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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm worried. i have this medical bill... dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. as you wake up a storm moving through the bay area leaving some wet roads this morning. here is the view from our roof camera looking down at the embarcadero. >> we've watched snowfall all night, too. this is what conditions look like from our tahoe camera. >> we could use a little more rain than we got, mike, but we will take what we get. >> the timing is not great but we have to take the good with the bad and we needed more and will get more.
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we'll have to wait until christmas. there's still that chance. we'll start with your storm impact scale which is still a 1, light, for rain that will become showers this morning, less than a tenth of an inch. you can see the steadier rain moving through the south bay right now with a little bit of light rain still lingering back to the san mateo bridge. you can see a clearing taking place across the north bay but then the showers and the breezy conditions are just to your north and those are going to move in over the next couple of hours. a look at the light rain on 101 and 880 in san jose. your accuweather 12-hour planner, isolated at 7:00. milder. it will be quite mild at noon, 50s. but those breezes will kick in and make it feel cooler than the mid-50s like at 4:00, and then we'll see stars at 7:00. 45 to 48 degrees. we'll take a look at your activity planner coming up next, here is sue. >> last we check there was a stalled ac transit bus blocking the two left commuter lanes
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there and that has now since moved on. traffic is flowing nicely there. a couple of cars stacked up to pay cash, otherwise no metering lights and you look good. slow traffic over to the altamont, nothing new there. thought we'd point out the red, the obvious red on our screen, and we do have a refrigerator in lane number four so cars are swerving to avoid it. hopefully that will not result in an accident. chp may have to do a quick traffic break to get that out of lanes. this keeps happening and needs to stop. police are investigating a string of incidents in the east bay, people pointing lasers at planes. >> four incidents just last night. reporter amy hollyfield is there for us live. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. this has happened to cargo planes and small private planes, not to passenger flights, and it has happened to planes right around the oakland airport. a pilot of a fedex plane reported that he was hit with a
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laser that was two miles from the oakland airport. a southbound cessna pilot said he was a victim. chp did a sweep last night looking for the people doing this. investigators say they have good information about where the lasers are located. >> we can tell what street you're on, your exact gps coordinates so you can run but you can't hide. we know where you are. >> reporter: at this point no arrests have been made. the chp says this is extremely dangerous. the lasers can cause blindness or temporary loss of vision and can cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft. this is a federal crime. you can be fined up to $11,000 per strike. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. senate republicans have passed the gop's tax bill moving one step closer to achieving their first legislative victory under president trump. but polls show the bill is
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unpopular with americans. in fact, this morning on "gma" house speaker paul ryan says americans will come around. take a listen. >> when they see the with holding tables changing and more money in their paychecks, the economic growth that will result from historic tax reform, i think minds are going to change and people will change their view on this but they've been hit on tv with so many different, confusing messages there's no wonder there's a little confusion surrounding this. >> democrats disagree, though. senator harris tweeted the republican tax bill that passed the senate is a travesty. it gives even more tax breaks to the top 1% and permanently cuts corporate tax rates at the expense of middle class families. this isn't what americans wanted, and it's up to us to fight back at the ballot box in 2018. meanwhile, let me show you that tweet from senator dianne feinstein. she tweeted senate republicans just gave corporations and the richest americans an early christmas present at the expense
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of middle-class families. meanwhile, today the house will have to vote again on a revised version of the bill and president trump plans to hold a news conference at the white house after the house passes the bill. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. berkeley police officers will be allowed to keep their pepper spray. that's the ruling from last night's city council meeting. there were concerns that wind and volatile crowds could prevent officers from pepper spraying one specific person and accidentally spray an unintended target. the city overturned a 20-year-old ban on pepper spray in september in response to a series of political protest that is turned violent. >> now to developing news, salvage crews are working around the clock to clean up the scene of monday's deadly amtrak train derailment. large cranes are helping put the cars onto flat bed trucks. the ntsb is giving more details. >> safety investigators say a second conductor was learning the new route at the time of the
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crash. the board did not say whether the engineer operating the train was distracted by the conductor. investigators said the engineer had previously operate that had route before as part of his training. at least two of the three people killed were rail enthusiasts. friends say it was no surprise they were on the train's maiden voyage. >> zach and jim often to me, i thought of them more as a pair than as individuals. i think jim and zach would want to make sure this was used as an opportunity to learn about the safety issues. >> the train involved in the collision was equipped with the positive train control safety system but wasn't in use at the time. it's designed to prevent human error by taking control when it senses danger. caltrain is in the process of testing and installing it now. they hope to have it fully operational by next year. one neighborhood will have electricity soon for the first time since the fire ravaged in october. ash and debris covered coffey park.
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flames destroyed about 1,000 homes. pg&e worked to restore power on the west side yesterday and will energize the east side on friday. crews have installed temporary poles and transformers. the thomas fire burning in southern california is the second largest in our state's history. progress has been positive but heavy winds are expected to start up again today. nearly 270,000 acres have been burned, 424 square miles or nine times the size of san francisco. it's expected to be fully controlled by the end of the first week of january. take a look at this, a special tribute to the firefighters at the arlington theater in santa barbara. the latest "star wars" movie is playing there now so employees put this on the marquee. firefighters, may the force be with you. let's take a look at the east bay, the altamont pass still getting wet. a little east of discovery bay and more towards stockton. you can see showers right around the dublin grade.
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also notice that right there. that is a wintry mix on top of mt. diablo 3,800 feet. that's coming in behind it. right now our steadiest rain is still moving through the south bay. morgan hill, gilroy, watsonville, over to santa cruz and monterey and that extends back to highway 237. dressing this morning upper 40s to low 50s. it is milder out there. you can see 42 in santa rosa where we have some clearing right now. 54 degrees right now in albany and 50 in concord f. you're on the bay today it will be breezy. if you're exercising dress warmer. if you're out and about wet this morning but dry this afternoon. high temperatures right around 56 to 59 degrees. but only 52 around ukiah and clear lake. 47 in san francisco at 8:00. look at this, low 50s for the better part of the day. 53 at 2:00. remember, breezy this entire day so it will feel even cooler than that and in the south bay, 53 at
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10:00. 55 from noon to 4:00. already back to 49 by 8:00. we come back and will take an hour-by-hour look what's left of the storm as it heads through the south bay and look ahead to rain on christmas day. snowing up in the sierra as expected. >> chains. we have chain requirements which is a good thing at baxter on 80 heading to truckee. great if you want to get some skiing in over the holiday. up and over the altamont pass, the bay bridge. we will look at b.a.r.t. 42 trains on time. the 8:45 and 9:15 larkpur ferries are departing five minutes later. if you want to take ace train to avoid the altamont backup, ace train 1 and 3 getting set to run on schedule. >> sue, thank you. just as
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comeback, people are setting up tracks. katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: steve holmes has dedicated to keeping san jose creeks clear for salmon. >> people loaded rocks into the channel. >> reporter: the rocks are an illegal salmon trap. >> the fish are unable to make it over these walls. >> reporter: they get trapped in the shallow ponds and poached. the california department of fish and wildlife is investigating. >> there seems to be some crude, makeshift dams constructed there by the homeless population. >> reporter: volunteers with the south bay clean creeks coalition have found actual nets. but fish and wildlife said issuing tickets won't solve the problem. >> there's larger societal issues we're working with in the city of san jose to address holistically. >> reporter: the salmon have only recently reappeared. advocates don't want to lose any
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to illegal fishing. >> i think it's a selfish behavior and is shortsighted. you see these trends where you see animals in decline. we're trying to change that. >> reporter: they hold regular cleanup events and are always looking for volunteers. go to our website, in san jose, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. it is 5:11. new flying rules are being put into place. into place. >> lemurs look cute.
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the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level one. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. it's 5:14. a chance of rain today, another chance on christmas day and coming back we'll take a look at live doppler 7 and greater detail hour by hour with these two storms. >> from the live desk this morning, the former boston archbishop who became the symbol of the sex abuse scandal inside the catholic church has died. the vatican confirmed bernard law died. officials say law died in rome where he was serving as arch
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priest of the basilica. he's infamously known in the united states after the "boston globe" revealed in 2002 that law and other bishops had covered for pedophile priests. law was forced to resign as archbishop. the vatican says he died after battling a long illness. he was 86 years old. >> thank you, jessica. in today's "gma first look" 12 people were killed when a bus went off the road in mexico. >> here's abc news reporter kendis gibson. >> reporter: authorities investigating a deadly bus crash killing a dozen people including five americans on their way from a cruise vacation to an adventurous excursion in mexico. >> the whole windshield is gone and the side smashed. it had fallen sideways. >> reporter: the celebrity equinox and the serenade of the seas was en route to the mayan ruins from where it docked on the yucatan peninsula.
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"our hearts go out to all those involved. we are doing all we can to care for our guests including assists with medical care and transportation." the weather was clear and witnesses report no other vehicles in the area. we'll have more on this coming up at 7:00 a.m. it is 5:16 now. this next story may affect many of us who fly out of the bay area. starting january 15th, all major airlines plan to make passengers remove lithium ion batteries from their bags. the airline will not let the bag get near the plane if they're not removable. the faa says they present an unacceptable risk. blue smart, the company that claims to be the world's first smart connected carry-on claims it's in talks with the government to get the decision reversed. most san francisco voters want the city to repair its roads and beef up public transportation including b.a.r.t. and muni. voters feel companies like uber and lyft should pay for those repairs. a survey by san francisco
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transportation authority says 70% of voters support imposing a new tax on ride hailing and food delivery services. u.p.s. announced the largest public preorder for tesla trucks yet, 125. pepsi reserved 100 last week. the week before anheuser-busch wants 40. walmart reserved 15. tesla, which has headquarters in palo alto, unveiled the new electric semi last month. production is scheduled to start in 2019. two of the newest residents at the oakland zoo. crown lemurs are on exhibit. they're both teenagers. the gray is a girl, the other a boy and they're very mischievous especially the boy. most can't swim but that little guy can. it's one of the reasons the pair ended up here at the oakland zoo because it's more secure and he can't escape like he did before by swimming away. >> okay. >> cute.
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all right. somewhere out there in the dark abyss there's a humongous asteroid named after a bay area college. >> it used to have a not so great name. 25164. now it'll be known as sonoma state. it's between jupiter and mars. it's not seen here. well, you never know t. cou. it could fly across the state. it's named for space missions and s.t.e.m. teacher education. >> that's pretty cool. >> very nice. >> somewhere bruce willis is probably riding that one. >> i don't even know what that means. >> it's an old movie. >> is it a "die hard" reference? >> he saves the world. >> that movie where he saves the world. >> let's move on. i have the exploratorium camera showing up right there. "armageddon." p.m., chilly breezes. your accuweather highlights.
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freezing cold valleys the next few nights. you're going to have to protect the plants, the pets, and possibly the pipes. christmas storm starting to fade just a little bit. there's still a chance. we'll show that to you in half an hour. you can still see a few pockets of light drizzle around the san mateo bridge and heading through the dublin grade or 238 if you will. sue moll granol grade, light ra the south bay. san jose, willow glenn all the way down to down to the south and this should be out of here by about 7:00 like we talk about yesterday. 7:00, gilroy south of where the steadiest rain is. the rest of us will break out in some sunshine at about 7:20 and you can see the scattered showers up to the north. they'll hug the north bay through 9:00. then they'll hug the coast from 9:00 to noon as they head south and then they'll clear out and
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leave us with a mostly sunny and breezy afternoon. the winds will start kicking up around 20 miles an hour this morning to 25 during lunch to about 15 to 25 at 5:00. but overnight they could get up to around 25 to 35 miles per hour. and that will be the big story for tomorrow morning's commute. the valleys will be freezing. breezy and freezing cold in a lot more places friday morning. temperatures pretty mild, upper 50s through the weekend and then we'll take a look at the chance of rain on christmas. here's sue. we had some red sensors. i thought we'd take a live look and we can see traffic is flowing nicely but you are in a lot of company on the upper deck. and we're just getting reports of an accident behind the toll plaza. i'm looking at the live shot. i don't see the accident there but the metering lights have been turned on and it's slow, stop and go there anyway. if we do get some emergency crews on scene we'll be able to check back in that direction.
5:21 am
no real avoiding that because traffic is already stacked up now to the mcarthur maze. as you can see slow out of tracy. slow into san francisco. we do have this accident highway 84 westbound near ruby hills. a car on its roof and traffic is now slowing from 580 on 84. we'll take a look at your drive times in a few. an injury didn't sideline a holiday tradition started by oakland raiders tackle donald penn. marshall newhouse took kids on a shopping spree. penn couldn't go following a serious foot injury during sunday's game. each child received a gift card for walmart and san leandro. >> wide receivers and raiderettes gave bikes with helmets and locks. it's become an annual tradition. >> it is great to see the teams giving back. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. if someone you know has some bad
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breath, there may be no hope to fix it. >> how does another toll increase sound? when you can make your voice heard about paying more to cross our bay area bridges. and get
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with ls pain, i can do more with my family. may be more likely to talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. it's 5:24. good morning. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to know before you go. we are on storm watch. the storm is 1 on our storm impact scale, a light storm. some scattered showers are going to linger through about 9:00 through the bay and the coast. the roads are slick. we're following your commute this morning. tough to see where it might be because metering lights are on and traffic is bumper to bumper here anyway. heavy on the upper deck. number three, senate republicans have passed the gop
5:25 am
tax bill, their first legislative victory under president trump. the house will have to vote again on a revised version of the bill before it hits the president's desk and becomes law. chp, a string of laser strikes on pilots near oakland international airport. number five, police say san clemente drive will remain closed until noon today. authorities are investigating an officer involved shooting. last night police say a suicidal man made motions towards his waistband and at least one officer opened fire. number six, holiday procrastinators, the time is winding down. priority mail must be sent out today in order to make it to its christmas destination. tomorrow is the cutoff for priority express. number seven, starting some time in the new year, lady gaga will kick off a two-year
5:26 am
residency inside the monte carlo. she says it's been her lifelong dream to perform in vegas. i'm so here for that. >> i'm very excited. it will be great. >> she and selena in the same town. watch out. this next story may want to make you swish some mouthwash or a mint. >> research into bad breath and they're fining it can go way beyond what you had for lunch and can be genetic. researchers looked at five people whose breath had a, quote, cabbage like odor. >> each one of them had a mutation after specific gene. they gave that mutation to mice and, boom, those mice had bad breath, too. >> and now the scientists are speculating that it may also play a role in tumor suppression. so bad breath -- >> really? >> but may suppress tumors. >> bad breath, live longer? okay. worth it? the fbi needs your help in
5:27 am
tracking down a bank robber. the colorful feature that makes them unique. >> the gathering aimed when recreational marijuana becomes legal. brush your teeth and get ready to get out the door. a l
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and unless you're up all night you probably missed this sight, rain coming down across the bay area from santa clara at scott boulevard and santo mass freeway. >> mike nicco told us this would happen. we ask, what's next, mike? >> i think the rain will turn over to scattered showers, keep things slick. breezy and dry as a first real touch of winter will move into our neighborhoods.
5:30 am
the rain turning to showers less than a ten of an inch of rain. that will keep things slick. breezy and gusty conditions develop. you see the solid shield of rain moving into the south bay. behind it you see some pockets of light rain and that's that transition already happening from the steady rain to showers and we have more showers on live doppler 7 to our north and that will be around in your accuweather day planner from 7:00 to 9:00 and then mostly sunny and breezy at noon. look at the temperatures mid-50s. it will feel cooler under a mostly sunny sky at 4:00 and 42 to 47 this evening. a look at san jose. find out where the accidents are. >> we have a couple of accidents, a lot of solo spinouts. san jose was moving nicely. we do have flooding reported. wasn't a lot of rain.
5:31 am
a clogged drainage ditch or grate there. just slow going through there. you don't want to hydroplane if can you do it. we had a car blocking the left lane on mcewen. slow traffic as you make your way to hercules. tracy to dublin always a grind and continues to be this morning. your drive from antioch into concord. a smooth ride all the way across the golden gate bridge from san rafael. >> the senate has passed a rewrite. after passing the plan tuesday the house will have vote. arlette? >> reporter: good morning, jessica.
5:32 am
it was another late night but senate republicans were beaming as they passed their tax plan. shortly after midnight a celebration erupted in the senate. republicans cheered as they passed the most sweeping tax overall in three decades. democrats were outraged. >> a similar scene played out in the house. speaker paul ryan overjoyed as he gaveled in their vote. the gop tax plan hit an unexpected procedural snag. the outcome is not expected to change. the bill gives the biggest tax cut to corporations. it permanently slashes their rate from 35% to 21%. americans will see their standard deduction and child tax
5:33 am
credit doubled. americans are making $75,000 or less will face a tax hike. president trump plans on holding a news conference at the white house today after the house passes the bill. the president had hoped to sign the bill into law by christmas. the white house is saying that may not happen until the new year. in washington, arlette saenz, abc 7 news. back to you, jessica. >> arlette, thank you. we do have to get to some breaking news out of the south bay. we find abc 7 news reporter matt keller just got there to the scene. matt, what's going on? >> reporter: good morning, jessica. we do have a big police presence. they put up crime scene tape and they are gathered here. the homes are valued from $3
5:34 am
million to $7 million. the sergeant on the scene would not talk to us about what caused this. if there's a danger to neighbors or to the public. we did see an ambulance and fire truck leave the scene. several patrol cars also left. no confirmation if they're looking for someone or if anyone has been arrested. we'll let you know as soon as we have more information out here on the scene. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. investigating after an officer shot a man. investigators say the central marin police officer was responding to a report about a suicidal person with a weapon that happened at 7:00 at san clemente and paradise drive. police say the man made motions towards his waistband, and at least one officer opened fire. the man is being treated at ma gyn general and is expected to be okay. the officer who opened fire is on paid administrative leave.
5:35 am
officials will discuss when we could be voting on a possible $3 increase on bridge tolls. the bay area toll authority would need to take action at its meeting next month for the measure to appear on the june 2018 ballot. the toll increase would raise $100 billion over 25 years for a new b.a.r.t. cars, the b.a.r.t. extension of san jose, and improvements to bridges and freeway interchanges. the up to $3 increase would apply to all except the golden gate bridge. new time lapse video shows the fast pace to a storm damaged section in the santa cruz mountains. heavy rain in february washed away a long stretch of that road. cal trans expects it to reopen in mid-january. an officer involved shooting that left a suspect hurt is being investigated. a photo of the scene last night was tweeted out. police received a call about an assault with a deadly weapon. officers tried to stop the vehicle matching the suspect's
5:36 am
description. the suspect fled and a chase ensued. shots were fired and the suspect was taken to the hospital. no word yet on the suspect's condition. identifying a bank robber. they're calling him the orange goatee bandit. they say he robbed a wells fargo bank and struck again at a chase bank three days later. in both cases the fbi says he pass add note to a teller demanding cash. the suspect described as a slender man about 5'8" with they're calling it an orange mustache and goatee. he has an earring in his left ear and tattoos on his right hand. a 62-year-old man was shot in the chest inside of his home yesterday afternoon. police say the victim called police before it happened to say someone was coming to shoot him. while police were treating the victim they got another call. >> at the same time we received a 911 call from a citizen
5:37 am
driving by who happened to see the two suspects running out of the house. the citizen turned around, followed, called 911. three people were taken into custody. police say the shooting was not random. two suspects are from morgan hill and the other from san jose. happening today cannabis will be the hot topic when lawmakers, leaders and growers and sellers meet. the board of supervisors is hosting a summit to address the challenges and opportunities when marijuana becomes legal for recreational use january 1st. supervisors say the cannabis industry is emerging as a major economic force. one big issue being discussed is the system california will use to track the movement of legal marijuana through the state. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing the sunol grade. the steady rain is just about over. scattered showers on the dumbarton bridge and on 237, your main east/west arteries as you head into the south bay.
5:38 am
head deeper south and you can see the leading edge, hollister, salinas, over to monterey and back up to about morgan hill. we're start to go sing to see temperatures up to 15 degrees warmer. so dress warmer this morning. mid to upper 40s. the key, though, we're only going to warm into the mid-50s and with the winds it's going to feel cooler than that this afternoon. we're at 50 in vallejo, 49 in san francisco. san jose, 48. pacifica, about 45 degrees. a look at the tenth of an inch of rain. early puddles, that's why i'm putting poor. mass transit, rain, and on the bay all day today have caution as we have a small craft advisory. temperatures run around 56 to 59 this afternoon.
5:39 am
even cooler around lake port and ukiah. and let me show what you will happen in the east bay. 47 this morning. 51 at noon. mid-50s during the afternoon hours. down to 48. freezing cold temperatures are coming up and the chance of rain in my accuweather forecast. sue, do you have an accident? >> they have been there for a couple minutes now. the fast track lanes, the fourth lane from the left. it's not exactly on our screen but i am watching cars lane change to get out of the way. and the bridge is usually good about clearing these rapidly. toll lane number 14 has been shut down indefinitely. they need to replace the entire toll booth. car-poolers are getting by just fine. once you're past that you do have a bit of a delay on the upper deck but it is thinning out there nicely. some standing water to eastbound 24. we haven't had that much rain but apparently there's a clogged ditch there. b.a.r.t. a great way to go if you need to this morning. we do have a time change.
5:40 am
the 8:45 and the 9:15 are departing five minutes later. and your ace trains are running on time out of the central valley to san jose. >> thank you, sue. a new year means new laws. one is a game changer when it comes to paying certain parking meter tickets. a tiny door making a big impact in one east bay city. the people behind the craze that's really catching on. >> make it a better day with us. live weather and traffic conditions on your screen conditions on your screen throughout the b
5:41 am
i'm worried. i have this medical bill...oll, huh? dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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welcome back at 5:43. you can see the rain moving through the central valley in the grapevine. a red flag warning. high fire danger. the winds will be fastest from tahoe down to bakersfield, high fire danger there. sue tells me you need some chains up here. here's a look at tahoe, a little bit quieter but more snow is on the way today and then extremely dry air and cold conditions for thursday. thursday, friday through sunday thursday, friday through sunday and quieter by
5:44 am
this morning our team tracking developing news from the south bay, a string of violent carjackings led police to a home. it involved a police robber unit, s.w.a.t. team and metro officers. police are investigating a series of carjackings and armed robberies that happened just in the past week. in this video you see a man there with zip ties around his wrists being led away by an officer. police say the person had a warrant from escaping from a juvenile ranch. they say it's not known if he was involved with the recent crimes, but they're checking him out. it's still early in their investigation. they are hoping that this operation does lead to some of those carjacking cases finally being solved. natasha, back to you. a historic building at the center of a gentrification center, the old sears building
5:45 am
has been bought by uber. there were plans to bring 2,500 workers and develop upscale retail and office space. opponents said that would lead to gentrification and uber scuttled the plan. the building is known as uptown station. no word on the purchase price. starting in two weeks you won't get a parking ticket if you're parked at a meter that isn't working. a new state law will prevent government agencies from penalizing you. it will give cities an incentive to fix the broken meters. >> if you're unfortunate enough to see an empty sparking space, you pull in, you get all your stuff out, you go to the parking meter and it's broken and you're going, what am i going to do now, find another place to park? you can park there legally. >> starting january 1st you'll be able to park at broken meters without penalty for up to the posted time limit. the next story may be hard to follow but it is cute. tina and benjamin gibson faced infertility for years before
5:46 am
trying a frozen embryo procedure. they picked out an embryo. little did tina know the embryo was conceived a year and a half after her own birth. >> we could have been best friends. we could have been friend. that's been the going joke. it's just so crazy. >> she is so sweet, right? this is a record, by the way. tina says she is sure in about a year she'll be ready to try for another baby. >> is he okay, though? the whole time he's sitting there looking at the ground. >> are you talking about the husband? >> yeah. >> he's a new dad. >> he's still trying to get over it. small fairy doors are popping up all over alameda. >> 10-year-old serena and her grandfather started making whimsical doors. they gave some away and hid
5:47 am
others around town. they have their own facebook page. >> we never thought this would happen, not one bit. we barely knew what was going happen. it was cool. when my friends discovered them, they were like, can you make me one? >> the west side business association held a tiny ribbon cutting ceremony for a fairy door. the association will hold a contest who can find all the fairy doors by posting pictures on instagram. it's like old school meets new school. >> very nice. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco. let's talk about what's going on outside as the transition is starting to take place. you can see the gusty winds chasing away the clouds and the rain to the south, up to 40 miles per hour right now on mt. tamalpais. guess what happens when the sun comes up, starts warming the ground. that air starts rising, that colder air starts sinking down
5:48 am
and that's why we're going to go from rain to showers to chilly breezes this afternoon. freezing cold in our valleys the next few nights. now the winds will stay up tonight which will save most of us but tomorrow night will be one of the coldest nights so far. christmas storm depending on which model, one is fading. a chance of rain. let's focus right now on what's going on in the south bay. the lowest threshold on our radar so there's still some drizzle to light rain falling and you can see all of our major arteries there. you can see that cold air cranking out some showers. those will move in and slide down the coast starting at 7:00. by 9:00 along the peninsula coast. and then by noon, they start to fall apart and that's when the breezes start to kick in and the dry air takes over and you can see it is going to be clear all throughout the day, during the afternoon hours. winds 20 miles an hour when the front moves through. about 25 gusting at noon.
5:49 am
about 15 to 25 during the evening hours. 25 to 35 during the overnight hours. so it's going to be another noisy night. very cold friday morning. nice afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s for the last-minute shopping if you're traveling sunday and that chance of rain on christmas up next. here is sue. >> a look at walnut creek now, 680 past north main and the 24 interchange and looking good this morning, a few brake lights to 24. it's about a 13-minute drive over to oakland so you're looking pretty good. about an hour to get out of tracy to the livermore, partially blocking the left lane in livermore near airway. they may have pushed that off to the shoulder entirely so we will check back. b.a.r.t., 42 trains. your departure for the 8:45 and 9:15 have changed. ace train a great way to go, of
5:50 am
course, to always avoid that backup on the altamont pass. about a 35-minute ride. then once you get to the bay bridge, metering lights are on. expect another delay there and once you're into san francisco, great to sfo if that's your destination. and that's the sound of christmas. santa and his helpers clocking in early to spread a little holiday cheer in san jose yesterday. you can see a couple of his reindeer, mrs. claus, and even the grinch passing out gifts to children with the medical center foundation which raises money to improve health care. new at 6:00, how the u.s. air force is helping to spread cheer to those living in remote places. >> forget short-term home rentals. air bnb is thinking bigger.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. download the app now. check out the calendar. we've been keeping track of those dry days and, sure enough, it's finally over as we had measurable rain in the north bay last night. you can see even the south bay is starting to clear out from steady rain to scattered light rain and showers. we'll talk about our chance of rain christmas day and beyond coming up next. thank you. now to a baby sea turtle on a baby treadmill.
5:54 am
this unusual test trying to study hatchling disorientation. they make it to the ocean in a mad dash that takes a few minutes. what happens when they become disoriented. city lighting can lead them in the wrong direction and that can lead to more exposed time looking for the surf. one was outfitted with a special swimsuit in its journey in the lab. it's very cute regardless. >> most of them never make it. >> way to bring us way down, reggie. >> that's nature. it's the circle of life, kids. welcome to wednesday. there's an important recall involving a children's toilet stool. >> it's true. squatty potty recalling them because the top step can come loose. it involves the company's squat-apotamus. we have more information on the recall and how to get a refund
5:55 am
on our website. >> air bnb has made a big move to change the apartment rental business teamed up with the miami-based developer to launch apartment complexes designed for home sharing. the first will be a 432-unit building already under construction in kissimee, florida. they aren't saying yet where. a mistake or a prank? no one is sure what to think of a now deleted tweet by elon musk that apparently contained his phone number. directed to the technology chief but musk sent it to all his 16 million followers. the post was quickly deleted. of course people already saw it. a person called the phone number and reached the recording of a video game, so i don't know what to do with that.
5:56 am
those self-driving trucks will be the future. i'm interested how traffic will be affected. to the san mateo bridge, where the taillights are heading. getting busier for sure. no delays, no stalls or accidents. a lot of slow and go once you reach the high rise. westbound 580 near airway reports of an accident partially blocking the left lane. getting through livermore looks like it's no problem at all into the dublin/pleasanton grade. westbound 4 neaffic seems to be. we'll check back. further west after mcewen left lane blocked there. highway 4 has been plagued this morning. updates in a couple minutes. let's focus on christmas morning. we wake up, clear by all models. this is the wetter one that says
5:57 am
light rain will move in during the evening hours and just like this last system spread across our neighborhoods during the overnight hours. we'll wake up tuesday morning. wet around the bay, in the south bay with rain. and then it shifts to all snow in the sierra. this is the wettest of the two models which is showing the potential for maybe up to half an inch of rain in the north bay. a tenth in the south bay. more of what we need. thank you, mike. next at 6:00, a dangerous trend. the search for people shining lasers at planes. the gop tax bill one step closer to becoming law. why paul ryan is not concerned about the bill's dismal approval ratings. at the live desk tracking breaking news in the south bay. a h
5:58 am
well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess.
5:59 am
♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? a breezy morning across the
6:00 am
bay area. we've been seeing the winds shaking our camera. >> some wet roads this morning and many other areas as you start your day. we have a few showers and that will be the case throughout the morning commute. you may be able to squeeze another tenth of an inch. here is a look at the steadier rain and heading inland to the santa clara valley around gilroy and heading down the salinas valley. to the north pockets of showers moving through mendocino county. those will move down the coast as we head through the morning commute. this shot here 101 and 880 in san jose. 39 to 48,


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