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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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heading in that direction? >> reporter: no, very quiet. it's very quiet out so it does seem people left last night or decided to stay. >> at least they had some hours to time to pack up as you saw that gentleman doing. amy, thank you very much. this morning the town of calistoga is under a mandatory evacuation because of the tubs fire. last night officers went door to door urging 5,000 residents who live in calistoga to get out of their homes. the city is calling the mandatory evacuation a success. late last night officials said the fire's progression had slowed. >> one of the biggest concerns is still the wind. mike nicco continuing to track that for us. >> hi, everybody. the good news, the winds weren't as bad as sunday night and we didn't expect them to be but they're still gusting and have been staying mainly up in the higher elevations. you can see right here about 20 to 25 miles per hour in our high
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er areas. it's about 3 in napa but that will change once the sun comes up. the breezes will pick up temporarily this morning before tapering later this afternoon. it's not nearly as cool as it was yesterday. we had mid-30s. we're in the mid-40s, low 40s to around 50 degrees so it's a little bit warmer. the humidity is not as robust. we're in the 50 to 70 range, whereas yesterday we were in the 80 to 100% range. now, as we go through the day it's going to be hard to breathe so we'll look at the spare the air and air quality coming up next and the breezes will taper by 4:00. temperatures in the 60s at the coast, low to mid-70s for the rest of us. how about the commute, alexis? >> reporte >> we do have road closures in the north bay. we did have the latest about five hours ago saying 121 was closed from state route 37 up to state route 12 so from the sears point area into sonoma due to
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those evacuations yesterday. i'm working to confirm whether that is still closed or not. it does look like you can use lakeville highway instead. state route 12 is closed between watmaugh road to 121. alexis, abc 7 on twitter, i have a lot more on drive times as well. this morning firefighters are battling nine out of control north bay fires. >> together they have charred more than 105,000 acres. the atlas fire is the biggest at more than 42,000 acres. it is just 3% contained. >> the tubs fire has consumed more than 27,000 acres and is 10% contained. cal fire says more than 29,000 homes, mostly in santa rosa, remain threatened. at least 23 people have been killed in the fires. 13 of the victims tied in the tubbs fire. this video of the fire in napa
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county. the department has a strike team on the front lines of the 9500-acre wildfire that is just 2% contained. >> this is new video of cal >> this is new video of cal guard soldiers arriving at moffett. >> take a look at the fire in kenwood, a short distance from oakmont neighborhood. firefighters battling huge flames out there. some homes in nearby glen ellyn have already burned. >> here's a look at how widespread the destruction is at the journey's end mobile home park in santa rosa. you're looking at drone video shot yesterday. one woman died in the mobile home park. residents face the task of rebuilding after flames destroyed just about everything they own. in healdsburg residents have packed up their bags after being told they may have to leave on a moment's notice. >> some people have proactively
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left their homes. >> cardinal newman is gone, clover leave ranch is gone. >> reporter: ambulance drivers took this video as they evacuated patients sunday night and monday morning. >> they have worked well. they have lost their homes. they have stayed on shift. they have worked while they lost all their belongings. >> reporter: they have worked nonstop transferring patients out of sonoma county. now fire looms closer to healdsburg district hospital. >> we only have healdsburg and memorial to work with, so -- and now healdsburg is being threatened by the fire up in geyserville. >> reporter: their dispatch center is also in an evacuation advisory area in healdsburg. >> we'll wait until we can't, i suppose. it's hard to leave your job when this is supposed to be what you do. >> i'm trying not to panic. my mom left, my mom evacuated. she's over by the river. >> reporter: people in the following areas need to be ready
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to leave at a moment's notice. >> fitch mountain and the bottom of fitch mountain. >> reporter: alicia and her daughters are packed. others are soaking their roof and yard to protect from flying embers. >> we're just doing what we can to try to make things a little bit safer. >> reporter: the healdsburg community center is a safe place for people already displaced. people who are now processing what they have witnessed. >> there is hundreds of explosions that went on, on a consistent basis. it was crazy. people were driving on the sidewalks. >> well, this morning the northeast part of santa rosa is under an evacuation advisory. >> sonoma county spokesperson scott lonzo tells us this is just a precaution. residents should be ready to leave. >> these alerts come out with little warning. the advisory gives individuals a heads up that something could change and become dangerous in a
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short amount of time. be prepared, be vigilant, pack your car. make sure you have your medications with you. warm clothes and don't forget your cell phone charger. if you have to get evacuated quickly, cell phone communication is necessary to keep in touch with your loved ones. >> sonoma county officials say they are especially concerned about fire activity in geyserville east of sonoma and boys hot springs. most puck liblic schools will b closed through tomorrow. vacaville unified, napa valley schools, napa vaep college, calistoga joint unified. >> vallejo city schools are closing for the rest of the week. mt. diablo, martinez and antioch have closed all schools today. we have a complete list of closures on and the abc 7 news app. a half marathon race scheduled for this weekend in san francisco is now canceled
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because of concern about the air quality. sky 7 captured the smoky haze at sunset yesterday evening. we are under a spare the air alert today because of the smoke so this weekend's race would have taken runners past iconic sites in the city. as of 3:00 a.m. the current air conditions in san francisco, oakland and also livermore, worse than they are in santa rosa. we are at an unhealthy range. so if you have those masks, put them on today. you're going to need them. a sonoma county sheriff is set to give a fire briefing at 9:00 from santa rosa. napa county officials will also have an update at 9:00 as well. we'll have live coverage on the app. you can find extensive resources there like the maps to show where the fires up and up-to-the-minute evacuation information. the app is free to download on your apple or android devices. the reason for that, reggie,
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is those northerly winds pushing that smoke down to the south instead of letting it billow to the north towards santa rosa, so you're getting a little reprieve. let me show you the east bay hills. the smoke is out there. very unhealthy in the north bay over towards napa and solano. you can see those are the areas in orange. now, the coast and central which is between the richmo richmond-san rafael bridge and san mateo bridge, unhealthy there. south central is unhealthy for those most susceptible, like people with asthma and the santa clara valley moderate. so what does it mean when you're very unhealthy? it means emergency conditions are possible and the entire population is more than likely to be affected. if you were outside yesterday for any amount of time, you definitely know that's the case. so what are those winds going to
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do? they're going to pick up a little bit this morning and then they're going to taper later on during the afternoon hours. so we're still under the wind advisory until 5:00. coinciding with that is the red flag warning. yesterday about 1:00 tweeted out that they added the santa cruz mountains. they are still in it this morning. also expiring at about 5:00. my big concern after today is 5:00 friday evening. watch the winds develop again as we head towards friday night and into saturday morning. we are going to have another burst of winds during the overnight hours and the fire danger will go back up friday night into saturday morning. more on that coming up. here's alexis. >> we did get some information from caltrans late yesterday afternoon that they no longer want semis to use interstate 80 through the vallejo area. that is due to the fire as you can see the smoke showing up on our visibility layer already this morning. so avoiding that 80 corridor. i know it's not easy. i know a ton of trucks use that
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route. you are permitted to use 580 in the meantime through the oakland area. typically that is restricted for those big rigs. you have to stick to 880 instead. they're saying until further notice, semis can use 580 so that will help you out a little bit. just avoid that 80 area through the vallejo stretch. that is going to be appreciated. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is up to 39 minutes so you're in the yellow this morning. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 18. and 101 to cupertino still looking great at 15 minutes. the bay area sports teams uniting to help fire victims. how you can join forces with them. i feel like it was a nightmare. >> amid the flames, a story of survival. the reunion this family thought would never happen. santa rosa
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it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s. but, it is almost entirely preventable. most colon cancers start as polyps. and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. this morning calistoga residents are under a mandatory evacuation order as firefighters battle the tubbs fire. nine north bay fires have burned more than 105,000 acres threatening thousands of homes. yesterday governor brown declared a state of emergency for napa, sonoma and yuba counties. and a new mandatory evacuation is in effect for mendocino county because of the redwood fire. all of potter valley is
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evacuated. the redwood fire has burned 30,000 acres between redwood and porter valleys. it is only 5% contained. firefighters have a control line between the two areas, which is helping slow the fire spread. >> there is good progress against the sulphur fire in lake county off of highway 20. that is 45% contained. the sulphur fire has burned 2,500 acres. they're mopping up hot spots and resources will be allocated to the redwood fire as soon as available. santa rosa has been hit hard by the wildfires. >> the path of destruction is on heights road. you can see homes just demolished there. also a lot of abandoned vehicles in the middle of the road, perhaps signs of desperate attempts to escape the flames. miraculously one family's house is unscathed with neighbors' homes on both sides destroyed. >> we feel so grateful but feel
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a little guilty that people that we care about lost everything. my mom included. >> the couple says it was a miracle that they got out alive. the warriors, a's, raiders, giants, niners, quakes and sharks are joining forces to help raise money for the fire victims. they have committed to $450,000 and they want fans to chip in too so they have set up a you caring page. all money goes to the red cross. >> if you want to help text red cross to 90999. it sends $10 to the american red cross. and if you want to volunteer, they do need here. call 707-577-7600. this morning we have a reunion between a chp helicopter crew and the family they rescued. >> the father had to make a difficult decision. vic lee has the story. >> reporter: this was the first time since the rescue that the
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chp helicopter crew members saw pepe and graciela, their son and his grandparents. on sunday night they left their home just before it burned to the ground. >> all i can see is flames like 15, 20 feet high. >> reporter: they drove up to a field along the mountain. that's when the pilot and whitney saw the family. they landed the chopper. >> i said we can take four people and he made the decision of who was going to go. a very selfless act on his part. >> i told these guys, please take my family, you know. i'll be here. i was all right. >> i was crying, my son, my mom, everybody was -- everybody was crying. >> reporter: he tried hard not to show his fear but the flames were close. >> i called my daughter and i told her, if i don't see you
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again, remember i love you. >> reporter: his courage and selflessness did not go unnoticed. >> and he's saying take my family and go. so i mean -- kudos to him, you know. what a guy. >> i told him we were coming back and i don't think he believed us. >> reporter: officer lowe meant what he said. later that night they found him and picked him up. >> like i was nervous when he didn't come, but he came. >> when i saw him again, i was so happy and saying things, thank god for saving his life. >> i want to thank these two officers because it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be alive right now. >> reporter: the family lives in a house on a ranch where he works. they lost everything. now the chp helicopter crew also heroes that night. that night they made 26 rescues in seven hours.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. >> when you hear these acre counts going up and the death toll going up, it's hard to remember that these are all individual stories and all these individual rescues and all the people who have lost everything. i'm happy that there was somewhat of a happy ending for that family. >> they are safe at the very least and that's what's important. mike nicco we are looking at air quality, looking at the winds and how that's going to help or hurt the firefighters. what do you have to say? >> we'll keep an eye on the visibility also because that is what kept a lot of the aerial drops from happening or not happening so long. now we've got visibility that's a little better so helpfully they can get those aerial drops going a little better this morning. napa 3 miles visibility to 4 in livermore as we still have northerly winds pushing that toxic smoke down to the south. here's a look at walnut creek. your air quality is still unhealthy. breezes, fire danger taper today but return tomorrow. and tracking a chance of rain
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across the north bay. it's hard to get it this time of the year, but there's a small chance. we'll take a look at that in the seven-day forecast. first your temperatures today. 62 half moon bay to 64 in san francisco. how about 68 to 71 around the bay. and about 72 to 75 inland with poor air quality all day. tonight is going to be even cooler than this morning so hopefully it will help those fires lay down just a little bit and won't be as breezy tonight as it was last night through this morning up in the hills. check out that 40 in santa rosa, napa 42 growdegrees. san francisco 51. let's talk about the accuweather seven-day forecast. smoky and windy, especially tomorrow evening through saturday morning. then the winds relax, the temperature warms. then the winds start to blow offshore. they're going to blow from east to west pushing a ton of smoke towards the ocean. look at those temperatures, nearing 90 inland monday, 80
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around the bay, and 70. the cooling begins tuesday and then a cold front, the weakened of a cold front will sideswipe the north bay wednesday, possibly a quarter inch of rain is what we're looking at right now. so until then unhealthy air and smoky conditions and a high fire danger. i went outside twice yesterday for about 30 seconds. i turned around and went right back in. luckily i could go back inside and stay away from that smoke. it's just awful. >> i know, it's terrible and yet we've got days to come. it's not going to clear out any time soon. we are looking at some of that smoke on our bay bridge toll plaza traffic camera. maybe not as thick as sometimes in the last few days but it's definitely there. boy, i actually did put a mask on just driving into work today. it definitely is tough as soon as you step outside and obviously in some buildings and your vehicle as well. no metering lights yet, but we do have a stackup on the cash
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booths on either side of the toll plaza, so a little bit of a wait if you're fastrak. north bay mass transit, smart train offering free service on a modified schedule. they will do that through at least sunday. golden gate transit, the piner and industrial terminals are open once again but offering limited service. sonoma county transit has been suspended until further notice. they are actually offering evacuation services, so they are trying to help get everyone out of those dangerous areas. they will not be providing normal or suspended -- or reduced service today. next traffic update coming up just before 5:00. the fires are dealing a blow to northern california wineries. the damage wine makers are returning to find. also the grassroots effort that will have a big impact for wildfire victims.
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so many who have been displaced need help and that includes just getting some of the basics right now like clothing and things we all use and need every day. >> sue graham of oakland founded an organization called one closet to get clothing and the basics to disaster victims, especially children. abc 7 news was in oakland as friends and neighbors dropped off donations. >> so i'm in the process of delivering close to 4,000 garments, about 30 blankets, and
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these are specifically clothing for teenagers. so we are coming to the rescue to the teenagers. >> graham is providing the donated items to evacuation shelters in santa rosa and petaluma. the highway patrol in napa has posted this photo of a sign thanking first responders in the northern california fires. the caption reads much appreciated and a great way to start the day. thank you. #atlasfire. >> let's get up to mike nicco tracking it all. >> tracking what the humidity is going to do so let's jump right into it. even when the fire danger subsides because it won't be quite as windy this weekend, the air is still going to be bone dry. look at this, at 5:00 saturday afternoon we're still in the teens to 20s in our inland neighborhoods. now let me show you what's going to happen. here we are next week. this is the big change. this is possibly the hail mary we've been wanting. look at the rain coming on down.
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it's kind of light but it's all the way there wednesday night through thursday morning. fingers crossed to that one, alexis. >> really hoping that that happens for the north bay. taking a look at the roads up there this morning, we've got the latest list of road closures due to the fires here today. 101 on and off-ramps in santa rosa, including hopper, bicentennial, mendocino and river road all closed this morning. we did call to caltrans north on 121 is closed in the sears point area at state route 37. it's not closed the entire way into sonoma. the idea is they are trying to keep folks from heading north. lakeville highway is open for an alternate but there are some delays along that stretch. the signorello was one of the first things destroed sunday night. wine bottles melted under intense heat. the winery owner explained to vic lee what happened. >> pushed the cork up, boiled the wine right out of it.
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that's a cork that's burnt. >> however, the fire spared everything else in the winery, including the invaluable crush pad. in glen ellen, these pictures of stuff were crushing grapes the old-fashioned way, with their feet. the winery doesn't have fire because of the wildfires. flames stopped just a few feet away from their property. staff wearing masks to protect themselves from that smoky air. wildfires continue to rage in the north bay. >> we'll have details on new evacuations issued overnight and the shelters that are now open.
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that breaking news on the north bay wildfires. more evacuations in napa, sonoma and solano counties as fires there continue to rage. >> we'll show you this map right now. the areas highlighted in red are under mandatory evacuation orders. they include the entire city of calistoga, parts of geyserville along highway 128 and northeast of the russian river as well as the northeast corner of sonoma. here are some of the newest evacuation advisories issued overnight. in napa people east of silverado trail, soscol avenue, highway 221, highway 29 and north of jameson canyon road. >> palomino lakes as well as parts of windsor and healdsburg. north of james canyon road, i-80 and suisun valley road. there's a detailed list on our website and also on the abc 7 news app. >> a lot of those areas, including ones near the city


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