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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> oh, they are ringing in the new year from new york to europe, asia, africa and everywhere in between. here in the bay area, we are now less than an hour away from 2018. good evening. thanks for joining us, friends, on the last day of 2017. i'm dion lim, eric has the night off. people are expected to pack the embarcadero for the fireworks show. lillian kim joins us live. sounds like quite a crowd behind you. >> reporter: dion, there's already a sizable crowd here along the embarcadero which will only grow larger as we grow closer to midnight.
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to go along with the big crowds is a larger than usual police presence. thousands have come from all over the bay area and beyond to ring in the new year. >> i have big expectations. i heard about the fireworks, and i think it's going to be great. >> reporter: the fireworks will be launched from a barge at pier 14. every available officer in uniform and undercover is working, even more so than in years past. with the foiled isis attack on pier 39 fresh on the mind, they're taking no chances. >> as far as we know there have been no threats to san francisco at this time. we always work around the clock on developing information and keep in touch with our federal and state law enforcement partners to ensure that the city is safe. >> reporter: for first time new year's eve revelers can sign up for emergency text alerts. signses are on the waterfront with notifications on how to opt in. the operations center is all hands on deck tonight. >> this gives them a chance to get connected to us.
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we can send them emergency alerts for anything going on, police activity, fire activity or a major transit disruption. >> reporter: people say these added measures are helping put their mind at ease. >> so i think it's pretty much modest. >> reporter: hoping to celebrte the new year as safely as possible. quite the turnout. taking a live look from our abc 7 roof cam, you can see there the streets are packed. slow going on the roads as people are getting into plaes to watch tonight's fireworks. for a look at how clear the skies will be, let's get to spencer christian. >> let's don't just celebrate new year's eve. let's celebrate the weather. you can see spotty sprinkles off shore. even though we have clouds in the sky, check out this view, looking back at the skyline of the city, pretty good viewing conditions for the fireworks. if this condition holds up, this is the view from sutro tower.
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here is your overnight planner. right now we've got high clouds, and that will be the case at midnight as well. inland temperatures around 40 degrees, mid to upper 40s around the bay, pretty mild. it will get chillier overnight and we'll have a few more clouds coming in as well. as far as fireworks viewing is concerned, things are looking pretty good along the embarcadero. >> sounds good. if you want to stay inside and watch the fireworks show, you can do it live at our website, or our facebook page abc 7 news bay area. san jose tonight where folks didn't have to wait for midnight. they actually counted down the new york ball drop. they'll do it again, though, at the top of the hour. at the asian art museum in san francisco, a 16th century
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bronze bell was struck 108 times symbolically welcoming the new year and curbing the 108 mortal desires which, according to buddhist belief, torment humankind. in less than an hour marijuana becomes legal for recreational use in california. law enforcement is bracing for an increase in accidents related to people driving high. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson explains how they can spot pot-impaired drives. >> reporter: bringing in 2018 with a beer or a blunt. soon both will be legal in california. >> hopefully we don't have accidents and stuff. >> reporter: tom and melissa green have already warned their teenagers about the risk of driving high. >> my daughter has her license, my son will be 16 in january. it's been a nonstop discussion. >> reporter: the california highway patrol says pot-impaired drivers are a danger to everyone on the road. >> you see the states that have legalized it.
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they've seen an uptick in fatal collisions. >> reporter: despite that evidence a new poll shows just 40% of americans believe pot contributes to more crashes. public perception has to change because the effects of marijuana are obvious. >> what we see behind the wheel is the same thing we see when we're talking about alcohol. we see an inability to maintain your lane, an inability to maintain a consistent speed, slowed reaction time. >> reporter: however, there is not a cleared legal standard for an impairment with marijuana. >> there is no such standard for marijuana yet. >> reporter: instead of passing a breathalyzer, the chp will look for a driver's ability to pass field sobriety tests. the officer says there is one simple rule to remember, if you feel high, don't drive. >> if you like it, great, it's legalized, but use it responsibly. do not get behind the wheel if you're high. >> reporter: or arrange a different ride home. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news.
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speaking of that different ride home, many bay area transit agencies are providing free rides tonight. caltrain, muni will run for several more hours. b.a.r.t. is running extra trains until 3:00 in the morning until monday. some stations will be skipped because of overcrowding. make sure to plan ahead. south bay police chased robbery suspects from san jose to a fremont neighborhood tonight and locked it down. a k-9 alerted officers that the suspects of a cell phone store robbery could be near olive avenue and suncrest court. streets nearby were closed off. the suspect's car was found nearby but they are still at large tonight. in the sports world tonight, the raiders are looking for new head coach firing jack del rio today. sports anchor mike shumann joining us now. was this something you saw coming? >> i think we all felt it was coming, not this soon, though. a rough year for the raiders. after a 12-4 season last year,
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the silver and black fell to 6-10, in 2017 and it cost coach jack del rio his job. he was fired after the loss to the chargers. del rio was just what they needed bringing swagger, structure and will to win to this fading franchise, but his coordinators ended up being a major reason for his demise on both sides of the ball. derek carr did not help when the team seemed to quit on their coach at season's end with dissension permeating the locker room. he signed an extension before the season so don't feel sorry for him, but i think he was shocked after today's firing. he grew up in oakland was a raider fan and took his firing with dignity. >> but it's a results business. i understand that. so, you know, i appreciate the players and coaches and all the hard work, all the effort and energy. i do believe that we have established a solid nucleus.
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i believe whoever comes in here has a chance to take that nucleus and go to special places. i'll be pulling for them. >> jon gruden is marc davis' white whale. reports he'll be offered $10 million a deal with a stake in the franchise. he has to call the wild card game, so it could be a while before we have a new head coach. much appreciated. coming up, new details of a plane crash in costa rica that took the lives of ten americans. and the new year will bring in new minimum wage laws
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ten americans were among 12 dead after a plane crash in costa rica. "the new york times" reports five of the victims were family members from new york. the plane ran into rough weather and crashed moments after it picked up the american passengers. no word yet on what caused that crash. 2018 promises to be a happy new year for bay area workers
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making minimum wage. starting tomorrow, two cities of the silicon valley will offer one of the highest minimum wages in the country, $15 an hour. cornell barnard has the story. >> reporter: it's music to the ears of many workers in mountain view. >> it is so expensive to live here. >> reporter: happy to hear this city's minimum wage is jumping to $15 an hour on new year's day. >> i'm looking for a job second semester. >> reporter: so extra money that's going to come, right? >> yeah, definitely is. >> reporter: mountain view and neighboring sunnyvale made it a joint effort by raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks. servers and cooks at this restaurant just learned they're getting a raise. >> new year, more money, very happy. >> reporter: both cities wanted to give workers a fighting chance in a region where sky high rents and million dollar real estate is the new normal. >> the country is doing very
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well and silicon valley is doing well but that hasn't translated to worker wages. we're the most expensive region to work in the country, we felt we had to act. >> our prices will be going up in the next two weeks. >> reporter: this restaurant owner is happy to pay his workers more but says he's got no choice but to pass the increase on to his customers. >> it impacts us, but we're ready to take some actions to make sure that we're here for the next 20 years. >> reporter: tony's customers say they get it. >> unfortunately, it will have a ripple effect, but people need to earn a living wage. and this may be a step in the right direction. >> reporter: neighboring businesses are considering raising their prices, too. >> a minimum wage still isn't a living wage. all we've done is hopefully make it a little bit better. >> reporter: other cities including san jose are expected to make the jump to $15 an hour in the next year. skies should be clear enough to see san francisco's big fireworks show tonight. but later this week storm clouds will move
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thanks for staying with us. new year's eve is a time to reflect. some stars took to social media to reflect on what a year 2017 has been. mark happenle commented with a pretty great picture of himself as luke skywalker from the original "star wars" and from "the last jedi."
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he says me at the beginning of 2017 and me at the end of 2017. meantime, lin manuel miranda commented on this throwback tweet when he spent his new year's eve writing rap battles for the hit broadway show "hamilton." he said the work is hard but it is worth it. don't give up. ryan seacrest tweeted from times square. no place i'd rather be on new year's eve. the countdown celebration continues at 11:30. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> rock on, rock on. a live look at doppler 7. a few little patches of spice off shore. high clouds over land areas. but viewing conditions are looking pretty good for our fireworks which will be kicking off in about 43 minutes. here's a live view from our exploratorium camera. you can see the high clouds way out there. but it's basically like a clear
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sky right now, upper 40s in oakland and mountain view, 54 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville looking back from san francisco. you can see the outline of the high clouds there, but basically clear viewing conditions for the fireworks. 46 in santa rosa down to 39 in napa. mid to upper 40s in concord and livermore right now. and a live view from sutro tower. this is unobstructed. if you're here on the embarcadero, you should have a pretty good view. high clouds, good fireworks viewing. brighter skies and dry conditions tomorrow, which is new year's day, of course. and a rainy pattern beginning midweek. overnight look for some patches of fog to form near the coastline, out over the bay locally. but mainly clear skies in our inland areas.
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tonight is a spare the air night, tomorrow will be a spare the air day. poor air quality just about everywhere else. that will take a look at conditions in the afternoon tomorrow. we'll start the day with a few clouds. it will get brighter going into the afternoon hours. highs will range from the 60s on the coast and bay and then we have rain coming midweek. the storm that's approaching us ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity expected to produce light rainfall and showers. rainfall estimates from a tenth of an inch to a half an inch in the wettest location. here is forecast animation starting at noon on wednesday. notice that wave of rain approaching the coastline going into the late night hours we'll see rain spreading to all parts of the bay area. continue to thursday breaking up late in the day thursday, that will be followed by a second storm and another wave of rain coming in friday morning. and initial indications were that that might be a stronger storm but now it's beginning to look a little puny.
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so here's a look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, new year's day, will be a dry day and a bright one. fairly mild for the next two days although clouds will increase on tuesday. then rain on wednesday, thursday and friday and it looks like the weekend will be mainly dry. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we all know the nfl's a cruel business as raiders owner fired jack del rio after their loss today to the chargers. he just signed a four-year extension, so he walks away financially secure with 15 million bucks. it tells me mr. davis must have somebody lined up for coach, namely jon gruden. he brought this team a structure and will to win but his cordinator choices brought him down. taking on the chargers. this is the kind of raiders season in a nutshell. melvin gordon fumbled, bounces right to keenan allen. he'll finish it off with a
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touchdown. coach jack can't believe it. he has no idea what's coming. raiders longest drive of the year. only took four plays. derek carr to amari cooper. 87 yard touchdown. this game is tied at 7. marc davis in a good mood here as we speak. but chargers put up 23 straight. phillip rivers finishes it off with a td pass to travis benjamin. nobody expected it to end like this from 12-4 to 6-10. afterwards jack del rio dealt with his firing. >> spoke to marc davis after the game. and marc let me know that he's not going to be bringing me back, and so he told me loved me and appreciated all that i did, you know, to kind of get this program going in the right direction, but that he felt the need to change. i told him how much i appreciated the opportunity he gave me.
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and i mean that. very grateful. my childhood team, but it's a results business. i understand that. >> brutal business. all right, niners are the hottest team in the nfl with their fifth straight win today beating the rams. jimmy garoppolo set the scene for 2018 which can't get here fast enough. jared goff taking a week off before the rams hit the playoffs. jimmy g trying to stay good as a starter. he finds it for the easy score. a10-0 lead. watch this hit. careful when you play wide receiver in the nfl. he's okay. was carted off with a concussion. carlos hyde plays for a contract next year. finishes with 90 yards on the ground and the niners are on a roll. garoppolo had two picks today
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but two td passes. niners become first team to start 0-9 and win more than three games. bills trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 1999. tie rod taylor finds nick o'leary. his grandpa is jack nicklaus. he's got to be happy. in that game less than a minute to go. fourth and 12, andy dalton finds tyler boyd. bengals win and that means the bills are in the playoffs for the first time this century. check out buffalo celebrating in the locker room. nothing like it there at jacksonville on sunday. all right, can the browns beat the steelers and avoid going 0-16. juju smith schuster, the rookie out of usc gets it. anybody want to get him, anybody want to tackle? anybody, somebody? 96 yards. steelers up. final minutes browns down, need
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a first down. dij deshon kizer. brutal end to a brutal season. just the second team to finish 0-16. hue jackson one win in two years and still has a job. brought to you by river rock casino. long way to go to land jon gruden. if it doesn't work out, art davis is in big trouble. he's puing all his eggs in one basket.
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to charity. all right. that's it. i can't believe the last news cast of the year. >> woo-hoo! >> it's party time for schu wherever he's going. thanks so much for joining us. find us on facebook. what a great year it's been. as we leave you now, san francisco's fireworks and the new year just half an hour away. rockin' eve continues next.
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welcome to "new year's rockin' eve." we are live in new york city with the biggest party on the planet, and the moment we have been waiting for is now just one half hour away. despite the freezing temperatures, this crowd is pumped. mariah carey is back and ready to hit the stage. let's go, let's get it started! from hollywood, las vegas,orlea square, it's "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest 2018," with me, ryan seacrest. with a live performance by global superstar mariah carey just before midnight. and right after the ball drops, we're off to las vegas for a performance by the one and only britney spears. plus, from new orleans, imagine dragons performs one of their biggest hits from 2017. and from the


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