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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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were just announced. >> 18 of those total deaths are from the tubbs fire alone, which is now the third deadliest fire in california history. >> hundreds of people are still missing, including 256 in sonoma county alone. and at least 5700 structures have now burned down and 90,000 people have been evacuated around the state. >> we just got a new evacuation order from the sonoma county sheriff's office for unincorporated sonoma county right near healdsburg. it's north of highway 128 between geyser's road and chalk hill road. >> this is new video of the fire burning near the area posted by the geyserville fire protection district. >> people in that mandatory evacuation zone are told to get out right now. >> one of the largest fires is the nun's fire, still raging along the napa/sonoma border. it's burned more than 44,000 acres and it's just 5% contained. flames are slowly moving down, threatening hundreds more homes.
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reporter leslie brinkley is live along dry creek road tonight. leslie. >> reporter: hi, dan. firefighters have told me they feel like they have a grip on this fire, at least for now. the winds are very light, but they are shifting. lowering the thick great curtain over napa valley. you can't even tell that you are in a valley. you can't see the mountains at all up here. and then there's sad story after sad story as i stand by this checkpoint and the evacuees stop by. >> the heartache is as heavy as the smoke in napa valley. this mother is now evacuated from her home on dry creek road. her son lived across the valley on atlas peak, and he already lost everything. >> beautiful home burned to the ground. and they got out with just the clothes on their back. and then, you know, we now have things, their pictures and
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things. if we lose our home, we have nothing. so i don't know. i don't know how much you can take, really. >> the ominous smoke, the smoldering slow-moving fire crept up on homes here. the dry brushes fueling the low line of crackling flames. no trees appear to be on fire, at least not yet. these u.s. forest service crews tapped into backyard pools to hose down a defensive line behind the homes. dry creek road is the line in the sand. if flames cross the road, hundreds of homes are in jeopardy as is all of napa valley. to the east of dry creek road, they have already fortified with a long line of bulldozers and fire retardant. they've got to stop the fire here. >> well, i have an old saying, so far, so good. and i'm feeling helpless but thank god there's good support. >> perry was relieved to see
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photos we shot of his house up the road. it's still okay. he got out his porsche carrera and his dog wally, but standing here with neighbors is agonizing. >> it's waiting. you know, i keep my phone or ipad next to the bed and at 4:00, if i hear a beep, i'm right on it because there's a few tough guys still in there, and they must have power, so they're posting. >> reporter: well, one woman told me she got a call from her husband this morning saying he had decided to stay at their home near the ridgetop and was actually fighting flames. she's really worried. she hasn't heard from him since. cell service throughout the day has been pretty spotty. ashes starting to fall down here now. very eerie sun there behind me over the grapevines. it's getting dark early. it shouldn't be this dark here in napa valley at this time of day. we'll keep you posted and have more live updates coming up on
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our 6:00 news. reporting live along dry creek road, i'm leslie brinkley. >> thank you. in santa rosa, searchers are now looking throughout the city for remains from the tubbs fire. fire destroys much of the journey's end mobile park, and earlier today, they found remains in the rubble there. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas is following along with the search and joins us from the neighborhood fountain grove neighborhood where there's another search going on, eric. >> two searches. you mentioned the one at journey's end, and you can see by looking around here on vintage circle in the fountain grove neighborhood why police might have suspected there was a victim here. let's take you over to the other side of the street. all the homes in this neighborhood were wiped out, and police got a report that there might have been a body here. so they came in, they searched the area. then they developed information that possibly the homeowner had left town or maybe was away. so while they checked that out,
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they have suspended the search here. and they have also suspended the other search just a couple miles away at journey's end. but just take a look at what's been left behind. this entire neighborhood has been wiped out. and on both sides of this, they had dozens of searchers. they had cadaver dogs, and they also had to watch out for their own safety. i'm showing you just some of the rubble left behind. they had to watch out for their own safety, because this, as you can see, is so hazardous. >> earlier in the day, search and rescue teams recovered one person. there's still one more person at an address here we believe we will find. it's currently being searched by about 50 volunteers. a search and rescue teams from four different counties. >> that was earlier, as you heard from the sonoma county sheriff's office. they have suspended the search at journey's end, where they found the one body today. a body was discovered on wednesday, that of a 69-year-old woman. so two bodies from that mobile
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home park, journey's end. they may resume searching there tomorrow, but as i said, as of tonight, they have suspended the searches. this was all caused by the tubbs fire rolling through here. you mentioned there are still people who are missing because of it, and that is what is driving the urgency of the sonoma county sheriff's office along with their partner agencies who have been helping out from marin county, from monterey county, and from alameda county, bringing their special expertise up here because, yes, they suffer through the ghost ship fire. so they know how to handle a mass casualty event. and we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you the latest, live in the fountain grove neighborhood of santa rosa. eric thomas, aby 7 news. >> tough work there. thanks so much. >> authorities in napa escorted some evacuees back to their homes today so residents could check on their property. three neighborhoods reopened to evoc wes. monticello park, the avenues and the silverado country club area. 82-year-old helen cochran was
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delighted to see her home in one piece, but realized she couldn't stay. >> well, i'm leaving because there's no power. >> she's going to go back to my house. >> no gas or electricity. the whole avenue doesn't have anything. >> we have water and we're going to take them to our birds and try to keep our birds alive and then get out. >> an anxious line of people lined up at the road block waiting to get a ride up the hill. officials urge people to wear boots or sturdy shoes at the very least. masks and gloves when they go back to their homes. >> the city of calistoga remains under a mandatory evacuation order because of the tubbs fire. there's a lot of activity there as firefighters work to keep the flames on the west side of highway 29. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live with more. laura. all right hi, kristen. i'm standing actually in robert lewis stevenson state park just below highway 29. this is an area that burned through today. technically, this fire is growing, but so is the
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containment level. now, 25% on the tubbs fire. if there's a positive tonight, those predicted high winds so far, we haven't seen them. except for this home destroyed on the outskirts of town, it's so far so good in calistoga. where one family left a message and a snack for firefighters outside their evacuated home. >> we just don't feel like we need to leave at this point. >> others have chosen to stay. this couple told us they're feeling a bit more at ease. now that the stubborn tubbs fire is 25% contained. what have you done to prepare in case you do need to leave? >> we have our vehicles packed up and ready to go. >> unfortunately in the hills, i believe there are houses that have burned down, but in the city, it seems to be pretty good. there's a long way to go. as firefighters continue to try to hold the line above calistoga along highway 29. crews hit this flare-up from the
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ground long before it could jump the roadway. in the meantime, near the summit of mt. st. helena, helicopters made water drops to keep the flames from topping the ridge. we can see what a little bit of wind does. >> right. so that's the deal today, is that with the changing winds and the higher elevation, we've got more impact from the north winds coming out of the north and the risk of it blowing across highway 29. >> it's hard to look at this and see anything positive, but firefighters tell me that the fact that these ground fuels, all the low line brush has burned through now next to the highway is good for them because if the wind does pick up tonight, there's nothing to feed the fire and send it up into the tall trees and possibly force it over the highway. live on mt. st. helena. >> the risk of fire is growing in parts of the bay area tonight and it could get worse this
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weekend. sandhya patel is here monitor conditions to tell us why. >> we're expecting gusty winds, so let's take a look at the fire danger rising in the coming hours. red flag warning already up for the north bay hills right now. increasing winds in the hills as we head into the latter part of the evening. lowering humidity, and that means fires will spread quickly. the existing fires and any new fires that develop. the red flag warning has started for the north bay mountains and east bay hills. it begins for the valleys at 11:00 p.m. tonight and runs until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. gusts in the hills 40 to 60. 30 to 35 miles per hour in the valleys and the wind advisory will be kicking up at 11:00 p.m. tonight, running until 5:00 p.m. saturday as the winds could topple trees and power lines. it covers solano county, north and east bay hills. right now, winds are light, this is helping firefighters. relative humidity values still decent, but they will be dropping as you look at the forecast. the winds increase heading into the wee hours of the morning.
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complete look at the forecast coming up. >> thanks a lot. remember, you can get the latest any time with the abc 7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live. >> petaluma is miles from the closest fire, but it's become a key part of the firefight and the evacuation effort. >> we'll take you inside this hub of activity. >> plus -- >> i got my wall lt and my phone and my wife grabbed her phone, didn't even get her purse. my kids grabbed a stuffed animal. tat's all we had time for. >> a firefighter forced to run from the flames returning home to see what is left. >> and there are a lot of events canceled because of poor air quality. find out if college and pro
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san francisco fire department paramedic came back to look at
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the ruins that were once his house. michael clemens said he was awakened early monday morning by popping noises. he thinks they were propane tanks exploding. michael's paramedic training helped him stay calm and he focused on one thing. >> kids were there and more than anything, i wanted to get my family out. that's all i cared about. we came out with nothing. i mean, we're all wearing pajamas, and i think my kids grabbed a stuffed animal. more of just a get out of the house. that's all i wanted, my family out. >> one structure is the only thing left standing. it's the frame from michael's garage. even brick walls could not stop the fire. >> no. petaluma has become a hub of activity as it's now home to firefighting choppers and the largest evacuation center in the fire zone. david louie is live at the sonoma marin fairgrounds tonight. david. >> reporter: dan and kristen, more than 300 people have been calling the marin sonoma marin fairgrounds temporary shelter
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for this past week. the head count today is 235. so there is room for more people. they have medical clinic here, they have psychological services here. but the most important thing that's happening here is the distribution of donations. much needed by evacuees who left their homes with virtually nothing. in many cases, all they left home with was the clothes on their backs. evacuees have been grateful to have access of what amounts to an outdoor version of a big box store. a virtual army of volunteers hard at work to sort and organize the donatins and to take them in. the red cross is here too to run the shelter. >> we have continued receiving donations from nearly the moment we opened, and they have not stopped. and we're doing our best to serve the community that's here on our site, but also donate and move items around to other shelters that might be short of certain items we have here. >> not far from here, the petaluma airport today has been turned into cal fire's helicopter base. aircraft from marino, van nuys,
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and other locations are assembling here before being deployed to do water drops. >> we have between 12 and 20 helicopters will be coming in and out throughout a ten-day period. >> you have a fueling operation here too? >> right. we currently are general aviation aircraft can't fly today. there's a temporary flight restriction, so it's busy. >> cal fire even brought in a mobile flight operation center to plan and execute its aerial strategy. the big unknown here at the fairgrounds, of course, is how long will the evacuees be staying here because many are not allowed to go back to their neighborhoods, they could be here for quite a while. live in petaluma, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> a brother and sister who helped rescue dozens of elderly residents are demanding answers from a senior living center in santa rosa. they want to know where were the employees. reporter melanie woodrow. >> reporter: these are pictures of flames devouring the oakmont
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senior living community on fountain grove parkway in santa rosa. around 3:30 monday morning, rj went to check on his grandfather, a resident in the main building. >> when i walked in and saw the people, i -- and the looks on their faces, i knew i needed to be the answer. >> he says there were two women in the lobby who he assumed were employees. >> they said are you the fire department? >> he quickly discovered his grandfather wasn't in his room, but dozens of elderly residents were in their rooms, many behind locked doors. back in the lobby, he said the two women he thinks were employees were now gone. he called his wife who called 911. when the fire department arrived, cislg insisting the firefighters broke down doors where they found more residents sleeping. >> the repeated question is how come nobody came and got us, how come nobody told us we wir evacuating and from the fire department, where's the staff,
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where's the master key. >> in an e-mail, they say, quote, while we were in the process of shuttling residents to a designated location, authorities did not allow staff to re-enter the area. and they said they would take responsibility for evacuating residents. >> we were not stopping anybody from saving lives. we hadn't set up road blocks. we weren't preventing anyone from coming in. >> in a subsequent statement, executives confirm authorities wouldn't allow staff to return, a point santa rosa police department disputes. police called for two golden gate transit buses. the driver, david may. >> code three. >> with 70 elderly residents waiting. >> some with walkers. wheelchair. and we started loading. i was just glad to have the opportunity to help. >> he now worries they didn't open every closed door in the main building. another building burned to the ground, and there were two other buildings that sustained smoke
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damage. his sister stephanie found their grandfather at a shelter. >> i said papa, how did you get here? he goes, i left with the manager in her car. >> huge effort was made. but why did nobody stay behind to insure that everybody was evacuated? >> that's a question oakmont management group hasn't answered. oakmont mampgment group says that it remained in contact with authorities throughout the night to make sure that all of its residents were safe. in santa rosa, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> you should know that more families have come forward with their own stories from inside the senior living center. we'll have that new tonight at 6:00. >> the cal football game is a go for tonight. game time, 7:30 at cal's memorial stadium. tomorrow, stanford is also playing, and for now, the raiders game is set for sunday afternoon, as the team continues to monitor air quality. ⌞> there is one cancellation to tell you about, the sand castle classic at ocean beach has been
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postponed due to air quality. no replacement date has been set at this time. >> and we'll take a much needed break from our fire coverage for a few friday freebies. in a few minutes. >> yeah, dan and kristen, let's check out the forecast for cal since the game is going on tonight against washington state in berkeley. 67 degrees tonight, hazy sunshine due to the smoke. it will get breezy. and as we head towards 10:30, 59 degrees, so a good idea to pack a light sweatshirt if you're going. live doppler seven shows you clear conditions. sfo continues to experience arrival delays. right now, running 172 minutes. the other airports are doing fine. look at this live picture. this is from our emeryville camera. it's such a smoky sky right now, so do keep in mind that the smoke has not left us yet from those wildfires. temperatures in the 60s. san francisco, oakland right now at 73 in san jose and 63 in half moon bay. numbers in the north bay in the
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mid-70s. santa rosa, napa currently in livermore, 76 degrees. really mild weather outside. and as we take a look at a live picture from our san rafael camera, notice the breezes starting to pick up. the trees are blowing around. but that smoke is very heavy, and you can clearly see how bad it is there. increasing winds and high fire danger. smoky skies will continue through the weekend with a chance of showers next week. i do want to show you the air quality forecast for the next four days. the air district has issued a spare the air alert for saturday through monday, as that is going to be the worst of the air quality, poor to unhealthful for many parts of the bay area. by monday, we start to see an improvement, but still bad in some parts. tuesday, moderate to poor air quality expected. and 95 mask, stay inside if you do have to go outside, obviously, there mask will help, but some hardware stores have run out. keep that in mind. hour by hour we go. tonight, 7:00, 31-mile-per-hour winds along the coast.
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in the wee hours of the morning, while you're sleeping, wind will begin to kick up out of the north-northeast. napa, fairfield, keep that in mind as the wind increases early tomorrow morning to about 36 miles per hour at the lower elevations. possibly 50, 60 at the higher elevations. tomorrow afternoon, the winds do begin to come down. winds increase. watch what happens to the 11:00 p.m. humidity tonight. it drops going into tomorrow morning, down to the teens and really continuing into the single digits by saturday afternoon, which is why the red flag warnings are in effect for the hills and will go up for the north bay valleys tonight at 11:00 p.m. along with solano county. tomorrow morning, windy, hazy, clear, it is going to be smoky, though. temperatures, low 40s to low 50s. tomorrow afternoon, numbers will range from the 60s to the 80s. the hazy sun will continue. unfortunately, the smoke is not going to leave us anytime soon. if you have respiratory issues, try to avoid outdoor exposure if you can. here is encouraging news. our models still want to bring
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in the possibility of rain, thursday, october 19th. that's next week, into mendocino county, hour by hour we go. this is at 4:00 p.m. thursday. watch what happens by 6:00 p.m. that rain begins to spread. it doesn't look like a whole lot right now, but at least this would increase the humidity for the firefighters. help them out. and certainly bring down the potential for fires going into friday morning as some showers linger. accuweather seven-day forecast, a gusty morning tomorrow. smoky skies all day. mid 60s to mid 80. winds will relax on sunday. those temperatures will rise rapidly. 70s to 90s. we'll keep it in the same range for monday before you see much cooler air beginning to move in tuesday. and then look what happens from the 90s to the 80s thursday, friday, 60s inland. 50s coast side. chance of showers thursday night into friday. down lode the accuweather app. keep track of live doppler 7 and the temperatures anytime you want. >> thank you, sandhya. >> well, we're going to take a little break, which is welcome from our fire coverage, for a
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few friday freebies.
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well, after a very tough week, a nice break is finney's friday free stuff. >> here's michael finney. so happy to see you. >> you know, i was saying, should i do this today? >> it's a nice distraction. >> people need it. >> that's what everybody said. the whole newsroom said, well, yeah. >> and it is free. >> it is free. give you something else to think about for a moment anyway. this is from mama chia. check out this drink. check out how thick this drink is. it's absolutely amazing. a beverage that contained the highest quality organic chia seeds. that's what you're seeing. >> that's what's in there? >> yeah. along with a bold flavor of ginger lime, blackberry hibiscus. it's organic chia vitality beverage. 2500 milligrams of omega 3. >> you can see the seeds in there. >> it's pretty cool. okay, now we've got -- we're
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going to give you a distraction. the san francisco armory, have you ever seen this thing? it's down in the mission district. >> huge facility. >> been there forever. they're now giving tours of this. so we're going to give you one of three opportunities to take a tour, the first few hundred people. it's a long tour, a historic tour. look at that. that's a big building. see the one with the curve at the top of the screen? that's the armory. it's played a major part of almost every war this country has been in for the last 100 years. >> wow. >> and a major part in san francisco. >> worth seeing. >> how do folks get it? >> go to our website,, and we'll hook you up. >> great stuff, and a nice distraction. >> well, stay with us. we have heard a lot about win y wineriwiner wineries
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news at 6:00, expecting new
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information from the fire lines. the sonoma county sheriff is holding a news conference. we'll take you there live. >> also, first class treatment for our first responders. we'll take you inside the village for the crews from san francisco to boston. >> and from 7 on your side's michael finney, a look at the toll the fires are already taking on the tourism industry, not only in wine country but the rest of the bay area as well. >> that's all coming up in a half hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> you know, we don't think about it much, but wine country is actually also a well respected beer region. >> and the fires have affected several popular breweries. santa rosa's russian river, known for its legendary beer, pliny the younger, is still open. >> others are not. reports that beer republic has shut down production. as many staff members have lost their homes. while other homes are threatened. >> sonoma springs said production has been slowed, but it's tap room is reopened today. >> which is good to hear. >> join us tonight at 6:00 for the latest information on the
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fires. i'm kristen zee. >> i'm dan ashley. we tonight several breaking headlines. the las vegas massacre. the sheriff late today and the new timeline now revealed tonight. when did the hero security guard get shot? when did the massacre begin and how long did it take for police to arrive as we also learn who else the gunman was aiming for. also the health care bombshell. president trump's midnight move. his effort to disassemble obamacare killing billions in subsidies that help cover the costs of care. tonight you will hear from american families affected. the iran nuclear deal tonight. the president revealing he will not certify it calling it unacceptable. worldwide reaction coming in. the new concern in california at this hour. the wildfires and the death toll growing, worsening winds expected this weekend and the up


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