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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 5, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, as we come on the air, the state of emergency. multiple out-of-control infernos in the west. not far from los angeles. tonight, we fly you right over the scene. also tonight, president trump and his former national security adviser michael flynn. our reporter asking the president, are you preparing to pardon flynn? the president's phone calls today rattling some world leaders, is the president now preparing to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. tonight, the u.s. military preparing for any possible violence at american embassies. just in tonight, news of a close call at the jfk airport. was a passenger plane about to
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land where another plane. the russia band from the winter olympics and the house explosion rocking a suburban neighborhood. good evening. we begin with those wildfires multiple fires now burning across southern california. evacuations under way at this hour. the fires erupting at sundown just 24 hours ago by morning, already destroying more than 45,000 acres. homes and that hospital i mentioned, the largest fire tonight threatening heavily populated ventura county. the governor there declaring a state of emergency. in satellite image from space you can see the smoke from the fires right there. abc's marcus moore is in ventura county tonight. >> reporter: tonight, homes in flames. thousands evacuated.
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>> they're attacking it the best they can. this wind is moving it in every direction. >> reporter: as wildfires burn out of control in california. >> we had a rough night last night. >> reporter: the thomas fire in ventura county, northwest of los angeles, exploding to 70 square miles in a matter of hours. the flames heading right for the city of ventura and its 100,000 residents. we are seeing an entire apartment complex engulfed in flames as fire crews try to put water on it. but look over here, there's another large fire burning on the other side of that hill. >> reporter: first responders g i vac waiting more than many forced to drive out through an inferno. >> these are like 15 feet away from us right now. >> reporter: this group, panicked as the flames start closing in. >> we need to get out of here as soon as possible. that fire is right there. >> reporter: the vista del mar hospital destroyed, all patients and staff making it out in time. by daybreak, firefighters finally able to begin their
3:33 pm
aerial assault. 2 winds unrelenting. >> upwards of 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: the flames turning entire areas into cinders. >> reporter: this home burning from the inside-out. this woman's home burned to the ground. >> i can't even describe what i'm thinking. myonnecting with it all yet. >> reporter: tonight the thomas fire just one of multiple blazes scorching the state. to the south, the creek fire on the northern edge of los angeles, forcing more evacuations. . that fire, also out of control. and the cla rita fire shutting down that major highway. marcus moore, we can see the stunning scene behind you. these windy conditions expected to continue.
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>> reporter: david, that high wind has been picking up those embers and they have been skipping house to house. the other problem we're hearing about, water pressure, firefights telling me they had to let some homes burn because they didn't have enough water in the hide dron. we got the view from above the fire from our affiliate kabc. from our station in los angeles he's joining uses as he's flying over the creek fire, an incredibly busy day, thank you for being with us tonight. you're over a very active scene tonight, the creek fire. >> this fire's 11,000 acres right now. we'll take you outside and show you picture of the creek fire. we're using our technology to show you where the fire is burning. as you can see, there's a lot of
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smoke obscuring the fire this is because of the santa ana conditions. we can fade in satellite tech knowledge where we can see the homes being fected. this fire has moved extremely fast. multiple homes have been destroyed. this fire is very dangerous in this area and there's no relief in sight. >> really something when you place the map on top of that smoke to give us an idea of how many families are being affected by this right now. you mentioned those santa ana conditions, those winds tonight fueling those fires. what are authorities saying in. >> these santa ana winds are very strong. they come down through these canyons and mountains of southern california and they rip through these neighborhoods. we usually get them in october. we're having a very late season. you can see the second fire out in ventura county.
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we'll use our pointer right in this area, that's the thomas fire. all in the southern california, burning simultaneously, thousands are affected. many homes lost. terrible scene out here. >> we're certainly thinking about the families affected by these three separate fires. j.t., thank you. >> thank you, david from meteorologist rob marciano tonight. he's also there in the fire zone this hour. putting out hot spots. the flames right behind you, the winds are supposed to keep coming. >> reporter: they are. these fire crews under protection, just came into this area, one of the more explosive regions in the fire zone today. the winds got the flames rolling in a hurry. the wind is still blowing, smoke, dust, horrible conditions out here. want to show you the setup, classic santa ana winds. offshore winds, high fire
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danger. high wind warnings out tonight. gusts that should continue. a bit of a break tomorrow morning. but another shot coming tomorni and tomorrow morning, might be a worst setup than last night. david. >> rob, watching this into the night. those firefighters hard at work tonight. the other breaking headline at this hour, president trump is expected to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel tomorrow, if so, it would be a momentum shift in u.s.'s foreign policy. some world leaders very concerned about this move and potential flare-up and even the u.s. military is on alert at some embassies. abc's martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president trump's calls to arab leaders one after another prompting new alarm. and this evening, israel is bracing for trouble.
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recognizing jerusalem as the capital and moving the embassy could end chances for peace and begin a cycle for violence. egypt's president saying a move could undermine peace opportunity. jordan king saying it will provoke muslims and christians alike and palestinian president calling it unacceptable with various palestinian. >> 22 years overdue, israel, all the feedback he's been getting from world leader is overwhelming negative. >> he spoke to five leaders h d hardly indicative of everybody across the globe. >> reporter: no other country in the world that has its embassy in jerusalem and palestinians view east jerusalem as the capital of any future palestinian state. president trump does not to
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preclude that possibility and the embassy move could take years. >> all right, let's get to martha raddatz with us from washington. as you said there, this announcement expected making jerusalem the capital of israel. all of this, already causing concern tonight. >> reporter: that's right, david, u.s. officials are already sending warnings about potential widespread demonstrations starting tomorrow, telling american citizens to avoid places where crowds are gathering while prohibiting u.s. government families to enter jerusalem's old city and marine corps fast team are being sent to provide extra security at some embassies throughout the region, david. in the meantime, the russia investigation. former national security adviser mike flynn pleading guilty to lying to the fbi. tonight, after the president changed his tone in recent days on michael flynn, our reporter
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asking is the president preparing to pardon flynn? here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: with mike flynn's plea bargain creating new troubles for the white house. today the president was tight lipped on whether he would pardon his former national security adviser. >> any plans to pardon general flynn, mr. president? >> thank you. >> any plans to pardon general flynn, mr. president? >> reporter: ever since flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi, president trump's reaction decidedly mixed. from uncertainty -- >> do you stand by michael flynn, sir? >> we'll see what happens. >> reporter: to sympathy. >> well, i feel badly for general flynn. i feel very badly. he's led a very strong life. hillary clinton lied many times to the fbi. nothing happened to her. flynn lied, and they destroyed his life. >> reporter: former fbi director james comey said he had no reason to believe that hillary clinton lied. flynn agreed to cooperate fully with the special counsel
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investigation. and today the white house press secretary left the door open to a possible pardon. >> would he consider pardoning him? >> i'm not aware that has come up or any process or decision on that front. >> i think before we start discussing the pardons for individuals, we should see, you know, what happens in specific cases too. >> so is it fair to say it's on the table? >> no, i just said i haven't had the conversation with him because i don't feel it's necessary until you get further down the road and determine whether or not that's even something needed. >> cecilia vega back with us live from the white house. reuters and bloomberg first reported that deutsche bank has subpoenaed but the president's lawyers saying that has nothing to do with the president. >> reporter: david, president trump's attorney jay sekulow released the statement. said the news reports that the special counsel had subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are false.
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no subpoena has been issued or received. we have confirmed this with the bank and other sources. tonight, we're learning about the cost of the first four months of the mueller investigation, $6.7 million so far, david. >> cecilia at the white house, thank you. next to alabama senate candidate roy moore and the about-face from the rnc, pulled funding funding. suddly now the rnc now helping him again. what changed? is the one republican senator who's writing a check to roy moore's opponent saying he's putting country over party. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: for the first time, president trump today speaking out about his decision to endorse roy moore, a man who's accused of molesting teenage girls. >> i think he's going to do very well.
3:43 pm
we don't want to have a liberal democrat in alabama, believe me. >> reporter: the republican national committee had cut ties with moore when the allegations of abuse surfaced. >> the allegations were obviously very concerning, and concerning to the degree that we pulled our resources. >> reporter: but following the president's lead, now the rnc is once again helping roy moore. and on capitol hill, other republicans are also falling in line. senator mitch mcconnell once called on moore to drop out. >> he's obviously not fit to be in the united states senate. >> reporter: but then this apparent change in tone. >> do you believe that judge moore should be in the senate? >> i'm going to let the people of alabama make the call. >> reporter: today, mcconnell insists he's been consistent. >> yeah, there's been no change of heart. >> reporter: some republicans still firmly against moore. senator jeff flake of arizona sending this $100 check to moore's democratic opponent doug jones. writing on the memo line "country over party." >> we can't become a party of roy moore as republicans. >> moore has denied any accusation of sexual misconduct but with one week before the election, jones is making sure
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voters don't forget. >> i damn sure believe that i have done my part to ensure that men who hurt little girls should go to jail and not the united states senate. [ applause ] >> tonight, roy moore will have a rally here in fairhope, alabama. supporters are showing up right now. even though the rnc is helping out roy moore the national republican senator yal committee, they're sticking on the sidelines and the chairman from colorado saying if roy moore gets elected to the senate he should be expelled. next here, congressman on iest under growing pressure after multiple allegations of misconduct announcing that he's now retiring effective today. the first member of congress to exit under this current wave of sexual harassment allegations.
3:45 pm
he did announce his retirement in a call-in to a radio show from a hospital where he's recovering from stress. >> i am retiring today and i want everyone to know how much i appreciate the, the incredible, undiminished support i've received across the years from my supporters, not only in my district but across the country as well. >> he was the longest serving member of congress, the civil rights pioneer. he's now endorsing his son, john, in the election to replace him the stunning news on the olympics tonight. the russian team now banned from the 2018 winter games. no flag, no anthem and the question tonigh the question tonight, how will russia respond? here's abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: russia, a winter olympics powerhouse. triumphant host of the last games in sochi. tonight, banned from next year's
3:46 pm
competition in south korea because of doping. >> this is an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the olympic games. >> reporter: the international olympic committee's ruling means there will be no russian team. no russian flag. no russian uniform. no russian anthem. two top russian officials banned for life. the scheme exposed by the former head of russia's anti-doping lab was staggering. the scientist alleging during the sochi games, russian intelligence agents posed as maintenance workers, entering the athlete testing lab, then breaking into tamper-proof collection bottles and swapping dirty urine for clean samples. a later report concluded more than 1000 athletes were involved. but vladimir putin has denied it was a state sponsored cover up. can prove they're not doping will be allowed to compete in the upcoming game, wearing a neutral warmup. no word on whether the kremlin will allow that. still much more ahead on
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next tonight here, news of that close call at new york's jfk airport. a passenger plane coming in for a landing on the wrong runway. another plane sitting in its path. here's abc's david kerley tonight. >> reporter: the apparent close call at jfk tonight. when the pilots of a mexican airliner, apparently lined up to land on the wrong runway. a runway a delta jet was readying to take off from when the pilot of the commuter jet sees a bigger plane coming right at him. >> looks like a plane on final. >> yeah, i see that. um. 4231, cancel takeoff clearance. >> reporter: it was cleared to land on run wway 13 right which is about 10 thousand feet to the south. that's where the delta jet. was already rolling to take off. >> polaris 880, you're lining up for 1-3-right. ch -- [ beep ] to your left, make a left turn, you're lining up for the wrong runway. go around.
3:50 pm
polaris 880. polaris 880, go around, turn left! >> reporter: that's the mexican jet liner going around. it's unclear how close it came to the delta jet at the end of that same runway. tonight, the faa says it's aware of the incident. its controllers ordered that go-around order. david. >> david kerley, our thanks to you news tonight, news coming in on jimmy kimmel's baby boy. and the drastic temperature change for much of the country right behind it.
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to the index, and the winter blast moving across the country. blizzard conditions from fargo, north dakota, into minnesota. state police responding to more than 120 accidents in 12 hours. brutal cold now sweeping across much of the country, into the northeast. temperatures plunging 30 degrees for some by the end of the week. is the supreme court hearing arguments about rights and religious rights. when he refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. the case drawing hundreds of protesters from both sides of the case. the house explosion in woodlawn, maryland tonight, spraying debris the area. no injuries. emergency crews checking
3:54 pm
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prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections, which could need hospitalization; problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. if your bones aren't getting stronger... ...isn't it time for a new direction? why wait? ask your doctor about prolia®. finally tonight here, america strong. baby bella and the officer answering the call. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the call for help had just come in to the savannah-chatham metro police department. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> we need an ambulance. we need an ambulance. >> reporter: officer william is the police veteran who responded his body camera rolling the
3:58 pm
whole time. >> we have an infant that is not breathing. >> he spoke to us today on the phone. >> my first instinct was to get up the stairs as fast as i can. >> he reaches for the baby in her mother's arms. bella is just 29 day old bella adkins. her mother just can't, and hands the baby to him. after one terribly long minute, a good sign -- >> she started moving, the baby cries. >> reporter: the baby went to the hospital and tonight she's okay. on monday at police headquarters the family shared their thanks. >> sometimes angels don't come from heaven. god had them already here. >> reporter: the mother tells us her daughter is here today, because of this officer's good work and good heart. >> officer eng and baby bella. america strong. thank you for watching on a tuesday night.
3:59 pm
. we've been watching all these disasters on tv. you really don't think about when it happens to you. >> it's happening now in ventura county under a state of emergency as a wind be driven fire tears through neighborhoods. at this point, there is no containment. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> we begin this afternoon with developing news in southern california where there are a total of three wildfires burning at the locations on the map. it is a frighteningly familiar scene. similar to the north bay wildfires. >> strong winds in both cases advance the flames. these fires started last night. it burned more than 71 square miles so far. it has forced more than 27,000 people from their homes. >> reporter: what you see behind me is just one of at least 150 structures destroyed by one of multiple fires here in southern
4:00 pm
california and firefighters in this area telling everyone they need to be toward evacuate if necessary. wind gusts blasting fiery embers down streets. catching everything in its path on fire. >> we need to get out of here as soon as possible. >> tens of thousands forced to evacuate in ventura county and some watched as their homes burned. >> it's a huge hit. i've been an owner for 40 years here. and it is just crazy rgs what's going on. >> a former olympic gold medal winning swimmer, not able to get his prize possessions but thankful for his life. >> this was going to be my dying in house. the only thing is the house died before did i. >> not driven by snanl a winds of up to 70 miles an hour. a behavior help facility was razed to the ground. >> very sad. very depressing. ne