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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 7, 2017 1:42am-2:12am PST

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come from, where you'll meet them. in this case, it happened to be at a hospital. that little girl answering the door is 7-year-old hannah. >> what? >> hannah is the little girl you see in the striped dress. the girl on the bus is not a stranger. >> who is it? there's a beautiful story behind who that is. on november 12th these girls were able to get back together because a year ago on november 12th, they both left the hospital and haven't seen each other in person since then. hannah, she was in colorado, getting treatment for some medical issues she has. the other person who was also there is paige, the girl in the box. she is now 14 years old. year ago when she was in the hospital, nurses asked her a favor. she said hannah's really scared. if you could just befriend her and be with her and just kind of guide her, that would really help us out. then they became best friends. now they say they are non-b
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non-biological sisters. they were only in the hospital for two weeks so she flew 1,500 miles from her home to go give hannah a big surprise and hug her. >> they share such a special thing together. they were both getting treatment for medical issues, so this friendship actually makes a lot of sense. >> surprise! this next video, there's josh. he knew that his sisters were coming home after spending a year in australia. he knew they were coming home. mom didn't, so they orchestrated this meeting. mom comes from the store, she's got grocery in her hand including kambucha. >> oh, could you hear the bottle popping as it hit the ground. >> oh yeah, it sacrificed itself to make this a happy reunion for mom and her two daughters. on the left is jordan mariah, on the right is jubilee.
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this apparently is what facing your fears looks like, especially when you're a par corrist. you see that sign? he jumps, and lands it. it was absolutely incredible. it's scary to watch it. he jumps on that railing and perfectly executes the jump. he says -- >> there was a sign? sorry. >> -- kind of a sign of his ability to overcome his fear. he says definitely it has helped him conquer his own mind. >> you could crack your skull and die if you mess this up. this could have been his head. >> the scary part is, what is he going to attempt next? now this woman is pretty amazing. this lady is olga henry and she's rocking some heels. you know how women can do
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everything men can do, but better in heels? in her fabulous heels, this woman can slack line. >> oh, man. >> and maintain her balance. >> she should teach immortal catwalk, because this is like one foot in front of the other. that is insane. >> that's true. she's even attempting this balance walk in her heels over these red bull cans. and at the end, she just finishes it off by having a little red bull drink. >> did she tell us where she got the shoes? by any chance? what's happened in the uk since i left, christmas used to be about mince pies and holly but no, all about commercials that make you cry. soft cuddly little puppy. in his bed, take in his backpack and go to the playground and play on the swing. gets a bit dirty, grungy.
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>> it's tlc. >> this person comes along, don't really want to keep that stuffed toy and dump it in the trash. >> you don't just throw it in the trash. >> just got lost, just like any other lost dog we see on the show. >> don't worry, someone finds this stuffed toy from the rspca, the royal society for the protection of cruelty to animals. this stuffed dog is in the right place, getting checked out, goes into a bit of surgery, they make sure they sew up that little leg as well, give him a nice wash, clean those ears, take him inside, give him a nice place to call his own. >> oh, like brand new again. >> he's all fluffy and soft and happy. >> that's where the video takes a turn. it pans across, you realize it was never a stuffed toy. that was a puppy, a puppy that got given to a kid for christmas but got abandoned. this is all about raising some of the rspca talks about, they're puppies for life, not just for christmas and especially in this time of the year when people are thinking
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what can i buy somebody, i'll pie them a puppy. you've got to understand the responsibility that comes with looking after that little life. >> our rescues always talk about how many animals come in, in january and february, when people realize how difficult it is to actually own these animals. so think seriously before you give anyone a pet for christmas. >> if you're not sure, buy them a stuffed one. >> yes. you could spend hours decorating the outside of your house for the holidays or you could just buy a tesla. >> oh, no way! in time with the music. >> of course you can program them this do this. ♪ >> the whole light show is programmed to "quiz awizards in winter" by the trans-syberian orchestra. this is one of the easter eggs you can find in the tesla software, something that can be download .
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it's neat, get into the car, push the christmas mode, get out, lock the doors and the show starts on its own. >> can you imagine the kids that get to see this? their imaginations must be going wild. >> how do you thank the woman of your dreams for birthing your child? well, you walk her over to the window, and you show her this. >> what? >> look, honey, i made you a heart out of cars. >> it's a ca-heart. >> it's a ca-heart with lots of effort and if she appreciates effort she loves this because it took a lot to pull it off. >> apparently her husband is a member of the local car club so he got all his buddies to bring their cars in, line them up into a perfect little heart, about is acars. here's where things maybe get a little sour. all those cars start beeping their horn, in and around the maternity ward of the hospital. maybe not the best idea. i think it's kind of neat.
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and headed out early to photograph the sunrise. >> but on this day, she encountered a model that really wanted to be photographed. >> but see what happens when a man decides to feed the deer. >> oh! crikey! plus -- >> this just may be the first kabob to go up in space. >> why this kabob is out of this world. >> that is amazing! all new flavorfilled pastas. premium pastas bursting with indulgent flavors. brand new cheese-filled gnocchi with bite after bite of tender grilled chicken. rich raviolis filled with lobster and topped with irresistible shrimp and scallops. plus all the garden fresh salad and breadsticks you want. 'tis the season for togetherness. all-new flavorfilled pastas. for a limited time only at olive garden.
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closed captioning provided by -- to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. motorcycle racing in indonesia. i need to start paying a little bit more attention to the series. the start of the race of course is chaos as in most races. all group of riders into the first cosher. one rider goes down, maybe more, as they all charge into the first right-hander. this say flat track street course set up. one guy here looks like he's trying to rejoin the fray, but keep an eye on these two guys that come around the corner and down this straight. one guy is on a slower bike. you can tell, because the guy behind him is popping wheelies as he powers out of that turn. watch what he does to the slower bike. >> hey! >> whoa! >> bumper cars, like he did it
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on purpose. >> he totally did. >> that's where you get to hate this stuff. that's not cool. haes he' not good sportsmanship. you could potentially harm your fellow racer. >> this guy is going to get into some trouble. >> it's not red flagged. the race continues. the rider knocked off his bike gets back up, he is waiting for that rider who knocked him off to come back around. >> suddenly it's nascar. >> suddenly it's very exciting. because here comes that rider. he sees the guy off the bike, pops another wheelie, in your face, my friend, and starts to ride right towards that ride we are his helmet that's off. he backs up. >> oh! >> takes him out in the same spot. now that rider also gets to his feet, but keep an eye, he does not want this fight to continue. there he is, just off screen to the left, in the yellow jacket, walking away from his opponent at the moment. the marshals are not stopping this race.
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>> oh, man, he's running away. >> what a lamer but what a good show for the spectators. we say kabab, ali says kabob. whatever it is, it's going sky high but this may be the first kabob to go up into space. >> at 2:00 i had a few kabobs, out of this world. >> as you could see that kabob is staying in one solid shape. >> i'm not sure how i feel about this. that kabob needs to be eaten, not traveling through space. >> for the first 20 seconds that looked like green screen until we got above the clouds and suddenly the light started playing off of it. >> this is the creation of iverdes kabob, the owners brothers wanted to be the first to send a kabob up into space. this thing got up 123,000 feet.
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>> did you see the edge of the world? >> they say they did, and then it fell back to earth and landed in a tree. >> i'd still eat that kabob. >> open it and see somebody bite into it. >> can you imagine one of the sky divers hanging from a tree and suddenly there's a kabob for to you have while you wait for rescuers? that is amazing. >> they did have to go looking for it to find it. it took three attempts to make this happen. some people don't trust it. they said they tried to get it up to isf, the international space station. that obviously didn't work. it was also sent up for an alien meet and greet, they didn't show up. for those of you doubtful like me saying how did they get it up there, none of the lettuce and onions came out, they say they have a secret coating that kept it all together but they won't reveal what the secret coating is. people are looking ahead, because they're going to do some other firsts in the future.
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ann johnston headed out really early in scotland because she wanted to photograph the sunrise, but on this day, she encountered a model that really wanted to be photographed. he does look a little confused. she's there with a friend and they say maybe the deer wants some food. so you see the guy there reach into the car. >> don't feed the wild animals. >> as he walks back in front of the car -- >> oh, watch, watch, watch. >> oh crikey! >> it was just a little tap though. he was going to charge. this guy is not even looking. i'm just going to nudge him. >> stick a piece of bread in his horn. >> oh, the torture. obviously the deer didn't actually hurt the guy and he was able to jump out of the way but the deer really was after the food, because dude drops it on the ground and the deer eats it. >> that came close. those things are not dull. >> that was definitely a close call, but fortunately it looks like this deer is somewhat gentle. it was just trying to send a
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message, give me my food. get the hell out of here. >> made him an offer he couldn't refuse. >> oh, watch, watch, watch, watch. size matters. >> i'm going to turn this tiny christmas ornament into a very large christmas ornament. >> watch this magic happen right before your eyes. >> suddenly i feel like a very small person celebrating a giant christmas. >> you feel small? and this train has learned how to stunt. >> okay. >> that was a good thomas impression. >> see the impressive moves. >> oh, come on, they nailed that. how did they do at? amope pedi perfect with diamond crystals. removes rough, hard skin effortlessly... for touchably smooth feet. salon quality results you can see... and feel immediately.
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welcome to your super secret gvoila! room! come on in! we've hidden something for everyone on your list. the gamers. the super-fans. the chic. the sleek. and pretty much everyone. promotional considerations provided by -- nexium can take 24 hours. zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. to help your skinotion has look good.gthening proteins sfx - multiple screams told ya... man up! so doug. you know jessica is our how-to girl. >> yes. >> she's clearly studying thousand become a magician. >> i'm going to turn this tiny christmas style ornament into a very large christmas ball ornament. watch.
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>> all she needs is this magical red sheet and -- that is one good thing. >> voila. >> inspired by one good thing. making it is relatively simple. >> first thing you need is a big ball. >> get yourself a yogurt container, sour cream, get me l metallic spray paint, and put a couple of holes inside it, take some picture hanging wire. you want to have enough weight to it and attach it straight inside it as you would usually see on your ornaments. >> a little hoop. >> you get that attached to the ball, take some adhesive, glue it and bih bash bosh and you'll be making quite a scene at the ornament exchange. >> you could put it on top of your house. >> all kinds of things. we'll see what we can get up to outside, okay? >> okay. >> suddenly i feel like a very small person celebrating a giant christmas. >> you feel small?
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>> i got one up. do you think i should put it somewhere in here? >> where i could grab it. >> people can use gold paints, some ornaments have gold, some people prefer gold. >> could you make that a gold top. >> you need to do some exercise, you could take this and you could -- >> wait, i could do better, is this how you play volleyball? >> i have no idea. >> these are unbreakable. let the children play with it. it's great. this works in so many ways. giant ornaments, a simple one, jessica but a good one. >> merry christmas. >> if you want to make it at home, bounce over to our website, click on tv show or go to our mobile app. thomas the tank engine, the sweet and endearing little train cartoon that kids love. now he's learned how to stunt. >> okay. >> that was a good thomas
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impression. >> starts off a little jump first, then grinding the rails. this video put together by five mad movie makers. people are loving this so much, it is shooting up the trending scale on youtube, a little cork screw flip. >> this is a bunch of dudes who never got rid of their kiddie toys and just elevated their game. well done. there's a race. >> but thomas is joined by another train, weaving in and out, doing side by side stunts as well. dude! >> evil kneivel over everybody, that was epic. >> how did they do that? >> if thomas the tonk engine was more like, this more parents would watch it. >> this is why the internet was created. millions of hits so far. >> they backed into the garage. humans can't even do that. it's an episode of -- >> gabrielle's mom and above. >> suddenly smells strange.
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is this part of a game? >> see how long it takes her to
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>> you can go to birkensocks goth com and order your very own for christmas. holiday season, families get together and get to have a good time especially if they break out the vr glasses, i guarantee, because if you put them on somebody who has never experienced it before, they might react like this lady, as i like to call this video, gabrielle's mom and a -- >> that's horrible. >> she's watching "the stranger things" game. >> if she upside down? that's where things get scary. >> she's getting scared, so scared she grabs the nearest thing next to her. >> something smells strange. is this part of the game? >> that poor poodle. >> he doesn't know. >> please, don't kiss the dog
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now. please. >> is this what i have to do for free food is cuddle? yes, my dear. she is holding onto the dog. >> the day they add smell-a-vision to the goggles -- >> finally. [ bleep ]. >> you know what would be awesome if the dog licked her hand at this point. >> oh, the gift that keeps on giving, vr goggles. that's just some of the awesome videos online today. check out for more, or catch us on the next all new "rtm."
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health care debate. you're watching "world news
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now." you're watching "world news now." ry and opening up about the health care debate.
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