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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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accused. >> chris nguyen is live where the police chief just finished speaking with a clear message. >> the family is stressing that the police chief is stressing that the family is asking for all the positive family and some colleagues. and people who have scott shared encouraging words. >> a fighter. this is not over. >> reporter: remains in intensive care after undergoing emergency
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including attempted murder, reckless driving and hit and run. this after he led officers on a chase through the pan handle, where he reportedly jumped suv and ran off. johnson eventually taken into custody in the tender loin. this isn't the first time he's been injured on the job. five year veteran received purple heart award in 2015 being hurt protecting life of someone else. police chief reading brief statement from the officer's wife. >> this is not the end of his story. please send him positive energy and love. he deserves it and he will no doubt get through this. >> reporter: again the chief saying that he didn't want to go
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into the details of officer's injuries, just stating they were very severe. but he does say that the department as well as officer's families are truly grateful for all the well wishes and support they've received from that community of live in san francisco, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> lot of people pulling for that officer. other top story, welcome sight for many in the north bay, rain. >> lisa amin glooejian tweeted this a short time ago. >> and live look from mt. tam camera, it's dark and dreary, rain coming down, somewhat windy as well. >> sudden change. spencer christian is tracking it. >> sudden and welcome change. live doppler 7, let's get to it. wider view of the bulk of the rain. pockets of light rain and
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scattered showers across much of the north bay right now. one on the storm impact scale. light intensity. light to moderate rain, maybe brief downpours. gusting and minor debris flows in the areas of the burn scars. by 9:00 much of the bay area will be receiving relatively steady rainfall. by 11:00 p.m. blanket the north bay, into san francisco and peninsula. pushing to the east bay. 1:00 a.m., east and south bay, then tapering off. rainfall totals from quarter inch in south and east bay to half inch in wettest north bay locations. more details in a few minutes. >> tonight we're hearing about new disturbing allegations coming out of the north bay fire
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zone involving fema aid identity theft. >> michael finney is live at assistance center in santa rosa. you hate to hear about this happening. >> reporter: i know, can you imagine? lose your home and business and identity thieves move more than rumor. talked to two. you lost your veterinarian practice? >> i did. north county animal hospital in santa rosa. applying for fema aid when they told me someone else filed using your social security number already. >> reporter: dumbfounded? >> good way of putting it. speechless for first time in my life i think. >> reporter: what did they tell you? social security number, the property and fire, that's
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amazing number of jigsaw puzzles. >> they asked me do you know this phone number? no. have you been to fema already? no haven't been to fema already. not even online. no. and they said someone else used your social. so they sent me to legal aid and social security administration. it's really great we have all the local agencies right there because it was just walk across the room to the different agencies. that was good. and they are going to investigate it. even the fbi will be investigating this because of the federal nature of the offense. >> were you allowed to apply or did they just put the whole thing on hold? >> put on hold. i can't apply for fema until they get it straightened out. >> reporter: i'm sorry. thank you so much. i hope things start going better for you. can't imagine two hits like
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that. she's got the veterinarian practice we're talking so much about, heard great things about it was burning monday. if you applied to fema and they told you you've been victim of identity theft, get a hold of 7 on your side. we'll be open and up in lake county talking to people. if you have this issue come find me. up there tomorrow. reporting live from santa rosa, michael finney. >> thanks michael. terrific resource for people up there. evacuees still waiting to get back into neighborhoods after the fires are frustrated and looking for answers. cal fire held a meeting to respond to the concerns. wayne freedman is live. >> reporter: two meetings today. second is going on in santa rosa right now. first one in sonoma about 1:00
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this afternoon and yes, lot of people are frustrated. one of the elements would be road blocks like this. roads are open, fires are over and think, gee, why can't i go back to my home? today they got answers and began to get some help. normally busy touristy downtown sonoma looked like ghost town, blame recent fires. only one location drew a crowd, sad one at that. >> bought retirement home. been there 14 weeks. >> reporter: filled with people like blanche. showed us pictures. it burned fast. >> five minutes. >> reporter: could you get anything out of there? >> nothing. >> reporter: blanche, her husband and all the fire victims came looking for answers. >> theme has been and continues to be patience. >> reporter: preefing from local and federal agencies small
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business administration and fema with applications for relief on site. >> won't know if they qualify unt unless they register. >> i want to know why i can't go hope. >> reporter: roads suffered so much damage that infrastructure are gone. >> guard rails, trees smoldering and could fall down. >> and neighborhoods not safe. blackened regions blocked by orange cones and red lights. california office of emergency services offered to clear burned homes and structures down to bare dirt but with 7,000 of them, will take months. >> this operation is a marathon, not a sprint. >> reporter: so begins the task. >> it's a beginning. we have hope. >> reporter: in sonoma, wayne freedman, abc7 news.
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>> public battle is brewing between sonoma county sheriff and acting director of u.s. customs and immigration enforcement agency. at issue unverified report that undocumented immigrant set the devastating wildfire in sonoma valley. man is currently in custody facing arson charges. sheriff's office saying it's highly unlikely. i.c.e. said once again left vulnerable. sheriff response. i.c.e. attacked sheriff's office in the midst of the largest natural disaster this county has ever experienced. i.c.e.'s misleading statement stirs fear in some of our community members who are already exhausted and scared. opening statements began in man accused of shooting and
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killing kate steinle in 2015. juan francisco lopez, undocumented immigrant killed the woman on pier 15. claims shooting was accidental. six women and six men selected to sit on the jury. >> san francisco is diverse community, people from all walks of life. we've got them on this jury. this is the right group of people to hear this case. it will be in their hands to decide whether or not tlar in agreement with us. >> prosecutors declined to comment. justin herman plaza is no longer. narrowly approved move to change the name today. voted 4-3 to remove the name of the controversial former head of the san francisco redevelopment agency from the park. for now embarcadero plaza until a new name greed upon. critics say justin herman drove
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poor people from homes. using good fortune to help others who have lost so much. two north bay schools plan for difficult road ahead. over lake tahoe. this time
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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continuing our coverage of the north bay fires. in santa rosa where school administrators are trying to give students and families a sense of normalcy. >> two schools beacons in neighborhoods left standing when almost everything around them
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was reduced to rubble. >> laura anthony is live at one of the schools. >> reporter: standing on the play structure at rooebly, still intact, so is the school but this is the neighborhood just behind it. larkfield, completely destroyed. homes owned by families with children who attend this school. they are two schools still standing amid the charred ruins and hundreds of homes destroyed by last week's fires. perhaps survived to serve as oasis for students and families who lost so much. >> we went into riebli school and shaeffer, there's no community left. >> reporter: uncharted territory for him and his staff. >> school is standing but community is gone that they serve. each superintendent faces
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challenge of reconnecting with that community. >> reporter: plan is clean up and reopen october 30th. >> probably run the gamut of emotions the first week. excited and happy, then moments where the feelings come up and they're able to express feelings they might not by able to express right now because in shock. >> reporter: kits and backpacks with supplies provided for kids who lost everything. coordinator for the school district. before the fire worked with dozens of students and families, now hundreds in district lost their homes. she and her family among them. >> what it does, highlights privilege. for me, losing home is inconvenience. it does not compare to what families were experiencing before the fire and will continue to experience.
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>> reporter: abc7 news. >> there was help for people in north bay who lost jobs because of the wildfires. open house job fair under way at oliver's market in santa rosa to find work. plenty of positions available in food services, cooks, servers and customer service. >> don't need to bring a resume. printed paper applications, doing interviewing and job offering on the spot. >> oliver's is holding another job fair next thursday. looking for something before then, apply santa rosa. >> hard as this has been, heartwarming thing is people rushing to help. >> michael finney and team have been out there helping people. >> live again tonight.
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>> reporter: we're in santa rosa. meeting with people all day long, helping a few and surrounded by insurance companies. where we're set up, tents and awnings. insurance companies are here. nice wonderful people. been interviewing them part of the time. they've been nice. clients and them are getting along. is that going to last? to answer that question, amy vox with united policy holders. you guys are on the consumers' side not insurance side of this. >> right. we want people to have good experience with insurance claim and company but we do know from 25 years of doing disaster recovery support there is a honeymoon period in beginning where people feel everything is going well, then lot of people, when it comes down to the dollars and big dollars that people need to put their house back, that that honeymoon period
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often is over and people will say, gee, feels like it's adversarial relationship. we're here to help fix that when it happens. >> it's business relationship, not friendship or adversary correct? >> that's right. lot of our messaging is around helping people get into realistic mindset of what a loss or total loss is. it's business negotiation. not all the ads you've seen about warm and fuzzy feelings of good neighbor, an insurance policy is a contract drawn up by lawyers. >> and you need to treat it as such. amy bach, thank you very much. she's been here at disaster relief center for a week now? >> since it hoped pretty much with oakland, berkeley fire survivor volunteers, sharing some of the lessons they still hold very strong in their hearts of what worked for them and problems they want to help these
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folks avoid. >> reporter: excellent. go to our website. we'll have a link to united policy holders. i'll be back, michael finney in santa rosa. weather anchor spencer christian with the forecast. >> rain arrived in some spots. live doppler 7, you can see massive moisture to the north. north bay, a few light showers and rough surf. high surf advisory in effect until 6:00 tomorrow evening. along with stormy weather, a chance of wave heights reaching 25 feet. be careful along the coastline. talk about the rain, live view from rooftop. skies are 57 in half moon basement
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emeryville. moisture developing here as well. 57 in santa rosa, one of the coolest locations. low 60s. live view at golden gate, looks damp on the pavement there, drizzled a bit. forecast features, rain continuing with brief downpours. morning showers linger and breezy and cool remainder of the day. much warmer sunday. storm impact scale. approaching storm is one, light intensity, tonight and early tomorrow morning. light to moderate rainfall but chance of isolated downpours. 15 to 30 miles per hour wind gusts. gusty at times tonight. 10:00. strongest along the coastline but after midnight, stronger winds pushing inland just a bit.
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then settling down after 7:00. 9:00 tonight rainfall spread to most of the north bay and by midnight, rain having hit all of the north bay, pushing trailing southward into the south bay. swinging eastward, produce snowfall in the central sierra. winter weather advisory has been issued. expect three to six inches of snowfall above 6,000 feet. from 11:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow morning. wind gusting to 65 miles an hour. rainfall in bay area, .10 to .2 most locations.
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overnight lows and highs chilly. sharp drop in temperatures, but bouncing back to upper 80s and low 90s inland. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that.
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southwest is promoting its first unmanned flight since the
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airline began in 1971. >> different kind of unmanned. all female crew from flight attendants to the pilots. tweeted this photo collage showing all eight of the women staff that flew from seattle so san francisco. >> isn't that cool? boeing 737 max so nicknamed themselves 737 max 8. we take earthquakes seriously in the bay area when you see the mayor of san francisco taking cover under a table. >> small table for the mayor. joined in the drill with the elementary school, preparedness event called california shakeout. >> assembling kits and got a grade from the mayor and other officials. >> you did excellent job today. this is a great school and want
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to make sure all of you are safe during the earthquake. thanks for having me here. >> later the kids learned about resource to bring home to parents. >> that's city website full of information on emergency preparedness. kids did a great job. next why homeowners dealing with loss in north bay may have tough time rebuilding quickly. >> and attorney is looking into whether understaffing played role in
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if you are in your home or your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore and then call 911. the first responders will come out and they'll make it safe for you and your community.
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if youdon't touch it,downed keep everyone back. call 911 immediately. the fire department will respond with law enforcement and pg&e to figure out what the issue is to keep you safe and there are no hazards to the public. ♪ good evening. tonight an attorney is looking into whether understaffing played a role in evacuation of two buildings at assisted living facility as wildfires raged in santa rosa. >> department of social services is also investigating the buildings' evacuations. >> melanie woodrow broke the story last week. >> live in the newsroom with the story only on 7.
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>> this lawsuit claims that oakmont senior living was understaffed. one of the plaintiffs was a resident at villa capry. oakmont has not responded to our request but one of the owners is talking about evacuation in e-mail sent to residents' families. santa rosa firefighter shared this new video with abc7 news taken around 4:30 a.m. last monday. as he and other firefighters drove to oakmont senior living. kathy allen, mother-in-law is a resident, still rescuing people. >> didn't know how to get everybody out of there. >> later burned to the ground. attorney filed proposed class action lawsuit against them. alleged oakmont duped residents and family members, assessing caregiver needs and charging
6:31 pm
accordingly but not adjusting staff levels to meet the needs. former oakmont employees and current and former residents confirm there is seld seldom enough staff to meet the needs. >> i saw your report and i was wasn't super surprised. >> we're paying good money. real good money. >> estimates more than $9,000 a month for mother-in-law who has dementia. when she arrived morning the fire, three caregivers, andre blakely helped rescue from the building. estimates half of the residents stayed there. >> i think we did a wonderful job. for all the residents, four of us. >> worst thing ever happened to me in my life.
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>> one family member shared e-mail. my own mother was living at villa capri, she told me she was comforted and impressed by how calmly and smoothly the evacuation was there. credited to staff, neighbors, residents, families and authorities who worked together. quote, all 430 residents are accounted for safe. safety always has been and always will be first priority. stebner says her firm is bringing the cases for reform. >> especially with your reporting. hoping it's a wake-up call. >> not filed a response but filed a motion to move the case to federal court saying some members of the potential class have moved out of sta sta sta sa melanie woodrow, abc7 news. tour companies and winery
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owners in napa want the public to know now that the fires are mostly contained they are open for business and most of the valley remains intact. damage limited or nonexistent in some spots. hasn't stopped people from canceling. lost $30,000 from cancellations and half dozen of his employ autos haes have no work. >> canceled three tours. for us that's huge. >> porter vineyards, employees stopped the fires one road shy of the vineyards. half the grapes were harvested before the fires. >> they need visitors now more than ever. michael finney and our team have been helping people affected by fires all week. >> trying to connect people with resources they need.
6:34 pm
live with more. michael. >> reporter: the resources are certainly up here in wine country. pretty easy connecting everybody. everyone is doing fabulous job here. quite a few people here. we'll be breaking down in a couple of moments, be up in lake county tomorrow. join us at the senior center up there. people are now beginning to say how long is it going to take to rebuild my home, sadly longer than most would like. keith wood heads up north coast builder's exchange. we have more lost homes than general contractors? >> up to 6,000 lofrt homes and less than that in sonoma county. we have a real problem. all the contractors were busy before the fire and now add on largest building project in sonoma county history.
6:35 pm
we've got a real problem. >> what do you do if you're homeowner? >> we've set up a table. trying to match up with contractors that are available. poll the licensed contractors to ask for capacity for more work. find people available, marry them with the homeowners. problem is if men and women in construction are already busy, we have problems finding contractors for the home builders. >> reporter: about 15 seconds left but need to know, should you ever hire out of county contractor? >> you can. we may need that. make sure they're licensed. any problem you're going to have is more likely to be severe with unlicensed contractors. avoid them at all costs. >> reporter: we're going to be in lake country, senior center. join us there. michael finney reporting live.
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contra costa county have arrested two accused of sexual assault. >> disturbing allegations and how the schools are responding. >> reporter: arrested two teenage boy boy boy boy boy boyy victim from nearby all girls private school. suspects are football players. did see the head coach on campus around the time the school held assembly to discuss appropriate behavior in response to the allegations. sent a letter to parents saying it happened weeks ago off-campus. said in part we're proud of the courage our student has shown in coming forward and we'll continue to support her. >> it's shocking to get news like that but stand behind the school 110%. they handle everything with
6:37 pm
grace. >> not first time de la salle has been in center of assault case. former football player -- rape in may. called disturbing. >> i don't know how it keeps happening and not being addressed and kids not being punished if rightly so. >> reporter: letter said in part. we expect and demand respect for all persons. ignasio valley would not comment. district called allegations serious and said they're working with law enforcement. abc7 news. final pitch to amazon. >> billion dollar bidding war
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>> reporter: amazon has a warehouse in tracy, book store in san jose and supermarkets all over but in san francisco five cities have come together to make a bid for bay area. >> innovation capital, we have the talent and universities that amazon is looking for. >> reporter: could have offices in san francisco and fremont and sprawling campus in concord. >> blank slate. >> oodles of empty land near b.a.r.t. station. promises housing for ployees are coming. >> we have traffic problems, we're working to address them investing in b.a.r.t. >> reporter: another bid from san jose. rather than a blank slate, campus painted with color. >> young talent that wants to be in urban centers. >> reporter: where amazon has a
6:42 pm
small lab, san jose is making offer. >> opportunity to be part of revitalization of the downtown core in bay area's largest city. >> reporter: renovating buildings but keeping character. >> everyone in sill convalley is trying to fake it. these buildings are authentic. >> reporter: won't offer. >> subsidies. been vocal we shouldn't be using public dollars to lure companies into our city. >> reporter: thinks san jose is best fit without cash incentives. investing in transportation. >> do everything to support the growth but not
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as the smoke clears, north bay residents who lost their homes may be facing additional problems. slow rebuilding and issues. >> talked with experts about the challenges. >> reporter: on top of rebuilding, victims who lost homes may be facing another
6:46 pm
challenge. could be difficult if they lost jobs in tourism, wine industry. >> missed mortgage payments maybe. hope that they recognize and federal government recognize and provide relief based on moratorium of mortgage payments. >> reporter: also warning of shortage of construction workers lured by bonuses to restore hurricane-ravaged florida and texas. pam foley has advice. >> maybe create a forbearance on the loan to postpone pay. s or collections. start that conversation as soon as possible so lender is aware. >> reporter: attendees of the realtors' conference acolleagues who suffered losses in the north
6:47 pm
bay. also actively engaged in fundraising for fire victims, including their colleagues in the real estate injury. one offered a house to fire victim. >> you're homeless, in your 80s, breathing all that smoke. yes they can stay as long as they want really. >> reporter: in santa anta anta david louis, abc7 news. clouds are here. little bit of rain is falling as well. storm on the way ranks one. light intensity. some brief downpours. gusty winds. 15 to 30 miles per hour. heaviest rain in the north bay before midnight. by midnight, swinging down through san francisco on to the peninsula, east and then finally south bay before start of the morning commute. overnight lows from mid-40s to
6:48 pm
low 50s elsewhere. tomorrow is cool. breezy at coast, 50s. low to mid-60s at bay and mid to upper 60s inland. breezier and cooler tomorrow, milder saturday, then a sharp warming trend on sunday. monday and tuesday, inland highs in upper 80s to low 90s. quite a change coming our way. . ♪ >> thanks spencer. check this out. date night for the curry's is a little different than yours probably is. >> shared this video of the couple on stage at johnnyswim's concert. >> steph and aisha helped belt out "home" described as bucket list moment. >> that was not advertised
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right? i would have gone. on to sports. >> larry beil. >> steph hit the high note. maybe a five second solo. we have surprising results on draymond green's mri. results, his knee and who starts how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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good evening. earlier today draymond green was lifted as doubtful for the new orleans game but went through a full practice and upgraded to probable. today mri showed no structural damage in green's game. hurt. could see how valuable he was in the fourth. warriors missed his defense. if he doesn't play, warriors expected to start jordan bell against flowers and cousins. >> lot of expectations here. lot of people have us repeating. big thing we have to carry on shoulders throughout the playoffs but i try to play every game the same. not motivating me more or less.
6:53 pm
trying to win just as much as before i walked in. >> it's important for us to develop our young players. not afraid to throw any of them out there crunch time. thought it was good experience. 49ers owner back from new york where nfl officials discussed what to do about protests in the national anthem. york supported kaepernick but today said he didn't think the former star was being blackballed, denied employment in the league because of the protesting. >> it's difficult for me to say that with colin being here a long time. obviously there's a lawsuit going on. hard for me to get into details or share my opinion, but i don't believe there's base to that claim he's being blackballed. raiders are playing the chiefs in thursday night
6:54 pm
football. oakland dropped four in a row, it's must-win game. amari cooper sighting, but chiefs leading 20-14 and raider defense is being shredded by alex smith and company. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. cal bears off biggest win in years, upset washington state but lost best defensive player. devonte downs is done for the season. arizona wildcats coming off back-to-back wins against colorado and ucla. scored 45 or more points in four of six games this season. cal hopes to continue their momentum but started with huge victory over wazzu. >> so many things we can learn from. they had really good energy. arizona's defense is
6:55 pm
opportunistic. they create issues up front in terms of movement, way they change up coverages in front. be another challenge for them. but i really like their energy and focus at practice. now got to go out and execute. >> stanford has a bye and bryce love is top heisman contender. so what's christian mccaffrey last year and didn't take home the hardware. his numbers are off the charts. why isn't love getting more love in national recognition? stanford head coach david shaw said pac-12 after the dark has a lot to do with it. >> people can get offended and upset, game times matter. bryce has been outstanding and great in any game. ran for 300 yards against arizona state but it was early game and his name got to be said
6:56 pm
for the next seven or eight hours until people went to sleep on the east coast. hearing about the game. as opposed to at night. get offended if they want to. most people turn the games off halftime on the east coast. see half of them and then you're in bed. >> pac-12 made deal with the devil. wanted tv money and games have to start later for television sake. this is what you get. speaking of the devil, dodgers are going to world series, leading the cubs, elimination game for cubs. dodgers with kiki hernandez hitting home run, hours away from going. join us tonight. your dog is trying to communicate with you. new study of canine facial expressions. and tesla defending a vehicle after consumer survey
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offers less than glowing reviews. and coming up at 8:00," it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown," then "toy story of terror," "scandal," "how to get away with murder," and abc7 news. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley, for (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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for all the things that keep you up at night, this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a video producer from new york, new york... a high school social studies teacher from strasburg, virginia... and our returning champion, a librarian from long beach, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hello. how are ya? thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome. and a warm welcome to our challengers, tom and justin. good luck to all three of you. here we go into the jeopardy! round. we waste no time today.
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and here are the categories, starting off with... uh-oh. next... and finally... d-a-y. "day" coming up in each correct response. joanna, you're the champ. you go. types of names for $200. tom. -what is pseudonym? -that's the word. shakespearean, $200. justin. -who are the boston red sox? -no. joanna or tom? [ beep ] you got the right team, but not the park. fenway, yeah. tom. shakespearean, $400.


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