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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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up in oakland at harbor side dispensary to be among the first to legally buy cannabis in the state. >> with these scissors, i dub thee free. >> reporter: at harborside dispensary, january 1st had a 420 feel to it. sale of recreational marijuana became legal at 6:00 a.m. steve deangelo made what they say is first sale to the dispensary's attorney henry wye could youski. a graham of neville's purple. >> excellent choice but you need to give me your adult identification. >> reporter: california voters approve legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana. since then state and local
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regulations in place. identification for proof of age and limit of one ounce of flowers and eight ounce of concentrates. limited to 100 milligrams of thc per item. >> finally have the protections that other consumers have. cannabis will be laboratory tested. >>. >> reporter: taxes, excisetaxes, and -- san francisco's first day of sales is this saturday due to debate over where dispensaries can operate. customers say it's about time. >> for a lot of people helps get through the day, maintain if you will. life is stressful nowadays. >> able to come out as adult and purchase marijuana openly without having to deal with legal ramifications that come with it.
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>> chp wants to remind everyone that impaired driving is impaired driving. alcohol, prescription drugs or marijuana. in oakland, matt keller, abc7 news. san francisco and los angeles are biggest cities where recreational pot not available right away. both late to approve local regulations. san francisco on friday. unincorp.ated areas of counties outlawed recreational sales. marin county supervisors voted to ban businesses in unincorp. rated areas. say going to revisit the issue but not before working out medicinal licensing this summer. start of the new year brings higher wages to some workers. minimum hourly wages up in 18 states and handful of cities and counties. small companies in california with 25 or fewer employees have
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to pay at least $10.50 an hour, up from $10. and larger up to -- federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour, same as since 2009. hundreds of new laws take effect today. ammunition sales must be conducted by or processed through licensed vendors. legislation signed into law by governor brown makes california a sanctuary state in response to president trump's immigration crackdown. and more affordable college and -- because parents are not paid fees. >> law many of us are probably breaking without realizing it,
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has gone away. up until yesterday these people were officially breaking law. old state jaywalking law made it illegal to enter a crosswalk if the countdown signal had started to flash. didn't matter if safe across, that was law. now only if the countdown has ended. oakland police searching for driver who hit and killed pedestrian in crosswalk. >> happened around 5:00 this morning. leslie brinkley with the details. >> reporter: these shoes along 98th avenue and sunnyside street mark crosswalk where hit and run took life of female pedestrian at 4:00 a.m. >> type of shoe, jordan, color, leads me to believe a young person didn't make it home. >> reporter: neighbors in shock after paramedics and police responded at 5:00 a.m.
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98th avenue closed eight hours as investigators tried to piece together evidence. >> reporter: major thoroughfare between freeways in oakland. neighbors here long complained about people speeding down the hill and dangerous crosswalks. >> cars are flying, going fast to get on the freeway up 98th and flying fast down the hill down 98th. kids have to fight to be safe to get across the street. >> reporter: oakland police looking for dark colored sedan that sped away southbound. not yet identified the pedestrian. >> sad to think that on the way home after the new year, somebody didn't make it. >> police don't know if alcohol or drugs were involved in the collision but anyone with information, call the traffic division. pedestrian seriously hurt
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after hit by car along ocean near miramar around 2:00. ambulance took the person to hospital. 2018 is off to cold start in lot of the country. new year's eve ball dropped on times square, nine or ten degrees depending on the the thermometer. coldest since 1917. much of the northeast and midwest still in deep freeze. blamed for at least five deaths and all the cold is spreading south. atlanta high was 27 degrees. 40-year record. >> lots of schools delaying opening for new semester. >> they're not used to that. here the weather couldn't be any more different. west coast heat. >> thank goodness. spencer christian is here. you came from east coast, so did i. welcome relief. >> up in new england, wind chill
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dropped to zero one of the nights. too cold for me. i'm back. live doppler 7, much different here, hazy, skies are bright. thin high clouds and poor air quality today, spare the air day today and tomorrow. only slight improvement tomorrow. coast and central bay moderate instead of poor. but overall quality not so good. hoping for improvement as storm approaches. storm impact scale. system moves in wednesday, light to moderate rain into thursday morning. maybe a couple of isolated thunderstorms. .3 to .7 inches of rainfall. noon wednesday rain pushes on shore. 8:00 most of the bay area receiving light to moderate rain. another wave on thursday night,
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second storm into friday. give you look at that and weekend forecast coming up shortly. a familiar sight for drivers in marin county today, phenomenal known as king tide caused flooding along redwood highway. drivers and cyclists had to go around the problem area. also causing extreme low tides and more powerful than normal rip currents. incredible video showing rescue of badly hurt mountain biker this weekend. fell and suffered broken bones and head injuries in park outside of walnut creek. contra costa county helicopter called in. fire captain and flight rescue technician guided injured biker from trail to the ambulance and taken to hospital. today is first day to make
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reservations for parking at muir woods. park has been overrun by parking and traffic problems for year. starting january 16th, you have to make a reservation in advance. $3 to park or take a shuttle. everything coming up roses for bay area high school marching band. look at today's rose parade. still going strong after 129 years. labor pains lasted more than 48 hours but resulted in special beginning for bay area family. 7 on your side's michael finney taking questions on twitter and facebook. #askfinney. he'll answer live later on. live look at traffic in san francisco. skyway, holiday light. new year's day. lot of folks resting
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it all started when sophia stopped into marshalls and found a mug for surprisingly little green. she paired that with some succulents. and suddenly something clicked. that surprise led to a stylish wood mirror, soothing lavender oils, a party llama... or is that an alpaca? super soft towels, and an enchanting vase that magically tied it all together.
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she arranged it all into the greatest guest bathroom ever. did sophia expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise. marshalls. your surprise is waiting. earlier showed you big crowds lining up for recreational marijuana now that it's legal in california. one bay area company doesn't think you should have to wait in line for pot. getting ready to bring it to your door. alyssa harrington shows us what it will take. >> reporter: dispatcher for proper rx, service in oakland. dropping off order to patient lauren neuman. >> glad you ordered today. >> start the year off right. >> reporter: hopes to expand to
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recreational users now that it's legal in california. at moment only deliver to patients with doctor's recommendation. orders placed online. >> patient gets text message when driver is on the way and once they arrive. can track through the link in the text. live time map where the driver is exactly. >> can't stress how much things have changed over last year in our industry. >> reporter: ceo elliott marshall says he started business to help patients without cars or too sick to walk. still needs proper permits to deliver recreational marijuana. something they're working on. >> being patient. expect to have them coming in soon, towards end of the week. >> reporter: number one priority is safety for drivers. verify patients in office before sending drivers out. must show legal i.d. and pay in
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person. oakland, abc7 news. >> if the company gets green light, going to be one ounce limit per customer per day. fares going up for b.a.r.t. riders. $2 for adults, $1 for kids, 75 cents for senior or clipper card users. you want to get a card if you don't have one. pay a 50 cent sur charge for every right. discount ended up to 18, previously only 12. b.a.r.t. is free 6 and under. adult fares for busses go up to $2.25 but youth fares decrease to $1. >> you've gone through it. i have not. can't imagine a labor lasting 48 hours. 48 hours. came with a big reward for a san francisco couple.
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here's why, this cute bundle of joy the first baby born in bay area 2018, two minutes after midnight at ucsf medical center. due day was december 31st but i think he didn't want to be associated with 2017. just held on. samantha powell's contractions started on -- >> everyone came in at end, wearing hats and excited. fun and personable. made it really great. >> baby does not have a name but likely be used to hospitals. dad is a cardiology fellow at ucsf and mom a psychiatrist at cpmc. good genes there. >> and new year's eve will be special every year. homestead high school in cupertino showing more school
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pride after band performed at annual rose parade in pasadena. >> chelsea edwards from sister station gives us a look at celebration. >> reporter: 129th year, revellers se revellers celebrated start of the new year. >> take so much work. people volunteer to work on them. >> all the way from marietta, georgia, go dogs! >> reporter: 3.5 mile route led by grand marshal gary sinise. >> wanting excitement and feel something good for new year. >> reporter: theme is making a difference. many people say it's perfect sentiment for 2018. >> fresh start. everything is looking good. i'm excited. >> time for difference.
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time past due. >> reporter: brought granddaughter for first time. >> loves horses, flowers and music. >> reporter: adding to excitement, rivalry between the georgia bulldogs, and oklahoma sooners, playing each other today at rose bowl. no known threats to parade, still increased security. ♪ do you remember never a cloudy day ♪ >> reporter: final floats, crowds jumped to feet, loudly ringing in the new year. pasadena, abc7 news. new year's eve fireworks have come and gone but different spectacle in the sky, supermoon, appears bigger and brighter than a regular full moon.
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at closest point in orbit around the earth. if you miss it today, next one is coming pretty soon, end of the month. wow, certainly have a gorgeous day spencer, way to start the new year. >> despite the haze, warm up from yesterday, three to eight degrees. look at live doppler 7, skies are mainly clear. thin high clouds and haze, nonetheless a pleasant day to begin the new year. 24 hour temperature change, three to eight degrees warmer most parts of the bay area than this time yesterday. sutro tower, 61 in san francisco, mountain view emeryville, shaping up to be a colorful sunset. 65 in santa rosa, low to
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mid-60s. here's east bay hills toward mt. diablo. haze. hazy tomorrow, milder. rain is likely on wednesday. thunderstorms possible along with that rain. wet pattern will continue through friday. overnight, look for continued hazy conditions, high clouds and mainly clear. dry overnight. upper 40s and low 50s in inland. upper 40s on the coast. tomorrow another mild day. low 60s at coast. low to mid-60s at bay, to upper 60s in mildest inland. poorest air tomorrow inland east bay and santa clara valley. storm is one on the scale. light intensity coming in wednesday, continuing to thursday morning.
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light to moderate. .3 to .7 inches and chance of isolated thunderstorms. noon wednesday, by 8:00, rain reaching most of the bay area. light to moderate. continuing to thursday morning. breaking up just a bit. followed by second storm coming in thursday night and continue into friday. so we're looking at rainfall estimates that are pretty significant. had such dry weather lately we'll welcome this rain i'm sure. friday at 7:00, totals from quarter of inch concord, livermore, san jose, up to over .7 inches in north bay. wet weather on the way. relief from the dryness. accuweather seven-day forecast. each of the systems coming in ranks one on the storm impact scale. not big powerful storms but
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cumulative effect will be good. need the rain. >> december was awfully dry. good change i think. >> december was fourth driest december on record in san francisco. unbelievable. >> thanks spencer. hollywood take notice, your time is up. stars banding together to make a difference. plus -- >> i felt like i went to epic acting school. >> rising
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hundreds of women in hollywood are saying time's up today. more than 300 women banded together to call for change. women if entertainment to women everywhere. times up nishive announced on twitter. shonda rimes, on silence, waiting, tolerating discrimination, harassment and
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abuse. rimes and others encourage followers to sign solidarity and donate to legal defense fund to help support other women who have experienced abuse in the workplace. turning to rising stars. newcomer from "get out" to newcomer sharing the screen with oprah. >> ones to watch in 2018. >> i need hope. >> "star wars" is the star maker. daisy ridley. next mup my be kelly marie tran. bagged biggest new role. >> i could name every single person in the film. felt like i went to epic acting school. >> anyone pulled from nothing to "star wars" is someone worth paying attention to. >> timothy shal amay, gorgeous and great in "call me by your name" and in "lady bird".
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>> we'll see him around the awards circuit. >> known to be vexing. >> talk margot robbie, probably heard of him. about to go stratospheric. >> we all knew her from "wolf of wall street" and suicide squad tlt but shows range in "i, tonya". >> can play anything. >> and daniel cloou with a from "get out". >> face a meme popping up everybody. >> month later," a wrinkle in time," newest hot property. >> only 14 but lead in the movie. >> then this guy, star of critical hits, box
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caesar" alongside clooney. shy. >> you hope to work with people of as high level as you possibly can. >> and when you can't, you settle. >> everyone walked out saying who is this guy? looks like old hollywood movie star. >> landed role of youthful in "solo: a star wars story." lawmakers set to get back to work in washington this week. >> going to have a great year, forecastic 2018. >> might not have gotten off to good start. >>
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. recreational marijuana legal now in state of california. hundreds lining up at oakland's harborside dispensary to be among the first to buy it legally. california voters approved it, legalizing the sale. and carlos asaddo at buddy's in san jose, long line there's. one of the first dispensaries in
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the south bay to sell recreational pot. wor"world news tonight" twe about the minimum wage. goes up including ours. varies from city to city. president trump returns to washington wrapping up what he called working vacation in mar-a-largo. on the first day in 2018 administration facing escalating foreign policy tests in iran and north korea. megan hughes is live with the story. >> good evening. president spent his first day in 2018 playing golf and sending out tweets. dominating his message? problems overseas. president trump heading back to d.c. after a day of golf and glitzy new year's eve bash at mar-a-largo, shrugging off questions about the latest warning fromnorth korean leader. >> we'll see.
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>> kim jong-un warned north korea has completed its nuclear forces. u.s. should know that button is on my table kim jong-un said, entire area of the u.s. mainland within nuclear strike range. another hot spot, iran, protests raged and several people killed. president tweeting it's time for change. lindsay graham slamming the twitter approach on face the nation tlt. >> tweeting symthetically to t t iranian people. you can't just tweet, you have to lay out plan. >> have you conveyed this to the president? >> i just did. >> year ahead, party faces midterm elections. looking for infrastructure changes and looming investigation into trump campaign and possible collusion
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with russia. but expressed nothing but optimism. >> off to great start with t cuts and inwar and getting rid of the individual mandate, very unpopular as you know. going to have a great 2018. >> congress returns to work with another bunt battle looming and discussion on daca immigrants, whether they'll be deported. >> do we know how the president will work with congress in the new year? what's the strategy? >> white house official tells abc news that president will be hosting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan at camp david this weekend. going to be talking about strategy and top of the president's agenda infrastructure spending. going to see a plan next few
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weeks. colorado authorities say the iraq war veteran suspected in ambush shooting that killed sheriff's deputy and wounded others made series of threats last few weeks. posted videos online railing against the sheriff and local police. and university of wyoming warned students about him following social media posts. fired 100 rounds of ammunition to deputies responding to complaint. killed by s.w.a.t. team following 90-minute standoff. four people dead in longbranch. alleged shooter, teenage boy. >> new year's eve tragedy in longbranch, new jersey, 16-year-old male believed responsible for shooting parents, sister and family friend. >> 635 wall street.
4:34 pm
shootings. scene is not secure. >> that young man now in police custody. >> heard reports about this terrorist connected. disabuse you of that notion. investigated as domestic incident that occurred within the confines of the home. >> stephen and linda, 18-year-old daughter brittany and 70-year-old who lived at home, mary schulz, all killed. alleged shooter faces four counts of murder, single count of possession of weapon for unlawful purpose, semiautomatic weapon. >> weapon legally owned and registered to a family member. >> reporter: shooter was not previously known to them. arrested without incident. grandfather and brother not targeted, left the home unharmed. motive not disclosed. abc news, new york. investigation is under way
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into the small plane crash in costa rica that killed 12 people, 10 americans. went down 130 miles northwest of the capital of san jose. nine of the dead members of two families. bruce and irene of n and three sons and leslie and -- and son and daughter. amanda gooisler and travel guide from wisconsin. took the lives of the costa rican pilot and copilot. pope francis special message. called on the church to ensure refugees and migrants have a future of peace. called on people to focus less on consumerism and what he called life's useless baggage. warning of icy roads. >> officer in hurst, texas, he
4:36 pm
fell, then a car lost control. watch this. yikes. inches from hitting. can see the officer move his arm to keep it being run over. officer not seriously injured but close call. >> scary news for chocolate lovers. might want to stock up. 2018 not off to good start with air quality. warning you need to know. still haze in the air. be around another day. spare the air day. and rain coming our way. accuweather forecast coming up. i'm michael finney, taking questions on tobacwitter and facebook. post with #askfinney and i'll answer here in a little bit. if every day could be like new year's day traffic-wise. fast track are i've seen wonders all around the world
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but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. come back new. sail with the #1 cruise line in alaska. 7-day cruises from $599. visit ♪ prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. plus, 24 month financing available. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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first day of 2018, something in common with last day of 2017, spare the air alert. >> another one issued tomorrow. making it 18th this season. look outside, see the haze over the bay area. karl carolyn tyler with more. >> issues spare the air alerts november to february.
4:40 pm
this antipollution measure is having impact because of public awareness and fines for violators. 2017 one of the worst for bay area air quality because of the wine country fires, thomas fire still burning in southern california also sent polluted smoke our way. fireplaces, estimated 1.5 million in the bay area, pose a major challenge. that's why heard meteorologist say this. >> another spare the air alert. >> not just a slogan. means it's illegal to burn wood or fake logs in fireplace or outside. bay area air quality management district says smoke from one fireplace can pollute entire neighborhood. >> wood burning is number one source of fine particulate pollution in wintertime.
4:41 pm
onroad vehicles only about 13%. >> and like cigarette smoke, dangerous health consequences. >> day like this there will be increased visits to emergency rooms across the bay area. >> dr. john baums is a pulmonary specialist at ucsf. particularly harmful for people with preexisting heart and lung disease. >> advise them to stay inside on days like this as much as possible. if go outside, don't exercise. and if particularly bad, wear particulate masks. lot of people got used to in sonoma/napa wildfires. >> tomorrow is another spare the air day. may catch a break after that. weather pattern apparently changing later this week. abc7 news.
4:42 pm
pattern is going to change midweek. still have the haze. remain with us under partly cloudy skies. low temperatures range low to mid-40s. another spare the air day. mild to pleasant. low 60s, mid-and upper 60s inland. tomorrow another spare the air day. poorest in inland east way and santa clara valley. rain midweek. seven-day forecast, wednesday rain coming in, possibly produce a couple of isolated thunderstorms. showers linger into thursday. another storm coming in late thursday night. ranked one, light storms but wet
4:43 pm
weather. over the weekend, partial clearing, little bit drier and next monday is driest in the seven-day forecast period. >> 50s and 60s at least. midwest and east coast seeing single digits again today. columbus, ohio, instagram user posted video of bubble freezing. made it mixture of water, dish soap, corn syrup and sugar. sugar makes the crystal patterns and syrup keeps bubble from bursting. >> wow. so cool. one of this year's most popular new year's resolutions, digital detox. tips to put down the phone and get out in the real world. >> 7 on your side's michael finney. want t i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control.
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so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to cut my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin. releases slow and steady. providing powerful a1c reduction. my week? hectic. my weekends? my time. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i sleep in, and delay my dose, i take it as soon as i can, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses. once in use, tresiba® lasts 8 weeks, with or without refrigeration, twice as long as the lantus® pen. (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur.
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technology is generally positive thing. but happy and balanced life, many could use help reworking digital habits. >> what were you saying?
4:47 pm
>> put that down. >> people going for digital detox. becky wo becky worley is here to help. >> reporter: modern life is dominated by cell 15. breaking point for many. aaron schiller is a digital life coach. says we have to get disciplined. >> with any change have a goal. mindset, do something less or more. not eat sugar? wake up and say how do i do that? same with technology. >> reporter: take back control. taming notifications. don't need to look at phone every time retailer's app send it's. go to notifications and be serious about turning them off. deny. turn off sounds. delete that completely. let's talk e-mail.
4:48 pm
big intrusion from work. do you really need to be on call all the time? >> there is no life/work balance, now it's life/work integration. tell your boss, employees, 6:00 to 9:00 going to be with family. don't call or text. i'll do the same. >> reporter: social media, get ruthless. toxic people or post too many political rants? easy. unfollow. facebook can let other person not know they're out of your news feed. and go through the pages you like. be sure you want all those things posted to you. comments on instagram got you down? you can filter, lock or turn off comments entirely. finally this is hard. put phone down. >> create tech-free zones in the
4:49 pm
house. >> reporter: or times you don't check in. apps that help you. onward and moment. track your usage to let you know how many times you fire up facebook and gently nudge you when you spent last hour on instagram. digital detach goes further, creating time blackouts. locking you out of all apps but texting and calling. another alternative is go for walk without your phone. it's a start to healthy separation. one step at a time to find digital balance. >> one other suggestion, think about how much joy activities on your phone give you. does checking facebook before bed give you joy? playing candy crush waiting in line give you joy? posting on twitter give you joy? f not, don't do it. >> people still play candy crush? >> i know right? what's candy crush.
4:50 pm
time for 7 on your side's michael finney here, answering questions about -- speaking of this, facebook, twitter, candy crush. >> we're part of the evil they're talking about. >> when is the best time and place to buy a home in san francisco. >> good question. down payment and plan to be here three years, better five. traditionally drop a bit in late summer and fallment doesn't hold true for san francisco but rest of the bay area. best place works for you, close to school, work or dream neighborhood. final advice, ten years after you buy, look like a financial genius, prices will be much higher. super high as kid growing up, super high today. doesn't change. >> makes me feel better.
4:51 pm
this question, purchased a new motor home. dealership recommended purchase of the additional warranty for other parts. $10,000. want to know if it's worth it. >> that's a lot of money. don't feel pressured to buy right away. most extended warranties can be bought later. most don't pay for themselves. important thing to remember. if you want to buy, prices not set in stone. compare warranties and negotiate. i prefer ones from manufacturer. third party warranties sometimes come with small print that makes it impossible to collect. number of years back i exposed warranty that excluded any part bolted to vehicle. that's everything. a scam but huge and out there for years. >> my refrigerator stopped
4:52 pm
working properly six months after i bought it. contacted store several times, not been fixed. what can i do? >> after three or four times they should give you new one or money back. that's generally how it works. still probably under warranty. if you've contacted them by phone, e-mail or letter, prepare your documentation, receipts and all, give my hotline a call. week days 10:00 to 2:00 and we'll give you help to figure out what's going on. new year's day so cold in parts of the midwest, some cities canceled traditional polar bear plunge. not milwaukee, wisconsin, wind chill negative 22. water warmer at 33 degrees. bone chilling cold group to the south plunged into lake michigan in illinois.
4:53 pm
huge crowd for polar bear plunge in netherlands. new year's day tradition so popular with the dutch, more than 40,000 expected at similar events around the country. in rome it's all about the diving. four men made dive from bridge 50 feet above the taibo river. dangerous tradition started after world war two when unemployed lifeguard tried to show his skills as stunt man. >> not even brave enough to wear a speedo. coming up, cocoa crisis, could run out in next years. what is being done? >> coming up at 5:00, saving good food from the trash. state law that repurposes state lunches. never thought this day would happen. >> take you inside the first shop licensed to sell recreational pot. high times come with expiration
4:54 pm
date. it all started when sophia stopped into marshalls and found a mug for surprisingly little green. she paired that with some succulents. and suddenly something clicked. that surprise led to a stylish wood mirror, soothing lavender oils, a party llama... or is that an alpaca? super soft towels, and an enchanting vase that magically tied it all together. she arranged it all into the greatest guest bathroom ever. did sophia expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise. marshalls. your surprise is waiting.
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tonight's primetime lineup. 8:00 the two-hour premier of "the bachelor" followed by "the good doctor" and abc7 news at lev:00. chocolate lofrz, may be no for a global shortage.
4:57 pm
>> trying to curb the cocoa crisis. >> reporter: what if i told you world is facing global chocolate shortage? >> oh, no. >> not good. too tasty. >> reporter: blame climate change, disease and lack of water for shortage in some countries like africa's ivory coast. >> would be tragic for star-crossed lovers in san francisco. >> good diet opportunity. >> reporter: problem so pressing, some believe could go away as early as 2020. >> no way it's going to happen. too much money in chocolate. >> reporter: correct. mars company invested $1 million in climate change to prevent global crisis. for clarity on the issue, just the place. >> over 1,000 different chocolate bars from wefr 100 companies, over 100 countries
4:58 pm
and growing. >> reporter: can be grown other than africa. >> trying to raise game to be places. peru, bolivia, brazil. bali, fiji. >> reporter: plant scientist at uc berkeley is partnering with mars to develop more resistant cocoa beans. >> very different from other crops but eventually i think we can make it. >> reporter: for now indulge away. >> going to eat as much as we can today, tomorrow. >> reporter: san francisco, abc7 news. >> americans eat on average over ten pounds of chocolate per person each year. >> i did that last week, no big deal. get latest news with updated abc7 news app. personalized push alerts for more of the news you want delivered to your phone in real
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time. >> thanks for joining us, abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. open for business, recreational pot sales roll out in california. look at how it went on this first day. love the coach. >> players have their first chance to give opinion after firing of jack del rio. and move to keep surplus school lunch food out of the trash and put on the plates of those in need. you can now legally buy cannabis in california without a medical card. in a move supporters say is milestone in mainstreaming of marijuana. good evening i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm reggie aki in for dan ashley. thanks for joining us. cannabis dispensaries say crowds are good on the first day of legal sales.
5:00 pm
>> abc7 news in oakland, some of the first sales. hundreds lined up at harborside dispensary to be among the first to legally buy recreational marijuana in california. first shop in san jose, carlos asaddo is live with sales. >> reporter: inside buddy's in san jose, steady flow of customers throughout much of the day. right now a wait, waiting room of people waiting 15 minutes to an hour to get behind counter to make purchases. wait is finally over for recreational pot users to come out of the shadows. >> i'm about 56 years old and really never thought this day would actually happen. >> reporter: green flowing at buddy's, pot shop received first state licensing engaged in recreational sal


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