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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> these fires are coming up to land marks. >> the biggest is the thomas fire in ventura county where 150 homes and roughly 100 square miles have burned, an area twice the size of san francisco. >> the newest has burned near the getty museum. so far the museum is unharmed but four homes have burned down nearby. >> we get a look on the ground. >> reporter: terrifying images along a freeway in los angeles. part of interstate 405 shut down. nearby, flames surrounded the iconic getty museum. it's just one of several fires raging out of control in southern california, scorching tens of thousands of acres, firsti forcing evacuations and shutting down schools. the thomas fire burning in
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ventura county northwest of los angeles. >> every time you see the flame coming up your heart sinks down and you keep praying and keep hoping. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no. i'm in shock. >> reporter: governor brown declaring a state of emergency. they don't know how many homes and buildings have been destroyed because of the intensity of the fire. firefighters not only fighting flames but the strong windy conditions. >> the water systems rely on pump systems. so they're electrically powered. that could account for some of the difficulties we've had, plus the enormous at of usage, stress on the water system. there's a lot of different factors. >> reporter: president trump tweeting on the fires, offering thoughts and prayers and encouraging residents to listen to local officials. >> obviously, the winds are a huge factor in this firefight.
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>> abc7 weather anchor spencer is here. >> at the surface, the wind varies widely. from calm winds to gusts up to 40 miles per hour. here's a look at the kuvts conditio -- current conditions. the wind will be gusting 30-40 miles per hour. bear in mind in the higher elevations the gisusts will be much, much stronger. the firefighters are facing a very challenging task and high fire danger. it is in effect until 8:00 friday evening. we'll continue to update you as we get new information. let's recap where the firefight stands right now. the biggest fires in los angeles county, thomas and creek, have zero containment. 5% containment on the rye fire near passaic and the fire near
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bel air. good news from san bernardino county, the little mountain fire is 75% contained after burning 100 acres. now to an update you'll see only on abc7 news. new details about a car jarking suspect shot and killed by a police officer and new information about the officer. the shooting happened friday in the bayview district. vic lee has information you'll find only on abc 7 news. >> can't say what that young man did wasn't wrong. >> reporter: she is a community activist in the neighborhood. on friday, she and her friends were at the scene of the shooting here at the alice griffith housing development. at about 10:po 30 in the mourni police say kita allen car jacked a vehicle. the shooting occurred on the 1,000 block of fitzgerald
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avenue. from sky 7 you can see a patrol car with its side windows shattered and blood and clothing near the vehicle. police at the scene said an officer fired at least one round, killing o'neill. chandler says her good friend saw it go down. >> he was running, trying to get out of this gate, and the officer, in his police car, blew the window off with the gun, blew the window off. it shattered the window and hit him in the head. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the investigation gave abc 7 news the same scenario, and also that the suspect was not armed. we're also learning that the officer graduated from the police academy just three days before the shooting. police also detained four others who were seen in a gold suv, traveling with a stolen van. abc 7 news has learned all four have since been released from custody. police officials have retrieved body-worn cameras, which
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officers here were wearing at the time. they're being reviewed for further evidence. vic lee, abc 7 news. today marked the sta sta sta preliminary hearing on the ghost ship incident. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley joins us live from oakland with an update. >> reporter: good evening. witnesses through the day described an air stream trailer, an electrical hook ups and lots of amplifiers jammed into the ghost ship warehouse the day the fire broke out. one man said he thought it was over for him. very emotionally-charged testimony and slow-moving testimony according to defense attorneys. t >> we were longer than expected. we thought we going to get through four witnesses today. >> reporter: instead, only two took the stand, both ghost ship
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residents, the first was aaron marin, who lived at the ghost ship for three weeks leading up to the fire. he described the maze-like warehouse as a disneyland full of art and artifacts but said he never thought it was a fire hazard. he described musicians and deejays bringing in amplifiers and a tent like structure the size of a jumping house. the equipment was described as blocking access to rooms and stairs, potentially life-saving exits. but the defense attorney represents derrick al minna who faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> a big, bubbly screen, you know, which blocked everyone from getting out in terms of the staircase. it has nothing to do with my
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client or the co-defendant. that's these people who came up and placed these items there. that wasn't part of the warehouse. >> reporter: marin went on to describe freaking out as flames erupted from the floor behind an amplifier and enveloped the second floor. he escaped through a kitchen window as he screamed for help, saying "people are dying." it was an emotional moment for the families, the victims who sat solemnly during the hearing and were too distraught to do interviews. the hearing could last up to two weeks. leslie brinkly, abc 7 news. $9.4 billion. that's the new total of insured losses from the north bay wildfires. that number has tripled in just the last month. >> behind the $9.4 billion insured loss figure are real people with real homes and real vehicles and real lives upturned by these fires. >> claims cover the loss of more
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than 21,000 homes, nearly 3,000 businesses and 6,000 vehicles. they are considered the costliest disaster and california history. new at 6:00, check out this picture of a mother mountain lai lion and cub who survived the fire. they were being monitored, but all the trail cameras were destroyed in the fire. yesterday the team was thrilled when new cameras picked up the pair for the first time since october. they were spotted near bennett valley. thousands of school employees had their paychecks pulled out of their bank accounts. the good news, the district is fix being t fixing the mistake. >> reporter: paiedmont elementay schoolteacher is one of 2,000 who had their payroll direct deposit taken out of their bank accounts over the last 24 hours. >> people are down, i mean, it's
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a hard time of the year. it's a hard job, and we all love it. >> people started telling us, hey, where did my money go? >> reporter: the district initially believed union bank which processes the payroll made the error. he has since retracted that statement. >> we apologize to them for assuming at the beginning it was. since then, we've determined it was actual lay employee here at ousd who made the mess take. it was human error. >> reporter: sasake says there's no reason to believe it was an intentional act. she is impacted. her husband is a manager whose direct deposit was also reversed. >> both of us had negative accounts this morning. >> reporter: she's been wracking up overdraft fees all day long. >> it's a big, big, big one, it's hard to brush it off lightly. >> reporter: the district says it will do everything it can to make everybody whole again. >> we'll be talking to the individual banks. >> i'm really looking forward to
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seeing my account go the other direction quickly. >> reporter: some employees have already seen their money returned. the mistake has nothing to do with the ongoing city worker strike or ousd's budget issues. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. 3,000 oakland city workers will be on strike for a third day tomorrow after no progress was made on a deal. both sides are accusing each other of unfair labor practices. >> i continue to be extremely disappointed that the unions have chosen to strike when we have not reached impasse. >> the city has invested a lot of energy in filing charges against us to try to get a court injunction to bring us back to work. >> workers want tcity council t agree to a one-year deal. a lot more to come here, turned down by their top choice. >> what's next for the oakland a's in their requequest for a n
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stadium. >> i'm jonathan blume with how the closure of tech shop could be the grinch that stole christmas for hundreds of makers. hi, i'm michael finney. if you ask me how to end hunger, there's no easy answer, but di o
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time's person of the year is not a person at all butt people w -- but the people who started a movement. they came forward to speak out about sexual harassment in the workplace. one of those is from san francisco.
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she's a lobbyist and had nearly 150 people sign a letter, all claiming they faced sexual harassment at the state capital. now i spoke with iwu this afternoon about the honor and asked her what made her take action. >> we don't talk about it to men. we don't talk about it when it happens, and we end up internalizing that shame and then men never really get a full picture of what women go through. >> she says the ladies and gentlemen number -- the large nf people who came forward helped with credibility. new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal. plaintiffs are accusing weinstein of sexual assault and other crimes. also named miramax. minnesota's al franken is
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expected to announce tomorrow whether or not he will resign becase of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. more than a dozen senate democrats led by female lawmakers have called on franken to step aside, inclusion california senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris. >> i think the allegations against him add weight. >> there are a number of instances is the problem. and it's probably the right thing to do. >> you're saying he should resign. >> well, senator franken says he will make an announcement tomorrow. and to find out what he says, download the abc 7 news app and you'll
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>> oakland a's fans have always had their own ideas about where the team should play if they leave the oakland coliseum. the officials thought they hit a home run with this site in west oakland. instead, it looks like they struck out. >> it was never that this is a done deal. and i think i've been very clear that we had no commitment, no deal, no contract. >> the district says money wasn't why they declined the deal. internal opposition may have been. students and administrators voted against the idea. neighbors also worried about traffic and gentrification. in a statement, the a's said we are shocked by peralta's decision to not move forward. all we wanted to do was enter into a conversation about how to make this work for all of oakland, lane ey and peralta community college. we are disappointed we will not
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have that opportunity. this appears to put the a's back at square one but opens the door just a crack to the city's plans to build a new baseball stadium here onthe existing site. >> we have a site where they don't have to miss a beat. >> reporter: libby schaaf says they remain fiercely determined to keep it in oakland. we are committed more than ever to working with the a's and our community to find the right spot in oakland for a privately-financed ballpark. and when the team gets over the shock, it's back to the drawing board. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. bay area assemblyman david chu is warning that republicans in congress are on the verge of destroying new affordable housing in california. he toured an area and they
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pushed through a historic package of housing bills, including a $4 billion measure, but chu says the new tax bill would kill key incentives that help build housing for lower income families. >> donald trump has declared war on the people of california and millions of americans. the we have to fight back and defend our state. if this tax reform plan happens it will be devastating to california. >> he says projects planned for the next decade could all be threatened if financing dries up because of the lack of the key tax credits. spencer christian is here now talking about the forecast. >> chilly outside, and it persists. >> it is persisting. it is not just cold. let's call it what it is. we have clear skies over the bay area right now. and although today was relatively mild, as soon as the
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sun dropping. rear's a live look looking back at the embarcadero. 59. mid to upper 50s in mountain view. and this is the view from the east bay hills where it is chilly and breezy. 47 in napa. 47 in fairfield, 58 concord, only 48 in livermore, and a closer view from emeryville, looking back toward san francisco and the bay bridge. we'll have gusty winds in the hills tonight and near the coasts, gusts near 35 miles per hour. near-freezing temperatures to start the day once again tomorrow. we had a low this morning of 29 at santa rosa. and this dry pattern will persist through the weekend.
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overnight it will be cold to chilly once again. we're expecting lows of 31 in santa rosa. 33 over at fairfield. livermore will bottom out at 35. right around the bay, lows in the low 40s. let's take santa rosa. tomorrow morning, they will be climbing up to about 36 degrees, by 11:00, a.m., 56 degrees, it will top out in the upper 60s as will many other inland locations before temperatures start to tumble again going into the late afternoon to early evening hours. down in the south bay tomorrow, look for highs of 70 in san jose. we'll see mainly upper 60s along the coast. it's going to be a mild afternoon in most locations. 68 up in santa rosa. 66 petaluma.
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over on the east bay, oakland will top out at 66 degrees, and in the inland east bay, look for mid toener -- upper- upper- uppr it will continue to be moderate. we will expect the air quality to decline just a bit. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. two more very chilly to cold mornings coming our way, tomorrow and friday then on saturday and sunday, look for this mild pat tern to continue through the weekend with highs in coming up here next, hear from the how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway.
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it seems like the 49er faithful finally have something to cheer about. >> fans are optimistic after the team posted its second win of the season, but the first with quarterback jimmy garoppalo at the helm. >> but is it too early to excited? >> reporter: inside the 49ers team store in santa clara, the shelves are stocked with jimmy g apparel, to go along with what some are saying is a much-needed
6:25 pm
reset for the team. >> i think he's going to turn us around and get us where we need to be. >> reporter: jimmy garoppalo now off to a 1-o start, an indication of what could be more good things to come. >> it's not going to be a fast turn around. but each year we get better and better. in the near future, we're going to be back on top. >> reporter: garoppalo took to the podium at levi's auditorium, aware of the expectations placed upon him. >> the faster can you play, the more confidence you can play with. >> reporter: the quarterback focussing on the upcoming week while also staying humble. >> i try not to listen to any of the outside stuff. the joe montana comparisons, it's a little early for that stuff, it's only been one game. >> reporter: the team's coaching staff keeping things in perspective. >> have to be realistic. it was one game. he did some really good things in that game, and there are a lot of things we can get better. >> reporter: and with the hope of things ahead. >> i think he's smart, he's
6:26 pm
witty, he gets the game. he's a player. >> reporter: the 49ers faithful aren't afraid to share the excitement. >> that's what twhhey're for is leadership. >> reporter: chris nguyen, abc 7 news. michael finney is here next. >> he'll have advice useful to a whole lot of people, freelancers, independent contractors a those working in the gig economy. and with days until a possible government shutdown, find out what's lik
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now from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news update is on the largest of the wildfires burning in southern california. fire officials said just minutes ago that the thomas fire in ventura county now stands at 90,000 acres burned. that's 25,000 more acres than the last update. officials say 3,000 structures are still threatened, and they only have 5% containment of meanwhile, these are new, live pictures of the creek fire burning near the towns of
6:30 pm
sunland and sylmar. also 0 containment here. more than 120,000 people are impacted by evacuations due to this fire. today, president trump formally recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and committed to ultimately moving the u.s. embassy there. >> it's a controversial decision generating anger and concern from people who believe this should have been negotiated through peace talks. >> abc news reporter, serena marshal has details from washington. >> reporter: a signature that took mere seconds, reversing decades of u.s. policy. president trump declared jerusalem the capital of israel. and is starting the process of moving the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv. he said this was simply a recognition of reality. >> today we finally acknowledge the obvious. that jerusalem is israel's capital. >> reporter: in 1995, a resolution was passed to do just previous presidents due to fears
6:31 pm
it would spark violence in the region making peace talks impossible. var yu various factions have called for three days of rage. journal is grounds for three major religions. east jerusalem has an arab majority and is seen as a possible future capital of a future palestinian state. no other country in the world has its embassy in jerusalem. the pope and china's ministry warned against the change. >> i have consistently spoken out against any unilateral measures that would jeopardize the prospect of peace for israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: israel, though, had a different message. >> your there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. >> reporter: a sentiment president trump agrees with. >> we are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. it would be folly to assume that
6:32 pm
repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different our better result. >> reporter: the president says the u.s. is committed to finding lasting peace in the middle east and deploying the vice president to the region in the coming days. president trump issued a warning today of a possible government shutdown this weekend, and he is blaming democrats. mr. trump says the shutdown is possible because democrats are demanding to have, quote, illegal immigrants pouring into our country. that is not the democrats' perspective, of course. the president's comments come a day before a meeting averting a shutdown is scheduled between mr. trump and congressional leaders of both parties. funding to keep federal agencies operating runs out at midnight friday. >> you might remember this from the last government shutdown. vandals took advantage of furloughs of national park workers. a shutdown could close alcatraz,
6:33 pm
a big let down for visitors who get tickets months in advance. they had to refund cruises to a lot of unhappy customers. >> those visitors who planned on coming out to the island could not. it was unfortunate. and we just hope it doesn't repeat. >> national park closures would also shut down san francisco's maritime historical park at the hyde street pier, others would be rosie the irs hec irs help centers would close. e-verify would be suspended. the good news, the post office will stay open. social security and food assistance checks will still go out as well. >> very important. you have just nine days to enroll under the affordable care act if you want hiealth insurane next year. >> one of the groups scrambling
6:34 pm
are those working as independent contractors in the so-called gig economy. >> you know, in any workplace, here, anywhere, when october rolls around, you have to pick your stuff, everybody's going, what are you going to do? now imagine health insurance how tough it is to navigate. now imagine you don't have an employer-sponsored plan. what are freelancers to do? where should they turn for help? ♪ a small jackrabbit >> ruby woo sang her original piece, "can't leave him alone". she has turned her tal thents i a full-time career, she's appeared with kendrick lamar and robin thicke. ruby has no employer-sponsored health care. so she's had to find health are insurance on her own. >>'s real it's really scary. health care is so important.
6:35 pm
insurance is so important to v you never now what could happen. >> reporter: she turned to the folks at stride health for help. they specialize in helping find health insurance for independent contractors and part time workers. >> many people work for themselves or for an employer who doesn't give them benefits. there are a lot of really hard things that come along with working in that way. >> reporter: the company offers to find the best health plan for you at no additional cost. they make their money through commissions. much of its business comes through the affordable care act. the senate-passed version of tax reform calls for the elimination of the mandate for health insurance. >> regardless of what happens with that mandate, the people that we serve, stride members, need coverage. >> reporter: ruby says for her, stride removed all the confusion that can happen when choosing a health plan. >> it's kind of hard to navigate when you are self-employed terms
6:36 pm
of health care, so stride was able to help me narrow that down. >> reporter: with her health plan selected, she can concentrate on her music career. ♪ no, no, no, no ♪ no, no, no, no, no >> now i'm bringing expert noose o -- experts into our studio to answer your questions. the you can use phone or social media, we'll begin at 4:00 and go till 8:00. you can zippsend in your questi now, #ask finney. a lot of people need this information. we've been working years to get it out. so please, please, tell everyone. >> thanks very much. the state of a new-born baby girl is in the balance tonight. >> a bay area woman is struggling to adopt the child whose mother
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. tonight, time is running out for a baby girl with special needs, and a family in san jose who wants to adopt her. an agreement between two mothers who want to help that baby is facing a major staobstacle. >> one of the women has chosen the other to be the mother. but the baby may end up with a
6:40 pm
stranger. >> reporter: little delilah may look like a happy, healthy baby, but she was born with a brain abnormality related to dwarfism. none of that matters to shelly nicole. >> people have a misperception that a disabled child will not bring joy or that they're a burden. these childrenbring you so much joy. >> reporter: nicole came into delilah's life at a critical time. delilah's birth mother ashley rose became pregnant at age 19 and had aged out of the foster system and was homeless. >> i was in trouble, doing drugs, drinking. >> half of what i'm doing later, i thought we'll get her help, we'll get her healthy, help her keep her baby. >> reporter: nicole took in rose and helped her get sober, get a job and enrolled in school. rose now wants her to privately adopt der adopt delilah.
6:41 pm
state social services says she must pay before the end of the month or the case will close and she will lose the money already spent. they fear delilah could go to foster care. >> i'm nervous and upset because i'm afraid she'll get taken away. i get scared. because this is her home, my daughter's home. >> reporter: nicole, who has fostered children for the last decade is holding on to hope. >> i've given up to 57 children, said good-bye 57 times. i still look at her like i can't believe this is happening. >> reporter: a go fund me payment was started. a baby hoping to have a forever home this christmas. abc 7 news. >> now, if you would like to help nicole raise funds for adoption and medical bills go to our website, you'll find a link to their gofundme page. coming up next, a little frost, or
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yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ take a look now. this demonstration shows how quickly a christmas tree can catch fire and start burning the rest of your home. to avoid this happening to you,
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keep your tree well watered. keep occcurtains away. and the safety commission puts out these reminders and it bears repeating and never gets old. >> we're hopeful the message is getting out. that's why we do this every year. it's important, as some folks don't put up a tree, new, young families are putting up trees. it's a constant reminder. these are simple, basic steps, but if they're followed, we can all have safe, happy holiday seasons. >> the danger isn't just from trees. lights or candles can be a dangerous situation. be careful. from products on shark tanks, thousands of inventions have been born at tech shop. > but two weeks ago, tech shop shut down. we explain the confusion swirling around it and the makers left out in the cold this
6:46 pm
holiday season. >> reporter: before he wound up on shark tank, he started out here. >> tech shop gave access to all sorts of machinery that i actually used to build my first prototype. >> reporter: it's the maker space where folding canoes are born and where mark roth laser cut his way out of homelessness and taught others to do the same, earning a trip to the white house. so you can imagine his surprise. >> i didn't know that they were really going to close the doors. >> reporter: when tech shop suddenly shut down. >> it was so abrupt. it wasn't we're closing next twe week, it was, we're closed. >> reporter: the timing couldn't be worse. >> with the christmas rush, you have 100 small businesses in here, they've already done sales, taken money, bought raw materials and had them shipped here, and they're sitting in the building locked up. >> reporter: things have gotten more confusing, from talk of
6:47 pm
bankruptcy to reopening under new own irshership and the door closed. the office of workforce development says it leaves a hole in the city's economy. >> think about steve jobs making his first computer in his parents' garage. we don't have garages. >> reporter: san franciscans trying to change the world. his prototypes and printer are locked up inside. >> no way to get ahold of anybody. >> reporter: we did get ahold of tech shop who declined to be interviewed but detailed years of money problems and saying new owners could come and open soon. >> at this moment we've missed the window of saving christmas. >> reporter: they hope just like logan riley -- >> i'm going to say yes to that. >> reporter: tech shop can reach a deal. jonathan blume, abc 7 news. the bay area, of course, a very beautiful place. viewers prove it every day. >> look at this.
6:48 pm
mike captured the sunset tonight. gorgeous. >> share your pictures and videos with us and follow us on instagram at abc news bay area. spencer is back with us. >> we're feeling the chill of the post-sunset. we have clear skies temperatures are dropping. napa expected to reachlies low 31 and 32. livermore, 35, san jose, 39. it's going to be cold, but by afternoon it's going to be quite mild. highs near record levels for this time of the year. highs in the upper 60s to 70. here's accuweather seven-day forecast after a couple more chilly mornings. the morning temperatures will
6:49 pm
normalize, but the afternoon highs will remain will above average until the end of next week. larry beil is here with warriors news. >> what to do. >> it's a nice luxury to have kevin durant on your side. how do the warriors deal with the absence of steph in the next two weeks? a steady diet of kd.
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6:52 pm
good evening. talk about your change of scenery. a few days ago, quinn cook was playing for the santa cruz warriors. today he started in place of steph curry with the golden state warriors on the road in charlotte. steph of course with the boot on that sprained ankle. looks so sad walking in. this is going to make him happier. look at kevin durant going to work from the jump, cross over and to the rack. almost unfair from a big guy to try to guard a seven footer like durant with handles. it's going up, it's going down for swaggy p. defense the key
6:53 pm
how about new guy, new guy, quinn cook, averaging 25 a game. knocks down the three there and more d from iguodala. now 31, the dubs' lead trimmed to 11. the raiders, chiefs and chargers are at 6-6, tied at this top. oakland visiting kansas city this saturday. the chargers will host washington. raiders caught a break. andy reed announced he is suspending his stand-out quarterback marcus peters because he tossed a penalty flag into the stands. as crazy as that was, raiders are going to need all the help they can get. they've lost their last four games at kc. that's high atop his personal priorities. >> number one. number one.
6:54 pm
definitely null o definitely number one right now, especially this week. yes, it's definitely up there. it's definitely something that we have not been able to do since i've been here. so we've got to get on that, but we have a tough task ahead of us. although their record is the same as ours, we're both pretty good football teams, so we've got to go out and play hard. >> now for the niners, the ledgeledg legend of jimmy garoppalo, single-handedly doubled the window tal in a single start. garoppalo threw for 293 yards, led the niners on a 14-play. he looks the part and apparently is already drawing comparisons to joe montana? that's a little ridiculous. >> we're both
6:55 pm
>> hopefullyq we can get to there. >> i try not to listen to any of the outside stuff. the joe montana stuff is a little early. it's only been one game. >> a littlearly. steelers and bengals racked the penalties. among those unhappy with the officiating, mike mitchell known for big hits. >> hand us all some flags. we're not playing football. this is not damn football. when i was 6 years old, watching charles woodson, the hitters, that's football. let's not turn it into some evil, dirty game. it's football. it's no different than ufc
6:56 pm
fighting. it's a contact, combat sport. there are going to be injuries. >> sports brought to you by river raqqock casino. he feels there's so much inconsistency in the way suspensions are handed out. >> they're trying to sort their way through this. >> it keeps changing for the players. >> it's frustrating. > that game was brutal. >> it was. it was. >> join us at 9:00. we now know the name of the mystery man who paid an astonishing $450 million for this da vinci, but the mystery doesn't stop there. we'll explain at t9:00. sitting in gridlock, a new push to build another bridge across the bay. >> and coming up on abc 7, the goldbergs, speechless, modern family and american housewife.
6:57 pm
and stay with us for news at 11:00. >> neil patrick harris hosts jimmy kimmel live as the host is with his family. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. >> for all of us here at abc 7 news, goodnight.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a pediatrician from lenoir, north carolina... a small business owner from linthicum heights, maryland... and our returning champion -- a research scientist from nashville, tennessee... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you very much. welcome. yesterday's show was a perfect example of chief dan george's line in the movie "little big man."
7:00 pm
"some days the magic works. some days it doesn't." but i'm hoping for the sake of lindsay, eric, and kyle that today is a lot different in a positive way. so good luck. here we go. all right, let's put the categories up on the board, shall we? each correct response will end with those three letters. followed by... pay attention. kyle, start. they made the cabinet for $200. kyle. what is the secretary of education? correct. cabinet for $400. eric. what is secretary of the defense? that's it. the eye for $200, please.


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