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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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tolltaker at the
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> she was so warm. it was just nice to look up and see, oh, okay, it's her, with the beautiful smile. >> commuters remember a beloved bay bridge toll checker. the booth han was in when a suspected drunk driver slammed into it remains out of service and a delayed commute may greet you in the morning. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> the deadly accident happened around 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. four tollbooth lanes remain closed as a result. >> a live look at the toll plaza, you can see there nothing like what we experienced yesterday. >> a live look from our emeryville camera. abc 7 news reporter cu eer
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with more. >> reporter: crewed have worked throughout the weekend but damage is so extensive the four lanes are still closed. quite a bit of traffic tonight, it's the four lanes on the far right of the toll plaza, not the hov or bus lanes. that's likely going to slow the morning commute quite a bit. as workers prepare for badly damaged lanes of the bay bridge toll plaza, grief counselors on hand for toll workers who witnessed the crash that killed their colleague. 46-year-old toll collector sisi han had just started her 5:00 a.m. shift saturday when she was hit. >> you're never prepared for it. something like this is just so awful. everyone at cal trans is really hurting this week. >> reporter: chp says a suspected drunk driver, 28-year-old daniel burke, hit five cars waiting at the tolls. the rented box truck then plowed into booth 14, killing han, injuring burke and his passenger, and others drivers. cameras captured the crash.
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>> the one that miss han was in was completely wiped out. it will have to be totally rebuilt. from the ground up. >> reporter: han leaves behind a husband and 10-year-old daughter. family shared these pictures with abc 7. burke is facing dui and vehicular manslaughter charges. the chp says he'll be in the hospital for some time. but his passenger was released from the hospital. now cal trans is trying to fix the four damaged lanes quickly. >> we'll do what we can, but we can't make any estimate or guarantee right now. there's too many unknowns. >> reporter: cal trans is urging commuters to give themselves extra time tomorrow crossing the bay bridge, or take bart or other routes as these four lanes behind me will likely remain closed and slow the commute. drivers are sharing their memories of tollbooth operator sisi han tonight. we spoke to one woman who regularly drives from berkeley
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to san francisco for work and always passed through lane number 14. she says han's warm smile made a usually hectic commute much brighter. >> i remember her with us. she had her little bangs and a pleasant smile and just real. real grounded. so, you know, you're stressed, you don't know if you're going to make it to work on time some days. you're just rushing. but she always was very just like -- very calm and influenced for just that brief moment. >> the woman says she's a school teacher and feels for han's family, particularly her 10-year-old daughter. >> i feel very sorry, you know, for her daughter. and you know, and for her husband. i'm thinking a little girl needs her mother, you know, she's 10 years old. in a few years she's going to really need her mother. >> han is originally from burma but lived in st. lorenzo. she was a cal trans toll worker and has been since 2007. another live look from our
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emeryville camera again at that toll plaza. no traffic now, smooth sailing. in a few hours it will be different. four toll lanes will stay closed so make sure to tune into abc 7 mornings from 4:30 to 7:00 before you head out the door. we'll have the latest on traffic conditions. a different problem late tonight on the bay bridge. a little after 9:00, police were called to treasure island for a domestic violence incident. at some point san francisco police say an armed man ran onto the bay bridge as he was chasing a woman. both the man and woman were detained on the bridge. the man tossed his gun on the ramp before police were able to arrest him. it's not clear if he was arrested on the upper or lower deck of the bridge. right now traffic is back to normal. a suspicious package is on its way to a federal crime lab in washington, d.c. after it was found in an oakland mail box. postal inspectors want to know if this could be connected to the discovery of two other explosive devices in the bay
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area since october. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley has the story. >> the carrier opened the box -- >> reporter: saturday afternoon during a routine run, a mail carrier found a suspicious device inside this blue outgoing mail box at san pablo avenue and stanford street in oakland. it was not mailed. presumably just dropped into the box. oakland fire and police officials and federal inspectors responded. the alameda county bomb squad deployed a robot. >> the sheriff's department rendered the item that was left in the box safe. and then atf agents and postal inspectors collected up all the evidence. we were working on the crime scene almost until midnight last night. >> reporter: a woman, a witness i spoke to off-camera, told me to her the device looked like a bottle with wires coming out of it. that device will now be sent to the u.s. postal service crime lab near washington, d.c. for analysis. two other recent incidents are also being investigated.
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>> father found suspicious package -- >> reporter: an explosive package delivered to an alameda police officer on november 24th. october 19th, an explosive package arrived at a home in east palo alto. in both cases people were injure the handling the devices. >> we're not making any types of connections at this time. these are all three ongoing investigations. >> reporter: neighbors we s wer rattled. >> it's the world we live in now, people are crazy. >> reporter: authorities say if you find a suspicious package, call 911. a firefighter was hurt battling a house fire in elsobrante. fire engulfed the home before 5:00 p.m. tonight. the firefighter suffered a leg injury. a resident of the home suffered smoke inhalation. one neighbor described what she saw. >> we noticed like the fog was rolling in. but it looked a little peculiar.
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so we ran out and we found the house completely -- just smoke was coming out from all the windows. >> firefighters do believe the cause of the fire is accidental. they had it under control in less than 20 minutes. most oakland city workers say they will go on strike tuesday. the walk-out will include two unions that represent nearly the entire city workforce, excluding sworn police and members of the fire department. this is video of a strike several years ago. city officials say due to staff shortages the strike will force them to close nearly every facility on tuesday morning. more details on which services may be impacted will be released tomorrow. two oakland ghostship warehouse tenants charged in connections with the deaths from the fire will be back in court tomorrow. ghostship founder derek almena and tenant max harris have pleaded not guilty to 36 counts of manslaughter. tomorrow's preliminary hearing is expected to last five days and it will be the first time a judge hears evidence against the two men.
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last night a vigil was held at the fruitvale district warehouse one year after that fire claimed 36 lives. new questions tonight about president trump and whether a tweet could lead to him facing an obstruction of justice charge. first came this tweet on saturday when the president said he fired michael flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. the president's lawyer is now saying he's the one who drafted it. there was another tweet where the president said he never asked james comey to stop the investigation. that would directly contradict comey's testimony earlier this year that the president asked him to go easy on flynn. a helping hand for the victims of the north bay wildfires. abc 7 news was at valley of the moon winery in glen ellen as free holiday feast was served. just about everything was donated from the turkeys to the barbecues used to cook them. organizers say about 100 people who lost their homes in the fire showed up for the event. >> many of the people here tonight are victims of the fire. so we wanted to -- it's kind of
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a couple of purposes. one just to bring people back together during this holiday time to gather with their friends and talk about their experiences. some people haven't seen each other since the fire happened. >> how about this, after the cooking was done the barbecues themselves were raffled off. nearly one out of every four homes in glen ellen was destroyed in the fire. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 this sunday night. >> including this, some of the brightest minds in the world vying for $3 million prizes. next, the royal treatment tonight in silicon valley for the world's top scientists, while celebrities cheered them on. a bay area entrepreneur enters the shark tank as friends and family cheer him on in san francisco. did he come away a big winner? and a sight to behold. the biggest and brightest moon you'll see in some time is visible as we speak. and we've been getting some dazzling pictures from abc 7 viewers all night long. i'm meteorologist drew tuma.
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clear skies allowing a cool night. we're also tracking winds picking up and starting a breezy
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the world's top scientists were the stars tonight at the sixth annual breakthrough prize in mountain view. winners chosen from the fields of physics, life sciences and math. as abc 7 reporter lilian kim reports, the red carpet event drew luminaries in the world of sports, tech, entertainment, and politics. >> reporter: scientists aren't used to being on the red carpet but this time it was their moment in the spotlight. >> this is not our normal, everyday life when we're in our laboratories or working at our telescopes. so this is like another world to us. >> reporter: celebrities who are
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used to this kind of treatment think it's wonderful that at least for this night the tables are turned. >> i think it's really important to shift the spotlight and reward intelligence and science and creativity in another space that's really, really important. >> reporter: founded by a handful of silicon valley bigshots, the break through prize honors individuals who have made profound contributions in physician sibs, life sciences and math. each winner receives $3 million. gary henshaw was part of the team honored for mapping the oldest light in the universe. >> the previous award winners in this prize are the ones who decide the next winners. so it's very much a peer-reviewed effort. so we feel like we're honored by our peers. >> reporter: this is the 6 year of the break through prize. previous winners we talked to say the award has been life-changing. >> i think it's, you know -- giving some competition to the nobel prize in fame. >> reporter: and fame is something many here can relate to. >> takes a lot of hard work, a lot of goal-setting, a lot of
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pushing beyond what you think is possible sometimes. and i kind of know how that works. so i have so much respect for everything they've done. >> reporter: a night of appreciation for the world's top scientists. in mountain view, lilian kim, abc 7 news. a sailboat got stuck in the mud this afternoon in the san rafael canal. drone view 7 captured the situation after at least two people jumped off the boat and walked to safety. local boaters say the canal desperately needs to be dredged. that was last done in 2011 and only some of the silt was removed. people say the water is only two feet deep in places and more boats are running aground. >> it's key to have a minimum depth around six foot, if we could have eight foot it would be better. as the canal starts to silt in, it becomes problematic. and you get problems like this where you get boats stuck. >> north beach residents say it's the job of the army's corps of engineers to driedge the
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canal, but other dredging projects have taken precedence over the san rafael one. local motorcycle clubs brought joy to deserving bay area kids today. abc 7 news was at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital where santa and a caravan of motorcycles roared in to bring holiday joy to pediatric patients. for more than 30 years the dudley perkins toy run has brought toys to children at the hospital. >> it's pretty awesome to do this. to give back to the kids, to benefit kids. i may impersonate santa claus, be the man in the red, you know. >> following the gift donation, the riders sang carols. a local entrepreneur strikes it big on "shark tank." >> we sat down with logan riley, the inventor of the rock block. the device allows users to play their records on the go and project the sound through its speaker or connect via blue tooth to headphones.
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>> he designed it on his own, literally. >> i actually learned everything i needed to learn, how to use rock block on youtube. i learned electrical engineering on youtube last year. all the machinery i used to make it was at a local tech shop in san francisco. the tech shop that was on howard street that unfortunately just closed. >> he's a pretty brilliant guy. we caught up with him at a viewing party in san francisco's hayes valley tonight. he had plenty of people looking on to see if he could get a shark to bite. >> i've got to be honest, i'm really excited, i'm really surprised that all my friends were able to come out and people here supporting. it doesn't feel real yet. it doesn't feel real yet, it's kind of scary. >> as you can hear, the crowd's reaction tells it all. rock block was bought outright for $500,000. he also gets a two-year contract and six-figure salary. riley will receive $5 for every
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rock block sold. they are currently listed online for $99. it was a gorgeous night to be out and about and take in this view. the super moon delighted sky gazers all over. >> here's what it looked like from cameras located around the bay area. the super moon happens when the moon reaches its closest point to earth. tonight's will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal and it will be the only one of 2017. many of you have been sharing images with us on social media. this is a selection of just some of them. if you have more, the night is still young. use #abc7now and we may feature them on-air or online. >> we really got lucky with the clear weather. a lot of people around the country are experiencing haze and clouds. >> yeah, we lucked out. really nice out there. but the clear skies leave the chilly nights around here. that's something we'll have to deal with tomorrow morning. then the wind will be a second factor on your monday. live doppler 7 along with
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satellite. sunny skies today, a gorgeous end to the weekend. tonight we continue with that clear pattern. the picture tonight, a live look from our exploratorium camera, pier 15. it's beautiful. the embarcadero lit up. feels like the holiday season. a bit of a chill in the atmosphere as well. if you're out and about looking at the super moon earlier tonight the reason why it appears about 14% larger and 30% brighter as the moon revolves around the earth in a not so circular path, today it was 26,000 miles closer to earth and that's why it appeared a little bit brighter and larger. we'll do it all again in january to start off 2018, in case you didn't see it tonight. temperatures out there, yes, certainly chilly in the north bay. santa rosa 45. 49 in oakland. 48 in san jose. 45 right now in san ramon. these numbers will continue to tumble under these clear skies. so certainly chilly in spots tomorrow morning with our coldest locales starting in the 30s like nap park san rafael,
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antioch at 38. you'll need the heavier jacket as you get out the door first thing tomorrow morning. you're also going to notice the wind is going to pick up tomorrow morning. in fact, future tracker wind gusts showing you by 5:00 a.m., watch the time stamp. you can see winds gusting in a lot of spots over 20 miles per hour. and that wednesday active throughout the entire day monday. bit evening hours, 5:00, future tracker wind gusts showing that wind is strengthening to gusts over 30 miles per hour. so it's for that fact a wind advisory is in effect in our hills both north bay and east bay. and our hills especially. we could see gusts near 45 miles per hour. so the threat is there. we could have some downed trees, even some downed power lines. a lot of ornaments may be blowing around under these conditions. 12-hour planner on monday, the next 24 hours. early on that cold start, we have clear skies, the sun gets u, a bright-looking day, a nice-looking day. the big takeaway for monday, it will be windy in the afternoon
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with winds gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. 61 the high in san francisco tomorrow. the same in oakland. 62 in san jose under sunny skies. 61 in santa rosa. 63 the high in concord. we are also in the midst of our highest tide cycle this year. the king tides will give us another high tide tomorrow morning at 10:19 a.m., then tuesday morning as well at 11:06 a.m. high tide could be 7 feet. there could be localized flooding on our coastline. the seven-day forecast. the wet weather stays away. friday, saturday, sunday we're dry. extended beyond next weekend we stay dry even through next week. >> a week and a half of dry
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things didn't go exactly as planned during today's implosion of the pontiac silver dome in michigan, former home of the detroit lions. roughly 10% of the explosive charges did not detonate due to a wiring issue. that left the upper section of the stadium weakened but not collapsed. the demolition company says unless gravity brings the stadium down on its own, and you can't bill for gravity, they'll move in with excavators this week to take down the structure. you're familiar with this stadium. >> that's where we won the first super bowl with the 49ers. >> that's right. >> and it makes me feel old when they're imploding stadiums i used to play in. i hope it stans up forever. >> that's where he met that guy joe montana. >> who would not be anything without him. >> very good knowledge. raiders win over the giants. vault to the top of the afc west. jimmy garoppolo sets a record in his debut tha
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warriors on their longest road trip of the season. six games in eight nights. game two in miami, who brought the heat early. once again a tale of two halves. check out james johnson. he's got some skill. going to go up and under. he jumped out to an early lead. but the splash brothers can also take it to the rack. klay thompson. drives, the lay-up, then draymond green lob to k.d. steph hat 24 of his 30 at half. off the glass, 62-60 ws at break. the third, steph leading the way, lay-up, then launches the
11:31 pm
three. heat outscored 37 third. add 35 points in the second half. steph under the basket. warriors win 123-95. they get new orleans tomorrow night. the raiders share the lead in the afc west with a win over the giants today at the black hole. it was marshawn lynch setting the tone. first drive of the game. beast mode, third and 1 from midfield, he's gone. 51 of his 101 rushing yards. longest run of the year. and his first 100-yard game, 7-0 raiders. eli manning did not get to start, first time since 2004. his streak ends at 210 games. geno smith a chance tort lead but mack strips him, 10-7 raiders at the half. in the fourth. great grab, both feet down, this leads to a deandre washington touchdown run. after the giants score raiders up 3. carr with his long td pass, nine yards to houlton. oakland wins 24-17. raiders, chargers, chiefs tied
11:32 pm
for first in the afc west at 6-6. >> the goals we set when the season started are in front of us. we'll continue to take them one item. but i'm very proud of our guys continuing to stick together, continuing to work. as a football team, we feel like we're improving as we get ready to go down the stretch here. jimmy garoppolo era begins near his hometown of arlington heights. 49ers in chicago. jimmy g. never thrown a pick till today. does it really count? leads to a bears touchdown. second quarter, cullen has speed, goes backwards, sideways, forced 68 yards in his punt return for a touch. bears lead 14-9 at the half. garoppolo set a franchise record 293 yards passing in his niner debut. third and 9, niners in field goal range. former bear robby gold kicks the game winner, 24 yards. garoppolo, game-winning drive, he was perfect 5 for 5 against his former team. niners win 15-14 the final.
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>> to come out the win, especially the way we did, tough circumstances, had to make some plays at the end of the game. robby and the specialists stepping up. it's exciting moving forward. hopefully we'll keep this thing going. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. "plays of the day" coming up. you need to stay away from it. downcall 911. ine, let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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