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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it's that big already? another fight on our hands as the winds will be dominant. those winds have moved on. let's take a look at the reason why. the air is bone drive. you can see sutro tower is not moving like it was yesterday. our 12-hour day planner it much cooler. 57 to 60 at noon with that sunshine just soaking all of our neighborhoods. a starry night will unfold, 47 to about 51. let's see what sue has in store for your morning commute. a little further to the south i wanted to give our bay area folks who might be traveling on i-5 today, the grapevine is open but it's crowded. we'll be monitoring could clos time. looking at the east shore
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freeway making the curve past university and into the mcarthur maze, busy. no stalls or accidents. metering lights are on, pardon me, not the san mateo. that's the bay bridge. metering lights on at 5:20. you can car-pool, both the car-pool lanes. breaking news the southern california fires, this is the new wildfire that just erupted within the last hour in west los angeles. sky map 7 is showing you how close it is to 405. it's concerning because it's a populated area, getty center, ucla all nearby. right now the northbound lanes of interstate 405 are closed and crews are racing to save many homes in the area. we want to show you a water dropping helicopter trying to
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save one of those homes. here is the video and narration by the chopper's pilot. >> there was a drop by the 109 by city fire. that's a really cool thing in the dark making that drop. they know where the fires are. >> the flames are very close. we don't know about any official evacuations in the area although you have to assume people are trying to get out as fast as they can. so this means we're tracking six wildfires growing in southern california. a map shows where the active fires are burning in ventura, los angeles and san bernardino. as of last night cal fire said it's the largest, the thomas fire,ventura county they are most concerned about that has burned at least 50,000 acres and 150 structures. it is still zero percent contained. the city of ventura was under a curfew until 5:00 this morning. fire officials have evacuated 27,000 people from their homes.
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>> it's incredible. it started behind my house and my parents' house it burning down 15 miles away. >> your heart sinks down and you keep pray iing hoping. >> one in the san fernando valley has forced people and animals to evacuate. that fire has destroyed about 30 buildings. >> just an unreal situation. crews are in southern california helping to fight the devastating fires. and that includes a team from santa clara county. we spoke with the captain who is we spoke with the captain who is on the front lines right now. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. we're here in the city of santa clara. they and several other firefighters from all across the bay area are in southern california getting an up close
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look at those flames as they tried to stop them from moving forward. you can see what's happening in southern california. this is from engine 90 at the thomas fire. firefighters are on structure protection and say the wind driven embers are over 75 miles an hour and make for tenuous conditions. the city is part of two strike teams from santa clara county that includes firefighters from san jose, milpitas, the county, palo alto and morgan hill. captain bill murphy talked to us from the front lines of the thomas fire. only two months ago captain murphy informs a similar firefight in santa rosa. >> probably the biggest difference would be the temperature is not quite as high as it was in the north bay fires. the wind is similar to what happened in the north bay. >> reporter: there are multiple fires burning at the same time. marin county sent ten engines
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and 44 firefighters to southern california. the novato fire district was sent to the creek fire. firefighters will be there as long as they're needed. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> if you think california has seen more frequent and intense fires, their bigger, longer in duration and more devastating. the chief explains why it's happening. >> our seasons have been elongated 40 to 50 days and it continues to do so. we had five years of drought. the vegetation is still dry. new details this morning on the crackdown on fraud following our north bay wildfires. the fbi says that it has formed
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a special team to catch people looking to take advantage of the disaster that changes from debris removal, false advertising for housing to people seeking donations for charities. officials said they're seeing numerous duplicate claims. the fbi is putting out this warning. it will take legal action if necessary. >> we're tracking news where striking oakland city workers say they're going to be back on the picket lines this morning. they plan to stay there until the city returns to the bargaining table. there could be some movement at city hall. the city council expected to meet in closed session to address the strike. do not expect city services. about 3,000 employees will not be going to work. they are fighting for better wages and working conditions. happening today the preliminary hearing in the ghost ship trial scheduled to begin in oakland now. they have pled not guilty to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. almena says he's being made a
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scapegoat. he said he transformed the warehouse into a thriving place for artists and he is at a loss to explain the three dozen deaths. >> it's a mystery how 36 people perished when the deejay that was playing when the fire was happening escaped. there are people who were text messaging rather than trying to escape. something happened up there. something horrible. a darkness. >> the interview was conducteded on the one-year anniversary of the ghost ship fire. the message these women are sending that's getting a lot of attention. transportation officials and how much you will pay at parking meters. looking outside this morning with abc 7 news now keeping you up to date on weather and traf
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hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ still a freeze warning in the north bay until 9:00. let's see who needs to protect the plants, pets and pipes. rohnert park and petaluma in 30. ukiah, 31. santa row at that,srosa, 32.
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we're at 50. 51 at san francisco. 37 in newark. freezing cold, 32 in san ramone. a look at your activity planner today. pleasant if you're on the bay. if you have yard work to do it will be comfortable this afternoon. if you're exercising nothing too taxing. i hope you enjoy it. sue, takes us back to the bay bridge toll plaza. this one involving a hit-and-run accident in toll booth eight. the victim is in lane nine. so those looks like they are temporarily blocked. also toll booth 14 is out of commission due to that fatal accident last weekend that plowed it down so there's no toll booth there at all. delays here. take b.a.r.t. no problems at all this morning. your traffic is pretty good for a tuesday morning. first reports of an accident in the city. so far no slowing here. >> sue, thank you. new details on that san
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francisco plan that will determine the price of metered parking through supply and demand. demand driven pricing for street meters. prices at each meter would go up ar down throughout the day based on demand. pricing resulted in lower parking rates and a 35% increase in business for local establishments. >> okay. we'll see how that goes. california workers are suing the state. and eating cheese every day is good for you. and thwolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starng within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement
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breaking news from southern california, the new wildfire that just erupted within the last hour in west los angeles. the last thing they needed down there. this is a live picture from a crew that just arrived on the scene and you can see the flames burning, the brush and the hillside there. this is very close near bel air, westwood and ucla as well. right now all northbound lanes of 405 are shut down, just a line of drivers sitting there waiting and watching this. we're going to keep you updated on this throughout the morning. such a concerning situation. it is 6:15 and new this morning we're hearing from one of the alternate jurors who served in the kate steinle
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trial. in an article called i saw the kate steinle murder trial up close. the jury didn't botch it. phil van stockum details why he thinks the jury was right to find jose ines garcia zarate not guilty of the major charges last week. van stockum writes it seems clear to him the evidence against zarate didn't support the requirements of premeditation for the murder charges. van stockum says in his eyes the prosecution didn't prove criminal negligence and, therefore, that took manslaughter off the table for the jury. he writes, quote, only a single particle of gunshot residue was found on the defendant's hands which seems to support his repeated claim the gun was wrapped in some sort of fabric when he pick it up and caused it to fire. you should read the whole thing if you're interested in this case. it's on our website,, if you'd like to look at the link. "time" magazine has announced its person of the year
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or in this case people. the silence breakers. you can see the cover featuring women and men who come forward to speak out against inappropriate, abusive and illegal behavior, sexual assault and harassment they have faced. among the famous names alyssa milano, ashley judd and taylor swift. >> did you see the elbow? there's an elbow in the corner. that represents the people who do not want to be seen but are telling their story anyway. developing news from washington. former white house strategist steve bannon is backing alabama senate candidate ray moore and attacking republicans. bannon appeared at a rally for moore last night and ripped mitt romney after romney slammed moore's candidacy. the former candidate for president said it wasn't worth losing the party's honor and integrity over this. bannon jumped on that comment and called out romney for not serving in vietnam. >> mitt, here is how it is,
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brother, you hid behind your religion. you went to france to be a missionary when guys were dying in rice paddies in vietnam. do not talk to me about honor and integrity. >> moore did serve in vietnam. his senate run has come into question following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. and how about this, protesters dressed as oppressed women from the popular tv series "the handmaid's tale. "this video shot last night in alabama. the protesters say allowing moore to stay in the senate race silences his victims much like the powerless women on the show. more on the gun debate. house republicans plan to vote on a bipartisan proposal to tighten up the background system for gun buyers following the texas church shooting. they say the history of domestic violence should have stopped him from buying a gun. the house is taking up a bill
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for owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines. the first gun legislation in congress since the mass shootings killed more than 80 people. california students are struggling to read and education advocates say schools are to blame. suing the state on behalf of students in los angeles and stockton. students lag behind in reading and writing. the state has 11 of the 26 lowest performing districts in literacy and basic education among large school districts. the state department of education says it's committed to serving low-income students and spends $10 billion a year on programs for english learners, low-income families and foster children. change the subject now to cheese because eating it every day might be good for you. that's according to a group of researchers from china and the netherlands. they found people who ate cheese daily reduced their risk of
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developing heart disease by 14% and were 10% less likely to have a stroke. people who seem to have these health benefits from cheese ate about 40 grams a day which is about a square of cheese the size of a match book. >> so that's 40 grams. the average american eats 42.5 grams every single day, which is surprising to me. do you eat cheese every day, mike? >> almost. >> almost every day? what about you? >> i have a sandwich every day for lunch. >> that surprises me only because it's lower than i thought it would be. >> me, too. >> who all of you are enjoying a brick of cheese every day? >> i have a brick i've been eating for lunch. there's nothing else in my refrigerator but that's a story for another time. >> when i eat pasta, i eat cheese. on the bread, on the pasta -- >> anywhere can you get it.
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cheesecake. >> well, yeah, that's a little different but that would be nice. let's talk about what's going on outside as we look at 280 and 17. san jose is clear. you can see the sun trying to peek up over the mountains. tonight frost possible inland. not as widespread as this morning and the pattern is going to be stubborn and stagnant and that could eventually lead to some spare the air days friday, saturday and sunday. winds are still gusty up in the east bay hills and mt. tamalpais. don't let that alarm you. high pressure will dominate our weather and keep the calming of the winds. you can see the progressive pattern as the low is dumping all the cold air. record tying highs at 66. napa and observing your airports tied the record high yesterday at 65 and 67. 61 and 65 along the coast.
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62 to about 64 around the bay. 63 to 66 inland. tonight we'll still have a few neighborhoods of frost inland. otherwise a lot of mid to upper 30s. low to mid-40s around the bay. upper 40s the coast and san francisco. my accuweather seven-day forecast, low to mid-60s with a couple of low to upper 60s thursday, saturday and sunday. hey, sue, what are you watching? >> we can't get enough of the bay bridge toll plaza. a couple of accidents near toll booth eight and nine, also toll booth 14 out of commission due to an accident last weekend that wiped out that toll booth. so you're looking at slower than usual traffic here. metering lights have been on for about an hour now and the car-pool lanes are getting by just fine. once you're past the metering lights, the western span through the tunnel looks pretty good. we are seeing more slowing as the commute gets under way. we have an accident reported northbound 280 near northbound 101. a second location is now southbound 101 near south city
6:23 am
so we'll check back and confirm with that on chp and through petaluma a grind today. three separate accidents in the area. they have all been cleared to the shoulder. >> thank you, sue. smoking in san francisco, clarity about when recreational pot will be legal in the city. >> an unusual lawsuit filed against the city of san diego. the wife of a former mayor is going after the city because of a ruptured breast implant. here is what's coming up on "gma." fast-moving wildfires in southern california still growing this morning. zero percent containment. we are on the ground surveying the scene from above with full team coverage for you as we track the latest threa
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the wife of a former san diego mayor is suing the city because her breast implants ruptured in a fall. she says she tripped on a damaged sidewalk two years ago. her attorney prepared an animation of the fall for the jury hearing this lawsuit. >> in this animation is walking along, catches the toe, falls forward.
6:27 am
>> she says the surgery to replace the implants costs $20,000. she is suing the city for damages because the sidewalk had not been repaired. the city attorney argues her implants were 20 years old and due for replacement anyway. the disturbing impact that spanking may have on your children. a strike in observing expected to disrupt city services once again today. we are seeing a sign of progress. >> looking live at another wildfire that broke out along 405 in southern california. you can see that reporter getting ready to do a live shot. the ridge there, the ashes floating in the air. it is so close to the getty center
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good morning to you. it's 6:30 on this wednesday, december 6th. we have a lot going on including tracking those major fires burning in southern california. >> and the new one near the 405 that just popped up. jessica is off today. we have sue hall in for alexis, and we're starting with you, mike. >> stunning video. people will be stunned at how close it is to the cars, how the embers are flying sideways because of the winds. the winds will get worse tomorrow. i'll show you that in the next weather cost. let's focus on us, freezing conditions in the north bay.
6:31 am
keep those plants, pets, and pipes protected until 9:00. we also have frost possible. you can see the carquinez strait and delta, that's until 10:00. let's talk about our accuweather 12-hour planner and you can see 35 to 49 degrees today. we'll be around 57 to 60 at noon with all that clean sunshine. no spare the air today. 60 to 62 at 4:00. and then 47 to about 51 degrees. we'll take a look at the winds and spare the air possible. here's sue. >> we did have a travel advisory for those of you traveling today. i-5 is open. they had it closed for a time but it has reopened. i would monitor that. slow and go out of the central valley. a couple problems to update. we did find this accident southbound 101 near grand avenue and you are seeing some slow traffic now leaving san
6:32 am
francisco. apparently a couple lanes there. a live look at that new fire that we were just talking about right next to interstate 405. you can see traffic is moving in one direction but closed in the other direction. we've been following since 5:45 this morning and we've just learned that it's burning about 50 acres. compared to the other fires this is tiny, but it's also very close to heavily populated areas and quite close to the getty center. bel air, westwood, ucla all nearby. there's a lot of concern about this. on one side it's closing the highw highway, the northbound. southbound is still open. 405 a major highway. crews are racing to save nearby homes. we've already seen several water drops taking place. we'll continue to watch this throughout the morning. this is one of several fires burning in the l.a. area.
6:33 am
>> our sister station covering this brand-new fire from the ground. here is what our reporter saw just about 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: and this is a hot spot behind us, as you can see. it has not slowed down. it is basically burning right up to the freeway. there are no structures here on this hillside. as we pan over to the left there's another hot spot. you can see the hillside in the middle, though. no real strong flames on that hillside right there. and then you can see there are some engines along the 405 north which is closed. 405 south is moving. we see no lane closures but we continue to see a lot of lapd and the fire department vehicles. here comes a number of lapd vehicles, it looks like, trying to help in those evacuation efforts, trying to control traffic. and right now they're traveling southbound on the 405.
6:34 am
and we're just parked right along sepulveda. a crazy morning here for people making their commute and everyone who lives in this area. >> firefighters are battling at least six fires in southern california right now. the challenge this morning the strong santa ana winds fanning the flames. cal fire says the thomas fire is the largest with 50,000 acres burned. 150 structures are damaged or destroyed. 12,000 more are threatened. >> it's just devastating. this was going to be my die in house. the only thing is the house died before i did. >> the creek fire in l.a. county ripped through 11,000 acres. dozens of homes gone there and 150,000 people told to evacuate because of that fire. the abc 7 news app has been sending out push alerts on the wildfires. you can download that app for free. be sure to enable the push alerts to stay on top of breaking news as it happens.
6:35 am
>> don't cross our picket line. >> on to this developing news in the east bay. workers planning to strike for a second day. oakland's city council plans to address the strike. amy hollyfield live for us in oakland. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, natasha. it's early. look behind me they're starting to gather here at city hall. there could be some movement. the city council is set to meet in closed session today to see if they can make any changes to what they called their last and best offer. expect to see more of this today, workers on the picket line. last night they picketed in front of a fund-raiser for mayor libby schaaf's re-election campaign. they're putting the heat on the mayor. the workers say they will be at it again today, some are staying positive saying they think this could be over soon. >> we're not that far apart. i am optimistic. we have agreed on quite a few
6:36 am
economic things and we just have to iron out a few more. so i am very optimistic we will get a contract, and we all would rather be at work. >> reporter: the strike shut down city hall and all nonemergency city services. the mayor is calling the strike unlawful saying both sides are not at an impasse so there shouldn't be a strike. the unions say she is wrong saying this is within the workers rights for them to do this right now. do not expect any city services today except for fire, police, and 911 dispatch. the other employees will not be going to work today. live in observing, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. police in fremont are questioning a driver about a deadly hit-and-run crash. a car hit a pedestrian around 5:30 last night in bradley street. police say the victim died at the scene. investigators found the vehicle involved in the accident major front end damage parked at a nearby shopping center. that's where they found the
6:37 am
driver. it's not clear if drugs or alcohol were factors. a homeowner has a mess to clean up following this incident. a van rammed into a house on andrea place and warburton avenue. no one was hurt in the crash. a man acquitted of killing kate steinle faces federal weapons charges. jose ines garcia zarate was found not guilty on murder and manslaughter charges. a grand jury indicted him for being a felon in possession of a firearm and having a gun while being in the u.s. illegally. he's an undocumented immigrant. if he's found guilty on either federal charge he could face up to ten years in federal prison. silicon valley investor taking a leave of absence from his firm amid allegations of sexual harassment. a bloomberg report says he groped an uber employee in 2014 at a company party and harassed other women. he's taking leave from several company boards including virgin
6:38 am
hyper loop which he co-founded. one last hurdle before recreational pot sales begin in san francisco. mayor ed lee is expected to sign off on the rules retailers and growers need to get state permits. county supervisors voted to pass the regulations. they'll take effect 30 days after the mayor gives his approval. if that happens today recreational pot could be sold in san francisco as soon as january 6th. new developments this morning with the effort to bring the first medical marijuana dispensary to the sunset district. "the examiner" reports the board of supervisors overwhelmingly approved it. it is set to go on 22nd avenue. there had been strong opposition from neighbors it could increase crime and be dangerous with the children who live in the area. this moves comes just weeks before recreational marijuana becomes legal in california. 6:38 now. from the live desk president trump hours away now from changing 69 years of american
6:39 am
foreign policy by recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. a small protest against that announcement took place in gaza. leaders say the decision could lead to violence. some palestinian factions are calling for three days of rage. >> israel thinks the move is 22 years overdue, that all of the feedback he's been getting from world leaders is overwhelmingly negative about this idea. >> no, again, he spoke with five leaders. that's hardly indicative of everybody across the globe. >> there is no other country in the world that has its embassy in jerusalem. there are questions about why the president is making this move now as there is no urgency. >> abc 7 news invites to you share the joy with us by donating food or time to our seven bay area food banks. and i had the honor of yesterday presenting the food bank with a $15,000 check on behalf of abc 7 and our parent company disney. the donation will help feed the
6:40 am
225,000 people it serves every year. the food bank can stretch every $1 donation to $5 worth of food. and something interesting i found out, i asked the majority of the funding, where does it come from, and i expected them to say big companies like ours or perhaps government agencies, but it actually comes from individual dough 2340nordonors. >> people like you smmaking sma differences. hopefully that will inspire other people to get on in there and help. let's talk about what's going on down south. things will get worse before it gets better. my forecast for the winds. you can see they're up to 30 miles an hour this morning and then by 8:00 this evening up to 45 miles per hour and from 2:00 in the morning thursday to 8:00 in the morning gusting faster than 50 miles per hour and then they'll taper by about 11:00
6:41 am
thursday evening back below 36 miles an hour and then they'll stay in the 25 to 35-mile-an-hour range. for us, we're up to 19 degrees cooler this morning because of the lack of wind. temperatures mid to upper 30s through most of the south bay. we do have 40 in san jose and 44 in milpitas. san pablo, san francisco, and half moon bay 5 5. a look at your commute planner today. mainly calm on the water. mass transit, chilly to mile. and on the roads we'll be staying dry. around the state quiet. 42 in tahoe. sue? heading to the san mateo bridge, an earlier problem with a stall and an accident on the san mateo side has been cleared. look at the problem here, we are bumper to bumper. i saw a tow truck cut across the causeway lanes. we'll follow this for you but expect big delays from hayward over to foster city via the san
6:42 am
mateo bridge. that's not too much better but you may want to try that as an alternate. southbound 101 this has just been cleared out of grand avenue. it was partially blocking the slow lane. traffic is now looking good leaving san francisco. not so good leaving petaluma. we had an earlier zen, actually two separate that have been cleared out of lanes. the damage is done here and marin county south 101 near alameda del prado. you are seeing slow traffic. the san rafael picture is looking good. >> sue, thank you. we want to take you to this live picture now from sky 7 from our sister station down in los angeles. you can see just how close these flames near the 405 are getting to homes now. >> and if you're familiar with this particular area sky map 7 is able to show you the roads we're talking about.
6:43 am
you see this is really close to ucla. it's close to bel air. >> the getty center. >> the getty center. >> it's really close to the
6:44 am
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developing news now in the fight against those massive wildfires raging in southern california. bay area firefighters are on the
6:46 am
front lines and they're using social media. >> matt keller live for us in santa clara. good morning, matt. >> reporter: and good morning, natasha. firefighters from station ten here in the city of santa clara are on the strike team with santa clara county. there are other fire departments here in the bay area that are with them in southern california and they're fighting the thomas fire in ventura county. we want to give you an up close look at what they are seeing there down in southern california. they are on structure protection. here's the picture from the marin county fire department. they tweeted this out. from the rye fire in santa clarita you can see the amusement park in the foreground near i-5 and the grapevine. the fire department sent ten engines and 44 firefighters to southern california. the city is part of two strike teams from santa clara county that includes firefighters from san jose, milpitas, the county, and morgan hill.
6:47 am
the firefighters will be there as long as they're needed. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. donald trump jr. will meet with a committee -- first back to breaking news. you can hear the voice of the helicopter operator there. this is the 405 freeway, the fire, the new one that cropped up in the last hour and a half or so. it is start to go burn homes in the bel air area, multimillion dollar residences. we're going to keep tracking this for you. and this is close to the getty center, residential areas. one side of the highway is shut down and the other one is still open. moving on, happening today donald trump jr. will appear for a closed door interview with the house intelligence committee, the first chance for lawmakers to question him about his june 26 meeting in trump tower with campaign officials and a russian lawyer. democrats also have questions about e-mails between trump jr.
6:48 am
and wikileaks just before it was released. that e-mail hack came from john podesta. colin kaepernick is celebrated as a civil rights icon. last night beyonce presented him with the "sports illustrated" muhammad ali legacy award in new york city. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm so proud and humbled to present the muhammad ali legacy award to colin kaepernick. >> this award recognizes people for outstanding sportsmanship. kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem to protest social injustice and that sparked the nationwide movement with dozens of nfl players following suit. >> i accept this award not for myself but on behalf of the people. because if it were not for my love for the people i would not have protested. and if it was not for the support from the people i would not be on this stage today. >> kaepernick has not signed on with another team since leaving the 49ers in march.
6:49 am
he says he'll continue to work for the people with or without the nfl's platform. now your morning money report. if you're expecting a package from u.p.s. you may have to wait longer. >> the company says it's behind schedule. after the post-thanksgiving surge, cyber monday was the largest online shopping day of. u.p.s. says they have resolved the situation. they expect most packages shipped between thanksgiving and christmas will probably arrive on time. >> did you invest in bitcoin? >> no. >> can you lend me some money? the virtual currency saw another huge increase overnight topping the $12,000 threshold. here is a look at where it is now. investors will be able to trade futures, that means traders bet on the future price similar to currencies and metals. warnings still remain about a potential bubble. the deal between cvs and aetna means a person would leave the company with $500 million in
6:50 am
stocks and cash. antitrust regulators need to sign off on the $69 billion deal. both companies insist the merger will make basic care more convenient and less expensive for you. skeptics wonder if this will mean fewer choices and higher costs. two tech giants are at war. >> google and a.m. zor, they're pulling support. google yanking youtube from amazon streaming devices and amazon stopped selling google devices. google moves further into e-commerce and amazon expands into online advertising. if you spank your child, you could be setting them up for relationship violence. the journal of pediatrics published a study indicating corporal punishment does exactly what most parents don't want. it leads to children being more likely to commit dating violence as an adult. a spokesman says corporal punishment confuses the boundaries between love and violence while they are learning
6:51 am
how to treat others. a new landmark study finds weight loss can, in fact, reverse type 2 diabetes. more than 300 patients took part in the study. half went on a six-month diet plan. the others that did not. those that dieted and lost 30 pounds saw their diabetes start to disappear. we hear that magic number of 30 pounds. none of patients took diabetes medication and focused on the effects their weight loss would have on their condition. if you think you're a wizard on the basketball court, today is just for you. it is world trick shot day which is a tribute to the harlem globetrotters. take a look at our abc 7 sports department trying to pull off, and they do, a bunch of trick shots. larry beil showing off with their mini hoop and ball in the sports office. larry casually making all these shots. >> amazing. >> he's doing -- actually i guess larry beil did it, too. >> who knew?
6:52 am
off the wall, on the stool, from the ground. >> all of that takes lots of practice which means lots -- >> are you being shady? >> i'm just saying can we monitor the efficiency of these employees? that's all i'm saying. give them more work is what he's saying. >> i was going to compliment them on their physics of geometry, but time wasted. exploratorium camera is showing the busy sun rise. grab those sunglasses today. accuweather highlights, sunshine. frost possible tonight. and more sunshine and mild afternoons through my accuweather forecast. look at live doppler 7. it is bone-dry this morning. temperatures inland will be around 63 to about 66 degrees. santa rosa, a record high at your airport. napa and soak both tying record highs yesterday. 62 to 64 around the bay and half moon bay 61 to 65 in santa cruz.
6:53 am
a look at our lows tonight. places like santa rosa at 32. some frost there. frost possible in the san ramone valley. we'll be in the upper 30s around palo alto to mid-40s around observing and san mateo and upper 40s half moon bay and san francisco. with the stagnant air mass pollutants will build up possibly by friday and saturday a wood burning ban could be possible. my accuweather seven-day forecast, what you're looking at here are a lot of 60s whether it's low to mid-60s wednesday low to upper 60s. we'll be near record highs many days this week. sue? let's go to san rafael. an accident south 101. this is past the scene near the north gate mall exit. things are busier but they're moving quite along. a little bit further to the north, though, that earlier accident near alameda was pushed
6:54 am
off to the burger king parking lot, if you're familiar with the area. and further to the north we had a couple of different accidents south 101 near petaluma boulevard remaining slow as you make your way out of petaluma and through the construction zone ongoing there. and there's the slow traffic leaving 37 as well from that accident in alameda. a couple issues we have b.a.r.t., a ten-minute delay. a mechanical problem. otherwise system wide 58 trains are running on schedule with that one exception. a shutdown of the sausalito ferry due to dock inspections. a half day shutdown tomorrow. the first ferry will leave at 12:55 and then the first ferry will leave sausalito to the city at 1:55. there's the current look. a look at the bay bridge in a few minutes. if you are heading to facebook this morning, you can say you work in the best place in the country. at least according to career website glass door. it says menlo park's facebook is
6:55 am
the number one place to work. what makes that place so great? facebook employees say they get to work with very smart people who are energized and believe in the work they are doing. six other bay area companies made the top 30 including google at five, salesforce at 15, linkedin, well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above?
6:56 am
i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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6:58 right now. these are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, that breaking news out of los angeles. this is a live picture, wow, this new fire that is threatening the getty center and nearby homes along interstate 405 right now. this is a live look at this 50-acker fire. mandatory evacuations in he can. the bigger fire is called the thomas fire in ventura county is at zero percent containment. it has burned 50,000 acres. number three, dozens and dozens of firefihters here from the bay area are in southern california battling the fires. many were sent right away to the front lines including crews from fire station city in the city of santa clara. a live look at oakland city hall where striking city workers are back on the picket lines this morning. the city council set to meet in closed session today to address
6:59 am
that walkout. do not expect city services today. and number five, don't forget we have the freeze warning in the north bay valleys until 9:00 this morning. keep your pets, plants and pipes protected. a lot of sunshine and near record highs in your 60s. number six, we're following your wednesday morning commute with another problem with the bay bridge toll plaza past the metering lights. a stall in the left lane. look at that drive time from hercules all the way into the city. give yourself plenty of room to spare. number seven, "time's" person of the year the silence breakers. the men and women who have come forward to speak out against inappropriate abusive sexual behavior. the magazine says these are the voices that launched a movement. we will be back in 25 minutes with an abc news update. "good morning america" starts now, the latest on the wildfires in southern california. a total of six fires we believe burning at this time. homes in bel air now starting to burn from the latest fire that just sparked.
7:00 am
good morning, america. wildfire emergency. those huge fires raging in california exploding in size, fueled by santa ana winds, scorching tens of thousands of acres and closing in on the pacific coastline. the brave firefighters flying right into the fire zone and the new fire erupting near the 405 as the morning commute begins. breaking news, bracing for violence, the middle east on edge this morning. protests erupting as president trump prepares to make that major announcement recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and announcing plans to move the u.s. embassy there. world leaders call the decision dangerous. security stepped up at our embassies across the region. also breaking, assassination plot. the new report saying uk's prime minister was targeted for murder


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