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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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personnel, chaos in washington state after amtrak train goes off tracks onto the highway. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm dion lim. one official, train may have hit something before the accident happened. >> cascades train 501 plunged off overpass in dupont, washington, not far from the state capital in olympia, passenger described terrifying moment. >> felt little bit of a jolt, and at certain point could hear crumpling of the train car and we were catapulted into the seats in front of us. >> all 12 of the passenger cars derailed. omar jimenez with the latest. >> is everybody okay? >> still figuring that out.
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cars everywhere on to the highway. >> reporter: multiple people reported dead on amtrak passenger train on route from seattle to portland, and several drivers injured as they went through the overpass on interstate 5. >> we're aware this is called inaugural run of the service. want to check to make sure what that means and find out more information about that. >> reporter: one morning commuter says the scene was sobering. >> cars on both sides of the bridge falling on to the freeway. appeared to be -- looked like semi and passenger truck that was underneath the whole front ed smashed in. very brief moment but that's what it looked like to me. >> reporter: more than 80 passengers and crew were on board, safety board from
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washington, d.c. are coming. >> several from the west coast will be there and others arriving late tonight. >> reporter: president trump expressing sympathies for the victims in the crash and saying this is the reason infrastructure should be improved in this nature. significantly according to the washington state department of transportation, after weeks of testing this was first public use of the track. and also amtrak was using this route to cut down travel time between two of their major cities. >> so is scary. emeryville station effect on service appears minimal. coast starlight train scheduled to arrive right on schedule. we're following the breaking news as it develops. download the newly updated abc
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abc7 news app. new developments on a scary weekend incident in san ramon. four teenagers just arrested not long ago for shooting flare gun at at least seven homes. surveillance video that helped police nab the suspects was key. >> reporter: flash followed by loud bang. flare gun fired from moving car in san ramon after 11:30 saturday night. >> checked security camera and someone driving by shooting a flare gun at us. >> reporter: wasn't home but saw the damage to the front porch next day, scorch marks visible on the wall and floor where the flare landed. surveillance system captured the loud flash. >> concerned us, attempted arson pretty much if something had caught fire. >> reporter: not as bad as broken glass to neighbor's front
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window. flare guns used to light up large area and let people know where you are. several homes and cars were randomly shot at. >> heard a very loud bang. >> reporter: around midnight when the bang jolted sue stone. >> came outside because i thought maybe somebody had hit my car. looked around and that was about it. saw a car driving out that way. >> reporter: appeared to have been older model nissan sentra, used residents' surveillance video to make four arrests. three of the four teens live in san ramon. >> shocking. especially this neighborhood, nothing happens. pretty calm. >> reporter: residents left to clean up damage but thankful the suspects are no longer on the streets. abc7 news. a driver wanted by san francisco police shot and killed himself when he was pulled over by richmond officer.
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sky7 over the scene at hilltop mall, officers used bean bag gun to break the tinted windows to see if anybody else was inside, haven't said what crime he was wanted for in san francisco. haight ashbury entered no contest to selling endangered animals. said was unaware of the 2016 state law that made sale of animal parts illegal. skins and body parts from jaguar, ocelot and snow leopard. new information about off-duty officer who fired gun inside a san francisco hotel. four seasons at market street where the officer was a guest. no one was hurt. this evening he's been booked and bonded out.
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melanie woodrow with the story. >> reporter: san francisco police say richmond sergeant phil sanchez was booked for negligent firearm discharge, vandalism of $400 or more and shooting in dwelling after he fired in four seasons. attorney says san francisco police took him from the hospital to county jail this afternoon and released on bond. in this promotion photo you can see officer sanchez on the left. according to the caption, a veteran officer with 17 years total law enforcement experience promoted to sergeant. in e-mailed statement sanchez's attorney writes by all accounts this incident is completely out of character. thus we are attempting to ascertain exactly what took place and why. according to scanner traffic,
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sanchez had been acting irratically. attorney also says witnesses report statements and behavior which may indicate a mental health episode. concludes by saying everyone is extremely thankful no one was injured. police sources tell abc7 news sanchez fired gun on floor under construction. hearing gunshots on the 17th floor. >> reporter: took nearly four hours to surrender, surrendered peacefully. officer placed on administrative leave and will be internal investigation. abc7 news. another familiar name in san francisco politics plans to run in the race to serve out rest of mayor ed lee's term.
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former board of supervisors president angela alioto, joins other people to take out papers needed to run in the election. talked with gavin newsome after the memorial. lost twice in bids to be mayor. father joseph served 1968 to 1976. traffic jams in bay area impacted all of us at one point or another, for some, nearly daily basis. >> and here's a look at evening commute, a crawl from south beach camera. heavy traffic i-80 both directions and holidays make it worse, shopping last minute. >> and live look from emeryville
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camera. lots of red and headlights, practically a parking lot on the roads. >> with that as backdrop, bay area policy makers offering a way to get traffic moving but comes at price. >> state bridge toll increase expected go before voters. >> david louis is live with details. >> reporter: you've already seen a gas tax increase. now approval for a state bridge toll increase by $3 is going to voters next year. now there is talk with no specific details developed yet about hitting commuters with yet another tax in the very near future. good news is people are working, but commuting has become painful, congestion estimated to have increased 84% in the past six years. as situation grows worse, civic
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and business groups thinking will take regional approach. that talk raised early conversations of a mega measure for taxpayers to foot at potential cost $100 billion. >> right now just ideas. would have to be a lot of work with regional leaders to see what we would do with that. right now its just talk. >> reporter: voters will be asked next year to raise bridge tolls for short-term congestion. could rise by $3 this time. >> regional measure 3 provides lot of funding to regional projects already with some funding allocated. does help fund big projects in bay area, trying to relieve commutes across the region.
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>> reporter: new cars for b.a.r.t., extension to downtown san jose, improvements to freeway interchanges. $4 billion to $5 billion over years. give some relief but wouldn't solve all the issues, hence of talk of more taxpayer measures down the road. in san jose, david louis, abc7 news. governor brown takes to social media to criticize the gop tax plan next. lot of cheering in oakland, big win for high school extended well beyond the football field. i'm sandhya patel, live doppler 7 will be dragging rain soon. hour by hour look coming up. also
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the house and senate are set to vote tomorrow on the massive republican tax reform bill. senator susan collins from maine sys she will support it. appears to have the votes to send it to the president's desk for signature before christmas. clashes corporate tax rate 35% to 21%. big win for business. wealthy, lowers rate from 39% to 37%. and for middle-class americans doubles standard deduction but caps state and local income and property tax deductions to $10,000. governor brown says it's bad for the family. >> it's bad. gives massive tax breaks to corporations that are flush with billions and billions of dollars. who is going to pay for that? people who live in states that
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voted against donald trump. >> bill would also cap deduction for mortgage interest at $750,000. hit states with high housing costs of course, like all of us in california. second year in a row, small east bay high school is celebrating football championship. went undefeated, capping off big weekend. story from oakland. >> reporter: it's unbridled joy of the high school warriors just minutes after claiming second state football championship in two years. >> i think we accomplished history. >> david gardner one of 18 seniors, proud to hold two state trophies. single one a dream for school with 250 students. >> it's good for them too, want to come to mcclymonds and get gt
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for themself. >> it's great, two times back-to-back is great. can't explain what it feels like. >> reporter: indeed, these young men well aware their success on the football field extends well beyond school boundaries into the larger community. >> lot of kids come from struggling backgrounds. for us dom together as brotherhood and work hard means a lot. >> reporter: and seeing hard work pay off translates aspects of their lives. >> translates, all the things used to win on the football field, instilled for life. >> beginning of a dynasty? >> that sounds just about right. late today delta announced
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that its operations at jackson international airport returning to normal. busiest airport lost power yesterday. >> next question, reimbursements for the canceled flights.ts.ts.. 7 on your side's michael finney with information. >> lot of bad information out there. passengers delayed will not get a big pay day. by law airlines only have to refund price of the ticket or allow passengers to reschedule. because it's busy time of the year, some of the rescheduling on smaller airlines won't take place until last week of december. for a lot, best course of action is refund and buy another ticket on other airline. will be more expensive. few will allow passengers to
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rebook on other airlines but happens so seldom, it's spotting uni0 corn. christmas is on monday, extra weekend for holiday shopping. so many waiting for last minute, this saturday is expected to be seventh busiest shopping day of 2017. what will we be buying? a lot. planning to pick up 15 gifts on average this year. clothing and gift cards highest, then electronics, toys and books. shopping for return policy? california law says retailers can set any policy they like and boy do they ever. macy's has several depending on what you're purchasing. could get months for return or just a few days. best buy has 15% restocking fee for drones, dslr cameras and other items. before buying, ask about
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returns. estimated about a third of us return at least one holiday gift. >> that funky sweater you get. >> thanks for reminder for procrastinators also. that sweater might come in handy tonight. going to be chilly one. live doppler 7 right now, notice a few wispy clouds passing through. radar is tracking rain soon, it is a light system, level one. we rank from one light to five severe as you know. this is coming in tuesday night into wednesday morning. rainfall light, under a quarter inch for most of you, breezy at lower and gusty at higher elevations. be prepared for the change. kgo roof camera, the winds are not bad. but what is bad, it's been dry. normally wet weather.
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average is 4 1/2 inches, only .02 in the city, san jose, trace amount. 0% to 1% for month. but will be changing. sierra nevada, snow decimal b dismal but going to change. winter weather advisory for the mounths, tuesday to wednesday. two to seven inches above 4,000 feet and could be higher. expecting level below 3,000 feet by wednesday. be prepared for gusty winds and reduced visibility, carry chains if you head up on the holidays. beautiful view from camera. 60 degrees right now in gilroy.
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mt. tam cam, seeing plenty of clear skies post sunset. one other live picture. this is going to look different as we head towards tomorrow. more cloud cover into tomorrow nigh night. light system, winter starts thursday, light pattern through christmas. hour by hour. mendocino county is seeing rain by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, light to moderate. weakens, scattered showers, 11:00 p.m. in the north bay, sliding south by 1:00 a.m. wednesday morning commute, some of you in the south bay and around monterey will see scattered showers but after that quick clearing. fast-moving system. in and out fast. not expecting much rainfall but it's a start.
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rain totals inches. upper 50s to mid-60s. level one system for nighttime rain in north bay. wednesday morning also level one. much cooler air. mid to upper 50s. winter starts thursday and then bright and dry for santa on monday. >> he's waving his approval sandhya. thanks. jay-z was playing at oracle when he suddenly stopped to show the love to concert goer. that story next. new at 6:00, learning through play. not childrn but robots. really?
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park officials in
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san francisco are playing it safe tonight after a series of sea lion attacks last week. some swimmers back in the water at aquatic park after getting word it would be reopened today. but park association ultimately decided to extend the closure to wednesday. believe one sea lion may be responsible for attacks. jay-z was playing in oakland when saw a fan with a sign saying she had beaten cancer and would love a selfie or hug. check it out. >> selfie or hug. cancer twice? at least a hug. somebody help her around please. >> jay-z's promoter 444 the tour posted this video showing woman walking to the stage and ben unh gave us permission to use this
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photo. >> happy for her journey and success in beating cancer. i think it's a good thing. >> it's great. young man instagrammed picture of the two with sweet hug. looks almost in tears. big night for both. >> special moment for them and whole audience. odds are you have not heard of the cocktail avocado but marks & spencer introduced it, avocado you never knew you needed. answer to avocado hand, name surgeons in england give to injuries people get pithing avocado, there's #avocadoinjury. as they grow more and more popular, more people are cutting themselves getting into them. industry has long had a video, slice length-wise on a hard
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surface, then split the two sides as you see there. >> never realized but i guess the pit is rather slippery. >> true. getting ready to play santa claus. >> it's that time of year, this woman all dressed up and ready go. that's next. first thanks michael sending this picture of the morning fog in sonoma county. very beautiful. share your photos
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coming up tonight on the abc7 news at 6:00, wave the sexual misconduct scandals, reaches appellate video from years ago that some say backs up allegations. marijuana law. beyond selfie stick, how far
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photography technology has come. all ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. finally a group of women known as heart moms are making the holiday happy for kids hospitalized with chd. >> congenital health sorting out gifts. >> care packag to every family spending holiday in the hospital. each has a baby or loved one who received special care. >> my son born with heart defect. at 30 days old had to receive open heart surgery. we've been thankful to give back to ucsf and receive so much from the wonderful care here. >> affects 1 in 100 newborns. heart moms want to create awareness how much it affects family and need for funding and
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research. >> "world news tonight" with david muir is next. >> we tonight, new reporting as we come on the air here in the west. the deadly train derailment. we're on the scene at this hour. the amtrak train veering off the tracks. hanging from an overpass. part of the train landing on the interstate. several passengers killed. dozens injured. >> oh, my god. >> tonight, what investigators said just a short time ago. and my interview with the passenger who crawled out through a window and then plunged into the woods below. also tonight, the chaos at america's busiest airport. the crippling 11-hour blackout. hundreds of flights canceled. passengers traveling for the holidays told to leave their luggage at the airport. thousands still waiting tonight. we're tracking two systems moving across the country. blinding rain from texas to the carolinas. the second storm will sweep into the northeast. ginger with the latest track. your money, your taxes tonight. the president on the verge of


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