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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 1, 2018 2:13am-2:30am PST

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/s it's a ball dropping cork popping new year right this minute. [ laughter ] >> it's a festive way to celebrate, but maybe just need firewood. >> professional. >> see the many methods behind the madness. >> oh! >> is somebody still laughing? i hear fun in there. >> they want to find out the gender of their baby, but --
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>> i was wondering why she was confused. >> how the mystery is finally solved after a tangle of clues. [cheering and applauding] >> there is a reason extreme base jumpers -- >> kidney stones. >> what it takes to pass the test. and ready to recite the vows, but this crew spit and ride. >> i look common ready. >> how he channels the rapper to lose himself in the music. >> once in a lifetime. [ laughter ] >> new year's eve is fun. people like to go out, party, maybe throw some fire works. don't do anything you see in any of these videos. first up, the combination of fire works and drifting cars not a great one. the masses busting out some dyno. see the fire works in the middle.
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>> oh, oh. >> no. >> oh, my god, just what you want is people running in chaos while cars are speeding around. >> right, as if just drifting wasn't dangerous enough, add fire. >> something to jump for. ♪ ♪ >> around his arm there. he gets away without too serious a burn. a couple guys go for it. again, at the end -- >> isn't that the same guy that got burned the first time? >> simple rule, just leave fireworks to the professionals. >> maybe a little too close. >> they're still laughing. i here fun in there. >> furnish, a bit exploding, but they're okay. there's more. >> they'll be fine. >> oh.
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>> it was like one straight out of -- >> yes, that was a lucky escape. and they continue. it runs away and somebody asks the question. >> what do you say? >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> like a war zone. >> that was pure punishment, screaming. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> something went wrong. it is just as ridiculous as the video itself. >> yes. if you don't want your evening to go or sound like that, just do what i do. stay at home. >> [ bleep ]. >> they hurt. >> i wouldn't know thankfully. >> so, why someone would choose to go to the kid me stone aney end up potentially crashed into
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a stone is beyond me. that's what this place is called, the kidney stone. >> is it utah? because it's really hard to pass. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure that's why it got its name. >> yeah, actually, that's kind of exactly why these base jumpers love this place in utah. this is sketchy. and the youtube channel acts like tv as he jump into that crevice between those two massive rocks. you have to immediately guide your canopy out that exit that you see up ahead. >> oh, dude. oh, look at that. that's so cool when you just burst out of there like that. >> this is full on scary. >> but you fly out of there like you're in an x swing coming out of a car. >> like a canon back home. >> you're happy you survived not crashing against the rock. so, what you say is this is for people who aren't beginners. you need a little bit of skill.
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>> don't do this unless you have 500 jumps under your belt. >> that is absolutely a gorgeous area to jump. >> about 90 feet of wiggle room. >> looks like none. >> yeah, i thought it was much more narrow than that. >> it's a really, really tight, tight, tight kidney stone. >> even the landing, hey, the river or the runway? >> in his case he was lucky there were no cars there anywhere near. [ laughter ] >> and now it's time for the vows. carefully written, well thought out, deeply emotional. >> as sure as i was the day we would be standing here today -- >> that's christina. she went first. >> i'm even more certain we'll be staying together the rest of our lives. >> now the priest hands the microphone to the groom. >> mine is a little different. >> this is steven. >> i'm inspired by the great michael mathers. >> for those people who don't know who marshall mattis is,
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that's this guy otherwise known as eminem. >> hey, man, he's awake. his palms are sweaty. give him a break. >> he wrote his vows to the melody of lose yourself. but he changed the lyrics. >> my palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. did i ever tell you i love my mom's spaghetti. i'm nervous, on the surface i hope i look ready. what you do for me every single day, you cook amazing meals that take my hunger away. clean and wow, always loving me how, you lot the love you show me is crazy. >> i love that his bride is smiling. that's what counts. >> she's laughing, her friends are laughing. >> i'm almost finished with my melody. time to stop and show off my creativity. you better lose yourself in the music. it's important you never let it go. tonight is our one shot. i think it's important to know we're only getting once in a lifetime, yo.
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>> we've all got that special place, that one place that we love to just meet our friends and kick it. just that place to take it. >> no. >> [ bleep ]. >> three bloaks roll up to the bar. the place they would join for a pint to kick it back a bit has put a closed sign on the door, it's gated. sorry, no more business. you're going to have to find another place to go. >> what are we going to do? where to go? >> these three fellas -- distraught. >> food service. >> we're still in stage one, denial. >> there are multiple stages, and here we go. >> [ bleep ]. >> now, anger. >> [ bleep ]. >> now mourning. >> no hope. >> they could at least give homey a heads up. >> right. these guys say that the place
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closed an hour before they got there. and, of course, the boys are playing some tunes to match the sad moods. ♪ ♪ >> we don't know exactly what caused the old barn to close, but we do know these guys gave it a proper send-off after mourning. they went to pay tribute. >> grab in flowers. >> a couple of drinks. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> so many great memories are made. when you find the right pub, it's just the right people, it's magic. >> and for these guys stadadly t magic is gone. they're going to have to find another pub. >> it's party time. >> party time, party time. get your shiny suits and your bubbly, let's get it cracking. >> watch mr. fancy suit pop them bottles. >> oh, wow.
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while getting really into nana's party. nothing lasts longer than delsym for powerful cough relief. closed captioning provided by -- party time, party time. get your shiny suits and your bubbly and let's get it cracking. >> go get your shiny suit. >> all he has to do is head over to shiny like those christmas suits, they have these really cool shiny festive suits. >> you can -- >> you can also be like this dude. >> oh, wow. >> he's trying to set a new bottle popping record.
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>> 45 degree angle, 45. higher, higher. >> there you go. >> [ bleep ]. >> got to hold it right, brother. >> that's a fail, right? >> it still counts at this point. >> there is definitely a technique to this. >> 5, 4, 3, 2 -- [ buzzer ] >> oh, man. >> all right, let's see the damage here. yeah, i think it's 35. you had 13, but no one else has done this, so. >> he was trying to set his own personal record. he's trying to do 35 in 30 seconds. >> bunch of champagne to celebrate either way. none of it has glass. >> we need this dude to come to your house on a saturday because he is "the man." >> when you're in such a hurry you can't wait to open the bottles one at a time.
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>> that's cool. yes way. >> he does say it probably won't happen again so savor it. >> that guy scored some cool points. >> if the bartenders are cool like this dude, twirl here, dip there, dip there, a little clear everywhere. >> at this point just spun a cup with liquid in it and none of it came out. that's pretty impressive. >> look, ma, no hands. [ laughter ] >> love that. [ applause ] >> how did he do that? >> with a little help from his buddy. teamwork makes the dream work. >> while the kids are at school during recess, i love to play stuck in the mud. fun game, but in this case it looks like it's gotten a bit too out of hand. >> oh, this is not a game. >> in fact, that ram pickup
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truck that is seriously stuck in the mud is the truck they brought in to drag that tractor out of the mud it got stuck in. >> leave it and get a beer. that's what i say. give it a break. >> men, we do not have the ability to once we are faced with a challenge, we can't stop until either we achieve it or it kills us. >> because adam gregory is not giving up. he's now in the tractor. you see what they've done? they've chained a piece of tree to the wheel so it's going to get into the mud and it's going to create more grip. it's going to use the lever effect. that's genius. and then it uses the lever effect. and i realized i'm not very smart. the lever goes the right way. not only did he get almost crushed by the tractor, the wheel keeps turning and that tree then pushes him into the back of the pickup truck before the video cuts off. no reports of any injury. it looks like he just about dodged that bullet. >> nobody would have believed
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him if they didn't have video of what happened. >> you can say the same thing for this next video. they created a bit of a skid path. one is going to hit that skid path and get in the car doing doughnuts. doesn't make it that far, though. because that was the gas tank that came flying out the back of the car. quite clearly it's not the official gas tank, right? i would say they have souped up this car. didn't bolt it down. came out the back, everybody dying. >> it does look kind of cool. it is a controlled environment until the gas can comes out and hits somebody in the head. >> it's a calm night sky, but this video begins to illuminate. how lighting things up brings a wing suit party into formation. >> no way. >> and the unnecessary bouncer shows up all around town. >> i'm not supposed to let people in without i.d.s or $5.
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one or the other. >> this is a shady bouncer. i.d. or 5 bucks. >> you have to pay to play, baby. >> getting into the hottest spot isn't going to be easy. [cheering and applauding] >> o this will provide fast relief. look! unlike regular cough drops it contains 2 max strength pain relievers and cools in seconds. dual power in one lozenge. bye bye sore throat. knock out sore throat fast. take cépacol instamax. when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white. so if you have a sink, and the ship is sinking, is it a sinking sink?
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