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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 19, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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this is abc7 news. >> this is the news the bay area has been waiting for. rain, as you can see, on the way. a live look from our explore exo camera here. the clouds turn into rain. i'm reggie santa cruz mountain, still working to contain the wildfires. conditions around the area. clouds are rolling in over the bay bridge and the golden gate
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bridge. a lot of flight arrival delays. we watch them approach two hours. mike nicco? >> the storm that's going to bring us much needed rain and started by sending the table this morning with sea breeze and the mist and drizzle we had. look at the wind barbs pointing to the east on live doppler 7. rain starting to head into california way up there near the border but at least making some progress. stuck in the pacific northwest all day yesterday. here's what i am thinking. a light storm with sprinkles possible the next hour or so. and then we see some showers that will turn into a steady rain during the evening and overnight hours. and it will be a little breezy from time to time but i don't think it will be much in the way of damage with 15 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. this is the way it looks from emeryville. just got to coerce them into giving up goodies and they will in the form of sprinkles. mainly gray at noon and sprinkles everywhere.
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north baby 4:00. we'll have showers everywhere by 8:00 and steady rain moving into the north bay then and by midnight, everyone dealing with light to moderate showers. hour by hour look. see your neighborhood and how much rain we'll get and how it will help the air and the firefighters. reggie? >> thank you, right here. this is our weather app. that's the abc7 app. get updates and monitor the forecast when you're on the go. turn now to pretty major update in the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. the containment now doubled. at 30%. still, hundreds of people remain out of their homes and a lot of structures are threatened as we speak. abc7 news reporter with an evacuation center. matt? >> reggie, good news for evacuees. many of them are being allowed back home. that means the red cross shifted from being a shelter to
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informational center and all of this while firefighters are making good progress on the bear fire. a new day in the santa cruz mountains brought good news for residents evacuated by the bear fire. 320 acres but the containment percentage doubled to 30%. >> nothing that doesn't have it hit in the road. >> evacuation orders for areas south of bear creek road. >> this is definitely a turning point today. >> reporter: a lot of work still needs to be done and firefighters are facing dangerous conditions in the steep rugged terrain. 7 firefighters have been injured since the fire started late monday night and ambulance and medical helicopters on stand by just in case. >> be cautious and take extra time. it's been a long season. a little ways to go. come home to the wives, the kids, the husbands.
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let's end the season. >> 956 fire personnel helping with this fire including the hot spot shot shots of montana. they hike in knowing the santa cruz mountains are filled with danger. although the red cross is changing their shelters into informational centers, you can still find a place to stay through the red cross. all you have to do is call this number. if you're in an evacuee needing overnight accommodations, 1-866-272-2237. we put that number on our web site to make it easy for you. matt keller, abc7 news. >> glad to see people getting home. thank you, matt. more progress with the north bay fires. let's go through the containment
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fires. the atlas fire at 85% contained. we have new figures for the nuns fire at 82% containment. pocket hire at 73% and tubs fire is 92% contained. cal fire expecting to have the fires in sonoma and napa counties contained by tuesday. let's go to mendocino county. sulfur fire at 96% contained. there is a brand-new interactive map allowing anyone to find out the status of homes and buildings at sonoma county after those devastating wildfires. my colleague jessica joining us to show us how this works. >> a great tool for evacuees or folks wondering about a specific business or location. here's the map. the red dots here indicate, let me take my pen tool off. the red dots indicate, let me zoom in, the buildings that were destroyed. the yellow dots are the ones that had dodge to them and i
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want to point out key features. right over here, the bookmark here. tubs fire. had specific neighborhoods there as well. what i'll do here for you is click on pocket park. this was a hard hit area and also allows you to look for a property using its exact address. do you remember this from last week? we show you video of it here. the store was located at 3771 cleveland avenue in santa rosa and point out something else here on the link. if you look on the upper right hand tool, it says search. a search bar. what you can do here is actually enter a location. i'm going to go ahead and enter that address. 3771 cleveland. santa rosa. once we click on it, it takes you to the building and it shows
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you exactly which ones were damaged. so this one will have the kmart here with the red dot there so it indicates this building was damaged. it's an incredibly valuable tool. you can look for your exact address and we've made it really easy to find. all you have to do is go to the maps link on our web site, it's right there on our home page for you. i'm jessica castro, abc7 news. >> the technology is quite impressive. >> sure. there has been an aftershock after the early morning earthquake with the monterey counties. the 3.8 struck northeast of greenfield. 30 minutes south of salinas. no damage or injuries reported there. of course, earthquakes like these are considered minor but are you prepared for the big one? abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield.
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one of several place where is the great california shakeout is happening today. amy? >> reporter: look right behind me at the line. google employees smile through a 7.0 earthquake this morning. it was in a simulator of course but got them thinking seriously about a real one. >> it's scary. everything falling down. you don't know what's going to happen and just happened unexpectedly. >> the fun of trying this out came with a serious message about what to do during the shaking. >> are you ready at home? >> not at all. this is an eye opening experience. >> once out of the simulator, could visit different vendors and government agencies to learn the harsh reality. >> i just learned i should have a gallon of water per day per person, for a two weeks supply
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in case of an emergency. that's a lot of water, right? >> she's going to listen. not only by the water days worth of supplies. walked away from the 7.0 experience and headed into work but it definitely rattled them. >> it was scary. it was. i never experienced an earthquake, so this was my fist time. thankfully, it was a simulator, but yeah, it was scary. >> that was amy hollyfield reporting for us from google's campus. the california emergency management agency reminding people statewide to be ready for earthquake or any type of natural disaster, so we're all encouraged to have emergency kits with items including battery operated radios and flashlights with extra batteries and also, as you heard in the piece, a three-day supply of foot and water for everyone in the family and a manual can opener. stocking your emergency kit and develop an emergency plan for your family posted right now att
11:10 am she inspired millions. alyssa milano reacting to the me too movement going viral. what she's telling abc7 news. plus. >> reporter: i'm michal
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>> continuing efforts to help victims in the north bay. michael finney is out there for day three of the pop-up events. today at the local assisted center in santa rosa. good morning, michael. >> reporter: there's still so much need here. this line is out in front of the press democrat building. you've been seeing this line since monday and this isn't anything compared to how many people are inside needing help. a lot can't even get to the build and that's why we want mary mcbride. there seemed to be a higher level of injury and death among those over 65. am i right about that? >> it's understandable. if you think about the reasons why people were able to get out. they heard commotion, knocks on the door.
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their phone ring. or they were able to smell the smoke. >> it's key. so many seniors lose their hearing at some level, they have hearings aids. take them out at night. even if they are alerted to the situation, they also have mobility issues. there may be walkers. they have balance issues. maybe in a wheelchair. and if they're able to get out the door, 25% of seniors will outlive their ability to drive. so you might get out the door but then you don't have transportation. >> how do we deal with that issue? if you have friends that are older or family members or you yourself? >> you're absolutely right. it's down to community. if we are an older adult, we need to get out and meet our neighbors and let them know where you are. an aging parent, go around to their neighbors. identify yourself. give your contact information and say, mom's got some issues and if you wouldn't mind looking out for her but the older adults who got out, it was because of
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friends and neighbors who knocked on their door. >> great information. thank you very much. 7 on your side. pop-up on the other side of the building. we're here to take care of the problems that fall through the cracks. people here are here for passport and insurance. 2 dozen agencies. live from santa rosa. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> you can see him until 7:00 tonight. more fallout for harvey weinstein. this is actress alyssa milano talking about the sexual harassment she faced. the abc news exclusive is next and important deadline looms for the future of amazon. what's at stake today and what it means to several bay area cities. a live look. tracking the rain we've been watching for all week. his complete accuweather
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forecast coming up after this.
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the british film institute stripped harvey of his film institute honor. alyssa milano one of the first to share the me too and spoke exclusive to good morning
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america. >> i don't know if i will ever publicly share my story. of course, i've done my own healing and been through counselling and have a great support system in my life but really, this was about showing that this happens everywhere. it's not just hollywood. >> it looks like milano really started a movement. she wants this "me too" movement to go on. not just be a one-time thing. now it's your monday morning report. major deadline in the hunt for the second u.s. headquarters. have to submit the proposals today. hq-2 up to 50,000 workers, cost at least $5 billion to build and operate. ceo jeff bezos expects it to be similar to the headquarters. it's a joint proposal with concord, san francisco, fremont, richmond and oakland.
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it's a separate proposal. meal kit delivery service blue apron is laying off 300 employees. the company revealed that decision in a regulatory filing yesterday and e-mail to its 5,000 workers. blue apron has been facing increasing competition. amazon testing its own meal kits, and albertson's with plated and plans to sell meal kits at it own storms. we're a few hours away? >> i think so. from the steady rain, i think it will be after the sun sets but still a chance we'll get wet from time to time as we moisten the atmosphere this morning. hi, here's a look at the golden gate bridge. west wind at about 10 miles per hour. that's why we'll have scattered to steady rain as we head into the hours. and rains clearing, breezy overnight. a lot to talk about in the seven-day forecast. we'll start with noon. green, maybe a little drizzle
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near the coast or higher elevations where you bump into the clouds. once we get up to 4:00, scattered showers into shore. down into the south bay while there's sprinkles to scattered rain here and there. light to modern. this is the change from yesterday. storms are a little bit stronger. moving into the north bay at 7:00. rest of us, you could see scattered rain out there. by 9:00, 10:00, it's in the heart of the bay and then by 2:00 to 3:00, it's exiting the south bay from noon to about 2:00. so fast moving storm which is unfortunate because it does have a lot of moisture in it for a storm this time of the year. towards 4:00 tomorrow morning, you see scattered showers in the higher elevations especially across the north bay. those will continue until about 9:00 and then they'll dissipate and then by noon, the clouds start to epiopen up for sunshin. out and about, we'll get 0.10 inches in the south bay. peninsula into the south bay, the rain shadow but then around
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a tenth to a quarter of an inch for the east bay hills and san francisco, and then a little bit of a rain shadow in the east bay valleys, about a 0.10 to 0.15 and then north bay neighborhoods especially on the higher elevations. the breezes are kicking in at 9:00 this evening with the heavier rain. small craft advisory and then 3:00 saturday morning at the coast. now, here's a look at the winds. by 5:00, about 10 to 20 miles per hour but notice by midnight, they're around 20 to 30 miles per hour. they'll be calmer tomorrow morning and then they'll reinvigorate tomorrow evening and then 15 to 25 miles per hour. they'll kick up high surf along the coast at 25 period from 6:00 thursday. this evening to about 6:00 tomorrow evening. 15 to 18 foot, even 25 foot breakers. be careful there. don't turn your back on that. look at the temperatures tomorrow. 50s and only 60s. a little calmer. a little bit warmer. 60s and 70s. saturday but then look at the
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temperatures next week. we flirt with 90 inland, 80s around the bay and mid 70s at the coast. it's going to be a quick whiplash of weather there. >> summer isn't over yet. it doesn't want to end. >> thank you. >> a special movement with social media today. you might notice people are wearing purple and your social feed also
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4:00, a unique agreement between two universities. how this partnership could help the schools. a mural that captured a moment in time but also sparked the controversy. will it finally get the special status some they it deserves? that story on abc7 news at 5:00. so mike nicco joining me now at the desk because you may have noticed, we're wearing purple today. that's right. it is spirit day and spirit day originally started to show solidarity with lgbtq youth and now moved on to be a larger anti-bullying movement. >> bullying, if we could just start bullying. how much better the world would be and nicer everyone would be to each other and we wouldn't have such issues. >> there' a campaign that disney and abc has joined with called choose kindness. different ways you can support diversity and acceptance in our bay area community and find the link at and also,
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you can see there's a t-shirt there. i'm wearing one of those. >> are you about to show it? look at you. >> i spent a lot of time hemming and hawing about what it's going to be. my word is, be weird. and i'm really taking this today. i have purple lining in my coat. and yes, the purple socks are being rocked today. >> you're really all into this. >> we should be. everybody should be into this movement. >> strangely undressing onset feels really odd. but weird, that's my word. we'll go with it. >> i was be supportive or be understanding. >> be nice to each other today. have a good one.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison coming to you from las vegas, the gambling capital of the world where the only sure thing is that today's show is going to be an exciting one. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to go? [cheers and applause] we're in the middle of a great game here. so from brentwood, california, let's welcome back tina slutzky. >> thank you. >> tina. [cheers and applause] did you know you have $30,000 already in your bank? [cheers and applause] you're in the middle of a great game here. >> thanks, chris. >> have you thought about what you'd do with this money? >> well, yeah, i'm going to hopefully go on a 30 year anniversary trip to italy with my husband. >> oh, that would be a good one. well, $30,000's a pr


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