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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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acres. containment right now is at 25%. >> now the other fires in the knot bay have some higher containment numbers. take a look at your screen. 60% for the tubs fire, cal fire reports increased containment. >> and as you can imagine, people are anxious to get back into their phonhomes. >> there's been a steady line of traffic. that's where tiffany wilson joins us live. tiffany? >> reporter: deon, there ask a sense of celebration here in the air in calistoga. hand made signs are welcoming families back into the city. cars have been honking their horns and we've seen some signs of life returning to normal, kindz riding their bikes down the streets. last week no one thought much of it but today this is a luxury. >> thank you. >> reporter: a line of cars
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stretched down highway 29 today filled with families eager to go home. >> i am so thrilled. >> reporter: carey left her home thursday morning. what is the first time you're going to do? >> really i want to kiss the ground but i got to clean out the refrigerator or freezer otherwise she'll want to keep everything. >> reporter: just a few miles away, danger still looms. dense clouds of smoke over the hill overlooking the napa wineries. helicopters dropping loads of water trying to stop the march of flames. >> the whole thing is a bit surreal. >> reporter: ed hudson watched from below. the stress and sleepless nights have taken a toll. >> i think once the held torpts go that's when it's really going to set in. >> reporter: he's worried about the region's economy. >> even those people who haven't lost their homes have for now
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lost their jobs. >> reporter: wineries are closed and employees don't know when they'll work again. >> it's only been a week. seems like it's been a month of this. every day is full of emotion. >> reporter: firefighters are feeling the effects of long nights on the front line. today the calm winds helped them gain the upper hand. >> unless something changes i think we're going to see the containment percentages go higher and higher every day. >> reporter: despite the calmer winds today, firefighters were dealing with high temperatures. they're looking forward to the cooler evening ahead. in calistoga, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. evacuated residents received detail details about when they will be able to return home. we streamed a meeting held at the napa high school today. health experts urged everyone who is going to look threw the
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rubbish to wear gear. crews must restore utilities before many people will be allowed to return home. >> the winds are died down and there's more relief on the way. sky 7 hd showing the fire is active north of kenwood. you can see a helicopter there, possibly an air drop about to tgo on. the food news, firefighter are about to get more assistance from the weather. we have more on that. the weather has been cooperating the past 24 hours. the winds have been light in the north bay and they'll continue to do so tonight. we'll go to north bay. the current winds, you can see the majority of the region less than ten miles an hour. and future wind we'll show you hour by hour later tonight, the winds will calm down even more, to less than 4 miles an hour. and that will be the trend even in the morning on monday. we're showing you the winds are
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less than 10 miles an hour. firefighters are getting much needed help from mother nature. the smoke from nasa showing you in the north bay the smoke is very much confined in and around the fire. you see just to the north and to the east of santa rosa, that thick smoke coming off of the fire. so the air quality has been improving but in the north bay it continues to be poor at this hour. as we look at the week ahead, all eyes are on thursday and friday. we have rain returning to the forecast. we'll talk about the timing of that rain and how much rain to expect in that accuweather forecast. >> now the firefight is improving in the sonoma valley tonight. the firefighters are getting upper hand on a series of fires that forced hundreds of people from their homes yesterday. cornell bernard is there with a look at the destruction left behind. >> reporter: we surveyed the damage of beautiful hilltop homes reduced to rubble in a
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matter of minutes. some of the fire damage is off lovell valley road. we found this large home off of lovell valley in ruins. the only thing left, the bathroom shower enclosure. amid the ashes though, most ridge top homes were saved. they hit two separate blazes hard. the fast moving wide fire was stopped before reaching the valley floor. >> the fire activity settled down overnight and that gave us a big opportunity to catch up. >> reporter: even though this tl is good news, evacuation orders stay in place. >> the burning conditions are still bad. we want people to understand that these areas are going to remain closed for a little while longer for the safety of the public and first responders. >> we have pictures, we have some clothes. >> reporter: sharon ryan grabbed what she could when she and her husband were told to go by sheriff's deputies. >> you have half an hour to get out. >> reporter: they've gotten word that their house where they've
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lived for 39 years survived. they hope to return soon. >> we thought we could come back and start cleaning up. i can't imagine all of the food rotting in my refrigerator and my freezer. >> reporter: for now the ryans are heading to sacramento to stay with relatives. abc 7 news. now take a look. we've turned abc 7 into a central resource for fire information. you'll find evacuation maps, donation centers, wineries that burned and how you can help those whose lives have been turned upside down. it's all online at abc 7 a grass fire causing some concern this afternoon. abc 7 news was at romar court and 4th street. no homes wrp damaged but they were threatened. some residents were evacuated for a short period of time.
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the fire chief said the bay county cannot afford to have another big fire. >> they provisded resources. >> there were no injuries and the cause is still under information. we have so much more ahead on the north bay fires, including why firefighters believe immigrants may be missing in the fire but not in danger. their new plea tonight. good news for people affected by two fires. plus -- >> we shouldn't be driving into this gorge. >> an incredible escape one all caught on a video when we come back.
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♪ . >> the redwood valley fire burning is 35% contained tonight. some mandatory evacuation orders were lifted today. people living in parts of redwood valley, potter valley were let back onto their properties. if conditions change, managed toir evacuations could be reissued. the sulfur country is 75% contained. it's burned more than 2,000 a e acres and 150 structures have
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been destroyed. all evacuation orders have been lifted. fire officials say on top of fighting fires they're fighting rumors that undocumented immigrants will be rounded up at immigration shelters. the spanish speaking fire victims are not getting the help they need out of fear they'll be deported. it's possible that the missing person list is longer than it should be because they're afraid to speak up. >> they are humans affected by this fire. some are traveling father ir away from this area to the coast sleeping in their cars with their children. we need them to utilize the e vam wags cent evacuation centers an not be afraid. >> you will get help no questions asked. when your neighbors are in need, abc 7 shows up. this weekend we'll be at north bay evacuation centers to help people affected by wildfires. see us tuesday in santa rosa as
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well. for a list of all of the locations head to abc 7 >> people here have been generous opening their pockets for those affected by thigh' not the only ones n. now the raiders are in the giving spirit. there is good news coming for firefighters. stay with us. meteorologist drew tu ma has if details. the 9ers lost their sixth straight but they may have found their quarterback of the future. the prards quarterback returned from
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all right. take a look at your screen. this is a brand-new effort from sky 7, the latest effort to stop the fires burning in sonoma county. a new feature, sky map 7 that can give you a better idea of exactly where the battle for the flames is taking place. you can see the road lines that happen to be on your screen. right now we're seeing the fames and the billowing smoke. now of course you can always access this at our website abc 7 once again, a look from sky 7 live and also sky map 7.
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we're going to [ bleep ] die, dude. we got to get out of [ bleep ]. >> we shouldn't be driving into this gorge. [ bleep ]. >> the road is on fire. [ bleep ]. >> there's something right in front of us. it's a gate. push through the [ bleep ] gate. can't get through that. >> tough hieflife and death stu there. roommates made a dramatic escape last week as the cascade fire closed in one. of the men said it was the scariest three minutes of his life. abc news was at the oakland coliseum today as the raiders announced a $1 million donation to the red cross for north bay fire relief and recovery efforts. fans held up fansining raiders. >> if you want to help, you can
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easily donate $10 to the red cross. all you have to do is text the word red cross to the number 90999. you can also call the number on your screen to volunteer, 707-577-7600. and an accuweather tonight we have encouraging news in the forecast. the winds are going to remain on the light side in the coming days and we're tracking a chance of wide spread wet weather late in the week. live doppler 7 radar, today it's a calm picture. active scan is coming up empty handed without moisture. we have better air quality over parts of the bay area today. you can see the sun set, not as red as it has been in the past evenings. and the air quality will continue to improve over the coming days. winds right now have certainly helped the firefighters gain
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containme containment. winds are light in the north bay, 3 and 9 miles an hour. elsewhere across the bay area generally winds are on the light side at this hour. air quality over the next 48 hours will continue to be on the port side where the fires are actively burning right now. you look towards thursday especially when and you can see we're good across the board in terms of air quality. we're tracking the chance of rain which would help to cleanse the atmosphere of a lot of the smoke is that correct on thursday. it is a mild fall evening out there. we're well above normal. we've heard firefights talk about how it's been a warm day on the front lines. 74 in oakland, 76 in mountain view and concord checking in with has temperature of 79 degrees. we'll have a bit of haze in the atmosphere thanks to the fires in the north bay. dropping into the 40s overnight. a couple of spots along the coast and in the north bay will be chilly with the temperatures
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in the mid and upper 30s. 2:00 on your monday afternoon you can see area wide those winds are les than 10 miles per hour, which will certainly continue to help the efforts in the north bay. but it will be another warm day once again tomorrow. very similar in temperatures to what we experienced today. up to 87 that high in santa rosa, 88 that high in ukiah, 80 in san francisco and oakland, even along the coast, half moon bay will be mild, temperature of 80 degrees. we look towards thursday, we rank our storms from 1 to 5 to give you a better sense of what to expect. the system we're tracking on thursday is a light system. the north bay has the best chance of rainfall, a quarter of an inch. hour by hour we go. we fast forward future weather, thursday 9:00 in the morning, perhaps a few sprinkles but i think the action will wait until
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the second half of thursday. 5:00 you see the rain moving in and by late thursday into early friday, i think that's the best chance of the north bay capturing some wet weather. here's the accuweather 7 forecast. winds remain light through thursday. best chance for rain is is is night into friday morning. you can download the accuweather app and track it where you live for the next couple of days. the raiders are hoping that the quarterback returned from a back injury. didn't happen. it wasn't good to see the first pass thrown, picked off by trevor williams. finished, 136 yards. 23 yards, raiders at the half,
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10-7. melvin gordon a rushing touchdown, phillip rifrts, charges go up 14-10. raiders respond right away. patterson on the sweep. check out the speed. 47 yards. oakland back on top 16-14 pending the extra point. h with a high snap and da vehicle yo hiss his first kick as a radar. the charge need just a field goal to win and they're going to get it. 42 yards out. the raiders lose their fourth straight. 17-16 the final. now 2-4. >> the problem is details. i say guys because i'm talking about myself and the whole offense included. we need to lock into every little detail. >> on sunday anything can happen. and us being in the situation, there's in turning back. we have a lot of games to play. there's no help coming. we have the calvary. we have to lean on each other,
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go in and make the corrections, got a short week and play on thursday. >> raiders will play the chiefs on thursday night. fourth quarter, alex smith finds thomas for a 57-yard touchdown. but pittsburgh still up two. third and two, knee and a half minutes left. roth lis burger's throw off the helmet. 51 yards for the score. steelers win handing kansas city their first loss. losing five straight games by less than three points as they fall 0-6. but today in washington they found their quarterback in c.j. beth thard. driving, find his college team mates for the reception. fourth and goal, two seconds left, 9ers down 10 at the half.
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third corner, hyde again. ties it at 17. curt cousin going to keep this one himself. 7 yards, 27-17 washington. but the 9ers are not done. just before the two-minute warning. 45 yards right here to robinson, his first nfl touchdown. the 9ers down two points. they're going to get the ball back. bethard needing a first down. oh. >> by no means were things perfect but the game is not too big for the guy. came in there, gave us a little spark, made a few off schedule plays which is nice. >> colin kaepernick filed a grievance against nfl owners for collusion. stay tuned. kaepernick grew up inmilwaukee
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and the packers need a quarterback. eric rogers broke today on this tackle. watch this. the catch of the day one hand with a timed jump. are you kidding me? the gofs help but that's pure skill. the vikings beat the packers. baseball playoffs nlcs dodgers and cubs tonight. hope to see you then. deon going to stick around? >> probably a few years. >> i got to get paid. that's all. >> thanks. well just ahead, a sight for sore eyes, a happy
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take a look. sky 7 shows the fire active as large flames burn across the sugar loaf state park in sonoma county. you're looking at sky map 7 to help people pinpoint exactly where the damage is. you can see sonoma road, shady acres lane. it gets down into the exact neighborhoods. it's a new feature you'll only here. a santa rosa couple who lost their home had a moment t
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brought them to tears. >> they thought their dog bill died in the fire after they were forced to evacuate their home without him. but a police officer found anymore a field and another person brought him to the human society. >> thank you! we thought he was so gone. there's your dad.
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