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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> referee: illegal block below the waist, offense, 15-yard penalty. repeat second down. >> mark: miami gets called for a cut block. >> rod: one of the receivers, mullins out there. going back to georgia tech i'm surprised they moved austin up close to berrios. he's seven, eight yards off and they have had four bubble screens right in front of him to get a block and get yardage. at some point you move your nickel back up and you take away that throw by a lineman and they haven't done that. >> mark: this pushes the ball all the way back to the 44, it looks like they're going to mark it. and no longer in field goal range. >> rod: yeah, here's the lineup, you see where austin is, now
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he's moved up. but for so many plays on this drive he's been seven, eight yards deep, now he's at about three, four yards. >> mark: rosier. underneath, little contact. and no flag. lamont simmons, right there, number 6, who had that touchdown off the onside kick earlier. >> rod: yeah that's a good play. he gets that right hand around and knocks it down. that's a good play. >> mark: third down coming up. and still not in field goal range. homer. with nowhere to go. georgia tech defense coming up huge there. and it sets up fourth down with 41 seconds to go, miami has to call time-out. let's go to cassidy in the studio. >> cassidy: so, mark, number 11
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trailing there. we had two top ten teams lose already, make that three, auburn's jarrett stidham's last-ditch effort, sacked. lsu beats auburn. coming up, will the excitement continue? next on abc, utah visiting number 13 usc. mark, rod, back to you. >> rod: wow. >> mark: cassidy, that penalty, rod -- really changed the complexion of things for miami with the run they had no success with and now they're looking at fourth down and not in field goal range. >> rod: well, you talked this one over. you have to figure out, is there any way, your kicker, can you make this? you have no choice you have to go for this on fourth down to give yourself a chance. >> mark: it would be 60-yard field goal. >> rod: on a wet field.
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doesn't make sense. >> mark: his career long is 57 yards. it was against georgia tech. in 2015. >> rod: it seems to me that your best option is probably langham, the hero from last week. give him a chance to go up and make a catch a. >> mark: berrios the inside receiver to the bottom of your screen. that's where they look. taken a shot. caught by langham! another magic miracle by miami! and in field goal range. >> rod: oh, that's the matchup. that's the one they needed. they should have been looking to and now you have a shot. >> mark: and they spike it.
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stopping the clock. . only played two plays last week and had the game-winning touchdown and he came up huge here. >> rod: safety over the top. doesn't get there. gray has to lean. that's the matchup they need on that fourth down and what a tremendous effort and concentration by that guy, la langham. >> mark: that ball was underthrown. >> rod: he just makes play after play for miami. >> mark: 6'4," big target. rosier. out of the shotgun. homer. got a block. holding on to that football. and he gets another first down. the pile moving. first and goal, miami. they can afford to think touchdown here.
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first place in the division on the line. >> rod: first place, likely a top ten ranking. if they can get this done. >> mark: number # 7 brentavious glanton, the injured georgia tech player. with all the miami legends and greats watching like michael irvin, ray lewis, there's a little feeling of history here at hard rock stadium. a huge comeback by this year's edition of the hurricanes, just 21 seconds away potentially. from the four-yard line, it's first and goal. and the big play once again to darrell langham, a guy who has
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labored, languished for two years. hasn't really been that prominent but once again on the receiving end of a huge play from malik rosier. >> rod: game-winning touchdown catch last week and then a huge fourth down catch here to keep miami's drive and their hopes alive. >> mark: five catches for 100 yards. there's a look at the current drive. it started deep in miami territory. >> rod: that man has ice water in his veins. started poorly, needed two game-winning drive. got one last week and this week, he's calmly moved his team into position. 8 of 10. >> mark: he is clutch. first and goal, here we go.
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and he puts it in the middle of the field, it looks like they're playing for the field goal here. he ran it right into the middle of the field for michael badgley, the field goal kicker who with eight seconds to go. this is pretty much an extra point attempt. >> referee: time-out, georgia tech -- miami, their third and final time-out. >> mark: as he calls a time-out. they've got one remaining. it was actually a miami time-out. he's made three already today. from 33, 32 and 21. five of six on the year coming in. quint. >> quint: mark they have a dry
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football which is ideal. the only thing you worry about here is that plant foot because this field has taken a ton of water down here. >> mark: from 24 yards out. for the win. the hurricanes take the lead! the only other lead for the hurricanes was at 3-0.
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georgia tech stunned on the other side of the field. >> rod: good snap, perfect kick. >> mark: feeling like old times for the hurricanes. that's a kick that carlos would have been proud of. it's not the old orange bowl. but it just feels like a little bit like it. 16 plays, 85 yards. malik rosier captain cool, captain clutch, using up 2:26 on the clock. >> rod: i don't think miami fansz can handle him doing this every week. clutch. last-minute game-winning performances.
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huge, huge performance. >> mark: they kick it off deep with 4 seconds to go. cottrell. they're going to try to lateral their way into the end zone. and an alley there for ricky jeune. still alive. and it's over! the hurricanes come back.
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let's go downstairs to quint. >> quint: when you got the ball with 2:30, backed up, down two, what was going through your mind. >> we got three time-outs. we didn't have to throw it every down. you know, those bubble screens are just run/pass options. if the box is too heavy we'll throw the bubbles out there and they just kept giving it to us. our guys blocked it well. one block below the waist. i thought it was legal. i guess it was not. malik was patient enough and we threw and caught it well enough. great to see you, buddy. >> quint: fourth and 11 for the second straight week, darrell langham making a play. >> well it was lucky that we got the tip and it landed in his arms. but he really was getting doubled. we had a single coverage on the other side. he's been mr. clutch. >> quint: great smile.
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coach, congratulations. everybody having fun, jonesy. >> mark: coral gables, florida, stand up. carol city, stand up. the canes are back. coming up on abc at 8:00 eastern time, utah taking on usc. for rod i'm mark so long, everybody.
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in the north bay. the lais on the fires movement today and the progress made by fire crews. >> this is one of the greatest tragedies that california has ever faced. support tr hose those in nee wild fires continue the growing assault. live over one of the fires. this is led to a new round of
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evacuations. and as the fire spread, so does the the wild fires continue their growth in the north bay. sky 7 live over one ot fires. plumes of smoke. if you like carefully you can see the scars there. and the flames. that are open. and being fed earlier today by winds. those winds dying down just a bit. here you see a building in santa rose. consumed by flames. the devastation spreading. hello, i'm eric thomas. welcome to the early edition. due to college football. we continue with day seven of the mass i fire fight. live pictures from sky 7. we're going to put up the nearby streets and roads with sky map 7. you can see exactly where the burn area is in relation to the streets that are nearby.
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lths put that up now. as you watch putting fire retardant on some of the flames and the smoke there. that's causing that rust covered lines you see right next to the fire area. pulling back to show you more of the smoke and there's been just an incredible amount of it. as you know. up in the north bay and bleeding down into the bay area. the rest of the bay area. dry creek fork road there off to the left. dry creek road up to the north. wall read, trinity road. that's the perimeter on one side. as we see the massive wall of smoke continue to spread. the highway, napa road. seres point road. the better known better traveled roads to the north up there. highway 12. this entire area is a what's known as the fire complex. there are so many fires burning in a small area. new evacuation orders have been
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issued between eastern santa rose and ken wood. on both sides of highway 12. as we watch another potential air drop. maybe an air national guard plane. right now we know about 100,000 people are out of their homes due to orders. across several counties. 38 deaths at least are being blamed on the fire. that includes 20 in people killed in so know ma county. flames have destroyed 5,700 homes and businesses. one big concern centers around the nuns, presly and patrick fires. this fire is currently a little more than 46,000 acres. it is only 10% contained. now to the stories of some of today's evacuees. live where the growing fear over
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the fire. >> people are anxious to get back into the evacuation zone behind me to see if their homes survived. despite the fire danger, there's also a lot of fire equipment. to try to repair power lines chl people would probably been in the way of firefighters and the active fire fight that's taking place. we tried to get to as many places as possible to show you damage. >> reporter: a calvary of choppers circles homes in the area. trying to save them during extreme fire conditions. all residents can do is wait behind the evacuation lines. >> anxious. extremely anxious. >> reporter: early this morning. embers ignited homes on castle road. forcing evacuations. >> it's been a few days.
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back here. and i can see right now that it's not even close to being over. >> reporter: we found two homes destroyed on castle road. one on half-moon street. one managed to save these classic cars. by pushing them out of a garage that burned on half-moon street. we shared images with jim. who choked up with relief that his homemade it. >> a lot of people found out their places were okay. >> reporter: not earn is in the clear. the front of the fire is burning northeast of the town. that black smoke, firefighters think it maybe a structure. we are at the winery. hot spots all around. firefighters are try lg to keep them contained. >> this isn't a run, it's a marathon. there will be a will the of hasrds. trees down and power lines. blocking the line. >> there's no time line for when people might be allowed to
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return back to their homes. good news the smoke appears to be better here. close to the fire. it is smokier in downtown. but it has been our observation that the closer you are to the fire, the less checking the smoke is. it's settling in the lower valley. >> thank you. let's take a closer look at the new areas under the latest mandatory evacuation orders. the sheriff office says you must leave immediately if you are in the following areas. seventh street east from east na a pa to denmark. the north side of denmark street. ma east mcarthur street. east of seventh. also quail run way. and. on the screen. eastern santa row sa. urging people to leave immediately in the following areas. highway 12, between adoeb canyon road. in ken wood. and this includes both sides of
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highway 12. sky hawk mountain hawk, and much of rin con valley. one of the largest fires burning is in napa. the atlas fire. 44% contained. the pocket fire is nearly 11,000 acres and the nun fire includes five earlier fires. at 46,000 acres and 10% contained. containment on the redwood potter fire is up to 20% now. and the sulfur fire is now 65% contained. some of the evacuees were taken to the findly community center. many senior citizens who were e vak waited from a complex. the center is being called the hill ton of shelters. because it offers a level of comfort many of the evacuees aren't used to. >> everything has been working
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beautifully. i really shouldn't have spent any time worrying. it's been like kind of a vacation. >> the red cross says if you're in the area, you don't actually have to be an evacuation to enjoy the services. in you need a hot bath or meal, come on in. we have a look at the nuns fire. as it rapidly advanced this morning near highway 12. we saw fire truck after fire truck going into the fire zone. the wind gusts in the area really drove the flames. live along highway 12. with the latest for us. >> this fire has been relatively tame today. just in the last half hour, it's really started pilking up. we saw flames a few minutes ago. and the smoke heading towards us is heading east. >> reporter: in just a ten mile stretch on highway 12 near santa
4:25 pm
rose, you'll see destruction, burning hillside, and even homes far enough away from danger. >> i'm really surprised that this is where it is. >> reporter: kevin lester is staying behind inside an evacuation zone. concerned about a spot fire east of him on highway 12. >> got to do what you can. don't want to sit and watch it happen. >> reporter: sandwiched in the middle of the massive tubs and nuns fire. this roughly 200 acre burn forced mandatory evacuations for the area saturday morning. >> as predicted the wind event came up this morning. pushed the fire down the hill. >> reporter: foofs at first were scrambling to protect the homes of 3,000 evacuees. but a heavy response is slowing the blaze. another ten minutes further east from this fire. destruction from the enormous nuns fire. firefighte firefighters believe the spot fire cam from this direction. the only certainty, the
4:26 pm
unpredictability of the blazes. >> when the winds picked up we weren't sure which direction the fire was going to go. >> we have been talking to fire officials all day. tla have no idea when people from this area will be able to come back. even though they have been able to tackle this pretty well. a story of tremendous relief. a couple missing since the fire brek out has been found safe. the family of ellen and bob said today the couple is fine. the family reached out to us from new hampshire. and asked us to help find them. they had gone to a hotel in san francisco. they are just fine. they are just fine. a look at weather c (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase,
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showing you the latest view from sky 7. this sky map 7 showing you where the roads are in the area in relation to where the burn areas are in the fire over napa county. the plumes of smoke showing you that there are still fires burning up there. that we are still not out of the woods. literally. over 179,000 acres have burned so far. and the seven days of this fire. 100,000 people in north bay remain evacuated. and when it comes to the wild fires we're not only worried about the winds, we're worried about the air quality. a live look outside now from the
4:30 pm
east bay looking west. it's another hazy day. if your eyes don't show you that, certainly the nose does. drone view 7 shows conditions earlier this morning from san francisco. looking toward the north bay. a thick layer of smoke covering that part of region. let's get the latest on our air quality. >> for some of us it's a better day today in terms of air quality. but still in the north bay we have poor air quality. i want to talk about the winds. specifically around our fires in the north bay. they were active earlier this morning. as projected. we had frequent gusts over 20 miles per hour. look at the winds right now over our main fires. and they have calmed down. the most alktive wind we have between the tubs fire and sulfur fire gusting to only 13 miles per hour. we do predict the winds to remain rather light. over the next several hours. take a lock a the satellite image from nasa. you can see the plume of smoke from the fires in the north bay. it is moving offshore.
4:31 pm
thanks to the winds. and that means god air quality for many of us outside of the north bay. live look from the east bay hills camera. it's a much better picture in terms of visibility than yesterday. still cause for concern in the north bay where we have the fires. we have poor air quality at this hour. the air quality over the next several days. the take away it's going to gradually be improving each and every day. and by wednesday, you can see some spots in the inland east bay and south bay. actually coming back to good air quality. out there now, numbers in the 70s and 80s. 82. 79 oakland. 80 in san jose. winds on the light side. the exception is fair field gusting to 24 miles per hour. gusts inland as well. the wind direction will continue to push that smoke out to sea and provide good air quality for many. outside of the north bay. we'll take you into the north bay the gusts over the next 24 hours critical for firefighters.
4:32 pm
there are very encouraging news. you see the winds remain on the light side the nebs 24 hours. they will be variable. they will be switching direction each and every hour from the south to northeast. and to the west. over nite tonight here's the call. we'll have hazy skies. some cool spots loik half-moon bay and clover dale to the 30s. mainly 40s and 50s for the rest of us. tomorrow will be a warm day from the coast to the bay. we'll see the winds on the light side. it will bring warmer weather. 80s from san francisco to oakland. and san jose 88. 87 in santa rose. and 87 in napa. we're tracking rain. we use this as it ranks each and every storm to give you a better idea of what we expect. we're expecting rain thursday and friday. it's a 1. it's a light. higher humidity thankfully for the firefighters. some spots do have the potential to see three-fourths of an inch.
4:33 pm
the next zempb days on the 7-day forecast. warm with light winds. cooler air midweek. thursday and friday there's the chance of rain thursday evening and lasting into friday morning. a one each day. that will be welcome news. the good news the winds do not look to be gusty any time soon like this morning. those factors. the high temperatures, winds and humidity. just a couple each day.
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between ken wood and santa rose. blazing away. active flames right there. big plumes of black smoke. going up into the sky. this is still the problem. winds have lightened up up there, there's still plenty of fuel. and these fires still have their own minds. and take themselves where they want to go. that's why it's been difficult for the firefighters even though there are thousands of them up there. to get lines built around these fifrs if we can show you from sky map 7. the roads in that area. you see to the northeast. hillside. stern ranch road. to the west over there. wall road and off to the left of the screen. we saw an airplane fly by. probably a aircraft for kal fire. and forest service. as they get air tech in there and water or retardant on the flames. now to the news from lake county. where the sulfur fire is burning. it's getting better. the 2,500 acre wild fire is now
4:37 pm
65% contained and mandatory evacuations have been cancelled. flames are burning off highway 20. reds dents of the spring valley community can return home. however. officials caution they should gather medication, pets and important papers. just in case the wind shifts and picks up again. lake county and clear lake officials are opening up a local assistance center. it will be the the clear lake community center. it will be open tuesday through saturday from 11 to 7. kal fire is dealing with a new fire in lake county. burning off highway 20 in long valley road. five miles to the east of clear lake oaks. this fire charred about 100 acres. the good news is crews have stopped it from spreading any further. it is 10% contained right now. here's the very latest on deadly fires burning. eight people have been killed. the redwood and potter fires are 20% contained. the fires combined to burn
4:38 pm
34,000 acres and destroyed more than 350 homes. the flames continue to threaten more than 1,000 additional homes and businesses. and orders remain in effect for several communities. back now to the breaking news on the north bay wild fire. governor brown joined california senators today to meet with some of the people coping with the affects of the fire storm.
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let's get to the latest update. right now about 100,000 people remain out of their homes after mandatory e vakuation orders came out over night. more today to people living along highway 12. in eastern santa rose and the town of ken wood. death toll has risen to 38. search teams located more bodies. 20 people died in sonoma alone. for the first time since being evacuated. flames devastated their homes within the first few hours of the fire breaking out last sunday night. people living in the fire zone got a chance to hear from the governor and u.s. senators today. in a town hall hearing in santa rose. tiffany wilson was there. >> hi there, eric. you can see the devastation around me. governor brown surveyed this from a helicopter. he stopped by some of the neighborhoods firsthand. to witness the destruction as
4:42 pm
you can tell there are just acres of ashes around me. not much recognizable beyond this weight set at one home. now governor brown says he will do everything that he can to help and already there is help in the coffee park neighborhood. crews have been here all day. there's a crew right down the block. also some residents were allowed inside to search for medication. it's hard to imagine they were successful because there is not much left. ironically some of the trash cans up the street didn't suffer much fire damage. we found uncharred papers inside. >> i can say that this is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedy that california has ever faced. the devastation is just unbelievable. it's a horror that no one have imagined. >> the fires continue to rage and people inside the town hall say they have not slept all week. fearing new flames. many told me they want to know
4:43 pm
logistics like how can they get their mail? where do they go and what do they have to do to get a new driver's license when the identification was burned up? they want to know about the permit process to clear the rubble off the land? and how to begin reconstruction. others have more. >> that's the big question. nobody knows. i just hope between the politicians, cities and all of the wonderful people, that will be soon. >> now in a small glimmer of good news, firefighters walked this entire neighborhood today looking for hot spots. and they told me that they did not find any. live. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> good news. live along highway 12. that's where hundreds of residents had to
4:44 pm
morning. >> we're essentially sandwiched in between the tubs and the nuns fire. and this roughly 200 acre fire is a spot fire from one of the massive blazes. just in the past half hour to an hour. this fire behind us really starting to pick up. air attacks circling above us. i'm sure you can hear it. trying to keep the hillside cool. take look at the video shot from this morning. from where i'm standing. firefighters were scrambling to protect the homes of more than 3,000 evacuees. they believe the blaze traveled from one of the big fires. sparking the hillside. firefighters and responders with light, sirens and pa systems were driving around neighborhoods, telling everybody to get out. >> the winds picked up. we weren't sure which direction the fire was going to go. >> so this afternoon that i had a heavy response to try and slow
4:45 pm
down that blaze. as i said things are picking up right around here. we have seen flames from the vantage point. which we hadn't seen all afternoon. so there's not going to stop hitting this hard this evening. and firefighters say because the area is not in the clear, they have no idea when those mandatory evacuations will be lift td. right now you're taking a look at chopper video right there. chopper bringing water down. trying to cool that hot spot. if you can see that black smoke coming up from the hillside. firefighters tell me this is very difficult terrain. it's steep. very rugd. hard for hand crews to go in there. really air attack is the only way they have been able to handle this fire. we're right along highway 12. sendsing in reenforcements to the fire lines. the latest helping hand
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
the live look from sky 7 at latest problem con fropting firefighters in the north bay. flames near napa county. burning in this thick brush that is very hard to get to. impossible by hand crews. it's been a fight from the air for the past few minutes. one of the helicopters there. they have been dropping water directly on the flames and fire retardant in the yairs area. the rust colored tree line. this is shaping up to being
4:49 pm
quite a fight up here. the winds have not be all that strong, the fire is still unpredictable. we'll keep you updated with the latest. officials say they halted the fires advance into sonomo. 400 evacuated. at the fairgrounds. volunteers sifting through mounds of donated diapers, shoes a and clothing. fire crews are getting reenforcements from the northwest. from east king county in washington state arrived this morning. they tweeted out these pictures. they were put to work on the pocket fire and we are always glad for the help here in northern california. especially with these fires. and their tremendous magnitude going on. we're keeping a close eye on the smoky air quality. drew is here. >> we continue to track that air quality. we have the red flag warning
4:50 pm
still in effect. update on the winds (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects
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more news about the fire. officials issued positive reports their daily briefing containment figures are up. and expressed confidence of hold lging the loins. 146 of the 224 people reporting missing has been found. and the shall have shared an important message. >> if you are originally called somebody in that was missing, or unlocatable. when what we ask you to do and you have found that person or contacted them, we're asking you that you give us a call back. at 7072534501. >> six people are counted as dead in na ta county. officials say the county doesn't need anymore nor clothes or food donations. they suggest gift cards instead. >> what about from this point on. let's check in with
4:53 pm
meteorologist. >> that air quality certainly poor in north bay. it is getting better outside of the north bay. we continue though to have high fire danger. red flag warning in effect for the north bay. as well as the east bay hills. gusts could go anywhere from to 25 miles per hour in the hills. the fires that are active could continue to spread. the air kwat has improved over 24 hours. still in the north bay where we have fires the smoke is sitting on top of the north bay. poor air quality is forecasted there. surface winds. good news. there's active wind this morning are backing off. wind are stronger inland and in the south bay. it's pushing any smoke that could move outside of the north bay into the rest of the bay area. out to sea. that's why many of us outside of the north bay are seeing better air quality. than we were this time yesterday. it's all important about that
4:54 pm
wind forecast in the north bay. we have encouraging news. the winds especially around santa rose do lock to remain on the light side. over the next 24 hours the high es wind gusts we have on the forecast will be tomorrow midday. that's 5 miles per hour. certainly some god thuz for firefighters to continue to up the containment numbers. over night tonight here's the call. haze in the atmosphere especially in the north bay. 40s and 50s on board. could have 30s especially in the clover dale. sunday a rather warm fall day. a lot of 80s. 83 in. 87 in santa rose. clover dale a high of 89. san jose will be warm with a high of 88 degrees. we're tracking the potential for some rain in the next sempb seven days. one, thursday into friday morning. some spots could see more than three quarters of an inch of
4:55 pm
rain. we have a light winds. through the week ahead. good news there. and thursday and friday there's the chance for rain in the evening thursday. and into friday morning. >> thanks, stanford hosts oregon tonight at 8:00. if you're headed to the game the cardinals are accepting donations for fire relief. we'll see if oregon can figure out a way to stop bryce love. to bring a season total to 1240. over 600 of those have come after being hit. which is the more impressive number for head coach david shau. >> i wish we could coach that. but, since his freshman year we have been saying about. the first guy doesn't get him. he makes the first guy miss. and some don't get a chance to touch him. it's uncanny. physics wise, it doesn't make sense. >> meanwhile. kal got the biggest win in years
4:56 pm
last night. beating number 8. 37-3. his mom was a gymnastics coach at washington for a decade. hat may explain it. with the win the bears are just two victories away from bowl eligibility. they aren't flipping over anything else yet. >> it's great the flare and all the extra stuff. but i was just happy we got points on the board. such a tough minded, willing to win putting everything on the line. it's just really fun to be their quarterback. >> move over the baseball. astros trying to go up 2-0 over the yankees. it came down to the last inning. james harden and chris paul enjoying the game. solo home run. 1-0 houston. top five, man on for yankees chlts deep to left. sticks in the fence. check this out. ground rule double. one run scores. game tied.
4:57 pm
astros starter verlander struck out 13. seventh straight game this new york struck out ten times or more. still tied. he's fast, waved around third. throw gets to the catcher in time. he can't handle it. he's safe. and the astros win 2-1. they lead the series 2-0. game three is set for monday. usc and utah square off next. stay tuned for after the game with larry beel and yours truly. see you then. >> thank you so much. as we leave you, let's give you an update. 57 homes and businesses destroyed in the fires. 38 people reported dead. 20 of them in one county alone. live pictures from sky 7. where we just saw these flames come up and burn away. air attack is on top of this trying to get this under control. we will bring you latest on social media, online and right here
4:58 pm
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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♪ >> steve: greetings from the los angeles memorial coliseum. welcome to saturday night football, presented by wells fargo, as part of dos eqis tailgate week. utah making their first appearance, abc primetime saturday night football. they'll take on the 13th ranked trojans of usc. happy saturday night, everybody. with brian griese, i


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