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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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winds, high humidity and dangerous temperatures. >> officials say at least 31 people died in the fires. 17 in sonoma county. >> the ten fires burning in napa, sonoma and mendocino have burned 126,000 acres. the atlas fire in napa and sonoma counties have charred nearly 44,000 acres and is 7% contained. >> the tubbs fire in santa rosa has scorched nearly 35,000 acres, 10% contained. mendocino county the redwood/potter fires consumed 34,000 acres 10% contained. good morning. it is friday, october 13. mike and alexis are off. we have sue and drew filling in for them. we'll start with you, drew. we want to know how the weather will affect the firefighting efforts. >> winds will remain calm. then concern runs high again late tonight into early saturday morning. future tracker wind gusts 5:00 today. winds generally 5 to 10 miles an
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hour but watch what happens early saturday morning. those winds are going to increase once again gusting over 30 miles per hour and that will send more smoke south into the bay area. it is hazy. poor air quality across the entire region. check out the roads with sue. >> metering lights are on. lots of cars stacked up into the mcarthur maze with delays at about 15 minutes to get all the way into san francisco. a little sluggish on the upper deck. slow traffic out of tracy up and over the altamont. an earlier accident cleared. traffic is starting to thin out just a little bit but expect delays out of pleasanton. we'll take a look at your mass transit options this friday the 13th in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, sue. this could be a make or break day for firefighters defending the town of calistoga against a
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major wildfire making an all-out effort to keep the flames from crossing a highway and into the community. >> live to reporter matt keller in napa county for us. matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. chp is handling all the roadblocks in calistoga. we've seen the oakland police department, several of their patrol cars around here patrolling the area and this is the calistoga police department getting some gas as they continue to patrol the area. the only vehicles are first responders. sometimes you have to walk out, though, like this man with his horse up highway 29 to evacuate as flames burned very close by. people staying behind are a distraction to first responders. basically if you're here, you're on your own. that hasn't stopped some people from staying behind. >> i love this city. i'm a transplant. i'll be damned if i'm not going
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to save any one of those homes. the firefighter's goal is to keep it from crossing highway 29. it looks like another vehicle. they've been patrolling this area making sure there's nobody out here that doesn't need to be out here. we saw several fire trucks speed by up on 128 here. obviously a lot of concern for the tubbs fire burning nearby. >> there is a neighborhood where many are refusing to leave. >> this area is along wilking way and nestled between two fires as you see here on the map. some people are trying to stay. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in that neighborhood. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie, good morning. it's quiet this morning and it looks like the homeowner felt
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confident enough to leave his post and get some sleep so it's very quiet here. it looks like he's gone inside. we want to show you all the equipment, the effort that they are going to to save these homes. they brought in a water truck to water down the roofs. carve out a defensive space around the homes. he is determined to stay. >> the only way i would leave is the firestorm where you had horizontal wind. other than that nothing. we can shelter. >> reporter: smoke and fire is nearby. this whole neighborhood is under evacuation in sonoma. we check in with police who say they can't force people to leave. these people do plan to stay here. reporting live, amy hollyfield,
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abc 7 news. >> so interesting to hear from that retired battalion chief. take a look at this map google created that shows where the evacuation areas are located highlighted in red. you can find a list of evacuation zones, maps, and evacuation centers on and on our free abc 7 fuse app. sonoma county sheriff has released more names of people who died. leroy and donna mae halbur, carmen berriz from apple valley was vacationing with her family at the time, michael john dornbach of calistoga. from santa rosa veronica mccombs, carol collins-swasey, lin anderson powell, valeri lynn evans, and arthur tasmas grant. this morning about 400 people remain unaccounted for in sonoma
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county. firefighters are getting a brief respite after an influx of resources arrived. >> these are photos from the sebastopol fire department and as you can see, you can actually see it there but we do have photos. there they are. firefighters getting a break at a fire camp at the napa county expo. the crew just spent 36 straight hours fighting the atlas fire. at the camp they are assigned individual shelters. >> we have portable showers and a mobile kitchen unit. feed them on site so we're trying to get as much rest and calories as we possibly can. >> crews will wake up by 7:00 a.m. and then eat breakfast and get their briefing before heading back to the fire lines by 8:00. we do have a new warning from napa police and you'll want to listen up if your home was spared. they are already issuing precautions for people who do still have their homes standing. they say when you return you
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really will not want to bring your children or any pregnant women should not go back into those areas with ash until it's completely cleaned up. you want to wear protective gear like goggles, heavy work gloves, steel toed boots and long sleeves. don't breathe in ash. it can irritate your respiratory system. you want to use the mask that you already have. now watch for debris as well, broken glass and nails and get a tetanus shot if you haven't had a booster and also one more thing to note if you lost power during the fires, authorities are strongly recommending that you get rid of any contents in your refrigerator or freezer. back to you. >> not something people immediately think about. thank you, jessica. a group that help out is now in the north bay. how they're helping survivors of the fires. it is 6:07. it is 6:07. we're keeping tabs on
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time now 6:10 in the morning and this just in. sfo now saying there are more than three-hour delays for arriving flights into the airport. no delays in observing or san jose. you'll have to check with your
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air carrier to make sure flights are on time. take note of that. out there now 40s and 50s but cool spots like santa rosa, napa, ukiah chilly in the 30s to start off your day. air quality once again is poor to unhealthy right now and it will stay this way throughout the entire day today so take it easy especially if you have respiratory issues outside later on. highs today 60s and 70s across the board. 65 in san francisco. 71 observing. 75 san jose. hazy skies. unhealthy air quality. traffic with sue. good morning. the golden gate bridge is flowing nicely this morning from marin county off the waldo grade into san francisco. reports of a piece of guardrail by spencer avenue before the tunnel, before the robin williams tunnel. guardrail partially sticking out into the slow lane. chp is pushing that back into place. traffic up and over the altamont pass. that's not bad. a look at some of your drive
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times from highway 4 to the maze. that's westbound 80, of course, towards the bay bridge because the metering lights are on. now you're looking at a 13-minute drive in san francisco. heading to sfo from the city it's a nice ten-minute drive southbound on 101. some road closures in the santa area after this. out of the ashes a story of generosity. >> the woman who found a stranger in need and took action to help. to help. plus, harrowing stories o to help. plus, harrowing stories o what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories... you'll be wowed! try new light & fit withzero . when you ache and haven't you're not you. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day.
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welcome back and this morning the community is rallying together to help the family of a teenager who died in a fire in mendocino county. according to this go fun me page, kai shepherd did not survive. it's a bittersweet story. our hearts go out. so many people donating to this family at more than $71,000. and they are trying to get to $100,000 so 72% of their goal already met. kai's sister survive. she lost her leg. this entire family really just needs everyone's help and people are rallying around there. the shepherds have other members of their family who have injuries as well. we know there's a lot of
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different stories from so many different families of loss and survival. there's a lot of fund-raising pages out there. this caught our attention and we wanted to pass it along. >> the family's story just breaks your heart. >> there are so many sad stories but that one really broke me. now to a somewhat uplifting story out of santa rosa and san pablo. >> dana hanson is a man out of santa rosa, an ironworker. he lost his home in coffey park. that's not all. he lost the tools he needs to make a living. abc 7 news interviewed him about his escape. >> that was on tv and that's when the woman you see here, michael ewing of san pablo reached out through social media. she wanted to give him the ironworker tools her son, also named michael, left behind. he died at a very young age from colon cancer. >> it's like a testimonial to michael and what he loved and
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dana sounds like this is his passion, too. >> i'm proud to wear his tools and keep them on the steel. >> and now that dana hanson has michael's tools he says he's going to be ready to go back to work on monday. >> always look for the helpers. operation barbecue relief is deploying to the north bay feeding the victims affected by the wildfires. >> that organization provides meals to displaced residents and emergency personnel during times of disaster and now they're coming to napa and sonoma counties. they posted this on their facebook page. they will start cooking today. the organization usually averages 3,000 to 4,000 meals a day so it's a big operation. they're expected to be here for a week and if you'd like to help can you. a $25 donation will provide 25 meals. we're posting a link on our website and back here at the live desk air quality officials say the smoky air we've been having from the fires is both unhealthy
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and unprecedented. the dangerous air quality prompted the closure of schools in the mt. diablo district and the east bay campus in concord. they say it is carrying invisible particles that can harm your lungs especially if you have a pre-existing condition. >> this is the worst i've ever seen, and this is the worst air quality that the bay area has ever had. >> if it gets much worse, are we going to have to move out of the area temporarily to get where it's not so smoky. >> to protect yourself officials recommend an n-95 mask. your best bet is to stay indoors, though, if possible. bay area hospitals have been treating people for breathing problems. we have 24 cases across san francisco, another seven in observing. nine in berkeley. as we hear the numbers let me bring in drew tuma, those numbers we're getting primarily because of reporting in the north bay so occupied with these fires but those numbers are
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coming from further south where those fires are. >> true. and the winds were a big factor. today they're going to be calm for firefighters which is great news for them but for the rest of us that smoke that's over us will sit over us and that's how the afternoon is setting up once again. air quality today poor to unhealthy across the entire region. look at the chart. the next couple of days, the air quality stays in the poor to unhealthy range through sunday. by monday a little bit better but that's relatively speaking. we go into the moderate range. the majority of the region in the poor category so really take it easy out there especially if you have respiratory issues because we have not seen air quality like this in some of our lifetimes. that's how bad it is in our air. humidity, good news for firefighters, it is relatively high. you can see the numbers well above 75% in the north bay so mother nature cooperating. the air is not dry. and winds are calm right now. also good news for firefighters on the front lines now.
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calm to say less than 5 miles per hour. winds will be changing late tonight. future tracker wind gusts, watch the time stamp, started off 5:00 tonight. becomes breezy. but what we're really watching for is early saturday morning, 1:00 in the morning the winds begin to gust over 30 miles per hour. that wind direction out of the north will take that smoke from the north bay and send it south once again across the entire region. your day planner on your day today hazy skies. smoke will be in the atmosphere. it's a spare the air day. that smoke giving us poor to unhealthy air quality. the accuweather seven-day forecast. our smoky skies continue over the weekend and then we're watching for all eyes on thursday where we could have a chance of showers in the north bay that would be welcome news for firefighters certainly one week from today. that's the weather. a check of the roads with sue. good morning. >> good morning. happy friday the 13th.
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so far so good. we had a couple of unlucky incidents overnight with in the caldecott tunnel. through santa rosa 101 is open both directions. be in 101 through the santa rosa area, bicentennial and hopper. from 101, some drive times for you if you are headed out, 580, tracy up and over the altamont pass. we had an earlier accident on the sunol grade. that is improving but still about a 25-minute drive and highway 85 northbound from 101 to cupertino just about 20 minutes. we're going to come back and take a look at mass transit options for you this friday morning. >> out of the east bay traffic moving after this dump truck fire in the cal did i could the
6:22 am
tunnel overnight. you can see the front end just charred there. this is the number one bore. emergency crews say accessing the fire was not easy. when crews first got there the tunnel was blocked with traffic so they had to walk in. once they saw the fire chp closed all lanes of eastbound traffic on highway 24 to get cars to turn around. no one was hurt, fortunately. the vent system was activated to remove the smoke. it is 6:22. a newlywed couple from santa rosa lost all their belongings in the fire. how they made a narrow escape next. plus new video from the front lines. how a local college is helping out first responders. dealing with disaster where you live takes nonstop info. evacuations, school and road closures, neighborhood video closures, neighborhood video re
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at the live desk this morning some new video coming in. let me hit play. this is just coming in and i'm watching it for the first time it's from the north bay released by the san francisco fire department. crews from engine 12 were working between glenallen and ken wood tuesday night and look at those huge flames as crews tried to save some of those
6:26 am
homes. and this is from pacific union college in napa county. the school has a small airstrip being used by fire crews to land aircraft and the school has canceled classes until at least wednesday. back to you. >> all right, jessica, thousand. santa rosa newlyweds are among the hundreds who lost their homes. >> oscar and katie returned from their honeymoon on sunday and, of course, that's the night where fire reached their home. the couple grabbed clothes, a camera, wedding jewelry, and then took off. both knew that it could be the last time they saw their home. >> everything was completely engulfed in flames and the embers were just flying down. when i opened up my car door they were going into my car. i was trying to put out the red embers with my hands so it wouldn't catch my car on fire. >> oh, my goodness. once the fire swept through a friend sent them video of their home now just rubble.
6:27 am
all the wedding gifts gone. the only things that are recognizable the garage door and mailbox. the couple is now saying with family in rohnert park for now and, of course, we wish them well. a lot more fire coverage still to come at 6:30. we are live where thousands are still forced from their homes this morning. >> not everyone is leaving. th ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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firefighters making progress battling the ten fires ravaging the north bay as the death role rises. >> 31 people now confirmed dead and 17 of those victims found in sonoma county and been warned those numbers are likely to rise. >> the atlas fire scorched nearly 34,000 acres, 7% contained. >> the tubbs fire in santa rosa has grown to nearly 35,000 acres, now 10% contained. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, october 13. sue hall in today. i know your son evacuated this morning. >> the smoke is really bad so they've left the area. their house is so standing. they're one of the lucky ones. >> drew tuma in for mike nicco. what are we dealing with? will firefighters get any help? >> for much of the day the winds will be on their side. gusts stay relatively light
6:31 am
through the evening. those winds will be picking up so that is of concern, those winds over 20 miles per hour as well of concern the air quality. it's poor to unhealthy across the entire region not only today but tomorrow. hazy sunshine once again. a lot of smoke creating that poor to unhealthy air quality. that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. >> metering lights on at 5:24. let's go north with the road closures in st. helena to winters up in calistoga. highway 29 and 128 both closed in an evacuation zone there. i wanted to touch base on public transit. smart trains are free. there are temporary road closures -- pardon me, station
6:32 am
closures. i've tweeted that sue hall traffic. ace train number 1 is coming into santa clara about ten minutes behind schedule. something new from the city of santa rosa. i sent it out in a tweet and the city has sent it out. it's a really valuable tool. so here's the original tweet from the city of santa rosa. they sent out a link to an interactive map and it has an aerial view after the fires of what was destroyed. i want to focus on the coffey neighborhood, which was really hit hard. you see the homes wiped out. you can see some of the teams that are still standing. you see part of the street on this side over here. things still intact. on the other side not so much. a lot of evacuees right on the
6:33 am
cusp of where the burnout area is and homes still standing haven't been allowed back in so this allows to you check on your home just if you have an internet connection. some don't want that feeling of wondering what happened to their belongings and are choosing to stay. the area along wilking way is nestled between two fires. amy hollyfield is live there and people are refusing to leave? >> reporter: they are. because they're taking a stand we wanted to come in and check on them. it's quiet here. no fire, no homeowners outside. the hose are still drawn here. homeowners felt confident enough to go inside and go to bed. they were on high alert yesterday. look at all of the equipment they brought in to protect their homes. there's a water truck out here and a backhoe they use to carve out a protective perimeter.
6:34 am
one homeowner is a retired battalion chief. the other owns vineyards here in the wine country. >> we're sitting around here hopes we don't have to use it and we're not going to get stupid about it but if little spot fires coming up we have the resources to put them out. >> reporter: smoke and flames are less than two miles away from this neighbor that has been ordered to evacuate. the homeowners say the only way they would leave is if it's the winds we saw sunday night and monday morning, the hurricane-like winds. other than that they are determined to stay. police say homeowners have the right to stay. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. this morning a highway and determined firefighters all that
6:35 am
stands between the town of calistoga and relentless flames. so far firefighters are winning that battle. >> matt keller in calistoga. good morning, matt. >> reporter: the chp handling the roadblocks this morning keeping people out although we have seen some emergency responders coming in and going past this roadblock including fire trucks and police. trying to provide power for some spots up here in calistoga. here is video from just a short time ago. the fire has been creeping closer to calistoga. mandatory evacuation order went out on wednesday. the mayor of the city has a message for anyone who wants to stay behind. >> your presence in calistoga is not welcome if you are not a first responder. your choice to stay, and there have been very few of them, is a distraction to our first responders.
6:36 am
you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. >> reporter: new video of oakland police patrolling the area. some people stayed behind to help take care of some of the properties. those people are doing okay. right hypbehind me a popular pl for tourists. this morning it is empty. no one around except for police and firefighters. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. another tool from our live desk on the abc 7 news website, a google map. i have pulled it up for you and it has the fires burning all across the state of i've zoomed in on the north bay. you can click on the fire logo and this says adobe fire that
6:37 am
has become part of the southern complex and it says exactly where the fire is burning, the acreage and the percent containment. i do want to show you how to find that on our home page. this is if you scroll here it is in the center of your screen and if i can pull up my pen tool quickly it's right here in the center. it says maps. you click on it. it's easy to find. you can search around the area and all of california. a lot of fires right now. it's hard to keep up with. >> we appreciate the resource. near fairfield, the evacuation order has been downgraded to an advisory. green valley road still closed. police are cracking down on looters.
6:38 am
this photo of a vehicle police officers stopped last night. they claimed they were in an evacuated neighborhood to check on family members homes. they couldn't provide family members' names or addresses to back up their story. investigators found tools used for burglaries in the trunk of their car. 21-year-old javier and 18-year-old angel roberto maria were arrested. deputies arrested this man for looting. neighbors caught him taking sunglasses out of a car in an evacuation zone. they found other items stolen in his bag. another spare the air alert is in effect today because of all the smoke from the fires. the air quality index is red meaning unhealthy air is forecast for nearly the entire bay area. the only exception is santa clara valley listed as orange. that means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups like kids and adults who are active outside and people with respiratory disease. most of the bay area is forecast
6:39 am
to be in the red again tomorrow. the san francisco public libraries are working to provide a refuge. four are air quality relief sites where people can take advantage of their filtered air conditioning. a fire briefing at 9:00 a.m. cal fire will give an update this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. we'll send out a push alert and will have live coverage on the app. and in accuweather this morning it is a chilly start for many. spots in the 30s this early morning hour. take a look at temperatures across the region. we're at 39 in santa rosa. the jacket's necessary as you step out the door. future tracker winds are relatively light throughout much of the day today. what we'll be watching late tonight into early saturday
6:40 am
morning those winds are going to pick up once again and will last midday through saturday. a wind advisory goes into effect late tonight for the north bay and east bay hills. gusts could go as high as 50 miles per hour and the combination of those gusty winds and lower humidity creating another red flag warning so high fire danger once again through saturday. highs today 60s and 70s by the afternoon. we have a hazy sky and air quality is unhealthy once again. let's check out the roads with sue. good morning. good morning. metering lights are on. those lanes are at the limit through the toll plaza and on into the span. but we do have a delay with folks stacked up for a ten-minute drive to get into the toll plaza. slow traffic over the altamont pass that is typical.
6:41 am
sunol has been cleared. the bay bridge here, take a look at your drive times in a couple of minutes. we want to go north and show you the road closures due to the fires, highway 128, st. helena towards winters. highway 29 and 128 through calistoga in an evacuated area you cannot get through as well. the drive times for major bridges for you this morning. golden gate bridge, the bay bridge backup, a 12 minute drive and the san mateo bridge over to foster city just under 20 mince. a number of school districts affected by the fires in napa and sonoma counties particularly those two counselees. santa rosa junior college is closed until tuesday. sonoma county will release information regarding closures there by 4:00 p.m. on sunday. five school districts in napa will go back to class wednesday and napa valley college is back in session on tuesday.
6:42 am
calistoga joint unified school district is closed until next friday because of a citywide evacuation. marin county public schools closed today because of staffing shortages and contra costa unified will remain closed today because of the poor air quality. there's a lot of different factors going on all across the north bay. we have all of the school closures. look at the list. it goes on and on. it goes on and on. we've put it on our website,
6:43 am
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we're back at 6:45. city officials assessing the loss of property in santa rosa and the number is staggering. 2,800 homes have been destroyed, again, just in santa rosa. in addition dozens of businesses have lost more than 400,000 feet of commercial business burning. thousands of north bay residents still under mandatory evacuation orders with fires continuing to burn in sonoma county and the largest is the tubbs fire which has scorched nearly 35,000 acres that is 10% contained. >> firefighters battling huge fires in mendocino county right now. >> the redwood and potter fires have burned 34,000 acres, just 10% contained there. >> crews chopping down unstable trees to prevent further wild fly fire flare-ups. 8,000 are displaced.
6:46 am
the situation, though, is changing by the moment. >> eight fatalities. unfortunately, i'm going to tell you tomorrow once confirmation has happened, the number will go up. >> ukiah high school has been closed all weeks. volunteers were unloading water. another unique problem, the massive fires are burning marijuana farms. this according to cnn. some of you may know mendocino, humboldt and trinity are known as the emerald triangle because of the numerous illegal grows there. since federal law prohibits marijuana cannabis cultivators can't insure their business. that means they have little financial reprieve just as california is about to begin legal recreational sales. insiders estimate farmers typically invest upwards of $5 million in facilities and $3 million on growing the crop itself. now in today's money report the north bay could face a
6:47 am
crisis. >> 3,500 homes destroyed. victims are staying in shelters or with family and friend eventually displaced residents will be looking for more permanent housing while they rebuild. that's when the crisis will begin according to some in the housing industry. >> off the charts. i don't think we've seen this amount of displacement with so less inventory to absorb that displacement. >> there's not enough inventory so supply and demand will get that much higher. >> and those trying to buy or sell property in or near the fire zones will find many transactions are frozen. many leaders have frozen all funding on loans until properties affected by the fires can be identified. many who lost their homes in the wildfire have lost their jobs at least temporarily. >> there is help according to 7 on your side's michael finney. wavering the seven-day waiting period to claim unemployment benefits. they may be eligible for
6:48 am
disability benefits if you take time off to care for a member injured, you may be eligible for paid family leave benefits. family members include kids, parents, grandparents, in-laws and domestic partners. some will be offering help in applying for these benefits and help in finding a new job. michael finney posted links for all of this on his facebook page. and this breaking news from our live desk is a heartfelt message of thanks from the hard hit city of santa rosa to its first responders. i want to show you the new tweet just sent out by the city a moment ago and it thanks the many men and women. the headline there says personnel from over 50 agencies dropped everything they were doing to come to the aid of our city during one of our darkest hours. and the video ends with a big thank you to the firefighters and a well-deserved thank you. i can't tell you how many people
6:49 am
i met out there when i was in santa rosa and spoke to the firefighters. they had done shift after shift after shift. they would not leave the front lines because they need to help and a lot don't have more than five hours of sleep since sunday. >> triple shifts and more than that out there. >> and they're in tents, right? >> i attended a briefing and that was something they addressed. as soon as you see men and women and they're fatigue, let us know because they need rest, too. >> a lot have lost their own homes. >> about 20 last i heard. we're going to turn to what the weather looks like today and the firefighters will get a bit of a break in that department. >> overnight they've had luck with mother nature and that will continue today as well. we're talking about call winds, high humidity levels but still the air quality is unhealthy to poor right now. look at those values.
6:50 am
even through monday it's still poor in many areas across the region. relative humidity is high especially in the north bay. it's above 75% so the air is humid. winds are cooperating as well, calm to light. less than five miles across the entire region. watching late tonight, early tomorrow morning, future tracker wind gusts 1:00 on your saturday morning. winds will increase gusting at or above 30 miles per hour and that continues through much of the first half of saturday and once again that wind direction will be taking smoke from those fires and sending it south. it looks like the winds will relax by saturday afternoon. however, highs today, 60s and 70s, the name of game. sunny skies but hazy with smoke in the atmosphere. unhealthy air quality. tonight we'll have those winds picking up close to midnight and continuing for the early morning hours mid to low 40s in the north bay. our more mild location also drop
6:51 am
into the low 50s. i want to fast forward into next week. future weather showing you thursday we do have a chance in the morning of having some showers move into the north bay. of course we'll keep you updated on that. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you the next seven days, smoky through the weekend with hazy skies and then we're tracking a chance of showers thursday of next week. >> that's the weather. a check of the roads with sue. a couple of instances cropping up on our chp log. first a look at the san mateo bridge and traffic on the foster city side near edge water. the right lane blocked with an accident there. and eventually that will have the ripple effect back on the span itself. slow and go. rohnert park northbound 101 near golf course drive. the right lane blocked. there's a semi partially blocking the lane there as well. i'm not seeing too much slow traffic in the northbound
6:52 am
direction. southbound is also looking good through rohnert park. we do find some slow traffic. we'll be back with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza in just a few. services are now available for displaced veterans having a tough time coping. >> smoke smell and the sight of burnt buildings can be stressful for vets who certifica zones. they've deployed personnel at napa valley college. they're there to provide mental health services and paperwork assistance for any displaced veterans. >> we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. know before you go. >> abc 7 now, our way of showing
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6:54 am
these are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one the death toll from the north bay wildfires is up to 31 now. officials say 17 of the victims died in sonoma county. the ten fires burning in napa, sonoma and mendocino have charred more than 126,000 acres. and number two, in accuweather we're tracking the winds over the next 24 hours. calm for much of the day today but close to midnight tonight and early tomorrow morning those winds will increase gusting over 20 miles per hour. number three, a lot of us are waking up and it doesn't smell as bad, but i can tell you that the warnings are still out there. the bay area air quality management district says the air will be unhealthy over almost the entire bay area because of
6:55 am
all the smoke. number four, the city of napa says many evacuated people were able to return to their homes last night. it's good news. among the areas where the mandatory evacuation is now lifted the areas of silverado country club, monticello park and the avenues plus areas west of silverado trail. number five, new video from the highway patrol, just look at this, how fast the flames spread overnight sunday and into monday in santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood that we know has been devastated. homes on fire everywhere you look. number six, all clear inside the caldecott tunnel after a dump truck fire blocked traffic in bore number one. it broke out shortly after midnight. the tunnel's vent system was activated to remove smoke no one was hurt. and number seven, we take you to the san mateo bridge where we have an accident on the foster city side near edgewood. two cars are jammed together, they can't get apart, and are blocking lane number three. expect residuals.
6:56 am
sue, we know your son evacuate this had morning. we are thinking of him. >> thanks. we're going to have updates throughout the morning and as any news conferences pop up throughout the day we'll be taking that live on our news app, our website and here on air. >> we'll be back in about 25 minutes with an abc 7 news update expecting one of those news conferences at 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> have a good day. heartbreak as wildfires continue to rage on. >> i know he's 2 but he look at me and said, yes, mommy, it's okay. the american flag was still hanging by a pole. >> we started praying. >> great neighborhood. great neighbors. but it's tough. these people are losing their homes. >> we're just trying to stay ahead of it and do the best we could. >> i just saw flames all up on the hill behind my house. >> it is emotional. nothing could i do to stop it. >> been here 25 years. it was a great neighborhood. it's going to be a lot of work getting it back. >> stories from the north bay wildfires.
6:57 am
how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. dangerous new threat. winds picking up in california, fanning those out of control flames. and the new health warning about smoke. experts saying the air quality is worse than beijing. this now the deadliest week of wildfires in state history. firefighters p desperately trying to control the blaze. and the incredible story, how one couple survived huddling in a pool for hours. president trump's health care bombshell. the white house immediately ends insurance subsidies for poor americans, the biggest move to undermine obamacare yet. democrats call it sabotage, saying it will hurt millions of working and middle class families. all the reaction this morning. plus the president's big announcement about iran and nuclear weapons that has so many nations on edge.


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