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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 1, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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making news in america this morning, happy new year. 2018 is under way. >> three, two, one, happy new year! >> the new year gets started with frigid temperatures from times square, new york. straight across the country, the forecast and a look at the new year's celebrations around the world coming up. holiday nightmare. new details coming in about those killed in a fiery crash in costa rica. most of the victims americans. >> full of love, like kind, nice people. >> many from the same family. president trump makes some predictions for the new year as he prepares to head from florida back to the white house. >> we are going to have a tremendous year. >> this as one of the president's main adversaries issues a stark reminder to the entire u.s. we're live in washington with the details.
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the first round of the nfl playoffs are set after some wild final regular season games. first, college football gets serious. we'll look ahead to today's playoff semifinals. playoff semifinals. today's playoff semifinals. a good morning to you all and a happy new year. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kenneth moton in for kendis gibson. we're going to keep the party going. diane, you look incredible. >> thank you. loving the pocket square. >> thank you so much. we begin with this morning with this incredible new year 2018. people around the world have rung it in from australia to zimbabwe. right here in new york city an estimated 1 million revellers packed into times square amid unprecedented security for the coldest new year's eve since 1962, just 9 degrees at midnight. >> and yet even the celebrities came out. it was a star-studded celebration playing out live before an audience of millions across the country right here on abc.
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mariah carey even joined the party, aiming to redeem herself after last year's performance. all the excitement went down just seconds before that iconic ball drop. >> three, two, one, happy new year! >> and we will have much more on the new year's celebrations around the world coming up a little later in the broadcast. turning now to breaking new details on a new year's eve tragedy, ten americans among the victims of a fiery plane crash in costa rica. >> they were killed along with two pilots when their charter plane went down in a wooded area sunday afternoon moments after taking off. abc's marci gonzalez has more on the crash that left no survivors. >> reporter: in costa rica 12 people are dead including ten americans. five of them reportedly members of the same family, after a small plane -- >> oh, my god. >> reporter: -- crashed soon after takeoff. >> made a really hard left-hand turn and nose dived straight into the ground. >> reporter: dawn wolf and her
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family vacationing from utah watching in horror. >> everybody screaming and yelling. >> reporter: her husband rushing towards the flaming wreckage. >> people were yelling and people were running up the hill with fire extinguishers. >> reporter: costa rican officials say the plane owned by nature air took off from punta islita heading for the capital, san jose, when it crashed around 12:15 local time. from above you can see the scorched woods where it came down, the plane's colorful tail some of the only recognizable debris. costa rica's former president laura chinchilla tweeting that her cousin, juan manuel retana, was the pilot. the state department telling abc news we express our condolences to all those effected by this tragedy. investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. marci gonzalez, abc news, santa monica, california. >> marci, thank you. the family of five killed in that crash from tourists visiting from westchester, new
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york. they've been identified as bruce and irene steinberg and their three sons, two of whom were in college. neighbors in their close knit community were in disbelief. >> full of love, kind, nice people. i had knee surgery, irene came over with flowers. just sweet, like, neighborhood active in the community, good people. >> a couple from florida and their daughter were also among the victims. president trump is heading back to the white house today after ringing in the new year at his mar-a-lago resort. >> he was joined by the first lady at a black tie bash after ticking off some of his accomplishments and taking a swipe at the media. abc's arlette saenz has more on what's in store for the president in 2018. good morning and happy new year. >> reporter: good morning, and happy new year. president trump says 2018 is off to a good start because republicans passed their tax plan. as he heads into the new year, president trump has a full plate ahead of him and is dealing with a new warning from north korea. president trump strolled down a red carpet at mar-a-lago as he rang in the new year. >> going to have a great year,
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fantastic 2018. >> reporter: ahead of a glitzy new year's bash, the president touted his 2017 accomplishments and offered this 2018 prediction. >> we're off to a very good start as you know with the great tax cuts and anwar and getting rid of the individual mandate which was very, very unpopular, as you know. but we are going to have a tremendous year. the stock market i think is going to continue to go up. >> reporter: president trump also relayed new year's greetings to friends and foes. he tweeted, i want to wish all of my friends, supporters, enemies, haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a happy and healthy new year. as the president celebrated the new year, north korea sent an ominous message. in his new year's address, leader kim jong-un warned north korea has completed its nuclear forces. the u.s. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table, kim jong-un said. the entire area of the u.s. mainland is within our nuclear
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strike range. president trump spent 2017 deriding north korea's leader -- >> little rocketman. >> reporter: -- and issuing his own threats against the rogue state. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: but how he will respond to north korea's latest warning? >> we'll see, we'll see. >> reporter: president trump is also weighing in on protests unfolding in iran. over the weekend the president tweeted that protestors have the right to express themselves and warned that the u.s. is watching very closely for potential human rights violations in how iran treats those protestors. iran has criticized the president's tweets calling them cheap, worthless and invalid. diane and kenneth. >> arlette saenz, live in washington, thank you. it's time for a look at your weather on this new year's morning. good morning, diane and kenneth, and happy new year.
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it's going to be mild, dry and bright along the west coast. but just take a look, once you get east of the rockies the jet stream dips far to the south. we're talking about cold air. that will create lake effect snow showers as highs stay 15 to 20 degrees below normal. also some freezing drizzle concerns around san antonio, texas. the real feel values will be in the teens below zero throughout the day. kenneth, diane. still ahead, some year-end favorites including the most liked instagram pictures of 2017. plus the biggest tech product of the year. nothing else even came close. and we'll take a trip around the world for a look at how 2018 got started.
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the ball has dropped. the crowds have retreated into the warmth of their homes and hotel rooms. we hope at least. and now the massive cleanup effort is under way in times square. more than 200 new york city sanitation workers scrambled through the early morning hours to clean up some 50 tons of trash. >> god bless them. >> definitely have their hands full. >> they do and they're going to get it done. hours earlier an estimated 1 million revellers packed into times square to witness that time-honored tradition of ringing in the new year. >> that's right, and around the world millions more observed their own traditions. take a look. >> reporter: from the iconic chimes of big ben in london to dubai to sydney harbour, people around the world rang in 2018 with fireworks, balloons, confetti and plenty of noise. here in new york, an estimated 1 million people packed into times square amid unprecedented
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security, from bag checks to bomb sniffing dogs, rooftop counter-snipers and some 1,000 security cameras trained on the crossroads of the world. >> times square, new york city, safest place in the world. >> reporter: with the wind chill below zero in new york city it was the second coldest ball drop on record. it's freezing. >> it's freezing. >> do you think you're going to survive? >> i'm trying. >> it's on our bucket list. >> i didn't expect it to be this cold. i knew it was going to be cold but not this cold. >> reporter: the extreme cold forced many to take extreme measures. >> how many layers are you wearing? >> about four. >> are you freezing? >> yes. i feel like i'm being stabbed right now in my feet. it's the worst pain i've ever felt in my feet. >> reporter: the deep freeze even cancelled many new year's eve celebrations from boston to st. louis and even as far south as fort worth, texas. >> bundle up, everybody. >> as we kick off 2018, we're starting to look at 2017 by the
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numbers. the iphone was the number one selling tech product by far with apple selling 223 million iphones, more than the other top five items combined. the samsung galaxy 8 and note 8 were a distant second with 33 million sold followed by the amazon echo dot, the apple watch and the nintendo switch. so pop star selena gomez is still the most followed instagram user in the world so no surprise she had 8 of the 10 most liked posts on the photo sharing service. >> her emotional message about undergoing kidney transplant surgery came in at number three. soccer star cristiano ronaldo edged in with the second most liked post on the birth of his daughter. >> but beyonce beat them both with the number one spot when she announced she was pregnant with those royal baby twins, boy and girl. >> america's babies. >> the carters. when we come back, police get to the bottom of a scary situation at a hotel just hours before new year's. plus recreational marijuana
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is now legal in more states than ever before. we'll look at where the new pot laws are in effect. and the nfl's postseason tournament is now set up thanks to some unexpected week 17 results. who's in and who's out coming up. and who's out coming up. yea, so, mom's got this cold #stuffynose #nosleep . . yep, we've got a mouth breather. well just put on a breathe right strip and... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone so you can breathe... ...and sleep. . . . . a free sample. request the oats break down into energy. that energy is absorbed slowly. and that's good, because energy that's absorbed slowly is energy that lasts.
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pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ a man who opened fire on police at an apartment complex at an affluent denver suburb has been identified as a veteran who served in iraq. authorities say matthew riehl shot five officers, killing one of them. >> he was on their radar after posting on social media about so-called dirty cops. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: it began as a noise complaint that quickly became an ambush. >> shots fired! >> reporter: deputies arrived at this apartment complex in highlands ranch, colorado in a denver suburb for a dispute between a man and his male roommate. at 5:55 a.m., the suspect armed with a rifle suddenly opens fire. >> i need s.w.a.t. right now and medical! >> reporter: four deputies and
4:46 am
one police officer are shot. >> there was an exchange of gunfire, pop, pop, pop and then pop, pop, pop, and then return fire. >> reporter: two neighbors are also hit. all of the officers managed to retreat outside except for one, 29-year-old douglas county deputy, zachary parish. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. i'm not getting anything from him. all of us have been hit at least once. >> all of them were shot very, very quickly. and they all went down almost within seconds of each other. so it was a -- it was more of an ambush type of attack on our officers. >> reporter: over the next hour and a half the suspect fires more than 100 times. >> we need to get our officer out of there. >> reporter: gunfire even heard over the radio. >> firing several rounds. firing inside again. >> reporter: at around 7:30 officers entered the apartment, confronting and killing the suspect in a final shoot-out. deputy parish does not survive. he was married, the father of two children. >> we are deeply saddened by the
4:47 am
loss of zachary. when i sat with his wife and held her hand, i could see in her eyes her life was over. >> reporter: the other wounded officers all now in stable condition. police say they had dealt with the suspect before they had been to this apartment complex on calls in the past but, they say, he did not have a criminal record. clayton sandell, abc news, highlands ranch, colorado. houston police arrested a man accused of stashing weapons and ammunition in a hotel room just hours before new year's eve celebrations. russell ziemba told police he was at the hyatt regency to celebrate new year's eve and had the weapons which included an ar-15 so they wouldn't get stolen. police do not believe he intended to use them. ziemba is charged with assaulting an officer and trespassing. travelers have a reason to welcome the new year. january is the cheapest time to fly. domestic flights are typically 21% cheaper than the rest of the year and the deals are even better on international flights
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with fares dropping anywhere from 20 to 36%. analysts say the deals usually start january 9 and last through march. the nfl's coaching carousel is already spinning. the raiders have fired coach jack del rio right after oakland lost to the chargers. >> del rio said he was told the team wasn't going in the right direction. the colts also fired chuck pagano after their four-win season came to an end. the cleveland browns are only the second nfl team to finish a season 0-16. the season ended with a loss to the steelers. browns fans will now hold a perfect season parade on saturday. they'll march around the team stadium to form a zero for how many wins they had. >> i'll hold all my browns jokes. >> if you're going to go down, you might as well go all the way. zero. let's get more highlights now from our guys at espn. good morning, america. kevin connors, john buccigross. happy new year's to you and yours. week 17 of the nfl regular season, what a finish in the afc.
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>> good morning utica, don't forget. we begin with bengals and ravens. if the ravens win, they're in the playoffs. bills fans are rooting for them to lose so they can get in the playoffs. dalton to tyler boyd. cincinnati leads. late fourth quarter, fourth and 14 and the ravens are losers. they're out of the playoffs, and that means the bills get in, first time in 17 years. panthers and falcons, both teams, major playoff implications on the line. in atlanta, first quarter, matt ryan, devonta freeman. falcons looking for 2018 to be a year of redemption after that awful collapse in the super bowl. they're going to the tournament. fourth quarter, cam newton one of three interceptions in the game. falcons win it 22-10. they clinch the six seed in the nfc. the panthers also headed to the playoffs. rose bowl and sugar bowl coming your way in a matter of hours. >> got to be some bills fans in
4:50 am
utica, right? >> there better be. >> stay warm. >> those two bowls he mentioned are the big matchups for the college football semifinals. first up, georgia takes on oklahoma in the rose bowl. despite their long histories, it's the first time the dogs and sooners have ever played each other. >> tonight in the sugar bowl it's round three for alabama and clemson. they met in the championship game in the last two years with each team winning once. so we have a tiebreaker today. >> go south carolina gamecocks as well. up next in the pulse, a new year's celebration that went completely wrong. >> and mariah carey's take two in times square. we'll hear how she did right after the break. we'll hear how she did right after the break. square. we'll hear how she did right after the break. what are you doing?? i thought you had a cold?? i don't need all this. mucinex fast-max is powerful enough to handle pretty much every symptom. name one. how 'bout 9? sore throat, cough, even... yea--i can read, you know. we're done here. ahhh! boogers to betsy! mucinex fast-max. 9 symptoms. 1 dose. max strength. start the relief.
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like alcohol. people 21 and older can buy up to an ounce of pot or grow marijuana plants at home. >> but not more than six. some retail shops are opening for business today as well. sales are expected to be a tax windfall for the state. >> smoking weed is also legal in massachusetts and maine but it won't be sold in retail stores in those states for months. next to mariah carey's big comeback. >> yes, she headlined last night's show live from times square just moments before the ball dropped. it was thankfully a far cry from her performance last year when a series of technical malfunctions cascaded into a train wreck. >> thankfully this year seemed to go much more smoothly. check it out. ♪ i had a vision of love and it was all that you've given to me ♪ ♪ i had a vision of love >> definitely tough to sing in weather that cold. just minutes after the ball dropped, carey commented that she felt a whole lot better than last year when she said she needed a police escort just to leave times square. >> 2018 began with a bang in
4:54 am
australia, an unintentional one. >> a barge carrying a fireworks display caught fire just a few minutes into the show. some of the fireworks headed towards the beach, and thousands of onlookers had to get out of the way. >> two workers on the barge suffered only minor injuries. >> luckily it didn't go worse than that, but they did put on a beautiful show at least. and a beautiful times square new year's eve as well along with mariah carey. >> she did a great job. i want to hear you sing. >> happy new year, everybody. no, we don't have time. ew year, everybody. no, we don't have time. ear you sing. >> happy new year, everybody. no, we don't have time. servings and 24 grams of whole grains, subway has eight 6-inch subs with 400 calories or less. like the rotisserie-style chicken or oven roasted turkey breast. choose from eight great options that are better for you- and delicious. go you! try the fresh fit menu. only at subway.
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checking our top stories, it's now 2018 across the country. thousands packed navy pier in chicago for the countdown despite the bitter cold. it was the coldest new year's eve in chicago in almost half a century. president trump is returning to washington this afternoon following his break for the holidays. he celebrated the new year with a party at mar-a-lago, touting his first year accomplishments and he also criticized the news media. ten americans were killed in a small plane crash in costa rica. the charter flight went down in the woods on sunday leaving no survivors. among the victims, a family of five from new york. they were identified as bruce and irene steinberg and their three sons. looking at today's weather, it will be drier in the northwest and mild in the southwest with bitter cold temperatures in the midwest and northeast and even freeze warnings in the south. finally on this new year's morning, there are no concerns about the weather for the annual
4:58 am
tournament of roses parade in pasadena, california. crews have been working on the floats that are the stars of the parade for months. >> today will be the 129th annual rose parade. the floats will cover that miles-long parade route along with bands from all across the country. >> many fans are already lining that route. kabc reporter leanne suter spoke with some of them and saw how they're passing the time. >> happy new year! whoo! >> reporter: let the celebrations begin as thousands of fans claim their front row seats to watch the floats roll down colorado boulevard. >> never been, first time. it's been on my bucket list to see the rose bowl parade. we made it. yay! we're so excited. >> reporter: whether they're rose parade rookies or campout veterans -- >> she's 21 and my oldest is 22. we've been coming since they were born. over 22 years now. >> just everyone getting together with the family from out of town and then just having front row seats to the rose parade. >> happy new year.
4:59 am
>> reporter: they're all here to ring in the new year, some bringing a good book to keep entertained, others a big screen movie. >> long night. entertain ourselves, get a lot of food. >> reporter: this year the parade and new year's eve celebration comes with stepped up security, extra barricades along the route and increased patrols. those camping out say they are focused on having fun and keeping warm. >> i do a lot of hiking so i brought a lot of hiking gear, dressed in layers. >> reporter: a long night of keeping warm as they wait for the start of the 129th rose parade. leanne suter, abc news, pasadena, california. >> and this year's theme making a difference, let's hope a lot of people make a good difference this year, right? >> and thank you all viewing at home for making a big difference in our year, viewing us on atm as well as "world news now." we hope you all have a very happy new year. we hope you've enjoyed new year's eve and you have a great 2018. >> kendis gibson is back tomorrow morning with diane. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> happy new year, everybody. great 2018.
5:00 am
happy new year, bay area. just take a look at the number of celebrations worldwide as revelers rang in 2018. good morning to you on this monday, january 1st. i'm natasha zouves. lisa argen in with me today. it's an honor to welcome you to the very first morning show of 2018. the rest of the morning team has a well-deserved morning off. you brought us gorgeous clear skies for the fireworks. >> you would know, right? >> spectacular along the embarcadero. >> shoutout to natasha who stayed up and watched it. a beautiful night. this morning a coastal flood watch. high tide today over 7 feet. king tides are back today and tomorrow. we will be


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