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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 5, 2017 1:07am-1:42am PST

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well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> right away that breaking news, a raging wildfire is ripping through ventura county
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tonight. it jumped from other akers to more than a thousand in two hours. people tried to get out as fast as possible. one driver was killed in a crash trying to escape. right now several structures are on fire. mandatory evacuations have been added. neighborhood by neighborhood through the evening as the fire pushes east. the very latest in the city of ventura. >> several highways are shut down as flames burn on both sides. flames have also destroyed power lines, knocking out electricity to ventura and santa barbara. the fire is being fueled by the gusty winds. same as we've had here. the county planned ahead and put extra fire fighters on duty tonight knowing the conditions could be quite dangerous. it is still a very serious situation. containment is at zero this at this moment. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm infor alma deets. >> first a busy night of holiday shopping in the east bay broken up by gun fight.
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lilian kim is outside the target store. lilian? >> reporter: dan, as target was bustling, people doing their holiday shopping when all of a sudden shots rang out in the parking lot. officers walked around the emeryville target looking 0 for any evidence from this evening apartments shootings. bullet holes found show several shots were fired. >> there were a lot of shoppers in the area, a lot of cars in te parking lot and people. so, it was, it was quite a hectic scene for a while. >> reporter: officers say two people were shot, both now in critical condition. one managed to walk to home depot where he was picked up by an ambulance. a third person who was involved in the incident was not injured. officers found him walking a block away where they took him into custody. police are trying to determine what led up to the shooting, but they say it appears none of them had been shopping. >> it appears they came here, parked, and some incident ensued in which two people received gunshot wounds and one person has been detained. >> reporter: target remained
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closed for the rest of the night. nearby shoppers we talked with were surprised to hear what had happened. >> it's a christmas period so there's going to be coming out here shopping. it's quite worrying when you see shootings happening here. >> it doesn't match what i think this area, you know, what should be going on here. it just seems like out of place. >> reporter: emeryville police recovered three guns from this evening's incident but they say shootings in this area are rare. in emeryville, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> not fara way the city of oakland is expected to come to a grinding halt tomorrow as roughly 3,000 workers go out on strike. it is all over a contract negotiation and what union workers are calling unfair labor practices. abc7 news reporter looks at the strike it is likely to have. >> reporter: oakland city workers are ready for the picket lines as some 3,000 plan to strike tomorrow. >> i think it will bring the city to a halt and hopefully that will show the city how important our workers are. >> reporter: city engineers and
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electricians are striking in solidarity with the seiu members. >> 50% of our labor force is considered temporary part time and at will employees. >> reporter: meaning no help or retirement benefits, and a cap on hours. public safety related services will occur tomorrow, like police, fire and dispatchers will all be working, but some services will not happen like parking enforcement and traffic and crime reports. >> this will impact our most vulnerable residents the most. working moms won't have head start open. >> i might have to cancel some of my shifts at work. >> reporter: her son is nearly one of 400 children in the head start program who will be without child care. community centers like this one will be closed. >> it's kind of frustrating, especially because the city of oakland will even let it get that far. >> reporter: there are no scheduled negotiations tomorrow. only picket lines. >> i'm available and can convene
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the team within an hour so they have my phone number. they can give me a call whenever they want. >> reporter: seiu filed a claim against the city for itsz use of temporary workers. meanwhile the city plans to file an unfair labor practice charge for the streak. in oakland, katie abc7 news. >> you will find a list of schools on our website affected by the strike, >> fire crews were busy all day long and into the evening across the bay area. power lines sparked after a tree fell on them in ma rag a. they restored power this evening. >> in the allen dale neighborhood, a tree branch broke. nearby homes lost power. one neighbor worried about drivers plowing into the fallen lim before it was removed this evening. >> i'm afraid when it gets dark they're going to hit this and that will be another multiple
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accident. >> abc7 news was also in emeryville tonight while city crews there worked to remove a tree that fell on a home on adoline street. nobody there was hurt. >> and fire fighters moved in with chain saws after a large eucalyptus tree fell across warm springs road in glenn ellen. pg&e repaired damaged power lines there, too. >> and looking at the abc7 news roof cam tonight, you can see the winds have temporarily died down. they were whipping the flags around a little earlier this evening. how long will this condition last? let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, the winds are still ripping in the hills. take a look at this view from our mount tam camera. we zoomed out there. it has been ape shaky camera because of the fact it is so gusty still. right now mount tam gusting to 29 miles an hour. oakland hills at the peak, lower elevations have relaxed a bit. still 26 in san jose, fairfield and as you take a look at the
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wind advisory it is in effect in the north bay hills until 10:00 a.m. wind gusts 40 to 50 could take down trees and power lines. live doppler 7 showing you clear skies. the temperatures now mostly 40s and 50s. in the coming mornings we're going to be talking about freeze warnings and freeze watches. i'll be back with the detailed look at that and how cold coming up. dan? >> okay, sandhya, thanks very much. we're learning more about the crash that killed a toll collector at the bay privilege. the husband and several coworkers witnessed a truck just barrel into her toll booth early saturday morning. her shift had just started. the truck driver now faces manslaughter, dui charges in her death. cal trans says it could be weeks before repairs to lane 14 are completed. >> it was an emotionally charged night in san jose as families fought to keep their schools from shutting down. the oak grove district claims there aren't enough students to keep all eight schools in operation. the map you see here shows the five schools discussed at a
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meeting tonight. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story now from san jose. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with song and heart felt testimonials, students, parents and teachers made their case. >> at santa teresa, teachers are helpful. >> luckily to our lucky stars, we love glideers. >> reporter: the gym at the school was packed by people who do not want to see elementary schools in the oak grove district shut down. eight schools have been identified for possible closure. the district claims declining enrollment. >> we're at the point where some of our elementary schools have populations in the 3 to 400 range. >> reporter: dennis hawkins is the chair of the consolidation committee. jose manzo is the district superintendent. >> unfortunately, we're at a place where we have to make some
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very difficult decisions. >> reporter: parents say there are better solutions. >> they need to ask us as realtors who is moving into the area. they're all families with young children. >> the schools that should be closed are the ones performing at the lowest academic level of the district. >> reporter: of the eight schools on the list, the consolidation committee will recommend three to five foreclosure to the school board. the board will make its decision in february. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> just ahead, the supreme court gives the president a win. >> it up holds his travel ban against six mostly muslim nations, but that could change this week. >> plus, the men are out. now the women are stepping into their roles. >> and stephon crutches, oh, no, right? this could be a major plot twist in the warriors season. sports director larry beil has the diagnosis coming up. >> first what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live.
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jimmy? >> thanks. i did awesome. ♪ ♪ ♪ i had the time of my life ♪ i never f
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the trump administration's travel ban that affects six mostly muslim countries has just been given a green light by the u.s. supreme court, but this is not the end of the legal battles as at least two outstanding court cases against the ban are being heard this week. here's abc news reporter maggie rulie with more. >> reporter: the supreme court clears the way for president trump's travel ban to go into effect even while it is being challenged in federal court. the ruling allows the administration to fully enforce its latest version of the travel ban announced by president trump in september. it outlaws travel to the united states by residents of six mostly muslim countries. chad, iran, libya, somalia, syria, and yemen. the state department says they're working closely with the departments of homeland security and justice to make sure the travel ban is implemented in a, quote, orderly fashion. the white house says they are not surprised by the supreme court's decision, releasing a statement the proclamation is lawful and essential to protecting our homeland. but in the past, the
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controversial ban has sparked protests at airports across the country. and lower courts are still battling against it. this week the 9th circuit and the 4th circuit will hear arguments challenging the ban's legality. after they decide, the case will return to the supreme court for a final decision, hopefully by jne. maggie rulie, abc news, new york. >> state assembly leaders say they'll hire an investigator to look into sexual misconduct claims against assemblyman matt dubadny. he represents san fernando valley. he is accused of sexual misconduct. one is a lobbyist who says the assemblyman cornered her in the bathroom and exposed himself. the other says he was her former supervisor. >> i thought make it very clear that i do not want to be here and that there is no misunderstanding. and so i said several times, no, i will not touch you. >> at events or fund-raisers, he
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would eye women in the room and talk about his conquests, who he had slept with. >> he denies any wrongdoing. he says he looks forward to clearing his name. >> women are replacing stars who have been accused of sexual misconduct. christiane amanpour is taking charlie rose's slot on pbs. her public affairs show that airs on cnn international will also be shown on pbs starting next monday. and netflix's house of cards is moving forward without kevin spacey. robin wright who plays claire underwood will take the lead. >> facebook is launching a messaging app for kids, messenger kids is for children under 13 who can't have their own facebook accounts. parents can control who their kids chat with on that app. even so, privacy is still a concern. facebook told "the new york times" it will not use the information collected from children for marketing purposes. >> outgoing sonoma mayor rach em hundley has a new beginning to look forward to after leaving her post tonight.
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she got engaged during the city council meeting. her fiance sean ham lynn works for congressman mike thompson. and congratulations to rachel and sean. >> yeah. getting to our weather situation outside, windy and cold. >> it really is. how long will that last? meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. sandhya? >> things will start to tree lax a little bit. i want to to show you a time lapse. this is from the emeryville camera capturing the gusty winds tonight so it's definitely been shaking and rolling as the wind has been howling tonight. and even earlier in the day as well. the winds will be gusting as we head into tomorrow morning but not as windy as it has tonight. fairfield about 29 miles an hour out of the northeast, 26 at half moon bay. between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m., still pretty breezy out there or pretty gusty out there. do be careful. this is lower elevation wind so you know the winds at the higher elevations will be even gustier.
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at noontime, the winds begin to relax, but until those winds relax, the temperatures are actually being held up by the wind keeping the atmosphere stirred up nicely. so, it is still in the 50s from san francisco to oakland, san jose currently half moon bay, also 55 degrees. santa rosa, napa, not too cold yet. low to mid 50s, upper 50s as well. same thing in concord and livermore. want to show you a live picture from the east bay hills camera and this camera has been shaky through tonight as we have been keeping an eye on it. also keeping an eye on your due points. measuring the moisture in the air, areas like santa rosa, san jose right now, you're in the teens along with hayward and livermore. this is just really dry air and so if you've had some really dry skin or your nasal passages basically your throat bothering you, it's scratchy, that's why likely. so, we do have a weather alert. windy areas tomorrow morning, you need to watch out for. freezing cold wednesday and thursday morning. make sure to protect your plants, pets and pipes,
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especially if you're going to be in the lake county area or the karkina straight delta tonight. skies are clear tonight as we take a look at the winds in southern california. ventura county as you know, that fire is just raging and right now winds around burbank, 31, cam riddle owe, objection nard 32 miles an hour. red-flag warning through thursday night. likely not going to get much relief from the fire there. in terms of our temperatures tomorrow morning, sorry about that. the camera did move over. we're going to be seeing temperatures in the upper 30s to the upper 40s. so, it is going to be clear and windy. the freeze warning is for tuesday, 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. it covers lake and solano counties. watch out, you could see some of the vegetation get destroyed or killed because of the freeze. so, 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. temperatures expected to drop 28 to 32 degrees. highs for your tuesday here in the bay area under sunny skies will be in the low to upper 60s. sunshine for your tuesday. and as we take a look at what's
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ahead in the accuweather seven-day forecast, you'll notice 2s going to -- it is goi to be windy and chilly. that is when we'll have a freeze for the north bay valleys. more frost is possible thursday morning. ing it definitely going to stay on the chilly side friday. temperatures will come up low to mid 60s friday. saturday, sunday you're going to be near 70 degrees inland. unfortunately in the accuweather seven-day forecast, there is no sign of any rain in the forecast over the next seven days, even going into the next ten days. you can download the accuweather app and keep track of the temperatures hour by hour as they plunge as we head towards tomorrow night. deanna and dan. >> sandhya, thank you. >> well, they were just friends with words, now they're friends with a great story. we're going to share that with you when we return. >> plus tomorrow on "good morning america," james franco talks about the movie he
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directed. and seal sings his
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my favorite story tonight from online scrabble opponents to real-life friends.
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22-year-old rapper, yes, rapper in new york named spencer and a woman named ros in her 80s from florida have played each other more than 300 times on words with friends. with the help of his pastor, spencer traveled more than a thousand miles to west palm beach to hang out with ros at her retirement community. as you can tell by the pictures they shared plenty of laughs and hugs. the photos of their trip posted to spencer's twitter has gone viral. >> what a sweet story. good for them. >> you never know. >> all right. new friends, right? all right, on to sports. boy, this was tough to watch with the warriors. >> yeah, the word tonight is ankle. you can spell it. here we go again. steph curry is kryptonite. he may be out for a while.
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>> announcer: abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the warriors had this epic come back from a 20 point halftime deficit tonight in new orleans, but really the one thing we're going to remember from 24 game -- this game is steph curry limping off with another ankle
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injury. or bourbon street. if only i could remember. jrue holiday came out on fire, scorching 12 straight point for the pelicans. the lefty finish there, had 23 at the half, finished with 34. dubs down 20 at the break. third quarter, steph, look at the volleyball touch pass. the awareness to kevin durant. deficit down to 5, curry heats up, 15 points in the third quarter, had a team high 31, golden state with 39 in the period and the deficit all the way down to three. and then in the fourth, taking the lead, andre iguodala in the stea steal. final minute, look at steph. look at that ankle. that is nasty. he was on crutches after the game. limping to take x. trays which thankfully were negative. mri will beness, ice and stimulatio stimulation >> i've been on the ankle.
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i had surgery five, six years ago. it was fine. should be able to bounce back. >> what was going through your mind when that happened? >> i had to call my dad and tell him i can't play basketball. >> nice. >> he's not going to be golfing in charlotte tomorrow. heisman trophies handed out in new york. rushed for almost 2000 yards this season. love will share the spotlight with oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield defending heisman holder of louisville. sharks and capitals second period, joe thorn coming in with a hip check. look out. slams the head of t.j. into the boards. he skated okay. the caps tom wilson said, you took out my guy, i'm going to punch you in the face. that was later in the thirds. the sharks coach thought that was unsportsmanlike. he got into a shouting match with the bench. got chippy. sharks end bd up losing 4-1.
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speaking of chippy, monday night football was brutal. steelers hits the crown of his helmet and immediately reaches for back. immobilized, carted off, he's in the hospital. this was scary. look asmith, shus ter blind sided and stan olberman taunt, maybe a suspension. berk man carted off. not as bad. steelers come back from 17-0 deficit. antonio brown helmet down, shot right there. from georgia. somehow he holds on. the steelers come back to win it 23-20. and it was just a really rough and tough game. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. you watch the game and had a concussion from that. brutal helmet to helmet contact in that game. totally unsportsmanlike. >> really. thanks, larry, very much. >> abc7 news continu
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that's our report on this monday. we appreci time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dee ann lynn. jimmy kimmel is at the desk. >> have a great night. for larry, sandhya and all of us, good night.
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." you've got a car crash and a brave bystander who -- >> starts ripping the windshield apart with his hands. >> the amazing scene in the rush to save people trapped inside. a crowd gathered to see them released, because if you look close l closely, you might spot why these are no ordinary sea turtle. not happy birthday to you ♪ >> james is about to uncover -- >> an enormous surprise. >> how thousands of people wished him a happy 21st. and trying to help a friend who -- >> that's her son. >> why it's all in good fun until somebody's fed up. >> sorry. i didn't mean to laugh. what this off duty soldier
1:42 am
did is nothing short of amazing. this suv is on its side and folks are trapped inside. >> tearing off the windshield with his bare hands? >> yes, he jumped into action. >> that's going to shred him to pieces. >> consider, wynd shields are safety glass. they're designed to not have sharp edges for incidents and accidents, if you were to go through it, it would cut you off. >> peeling it off like it's plastic. >> that stops working, he grabs a rock. reports are the first folks to respond smelled gas so they knew they had to jump into action. the folks inside are trapped so they got to get them out of there and after a while they do just that. >> oh, see, there it is. aside from the cuts on his hand he was fine. the folks inside were taken to the hospital. this dude didn't stay around to wait for praise. he hopped on the next train and continued on his journey. he's an off-duty soldier so i


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