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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 13, 2017 1:42am-2:12am PST

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all the fishes of the sea. there's sarah illick in the water. it's beautiful. >> oh, shoot. >> go, go, go! >> guess what happens when you put your hand near the mouth of a shark. >> she says she wasn't looking that way. she says she was looking over to the side, and she thought it was her husband who was playing with her. then she said it hurt a little too much to be her husband. it was a nurse shark. >> the shark released immediately. obvious his that was a mistake and it wasn't an attack. >> this is the result. she says she's okay. it's bandaged, no sign of infection. but wow, what a story she's got from her honeymoon. >> yep, i'm going to sit her into my corner of the table with my right box. >> stay in that box, oli. you're going to need it and so will these people. >> yep, yep, yep. >> this also looks like one of those excursions or something like that, right? >> oh, charity, you're right. you can hear all the laughter and the joking around in this juken video.
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when the camera pulls back, these people think it's great. >> oh! >> these people were absolutely thrilled at the experience they got. i go's they got what they paid for. not the first time we've seen this video out of south africa. these people, they paid for it, for a reason. they wanted to see it and they got it. i'll tell you right now, ladies, this first video makes your blood run cold. cctv footage outside the place of business. this guy hanging out behind this white mercedes. this lady goes walking up to see if she can help and very suddenly it becomes terrifying and the guy grabs a hold, in the back of the car and throw her in the back. it happens so quickly even the people hearing it come running
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over to help, the car gets away and is gone. this video got uploaded to facebook by her brother, with an urgent appeal of please help me. my sister has been kidnapped. >> she's still missing now? >> she was found. she had been taken away. she was robbed, left with a few injuries, but she's going to be okay. >> and she probably didn't have that much on her, all of this to rob her over nothing. >> let's just all thank the universe that she got back relatively unharmed. not the only video that's going to leave you incredulous. this one comes to us from greater manchester police in the uk. we're here at an intersection. as you can see, the car is already over the center line. but this is the peculiar part. it then backs up and just sits there, as this guy completely unrelated to this just starts crossing the street in front of the car. and then -- >> no. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> you're kidding. no. does he even know the dude?
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was this targeted or just random? >> absolute strangers, just an innocent guy. who was left with severe bruising and a back injury and at the time of the posting of this video remains in the hospital. >> i wonder if the driver was distracted. >> seems deliberate. >> and they swerved in his direction, too. >> so strange. they have a description of the guy and the car and police are looking for help. in macedonia, this guy has got some pretty awesome snow. unfortunately, this is an avalanche taking off right in front of him. he decides to just take off, sending off the rest of the snow around him, creating a much larger avalanche. >> we don't see him anymore. >> we don't. he disappeared with the snow. the good thing it was his buddy recording the video and he decided to continue recording so he could see exactly where it is his buddy was in the event that
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he was stuck under the snow. as you can see at the very end, it looks like he is above the snow. he wasn't buried and he is the one that posted this video. >> that was one heck of a ride. i would think that if you see a little avalanche like that, just wait for everything to settle down before you go, because he made it bigger and it could have been worse if his friend had sat there and watched him die. >> oh my god! >> now this one is just all kinds of awesome, in dubai, you can actually now sky line through the city. >> no thank you. i don't care to miss all the traffic that way. >> well don't you worry, gayle, you can enjoy it in 360 like this guy recorded, check it out. he is giving us a fantastic view of the city on this line. i think it's pretty rad. >> it is, but all i see is water. >> how cool is that? it's like you're flying. >> you're going to get to
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channel your inner superman flying through metropolis with the high buildings on either side. usually you see this on the side of a mountain. >> it is a cool way to carry through the city. kids write santa claus. jen writes her weatherman >> what are you doing? >> writing a letter. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. settle in, oli pettigrew. >> to who? >> to the weatherman. >> what exactly do you have to say to the weatherman? >> because i'm pissed off we haven't got any snow, so. >> hello! >> what's the weatherman got to do with the weather? >> what has the weatherman got to do with the weather? >> yes. >> because of the [ bleep ] is the weatherman who doesn't do the weather. >> meteorologists report the weather, they don't control it. >> why do they call them the weatherman if they don't make the weather. >> he just reads it. >> he's the weatherman, yeah?
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you want to call him the hope man? >> how do you know for sure there isn't a snow button for her town and he hasn't pressed it. >> there isn't. >> because he runs the weather and i want the snow because he's the [ bleep ] weatherman. >> okay, let's lay off jen a little bit. let's hear her out. >> no. >> p.s., i want a white christmas, too. thank you, jen. >> she wants a white christmas too, people. this letter clearly needs to go to mother nature. >> no, gayle, no, it needs to go to the weatherman at tv station. >> this is how it works. can we ask journalists to start reporting good news and the world will become happy? >> no. >> jen, you he ain't going to do nothing, jenny. >> the problem is it will drop in the mail and it's not going to get to the tv station until two or three day later which is too late anyway. >> that's the problem with this video.
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>> you want snow, he doesn't -- >> because he has something to do with the weather. [ bleep ]. >> sorry, america. like a good fireworks show? too bad. this could be the beginning of the end of traditional fireworks. but wait until you see the new lights in the sky. and these guys a bit more grounded by all the legos and mouse traps on the floor. just run quickly. >> while blindfolded. >> i >> see the race for greatness, next on "right this minute." hmm hmm... ho ho ho ho... [pillsbury doughboy] hmm hmm hmm... in this home... we believe. ♪ my sinuses. i mean, could you be any more dramatic? i've had it. i'm taking mucinex sinus-max. it's got a triple action formula. carl? carl! mucinex sinus-max. triple-action fights pain, congestion, & pressure.
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closed captioning provided by -- look good. skin sfx - multiple screams told ya... man up! fireworks originated in china, so it seems really interesting that that's where this is happening and what this is, could be the beginning of the end of traditional fireworks. this, my friends, is a drone light show. what you're looking at are 1,180 drones putting on a light show, and not just any kind of light show. you can see all the drones doing their business, and they can hover within two centimeters of their program location. that's less than an inch, and they stay in place. >> so there aren't a thousand
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pilots flying these right now? >> that's what i was saying. you have to choreograph all of this. >> this required 50 programmers to put this together with a five-minute show. it cost them $1.7 million to put this on. this happened at the world economic forum, and some of the words that you are about to see be lit up in this drone are the words innovation, fortune, and open. >> it's tripping me out a little bit. it's great and cool but whoa. >> think about all the other stuff. you've gnot got loud bangs that scare animals. >> you have falling stars. than shimmering light on your house, get some drones. >> i bet people who didn't think about proposing started pro posing. . it's so romantic. >> in my head i was playing space invader. ♪
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you know a great idea? >> what? >> we should put toys on the ground like mouse trap totally walk across the room. >> awesome. >> these two men have to cross across this and get three forks from this table. one at a time. >> i'm worried for this gene pool. i'm going to throw it out there. >> this is the dadlympics. >> go! >> while blindfolded. >> i don't care, i'm going to plunge into something anyway. >> these guys are cringing their way across. he does make it to the table. >> oh. >> i like his strategy though. he kept his hands clinched so his fingers couldn't get clipped. >> the same with his toes. he's like this. >> this other guy is not faring so well. >> argh! >> let's do this. i want osee your technique.
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>> women don't do this stuff. they're like go, baby, go baby, go. the dude in the black, i'll walk sideways. >> i don't know to think if it's funny or straight up stupid. >> who wins? >> nobody. >> nobody wins. >> everybody watches. >> i love how this juken video ends, as this camera pans over, and there's this lady over here who i'm assuming is maybe grandma. and she's just cry-laughing at them. >> hey dad. a would-be robber would be foolish to run into a couple of buddies from the gym, wouldn't he be? >> wow. ooh they put a hurting on somebody. see the story behind the takedown next. youtubers empty car, oh, what to do? >> we can fill it with snow. >> yes, because why not. >> see what he builds in the back seat, coming up on "right this minute."
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these two gym buddies give a whole new meaning to the term flex. >> ooh. wow. ooh they put a hurting on somebody. >> they sure did and that person had it coming. robber was trying to take cash and load up on medicine. the two noticed and took action. >> they probably looked at each other, realized their muscles like enormous and the other dinky dink over there, ain't no match. let's do this, bro. >> am i the only one that thinks it was a toy gun? it looks green. not only is it a toy, it's a water pistol. >> pew, pew. he was arrested and charged and one of the heroes ended up busting his knuckles. on the other hand the robber had three broken ribs. head over to the airport in brazil. typical behavior on the tarmac. you have the employee with the yellow vest on. >> a to do list, pick, pick. >> making sure the car goes
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inside. in comes a guy who is not so official. pulls that white van up to the same trailers. while this is in baggage claim he's unloading. >> he's claiming sop baggag ini. 400 cell phones is what he ends up loading. >> he was finding where the cell phones are and letting his buddy know. >> this guy doesn't work for the airline but at police does. the other for the airport itself. $227,000 worth of cell phones is what they attempted to get away with but they didn't get very far. this entire thing went down in september. these three were arrested and later found that a bank employee was helping to distribute the cell phones or sell the cell phones. they thought they had their bases covered but they forgot it's all caught on camera. ♪ now we all know that colin first has a car and it's snowing so you'd use the car to keep
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warm, or if you're colin. >> which means i can fill it with snow. >> we can fill it with snow? >> yes, because why not. >> yeah! >> colin is a big child because he is a man after all. so when he's ready he starts shoveling as much snow as they can. no worries for that car. they reinforced all the suspension and stuff, to handle the extra weight. >> where are they taking this? >> down the frozen route of. ♪ do you want to build a snowman ♪ >> oh, i like it. >> they get to work, trying to construct it at first, they just kind of start plunking things on the top. >> i never made a snowman in my life. is there a technique to it? >> you have to make a snowman, christian. >> i know! >> convention takes it you try to find the magical hat you then put on the snowman and it comes to life. >> you don't need no hat. ♪ >> oh no.
2:03 am
>> you got to give it a face. >> they have the head and the body looking right. >> i was thinking -- >> slowly but surely it starts to take shape. as they're backing up, don't worry they rebuild it quickly and turns out, a snowman can drive. >> look at his nose. >> he looks miserably cold but he's so happy and they're having so much fun. >> olaf's revenge. >> snowman down. >> oh! comes right down on his head. everybody seems to be okay. just put some ice on it. he'll be fine. >> i'm fine. those are tears of christmas joy. >> santa went big. he went from zero to four. have all of them. see what another 2am stroll, huh?
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i want that atat on my lawn for christmas.
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put some lights on it, boom! baby bunny snuggles. ♪ ♪ i love little kids and their creativity, everything is possible and this little girl in brazil is trying to take a certain buddy with her to school in her backpack. >> oh, come on. that was ninja as well. she was minding her own business. i'm going to go to school, nice to know you, love you, dad, bye.
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>> the puppy is making noise. dad caught her. and dad poor dog. she doesn't entertain this was a bad idea. she clowes her bag and the dog is like thank you, man. >> classic distraction technique. her brother has both cats in his backpack. >> you think you got me? we got. >> her bus shows up, she puts her backpack on, wobbling all over the place. nothing happened. nobody saw anything. keep this party moving. >> one puppy will not stop the show. >> one puppy will not but four cats will. isaiah got a letter from santa. he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome so he has special needs. and all he ever wanted was his own cat. >> how about four? >> santa went big, from zero to
2:08 am
four. >> there was no way i could get these four babies on the sleigh on christmas eve so i needed to bring them to you early. >> turns out he doesn't have to wait for christmas. it dawns on him, the cats, they're here? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> he gets so excited. we have to waste no time. first one he goes straight to it. check it out. there's one, two, three. one of them immediately comes t. >> that's like a giant st. bernard. that's a great christmas present. >> has his work cut out for him for the months to come. >> mom, i got a cat! mom i got a cat! >> that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time.
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