putting their car off to the road in drygas. >> is there any indication of arson? >> that's what we're going to get into. >> there's no -- >> these do not throw your cigarettes out your window. >> confirmed the number of wildfires up 35%. 1500 more fires than last year and he blames global warming at least in part. >> what has changed? >> fire seasons are longer.
6:19 pm
78 days longer if the west and that's been based on average over the last 40 years. >> cal fire spending $42 million if there's year for what they're calling climate a adaptation. adding a new air tanker to serve the central valley. >> we're fining fires are occurring year around in california not just the traditional summer months. >> some may argue whether climb change is real but the chief says he's seen it firsthand and taken action. >> i don't know how they keep up with dozens of fire all over the state. >> so widespread. >> growing all the time. >> let's talk about the conditions on the fire lines, that's what was so crucial when this thing started. >> it's interesting, spencer because what's good for firefighters may not be good for getting smoke out. >> that's exactly right. we have more smoke building up in the atmosphere as you can see. we expect an increase in wind
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tonight, that'll be browing the smoke down into more populated areas. air quality really poor. let's move along to a live view from emoryville of a setting sun. the forecast features will have high fire danger in the next few days. it'll be winnier and cooler tomorrow. before we get to that we'll have to deal with increasing wind, all the smoke blowing around. windy in the north by the way, windy in the inland east bay. conditions will be upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow the haze will remain, it'll be bright in the mid-60s at the coast. low 70s around the bay and mid-70s inland. cooler but still have high fire danger. red warning will be in effect
6:21 pm
from 5:00 tomorrow to 5:00 a.m. thursday. in the east bay it'll be in effect from 11:00 p.m. tomorrow to 5:00 p.m. thursday. during that period of time we'll see gusts upo miles per hour and very low relative humidity. down to 10 or 20%. here's our win gust summation, over night hours tonight into tomorrow morning gust over 30%. still near 30% per hour tomorrow night. that contributes to the increasing fire risk. the winds will taper off on thursday. humidity increased today which was good news in terms of fire and danger, it's going to drop going into thursday. it'll be quite low. whether you combine those factors, the increasing wind and humidity it means fire danger. over the next 48, air quality worsening. more smoke moving from the fires up north and increasing fire
6:22 pm
danger. here's the seven-day forecast. sunny skies above all of this cumulating particularly matter here on the surface. high temperatures over the next three days won't change very much. mid to upper 70s inland. 60s on the coast. 70s on the bay. warming on sunday next week. it will feel like summer sunday and monday. coming up next, the silver lining to these fires. >> see some of the good deeds and a ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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new evacuation orders are in affect tonight for wildfires. >> anna dell heights in santa rosa. >> alissa herrington live from the neighborhood with more. >> reporter: i'm along hone avenue where employees santa rosa are getting ready to evacuate people from that center. that is an extended care facilitate for people who have broken bones, andtail be loading them on to that bus. we have seen neighbors packing up their belongings. people seem to be in a panic. some grabbing their animals. these cars, a lot filled with
6:26 pm
belongings. this line stretches for a good mile, people trying to get of these neighborhoods as that fire comes over the hill. these are mandatory evacuations north of summer field road and south of park field. police officers are knocking on doors, making sure people get out of their homes, they're not letting anybody stay behind. we've seen what this fire is able to do. its wiped out entire neighborhoods so those mandatory evacuations happening right now. get your things together and get out if this includes you. reporting live in santa rosa, alissa herrington. abc 7 news. we'll have the latest evacuation orders for those growing wildfires. we'll listen live to
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new flare ups on several of the north bay fires, promming new evacuation orders tip. east of santa rosa people being evacuated from the oakmont and anna dell neighborhoods. >> and dry creek road being evacuated. to the east residence in gordan and coppell valley are told to leave their homes. these are man story evacuationings. >> a death toll stands at 15,
6:30 pm
nine deaths willing blamed on the fire alone. officials looking for 183 missing people. the sheriff plan to begin in large burned out areas looking for missing people. >> many people not being allowed home to look at their homes. but many have begun the task of shifting through ashes to see what they can find. a live update will be provided soon as a town hall meeting in santa rosa. they are getting ready for that and we'll bring it to you live once it begins. >> scheduled to start any moment so stay tuned. poor air quality is noticeable across the bay. here's a live look from mount tan in marin county. >> abc reporter david luey have a look at the health concerns. >> reporter: the north bay fires
6:31 pm
have sent an unprecedented amount of pollutants over the area. you can see how dense the smoke is in san rafael. air quality officials say seeing or spelling smoke is reason enough to stay sanjay gupta is a permnologist. he say taking -- but also by the general public. >> stay indoors try to avoid getting out breathing out all the pollution out there. keep those windows closed. i think it's the safe thing to do. couple of days for the kids to stay indoors probably right now is a good idea. >> reporter: in south san francisco the school district has activities outdoors be limited. coaches have the option to
6:32 pm
cancel practice and games if moving indoors is not -- >> i have breathing difficulties so i do want need to be careful what i'm doing. >> reporter: four san francisco libraries, are putting out the welcome mat during regular hours. each has air filters. in san francisco, david luey, abc 7 news. and now this is a live picture of santa rosa now as people are being told to get out of harm's way. people are evacuating here looks like a nursing home. people being taken to a vehicle to get them out of the way of the fire. >> the evacuation continues, more neighborhoods now under orders to get out of there. in sonoma county as well.
6:33 pm
we want to take a look at this entire survival. this cat was found under a car if the suter santa rosa hospital park yesterday with his ker kerrs singed. >> other animal shelters are taking in animals. two of santa rosa's hospital still closed today after fire forced them to evacuate all of the patients in the middle of the nights. >> jonathan bloom spoke with hospital administrates today about the images we shared with you. >> it was a very difficult decision to make to evacuate a hospital. >> reporter: kizer santa rosa made that decision in the middle of night. >> we took the most acute first. it was delivering moms taken out. it was an amazing experience to see how the heroes in this
6:34 pm
facility worked. >> reporter: those who can walk boarded buses. it a procedure they practiced but when it's real it's different. >> you drill these things and think about them but we've never had to move 130 patients all together and pull it off. >> reporter: the effort took 2.5 efforts as firefighters set backfires in a last stand against flames. >> literally it was the last stand against the fire. we felt like it was the right decision to move these patients then and there rather than try to evacuate everybody in 15 minutes. >> reporter: less than a football field away from where they were evacuating those patients, this is all that's left of the mobile home park next to the hospital. it's completely destroyed and 24 hours later it's still smouldering. at least 55 kizer staff members has lost their homes. many are volunteering at other
6:35 pm
hospitals. >> people wake up in the morning and say i'm a healthcare provider i'm here to take care of the people of my it's remarkable. >> our physicians and nurses and folks in the cafeteria are stepping up to the challenge. >> reporter: memorial is santa rosa's only open emergency room. in santa rosa, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up 7 on your side michael fenny will join us on the set. >> he'll talk about hue a how days of wild fire canwoounry fo. >> we're waiting for officials in santa rosa to begin a community meeting which they'll be updating people on the
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and help make tomorrow possible. back to our breaking news in santa rosa, we showed you this picture earlier. this is from the santa rosa post acute center on hoe wen avenue. this is west of anna dell state park. >> patients recovering here are being evacuated. buses taken to safety. >> one of several knew evacuation orders issued in the last couple of hours illustrates this is a very active fire fight. as the winds begin to pick up again later this evening, we
6:39 pm
anticipate that the fire will again begin to spread, that's the fear anyway that's why new evacuation orders have been issued. we'll keep monitoring this and bring you updates as they become available. this is a live picture from the santa rosa postacute center on hoe wen avenue where people are being taken from harm's way. you're looking at a live picture from a community meeting set to get underway in a second. you can see officials seated there already. this is to update the folks on the county fire response and recovery. we'll be hearing from congressman jared huffman, mike thompson and also cal fire. they'll be talking a lot about the fire status and the structure loss and also what people can do right now. >> they'll outline resources available to fire victims, people who have had to evacuate from their homes. they'll give us an idea of what resources are available for
6:40 pm
them. this is not a news conference per say but we'll treat it as such because we'll drop in and let you listen. it's designed for community members to gather and get new information about what's happening in their community regarding these fires. >> we'll go back to that once it gets underway. amid the chaos of the fire we are seeing signs of help and hope provided by local people and businesses. >> a restaurant in petaluma offered free lunch today to anyone affected by the fires. this fire fighter clayton says he responded to the call to volunteer yesterday. >> and amy holly field this picture today. she says for the firefighters who saved the house she'll be sending them wine. it's nice to see them sharing a
6:41 pm
smile. >> let's take you back for a look at this situation, this meeting getting underway, community mediating at santa rosa high school, with a wide range of public officials there to update the public on where things stand in sonoma county in terms of homes lost, evacuations, structures and sources available. a look ahead to what they expect to happen in the next couple of days and what will be available to people that need help. this should get underway in a moment. >> they'll be talking about power situation, the school's update. so we'll bring that to you once that get underway. in the meantime, smoke from the north bay wild fire continue to affect the entire bay area. >> here's a look from our
6:42 pm
by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ let's take you live back to the santa rosa high school where community meeting is underway to update the public on what's been happening in sonoma county. >> please be patient, please listen to what everyone has to
6:45 pm
say, they have important information to share with you that'll help you get through this and will help you remain safe. i want to start -- and congressman jared huffman is up at the podium with me. together we represent the areas in sonoma county that are under fire attack. i have the same thing going on in napa county and in lake county and jared has the same or similar in mend see know county. we have never been taxed by a natural disaster to the extent we're being taxed right now. it's overwhelming, it's a tough rode but just know the people up here in this front row have your backs. i can tell you from a federal perspective, the federal government is moving extremely fast to your benefit, to our benefit. right away they approved of
6:46 pm
federal fire assistance grants which brings resources into the county and helps a great deal. as soon as the governor and the counties all declared their disaster areas disasters, we move that up to the administration through congress and congress move quickly to approve a couple of things that are very very important. most important, they approved public assistance grants. that means that there'll be money coming from the federal government to make sure that all of the local responders have the funds necessary to respond to this disaster. that's extremely important. now, in the mix is also consideration of individual grants, that's what we'll see happen as we get this fire out, we start moving to recovery. a number of folks who are affected by the fire will be able to access federal grant
6:47 pm
money and federal low interest loans. this is very very important on the recovery effort. it's not moving slow, it takes a lot of time to do this component. they're going to get the fire out first before they with even start to do assessments of the damage. now, on that point, i think it's important to note that we have, and i think he's here today, robert possession pain from fema. fema, i've talked to the the fema director, they are fully aware of how devastating this is and they have committed to doing everything possible. i'm one who believes you trust everybody but you cut the cards. but, let me tell ya there was no cutting the cards necessary with fema. they've got a person on the ground already and the state o
6:48 pm
es office just told me they're already doing assessments of the damage so they can expedite all of these claims and make sure we get the resources we need and the resources that you need. so everyone's doing everything they can. thank you for your patience. i am truly and deeply sorry for any loss that you've experienced. and all of the discomfort and pain and dislocation that the community's going through. so, thank you. know that we're here for you, we've got your back, we're going to do all that we can. now i'll turn it over to congressman huffman. >> thank you mike. so, i'm congressman jared huffman along with mike here, i represent sonoma county. it's important that you know, as hard as we're working here in sonoma county unfortunately there was one of many fires around northern california.
6:49 pm
mike's got major fires in three counties he respects. i've got a fire north of 101 in mendocino county. i was up there today, while there's not much in the headlines just know there's the same kind of terrible devastation and dislocation there. we've glot a lot of work today it's in all hands effort. i want to emphasize what mike told you in details. the federal approvals are there. our local government patterns are going to be moving forward knowing they can have the confidence of the federal support behind them. there will be longer and a slower process for individual homes and businesses, i'm afraid. one of the reasons mike and i want you to be here because we want yew to know your representative in congress are doing what it can do long haul to make sure your federal government has your back. i just want to end by saying that already we're seeing
6:50 pm
amazing heroic responses throughout our districts. again, i was just up in mendocino county and i have a new appreciation for this mutual aid system we had. i saw a dozen trucks rolling in from the state of nevada with crews on the front lines. i saw firemen as fair away as san diego and butte and other places. some had their own fires they're fighting. i'm grateful for that. i'm grateful for the folks here to provide us with more information. and the folks in mendocino who are cut off from the world for example, there's been evacuation orders and the communities i represent there don't have telephone service, internet service, natural gas they can't cook their food. i'm grateful they're live streaming tonight and some of them at least will be listening on the roadway to get more
6:51 pm
information to know what will be coming next. thanks to everyone, we're glad you're here. we're going to be with you for the long haul. i think at this point i'm handed back to congressman thompson. >> thank you, jared. i'm going to briefly go over the agenda of tonight, we're going to hear from cal fire, we're going to hear a briefing from law enforcement, the services that they are providing. we'll hear from the california office of emergency services and the red cross. we'll hear from the california national guard who are on the ground. sonoma county will give us an update. the county public health will talk to us about some of the effects of this fire. city of santa rosa, the mayor will be joining us -- mayor's now here. he'll give us an update. we'll hear from pge whose doing a great job making sure we're
6:52 pm
getting the services restored as quickly as possible. sonoma county schools, superintendent herrington is going to tell us about the school situation. we'll hear from brett martinez in the redwood credit unit and steve felps from the press democratic on the north bay fire fund. and there'll be opportunity for questions. at this time, i'd like to turn the mic over to someone who i guarantee you has your back. this guy was a partner with me a couple of years ago during the valley fire with lake county. i can tell you without a question he has your priorities, you as his priority number one. he was a great partner there, he's a great partner here. he's an incredible state senator whose working hard for every one of you. senator mike mcguire.
6:53 pm
>> good evening. i want to take a moment to say thank you to the congressmen, mike thompson who has been fighting for the county of sonoma for the greater part of two decades. we're so grateful we have congressman thompson on our side aggregating for us. we're grateful to have such champions. i'm joined with senator jim wood and senatorwoman aggy curry. we want you to know there's a unified front tonight when it comes to the federal government, city of sonoma and all the local municipalities across this state. many of us in this room have lost a home. and many of you, if you have not
6:54 pm
lost your ono of someone who has, and we are so sorry. what we can tell you tonight is that we are going to have tough days ahead, we are going to get through this. we will come out stronger. it's going to take all of us working together to ensure that happens. i want to take a moment to say thank you to the board of supervisors is at the county of sonoma who are here tonight. they have been unified on their support and all commands when it comes to services. we have many city councilmembers throughout the county. we want to say thank you so much for being here. and a special thank you to the firefighters who are here locally. let's give them a round of applause. [ applause ]
6:55 pm
>> and to give a brief update by unified front that's being presented. yesterday was a big day with regard to recovery services. resources flowed into the county of sonoma where we're going to be basing all recovery services for lake, mendocino, aldo as well. tens of thousands of pillows, blankets, sheets and cots arrived last night distributed filling any gaps we may have had at all shelters. we have a fire fighting source approaching 5,000 in between napa and sonoma county that number continues to grow with recourses coming in from across the west and across the state. we're going to hear more from the national guard here in a bit. i do want to touch on communication.
6:56 pm
77 cell sites across sonoma and napa counties were either damaged, destroyed or do not -- did not have power. we know a total of 35 cell sites are operational. many or operational with generators. we do have several that have been completely destroyed. at&t, verizon, u.s. cellar are moving all operations -- >> you're listening to a city meeting at santa rosa high school. number of local leaders and people from washington updating dozens and dozens of people from the community who want fresh information of what happened in this community. >> we'll continue to follow that. more evacuations as fires grow. tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 we're tracking shifts of winds and take you into the hot spots of new homes threatened by the fires. coming up on abc 7 at 8:00 it's the middle, followed by fresh of the boat, black ish and
6:57 pm
the major. we'll be back with abc 7 news at 11:00. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news at twitter. >> hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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