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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 1, 2018 6:00am-7:58am PST

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if you weren't awake, you will be now. good morning, america and a very happy new year. we want to thank our very festive audience. [ cheers and applause ] >> and thank you -- yeah, exactly. we want to thank all of you for joining us on this first day of 2018. we are on tape this morning so we could be home with our families. some of us recovering. we hope you're enjoying your holiday too, and yes, wonderful audience so you're still with us. [ cheers and applause ] they will be throughout the day. >> yes. as you are waking up on this new year's we have some great tips for you to help start it right both mentally and physically. >> we're also going to help you get financially fit which is always good. we have five things that you should do and the tools to use to set yourself up for success. we all need that. >> fantastic. first let's get to the morning's top headlines from ron claiborne. good morning to you, ron. >> reporter: good morning, lara. good morning, everyone.
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we begin with a developing story out of costa rica where 12 people, 10 of them american tourists, were killed in a plane crash. the single engine charter plane went down in a wooded area shortly after takeoff. among the americans on board, a family of five from suburban new york, identified as bruce and irene steinberg and their three sons. horrified vacationers saw the plane go down and rushed to the wreckage to try to help. >> my family and i were having lunch and we heard the plane coming overhead pretty low, so we all left the table to go see the plane pass overhead with our kids. and as it flew over the top of us, it made a really hard left-hand turn and was totally sideways and then nose dived straight into the ground and there was an explosion. >> a florida couple and their daughter were on board as well as two costa rican
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pilots. a man with a grudge against police shot five police officers killing one of them. 29-year-old on the job just for seven months. abc's clayton sandell has more. [ sirens ] >> reporter: police say it was an ambush. >> shots fired, shots fired! >> reporter: shortly after arriving at this apartment complex near denver after a domestic disturbance call, police say 37-year-old matthew riehl suddenly opens fire. the suspect hitting five officers and two neighbors. the officer retreat outside but 29-year-old deputy zachary parish does not make it out. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. i'm not getting anything from him. all of us have been hit at least once. >> reporter: over the next hour and a half, the suspect fires more than 100 times. >> several rounds firing, firing inside again. >> reporter: at 7:30 police go back in, riehl is shot and killed. deputy parish, a married father of two, does not survive. >> when i sat with his wife and
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held her hand, i could see in her eyes her life was over. >> reporter: riehl was known for previous calls and was often critical of police in videos posted to youtube. >> libertarian candidate for sheriff of douglas county. >> reporter: the other wounded officers, now in stable condition. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, highlands ranch, colorado. and we're following breaking news from iran where 12 people have been killed in anti-government protests there. security forces fought armed demonstrators who tried to take over police stations and military bases. the government's handling of the protests of the economy quickly started to spread across the country on thursday. several others have been wounded and hundreds arrested. president trump is wrapping up his florida vacation this afternoon heading back to the white house after seeing 2018 in his mar-a-lago resort in palm beach. the president arrived at a black tie bash with the first lady
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melania and son baron trump. he touted his accomplishments of his first year in office. >> we're off to a good start as you know with the great tax cuts and anwar and getting rid of the individual mandate which was very, very unpopular as you know, but we are going to have a tremendous year. >> the president also fired off a tweet wishing happy new year to his friends, enemies, haters and the so-called fake news media. more than a million people braved the second coldest new year's eve on record in times square. the clock struck midnight, and the mercury was down to jus happy new year to you. looking at some clouds around the south end of the bay. another mild day today. partly cloudy skies. more clouds tomorrow. rainy pattern begins on wednesday. it's a spare the air alert today. 62 downtown over in oakland. 64 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more clouds tomorrow. rain arrives on wednesday, lasts
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through friday. dry next weekend. and the weather in southern california, they should be near perfect for this morning's tournament of roses parade. some spectators spending the night along the parade route. they are protecting their spots. this year's theme is making a difference. now back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much, ron. and now to the year in politics. it was less than 12 months ago that president trump took office, putting health care, taxes, north korea and the russia investigation center stage, and our abc political round table is breaking down the year's biggest moments and what is next for 2018. >> hey amy, good morning. i'm here in the white house briefing room with my friends, abc political director rick klein and senior congressional correspondent mary bruce. we have got the nearly impossible task of coming up with a highlights reel for the year that was, so no pressure.
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you first, rick. what stood out to you the most? >> it turns out the great dealmaker actually doesn't go and cut a lot of great big deals. remember how he governed, an independent voice that was going come in and drain the swamp. work with democrats and work with republicans. he has governed in a very ideological way to the right. those deals are out there but he hasn't made a lot of calls to chuck and nancy. >> remember all the talk of unified government. it has been a very long time since they have had republicans in control in this building and on the hill. they made big promises, everything from health care reform to building that wall. they did just have a big victory on tax reform but in a lot of ways their own republican infighting blocked them at a lot of turns this year. >> the clock ran out for them, and of course, that me too movement with so many women around the country coming forward, accusing men of sexual misconduct. it happened right here in this town. a lot of members of congress lost their jobs basically because of it, and the president had to face his own accusations. that certainly was a highlight for me. let's look ahead, no pressure, 2018, what do you have, mary? >> i'm going to stay with the year of the women.
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that's a trend to watch. women on capitol hill are pushing especially to make headway on the issue of sexual harassment. you see women voters driving races from alabama to virginia and you're seeing a lot more women signing up to run going forward. >> watch the wave. we saw rumblings of an earthquake that could come in 2018. and you know that a mid-term year is always bad for the party in power. it has the potential to be disastrous. when you have the turnout that happened to some of these states like alabama or virginia in smaller or local races, democrats are showing you they can win in the era of trump. >> how can we forget russia as we head into this new year. will president trump have to sit down with robert mueller's team. how close will this get to the oval office. will he pardon anyone else. we will be watching all of these things. guys, back to you. it's going to be a big year ahead. so the new year is also the perfect time to re-group and reset both mentally and physically, and our chief medical correspondent, dr. jen ashton, is with us to help this
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matter. [ applause ] >> that's right, dr. jen. let's begin with a healthy mind. what do you know about the science behind mindfulness and meditation? >> there's legitimate scientific data that shows that using tests like functional mris or eegs or checking vital signs or blood tests that meditation and mindfulness has positive impacts on our health. it does everything from boost the brain connectivity which is our signaling in our brain, it lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol, lowers our respiratory rate. it makes you feel good. you know our good buddy -- >> yes. we know someone who has been preaching for quite some time. abc's own dan harris, and he senten sent us a message with one of the questions that main folks have. take a listen. >> hey guys, happy new year. i'm coming to you from my house. as you know, meditation has made a big difference in my life. for the last year i've been researching what stops people
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who want to meditate from actually doing the thing. i think there are two big reasons. one is that people incorrectly assume they need to clear their minds. this is important to note, clearing your mind is impossible unless you're enlightened or dead. so just set that aside. the other obstacle is time. a lot of people worry and work, and say, i don't have time for this thing. on this count i've got good news and better news. five to ten minutes a day is a good way to get started. i think one minute absolutely counts. i don't think meditation is going to solve all of your problems, nothing will but as i like to say it might make you -- sorry, that's my son right there. it might make you 10% happier. >> that's a must read if you haven't read it for 2018. >> totally. >> so this is another broad question, but we love your tips so much. >> thank you. >> please tell me more. what would you say your top three tips are for everybody for health in 2018?
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>> narrow it down. >> that's like the top three weather stories. i think you would have to start with what i call the trifecta of wellness which is everyone, all of us, has to commit to good food, good fitness and sleep. that is the foundation for everything that we feel, mind, body and spirit. >> can we do that, everybody? [ applause ] >> have to. >> that's a great resolution. >> the basics, and i literally tell people if you have anything that's bothering you, if those three things are not locked down in order, don't even think about taking it from there. i think the second part is focusing on that mind, body, spirit connection. >> the meditation. >> yeah. i think that's really important. a lot of people are good at the body but not good at the mind and the spirit. then this last one is important. i would aim for kind of a middle ground with most medical treatments -- >> i don't know what you mean there. >> i think we get into trouble in this country with extremes. and any extreme can be potentially dangerous, but certainly for people who are living with some variety of chronic kind of conditions.
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i think the best holistic approach is the best of western medicine, the best of some nonwestern approaches. and that's really the middle ground where i think you get the best result. any extreme makes me a little nervous. >> i have a followup. how do you get the eastern with the western? >> i mean, i think that you have to go to someone who knows a little bit about both or a lot about both and i think you always have to weigh risk versus benefit. not everything we do in western medicine is perfect and same thing with nonwestern medicine. so i think that's where the gray zone can be really helpful. >> you have to have a guide. that's why we have you. >> thank you. >> going into 2018 now that we've got that fresh year -- >> you want my forecast? >> i want your forecast. >> do you like what i did there? so i think in the crystal ball for medicine and health and wellness, look at three basic things. obesity, i think we're going to see a big push in medicine to manage it aggressively.
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when we talk about cancer, it's all about personalized targeted gene therapies, not one size fits all when you talk about cancer. then longevity, this is what we're going to be hearing a lot about. the fda launched its first ever trial on longevity. they picked this drug metformin which is used to treat diabetes type 2, and it has been shown to improve life span in animals, reduce the rates of some kinds of cancers, maybe helpful with weight loss. so remember that name. >> is that for everybody? >> it's not ready for primetime yet but it is being called the possible aspirin of the 21st century. guys, you heard it here. first longevity, in my crystal ball. >> i've heard that term more and more and i want to talk to you mother about that. that's fantastic. thank you. this morning we're also going to put our finances into focus. abc's rebecca jarvis has five great tips to balance your checkbooks and max out that 401(k).
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>> reporter: looking to keep your money resolutions in 2018? we have five tips to set you off on the right financial foot in the new year. tip number one, check that credit report at you're entitled to one free report a year. this is especially important after more than 145 million americans had their data exposed in the massive equifax data breach. correct any errors and be sure there aren't any fraudulent accounts open in your name. tip number two, pay down your debt. 46% of americans have outstanding credit card debt and the average household carries a credit card balance of $8,109. as interest rates continue to rise, so will that debt. tip number three, get automated, give yourself one less thing to worry about, and set up auto pay on all your bills. save time and money by avoiding any future late fees. tip number four, max out that 401(k).
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many employers offer a match, and if you're not taking full advantage, you're leaving money on the table. unsure how to invest? consider this simple rule of thumb. 100 minus your age equals the amount you should be putting into stocks. 30 years old, that's 70% in stocks. the rest can go in money market and bond funds. tip number five, stick to your budget. it's easier than ever to set a budget and stick to it thanks to your smartphone. apps like good budget and mint let you set and track your spending hassle free. you can even connect to your bank account to automatically track the categories where you spend money. for "good morning america," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> thanks so much. amy, we'll head over to you. new year's day is also a big one for college football. the top four teams set to face off in the college football playoff semifinals. i'm so excited. my georgia bulldogs are taking on the oklahoma sooners and the reigning champs, the clemson
6:15 am
tigers, are facing off against the alabama crimson tide. espn's jesse palmer joins us to break it all down. good morning, jesse. happy new year. >> good morning, amy. happy holidays. i miss you. >> i miss you too. we have to talk like this now? all right, let's talk about football and let's start with top ranked clemson taking on alabama which by the way was a controversial choice for the fourth seed. this is the third time these two teams will meet in the playoffs. what are -- what can we see? >> i think we're going to see another epic matchup here. both of these teams have great defenses. there's so much nfl talent on both of these teams. we're talking about the two best coaches in all of college football, nick saban from alabama, dabo swinney from clemson. i think at the start of the year we thought we were going to see these two teams square off in yet another national championship. this year we're going to get it in the semifinal. but this is unbelievable. the last two times we saw these two teams play, they were epic matchups and i think we're going
6:16 am
to get another one again down in the sugar bowl january 1st. >> also let's talk about georgia versus oklahoma in the rose bowl. this is the first time these powerhouses who started playing in the 1890s are going to be meeting. what are we going to see and be careful what you say here, jesse. >> it's amazing to think of all the history these two teams have and the heisman championships and trophy winners. there's no better situation and setting than the rose bowl. talk about oklahoma first off, you have to talk about baker mayfield, the quarterback. he ran away with the heisman trophy this year. he's the best player in college football. he's accurate. he's got great arm strength. they have the best offense in the country because of him and he seemingly wills them to victory. i like your bulldogs too, amy. i think they've got the best group of running backs in the entire country, when you talk about nick chubb and sony michelle.
6:17 am
i also love jake fromm. nobody even knew his name at the start of the year. he was the back-up. all of a sudden they had an injury and the rest is history. >> i just got chills when you were saying all of that, jesse. i'm so excited. >> my skin is crawling right now. i can't wait. >> bottom line, what are your predictions? >> starting off in the sugar bowl, i'm picking clemson over alabama because of their defense, especially their defensive line. amy, i'm taking oklahoma over georgia because of the -- >> you have to because you're a gator. >> the national championship game we've got clemson against oklahoma. you know what we always say, defense wins championships and that's why i'm picking the clemson tigers to repeat as national champs. >> i'm going to tell you anything can happen. my bulldogs are going to take it. that's my prediction. jesse, love you. let's talk face-to-face next time, all right? >> absolutely. miss you guys. >> you can see both college football semifinal games on espn. oklahoma takes on georgia at 5:00 p.m. eastern followed by clemson versus alabama.
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lara. coming up, digital detox. scared those gadgets are taking over your life? yes, i am. and your kids? yes. the tools to help you finally put the phone down and just live a little. >> really? okay. and the new year means a new chance to travel. the hottest spots to visit in 2018 without breaking the bank. guess which cities are celebrated a birthday. guess which cities are celebrated a birthday.
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who the hell are you guys? >> welcome back to "gma." there it is. the all-star trailer. is that all we're showing? "avengers: infinity war" with the chrises. chris pratt, chris hemsworth, chris evans. a lot of excitement for that movie and other anticipated ones like "a wrinkle in time." we have the biggest blockbusters coming up for you. >> very exciting. we want to say a very happy new year to you and our wonderful audience. we are on tape so we can spend some time with our families and hope you're enjoying yours as well this morning. >> by the way, i would take one more chris even. why not. >> absolutely. >> we've got the best places to travel in 2018 from the beach to the ultimate bucket list trips. >> first we are going to show you how to go on a digital detox. you so many people are vowing to do that and our tech expert becky worley is here to help. becky, take it away. becky! becky, we just threw to you. >> i was distracted. i was distracted.
6:30 am
>> we all need less of that, right? >> we're all distracted by our gadgets, aren't we? so wouldn't it be great if in 2018 we could get some help detoxing, getting some balance with our devices. >> reporter: modern life is dominated by the smartphone, often for good but the slow creep of technology into our lives has reached a breaking point for many. aaah! aaron chiller is a digital life coach and says we have to get disciplined. >> you have to set a goal or have a mind-set that you're going to do something less or more. if you're not going to not eat sugar you have to wake up and say i'm going to eat less sugar. same with technology. >> reporter: first step, take back control. for example, taming notifications. you do not need to look at your phone every time a retail blasts a sale notification. go to settings, click notifications and get serious about turning them off. >> deny.
6:31 am
turn off sounds. oh, delete that completely. >> reporter: let's talk about e-mail intrusions. the big one is from work. do you really need to be on call all the time? >> there is no life/work balance anymore. now it's about life/work integration. >> you tell your boss, co-workers, employees, from 6:00 to 9:00, i'm going to be with my family. don't e-mail me, call me, text, and i'm not going to do the same. >> reporter: next, social media. get ruthless. >> toxic people or friends who post so many political rants, easy, unfriend or at least unfollow. facebook gives you lots of options and the other person never knows they're out of your news feed. also go through the pages you've liked and make sure you really want their stuff plastered in front of you. next -- >> selfie. posting that on insta. >> reporter: comments on instagram got you down? go to settings and filter, block or turn off comments entirely.
6:32 am
finally, this one is hard, put your phone down. >> if you want to cut down on your text use, create a tech free zone. >> reporter: create rooms in your house that are tech free, events and times where you don't check in. there are apps to help you with this task. one called onward and another called moment. they track your usage and let you know how many times you fire up facebook and gently nudge you when you've spent the last hour on insta. an app called digital detach goes even further, creating timed blockouts, locking you out of all apps except for texting and calling. another alternative is to go for a walk without your phone. it's a start to that healthy separation. one step at a time to finding a digital balance. [ applause ] >> do you guys remember all the hype about this japanese book, "the life changing magic of tidying up". >> still on my dresser table. i love it. >> the exercise in there is when
6:33 am
you're thinking about getting rid of stuff, you hold up say a sweater and ask yourself, does this bring me joy. you've done this? >> yes, i have. it's such a great way to get rid of a lot of things. >> do you say it? >> i think it. it works. >> i say do the same with your apps. spend a little bit of time on facebook and then ask yourself does scrolling through facebook in bed bring me joy? if it doesn't, stop. >> playing candy crush gives me joy. >> that's the question. ask yourself -- >> what i'm hearing from old friends -- it doesn't give me joy when i can't stop. >> that's the thing. >> shopping brings me joy. that app is going to stay. >> when is it joy, when does it feel like you're compelled. ask yourself those questions, be mindful and use some of those tips in the piece to just put the phone down. >> namaste. we can do it, guys.
6:34 am
>> thank you, becky. up next, when you put your phones away you can travel more. we'll show you the top places to travel in 2018 from right here in the u.s. to overseas. where your family could score a deal. and the movies that have everyone talking. that's coming up on "gma." everyone talking. that's coming up on "gma." (avo) help control cravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months. serious side effects are mood changes like depression and mania, seizures, increased blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, glaucoma, allergic reactions, and hypoglycemia. not for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, seizure history, anorexia, bulimia, drug or alcohol
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this is my dog. we are currently stationed in bahrain. i'd like to wish a happy holiday to my friends and family in michigan. >> back on "gma" with the best places to travel in 2018. we've got pauline froemer with us with her picks for the best destinations that won't break the bank. that's the best part of this whole thing. >> the froemer guides are written by travel experts across the globe. we polled them and said which places are going to be coolest in 2018, which are going to be the least expensive, maybe have special celebrations. we got a list, created an article, put it on and i'm here to discuss it with you. >> i'm very excited about the first city you selected. it's always been a popular tourist attraction, new orleans. it's celebrating a very significant milestone this year. >> yes. new orleans is turning 300 years old, and boy, are they going to throw a party. in fact -- yeah, yeah. [ applause ] >> there's a party every night
6:39 am
on bourbon street. >> they are going to throw 160 parties which is how many festivals they have each year, but this year they're all going to have to do with the rich history of the city. so it's going to be a really interesting year for new orleans. >> such an incredible city. the food, the people, the music, there isn't anything not to love. i love that city. >> absolutely. >> should we also talk about the areas that got hit by hurricanes because that's something that's been in the news a lot. a lot of people are confused who's accepting tourists, who isn't. i was talking to my producer who's going down there. a lot of them are accepting tourists, ready to take everybody back. they need it. >> there's a misperception that the entire caribbean was blown away and that couldn't be further from the truth. there are many, many islands that were totally untouched. so go there because of this misperception. we're seeing prices drop 20% in places like jamaica that you're looking at now which was totally untouched. it's so great for families. you have fun in the sun.
6:40 am
you have vibrant cultures to explore, kids' clubs, a safe place to leave the kids and have adult time. i love the caribbean. >> and you also love a place that i had never heard of in arizona. >> bisbee, arizona, about ten miles from the mexican border. it's an artist community, a very bohemian town. if you remember radiator springs from the movie "cars" it has that retro vibe. galleries, boutiques, wineries outside the town, beautiful desert scapes but very inexpensive. this is a hidden gem that we think will be more expensive pretty soon. >> i have a question, how far is that from the grand canyon? is it a long drive? >> i don't know off hand but -- >> i'm trying to do a two-fer. >> if you want to travel internationally you say colombia. >> fabulous. so fabulous. you know, it's at the top tip of south america so it's the
6:41 am
easiest to get to from here. $400 and change round trip to get there, very inexpensive on the ground. it has all of the highlights of the rest of south america in one small country. you have the andes mountains, beautiful colonial cities, fabulous estates for growing coffee that you can stay on and be pampered. you have the jungle. you have so much. >> sold. sounds great. >> and it's safe. since the peace accord, it's absolutely safe where the tourists go. >> cartagena, is that a city that you like? >> gorgeous colonial city, so beautiful. >> these are all great tips. ladies, are we packing? >> arizona, here we come. coming up, the superhero sequels that are taking over the big screen in 2018. stick around for this. in 2018. stick around for this. psst, g'. oooh and she looks like the no artificial sweeteners type, she'll love us. right? we are the new light & fit greek yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners.
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belvita breakfast biscuits. introducing clorox with cloromax. cleans and help protects. ♪ easier cleanup is the beginning. what comes next is everything. ♪ hi, i'm armie hammer, happy holidays. >> i'm rachel platten. happy holidays. i hope you're with your loved ones and having an incredible time. >> happy holidays. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "good morning america." happy new year. we are celebrating the holiday with a preview of the best movies of 2018. our movie expert, chris connelly, breaking down the hottest movies at the box office. >> reporter: in a year that will bring the early days of han solo
6:46 am
and the last 50 shades, hot takes hope to rekindle film going in 2018. even such oscar eager fair as the post begins the year by opening nationwide. >> do you have the papers? >> not yet. >> reporter: taraji p. henson is not to be disrespected when she's playing an assassin in "proud mary" which is when liam nissan's "the commuter" will arrive. way oversized animals pose a challenge for dwayne johnson in "rampage." is it merriment or moment most foul? rachel mcadams and jason bateman on "game night". >> is this gun real? >> no, annie! >> blood! >> reporter: fans of director wes anderson are licking their
6:47 am
chops for his "isle of dogs." marvel's much awaited "black panther." and watch for the "incredibles 2." >> you have powers! >> reporter: another sequel? ryan reynolds is back f for "deadpool 2." >> this does put a smile on my face. >> installment. anna and christian have wed but married life can be a pain in the trilogy ending "50 shades freed." as bruce willis tries to get even in "death wish." natalie portman is in "annihilation." and chris pine in "a wrinkle in
6:48 am
time." >> be a warrior. >> i'll try. >> reporter: time for you to go to the movies. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> chris, thank you. i haven't seen any movies recently. i need to. maternity leave, it's coming. >> way to spend your time. all right, guys, coming up on this program, the rising stars to watch in 2018 from the new han solo to the young actress that's sharing the big screen with oprah. then rebooting your life from the inside out. the new health trends to try and the beauty products everyone is raving about in the new year. plus what the hottest hairstyle of 2018 will be. we have the big -- and that's a hint -- reveal coming up. >> oh really? >> yes, big hair is back. [ applause ] and that's a hint oh 0 e-- reveal coming up. >> oh really? >> yes, big hair is back. i want one! me! how do ya'll feel about the new weight watchers freestyle program? i love freestyle. you can have anything you want. it's real food. it's so much easier going out to eat now. it feels great.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by edward jones. understanding what's important to you matters. tant to you matters.
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good morning, america.
6:59 am
it's 8:00 a.m. happy new year, and welcome to rejuvenation nation. we're hoping you kick off 2018 right with healthy habits from the inside out, and the best foods to benefit your body. how to look your best in 2018. the top trends taking over the red carpet, and how you can rock them for less. plus beauty secrets from rihanna and other big stars right to you. rising stars. the breakout actors making their mark on hollywood. shooting for the stars in "star wars." and what's next for the guy that will have you saying, get out. plus who's this teen sharing the silver screen with oprah. >> be a warrior. >> i'll try. >> and the young heartthrob on the road to oscar gold. all that and we're rocking out with cane brown. the country music star is bringing a little bit of heaven to times square on this special
7:00 am
new year's edition of "gma" as we say good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. happy new year. thank you all for joining us on this very first day of 2018. we want to let you know we're on tape this morning so we can be with our loved ones for the holiday and we hope you are enjoying yours as well. what do you guys usually do on new year's eve? >> drink. >> champagne of course. >> of course. >> i missed it so much. i'm sure. >> yeah. >> sleep, maybe you'll get some sleep. >> i definitely will get some sleep. our new year's have changed a lot having the young kids. >> you'll get right back into that once they turnabout 8 or 9. >> sure, we will. >> we want to help you get a jump start from the inside out with the best foods to beat stress and the go-to products to help you get that new year's glow. >> you already have it. plus the new year means new
7:01 am
fashion trends. we're going to show you the hottest red carpet looks and how you can get them for less. first the morning's top stories and let's go to ron claiborne. good morning, ron. happy new year. >> thanks, amy. we begin with a new year's eve tragedy in costa rica. ten americans killed in a plane crash. the charter plane went down sunday afternoon. among the dead, a new york couple and their three sons on the last leg of their trip. abc's kenneth moton has the latest. >> reporter: this was the horrific scene of a plane crash that left a dozen people dead. a tiny private plane on its way to the costa rican capital, san jose. ten minutes after takeoff, onlookers say it suddenly plummeted out of the sky. >> went sideways and nose dived to the ground. >> reporter: small explosions sending bystanders rushing to help but up close only the plane's colorful tail was
7:02 am
distinguishable from the rest of the wreckage. >> everybody was screaming and yelling. >> reporter: among the victims, ten american tourists, including the steinbergs, a family of five on holiday break from new york. >> it's hard to believe that it's actually real. >> reporter: now investigators in costa rica are scouring the wreckage for clues, trying to find out what caused the plane to go down and give answers to those who lost loved ones. >> the hardest partings you hear the news and you want to do something, i'm here, what can i do. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kenneth moton, abc news, new york. new details are emerging about the man who opened fire on police at a denver apartment complex. 37-year-old matthew riehl posted anti-police videos on youtube and was recommended for mental health evaluations. police were called for a domestic disturbance when he opened fire hitting five officers and two neighbors. 29-year-old officer zachary parish was killed. >> it was very difficult today to go see zach for the last
7:03 am
time. zach was a good kid, smiley kid. go up and down the halls, you could see his face. he was eager to work and eager to serve. >> officer parish leaves behind a wife and two small children. he had been with the department for just seven months. breaking news in iran where at least 12 people have died in violent protests there. people were rallying against rising prices, high unemployment and corruption. the white house has voiced support for the demonstrators. the iranian president says they have a right to protest but warned against violence. and north korea's kim jong-un issued a warning to the u.s. during his annual new year's address. he says the north has a complete nuclear arsenal and the button is always on his desk but says he will not use the weapons unless threatened, even suggesting that north korea may
7:04 am
compete in the winter games next month. president trump is heading back to the white house after celebrating the new year at marijuana surrou mar-a-lago. the president told reporters that 2018 is off to a good start with tax cuts and a rising stock market. he had a message aimed at both friends and foes and tweeted, as our country rapidly grows stronger and smarter, i want to wish my friends, supporters, enemies, haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a happy and healthy new year. 2018 will be a great year for america. new year's celebrations went horribly wrong on an australian beach. fireworks burst into flames and spontaneously spread into crowds. two technicians suffered minor injuries but were treated on the scene by paramedics. a massive fire swept through a parking garage in liverpool, england destroying as many as 1600 cars.
7:05 am
that blaze forcing the evacuation of several buildings in the area. flames were shooting up outside the building with smoke billowing in the sky. nearby international horse show was cancelled but officials say the horses are safe and secure. and the force was with "star wars" the last jedi this weekend. it not only topped the chart for the third weekend in a row but became the top grossing film of 2017 in north america. the disney film was projected to gross $517 million in the u.s., surpassing beauty and the beast, also a movie by disney, abc's parent company. the movie hit $1 billion happy new year to you. looking at some clouds around the south end of the bay. another mild day today. partly cloudy skies. more clouds tomorrow. rainy pattern begins on wednesday. it's a spare the air alert today. 62 downtown over in oakland.
7:06 am
64 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more clouds tomorrow. rain arrives on wednesday, lasts through friday. dry next weekend. and buffalo has something to celebrate. buffalo, the city, not the animal, other than another record snowfall. the bills, buffalo bills football team is going to the playoffs after a 17-year absence, the longest playoff drought in north american sports history is over. buffalo first beat the miami dolphins and had to wait for cincinnati to beat baltimore. cleveland is going to celebrate a perfect nfl season themselves next saturday. the browns lost every single game. only the second team ever to go 0-16. they'll parade around a stadium forming a zero. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, ron. coming up next here, the rising stars in hollywood, who to watch in 2018 and which
7:07 am
breakout actor is on the road to oscar gold. plus how to get that perfect champagne pop. the secret just ahead in "pop news." >> i see. and, rejuvenation nation. we've got the health dream team here helping you look and feel your best from inside out. take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store, which is the same for everyone. even guinea pigs. it's only fair mr. biscuits. only fair. ♪ carmax music sting
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it's simple, so she can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. i'm staff sergeant barbie kramer deployed to the 332nd wing. i'd like to send a happy new year's message to my husband justin who just made it home in
7:12 am
time for the holidays from his deployment. hey babe, i'm so glad you're able to be home with the family for the holidays. i miss you and love you so much and know i will be home real soon. >> i'm currently stationed at luke air force base, arizona. to my wife, rebecca, i enjoyed every bit of 2017 with you and i can't wait for 2018. i love you. [ applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." we are so happy to have an incredible audience to kick off the new year and now -- yeah [ applause ] let's kick off the new year with the first "pop news" of 2018. [ cheers and applause ] >> resolutions later. i want to talk about champagne, why not. this is the first "pop news" of 2018, everybody. oh, a fine vintage of sparkling cider. many of you have sipped a glass of the real thing, the bubbly, to ring in the new year at this point i'm guessing. [ applause ]
7:13 am
right? it turns out there's actually science behind the pop that you hear when opening the bottle. mathematician chang reveals it's about getting the right chill before opening and the right amount of pressure. she suggested that you cool the bottle in an ice bucket about 40 minutes before you want to do it -- before you want to drink it. you should get your bubbly to about 44 degrees. once it's child the cook should come out fairly easily and that pop shouldn't scare anyone. it should be pleasing to the ear like, she says, symbols or birds chirping. >> she's obviously never heard chirping. >> she might have had a glass or two when she wrote this study. if your bottle of bubbly misses out on the perfect pop, hopefully the champagne tasted so good that it didn't matter. happy new year, everyone. that's a little science for you.
7:14 am
essentially put it in the fridge. >> maybe people won't regret having opening champagne. >> thank you, ginger zee. up next, the holidays are filled with suitweets, candy canes, christmas cookies. when it comes to salted caramels, scientists say it may just be impossible to resist. it's all thanks to an addictive combination of sugar, salt and fat that presses the want more button so to speak in our brains. the trio was vital to early man's survival in the wild which is why it is almost ann animal instinct to be attracted to the food. it's called heeden is tick escalation. when you can't stop eating something even when your
7:15 am
conscious brain tells you that you are full. would you like to share with us, ginger zee? >> i love popcorn and milk. it's really strange but i love that combination. >> that qualifies. how about you? >> i mean -- >> come on. >> i love -- it's very hard for me to say no to cheesecake. >> that's a good one. and salted caramels. finally, so we've eaten, we've had champagne and let's talk about working out. gyms everywhere will hit max capacity with folks trying to stick to their weight loss resolutions. there is an at-home workout we wanted to share with you. she's from tennessee and uses wine as equipment apparently. her videos have racked more than 20 million views, you guys. so funny. she's made almost 15 of them.
7:16 am
she says they're just for fun. she does love working out, loves wine. she does not recommend combining them. [ applause ] turning now to the rising stars already making their mark on hollywood, from the newcomer behind the blockbuster hit "get out" to the 14-year-old sharing the silver screen with oprah, abc's nick watt has the ones to watch in 2018 and we're watching you right now, nick. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, lara. there has been a lot of talk about bringing more much-needed diversity to tinseltown and our industry watchers say that diversity is very evident amongst the up and comers that we're seeing right now poised on the precipice of stardom. >> i need help. >> reporter: "star wars" is the star maker these days. think daisy ridley and john boyega.
7:17 am
next up, kelly marie tran. she bagged the biggest new role. >> i can name every single person in this film. i felt like i went to an epic acting school. >> from nothing to "star wars" is someone worth paying attention to. >> reporter: timothy shalamay in "call me by your name" and in "lady bird". >> we're definitely going to be seeing him around the award circuit. >> i'm known to be quite vexing. >> reporter: while we're talking oscar love, we must talk margot robb robbie. you probably heard of her, but she's about to go stratosphere. >> we also judge on presentation. >> she's proven she can play anything. >> reporter: as can star of this summer's surprise smash "get out". >> we remember his face with the
7:18 am
tears. it's become a meme all over the internet. "a wrinkle in time", our youngest hot property. >> i've never done this big of a film before. >> storm reid is only 14 but she is the lead in "a wrinkle in time". >> reporter: then this guy, star of critical hit box office "caesar" alongside clooney. shy when i chatted to the cast. >> you hope to work with people like as high of a level as you possibly can. >> and when you can't? >> when you can't, you settle. >> everyone walked out of that film saying who is this guy, he looks like an old hollywood movie star. >> reporter: he just landed the role of youthful han but caveat time. this is just a list that we put together. our hunch is no one in l.a. truly really knows how this
7:19 am
fickle entertainment business works and the line between so hot and so not can be very thin. lara. >> 100% true, nick. anybody that didn't make the list that you now would like to share? >> yes. yes. la keefe stanfield, a stunning performance in "get out." also, a 7-year-old brooklyn prince who might win an oscar for "the florida project." she says she wants to be the first girl president. >> love her even more. and you. nick watt, thank you. happy new year. to ginger and amy. thank you, lara. now to our rejuvenation nation, helping you start healthy habits from the inside out and we're here with dietitian and nutritionist maya feller and dr. whitney bowe. we're going to get to you in a moment. maya, we begin with you. tell us about the nutrition points we should be focusing on in 2018. >> first of all, happy new year.
7:20 am
i want to say that it's really important to focus on reducing the inflammatory foods, increasing the anti-inflammatory foods, staying well hydrated and paying attention to prebiotic intake. >> we're going to get specific on all of those things. we begin with the food that affects inflammation. which ones are we talking about? >> the pro inflammatory foods are filled with added sugars, salt and fat. here that is right here. >> the stuff is that tastes good. >> it's what we have just come off of eating in the holidays. we've been having more cookies, soda, cake and that increases the risk of heart disease and increases gas and bloating and distension. for weight management when we engage in this type of behavior on a regular basis, it's not healthy. >> i've cut that out of my life and i've never felt better, i have to say. >> absolutely. >> what about the foods that are actually good to eat. i'm assuming that's what these are. >> that's exactly what these
7:21 am
are. this is a gorgeous plethora of anti-inflammatory foods. we have some of our heart healthy nuts. they have cardio protective benefits. we see olive oil. part of the mediterranean diet. i personally love it. we have berries, tons of antioxidan antioxidants, spinach and citrus. >> honestly, you feel so much better when you eat this versus this. >> the research shows that when you engage in eating pro inflammatory foods you crave it more. your body wants it but we want your body to have this. >> your body needs liquid so we have a lot of liquid in front of us. >> absolutely. these two cylinders, it looks like a ton of water. 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 for men. i know that's lot but you can get hydration from water as well as food. what i have in the front is ginger, cayenne and lemon, my favorite way to make a nice new year's hot beverage.
7:22 am
we also have coffee beans. coffee can be hydrating in moderation. for people who are sensitive i say watch out for the side effects. >> you said it earlier and i thought maybe you misspoke but you didn't. prebiotics versus probiotics. >> prebiotics are kind of like the food for the probiotics. probiotics need to be fed and the prebiotics are dandelion greens, garlic, bananas. they help feed the probiotics and they colonize that good gut bacteria. >> these are vitamins? >> supplements. i personally like to tell my patients to get their prebiotics from the foods but you can get it from a supplement. >> thanks so much. lara, now you have some skin care secrets with dr. bowe. >> dr. bowe is here with a lot of stuff. we're going to talk about this year's big beauty buy. i want to start with the lips. >> 2018 is all about lip serums,
7:23 am
advanced nail solutions and heat free drying. we all remember lip plumpers. >> they kind of burned, the old ones. >> they temporarily added volume but did nothing to slow down the signs of aging and often left the lips dry and irritated. in 2018 keep an eye out for lip serums, specifically designed to care for the fragile, delicate tissue as well as the surrounding skin. these not only nourish, plump and hydrate the lips but smooth out fine lines that make our lipstick bleed. these are two of my favorite brands, under $50. >> will they actually add a little plump? >> they do plump. >> love that. let's talk about nails. you talk about something like a nail holiday. >> a manicure holiday. i always used to encourage my patients to take a manicure holiday every couple of months to prevent their nails from getting dry and brittle and that meant they had to go polish free for one to two weeks.
7:24 am
now you can rest and repair your nails without sacrificing a manicure. there are nail strengthening formulas that come in gorgeous shades but decrease peeling and breakage in one week. i'm actually wearing one of my favorite shades called sheers to you which is perfect for the new year. >> yes. i'm a big fan. >> $10. >> when we look for essie, what are -- >> look for tlc. that's the line. it's a single coat. >> love that. now the hair. zoe, our brave girl today. >> rocking her turban. high tech hair drying. when hair is wet, any harsh rubbing or overheating can break fragile strands. there's a generation of hair towels specifically engineered to dry hair quickly and gently without causing frizz or damage. they're made with microfiber technology and these ultra fine fibers.
7:25 am
they wick away moisture with zero friction. it cuts down drying time by 50%. these are $30. >> you might still need to smooth but this will get your hair -- >> you can blow dry a little bit but much less heat is needed. >> great tips. thank you. thank you guys. you can get more healthy tips on our website, on yahoo!. koumg coming up, the hottes fashion trends for the new year and how to get them for way less. stay with us.
7:26 am
good morning to you and happy new year. starting today you will pay more to ride bart and cost you more to buy a paper ticket trying to push riders towards using clipper cards so paper tickets will cost 50 cents extra. fares will go up to raise fares every two years. new adult fares from walnut creek to downtown san francisco will cost $5.40 or $5.90 with a paper ticket. barely anyone making their way across. there are no major problems. many transit systems are operating on
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning to you. waking up to fog along the san mateo bridge. a beautiful sunrise out there. temperatures in the 40s. slightly warmer for some of you. still cold in livermore this morning. mid 60s today. spare the air. >> thank you. we will have another update in about 30 minutes
7:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] happy new year, everybody. welcome back to "good morning america." a great audience in times square kicking off 2018, everybody. so, through the magic of television we are on tape this morning so we can actually be with our families like you are. hopefully you're having a great morning. right now we're going to break down some of the hottest fashion trends for 2018. we're hearing it's all about suiting up for the new year. the power suit is back and better than ever. celebrate stylist and fashion expert melissa garcia is back. you always bring great ideas and always value which we love and we appreciate that. let's talk about the power suit. from the conference room to the red carpet. really a comeback? s >> it is. for me, i automatically think of melaniblazer before i knew you coming. >> it's a cape. >> i feel like olivia pope. >> yes. it's very olivia popeish. it's a good staple piece.
7:30 am
>> i like it even with a white tank top to get a get that's business. >> definitely business but sexy business. >> let's get to our next look, the skirt suit, everybody. the skirt suit can to me look a little secretary. how do we do it right? >> here we see kate middleton and jackie kennedy wearing it like you said a little secretary. here's a great way to do it. here we have jennifer. >> get over here. she's gorgeous. >> yes. first of all, i love the idea of doing a blazer dress because it sort of blends masculine and feminine, the perfect blend, conservative on the top, sexy on the bottom. you still get that suiting feel because of the cut of the blazer. here it's from h & m. it works well, pulls well together. if you want you can pair it with a pair of jeans and it's a
7:31 am
little easier to wear. >> that's from h & m? >> yes. $99. >> i'll be right back. it is sexy. i think you would want to put a little skirt on for the office. >> for the office, yes, maybe something. >> but very, very nice. we have another look. th this is our bold patterns look. let's look at some people wearing it right now. you can see in the monitor we've got celebrities rocking it. how can we rock it in the real world? >> we see twiggy. it's definitely a bolder statement. if you're going to start with trying this suit, i would say maybe this isn't the first one to try. if you do it, do it with a darker color. we have this on lola. this is from zara. again, under $150 for the whole suit together. >> you can totally mix and match. >> exactly. what i love about a suit like this is you can make your pieces work overtime for you. pair your blazer with a pair of jeans or the pants with a chunky
7:32 am
knit sweater. let your pieces work overtime. it makes a statement. it's so beautiful, something fun to try for the new year. >> i love all of these looks. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i did not get the memo in time. ladies, you look great. do you feel good? really pretty. coming up, the beauty trends stars like rihanna are bringing right to your makeup bag. what are we talking about? stay with us. "good morning america" will be right back in 2018.
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[ cheers and applause ] back now on "good morning america," it is time for your "gma" moment. we're going to kick 2018 off right with a little smile. so many of us will wake up feeling a lot like baby emerson today. she's in that high chair, and you're out. you sit there and you're nodding off and thinking, that was fun last night. but she, yeah, she was at her friend's first birthday so she partied a little too hard. that's what her parents said. a sweet video. we would [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] let's walk over to amy now.
7:36 am
we got to get the hottest beauty trends of 2018. i heard big hair is coming back. >> that's right, ginger. we will get to that in just a moment. first we're here with jane buckingham who is breaking down the best beauty buys for the new year. >> it's time to get a new look. >> we're going to start with foundation. we used to only have a few colors to choose from. >> and now makeup companies are realizing they need a color for everybody. you can go to brands like you can go to brands like fenty, mabeline. now you can really realize that there's a perfect shade for you. >> i love that, all these options are good. now of course people are getting ready to go out. it's a bit of a different look. it's a very glamorous look. >> the hair is going back to the '80s, the makeup is going forward to the future. this is the galaxy look. we're going to see a ton of glitter.
7:37 am
it's going to be on your eyes, your cheeks, your lips. gigi hadid, kendall genre. kyl kylie jenner. they are all out there doing it. they've all shown us they're all out there doing it. you can go really wild or tame it down. >> there's a toned down version? >> yes. you have glitter on the lips which you would think would be really dramatic but it's not too bad. it's kind of fun, especially for going out in the evening or on the cheeks. makeup doesn't just have to make you look pretty. it's art these days, just like our nails. >> and then this is the exciting part. this is the hair. let's talk about the trends of 2018. >> well, in 2017 it was all about the love, everyone went short. it was very sort of gentle, beachy waves. and now i feel like everything is going back to the '80s. >> mom jeans are in so why not. >> exactly. we have two great looks. [ applause ]
7:38 am
you guys can do this. this is sort of a slicked back look. it's a lot of gel but it's fun on long hair or short hair and it's stylish and sleek. then we've also got the -- think melanie griffith in "working girl". big curls and bad perm. >> toned down version of that for sure. >> none of us want to go back there but you're going to have to break out a lot of hairspray. a little more structured fun. 2017 was a little more casual, and this is more not. >> i can give my daughter hair tips on what i did, like lots of mousse. remember the rave hairspray. >> the wave, is that going to come back? >> not going to happen. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning, jane. thank you so much. [ applause ] coming up, we have a big
7:39 am
performance for new year's day, so stay with us. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung, the most beautiful tv you've never seen. frame from samsung, the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
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and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] we are back with a special performance to help us kick off 2018. give it up, everybody. for kane brown, performing a hit off his self-titled album. here it is, "what ifs." ♪ what if i leave you, what if i find somebody else and i don't need you ♪ ♪ what if this goes down ♪ what if i mess you up, you say what if i break your heart and then what ♪ ♪ i hear you girl, i feel you girl but not so fast ♪ ♪ will you make your mind up, i got to ask ♪
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here is your forecast with lisa argen. >> it's pretty foggy out there. also in the south bay mountain
7:57 am
view. the view from above. we have the sunshine. that will win out today. 44 in san jose. 45 half moon bay. and you can probably see the air quality here less than ideal. 40 santa rosa. cold in napa at 35. we are chilly in livermore at 37. fog in concord. spare the air today. low 60s in oakland. looking live at traffic to the peninsula. the bridge toll plaza. it is foggy but the traffic is light. many local transit systems are running on a sunday schedule. coming up we invi >> announcer: the following is a special holiday presentation of espn on abc.
7:58 am
♪ >> announcer: welcome to the 129th rose parade presented by honda. as the sun rises on a new year 2018, we welcome you to pasadena california. the theme of this year's parade is making a difference. these some 5 hundred,000 along the parade route no doubt appreciating this differe


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