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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the national guard dropping more than 60,000 gallons of water on the north pay fires. and these dramatic pictures posted by the guard. jaw dropping and devastating. take a look at the rows and rows of homes burned to the ground. >> amazing. good evening, i'm dan. >> and i'm kristen. thanks for joining us. we are bring that to you live when that happens for an update. >> there are 21 fires burning across california. so far 29 people have died. 15 of those in sonoma county. >> also in sonoma county the sheriff's office said it's received about 1,000 missing reports, 600 of those people have been located. though 400 people are in shelters in sonoma county. >> let's start with the biggest, tubbs fire that forced evacuation of the entire town of
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calistoga. >> it's now 34,000 acres and 10% contained. abc 7 news reporter is live in calistoga with the latest. laura. >> reporter: hi, kristen, we are at the base of mount st. helen a. this is the tubbs fire. behind me you can see where the fire came through overnight. while residents of calistoga wait anxiously. i can tell you the fire crews on the front lines are working tirelessly for the most part this is not about turning water on flames, but more about wind, humidity, and a lot of hard work on the ground. despite some better than expected wind conditions, the tubbs fire above calistoga has done what firefighters hoped it wouldn't. that is, jump highway 2 2 2 least in one spot. >> this morning as the wind switched to the northwest, that started to cause problems with
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ash fall and the fire progressing towards the highway on its terms versus our terms. >> reporter: several miles away from the fire fight, the small town of calistoga remains under a mandatory evacuation order. one mayor chris cunning said it should not be ignored. as for the few that do. >> you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. if you are trying to visit calistoga, you are not welcome. >> there is a mobile home park there. >> reporter: not everyone is heeding the warning. not entirely justified. >> i'm not trying to be a distraction. i'm just trying to be part of the solution. give me a break. >> reporter: and we are back live here at the base, again, of mount saint held helena live.
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the fire overnight. the fire crews said they did have some issues with the winds. winds expected to be worse than they actually were. but there was sometime in the middle of the night we were told there was difficult wind. as we stand here now, there isn't much wind at all. so fire crews are telling us they are going to try to keep doing what they've been doing. all of that hard work and hold the line right here at highway 29. near calistoga, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right. laura. thank you so much. right now we do want to give you a look. >> more than 900 people reported missing in sonoma county, total 463 are still unaccounted for. today the sheriff's office there announced it's shifting their emphasis away from search and rescue now to the recovery phase. teams will fan out and do targeted searches looking for a specific person. cadaver dogs are also being brought in.
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we have special site where they can post photos of their loved ones, look through there, and maybe you can help check some of the people off the list as save and sound, we hope. >> all right. now sky 7 is live over geyserville which you can see many neighborhoods threat end and the smoke and flames are certainly burning some parts of the area. and this is happening in a small town where there are some evacuation orders, but this is what we have seen some residents refusing to leave as well. >> which is probably not a wise decision, geyserville very charming, but a lot of people there are in grave danger. and we hope everyone heeds the warnings to get out of harms way some pg&e workers tell overgrown trees may have been a deadly combination in the north bay fires. >> dan noise is here with a preview of the report putting to
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the for us at 6:00, dan. >> dan and kristen i went to a santa rosa neighborhood where they had a close call sunday night. take a look at this. power lines blown by the wind sending sparks toward their homes. >> a lot of dry leaves so that could have easily hit one of our houses and gone up. >> these things going out, and then two hours later everything is catching fire. >> reporter: they did escape any damage, but some of the worse of it quarter mile a way. coming up at 6:00 i'll look at if they. and you'll hear a lawyer suing pg&e causing a fire. that's at 6:00. >> the full focus will be on the cause. >> yes. >> thanks, dan. santa rosa police chief answers questions on facebook live. many folks wanted to know why it's taking so long for them to
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be allowed back in their home. >> what we are trying to do is work through our partners, pg&e, public health, these kinds of entities in order to free up the areas to get you back into your home. >> urged citizens to alert police if they believe looters are preceding upon fire victims. >> questions about looting, and these kinds of things, if you suspect any kind of looting in the area, call 911. >> the chief also said that santa rosa police officers are being helped by members of other law enforcement agencies from all around california. >> all right. let's go up to mendocino county where at least 8 people are dead from the redwood fire. it is burning just outside ukia and is now 32,000 acres and 5% contained. nbc lonnie is live in ukia with latest. lonnie? >> reporter: yes, dan, we are here at ukia high school, it's been closed for several days.
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gi gym is now a shelter. cal-fire says there is only 5% containment. the sound of tree cutting crews is the only lively sound in this leveled mendocino county community. they are chopping them down to prevent any further destruction after a wildfire swept through redwood valley late sunday night. >> fire got here at like 2:00 a.m. but we woke up at about 1 to 1:15 a.m. and family were calling us from potter valley trying to wake us up. >> reporter: his family made it out but stim smith is still processing the devastation around his property. many of his neighbors lost everything. >> i don't feel like it's really hit me yet. kind of just been running around putting out spot fires around our neighborhood making sure we were good. >> reporter: firefighters are battling two fires in mendocino county. 8 people have died.
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8,000 others are displaced. but the situation is changing by the day. >> today i'm telling you 8 fatalities and unfortunately i'm going to tell you tomorrow once confirmation the number will go up. >> reporter: briefed residents about the fire and aid for victims. we caught up with several evacuees from porter valley. chris feels grateful to have a rv in this camp given all that's happened. >> then when i heard one of my best friends lost her home. that made me very sad. >> reporter: this community is no doubt moved by everything that's happened. what you are seeing here is a drive. and this was all created by a high school student who wanted to do something to make a difference. they are collecting water here. they are collecting clothing and money. the woman you just heard from, chris, she's staying in a rv camp. they are not charging any of the campers. all of them know each other
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because they live in the same neighborhood. so mendocino county is a community where everybody knows everybody and they are coming together to help each other through this fire. that's very latest. reporting live in ukia abc 7 news. >> thank you. let's shift now to napa and solano counties where at last fire is threatening to the east. the fire napa has burned more than 40,000 acres and 3% contained. abc 7 reporter jonathan is live. >> reporter: the message to folks in fairfield be ready just in case. though firefighters have tripled the staff they had yesterday fighting the atlas fire and things seem to be looking up, sheriff here says there has been no fire related deaths in solano county and intends to keep it that way. >> i live at
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evacuated. you are not going to be allowed back in. >> reporter: in green valley 90% of the residents have heeded the mandatory evacuation order. that means a few remain. >> i have amazing neighborhood and friends, and we are here to support each other, so i feel good being home with them. >> reporter: some say the heavy police and fire preference is reassuring. only one way in and out the hills were a ghost town. some left sprinklers running on the roof. >> we packed up and decided to head out. >> reporter: jonathan lopez told us by phone he got together this system of lawn sprinklers. >> it's less than ideal, but it tells me i did everything i could possibly do to help save our house. >> reporter: for now nature is helping. >> winds are calming down so it's turning it into more
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favorable conditions to fight the fire. >> reporter: but still no word when the 2500 residents to return and parts of fairfield remain on alert. tonight cal-fire is cautiously optimist take saying so far the winds are cooperating. but as when those 25 hund evacuees can return home, they say they are not ready to speculate. in fair kneeled abc 7 news. >> all right. jonathan, thanks so much. well, if you've looked outside or the window today, you've seen that thick heavy smoke hanging around. certainly behind us you can see a drone view 7 right now. >> that's right. mile south of north bay fires that smoke is having a major effect on flights out of that area. abc 7 news reportser david louie has live from sfo. david. >> reporter: dan and kristen it was on track to match the 115 canceled flights yesterday because of all this smoke. currently stands at 103. and that does not include all
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the delayed flights. now if you look at the arrivals and departure screens, you can tell a lot of passengers were frowning. n some cases panner gears were rebooked on the next flight out. but flight delays were also a problem, affecting 1 in 4 of all of sfo operations. smoke created visibility issues that prevented two planes landing on separate runways. so airlines had to take a big look at scaling back. >> airlines begin making decisions where they can shrink their flit schedule. the less flights they operate during these conditions, it reduces the amount of delays they experience. so oftentimes airlines will look at high frequency markets. for example, from here to southern california. if they have hourly flights, they may cancel one and combine it with the next. >> where are you headed? >> i'm headed to burbank. >> reporter: what does the sign say? >> canceled. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i haven't figured that out yet. >> reporter: well, sfo has the capacity to handle 60 flights an
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hour, but that volume was cut in half today because of the smoke. visibility all day has been about 7 miles. now delays have been averaging about 75 to 90 minutes. so that was okay for most passengers. but a few passengers we ran into had delays running from 3 to five hours. and of course today is not over. at san francisco international, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thanks. let's give you another live look at the airport. this is the view from our sfo cam wrath you can see a lot of haze in the background. meteorologist sandy patel is tracking the winds. >> yeah, that wind is pushing that smoke southward as it is in northerly wind. look at this live picture right now from emeryville camera. sun is barely visible as you take a look at the sat lielt picture. smoke is drifting southward. very clear here where it's going. and when i show you something here, it is staggering as to how far that smoke is drifting. so take a look at that line.
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now take a look at how far, almost 500 miles off the coastline. right now flight delays over three hours at sfo due to the smoke. visibility is low. concord down to 4 miles at travis. when you take a look at this hazy puktd you know why the spare the air alert is up for today. very unhealthy to unhealthy air quality. and that will continue going into friday. i'll be back with a look at your weekend forecast to let you know if the air quality will improve and when that fire danger will come down. dan and kristen. >> fingers crossed. thanks so much. >> we want to take another look live at the pocket fire burning in geyserville. >> here is a look at what's happening there on those fire lines. this is one of the smaller fires compared with the others in the north bay. at 8100 acres. still, because there is zero containment it could cause
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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some people living along the silverado in napa are heading back home finally. >> in napa eric is talking with evacuees. eric. >> reporter: this is the street where folks have been in small groups lining up and being able to go to their homes and check on status, check on their pets. net necessities. at 6:00 they'll shut this down. before that we were able to follow a few families in. and this is what we saw. chris and his wife have julie has 10 minutes to get medicine and other property out of the home. and marvel how the house supplied. >> we told everyone we wanted to go with the worst case and be more realistic. >> reporter: in reality the home
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wasn't touched. surprising because famous burned within 2 feet of this wall. >> and as you can see it wrapped around us, and left us alone, and kind of got everybody else on the corner. i'm sorry. >> reporter: looks like it came within a couple of feet. >> we are so lucky. i don't know when we can come in. but a lot less worst stories out here. >> reporter: they were allowed in briefly. they can see how flames destroyed some homes seemingly at random. also feed live stock that have gone days without food. and count their blessings. >> we have two homes and luxuckily our homes are fin chblt but i have friends who have lost everything. >> reporter: so those folks are
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fortunate. but you can still see road blocks and smoke still burning and helicopters flying over doing combat with those dropping water and fire retar dapt. so even though they were allowed back into their homes today, the danger is far from over. live from napa eric thomas abc 7 news. >> thank you. ts house of representatives approved supplemental disaster funding those affected by the california fires and recent hurricanes. >> it will take time to control these fires. but we'll begin to rebuild just as it will take time to rebuild puerto rico. this congress will continue to work with all those affected. >> meanwhile they are divided how to divide it across the country. forest fires are not treated the same. and lawmakers are hoping it will spur a congressional compromise on this issue. >> it is one of the simple
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things in life, homeowners in the fire area has had to deal with. >> that's right. here to tell us about an issue people face. >> it's interesting. this story couples of pleasanton with one of our viewers, she asked about this. the widespread power outage left people with cars locked in their garages when they had automatic gr age doors that wouldn't open because there wasn't pour. well, monica suggested we show people how to work around that. >> garage masters in san francisco for 22 years owned it, and the licensed garage repair service company, says the questions to open automatic garage doors are common. >> a lot of people call when the motor fails or power goes off, they need to open manualy and don't know how. >> reporter: he estimates he gets 10 to 20 calls a week asking about this. when automatic garage doors work
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properly it's one of the great conveniences of life. when there is an out age or the motor breaks, you need to know what to do. chu chung tries to help them over the phone to save service call. but sometimes customers insist that he come out and do it for them. the gr age masters owner says it's the easiest $95 ease made in their life. >> they can't do it, they give us a call and we go out. >> reporter: now, i'm all about saving you money so here's how you do-it-yourself. >> release the cord lift the door. >> reporter: he says it's easy and demonstrates for us. >> basically pull the cord, and it falls backwards, then you are able to open the door manually. >> reporter: closing the door is even simpler. >> when you get your car out, or whatever you need to do, you have to close the door manually as well. so you pull on the cord, if you have one, grab the handle, and
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close the door. >> reporter: now we've had so many requests, so the story will be posted at abc 7 if you miss any of that you can watch it there. and of course i'll put it on my facebook page. >> thank you, mike. now weather forecast with sandy. >> hey there, let's take a look at the wind forecast. as we head into tomorrow the winds will ramp up again. you'll see what's going to happen in the north bay gusting close to 30-mile-per-hour. higher elevations stronger which means fire danger will remain elevated. red flag warning just dropped at 5:00 p.m. but fire weather watch will be going up again tomorrow morning evening. here's a live look from south beach camera smoky skies continue to plague the bay area, which is why you are seeing the reddish hue. winds right now in the hills. gustying out of the northwest to north. and that is very drying wind. so the humidity has been running
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low. 14% in fairfield. 18% in santa rosa. definitely a reason for remaining vigilant over the next few hours and into the coming days. hour by hour we go. tonight 30-mile-per-hour along the coast. as we head into the latter part of the evening and saturday morning you will notice the winds drop up but pick back up friday night into saturday. winds gusting. you see the trend. still remaining gusty northeast early offshore flow between friday night and saturday. which is why the fire danger will remain high. showing you clear conditions. temperatures in the 50s to the 70s. high so far have been in the 60s to the 70s. east bay hills, lk at how poor the air quality is. the smoke is filling our air and will continue the next few days. winds increase tomorrow evening. high fire danger. fire weather watch for the north bay hills starting at 5:00 p.m.
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friday and 11:00 p.m. saturday east bay hills, gusty winds up to 60-mile-per-hour and low humidity expected. here's the hour by hour look at the humidity. tonight at 11:00 p.m. it's fine but watch what happens tomorrow afternoon starts to drop as the wind out of the north going. going into saturday evening single digits into teens in north bay which is why we are keeping the elevated fire danger. upper 30s to low 40s. still remaining on the smoky side. and when you check out the air quality for the next four days, it is going to be unhealth for sensitive groups. not until monday that you get a little bit of change. and by wednesday we are talking about a chance of some showers. wednesday night in the north bay. thursday across the rest of the bay area. you can down load the accuweather app and keep track of that chance. that should help the firefighters.
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seven-day forecast. smoky tomorrow. and saturday. certainly lighter winds by sunday. warmer weather by mon dads. you are
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as you may have noticed, the smoke got a little lighter at eas east bay. >> and golden bears that game on espn's. and thus far it's game on as they monitor the air quality. although you see some students standing around. >> yeah, a lot of students said they had scratchy throats. they could get a mask for free. >> i started coughing, but realized it was because of the napa fire. >> and it was kind of like hard to breathe, like my chest was kind of burning, so i figured it was kind of the air, so i had to
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wear a mask today. >> not eve one was wearing a mask. also some students were trying to help. several uc student clubs
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 look at impact the fires will have on the market in the bay area. tonight experts explain why it could take years to recover. also. >> to be gone, i don't know where to begin. north bay newly weds look for answers as their new life together gets torn part. and hundreds of people out of job temporarily. but news 7 on your side. >> that's all coming up in half hour at abc 7 news 6:00. but for now abc news david muir is next. >> we'll leave you with a live look at the fire lines in geyserville and sonoma county
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still very. much in the danger zone. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air in the west. the violent prison break unfolding right now. multiple prison employees targeted. schools were put on lockdown. tonight, reports of injuries, a fire set. and several people rushed to the hospital. also breaking, the deadly wildfires. new evacuations. the line of cars. two major fires combining as one. and authorities with their new warning. just in tonight, a major development in the las vegas massacre. the hotel has just released a new timeline. what we're now learning about the hero security guard and when the massacre began. the american mother and her family held hostage for five years, freed by a terror group. brian ross standing by. president trump's chief of staff comes before the cameras, addressing reports of growing tension with the president. is hqu


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