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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 15, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler, thank you for joining us on this sunday, october 15th. the wildfire death total stands at 40, but they fear it listen search as they find more people buried in homes and buildings. overnight, conditions were much better on the front lines. there were no new evacuation orders issued. the kaiser permanente hospital is expected to reopen soon after flames forced it to close on monday morning. and napa county fire will hold an update today. the spanish meeting is this afternoon at st. john catholic church at 1:00 p.m.
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another meeting is in english at the nap in valley unified school district auditorium. now we'll turn to lisa with the latest on this red flag warning. the conditions will improve throughout the afternoon in terms of wind. gusts in the hills 10 to 20 miles per hour. and the relative low humidity is very low. air quality is in the low category. moderate elsewhere. winds push the smoke offshore. that's the good news. you notice the better air quality yesterday. and right now the winds are anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour in the north bay. that's a concern from now until 8:00 this morning. 42 in santa rosa. and we're looking at warm temperatures today. the upper 70s to near 80 at the coast. and we'll talk about the warmer day tomorrow and then rain
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arrives before the weekend is out. thank you. calmer winds are expected to help firefighters in sonoma county. strong gusts spread embers just outside the town of sonoma. cornell bernard saw a house burn down this morning. he's back in the same neighborhood on castle road. good morning, cornell. >> reporter: good morning to you. much of sonoma county is under the evacuation order. the firefight continues in the hills all around us, sadly. this is from the firefight on saturday. several homes were lost in that fire here on castle road. ignited by flying embers. there is nothing left of this home, burned out cars, some appliances, a writing lawn mower are the things recognizable. now, strong winds kicked up over
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the weekend saturday morning sparking the evacuation of hundreds of people in this beautiful valley. there was the -- this is the firefight near kenwood yesterday, in fact. cal fire crews are hitting the ground hard and from the air. there's 15% containment on this fire near sonoma valley. all told, 2017 has been a year for the record books. >> year to date, the state of california from january to last sunday have burned approximately 243,000 acres from sunday to today, 214,000 acres have burned statewide in 16 major fires. >> reporter: just amazing statistics there. several homes burned up on the ridge where we are. we'll be investigating those later this morning. sadly, this is a scene we are seeing all over the region, all over sonoma and napa county,
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caroline lynn. we talked about the winds, they are pretty much nonexistent when we get there. live in the sonoma cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the struggle continues for displaced families. many are trying to bring >> don't do the magic trick. >> reporter: evacuated families came in from the smoky air. for a much-needed break. life has been far from easy for these families with young
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children. >> they are scared. and that they don't know where their cousins or friends or grandparents are going to be. where are they going to go? >> reporter: living in limbo is hard. and now there's a renewed effort to bring some sense of normalcy to the evacuees. the red cross wants to stream the 49ers game on the big screen. >> you have a hot dog in your hand and chips and watching the 49ers. that can't be anything but normal. >> anything to keep the stress down. i think that is a good thing. >> reporter: that is like toly the last thing while multiple families are displaced and living under one room -- >> it is hard to feed everyone. we are going to open a spa here
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in santa rosa where families can pick up food and produce bags to take home. >> the old press democrat building downtown is one stop shop like replacing driver's licenses and housing. it will be open from 9:00 to 7:00 for the next few weeks. at one point there was a line around the block. >> the people leer are outstanding. they are amazing and you watching you to make sure you have something to food and to drink. >> you can register by calling or going to
5:07 am we have all the information on our and abc 7 news app. and people had a chance to hear from governor >> reporter: many are worried and that loss. >> all i've got is my cat. >> reporter: she escape d something the optimistic statement didn't satisfy anyone, though, as many want to know specifics, where do
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you get your mail? where do you get the information to rebuild? >> usually it takes a while to get an appointment at dmv. so i don't know how to prove my identification. >> reporter: others have impossible questions. like when will the fires stop? and the recovery begin? >> that's the big question. and nobody knows. i just hope that -- all these wonderful people, that it will be soon. make it happen. >> reporter: a small glimmer of good news. all the acres of ash and rubble, they were looking for hot spots and are told they didn't find any. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. sky 7 went to nearby streets
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and landmarks. here the fire is not too far from mccormick lane and stern ranch road. this unique feature gives abc 7 news the ability to show the exact location where this fire is and give you a better idea of where these devastating fires are urning. burning. some people are able to head home while others received evacuation orders. you're looking at the fire that forced everyone to leave both sides of the highway 12 many fairfield residents can return to their homes after evacuation orders were lifted. we have turned into a central resource for
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information. you'll find a whole list of evacuation orders, schools, donation centers, wineries and how you can help those whose lives have been turned upside down. and we are following a press conference scheduled at 9:00 in napa company. watch it right here on abc 7 on the free news app and on lisa, definitely the weather is playing a role in the firefighting effort. yes. >> yes, we have the element to the wind bringing us warm temperatures at the coast. how about 72 in santa rosa? another warm day today with the winds breezy right through the morning hours. i'll have the details about the winds, the fire and a look at
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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we continue to follow the wildfires and several homes were destroyed in sonoma. the firefighters are doing all they can to help people escape the fire. abc 7 news has more. >> reporter: a cavalry of cal fire choppers circles homes in the valley area of sonoma trying to save them during extreme fire conditions. all residents can do is wait
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behind evacuation lines. >> anxious, makes me extremely anxious. >> reporter: embers ignited homes on castle road forcing evacuations. >> it's been a tumultuous few days back here. and i can see right now, it's not close to being over. >> reporter: we found two homes destroyed on castle road and one on half-moon street. someone managed to save these classic cars by pushing them out of a garage that burned on half-moon street. we shared images with jim titus who choked up with relief that his homemade it. >> a lot of people found out that their places were okay. >> reporter: but not everyone is in the clear. the front of the fire is running northeast of sonoma. the black smoke you're looking at, firefighters think it may be a structure. we are at bartholomew winery. firefighters are trying to keep
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the flames contained. >> this is a marathon. even after the active firefight is done, there's still a lot of hazards with trees down, power lines, that sort of thing blocking the road. >> reporter: calfire says there's no time line for when residents will be back into their homes here in the evacu e evacuated heres. we have a look at the nuns fire as it rapidly advanced yesterday near highway 12. intense flames glowed in santa rosa. we saw fire truck after fire truck going into the zone. the wind gusts in this area really drove the flames. abc 7 news reporter veronica mira was along highway 12. >> reporter: in just a ten-mime stretch near santa rosa, you'll see destruction, burning hillside and homes far enough away from danger. >> i'm actually really surprised that this is where it is. >> reporter: kevin lester is staying behind in the evacuation zone concerned about a fire burning east of him on highway
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12. >> you have to do what you can. you don't want to sit and watch it happen. >> reporter: sandwich in the middle of the massive tubbs and nuns fire. they forced evacuations for santa rosa saturday morning. >> as predicted, the wind event came up late last night and early this morning to push the fire down the hill. >> reporter: firefighters at first were scrambling to protect the homes of more than 3,000 evacuees, but a heavy response is slowing the blaze. and at ten minutes further east from this fire, destruction from the enormous nun's fire. the nearby spot fire came from this direction. the only certainty for first responders, the unpredictability of the blazes. >> when the winds picked up, we weren't sure which direction this fire was going to go. >> reporter: officials are urging those who evacuated to check in with family and friends on social media so they aren't reported missing. highway 12, veronica miracle,
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abc 7 news. and take a look at the items donated to the north bay fire victims. the san francisco fire department posted these pictures on twitter. you can see a van and suv packed full of toiletries, dog food, bottled water and clothing. the ems staff from station 49 loaded up all the items and drove them up to the north bay. if you are a fire victim, we have some good news to share with you regarding your pets. paradise pets in santa rosa is now an evacuation center for dogs. a paradise pets at walnut park is already bursting with 500 evacuee dogs. but they tell us they have room for more. people are forced to leave and can't take their pets with them and need a place to house temporarily. you can check our website, for directions and hours.
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good sunday morning to you. live doppler 7 is showing us clear this morning. and we'll look at some really interesting weather coming for the week ahead. but we're still in an offshore flow, so that is bringing just a little bit of a breeze. you can see the camera moving here. the east bay hills camera. 61 degrees in san francisco. 50 in mountain view. 52 in san jose. 42 in gilroy. with the breeze, yes, that is 70 degrees. half-moon bay. it would be highs in the 40s. 42 in santa rosa. last hour, 39. quite a spread. 43 in 48 in concord. top winds are still going to be a factor in the north bay. but each hill has gusts to 20 miles per hour.
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sunny and warm today and tomorrow. we're going to see a chance for showers come into play thursday and friday. temperatures will come down significantly. so as we look at the north bay, the fires, in particular, if we put the wind vain on here to show the direction and the spin on the winds. the moving throughout the afternoon, the winds become calm. after 8:00, the red flag warning is lifted. the winds relax. as we take into this monday, you'll notice we still have very calm winds with that offshore element. it will be blowing the smoke out the sea. we'll have a spear bring you the storm impact scale
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for thursday and friday. it's one, rain likely, higher humidity in some spots. the model is having a hard time dealing with how much rain to bring in with this system.syste. as we take you through the forecast animation, it here we are at 6:00 friday morning, it's still a little damp out there, but this pushes out by the afternoon on friday. so how much rain? well, we're looking at wide variety months i the rain will contribute to the runoff we'll see, but only a third of an inch. not too much of a problem or anything other than the wedding
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rains to help with the firefighting efforts. third in san matteo, pretty impactful for october. highs ranging from 80 to 82. look for upper 80s in the south bay. upper 80s in the north ba ba the cooling trend the 80s around the bay. look at the coastal temperatures. it will be warm with the nice offshore flow tomorrow we'll see temperatures near 70 next weekend. >> looking forward to the rain that could dampen things there in the north bay. >> absolutely. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead, at 9-year-old shares his story of loss from the fires this week.
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hear his
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a big concern in sonoma county is the nuns, adobe and normbom pressley and and and d fires have converted into one. some homeowners left the sprinkles on that's while the fires burn in the hills. and the homeowners in the
5:25 am
fire area have had to deal with this. homes are trapped inside garages because they don't know how to open automatic garage doors when the power is out. 7 on your side's michael finney has the story. >> reporter: ronald chung has been in san francisco for 22 years. the licensed garage installer and repair service company says questions about how to manually open automatic garage doors are common. >> a lot of our customers called when the motor failed or the power goes off and they need to open the doorman yulely. they don't know how to open it manually. >> reporter: he estimates getting 10 to 20 calls a week about this. when automatic doors work properly, it is a great convenience of life. but when there's an outage or the motor breaks, you need to know what to do. chung tries to help people over the phone, but sometimes customers insist he come out to
5:26 am
do it for them. the garage master says it's the easiest $95 he's made in his life. >> they can't do it then they give us a call and we'll go out. >> reporter: now, i'm all about saving you money so here's how to do it yourself. >> you basically have to pull on the cord, release it from the motor and lift the door. >> reporter: he says it is easy and demonstrates for us. >> pull the cord and it falls backwards. then you're able to open the doorman yumanually. when you get the car out or whatever you have to do, you have to close it manually. so you pull on the cord, if you have one, and grab the handle and close your door. >> reporter: this story will be ho posted on if you need to watch it again, you can.
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a boy wrote, i love watching the a's games and i play at mark west little league in santa rosa. i played baseball games in my backyard but my house burned down. and my saddest things were my 17 jerseys and ten hats and my baseball from the game and also a ball signed by the whole team with ricky anderson and bob melvin. i am 9 years old and had a major league baseball and it all burned up. so sad. i know you're not all together, but the front lines to show us how to save dozens of homes from the
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fires. and a dog stayed behind to protect a group of goats from the flames from the
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ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes. welcome back, everyone. we begin this half hour with the latest on the fires burning across the north bay. the death toll now stands at 40 victims this morning. officials fear that number will keep growing as more victims are found. it's believed most died shortly after the fires broke out last sunday and monday. overnight, officials in sonoma county announce they are now going into burned areas to assess damage. this is the first step to getting people back to their homes or what is left of them. you can see the current number of acres burned and the containment levels for each of the main fire
5:31 am
california fire will expand the containment lines. and now here's a look at the forecast for today. we are still under a red flag warning until 8:00 this morning. the breeziest winds will occur between now and right after sunrise. so north/northeast gusts along with relative humidity is probably the small eest that we have seen. and throughout the north bay, poor air quality in the area. pushing the smoke away, the air is not healthy. and the spare alert continues you for tomorrow. right now winds are up to 30 miles per hour at 2,000 feet up in napa county. 25-mile-an-hour gusts in marin
5:32 am
county. and we are seeing the temperatures spike, half-moon bay, 70. and no wind here from the first camera. so the forecast, the upper mid to upper 80s around the bay and upper 70s at the coast. lisa, thank you. relief for firefighters in sonoma county. the lower winds should slow down the fires burning there. cornell bernard is on castle road with a look at the devastation. and cornell, this is going to take months, maybe years for this community to rebuild. >> reporter: carolyn, i think you are right. much of the sonoma valley is under the mandatory evacuation order. the firefight continues in the news around us, but there's good news on that front this morning. sadly, this is what happened on saturday. several homes lost in that fire
5:33 am
here on castle burning from ridges around us. as you can see here, there's nothing left of this and the next trailer. the only things left on the lot that are recognizable here, that is very calfire crews are hitting the ground hard from the air and ground. the hotels are closed, the historic downtown square is completely deserted. >> it's day-to-day. it changes. one day you wake up and there is smoke and the next day it is gone. the next day it is back.
5:34 am
so was don't know if we're running from the environment. i don't know what to expect, but it will take a while for the town to recover. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with call fire, but they said they are getting a handle in the mountain ridges around sonoma. because tir rattic winds have dissipat dissipated. the winds were fierce, carolyn. and that added to the destruction of this home and several others. our heart goes out to the estate. >> and as you said, things have died down. now to the incredible tale of two napa men who an entire
5:35 am
community has to thank for saving their fr loni romera has the story. >> reporter: the flames moved in sunday night in napa. and quickly began to threaten dozens of homes in the napa community of browns valley. two men immediately jumped into action. >> it was all in the darkness. >> reporter: nearly the trees got engulfed. their weapon here? bulldozers. >> all behind this wall of flames, you don't have the a lot of time to think. stop it now or the whole neighborhood behind us was going to go. >> reporter: as the heat intensified everywhere, cal fire officials shifted to life saving. >> i asked where are the california dozers and they said
5:36 am
no resources would be coming by communicating by cell phones as they use bulldozers.bulldozers.. >> what you don't know by looking at the line is how hot this was. very hot. my hair was >> reporter: these lines dug by bulldozers that kept at it for four days. dan, a former marine, learned how to cut fire lines in the military. >> this is the difference a military makes. that's why they use them in the fires. >> the winds may be calmer but the fire danger is still a serious concern. dan's on alert. >> you can see behind us where we stopped it. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the browns valley neighborhood are thankful for them to save
5:37 am
this moment. >> if that equipment wouldn't have been here. is this line would have been here. >> reporter: lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. and sky 7 is giving residents in the north bay valuable information about where many of those fires are burning. when activated, seven tracked it and is only available
5:38 am
on abc7news. abc 7 news was at the seminary as strawberries in in n valley are bringing in games and supplies for kids to make everyone comfortable. now to good news about animals missing after the fire in sonoma county. odom the dog stayed behind while the family ran from the flames last sunday. he was guarding the goats on the property. his family's home burned to the ground but all the animals were safe. and then on thursday, the dog and goats were nowhere to be found after a frantic search, a little joan er they are still working on an
5:39 am
evacuation plan. and a soup kitchen is going to open starting tomorrow for evacuees and first responders. they can get a home cooked meal at first spanish baptist church. it will open at noon and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next month. and you can text or donate tens of thousands the number is text redcross. still ahead, imagine surviving the fires. >> probably not processing it. >> that's exactly what happened to this woman. we'll hear from her, next. and here is a live look from
5:40 am
our emeryville camera in emeryville as the place is known around the bay area. the fires are burning in sonoma county. we'll have the latest on the situation there ahead on abc 7 mornin
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fire crews have spent many hours in the air dropping a lot of fire retardant. in fact, they have dropped 2 million gallons since monday. the image from cal fire s
5:43 am
how many they have poured. monday was 262,000. the visibility was just a half mile in the morning. on thursday, that number jumped to 582,000 gallons. this thing, exactly a week ago tonight. >> we still have a red flag warning in effect until 8:00. breezy winds in the upper elevations allows for warm temperatures today. warm and dry. right now a live look outside the exploratorium camera. 57 in the city due to the winds. and 47 in liver more. so we are hot to start out the week. cool and rainy to end it. i'll have the details next in my accuweather seven-day forecast. and stanford hosted oregon on their homecoming weekend. up what the alumni
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in sports the 49ers provide a distraction for those who have been worrying about the fires. and the l.a. chargers play the raiders tonight at 1:25. stanford hosted oregon looking for their fourth win in a row last night. here's schu with the latest. >> reporter: homecoming weekend down on the farm. and bryce love led the way in a well-rounded stanford victory. a little jacket rabbit on the field. he was more elusive than bryce love. love, touchdown on the first drive of the game. then on the second drive, he finds this hole and is gone. 49 yards, 17 car ris and a season low, 147 yards on the night. 14-0, stanford. after the ducks made it a
5:47 am
one-possession game, jj arsega makes it 21-7. brandon scoops, limping off the ankle. that should help. they go on to win 49-7 the final. and nlcs, dodgers and cubs game. chris taylor is giving them the opposite field solo shot. 3-2, dodgers. in the bottom of the seventh, justin turner singles to left. waved around third, the throw is in time, but after replay they ruled that wilson contreras blocked the plate with his leg. that's a no-no. run scores, 5-2, l.a. joe maddon has something to say and will get ejected.
5:48 am
the cubs go down 5-2 in game one. and the astros look to go down against the yankees. waved around to third, the throw gets to catcher gary sanchez in time. but he can't handle it. altuve is safe. the astros win 2-1 with a 2-0 series lead. and mark purdy dropping the puck. what happened? there's no puck. the sharks get on the board first. kevin labank made it 1-0, san jose. the islanders get it back before the break. andrews lee gets it past to make it a 1-1 game. brock nelson is wide open. the sharks drop to 1-3. 3-1 is the final. the niners are in washington. the raiders host the chargers. we'll have highlights tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shuman, have a great
5:49 am
day. we are still under a red flag warning. and as you look outside, it looks pretty calm out there with winds in the upper elevations. and we'll continue to watch those for you. this is looking up from the east bay hills camera. that's where we have winds over 20 to 25 miles per hour. yesterday at this hour, winds were gusting to near 60 miles per hour. so some big improvements. your forecast highlights calling for the red flag warning in the higher elevations through 8:00 this morning. then we're looking at sunny and warm conditions today and tomorrow. hazy conditions in the north bay due to the fires. and it is a spare the alarm look, rainy and cool. a big switch in the forecast all within the next seven days. looking at very little wind right now, we'll see if that is in the upper elevations for most of us today. because it's been calm out there. and with live doppler 7 right now, there's a little cloud cover to the north, but nothing
5:50 am
in terms of marine layer today or tomorrow. tuesday will increase the cloud cover. it's kind of interesting to see the temperature profile showing 21 degrees cooler by the delta. while it is 16 degrees warmer this morning around half-moon bay. so there's offshore winds warming up many areas, but the cooler valleys allowing for the longer nights to drop the temperatures with the lower dew points. so as we look at the 50 degrees. and sfo, well, it's been better because of the air quality. less delays there, but we still forecast. here's a look at the wind direction and speed up in the north bay where all the fires are. we are out of the northeast here. 15 miles an hour between the redwood valley fire and the
5:51 am
pocket fire. also, a 12-mile-an-hour wind by clear lake. 15 miles an hour out of the northeast near the nunn fire. it will fluctuate a bit and gain in strength after sunrise where the strongest winds. but as we go throughout the afternoon, we'll turn come, 6:00 in the morning, pretty calm out there. but the day and relative humidity sometimes by the afternoon, 3:00 to 4:00, 9% up here. so any fires that start anticipating this, the scale comes into play thursday and friday. rain is likely. we'll see rain begin on thursday. from 6:00 in the morning, wet pavement for the thursday afternoon community into wednesday afternoon about a a third inch to half
5:52 am
85 in concord. 87 in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast is warmer tomorrow. download the accuweather app and you'll be up-to-date on the watches and advisories from the weather service and tracking temperatures in your neighborhood. you'll want to do that as they move in midweek and bring in rain by the end of the week. whether they are more important now than ever before. thank you, lieu see. a woman who lost her bedroom in the area says it has been two days but. >> you just try to find things in the ash. there are tasks that have to be done, fortunately or
5:53 am
unfortunately, actually, fortunately, the world keeps going. >> she's one of those forced out of their homes. maggie ruhle is looking to keep people safe in sonoma county. >> reporter: we're now getting an inside look become the deadliest week in california wildfire history. police going door to door in the middle of the night. now new neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuations. >> there are police going through all the neighborhoods with sirens and big, get out now! get out now! >> reporter: more than 220,000 acres are charred. nearly 6,000 homes and businesses are damaged or destroyed. many know there's nothing left for them to go home to. >> my brother's home burned to the ground. >> reporter: others desperate to find out what they left behind
5:54 am
>> we have totally locked down this neighborhood. they are not letting anyone in or out. >> reporter: they are blocked by a line of smoke. >> this is right in the middle of the smoke wall, less than a mile away. >> reporter: right behind me is the kenwood valley of sonoma valley where the wildfire is active and dangerous. we have been seeing helicopters and laptops >> caller: they are starting to get ahead of the fires. some 15% contained. mandatory evacuations remain in effect, but firefighters are doing everything they can to battle back the wildfires. extra resources have been brought in from across the country. and all day long, we have been seeing helicopters and jet airplanes working to douse the
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the reason for the high school football game to get canceled, but they loaded up a trailer of canned goods and other supplies. our media partner of the east bay times reports that the assistant coach also spent $250 gift cards on more supplies. up next on "abc 7 mornings at 6:00," more homes have burned in the north bay in the last 24 hours. some good news, calmer winds, but the danger remains. we'll have a live report from sonoma valley where flames continue to rage.
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