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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thanks for being there. we made it to friday, december 1st. i'm natasha zouves. >> and i'm matt keller in for reggie. drew, another warm morning. i'm just happy to be with you. no, i'm just happy to be warm. >> you need the winter jacket early on especially in our inland valley. 30s on the board already. in the north bay issues with fog. santa rosa visibility down to one mile. ten miles is the best you can get and that's what we have in petaluma. so patchy but dense in spots. great visibility from this vantage point. easy on the bay bridge this morning. 12-hour day planner showing you pockets of fog early on. once that sun gets up here it's loads of sunshine. temperatures comfortable this first day of december, settling
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in the 60s. a check of the roads with frances. how is the bay bridge looking? >> it's looking great out there. friday light traffic. some road work going on that is causing a slowdown. traffic is slow northbound 880 as you approach fruitvale all sk up the road work soon but the two left lanes are scheduled to be blocked. westbound 580 some sluggish traffic. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. nice and light backed up to thee parking light. after six days of deliberations the jury decided jose ines garcia zarate did not intentionally kill steinle and found him guilty of possessing a gun. amy hollyfield is live where the shooting took place more than two years ago. amy? >> reporter: good morning, matt. look what's happened here at pier 14. someone has placed a picture on a poster board here and it is
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surrounded by candles. those on both sides of the case are calling for everyone to remember the steinle family during this time and show them love and support that this can't be easy for them. jose ines garcia zarate showed little emotion when the verdict was read. the jury had the option of first or second-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter. they found him not guilty on any of the charges. zarate's attorneys say he accidentally shot kate steinle, the gun he found on the ground just went off when he picked it up. attorneys from both sides are asking that everyone respect the verdict. >> they deliberated as a group. they heard readback testimony. they looked at the physical evidence, and they rendered a verdict to the best of their abilities in accordance to the law. >> it was a verdict we were not hoping for. i know both sides fought very hard but, again, the jury is the one -- the jurors are the ones that make a determination on a
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case, and we will respect that decision. >> reporter: garcia zarate was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm and could be sentenced up to three years for that offense but he gets credit for time served and has been in jail two and a half years. his sentencing date has not been set yet. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kate steinle's family was not in court when the verdict was read. they spoke with "san francisco chronicle" editor john diaz after the verdict came down. >> kate's father told him, quote, we're just shocked, saddened and shocked, that's about it. there's no other way you can coin it. justice was rendered, but it was not served. late last night a law enforcement official told abc news the justice department may pursue federal charges against the defendant. >> lisa amin >> reporter: this sketch of jose ines garcia zarate hugging his
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attorney after hearing the jury's verdict is angering many conservatives. >> he's not found guilty of killing her. it's outrageous. >> reporter: the debate over sanctuary cities as well. tonight attorney general jeff sessions released this statement saying, quote, san francisco's decision to protect criminal aliens led to the preventible and heartbreaking death of kate steinle. garcia zarate had been deported several times before the 2015 shooting. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement said, quote, i.c.e. will work to take custody of mr. garcia zarate and ultimately remove him from the country. those at the california immigrant policy center worry about the direction this verdict could take the nation. >> we have not allowed the administration to exploit this tragedy in order to try and carry out the deportations.
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>> reporter: they are asking for stricter gun laws as a starting point. at the live desk strong reaction continues to come in. president trump writes a disgraceful verdict in the kate steinle case. no wonder the people of our country are so angry with illegal immigration. >> scott weiner responding with this tweet. stop politicizing this terrible tragedy. immigrants overwhelmingly don't commit crimes. >> for legal analysis former alameda district attorney joined us on set during our live coverage last night. >> he went into more detail explaining what involuntary manslaughter means and how the jury could come up with a not guilty verdict. >> keep in mind in involuntary manslaughter there has to be a crime committed, in this case brandishing, and the brandishing has to be so reckless that it creates a high risk of death and that as a result someone died.
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and apparently the jury concluded that the defendant did not brandish the weapon or if he did brandish it, he didn't brandish it in such a reckless way that it would qualify as an involuntary manslaughter. >> so, john, if i walked out on the embarcadero, held it up and fired it, that's very different than i picked it up and it went off in my hand or i pulled the trigger not pointing it in any direction? >> very much so, yes. >> and we want to know what you think. do you think the jury got it right? we have this poll at the top of our bay area twitter page right now so you can cast your vote. so far 66% of people who have taken part say no. we have every angle of the story covered online at and on our app including details behind the #boycott san francisco. new details surrounding the alleged sexual misconduct allegations against former "today" co-anchor matt lauer. stephanie goss being appeared on
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megyn kelly. gosk said there are as many as eight accusers. in regards to the claim by a former nbc staffer that she was sexually assaulted until she passed out, gosk say police have been contacted but she's unaware of any openly criminal investigations against lauer. men are less likely to characterize behaviors that don't involve physical such as sexual harassment. 24% of the men polled thought flashing someone does not count. 30% thought making sexual comments about someone's body is not harassment. nearly half of men polled thought pushing up against someone on public transportation does not constitute as harassment. 70% of women disagree. good morning. time now 5:07 on this friday morning, the 1st of december, certainly feeling like winter inland. we're at 42 in pittsburg. chilly in san ramone, the same in dublin.
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livermore in the upper 30s. the bigger picture showing the closer to the water warmer. san francisco checking in at 50 degrees. 44 that number in san jose. the heavier jackets needed early on. here is your east by valley planner. 40s right now. the sun gets up here and it's really effective at warming us up by noon and the afternoon comfortable for this time of the year. temperatures topping out in the low to mid-60s in some of our warmest spots. when i take you down to levi stadium tonight, stanford taking on usc. a lot of fans will be packing that stadium. 64 degrees by 4:00 if you are going to be tailgating. by 8:00 we're going to rapidly cool off into the mid-50s so have the scarf, the winter jacket as temperatures continue to cool under the clear skies. really beautiful picture from emeryville. great visibility. the next three days, today total sunshine out there. you'll notice on your saturday more in the way of cloud cover, perhaps a light sprinkle in the north bay. otherwise we're dry with more in the way of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the 50s.
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a check on how the roads are doing with frances. >> good morning, everyone. chp is at the scene of an accident reported on 580 and 680. earlier reported at 580. we'll get a check on that and keep you posted. here's a live shot in walnut creek. that southbound traffic on the right-hand side, the commute side, and that's getting more crowded as you make your way to highway 24. traffic light through that area. and we'll check out the drive time in case there's a crash on westbound 580 tracy to castro valley, though, is still 39 minutes. all right, frances, thank you. stanford will be playing usc in the championship game. kickoff at 5:00 p.m. it is the second meeting of the year between the two rivals. usc blew out stanford in september. this is the fourth year in a row it will be played at levi's
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stadium. you can watch it on our sister network espn. more sexual harassment claims this morning against an investor in uber, and it allegedly happened here in san francisco. >> one bay area county made a big decision that's putting tens of thousands of drivers back on the road. >> here's a feature you'll see
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british prime minister theresa may is ignoring calls for her to cancel president trump's state visit to the uk. she's under pressure after mr.
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trump re-tweeted videos shared by the leader of the he can trem right-wing group britain first. franzen has been convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. the mayor as well as members of parliament asked for her to rescind the visit yesterday. >> not a slap on the wrist. cancel the state visit. >> by sharing it he is either a racist, incompetent, or unthinking, or all three. >> prime minister may did voice her opposition to the president's actions. he said, don't focus on me. focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism. may told reporters that the invitation still stands. the judge says albany high school acted properly when it suspended students over racial posts on social media. it happened in march. five students either liked or commented on one student's instagram account including images of nooses on african
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american students. suspended students sued saying the district violated their right to free speech. early uber investor and chairman of hyper loop one is being accused of sooexual misconduct. former colleagues say he placed his hands on a female worker's leg and moved it up her dress during a holiday party in 2014. five other women who met him in a professional context told bloomberg they were also sexually assaulted or harassed by him. representatives released a statement saying, quote, we're confident these anecdotes will prove to be untrue. thousands of drivers in the east bay who had their licenses suspended are allowed to hit the road again according to our media partners at the mercury news. it's a first for the state. alameda county reversed license suspensions for 54,000 people penalized because they couldn't afford to pay traffic fines.
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the fines were wracked up before june of 2017. after that a law kicked in to make it illegal to suspend someone's license because of their inability to pay. general motors predicts that within two years autonomous cars will be driving around cities without a human backup driver. right now gm is testing the autonomous version of the chevy bolt. this is gm's time lapse video from one of those tests at night. gm wants to be sure that its self-driving cars are safe and is focused on beating competitors to the market. google, ford, and daimler all working on self-driving cars right now. students at san jose high school are getting a hands-on lesson on environmentalism and green technology. >> the outdoor living project. administrators say the idea started with a simple request by students for some planter boxes. >> before this idea came about
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there was a lawn. there was a grant from the water district that helped convert lawns into more water friendly spaces. we thought teaching ecology and environmental sustainability was a great match. >> the next phase of the project will be to install wind turbines and solar panels to help teach engineering students about sustainable energy and we've been getting a lot of sun lately but in the mornings it's been cold. >> chilly but then a blaze of sunshine in the afternoon. >> i think it's the best of both worlds. >> the best of freezing cold? >> it's great sleeping weather. >> we wake up at 2:00 a.m. right now temperature wise it's 35 in fairfield. about 36 in santa rosa. hayward you're also at 45. clear skies.
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live doppler 7 along with satellite over california, a little bit of energy between vancouver, canada, and portland. a weak front will try and slide through here saturday afternoon. today, though, nothing but sunshine. really enjoy it. have the heavy jacket first thing. you can shed it later on this afternoon. tomorrow morning a little bit of fog especially in the delta and then we'll watch, you see that little ripple of energy passing through ukiah where the shower could touch off saturday afternoon but that's about it. it's not a widespread rainmaker, unfortunately, because we certainly could use the rain as we enter the rainy season. today, though, nothing but sunshine. the rain gear at home, we'll have temperatures in the 60s, 63 in san rafael. 64 in fremont. 66 the high in san jose, about 64 in antioch. 62 the high in vallejo. overnight tonight we will see that fog redeveloping once again in the north bay and our valleys. outside of the north bay will be starry skies but will be chilly once again. our coldest spots into the 30s
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like santa rosa, san rafael, 38, morgan hill. elsewhere in the 40s. 46 san francisco. 44 that overnight low in fremont. the seven-day forecast. total sunshine today, really nice friday, the first day of december. tomorrow you'll notice more in the way of cloud cover, perhaps a sprinkle in the north bay. sunday it's cloud to sunshine but a cooler day, temperatures in the 50s and then bright and beautiful starting on monday with temperatures in the 60s through thursday. that's weather. a check of traffic with frances. good morning, everyone. a stall on the lower deck of the bay bridge that may have turned into a crash now so there's a little bit of slowing there and we'll keep you posted on that. where we're seeing a few accidents reported is through the dublin/pleasanton interchange. it actually may be westbound 580 near 680. traffic is flowing well so hopefully they've cleared this noninjury accident. traffic has been slow for those
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of you out of tracy and sluggish as well through the altamont pass. better news in oakland, northbound 880 traffic has recovered. it is moving close to the speed limit in both directions. earlier road work which has been cleared. the toll plaza backing up to the parking lot now. guys? >> thanks, frances. today's "gma first look" mark zuckerberg. the man seated next to her made repeated remarks. >> she says flight attendants did little to help. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" randy zuckerberg calling out alaska airlines. the sister of facebook founder mark zuckerberg sharing her e-mail to the airline detailing an experience aboard a recent flight from los angeles that left her feeling disgusted and degraded. zuckerberg describing how the unruly passenger sitting next to her repeatedly made explicit,
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lewd, and highly offensive sexual comments, talked about touching himself, and rated women's bodies as they boarded the aircraft. zuckerberg says flight attendants aboard her flight brushed off her concerns, told her the passenger was a frequent flier and kept giving him drinks. so how did alaska airlines executives respond? we'll tell you coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look" i'm rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. the power is back on at san francisco state university after an outage forced the campus to close. sky 7 was over the school yesterday afternoon closing around 3 being yesterday. all remaining classes had to be canceled along with any extracurricular activities. thornton hall was also evacuated. pg&e says equipment failure is to blame. >> an upside to worrying. researchers say being concerned
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witho and it's unclear why worrying seems to help improve people's memory. researchers say it's possible it can make people more focused. go fund me will be free. the website will no longer charge a platform fee for personal fund-raising campaigns based in america. go fund me which calls itself the largest fund-raising platform is headquartered in redwood city. if you get bored at work you can play the hugely popular game tetris on facebook messenger. i know my boss did not write this. the publisher announced the marathon mode and leader boards. the option to send out invites for friends to join. founder and ceo said in a statement messaging apps are the next big thing. billions of players who are not working. messenger currently has about 1.3 billion users. >> i love tetris. i was super into it at one time to the point i would be falling asleep i would see bricks and
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how to match them. it was a problem. >> amazing. >> i'm not going to be engaging in that facebook situation. i will not. next the seven things you need to know as you start your day, plus this. i guess you could say he sent an angel to us so she definitely has wings. >> a bittersweet story for one girl who lost her miniature pony. the community rallied to give her an amazing surprise. >> we'll break down what's happening with a sweeping tax plan as a final vote is expected today. drew and frances are here keeping you up to the minute on weather and traffic throughout the show today. we're going to keep liv
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when food is good and clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. it's 5:24, if you're heading out the door your seven things to know before you go. number one a law enforcement official tells abc news the justice department may now pursue federal charges against jose ines garcia zarate. san francisco jury reached a not
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guilty verdict yesterday in the kate steinle murder trial. >> kate steinle's family is reacting to the verdict telling "the chronicle" we're shocked, saddened and shocked. there's no other way you can coin it. >> number three, nbc says there are as many as eight accusers in the matt lauer sexual misconduct investigation. it's difficult to get a tally because accounts have been anonymous. >> senate republicans are working out the detail of their tax plan after hitting a snag over deficit concerns. a final vote is expected on today after a series of amendments are considered. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. pockets of fog early on this morning, dense in spots. later on today that sun gets up here. it's a fine looking friday, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s on the first day of december. and number six we've had a few fender benders this morning but nothing causing big slowdowns where metering lights are on so traffic is starting to back up past the 880
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overcrossing. number seven the annual tree lighting ceremony will take place at jack london square in oakland. a 55-foot tree will be lit with 5,000 lights. it all starts at 5:00 tonight. this next story will make your morning. >> it's about a 5-year-old girl named riley and her miniature pony. he was killed in a tragic shooting weeks ago. riley's parents found sister and bought her. volunteers made the 15-hour drive to deliver riley's new pony yesterday and her name is chicken wing. >> she's a good pony and i like her. she does what i tell her to. >> she's wearing a tutu. >> so cute. >> riley's parents are glad they were able to fill the hole in their daughter's heart. volunteers say the long trek was worth it just to see riley's reaction. >> this is super cute. i don't want to take anything away from it but this is an example why you should not alour kids to name your pets. >> i think it's great.
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chicken nugget and chicken wing. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the event bringing former president bill clinton to san francisco today. >> the bay area about to mark one year since the
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good morning. you made it to december. it's december 1st. >> reggie off today. frances in for alexis and drew tuma in for mike nicco. another chilly start to the day. one month left. >> one month. 31 days. we're going to do so in a very chilly way. we have fog to deal with. live doppler 7. the visibility issues less than a mile in santa rosa. we're less than three miles in petaluma. four miles in napa. that fog is rather dense in spots early on this morning.
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temperature wise we'll start out in the 30s and 40s. by 7:00 our warmest spots will have total sunshine. really going to be effective at warming us up. we're in the 50s going for highs in the 60s. so the winter jacket needed early on. get rid of it later on this afternoon. let's get a check of traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. a new crash just reported in san mateo at hillsdale, a solo car crash. we've had a few accidents reported in the dublin/pleasanton interchange. 580 at 680, that accident cleared to the shoulder. traffic moving pretty well and there may be another separate one north 680 connecting on to 580 and traffic is a little bit slow now westbound 580 so the drive time is increased. tracy to dublin 31 minutes. >> frances, thank you. not guilty, the stunning verdict from a san francisco jury in the kate steinle murder trial is getting attention from here in the bay area to the white house. >> and now a show of support for
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the steinle family at the scene of the deadly shooting two years ago. reporter amy hollyfield is live at pier 14 in san francisco. amy? >> reporter: good morning, matt. there is a tribute here to kate steinle. her picture is here and it's surrounded by candles, roses, and some american flags as people try to come to terms what happened in the courtroom. prosecutors say it was not the verdict they wanted but they will respect it. jose ines garcia zarate was found not guilty. the defense argued the gun he picked up accidentally went off, the bullet bounced off the ground and hit steinle in the back. zarate was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a gun. he says he found it underneath a bench and he picked it up. >> the crime of possession of a gun only requires that the person knowingly possessed a
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firearm. that's the only requirement. >> reporter: garcia zarate could be sentenced up to three years but he will receive credit for time served and he's been in jail for about two and a half years. reporting live in san francisco, amy holly feel, abc 7 news. our team coverage continues this morning in kate steinle's hometown of pleasanton. >> janine de la vega is live as many people are reacting with outrage. >> reporter: matt, a lot of people are just fuming. they say that justice was not served. kate steinle grew up here in her hometown of pleasanton which is just 40 miles just outside of san francisco. she graduated and was living in the city when she decided to take that fateful walk onto pier 14 with her dad. many pleasanton residents have been following the case and were shocked to hear the jury's decision. >> shocking that someone would get away with shooting a gun and
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murdering somebody and get away with it really. >> one of the things about san francisco being a sanctuary city is something i personally don't agree with and i think this is a perfect example of it. >> reporter: as you just heard some people have used this case to blast san francisco for being a sanctuary city saying steinle's accused killer who was deported five times should never have been allowed there. steinle's family, her parents, still live here in pleasanton. they told the "san francisco chronicle" they are shocked and saddened. reporting live, janine de la vega. that outrage over the verdict is growing online. some are talking and criticizing about ungroumted immigrants and sanctuary cities. other reactions have a decidedly more political twist calling for a boycott of the entire city of san francisco. check out this twitter page. people posting there say they want justice for the steinle family. many comments on our website.
5:34 am and president trump is tweeting about the kate steinle verdict again this morning tweeting, quote, the kate steinle killer came back and back over the weakly protected obama border, always committing crimes and being violent. and yet this info was not used in court. his exoneration is a complete travesty of justice. build the wall. suspect jose ines garcia zarate confessed to killing kate steinle on pier 14. he made that confession in an exclusive interview with reporter cornell bernard in 2014 just days after his arrest. the judge in the case did not allow that interview to be played during the trial. >> did you shoot kate steinle, the lady on pier 14? >> yes. >> you did shoot her? >> garcia zarate said the shooting was an accident. the gun was wrapped in a t-shirt he found and it fired when he picked it up. >> zarate's sentence could range from 16 months to three years but he has spent more than two
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years in san francisco county jail awaiting trial. the sentencing date has not been set. u.s. immigration officials say they will deport zarate. we sent out a breaking news alert as soon as we found out a verdict had been reached. you can be the first to know by downloading the news app. it's free and works for all devices. a moment of silence and a memorial will be held in california for the victims of last year's ghost ship fire. tomorrow is the first anniversary of the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. ghost ship founder derick almena and max ohr have been charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. at the live desk -- senate republicans are still working out the final details of their tax plan. final vote is expected later today after a series of amendments are considered. the bill hit a roadblock over concerns how much it adds to the federal deficit. arlette saenz is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the senate republicans started yesterday optimistic about
5:36 am
passing a tax plan but now they're heading back to the drawing board and negotiating with those holdouts. senate republicans are working in overdrive hammering out the final details of their tax plan. >> failure is not an option. we need a tax cut. >> reporter: but republicans are scrambling to win over the holdouts. >> do you think there's any chance you don't pass the bill? >> i think it's likely to pass. >> reporter: the plan cuts tax rates for individuals and corporations. the corporate tax cuts are permanent but the individual rates go back up in a decade. a recent congressional budget office found those earning over $100,000 will benefit the most. and in ten years lower and middle income americans lose out. senate democrats are blasting the bill. >> what this is is a grab bag full of special interest goodies for multinational corporations. >> reporter: on cnn independent senator angus king criticized the process. >> to call this a circus would
5:37 am
be an insult to circuses. >> reporter: after postponing the vote last night the senate will vote this morning. it's unclear what they'll be voting on. those negotiations are expected to play out in the coming hours. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. >> arlette, thank you. it's 5:37 now. six months before the gubernatorial primary a new poll finds gavin newsom and former mayor villaraigosa are ahead in the primary. the survey shows newsome is favored by 23%. villaraigosa has 18% of support. john chiang is backed by 9% of likely voters. san diego county attorney john cox has 9%. former president bill clinton is scheduled to speak at a world aids day event in san francisco taking place in golden gate park. this year's world aids day event will honor those who made a difference in the fight and celebrating the next generation
5:38 am
of leaders. the event marks more than 25 years since the memorial was created. the time of the event and others across the bay area on our website, and good morning. time 5:38 a.m. live doppler 7 tracking issues. fog developed and is dense in spots. you can see santa rosa less than a mile visibility this hour, less than three miles in petaluma and four miles in napa. driving in the north bay certainly will be slower than elsewhere across the region. visibility good outside of the north bay. 10 is as good as you get. temperatures in the north bay, chilly in spots. we're down to 34 in rohnert park. mill valley a little bit more mild air at 41 degrees. so the heavier jackets needed early this morning. we're at 50 in oakland right now and alameda. 46 cupertino and san francisco at 50 degrees. we'll take you into san
5:39 am
francisco today. a nice day shaping up. clear skies now. temperatures hovering in the low 50s. that sun really effective at warm us up. by 4:00 we have the temperature of about 60 degrees. as we look at your highs, 60 the high in the mission. 60 in the marina. 62 in the financial district. ingle side cooler at about 59 degrees. a live look, good to go looking very nicely out there the next three days. tons of sunshine today. temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, though, you're going to notice an increase in cloud cover. there is the chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. but that's about it. the bigger difference, it is cooler with temperatures in the 50s. the first full weekend of december, more in the way of sunshine and temperatures, a little bit below normal this time of year in the mid and upper 50s. that's weather. a check of the roads with frances. >> good morning, everyone. traffic is slow on parts of the peninsula, north 101 approaching sfo. no accidents reported in the
5:40 am
area. we'll keep you posted on that and a crash reported northbound 101 at hillsdale but looks like a solo car crash. the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on, traffic has backed up past the 880 over crossing right now still looking good across the san mateo bridge westbound on the right-hand side past the toll plaza. out of hayward. we're checking out the drive times, slowing antioch to hercules. the drive time still green, 33 minutes. westbound 80 getting crowded as well on the east shore freeway almost 20 minutes. matt, natasha? the north bay wildfires created a challenge for some high school students trying to get into uc and cal state schools. now they're being given a big break. >> the royal couple's first public appearance since announcing their engagement. you're going to want to see what abc has planned. as you get your day into gear make it a better day. keep on top of weather and
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jimmy kimmel is taking on alabama senate candidate roy moore on twitter following an appearance on kimmel's show by a comedian who disrupted a recent moore event. moore tweeted yesterday despite elites' bigotry towards southerners, jimmy, we'll save you a seat on the front pew. kimmel responded saying, okay, roy, but i'm leaving my daughters at home. ps, wear that cute little leather vest.
5:44 am
moore has denied accusations. major implications for pg&e. the public utilities commission rejected a request to force customers to shoulder $379 million in costs from three deadly wildfires ignited by power lines in 2007. regulators upheld the decision by two judges who said the utility mismanaged its own equipment and couldn't pass along costs to rate payers. cal fire is investigating whether power lines owned by pg&e contributed to the north bay wildfires. the company could be on the hook for billions of dollars in damages if it's found at fault. high school students affected by the wildfires have received an extension for uc and csu schools. the application deadline was yesterday but many are scrambling to meet the december 15 deadline for those impacted by the fires. >> instead of thinking of using
5:45 am
my house i dedicated myself fully to the college application process. since nothing was left in the present i had to focus on the future. >> i knew my applications probably weren't going to be as good as they would have been if i had all that extra time to spend on them. >> schools were closed for three weeks in santa rosa after the october fires delaying everything from s.a.t. tests to teachers writing reference letters. facebook expanding big time and that means more jobs. the company just leased two big office buildings in fremont. our media partners at the mercury news report those building s total 190,000 square feet, enough for 1,000 employees. facebook not yet commenting on that. a first look at an urban oasis going up right now in downtown san francisco. drone view 7 shot these images of the five acre park atop the transit center that will fee auer an area for live
5:46 am
performances and a cafe. commuter buses will use the center at first and eventually cal train will run into the lower level. designers call this the grand central terminal of the west. it was a beautiful day yesterday and looks like another one, right, drew? >> a carbon copy forecast today. what we're dealing with over the weekend is a chance of a sprinkle. right now current temperatures in the 30s in our chilliest spots. waking up to 35 degrees. 38 in napa. 48, though, in fremont. 50 in san francisco. so the heavier jacket, the winter coat will be your best friend this morning. clear skies allowing temperatures to be rather cool. very quiet over much of the state of california. we'll take to you the north and the ripple of energy, that's a really weak front that will slip through here tomorrow afternoon. future weather today nothing but sunshine after that sun gets up later on today. 3:00 in the afternoon, bright
5:47 am
and beautiful looking. some areas of patchy fog through the delta and then, there you go, there's that weak ripple of energy probably north of santa rosa the best chance of any sprinkles. lots of sunshine, 60s from the coast to the bay and inland. 63 oakland. 66 in san jose. we'll take you to jack london square. the tree lighting will be bright and beautiful once the tree is lit. temperatures in the 50s under starry skies. the next seven days, a sunny day friday. a chance of a sprinkle. nothing widespread. we're dry for sunday and bright and beautiful, autumnlike for the rest of the seven-day forecast. how are the road looking? >> not too good, drew. a hot spot because of an injury crash on 680 near highway 24. a live shot near the scene near treat and you can see it is jamming up on the southbound side which is the right-hand side of your screen approaching highway 24. also a new crash reported southbound 880 in oakland.
5:48 am
so far traffic still flowing well but it is slowing further south as you make your way on 880 from 238 to highway 92. north 101 at hillsdale and san mateo looks like the crash is cleared but there is some slowing again further north. north 101 as you approach sfo. you want to avoid all that take mass transit. no delays right now. matt, natasha? >> royal wedding watchers get to your television screen now or your phone am new images of prince harry and meghan markle. the adorable couple today, their first official appearance since announcing their engagement and they're putting the public spotlight they're under to a positive use. this was a world aids charity event at a local school they went to. the prince and markle were greeted with huge cheers. >> there's something about glamorous and sweet about them, and the crowd has responded to the pop star atmosphere for this
5:49 am
american royal bride-to-be meeting her people for the first time. >> i already have my dvr set for the prime time special airing tonight on "20/20" about markle's rise from american celeb to a member of the royal family called "20/20" the american princess starting at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 which i always watch anyway. >> i have a feeling there will be a lot of guys turning on to their dvr going, i don't remember recording this last night. it's on and it's going to be on until the wedding. >> and long after that. >> there's babies and everything like that coming, too. >> i'm so excited. new at 6:00, an alert for parents. a new study linking smart phones and teens to chemical changes in their brains. >> how this armed robber pulled off a vegas heist. plus, the high-tech guard on patrol outside the spca shelter. we hope you're having a better start to your friday. better start to your friday. we're going to
5:50 am
i'm worried. i have this medical bill...oll, huh? dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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5:52 now. stolen and now found. a very special day in danville for some very special kids. abc 7 news was there as police officers returned a bike that was stolen from special needs students at del amigo high school. it was found wednesday in walnut creek. the bike allows students who can't ride alone to still get out and cycle. >> they go out into the community, they become a part of the fabric of the community our students have, and to get this bike back means so much to us. >> home for the holidays, what a nice present for us. >> the bike looks good but it was found in bad shape. the crew at danville's cycle
5:53 am
repaired it. colin kaepernick has become the youngest winner of the "sports illustrated" muhammad ali legacy award. the award usually goes to athletes who used their platform to initiate change over a span of decades. police released surveillance video showing the man who robbed a casino at gunpoint. cameras follow a man in a wig as he entered the bellagio and made his way to the poker room. he pulled the weapon on staff and demanded money which workers handed over. cameras then show the man running out of the casino. he drove off in a silver car. investigators have since found out the car -- found that car but not the driver. police are not saying how much money the robber got away with. city leaders are urging people to shop in their neighborhoods and support local businesses. abc 7 news was in glenn park where mayor ed lee and jeff shehee visited with merchants. shehee said small businesses provide a service that can't be found online. >> won't babysit your
5:54 am
daughter. karla and rema both babysat my daughter while they were working for their dad. you have family owned businesses, families in the neighborhoods. >> you can get anything you really need in san francisco. you don't even have to go online if you don't want to. >> the campaign is called shom and dine in the 49 referring to san francisco being 49 square miles. san francisco spca has a new guard canine that has neither a bark or a bite to ward off would-be crooks. it's a robot. it patrols the mission campus and stands more than five feet tall, weighs 398 pounds. evidence of vandalism and crime can be sent to police. canine has been patrolling since last month and crime rates have already dropped. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we have a fine friday on the
5:55 am
way, the first day of december. you look at today, lots of sunshine into the afternoon. we'll go into the 60s. by saturday, though, there is the chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. what many of us will notice more in the way of cloud cover or a cooler afternoon in the upper 50s. sunday we'll start off with cloud cover, finish off with sunshine but it will be a cool afternoon with temperatures only topping out in the 50s. to live doppler 7 and show you a couple issues in the north bay. visibility about a mile in santa rosa. less than two in petaluma. it is patchy but is dense in spots. the wider picture is perfect. that's clear visibility. it's good to go from sfo, oakland, to points to the south. into the south bay later on today. it's a beautiful looking day. highs, look at that, 64 the high in cupertino. across the board you're good to go today. no real issues in terms of precipitation, clear skies, lots
5:56 am
of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. a check of the roads with frances. good morning. >> good morning, drew. good morning, everyone. we'll show you a live shot at 680 in walnut creek and look at how traffic is quickly backing up. it's an injury accident near highway 24. and because it's an injury crash and emergency crews are at the scene traffic is slowing down. in fact, southbound 680 is jammed as you make your way from 242 out of pleasant hill approaching the 24 interchange. so that's our slow spot right now. also sluggish north 101 as you head to sfo. apparently there's some road work scheduled north 101 to 380 and we're just going to verify that and let you know but hopefully they should be picking it up soon. keep that in mind if you're heading to sfo this morning. matt, natasha? it will soon be safer for pedestrians and bicyclists on the peninsula to get across highway 101. >> one, two, three.
5:57 am
>> that's the groundbreaking for a new overpass in east palo alto that connects the north and south sides of the city by clark avenue just south of university avenue. the aim is to finish construction by june of 2019. new at 6:00, the strange incident forcing muni to remove its newest train from service. and our coverage of the not guilty verdict in the shooting death of kate steinle. how the jury likely came to that decision. plus, new accusations plus, new accusations against
5:58 am
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good morning. it is december 1st. and it's also friday. i'm matt keller in for reggie aqui. >> going strong, excited. glad you're here. i'm natasha zouves. frances is in for alexis and drew tuma. they want to you get to weather. >> outside we go. emeryville camera, great
6:00 am
visibility from this vantage point. sutro tower sparkling in the background. sunshine once that sun gets up here. early on we could have pockets of fog in the north bay but by 4:00, look at this, spectacular, nothing but sunshine. temperatures settling in the 60s. but with the clear skies the temperatures will cool quickly later on this evening so the winter jacket your best friend out the door. get rid of it later on this afternoon. a beautiful look to the month of december. a check of the roads with frances. good morning there. traffic is very slow on southbound 680 as you make your way through walnut creek, an injury crash just past the live camera shot near highway 24 blocking lanes causing the big slowdown. we're checking out the drive time. this is the wrong one but across the bay bridge it's sluggish, 12 minutes there. i will check out the drive time in my next report. what is surprisingly slow is north 101 heading to sfo on the


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