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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from the winds is almost over as firefighters in the north bay continue to work at all hours. officials issued new evacuations in sonoma county. >> six major fires burned nearly 88,000 acres, more than 2,000 buildings are destroyed. and good morning. it is wednesday, october 11th. jessica castro, our colleague, is on assignment covering the fires. we'll talk to her in a few minutes. >> weather and traffic especially because we are monitoring the shifting winds, mike. >> right now they're okay. about as good as they're going to get for the next 72 hours or so. while were you sleeping the national weather service issued a wind advisory. all those areas in yellow. it starts at 5:00 this afternoon. smaller window, 11:00 in the east bay hills and diablo ridge to 5:00. let's change the color. the same time frame. the color red means high fire danger. so pristine conditions for the most part this morning will change rapidly this afternoon.
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we'll talk more about that in your day planner up next. alexis? i want to take you back to the morgan hill area where we did have the six-car collision. it sounds like five out of six of the vehicles pushed off to the shoulder. that is certainly some good news. some lanes are getting by now. we have some delays about four miles at the moment. a quick check outside, a live look at the toll plaza. an earlier incident around treasure island long gone and residual delays are, too. we have some lingering b.a.r.t. delays and road closures in the north bay. we'll check on those next. >> the death toll is expected to rise in the six north bay fires. officials say at least 17 people killed statewide. >> 11 of the victims from sonoma county. three from mendocino county. two from napa and one from yuba county. >> officials say if you live in these areas in red you need to get out now.
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that includes moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin road, cavedale road and adobe way. between agua caliente road and madrone road are not under mandatory evacuation. sheriff's office says you need to have a bag packed in case things get worse. new overnight a mandatory evacuation order issued for parts of calistoga. you see it on your screen. everyone who lives north of grant street has been told to get out immediately. now, important to know, all other areas of the city are under an advisory alert. that means you need to be ready to leave or, if you like, you can voluntarily evacuate now. new details this morning about the efforts to contain these fires. firefighters have set up a command center in santa rosa and that's where we find our colleague jessica castro who is live. jessica? >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. the latest information we have there are three fires burning here around the city of santa rosa. that would be the tubbs, the nuns, and the partrick fires.
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the tubbs fire has grown to just under 30,000 acres. the nuns fire still continuing to threaten the southern part of santa rosa and we learned this morning there is some damage to the oakmont neighborhood. and then they're dealing with that partrick fire and that has grown to 1,900 acres. and hopefully you're looking at video here of some of the volunteers getting ready from the sonoma fair grounds getting ready to go out today expecting it to be a tough day as some new red flag warnings could come in to play. all of this while so many first responders deal with the loss of their own homes. >> yes, so myself, several of my friends, i understand we have at least seven of us from santa rosa fire department, several from the police department that did lose our homes but we're here for one reason now and it's to get the upper hand, protect our community and do what we're here for. >> reporter: the community
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coming together, so many volunteers trying to get a handle, get everyone out safely. firefighters tell me that for the most part folks are cooperating with the evacuation orders under way. so many new ones as you mentioned. but people are trying to get out of their homes here in sonoma county where we have the tubbs fire, the deadliest, the most destructive. people are taking note and getting out so that's good news. we'll check in with the public information officer and will bring that to you live. reporting from santa rosa, jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> that public information officer also lost his house to fire. as did several of his colleagues. more mandatory evacuations in o ss sonoma county. amy hollyfield live for us. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, natasha. i just spoke with a firefighter who has been here in oakmont all night long. he says one home did burn down
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from this fire but they stopped to save the rest of the neighborhood. look up on the hillside. you can still see the fire up there still burning. from woodley place and i do have some ash falling on me as i stand here. it's a slow simmer. we know firefighters are feeling confident. >> amy, thank you. people obviously concerned. a large and anxious crowd for an urgent fire update. >> there was a standing ovation. the gym was packed with fire evacuees and they are all looking for answers. lisa lost her home in santa rosa but needs to know the status of her mom's place. >> she's 85. she built that house 35 years ago. we're hoping maybe. she'd like to know.
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>> you have people working on your behalf who themselves have lost their homes, whose families have been displaced. >> official could give updates generally. they did not have a master list. sonoma county says it will hold another community meeting later this week. and this morning napa county officials are expected to give us an update on wildfires at 9:00 a.m. >> we'll have live coverage online and our free abc 7 news app. residents can get emergency updates including information through nixle. you can text your zip code to 888777. matt keller will have an update on the evacuations coming up in the next half hour. some of the most vulnerable residents safe from smoke and flames. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza at 6:06.
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let's start off with good
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news. they are starting to come down just a little bit. the thickest fog is in a triangle over to l to clear lake. you can see an onshore breeze. it's not as fast as earlier this morning which says the cold front is drawing near and winds will be erratic before they come out of the north with some bigger this afternoon. temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s. near 70 around the bay and 70 to 73 from noon to 4:00 it becomes breezy at 7:00. 55 to 62. this is when we could see some issues with fires jumping and new ones igniting during the evening and overnight hours. more on that up next. alexis says she has an issue with the san mateo bridge. a six vehicle collision reported east of the high rise so that is not good news.
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you can see that backup already forming right around the toll plaza so the two lanes are blocked now. you're jammed across the bridge until you get to that crash scene. i'm sure we will see that momentarily. i'll get more details for you and will have an update. also an update on b.a.r.t., major delays earlier this morning due to a switching problem in the san bruno area. now we're down to a ten-minute delay in the millbrae direction. you may have to tran fer at colma. and then flipping over to our traffic maps and a couple of our north bay closures state route 128 closed chalk hill road to the sonoma/napa county line and state route 29 closed between lawley road and western mine road. i am tweeting out all of these as well. >> thank you, alexis. next live to the coffee park neighborhood in santa rosa for a look at the damage left by the fires. >> how the sonoma raceway is helping people forced from their
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this video shows the devastation in santa rosa. this is along baird road. you can see properties on both sides destroyed.
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the west side of santa rosa devastate this had morning including the coffey park neighborhood. >> that is where danya bachusbaa is, covering for stations across the country. danya, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. we are seeing a scope of the fires, all around me signs of the intensity. really nothing is left here. house after house is gone. there's a charred chimney. unfortunately, this is the harsh reality many people in the community will be coming back to. yesterday we spent the afternoon in the journeys end mobile home park. just one row of homes still there. we've been coming across people
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who have been able to get past the barricades, able to make their way past the mandatory evacuations and come back just to get a glimpse of what it is they are facing. many saying that it looks like a bomb went off. many in complete shock saying the pictures we're showing you at home, on television do not show the complete devastation out here. it gives you a completely different view. what we're seeing, unfortunately, is just this utter devastation, homes completely wiped out, just reduced to rubble, reduced to frames, nothing, just ashes out here and, again, just so heartbreaking and sad for the people who are going to have to return home to this. >> danya bachus, thank you for paint that go picture. >> now we'll head over to napa county where there are new evacuation this is morning where
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matt keller is. >> matt, how smoky is it this morning? >> reporter: it's not as smoky as yesterday. this morning here in yountville you could just see by the sky we have a light breeze going on and conditions are not as smoky as yesterday. the weather conditions are going to be tough today with more bindz. winds. be ready. law enforcement and residents were forced off mt. veeder nervous family members had to wait at the roadblock. >> police said i cannot get in. i said my son, i'm not sure if my son is there.
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>> reporter: her son was safely outside the evacuation zone. in yountville ambulances rushed to pick up 80 elderly veterans. they were take tone facilities in sacramento. others were taking to a staging area in case >> matt, thank you. right now it's around 65% contained. no evacuations are associated with that particular fire. helping out fire victims. sky 7 flew over the campground now available for rvs. they're teaming up to provide basic services including water
6:19 am
and sewer service. just looking at the relative humidity it's running around which is good for firefighters and the temperatures are just like we're seeing here if not cooler up in the north bay. danville, san ramone, 49. the same thing in pleasanton. temperatures are around 40 degrees in santa rosa. so that's another good sign. low to mid-50s, pittsburg, antioch, concord and brentwood. the same thing around the bay and the south bay. look at that. 47 in napa. as you know if you've been with us for a while that will change.
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faster winds, lower humidity, faster winds, lower humidity, higher fire danger tonight. you can see about 76 in livermore to antioch. tonight cool in the valleys. san mateo and richmond but it is going to be windy in our hills. that will keep temperatures in that will keep temperatures in the 50s and 60s. look at how we flip the switch to bone-dry air to much worse conditions with 14% napa, 24% in santa rosa by 5:00 this evening. a recovery ton, 30% to 40%, and then tomorrow we're back down in the 20% to 30% range.
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the winds will come back. a high fire danger possible again friday night into saturday and then winds blow offshore sunday and monday meaning more smoke towards the coast. warmer temperatures for us and the firefighters. looking at the san mateo bridge and westbound traffic, we're not really moving, unfortunately here. just east of the high rise. we did have the two left lanes blocked but i want to quickly check the drive times and see what that is doing to your commute. 580 richmond/san rafael bridge seven minutes. 1:09 if you try to sit through this, i would say it would be worth your while to take the dumbarton bridge instead that is wide open at just about nine minutes. air quality is better this morning than yesterday. that being said it is a good day
6:22 am
to car-pool. it is a spare the air day today. yes, the metering lights are on and, yes, we have our typical delays. that's about it as we make the rest of the way into san francisco. the north bay mass transit due to the fires, petaluma transit, full weekday nonschool service. smart train is offering free service on a modified schedule. sonoma county transit bus service is limited today and golden gate transit. they are offering service as well but it will be limited to and from the santa rosa transit mall. >> alexis, thank you. how smoke from the fire is impacting our bay area children. >> plus, stunning new video in sonoma county.
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you have to see this video at 6:25. this is new coming in just hours after the massive wildfires ignited in the north bay. this is in sonoma county. take a look at the flames devouring everything and the whirl of embers in the air. it does look apocalyptic. >> i would have been in a complete panic.
6:26 am
i don't know how that person was driving. >> i think a deputy shot the video sunday night. >> abc 7 news was in santa rosa where many homes were destroyed. our crews found animals that survived the flames. llamas, sheep, goats, pigs, chicken. one reporter was there flagging down officials from the sheriff's office and as you can see they rounded up some of the animals and put them in their vehicles. offering free admissions to napa and sonoma county residents affected by the fire. >> the museum is opening its doors as a safe place for families to get out of the smoke during the day. that offer good through sunday. it is best to stay indoors for all of us today if you have any respiratory problems and even if you don't. the smoky, dirty air covering much of the bay area. three students had to be hospitalized because of severe asthma attacks. and next at 6:30 tracking new evacuations in the north bay that just happened overnight. >> live to santa rosa for new
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details on
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i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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in north bay more people forced from their homes overnight. evacuation orders issued while many were sleeping. >> we have renewed worries about weather conditions that could cause even more problems for fire crews later today. >> we're tracking several new developments in the north bay
6:30 am
fires, new evacuations issued in sonoma county. >> those details in just a moment. the latest information we know. 17 people have been confirmed dead, 11 of those in sonoma county alone. that number is expected to go up. nearly 90,000 including the tubbs fire and napa county. the tubbs fire has grown to 30,000 acres and cal fire says nearly 700 structures destroyed just in the north bay including homes, businesses and several wineries. >> it's 6:30. we appreciate you being with us. you can see one of our members missing this morning, jessica castro on assignment covering castro on assignment covering the north bay fires. >> follow us as we give you the latest online, some added value, more depth there that possibly
6:31 am
we can't give you right now here. what she's saying is the firefighters are saying, yeah, the fire laid down during the overnight hours because of the pristine conditions. let me tell you about the air quality. it will get worse this afternoon. it's not quite as hazy as yesterday. noon we'll be in the 60-degree range at the coast. near 70 for the rest of us. 4:00 to 5:00 is when the breezes kick in and the fire danger gets extremely dangerous. >> we have a sig alert for crash westbound 92. folks not moving. we're down to the far left lane blocked. it will be at least 30 minutes before they can get that cleared. a new problem in the maze 580 before the 80 merge.
6:32 am
all those folks from oakland trying 20 get to the bay bridge toll plaza, new crash blocking the left lane. emergency crews dispatched including an ambulance. we'll see what kind of injuries, hopefully this won't be blocking for long. a lot of closures due to the fire. i'll talk about those up next. a number of new evacuations popped up in sonoma county. >> the tubbs fire destroyed so many neighborhoods is still growing now. jessica castro is at the fairgrounds getting an update. what do we know, jess? >> reporter: right now i'm at the sonoma fair grounds, people leaving to fight the fires this morning. i am joined by the public information officer from santa rosa fire department. what's the latest now? >> the tubbs fire we're listing still at 28,000 acres for the tubbs alone.
6:33 am
some of the latest information with the tubbs looks like over 60,000 people evacuated. homes threatened and what not. looking good not burning, still pockets of fire, concerns, hot spots. the focus is up around calistoga. they are looking at evacuations on the south end of calistoga. the concern is the shift in the winds down to st. helena. that's one of our major focuses is the protection and the resources we pump into that area while keeping in mind everything happening on this side of the fire and any potential wind changes. there's a lot going on here. >> reporter: is that where your resources will focus in the calistoga area? >> we have resources.
6:34 am
it's not a matter of focusing them, just shifting where the needs are. we have a tremendous amount of resources here, crews continue to pile in here, pour in from all over the state. there's a lot of fires burning but this is definitely a priority that a lot of residents are affected, a lot of homes affected, want to prevent it from those numbers increasing. >> reporter: very quickly, the nuns fire affecting the south portion of santa rosa, correct? >> the nuns fire. we do have threats to the southeast. we have evacuations in place there and we have evacuations in place on the oakmont side. all that have can be tracked by visiting santa rosa's website or sonoma or cal fire. there's a lot going on here. >> reporter: thank you so much. we are live right now. you heard that the tubbs fire just shy of 30,000 acres that's the current number. back to you.
6:35 am
>> i know jessica was reporting and speaking to paul about this, he lost his own home in these fires. i believe he said six or seven other members of his crew also lost their homes what it takes to put aside that personal tragedy we salute them. new mandatory evacuations in geyserville. everyone living between 1922 highway 128 and the russian river need to evacuate now. there are 13 roads affected including nutter, sellers and river. go to for the complete list. and here are the areas under advisory and that means you need to have a go bag packed in case the situation worsens. again, we have all this information posted for you on our website, >> more mandatory evacuations in sonoma county. >> people who live in oakmont were told to get out yesterday afternoon.
6:36 am
amy holly feel joifield joins u with an update. >> reporter: i know people in this neighborhood have had a sleepless night. i am standing in your neighborhood. it is fine. firefighters say they stopped the fire, saved this neighborhood. look up on the hill. you can still see fire. i'm standing at woodley place and oakmont looking up at the ridge. it's a slow burn. it's simmering. the conditions were in their favor. there's no wind. temperatures are cool. firefighters are feeling good. they did lose one. that was at the very top of trail ridge road -- or trail ridge place. we have driven around the neighborhood. the homes look good. i know many of you have been very concerned. i've had a lot of people
6:37 am
contacting me. people are very concerned. the evacuation order is still in place. police are blocking it making sure no one gets in. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> and now we'll talk about elsewhere. dry creek road from mt. veeder south to linda vista under a mandatory evacuation order. >> the park view acute center was evacuated. this is west of the state park. >> the solano county sheriff ordered new evacuations north of fairfield. they say the fire jumped a major roadway. they are making sure homes and businesses have been cleared out. we're now learning the names of
6:38 am
some of the people who are still missing in the areas devastated by the fires. >> so many are wait fog find out if loved ones are okay: >> reporter: you're looking at a picture of brian of udonia erikson. sheriff's deputies checked their home and found one of their cars. family members hope they were able to escape from the tubbs fire. 71-year-old daniel southard is missing from santa rosa. family members tell us southard has trouble getting around because he wears a leg brace. norma zarr also lives in bennett valley. her daughter in utah has been unable to get ahold of her. local relatives have been checking shelters for her. mike grabow's family has checked hospitals and shelters in santa rosa for him. grabow lives off mark springs west road, one of the hardest hit areas. linda tunis is missing after fire ravaged her home in the journey's end mobile home park
6:39 am
>> family and friends tell us christina hanson lost her life. the tubbs fire destroyed her home. >> the sheriff is scheduled to hold a news conference at 9:00 from santa rosa. we'll send a push alert as soon as that starts. we have a lot more coverage on the app. you can find extensive resources like these maps that show where the fire is and what evacuations ordered. that is free to download and works with apple and android device just checking the latest updates on the north bay and it's really good news. let me show you the conditions i'm talking about. first the temperatures, 39 degrees in guerneville. 40 in santa rosa fantastic weather for the firefighters there. nothing too taxing. look at the humidity levels.
6:40 am
the highest is 100%. that means just about as much moisture in the air as it can hold at that temperature in santa rosa, guerneville and petaluma. winds are still light. not bad but here's what happens at 5:00 this evening. winds gust 30 to 50 miles an hour. they'll start hitting those speeds along the diablo range and it's no coincidence that is the exact same time for the highest fire danger. red flag warning is at the same time frames in those same areas so the fire danger will increase as we head into the afternoon hours. before i bring alexis in, weatherwise what to expect during the morning commute. better visibility on the roads a small craft advisory, breezy and choppy on the bay.
6:41 am
here is alexis. >> six vehicles involved on the san mateo bridge. things are looking better. it may not look like things are improving but they are. that is slowly starting to improve. head down to dumbarton bridge if that makes sense to you. a lot of closures due to the fires. the river road airport boulevard closed. bicentennial and hopper are closed. you will have to have patience. watmaugh road closed. state route 128 closure has extended. the last 30 minutes or so. according to caltrans 128 is closed both directions now
6:42 am
between alexander valley and tubbs lane. closures on 128 and 129 and of course this is fluid. >> thanks, alexis. north bay schools damaged by the flames, next, where classes are canceled today. once the fires are eventually ou
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
it is 6:44. back to our north bay fire coverage. the redwood adventist academy has been destroyed. the school is on mark west springs road. it burned some time sunday night or monday morning. the school posted this video to its facebook page showing the campus buildings gone. now most of it left in rubble. and this is what's left of cardinal newman high school in santa rosa. you can see the main school suffered major damage on monday. some statues survived the flames, though, including one of the virgin mary. the school is closed indefinitely. a breakdown of the status of schools in the fire zone. classes in the joint unified school district are canceled until at least local colleges and universities are also impacted. all classes, events and activities at santa rosa junior college are canceled through sunday. napa valley college is closed through friday.
6:46 am
classes and business suspended today at sonoma state. i want to take you through these amazing pictures we have of some neighborhoods in the north bay particularly santa rosa that are now basically leveled. what i'm showing you first is a google image of this neighborhood. this is the 3,500 block of sandiego drive. a lot of homes in this neighborhood. when i show you what happened to it you're not going to believe it. i will click on a 360 photo we have. and this is the same neighborhood i showed you. leveled. just the shells of some vehicles left behind. you see a vehicle there which probably showed up after the fire. i did see when i was scanning through this i believe one home that was still standing in this neighborhood in the distance, you can see it right there to the left of that stop sign but that appears to be it.
6:47 am
we have posted several of these photos on our website. you can find it right now on the front page, you'll see 360 photos. we took a camera, put it at intersections. it's allowing you to get a 360 view. natasha, a lot of people have not been allowed back in so this is a way for them to see what is there and i'm sorry to say it's not very good news. >> so many people don't know what they're coming back to. one of my former classmates he and his grandmother watched. those left homeless by the fires will soon start trying to rebuild. the consumer group united policyholders told michael finney it is never too early for these victims to get the ball rolling. >> an insurance claim is a business negotiation, and you need to be prepared as the property owner, the policyholder to assert yourself politely but be a squeaky wheel and not just
6:48 am
think, well, i can just be passive and my insurance company will do everything right. that doesn't happen in real life. >> she says the bigger the disaster the bigger the response and that means more resources for victims. united policyholders has a lot of resources posted on our website. fire victims can now receive money from a local charity to help them recover. the community foundation has activated disaster relief fund. the group is already identifying people's most immediate needs. several local nonprofits and government leaders are also looking at people's long-term needs. the disaster relief fund assisted more than 12,000 people following the 2014 earthquake in napa valley. people, pets, businesses, a lot of help needed in the north bay to recover from these fires. >> and if you are able or willing to help a list of things you need to know on our website at a lot of people can't wait until cell phone service is back
6:49 am
100%. because it's so spotty at&t deployed these mobile cell sites to help restore coverage to customers. it's set up charging stations at some of the evacuation shelters. it is recommended you text rather than call. the text will reduce network congestion and a better chance it will get through. also, after you hang up from a call, wait ten seconds before another call. that also helps the network. >> we are closely watching the winds if they're going to help firefighters today or a hindrance. over to meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> natasha, it's both. it's helpful but will be a hindrance later on. the smoke. i've overlaid it on live doppler 7 and you can see it is thickest around santa rosa. normally we expect fog to reduce visibility down to a quarter mile. that's dense fog advisory criteria. that's how thick the smoke is right now around the charles m. schulz airport in santa rosa.
6:50 am
be careful and treat it like dense fog. slow down and use your low beams. it's going to be around for a while. you can see the smoke is starting to thicken even around the bay now from east bay hills, can barely see berkeley. can't even see the bridge, can't even see san francisco. breezes, fire danger, poor air quality. it tapers a little bit tomorrow but it returns again friday. another possible red flag warning and an offshore breeze will bring us warmer weather and push the smoke out to beaches this weekend. speaking of beaches, mid to upper 60s, 64 to 67. 70 to 75 around the bay, north bay, south bay, 75 to 78. tonight our valleys will be in the 40s. everybody else in the 50s. up in the hills because of the breezes in the 50s and 60s once again. by the time we get to the weekend, yeah, the air is going to be bone-dry but will be hot and that will further exacerbate the fire danger. alexis? i want to take you back to
6:51 am
the san mateo bridge where we are in recovery mode now. it doesn't look like it but all lanes opened back up east of the high rise. a six vehicle collision, a sig alert. and crews arrived pretty quickly and got that cleared quickly as well. boy, that is going to take a while to bounce back. zooming into the maze area here westbound 580 before the 80 merge we have a crash involving a motorcycle. that's down blocking the left lane. it does sound like injuries and, yes, that continues to back up. you can see it spilling over as well. mass transit, changes for the north bay. petaluma, a full weekday nonschool service. smart, free service on modified schedule. sonoma county transit bus service limited. golden gate offering limited service. it is a spare the air day today and good news for b.a.r.t. we had major delays earlier on the peninsula. all of these delays thinned out and we have no more issues. that's a great option. >> alexis, thank you. take a look at the larger
6:52 am
picture, the wildfires are part of 17 large fires burning in california. near grass valley the lobo fire is now at 880 acres, 30% contained. things have calmed down enough so some evacuation orders have been reduced to advisories. mendocino county stands at 21,000 acres. no containment on that. evacuation in potter valley, redwood and golden rule. there is a large animal evacuation center. >> authorities let people back in last night. we're coming back in 90 seconds we're coming back in 90 seconds with the seven get 35% off on coit residential cleaning services including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments.
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or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 35% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. it is 6:54. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door the seven things you need to know. at least 17 people have died in the six fires burning in the north bay. six of the v died in santa rosa, five others were killed in the lark field area. >> number two, more evacuations ordered for people across sonoma and napa. parts of calistoga and the sonoma valley. a full list on ambulances rushed to the veterans home of california in yountville to pick up 80 vets
6:55 am
with compromised respiratory systems. officials say the partial evacuation was because of poor air quality. the veterans home is not in danger from the flames. number four, there was a standing ovation, a lot of appreciation for firefighters at this town hall meeting in santa rosa last night. a large and anxious crowd gathered at santa rosa high school hoping for a specific list of homes still standing, still nothing to come. number five, we will be breathing smoke from the fires again today. that will be the third time this week. health officials say stay indoors and keep your windows closed. a spare the air tomorrow and likely friday. the big story at 5:00 tonight in the north bay, 11:00 this evening in the east bay is when the winds kick up and that's when the highest firer danger begins. a big crash involving six vehicles east of the high rise on the san mateo bridge. trying to bounce back now. if you're traveling westbound there out of hayward into foster
6:56 am
city about 1:07 minute drive. dumbarton much better. we got an update from pg&e. the number of people without power now has gone down by 20,000. so that's significant. it was about 70,000. a long way to go, but pg&e says that progress was made while most of us sleeping. >> an update from fire officials at 9:00 a.m. this morning. we'll bring that to you on our mobile app. >> updates every 25 minutes. we're just trying to stay ahead of it and do the best we could. >> i saw flames up behind my house. >> it is emotional. nothing could i do to stop it. >> here 25 years. it was a great neighborhood. it will be a lot of work getting it back. >> stories from the north bay
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, new concerns as dangerous winds grow, fueling those wildfires raging out of control in northern california. scorching more than 115,000 acres. new evacuations ordered overnight. thousands of homes and businesses destroyed. neighborhoods completely wiped out. only chimneys left standing. the death toll rising now. firefighters trying to battle the blaze and the new red flag warnings this morning. show of force. overnight, u.s. bombers conducting military drills over the korean peninsula as tensions rise with the rogue nation. the new reports north korea stole our top-secret war plans from south korea. explosive new allegations against harvey weinstein. the disgraced media mogul


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