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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for sure. be careful. it is friday, october 20th. natasha is off today. the rest of us are here to guide you through your friday. >> the rest of the morning hours as we look outside. here is a look at what it was, just a few hours ago in los gatos at highway 9 and tate avenue. down in the lower elevations 0.12. about a quarter of an inch of rain. you can see it's coming down light to moderately there. you can see it blowing sideways from time to time as breezy conditions came in with that rain. here's a look. i put it in motion. the steady rain in the lower right-hand part moving away. scattered showers. they're up there in the north bay. let's take a look at your 12-hour day planner and we're in the low to mid-50s at 7:00. 57 to 62 with the most amount of sunshine and the calmest conditions at noon. more clouds and more breezes at 4:00. 57 to 63 and 54 to 57. grab a coat if you're heading out this evening.
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how about those slick conditions, alex snis. >> we had a lot of crashes overnight, mike. i think the fact that it is a friday is helping us out. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. a little bit of sheen on the pavement as you can see. no delays coming from the north bay this morning and a quick check of some drive times, too. a couple start to go flip over from the green to the yellow including westbound 580 tracy to dublin. 40 minutes for you. 24 minutes westbound 4 antioch to concord and southbound 101 still wide open in the green at 15 minutes. alexis, thank you. some residents forced out by the bear fire near boulder creek are waking up at home this morning. the neighborhood was evacuated overnight tuesday after the fire broke out. residents were allowed to return to their homes last night. the fire has burned 320 acres and is at only 35% containment. we've talked about the santa rosa neighborhood of coffey park and seen images of the enabled flattened by fire.
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the people who live there haven't been able to get there. >> i went out there actually and saw this firsthand. it's devastation. today, though, that neighborhood along with orchard and journey's end mobile home parks are reopening for the first time since the fire. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in coffey park. amy, is there even anything to recover at this point? >> reporter: hi, jessica. they'll find out today. they get to finally go past this point, the national guard has been stationed here to keep everyone out of the coffey neighborhood. today residents will be able to go past here and only residents so they can process and grieve in private. they got the news at a community meeting last night. a lot of details and logistics were discussed but the conversation also got heated. some victims took this as an opportunity to ask government officials about why they didn't receive more warning the fire was coming and have more time to escape. >> -- no notice at the start of the fire that it was coming?
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>> i wish we could have got everyone out. i wish we could have. that's something we're going to have to live with just like you. >> reporter: at the meeting health officials urged residents not to handle ash because it is considered a health hazard. the government will remove it. the areas opening today include the coffey park neighborhood and journey's end and orchard mobile home parks. there should be information coming out about when the fountaingrove neighborhood will be open. residents can get past this checkpoint between 10:00 this morning and 5:00 in the afternoon today and tomorrow. it opens to the public on sunday. you have to show an i.d. to get past here. reporting live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. tour companies and winery owners in napa want the public to know now that the fires are nearly contained they are open for business. much of the lush wine growing valley does remain intact. in fact, damage to the most
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popular areas is very limited or nonexistent. one owner tells us that with all of the news of the north bay wildfires a lot of people are still canceling and he has already lost $30,000 from cancellations and a half dozen of his employees have no work. >> we've canceled 38 tours we had booked and for a small three-car limousine operation that's huge. >> yeah, the fires have just been tough on perception. port earvrer of their grapes had already been harvested. >> it would be great if people could start booking trips. they could really use that financial support. an arraignment scheduled for the man charged with hitting a san francisco police officer and leaving him critically injured. officer elia lewin-tankel remains in intensive care at san francisco general. he had to undergo emergency surgery on wednesday night after getting hit. his injuries come as a shock for
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those who trained with him at the bay jujitsu dojo on mission the head trainer magalit credits him with changing his life. >> elia was able to use his influence to help me in a situation that could have made it to where i wouldn't be able to do what i'm doing now. >> he was hurt after responding on bike to a gun-related case on turk street. police say that's when the suspect, maurice johnson, ran him down in a stolen suv. developing news out of the east bay, contra costa county sheriff's deputies arrested two high school students accused of sexual assault and one of the suspects attends de la salle. the other to ygnacio valley. the other is from carondolet. they said it happened a few weeks owing and off campus. it said we are proud of the courage our student has shown in
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coming forward and we will continue to support her. >> i stand behind the school 110%. they handle everything with grace. >> meanwhile at de la salle high school a letter to parent said in part, quote, although we cannot comment on the incident, let us make ourselves clear. at de la salle high school we expect and demand respect. no comment from ygnacio. they said they are working with law enforcement. opening statements began monday in the murder trial of the man accused of shooting and killing kate steinle in july of 2015. prosecutors say 54-year-old j lopez sanchez killed the 32-year-old woman on san francisco's pier 14. he is an undocumented immigrant and claims the shooting was accidental. six women and six men have been selected to sit on that jury. >> san francisco is such a
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diverse community. it has people from all walks of life. we got them on this jury. this is the right group of people to hear this case. and it'll be in their hands to decide whether or not they're in agreement with us. >> prosecutors have so far declined to comment. happening today a swearing in ceremony will be held for observing's new fire chief. yesterday city officials announced darren white was appointed the post. he has been interim chief for the past nine months. chief white assumes his new role immediately. he has been with the oakland fire department for 20 years. mayor libby schaaf will holding swearing in ceremony at 1:00 at city hall. commuters, if you use chariot to get to work you'll need to find a different way to get to work this morning. why it has been put out of service. listen up if you like diet soda. a new lawsuit targeting diet soda, and it says it could be making you fat. a live look outside at our bay bridge camera we started off
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with some soggy driving conditions starting to dry out. we have high wind advisories and we have high wind advisories and snow in the
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all right. here's some good news.
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everybody green. air quality about as good as it can get right now. and there's no spare the air, at least not according to the air quality management who issues these through the weekend and into monday. take a look at your temperatures, 49 in menlo park. that's pretty much our temperatures everywhere except for los gatos, santa rosa at 45. a look at what's going on around the bay. a little breezy but no small craft advisory. dangerous surf at our beaches until 6:00 this evening and clean air if you're exercising. up to the sierra, watch out. do you know where your chains are? some of the passes could be snowbound this morning. that will melt a little bit as we head into the afternoon hours. we'll talk 90s coming back to our forecast. first turn it over to alexis and see if we do need some chains. >> if you are heading to the sierra, mike, of course unless you have four-wheel drive with snow tires on there. we've got two locations where you will have to put chains on. donner pass chains required. state route 88 between silver
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lake and pickets junction. no chain requirements for 50 or 89 so far today. and then a quick check of some drive times. high wind advisories this morning. and that is for altamont pass, the benicia and bay bridge. may be slowing you between tracy and dublin. northbound 85 looks okay, too. 101 to watch as this camera is rolling on the behavior so strange. and speaking of strange, there's a trend happening in hawaii surrounding spam. hawaii surrounding spam. and the safety of spam. hawaii surrounding spam. and the safety of spam. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. hey honey, practice? must've been hot out there today, huh?
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a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning and welcome back. we are looking live at the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge and you can see a few puddles remaining from the rain overnight. wet roadways and i am hearing about a new slideoff collision around sfo. investigation still under way into the las vegas shooting massacre. the gunman fired from the man dough lay bay. mgm resorts owns the hotel. now attorneys for a woman hurt in the shooting are trying to force the company to save records tied to the tragedy. that includes key card
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information and surveillance video. >> our concern is before the discovery period starts that something bad could happen, that something could be altered or destroyed. they said in court today they're already looking at fixing that room. >> in court mgm lawyers argued the request was too broad and unnecessary. the judge ordered the hotel to secure evidence. mgm says it has no intention of renting the suite of gunman used and is cooperating in the investigation including preserving evidence. >> you're giving me false info. do you want to be charged on that? i'm letting your friend go on a warrant and you're giving me somebody else's name that you're calling. are you kidding me? >> wow. did you see that, how things changed so suddenly? if you didn't catch what happened, the guy in the back seat pulled out a bb gun on the utah police officers and this actually happened back in september but we're just seeing the body cam video now. someone called police about a suspicious car.
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the officers then showed up, and if you heard it there, the officer said they were going to let the guy go even though he had an outstanding warrant. then the guy in the back seat got out with a bb gun. no one was hurt but they sure ended up in custody. this morning diet soda is under fire. coca-cola, pepsi and dr. pepper/snapple group, the three largest u.s. makers of carbonated beverages, are all facing proposed class-action lawsuits. the lawsuits allege that the marketing of diet sodas are, quote, false, misleading, and unlawful to consumers. deceiving shoppers into thinking the beverages will help them manage or lose weight. >> products that are marketed as diet products should be helpful in helping people lose weight and these products are not helpful in losing weight. >> the lawsuit says aspertame is to blame.
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in a statement to abc news the american beverage association, which represents the three soda companies, called the lawsuits meritless. let's talk about spam. >> oh, yes. i love spam. >> raised on spam myself. and now some stores in hawaii are being very protective of that pink canned meat. >> a lot of security around spam. it's being kept locked in plastic cases in stores after several heists. apparently there's a black market for spam and that market is very real in hawaii. the price has been on the rise so thieves are stealing it. it's unclear how spam is being resold, though. officials are reporting at least three major spam thefts in recent months. there's even a $1,000 reward to capture the suspect. i mean, i love spam. >> enough to steal it? >> but not enough to steal it. >> okay. >> come on. >> i mean, hey, the reason i was raised on it, it was cheap. right now it's about $2.50 a can.
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my people in hawaii, let's keep our sticky fingers off the spam. >> it's so bizarre. i'm from brazil and we eat spam fried. did you ever eat spam growing up. >> not a big midwest thing. i don't think so. >> it's made in minnesota. >> i know it's made in hormel, minnesota. not the midwest but the upper midwest. >> hey, hawaiians, go to the midwest. there should be plenty of spam there. >> i think we have like three cans of it. >> there should be plenty in the grocery stores. >> the jalapeno, i haven't tried it yet. that sounds good on a chilly autumn afternoon, a little fried spam for lunch. >> with some jalapeno. >> now think of some sides, rice, hash browns. oh, my. i'm getting hungry. a look at what's going on. alexis mentioned the puddles. about 0.19 of an inch of rain in richmond as you look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. about a third in rodeo.
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danville, petaluma about a quarter of an inch. i've posted other neighborhoods on twitter. our steady rain well down to the south now moving into the southern parts of the central valley. it will move into the grapevine shortly. we have scattered showers moving through the north bay around lake, mendocino and northern sonoma counties and that will continue another three hours or so. so far no arrival delays being reported. i'll keep an eye on it. partly cloudy and breezy today. tonight clear, calmer and cooler. some of us may use the heat are for the first time. summer heat, we have some next week, several days of it. for today, no, it's a return to autumn. temperatures up to nine degrees cooler than average. 63 to 66 around the bay. 65 to 67 inland and about 59 to 61 along the coast into san francisco. no real micro climates there. places like petaluma in the upper 30s to santa rosa around 40. most of us in the 40s until you get around san francisco where we'll have low 50s.
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let me take you through the roller coaster that's my accuweather seven-day forecast. 50s and 60s today. calmer conditions tomorrow will ead to a warmer afternoon, 60s and 70s. 80s sunday inland. they'll spread into the bay by monday, maybe even make it to the coast tuesday while the rest of us are in the 80s and 90s. that will continue through wednesday. alexis? good morning. a lot of spinout crashes overnight, mike. and now worpd of a new slideoff collision around sfo. just some proof we have wet pavement this morning and certainly slick spots, too, on the san bruno ramp to 101 right by the airport there. not causing any major delays, if you want to avoid that completely, 280 and community real are wide open. and a little bit of good news, northbound 17 past summit road we had an earlier spinout crash there that has cleared so all lanes are back open. if you use chariot you will need to find a new way to get to work this morning. the california public utilities
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commission has forced the private bus service to shut down, at least for now. the company failed three safety inspecti inspections. chariot made the announcement yesterday and the company says it will be back as soon as possible. well, maybe you are looking for a new car. the brands just named most reliable. a one-two punch for some a one-two punch for some north bay fire
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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it's 6:25. if you're looking for a new car you might want to consider toyota, lexus or kia. consumer reports ranked them the most reliable brands. it's the fifth year in a row toyota has been the most reliable. now the least reliable, cadillac, gmc, and also dodge's ram brand. the rankings are based on a survey of 640,000 car owners. time now to ask finney. this morning sophie has a question about saving money. she spoke to us at our ask finney pop-up in alameda. michael finney has her answer. >> how do you save up money to buy stuff that you really want? >> that's a great question and one you're going to be dealing with for the rest of your life.
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i'm sorry to be the one to tell you that. to get the cool big things you have to decide not to buy as many fun little things called delayed gratification. so start by seeing if your parents have some jobs they need done around the house and ask if they'll pay you if you do the work. if they say yes, do the work and take the little bits of money they give you and put it in a jar or a special box. then do not spend the money until you have enough for the cool, big thing you want. sophie, thanks for your question. >> some good advice there for a young saver. if you have a question record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it on social media using the #askfinney. in the next half hour a look at how the rain and wet roads could affect your commute. plus, the good news for many of those victims of the north bay wildfires. and the public battle brewing between the sonoma county sheriff and federal immigration agents. taking a look at our traffic maps this morning one new issue
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on westbound 580 in the live more area. sounds like a disabled vehicle is blocking lane number three right around vasco road and someone possibly out of their ve
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that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. right now it's 6:30. yep, that is snow in lake tahoe.
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not a lot of snow but it did get a dusting in the sierra. >> and this is pleasant hill near golf club road. not quite so heavy right now, though, right? it's more just scattered showers up across the north bay. you can see it on live doppler 7 if you want to go to that. behind it clearing skies and that's when you get into the cooler air and you can see some green. mendocino, lake counties, northern napa, a spotty shower about 9:00 through the morning commute. they're already starting to calm down as they blow out of the north and bring drier air in. 57 to 62. the breezes kick up by 4:00 to 7:00 as we drop back into the
6:31 am
50s. so grab a coat. alexis? >> okay. back out to the livermore area, westbound 580 around vasco road where we have reports after disabled vehicle. and some calls into chp that someone was out of the vehicle dancing in the middle of the roadway. we have a high wind advisory through that stretch. no delays southbound 680 to mission boulevard and we do have abc 7's janine de la vega on the roads this morning. we have yet another crash. >> reporter: alexis, it is causing quite a mess. the roads here are still wet and you can see behind me the
6:32 am
expressway and branham lane is being locked up. you can see it's because of a crash that happened here and a truck hit the light pole. crews are out here and they're trying to repair the light polls. a tow truck driver crashed and he told police that he lost control in the rain. that was the case in dublin as well. another tow truck crashed on westbound 580 near the dublin/pleasanton station. debris flew onto the b.a.r.t. tracks and crews had to come in and clear the tracks. while the rain has stopped, the roads are still drying out so give yourself a little bit of extra time on the cout officers want you to avoid this
6:33 am
intersection and, again, don't try to get on to highway 85 try to get on to highway 85 because firefighters are getting some much-needed help from the weather. this is the rain falling bear creek road, because of a 320-acre bear fire. they're just waiting for the flames to get closer to the lines. >> residents of one neighborhood were evacuated overnight on tuesday. now there's just some smoke. >> i wasn't too concerned about
6:34 am
the house because we did take most of the memorabilia and things that mattered to us. >> frank says he is relieved his home survived the fire. fire crews are making steady progress this morning on the north bay. the sulfur fire is 96% contained. meanwhile,napa and solano counties the atlas fire is 86% contained. the nuns fire in napa and sonoma counselees, 84%. the pocket fire at 80%. and the tubbs fire is 92% contained. three of the hardest hit neighborhoods will reopen at 10:00 this morning in santa rosa. that's to residents of coffey park, journey's end and orchard. it will be their chance to see if anything remains of their properties.
6:35 am
a public battle is brewing between the sonoma county sheriff and the acting director of i.c.e. at issue an unverified report that an undocumented immigrant set the devastating wildfire. he's in custody facing unrelated arson charges. the sheriff's department says it is highly unlikely he's to blame. i.c.e. release this had statement, once again, a noncooperative jurisdiction has left their community vulnerable to dangerous individuals and preventible crimes. the sheriff said this, i.c.e. attacked the sheriff's office in the midst of the largest natural disaster this county has ever experienced. misleading statement stirs fear in some of our community members
6:36 am
who are already exhausted and scared. disturbing allegations out of the north bay fire zone involving fema aid. a resident tried to get aid for her veterinary practice destroyed by the wildfire. dr. lamar said that she was speechless when fema told her someone had already used her social security number to apply. >> really on top of everything else i'm sure that nobody needs that ever but in this situation it's even more devastating. i am now a victim of identity theft as well as the wildfires. >> and this is not a unique case. >> this is not a unique case. >> we have over 4 million people registered for help. we're aware of this latest scandal going on right now and we're trying to fix it as we speak. >> fema assures us no money will be going to scammers.
6:37 am
you can bring your issues to michael finney. today he's going to be at the clear lake senior community center from 11:00 to 7:00. sunnyvale police need your help to find a missing at-risk man, robert perez. and he walked away from an assisted living center last night. he suffers from dementia and has other mental health issues. he is 6 feet tall, thin, wears glasses, is bald and has a gray beard. he was last seen wearing a gray shirt and blue pants. if you've seen him call sunnyvale police. a carjacker ran over and killed the victim's owner, james figueroa jr. they say he left his pickup running and unattended at 5:30. you can see from sky map 7 where this happened.
6:38 am
when he got back to his car the suspect was in the driver's seat. that's when they say the suspect threw him to the ground and then ran over him. he leaves behind a wife and two children. a man is in custody after they say he choked a police k-9 during his arrest. he ran inside and officers followed. they sent in crash, their k-9, and williams fought and started choking the dog. crash will be okay although he'll take a few days off. williams faces several felony charges. the national park service is dropping its fight to restrict dogs in the golden gate national recreation area. the decision comes after a lawsuit uncovered irregularities in the decision making process. the proposed rules would have equired dogs to be on a leash in marin, san francisco, and san mateo counties.
6:39 am
they wanted to protect native plants and wildlife. how about that rain? did it wake you up last night? the rain came down light to moderate waves during the overnight hours. the steady rain is over, reports of still some showers across the north bay. that will continue until 9:00. the thing you really notice in the north bay, look how clean the air is in san rafael. everybody is good going green there later on because of the fires in the north bay and also down the santa cruz mountains. that's still healthy. you can see where the coolest of the air is where we cleared out first up around santa rosa and napa down in san jose, mountain view and palo alto clearing out later and that's why you're not quite as cool compared to 24 hours ago. 49 in cupertino. everybody in the low to mid-50s down in the south bay. those same temperatures until you get to danville.
6:40 am
same thing in novato. let's take a look at 101 and 880. 0.2 of rain. a little damp there and that's the way it will be through the morning commute. breezy at times on the bay. going to coast today a lot of sunshine but look at that, 19-foot waves right now in monterey to about 13 in san francisco. that will continue until 6:00 this evening. we'll take a look at some rain totals around the bay and the 90s when they get back to the neighborhoods they're going to. in the accuweather seven-day forecast, here's alexis. what are you watching? just a couple slow spots this morning. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on. you can see a little bit of sheen on the pavement. a little bit wet. a high wind advisory once you make it out on to the bridge and that is in effect for the benicia bridge and altamont pass. back to westbound 580. that is where we have a disabled vehicle blocking one lane.
6:41 am
as we zoom out we have heavy delays there and that really has just merged with everything that typically slows down out of tracy. 16 miles an hour. 15 miles an hour for that commute. a quick check of mass transit. b.a.r.t. 48 trains in service, no delays. ace 3 and 5. and caltrain. we do have some new details on muni's new trains. the agency is just about to take the next step to get them into service. our partners report sfmta will file paperwork to get state approval. the trains can be put into service and muni, of course, tested those trains over the summer. do you fly united airlines? the reasons the skies will be a little friendlier. >> and they don't call them a power couple for nothing. the bucket list moment for the currys that was caught on camera. >> and looking forward to >> and looking forward to actres
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6:44 am
good morning and welcome back. here is a live look outside at walnut creek and it took a while but we're finally starting to fill in in our usual spots including southbound 680. no blocking incidents along this route but you are extra slow out of the central valley. we'll talk more about that coming up. this morning residents of three the hardest hit north bay neighborhoods are going to be allowed to return to their area for the first time since the fire started nearly two weeks ago. amy hollyfield is live for us in
6:45 am
hard hit coffey park. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. a look behind me, the residents will be able to go past a checkpoint like this one where the national guard has been stati stationed and will be after 10:00 a.m. some do expect it to be an emotional day. there were a lot of details discussed like what services the government will provide and not to handle ash because it's a health hazard. many were thinking about how they would rebuild. >> worried about trying to provide a roof over them, the simple necessities of having a home again. >> reporter: for the next two days only residents will be allowed into the coffey park neighborhood and the journey's end and orchard mobile home parks. officials want them to be able to process and grieve privately, open to the public on sunday. you have to show i.d. here at the checkpoint to get in. they'll allow people in from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
6:46 am
that will be today and tomorrow. live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. school administrators are working to try to give their students and families a sense of normalcy. >> and that includes the schools in the mark west estate neighborhoods still standing. hundreds of homes all around them destroyed. the plan is to reopen october 30th. >> we'll probably run the gamut of emotions. the feelings come up and they're able to express those feelings they may not be able to express because they're still in shock. >> no doubt they'll have to deal with a lot. kits are being prepared for students who have lost
6:47 am
everything. apple's new self-driving car is hitting the streets of silicon valley. >> take a look. this video was shot yesterday in sunnyvale and notice it's pretty conspicuous. that reason is due to the majority on the ceiling as opposed to in the trunk company that is developing self-driving taxis. target is planning a store in your neighborhood. the company has submitted plans to open a store at folsom and 13th street. target currently has five stores in san francisco. it would also include a cvs store and starbucks. united will begin serving a new square bunned smoky
6:48 am
cheeseburger on november 1st. the burger costs $10. it will be available on domestic flights at least 3 1/2 hours. the new burger was inspired by a different cheeseburger introduced last year that became so popular first class passengers were going for the burger instead. >> i wonder why it's square. >> just to be different. >> it seems there's nothing the currys can't do. now another new skill to their resume. ♪ >> bethany shared this video of the couple on stage at the phil more. they joined the closing song home. later post it had saying what a night. that was a bucket list moment.
6:49 am
gosh, they're good at gosh, they're good at everything. >> really jealous or not happy. i wonder if they can do rain dances. next, a look at what happened last night. a good job, less than 0.2 of an inch. nearly a quarter of an inch. a third in san francisco. up in clear lake about a quarter of an inch. now this bowl of cold air at least for a day and then that's it. it's not the biggest and fattest flakes we've ever seen but it could add up. have the sunglasses handy.
6:50 am
clear, calmer and cooler tonight. may need to use the heater and summer heat is coming next week. it's going to be warm. temperatures in the the north b if you're going to the game, dallas in town to take on the niners. 1:05 kickoff. about 78. and look at the temperatures, the 70s reach the coast by monday. that hangs around for three days. >> back out to the tri-valley. we are seeing heavy traffic. that's where we had a report after disabled vehicle blocking a lane. we have a high wind advisory and we have residual delays.
6:51 am
that would be much heavier. not terrible but just under half an hour. san rafael to san francisco you're still in the screen at 17 minutes. now a live desk update. even more reaction on the controversy over alleged comments from president trump to a fallen soldier's which had so saying he knew what he signed up for. frederica wilson is reacting to president trump's latest tweet. the president called her whacky and a liar. congresswoman wilson was there and talked about it to the media. she responded on cnn. take a listen. >> this is a very tough day for them. everyone is trying to get everyone is trying to get through this.
6:52 am
everyone is tired of the back and forth, of the tv cameras. >> at the center of this debate that fallen soldier, last david johnson. his body will be buried in south florida. we are back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know. first our instagram picture of the day. you can see more great content like these and share your photos and video using the #abc7now. a live look at 6:52.
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at 6:54 on a friday, here are seven things to know before you go. through about 9:00 we'll see partly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the 50s and 60s today. >> and of course the weather impacting traffic here this morning. we do have an suv facing the wrong way blocking lane number three and we have a backup three and we have a backup forming behind it. >> damaging tracks. repairs were quickly made and
6:55 am
the scene is clear. >> waking up at home, residents were allowed to return to their homes last night. the fire burned 320 acres and is 35% contained. >> starting at 10:00 a.m. people who live in three santa rosa neighborhoods hard hit by the north bay wildfires will be able to return home. they will try to recover any personal property. cupertino's apple will open a store in chicago unlike any other apple store in the world. some people think it looks like a laptop. >> or a regular old roof. number seven, baby onboard. our friend -- >> oh, my gosh. >> alexis is driving off into maternity leave. >> you got a new car!
6:56 am
we're not going to see her for a few months. we got you something that hopefully will do you and your baby some good. >> you're so sweet. >> congratulations. >> baby wash, a pacifier will be good when they're crying. >> i like these. >> did you pick those out, mike? the little baby booties. well, thanks, you guys. >> we're excited for alexis and excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl. >> she doesn't know either. >> we are going to miss you and wish you all the luck in the world. >> thanks, guys. mike nicco was born to do weather. he's the best at helping everyone get it. >> not your typical morning weather guy. think master of meteorologist meets funny man. >> loves fast cars and '80s rock. >> his facebook page, weather and oreo. >> that's his cat. he loves animals. >> above all mike is a family man. they are his everything. >> mike just wants to help you out and does it every morning.
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good morning, america. firing back, in a stunningly raw moment at the white house, the president's chief of staff general kelly lashes out at the critics of the president's calls to families of the fallen. >> there's no perfect way to make that call. >> emotional as he describes losing his own son and both presidents obama and bush step back into the spotlight taking veiled swipes at trump. thwarted. a terrifying discovery. police discovering an arsenal of weapons, explosive devices, maps of schools and the terrifying message on a handwritten note. new bombshell. oscar winner lupita nyong'o now taking on harvey weinstein, detailing her own repeated harassment at the hands of the disgraced producer and another actress filing rape charges. plus, the major director now


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