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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 18, 2017 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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here's alexis. talking about the fog this morning as well, mike. the last several days, of course, it's been a lot of smoke. today, yeah, you definitely want to slow down around the 101 corridor. the brighter the white, the denser the fog. really you want to take it easy, increase that following distance a bit. we have a dense fog advisory for golden gate bridge this morning so it's not looking terrible on this traffic camera, but you can see it is out there and there are portions of it where that visibility is reduced. slow down and take it easy. i'll let you know as soon as that's lifted. alexis, thank you. 600 firefighters are working to contain a 271-acre wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. now this started monday night on bear canyon road in boulder creek. so far the bear fire destroyed four structures, 150 others are now threatened. the fire is now only 5% contained. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live at one of the evacuation centers. we'll check in with him in our next half hour.
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students resumed classes at sonoma state today. their campus was closed due to the fires. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there. a few special events planned for today, right? >> reporter: there are, jessica. this campus has a lot to be grateful for, but also some people who need some support and some care from fellow students. there were some students and staff members who did lose their homes including the university president. she lost her home in santa rosa. but the campus is fine. it was not touched by fire. it was saved. a lot to be grateful for there. they will start the day off with coffee and doughnuts in the student center. everyone invited to that. they'll also have a banner that people can sign to thank the firefighters for all that they did during this firefight. and then late this afternoon they're inviting everyone to come and get around that banner and take a picture so they can give it to the firefighters. so they are certainly going to mark what happened in this
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community on this first day back. reporting live in rohnert park, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. schools in napa county will remain closed until monday. the unified school district planned to reopen today. that is being delayed and it's because of the poor air quality. a complete list of school closures is listed on our website. keep check that ing that for up throughout the week. a host of politicians are joining state and federal officials to educate fire victims about cleaning up debris. it's an involved process but an important one. officials say property owners re-entering burned areas should not remove any ash or hazardous materials from the property. in fact, unauthorized removal of debris may jeopardize the ability to obtain financial assistance from fema. so it's really important. leaders plan to give more details in a news conference at
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1:00 p.m. at the sonoma county fair grounds. speaking of fema, the fema administrator brock long will meet with governor jerry brown, expected to discuss the widespread damage as a result of the north bay fires. cal fire says more than 245,000 acres have burned statewide in the last ten days. long is now stationed in the north bay as this disaster transitions into the recovery phase. >> california's a special state, it's a beautiful place. we have to be working very diligently not only today but for many years to come. seeing the urban nature of the wildfire and what it can do to hundreds of homes in an area you don't see that very often. it's pretty disturbing. >> as of this morning there are 1 1,000 firefighters on the front lines battling these fires. crews are making significant progress on the redwood valley fire in mendocino county. it's burning west of mendocino national forest and is 70% contained. the fire has blackened nearly
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36,000 acres there and is being blamed for eight deaths. and crews are now close to fully containing the sulfur fire burning in lake county. cal fire reports it is 92% contained and has burned 2,200 acres. evacuation orders have been lifted but warnings remain in place. the fires in lake and mendocino counties destroyed a total of 436 homes. the city of berkeley is trying to help victims of the north bay fires by offering cut rate housing. a motion passed states displaced fire victims are eligible for below market rate housing rentals. rentals will be from willing landlords for a temporary period of time. the offer includes evacuees from the wildfires in southern california. and happening today a chance to drive up and donate to fire victims. "the press democrat" and redwood credit union partnering in the relief fund on redwood highway.
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checks or cash are accepted. the drive up will begin at 4:00 and run until 6:00. 100% of all donations will benefit the relief efforts and survivors of the fires. michael finney and the 7 on your side team will be in the north bay all weeklong taking questions and helping fire victims. today they will set up at various locations in napa and you can follow abc 7 news on social media throughout the day for updates on where to find us and for a list of locations for the rest of the week head over to on your side. former oakland a's player jonny gomes is helping the victims recover. you're looking at pictures posted on twitter showing him helping people remove destroyed cars in napa. he's also online raising millions of dollars and urging others to help in any way they can. >> open your homes if you're in the area for these people, please, any little dollar helps
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and, boy, it will go to a great cause. please help me out some more. thank you. >> you can find a link on if you want to donate through the go fund me page he set up. let's talk about what's going on first by taking a look at the air quality. wednesday and thursday, today and tomorrow, poorest up in the north bay. the rest of us will get a touch of that sea breeze and that's the reason why plus we're farther away from the fires and the winds will start blowing more west to east than north to south. some good news there. in menlo park, grab a coat. 41 degrees. you may need a light jacket elsewhere. 46 to about 48 on the peninsula. 49 right now in pacifica and half moon bay about 50 degrees. look at these mid to upper 40s from oakland at 45, fremont, 48. we have livermore and concord also at 48. napa down to 40.
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you're going to get down to the 30s by the time all is said and done today. cooler at the coast. about 52 in san jose. activity planner today on the bay will become breezy this afternoon. poor if you're going to be outside at any point in time because of the possibility of poor air quality. all right, with our next system it's got its good traits and a little bit of a drawback in the winds. notice they're going to pick up tomorrow coming out of the southwest gusting up to about 10 to 20 miles per hour and then they'll start coming out of the west during the overnight hours at about 10 to 20 miles per hour and then on the back side notice by friday morning they're pretty calm and then they'll pick up again by friday afternoon coming out of the northwest at about 15 to 25 miles per hour. so the smoke will be blowing all over the place the next 48 to 72 hours. more on that rain coming up. here's alexis. a couple trouble spots to get to. just in for the south bay we have a roll over crash on 101 near story road.
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it flipped over that center barrier and landed on the southbound side. we're still trying to confirm how many lanes blocked if any but it does sound like the driver of that vehicle is outside of the vehicle walking around. hopefully that's a sign that everybody is okay. so we're not seeing any delays in the area. emergency crews on the way to that scene. also southbound 680 in sunol sounds like bricks. several drivers hit those and we have four to five vehicles off with flat tires but they're working on get that ting that c up. we'll take a look at drive times at 5:20. >> it sounds like a huge mess. alexis, thank you. a teenaged boy amazingly okay after being trapped beneath a car. don't miss the dramatic rescue. >> how insensitive can you be? >> this story is just huge this morning. after facing criticism for not calling the families of fallen
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soldiers, president trump finally reached out to one of the widows and his words are now at the center of a big controversy. >> we do want to you have a better day so we have put weather and traffic on your screen throughout the commercial screen throughout the commercial break and
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this morning president trump is facing a lot of criticism for the phone call he made to the grieving widow of a fallen soldier. president trump reportedly told the wife of army sergeant
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johnson, quote, he knew what he signed up for, but when it happens it hurts anyway. that's according to congresswoman wilson who says that she actually listened to the phone call on speaker phone. >> you don't say that. he is the president of the united states. this is a soldier who gave his life for his country. he is a hero. >> the call came just as johnson was on her way to the airport for the arrival of her husband's remains. pregnant with their third child she laid her head on his flag-draped casket, gave that final kiss. this is what you're looking at here on your screen. sergeant johnson was among the four u.s. soldiers killed by enemy fire in an ambush in niger two weeks ago. and just a little while ago the president tweeted this in response to the controversy. it's on your screen. he said, quote, democrat
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congresswoman totally fabricated what i said to the wife after soldier who died in action, and i have proof. sad. end quote. still no word on what that proof is, though. >> a federal judge that alleges president trump's dealings violates the co they say this was done by trump tower. it bars federal officials from receiving benefits from foreign governments. trump said that he would relinquish management of his global business empire to his sons but retain ownership. critics contend his failure to divest raises ethical questions in his role as president. happening today attorney general jeff sessions set to testify before the judiciary committee on the russia probe. senators plan to press him about his private communications with the president or whether the president is invoking executive privilege to shield those conversations. how would you feel if you returned home and founs hundreds
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of teenagers partying in your house? >> well, it's exactly what happened to a couple in colorado. adrian bankert has their reaction in this morning's "gma first look." >> reporter: this is something no homeowner ever wants to see, strangers throwing a wild party in their house when they're not around. police say that's what happened to homeowner mike cox, dozens of teens break into his colorado home saturday night, drinking, dancing, trashing the place, posting on snap chat, the video part of the police investigation to identify the suspects. >> we've been picking up the cans and stuff. >> reporter: cox says he thinks his home was targeted because the property is for sale. he thinks the teens thought it was empty. it wasn't. >> they don't value anything. they don't value people's hard work, their property, any of it. >> reporter: and we'll have tips to protect your homecoming up at
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7:30 a.m. for your "gma first look" abc news, new york. developing news out of marin county where the sheriff's department needs your help to identify a man suspected of tampering with the mail. it was last week when these photos were taken outside an apartment complex just southwest of san rafael. a deputy stopped the suspect near the college of marin but he ran out to the campus of kent middle school. the middle school was then put on lockdown while police looked for the guy. they did not find him and this morning he is still on the loose. if you have any information about this suspect, contact the marin county sheriff's department. >> happening today, more ways to shorten the time you spend at the department of motor vehicles, and don't we all want to do that. employees will be demonstrating new vehicle registration self-service terminals at two locations, one at safeway on east capital expressway in san jose. and the other is this afternoon at 2:00 at the safeway on 16th
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street in san francisco. this is dmv video showing -- no, these are not showing how the kiosks work. imagine a kiosk and it working. last month 14 kiosks were installed in bay area grocery stores. i swear they exist. this may be a sad one. a popular east bay brewery is closing its doors after 23 years. black diamond brewery in concord posted this picture on facebook. the sign there says due to unfortunate circumstances the locks have been changed and the brewery is closed for the foreseeable future. the brewery did not say why it's closing. on a separate note, though, listen to this. last saturday the brewery threw a last-minute wedding reception after a couple's ven knue in na was destroyed. if you've watched the wildfire updates you have likely seen the sign language interpreters who put their heart and soul into translating every word. >> jonathan bloom got to know
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two of them and how they work together as a team. >> this is the 1:00 p.m. press conference. >> reporter: you may not know her name but you know ruth at the wildfire briefings the interpreter for the deaf who doesn't just sign. she acts. >> it's very rocky and where it gets rocky it gets slippery. >> i was born deaf. i grew up deaf. i went to school for the deaf. >> reporter: though she signs everything they're saying she can't hear a word of it if not for her teammate. >> we've known each other for years. >> reporter: she often signs by herself but this calls for a native speaker. >> her first language is english. mine is american sign language. >> she signs to mclellan who adds the flare and clarity only a deaf person can. >> people of normal hearing use vocal inflection. that's how i use my facial expressions. >> we had some frustrated people take their frustration out on the national guard. >> reporter: from road closures to safety hazards --
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>> we have a lot of trees in there that could fall across the road that could fall on residents. we're cleaning up a lot of that area. >> reporter: it's information everyone needs. >> for deaf people to get it through a native signer is just going to make it that much more accessible to them. >> reporter: the interpreters came here to serve the community. what they didn't expect was how grateful the community would be and how much attention they'd get. >> the public feedback is exceptional. so everybody loves them. we have great comments on facebook. >> reporter: comments from well beyond sonoma county. though they may be the only presenters not wearing uniforms, their goal is the same. >> just like the firefighters, just like the law enforcement, i'm here to make sure people's lives are saved, the lives of the deaf community. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> i absolutely love that story. the teamwork that those two have together is incredible. >> i've never seen a deaf interpreter. >> i took an american sign language class, and our teacher was partially deaf, and he explained that when you have a
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native deaf person the expressions are a little bit different than we would use in regular speaking english, and so it's neat to see them work in tandem to really get that clarity like they specified in the story. it's incredible. >> and if we had her right now she would be telling us to move it right along, guys. throw it to mike nicco. >> i wonder what the sign language is for that. good morning, everybody. every time we see that and all of them up there so expressive, just makes me hope my son can get through asl within five years. that's what he's taking in college. it's amazing. a look at what's going on down in the south bay. you can see the cloud cover out there. fewer clouds, not as warm today. that's your first accuweather highlight. tonight increasing clouds in fog and the extended showers and then light rain. take a look, jump right in. some scout showers ahead of the main line up in the north bay. as we go through the 4:00 hour near the coast, unfortunately we are picking up on some yellows and orange.
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look what happens as it moves into the bay. as we head to 10:00 it turns over to light rain. it just completely falls apart and then the rest of the moisture will fall up in the mountains and even by 9:00 friday morning. let's take a look at your rainfall amounts. nearly 0.4 there. about a quarter in santa rosa, napa. 0.15 in novato. about 0.1 along the east bay shore. as you head from redwood city into san jose less than a tenth of an inch. from 75 at napa to about 79 in santa rosa, antioch, livermore, morgan hill.
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we'll have around 68 to 72 for the bay and 62 to 65 the coast to san francisco. 48 to about 56 degrees. we'll have thicker clouds and more of them tomorrow. that will kick up some surf. and it becomes calmer and warmer everywhere by monday and tuesday. alexis? >> good morning. a few more details on this roll over crash. northbound 101 is where the crash started near story road. it flippe over that center barrier and landed on the southbound side. we do have emergency crews on the scene. i just spotted a little bit after backup but not too bad yet. the lighter side of traffic and eastbound 80 just before you get to davis in the vacaville area reports that a semi went off the roadway. we'll talk about the fog up next. alexis, thank you. in kentucky a 15-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being hit by a car while
5:22 am
skateboarding last saturday and body camera video shows the deputy saving the teen by quickly grabbing a jack from the back of the suv, using it to get the car off the young boy. deputies are not required to carry jacks. he says that jack that he uses is faster than a jack that typically comes with a vehicle and, wow, incredible to see that video. coming up next the seven things you need to know as you start your day and a skydive like never before. it's not how the jumper came down but what came off that makes the story unique. and there's an effort under and there's an effort under way to save grapes after
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when it comes to moldi sarah is ayoung minds, teacher. nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, e's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple,
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so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simp. understand fully. mortgage confidently. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. it's 5:25. here are the seven things that we think you should know. crews working to create a 271-acre wildfire in the santa cruz mountains, that fire threatening 150 homes near bear
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canyon road. four structures destroyed and that fire just 5% contained. number two, firefighters are making progress in the north bay, the nuns fire in napa and sonoma counties is now 78% contained this morning. the tubbs fire is 87% contained. the atlas fire at 80%. number three, a santa rosa couple will hold a news conference to answer questions about their lawsuit against pg&e. the couple claims the negligence caused high voltage power lines to come into contact with dry vegetation sparking the tubbs fire that burned down their home. number four, 7 on your side's michael finney will be in napa today to take questions from north bay fire victims. you can follow on social media throughout the day for updates on where to find finney. >> president trump is denying claims he told the widow of a fallen soldier he, quote, knew what he signed up for but i guess it still hurt, unquote. florida congresswoman federica
5:26 am
wilson said she heard the president say it on a call on speaker phone. president trump said she totally fabricated it. she shot back saying he is a sick man. number six, seeing a little bit cleaner air come in from the ocean as the sea breeze kicks in. that means cooler and then we'll turn our attention to friday and saturday. showers and light rain, a trace up to a third of an inch. number seven, off to a fairly quiet start, no major issues to talk about. a live look at golden gate bridge. a dense fog advisory. not looking terrible here. there are definitely some thicker areas throughout the bay. a skydiving trip took an unexpected twist for one utah man. we have the video to show you. take a look. the wind almost blew the pants off of miles mortensen. what is happening? are you telling me he didn't plan this and was just wearing
5:27 am
american flag underwear? anyway, after his parachute was deployed he yelled, it's freezing. in case you're interested, and why wouldn't you be, miles has his own youtube channel where he uploads videos of all his adventures and i'm assuming not more underwear from him. i don't -- i don't need to see that. thanks, though. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the latest on wildfires burning in the bay area. and firefighters struggling to contain the bear fire. you will hear from evacuees staying in a nearby shelter. staying in a nearby shelter. >> and stay indoors
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and good morning. it is wednesday, october 18th.
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natasha has the day off. we're all here to get your day started. >> including mike nicco who is running up here. >> i was checking the visibility. novato has been ping-ponging between a tenth. i was trying to get you the latest information there. you can see it stretching out to bodega bay and you can see it starting to slip into parts of the bay. we look from the east bay across the bay bridge and cooler temperatures. your 12-hour day planner mid to upper 40s. noon will be 56 at the coast. 55 at 4:00. 66 to 69 around the bay. and about 72 to 76 inland. more on the air quality. this is a spare the air day. the air will be cleaner. more on that rain next. how about the morning commute. good morning to alexis. >> and we have the bay bridge metering lights on as of 5:20 this morning.
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it seems to be the new norm here and things are backing up with the exception of the car-pool lanes. it is a spare the air day. we do have one issue with b.a.r.t. about a ten-minute delay between union city and south hayward stations and that delay is in all directions. we have crews working on that now. a couple blocking collisions. we'll talk about those at 5:40. alexis, thank you. this morning fire crews are making progress at containing the north bay fires. >> cal fire reporting the nuns fire is 76% contained. atlas fire 80% contained. and the pocket fire is holding steady at 58%. full containment expected by friday. in mendocino county the redwood fire is 70% contained and the sulfur fire now 96% contained. cal fire estimates full containment there by november 1st. and now to santa cruz mountains where the bear fire is still burning this morning. >> at last check it was only 5%
5:32 am
contained. there are people still out of their homes this morning. matt keller is live in felton. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. this fire, the bear fire, is at 271 acres, 5% contained. four structures destroyed and about 150 remain in danger. some evacuees are now at shelters like the one here in felton. the red cross has set it up. one woman we spoke with lived in a yurt right around where the fire started late monday night. she told us embers were on her driveway when they decided to leave. >> i thought i'm going to die. but he's going to die, too, because we can't get out. >> reporter: sandra wood found out from a neighbor her home was destroyed. the sheriff's department says they are patrolling the area
5:33 am
overnight. there are still several road closures and shelters for both people and their animals. if you need that information find it on our website abc7news kopp. reporting live in felton, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. in the east bay dublin residents are waking up in their homes after being evacuated yesterday by fast moving grass fire. exactly where the fire was burning. the 116-acre fire started at about 4:00 p.m. northeast of downtown. crowes aggressively attacked the fire. the evacuation was lifted just after 5:30 and that fire is now 75% contained. a couple is answering questions about a lawsuit filed against pg&e. >> coffey park was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods by the tubbs fire last week and the couple claims pg&e high-voltage
5:34 am
power lines came into contact with dry vegetation thereby sparking multiple fires. pg&e officials have not commented on that, said they will not speculate on the cause of those fires yet. but, meanwhile, pg&e does say crews have restored electricity to 97% of its customers in the north bay. in addition cal fire has given access to about 6,000 homes. officials expect to restore power to those customers by tomorrow. pg&e says it hopes to gain access to remaining 400 homes today. officials also say they expect to restore gas service to all remaining customers who can receive it by tonight. the napa county sheriff identified the volunteer firefighter killed on monday, garrett paiz was from missouri working as a volunteer firefighter in washington state when he got dispatched to the north bay. he was driving a privately owned tender down a steep grade when
5:35 am
he lost control. the water truck rolled down an embankment in yountville. he was the 41st victim of the deadly wildfires and the first crew member to lose his life. senators dianne feinstein and harris are raising concerns about the wireless emergency alert system that sends alerts to your cell phone. the senators sent a letter to the fcc saying the system did not transmit lifesaving information during the north bay fires because of, quote, technical deficiencies. the sonoma county sheriff said the county sent out warnings through its soca alert service and nixle. they require people to register in advance. michael finney will be in the north bay all week taking questions and helping out fire victims. today they will be set up at various locations in napa. follow abc 7 news for updates on where to find him and for a list of locations for the rest of the week head over to
5:36 am
on your side. the city of san jose is teaming up with the santa clara valley water department to make sure people are ready for the upcoming storm season. the first of three fairs to help prepare for the possibility of more flooding that will take place today. remember, coyote creek flooded three communities earlier this year. the fairs are being held near each of those areas. tonight's winter storm resource fair will be held at the golden wheel mobile home park community room from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the smell of smoke fills the air in the bay area still and if you do step outside you can see some of that air pollution, too. >> this is abc 7 news flying a drone around san francisco yesterday. a gray haze filled the sky. visibility poor. smoke from the wildfires is forcing many people to wear facemasks around downtown. so the advice to stay indoors if you can and avoid strenuous activity until that air quality
5:37 am
improves. >> and it has improved a little bit. some good news as the sea breeze has kicked in. the marine layer is back and that means cleaner air over the ocean. it will be a brighter day. you can see right here as we look south, san rafael not too hazy here. not too foggy either. right now our air quality is moderate everywhere. it's not unhealthy but it could be across the north bay and that's why there's another spare the air. check out the temperature trends anywhere from about 1 to 12 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. we'll start in san francisco. 48 in west portal. castro, mission, glenn park 49. everybody else, about 50 to 52 degrees. we have 52 in richmond right now. look at all these 40s, san leandro, union city, palo alto, bell month and santa clara, 48. 43 in walnut creek. a little bit warmer in pittsburg. you're waking up to 53.
5:38 am
petaluma, daly city about 49 and 48. a look at walnut creek. traffic may look slow. at least the air is cleaner. fog in the north bay. haze for all of us this afternoon. for your commute planner, mass transit cool to warm from the coast to our inland neighborhoods and a small craft advisory if you're going to be on a ferry this afternoon. let's talk about tomorrow evening through friday morning, showers then light rain, a trace up to a third of an inch and winds will pick up. we'll take an hour by hour look and how much rain to expect in your neighborhood coming up. here's alexis. >> unfortunately that b.a.r.t. delay is now a major delay in all directions. they're having an equipment problem on the track so as soon as i have more info i will pass that along to you. in the meantime if you're driving today we have a couple tough spots to get around although this is not too bad, southbound 101 at story road still trying to clean up a roll over crash. the vehicle started on the northbound side, flipped over the center embankment and landed on the southbound side so the
5:39 am
two left lanes are blocked. not seeing much of a delay there. a little bit of stop and go traffic filling in north of there and of course southbound this time of day. also in the east bay here, eastbound 80 before you get to davis streak. a semi went down the embankment. sounds like it will be tough to get that recovered. it was fully loaded. we have a fuel spill that is not impacting the main lanes as you head into the vacaville area. no major slowdowns. you may see on looker delays. westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the red up to 56 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard. that debris near 84 has cleared and you're in the green at 20 minutes. 101 to cupertino looking great at 15 minutes. >> an open letter from female lawmakers in sacramento, the change they want to see at the state capitol. the reason president trump's revised travel ban will not be taking effect today. it is 5:40 and as you get your day into gear here is a live look at downtown san francisco as you can see mike has been telling us about
5:40 am
clearer skies for a lot of us who are south of where the fires have been burning. we keep up ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan
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investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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and that breaking news a late night fire at the largest refinery on the west coast. it's in the los angeles area. we want to show you this video, heavy smoke and flames rose from the chevron refinery in el segundo. the fire began with an explosion
5:43 am
around 10:30 last night and some flames did touch power lines. then there were even more sparks. firefighters were able to put out the fire with water and foam, took them about an hour. police told people living in that area nearby to close their windows and stay indoors but thankfully no one was hurt. new this morning police in novato looking for two identity theft suspects. police say the man and woman stole a wallet and used the victim's credit cards at target, sephora and safeway in novato. president trump's revised travel ban won't be taking effect today. a federal judge blocked the policy yesterday. the justice department plans to appeal the decision. this is president trump's third attempt to stop certain people from coming to the u.s. the ban would have covered chad, somalia and yemen. it also would have limited some venezuelan officials from visiting the u.s. the state of hawaii has
5:44 am
issued -- has sued three times over the travel ban. happening today the primary challenger hoping to replace democrat dianne feinstein in the senate will officially kick off his campaign in los angeles. state senator kevin deleon will hold a campaign event today. he announced his candidacy over the weekend days after feinstein revealed that she would run for a sixth term. the state senator said california has changed over the past 25 years and is overdue for a real debate on the issues. meanwhile, women in california politics are fed up with being sexually harassed and have launched a campaign to do something about it. female politicians released an open letter signed by 140 women saying the male power structure in sacramento needs to be more diverse and want women to begin a dialogue and work toward a solution. the letter follows the widespread scandal of sexual abuse by harvey weinstein and ends with, quote, we are done with this.
5:45 am
a convoy of trucks and trailers filled with supplies, part of a generous outpouring support for wildfire victims in napa. future farmers of america students trucked in three loads of supplies like hay and feed yesterday to vintage high school in napa. students are now helping feed displaced animals rescued from the flames including an alpaca, lots of chickens, and goats. >> we are driving up here on the highway. you see fields burned, vineyards burned down to the ground. it feels great to deal with the support of someone who has just lost everything. >> in addition to these animals there are some that suffered burn injuries in the fires. they're being cared for by students from uc davis' vet school. dmv also helping wildfire victims get back on their feet. the agency is offering free replacement to people who have lost documents like driver's licenses and titles. fees are we go waived for residents by governor brown's emergency proclamation so those are the counties including
5:46 am
solano, sonoma, napa and yuba counties. get ready to pay more for wine. some experts are warning there could be a big price jump over the next few years as local wineries recover from the north bay wildfires. >> $2 million worth of wine was in production when the fire raced through glenallen. winery operations manager mark birmingham took quick action there chasing down generators to power fermentation tanks and do the crush before -- as quickly as possible. take a listen. >> really critical. as far as heating and cooling and being able to work these fermenters it's critical to the work we're doing. >> in other wineries not so lucky, birmingham estimates only one-fourth of the wineries are processing grapes. but not all of them are able to do so. >> and if you like to help wildfire victims through the red cross you can text them 90999.
5:47 am
it'll donate $10 and to volunteer call the number on your screen, 707-577-7600. time to check in with mike nicco and how the weather will help the firefight and the air quality, how that's doing today. >> it's doing both so far, jessica. hi to you. we have the sea breeze back. the marine layer back and it's undercutting this smoke. you can see the flags on the ferry building in downtown san francisco pushing off towards the east. it's still a spare the air day because of the smoke immediately near the fires in the north bay. you'll have the most unhealthy air this afternoon. it's going to be a little bit cooler today with more sunshine than yesterday. also wet weather tomorrow and friday. it's almost here and building warmth this week. a look at exactly where it is with live doppler 7. from vancouver, seattle, down to portland, that's the beginning of our next system. the apparent low is just now coming through the gulf of alaska. it's still about 800 miles away
5:48 am
from reaching us but when it does starting tomorrow afternoon you can see a few scout showers, see these little blobs of green. those are light rain showers that will move through the north bay with that southwest moist flow tomorrow afternoon while the rest of us will see increasing clouds, maybe a little drizzle here and there, maybe a sprinkle. notice some yellow showing up. there's going to be a little bit here and there, a pocket, if you will, of moderate rain in the north bay but it falls apart, unfortunately, as it comes out of the north bay during the evening hours and moves into the heart of the bay by 10:00 and then you can see a fast moving system that will be for the most part gone, at least the steadier rain by 4:00. we'll be dealing with slick conditions during the morning commute. sun comes out by 9:00 and we start drying by the afternoon hours. as far as rainfall totals, they're going to be most impressive in places like ukiah, calistoga a third, santa rosa, napa a quarter of an inch. a tenth of an inch elsewhere until you get the rain shadow down to san jose, less than a
5:49 am
tenth of an inch for you. what's going to happen behind that system, we'll have some dangerous waves friday into saturday as we clear out and start to warm up a little bit, calmer and much warmer, 70s and 80s everywhere by tuesday. hey, alexis. good morning. we do have a commuter alert for you that morning. unfortunately a major delay for b.a.r.t. on the fremont line and that is in all directions. this started with an equipment problem on the tracks between south hayward. anytime we hear major delay more than 20 minutes. so a little bit of good news. we don't have any unusual problems or slow spots today. no significant crashes at the moment, just your typical delays at the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights have been on. we do have a dense fog advisory in effect for golden gate bridge and i want to show you the visibility layer. the brighter the white, the denser the fog. just south of santa rosa and definitely some areas that are dense. slow down and increase the
5:50 am
following distance. we'll check drive times just before 6:00. a health alert before your morning workout. how much is too much? plus a special delivery from the central valley. already had compassion and this was just compassion put to work. >> find out what these students are doing to help people and animals in need after the north bay wildfires. >> plus a ceremony before the warriors game. see how the
5:51 am
(dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. for all the things that keep you up at night, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% real cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. ♪
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that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪ it's 5:53. police are warning residents about aggressive turkeys. the police department shared a video of four birds chasing a police cruiser on sunday. state law classifies them as wildlife and that means dealing
5:53 am
with turkeys is outside the authority of police or animal control officers. it's actually up to the spca. thanksgiving is around corner, they're pushing it. >> they'd better watch out. >> san francisco and oakland are listed not as turkey infested but some of the most rat infested cities in the u.s. >> i see them all the time walking around. orkin ranks them number four. the pest control company's data is based on commercial and residential treatments in the past year. chicago ranked number one followed by new york and los angeles. sacramento and stockton came in at number 26. we hope you weren't eating your we hope you weren't eating your cereal.
5:54 am
mike. >> i had to go there. let's talk about going somewhere. the winds. you want more proof that the winds of change are coming in, small craft advisory for southwest winds in the area in yellow from 2:00 to 4:00 tomorrow morning. 62 to 65 coast to san francisco. oakland 68. 70 to 73 around the bay and about 75 to 79 inland. more cloud cover not quite as cool as this morning. 48 in santa rosa. hi, alexis. >> hello. we have that major b.a.r.t. delay and a new problem on highway 4. emergency crews and that is just before san marco. i know i promised drive times. we'll check those at 6:00. the warriors kicked off an nba title defense but last night's game didn't quite end up like they were hoping. the warriors did receive their championship rings prior to the game.
5:55 am
the warriors held a 17-point lead in third quarter and then houston came back and they took the final lead. kevin durant hit what appeared to be a game-winner at the buzzer but the referees ruled he didn't get the shot off in time. the rockets won 122 to 121. >> so close. ouch. we are so close to 6:00. and new at 6:00, president trump's battle with the nfl. how he's responding to a compromise between team owners and players who don't want to kneel. >> and our north bay fire coverage continues. stopping the flames and how sonoma state is planning to welcome back students today. as people return home a new effort to make sure they are safe. the meeting today with very important information for anyone who is in the fire zone.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
hi, good morning. it is wednesday, october 18. natasha zouves is off today but the rest of us are here. we are awake for you at 6:00 a.m. >> pretty much. >> it took an hour and a half but we're awake now. >> we still need some coffee. >> i did like the cooler weather for sleeping last night. that was nice, mike. >> almost turned the heater on. it's been so smoky. especially the next couple mornings when it's going to get cool, those filters will be clogged with all that smoke and particulate. the cool weather came in because of the sea breeze. look at the fog. a little smoke. quarter mile visibility from petaluma up to santa rosa. some of that low cloudiness and fog moving into the bay as we look west from our east bay hills camera. temperatures in the 40s. dress warmer. how about only 50s at the coast today.
5:59 am
66 to 69 around the bay and inland and 72 to 76. it will be brighter today. maybe not quite as hazy but it is still another spare the air day. if you're heading out this evening 53 to 63. rain is on the way. how about an update on your morning commute. what are you seeing? >> it is a spare the air day and a major b.a.r.t. delay on the fremont line in all directions. they're having an equipment problem on the tracks so obviously not good. a dense fog advisory for golden gate bridge. it's not looking terrible but it has thickened up. some parts of the north bay with low visibility this morning so take it easy. and a quick check of drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin. westbound 4 antioch to concord a new crash along that stretch in the yellow at 32 minutes. and san rafael


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