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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the first sales. hundreds lined up at harborside dispensary to be among the first to legally buy recreational marijuana in california. first shop in san jose, carlos asaddo is live with sales. >> reporter: inside buddy's in san jose, steady flow of customers throughout much of the day. right now a wait, waiting room of people waiting 15 minutes to an hour to get behind counter to make purchases. wait is finally over for recreational pot users to come out of the shadows. >> i'm about 56 years old and really never thought this day would actually happen. >> reporter: green flowing at buddy's, pot shop received first state licensing engaged in recreational sale of cannabis.
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>> we sold just medical cannabis, this to me is next step to becoming fully legitimized in the community. >> reporter: temporary license expires in may, businesses have 80 days while board reviews applications for permanent license to be good for year. state and federal taxes. >> pay every dime to every entity asking us to pay. file out and file federal tax returns like any other business. >> reporter: owner says they pay federal taxes on all sales but still a gray area since the sale of marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the federal government. as result most dispensaries require you to pay in cash since banks are federally insured entities. not with buddy's. allows card. >> hold and maintain business checking and merchant account. most cash only.
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to me it's security risk. don't want to subject customers to. >> reporter: convenience to keep customers coming back. aside from state and local taxes, 15% excise tax on the sale of marijuana. expected to generate $1 billion in tax revenue for the state each year. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> thank you. oakland company in business of delivering medicinal marijuana hopes to expand to recreational deliveries. proper rx is waiting for city of oakland to approve permit to make deliveries. parts of the bay area off limit. san francisco will begin recreational pot sales later. marin county has outlawed the sale entirely. breaking news from san francisco. seven people hurt after a truck ran a red light, hitting
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pedestrians and parked car with people in it. happened on busy geary boulevard. lilian kim joins us from the scene. >> reporter: 21st and geary. this is the truck that police say hit two pedestrians and car with family inside. according to sfpd the driver was at 21st avenue. video shows he ran a red light, lost control entering geary boulevard. hit two pedestrians, a parked car and finally a mazda with a family of five inside. we spoke to that family. they're okay. but two pedestrians at hospital being treated for injuries. police describe one as critical with internal bleeding and other serious with broken rib and punctured lung. police told by witnesses that pedestrians had been dragged, both described as elderly. >> comes through the crosswalk
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right here, that's where he hits two pedestrians, drags them a little bit and contacts other car. inside the car is family of five. >> reporter: driver of the truck is in police custody. speaks only cantonese so police lining up translator to get his version of what happened. homeland security officer was in the area at the time of the collision and ordered driver to turn off engine and step out of the truck, then taken into custody. abc7 news. >> hoping for the best for those folks. thank you. finally getting some much-needed rain. look at conditions from east bay hills camera. no rain tonight but could be different picture by mid-week. spencer christian with a look at timing. >> rain is on the way. won't take long to get here. live doppler 7, it's dry right
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now. see increasing clouds late tomorrow as midweek storm approaches. wednesday to thursday. ranking one on the impact scale. light to moderate rainfall and isolated thunderstorms. .3 to .7 inches of rain generally. maybe more in the coastal mountains. wednesday afternoon and evening rain will be pushing onshore and reaching the bay area. winding down thursday but another coming after that. closer flolook in just a few minutes. 38-year-old woman first homicide victim of 2018 in oakland. krit enden street, found the woman dead inside home this morning. media partner says man was detained leaving the house. search is on in oakland for
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driver who hit and killed woman walking in crosswalk. leslie brinkley with the details. >> looked out her bedroom window at 5:00 a.m. new year's day and saw publics and police. >> been increase in hit and runs lately. it's really sad to see this happen. first thing i see going into 2018. >> reporter: these shoes along 98th avenue and sunnyside street mark the crosswalk where hit and run took the life of female pedestrian. >> type of shoe, jordan, color, leaves me to believe a young person didn't make it home. >> reporter: 98th avenue closed eight hours as investigators tried to piece together evidence. major thoroughfare between the 580 and 880 freeways in oakland. neighbors here have long
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complained about people speeding down the hill and dangerous crosswalks. >> fact that cars are flying, going fast to get on the freeway up 98th, and flying fast coming down the hill, kids have to fight to be safe to cross the street. >> reporter: oakland police looking for dark-colored sedan that sped away southbound, not yet identified the pedestrian. >> it's just sad. >> reporter: abc7 news. small businesses in san francisco hurt by subway's year-long delay are getting much-needed help. abc7 news in chinatown where first checks are going out under compensation fund set up by late mayor ed lee. 15 businesses got a total of $82,000. and merchants along union square and -- also compensated.
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expected to open in 2019. new year brings new head coach for the oakland raiders, team announcing yesterday it fired jack del rio. led the raiders three years. oakland had a disappointing season this year, finishing 6-10 after making playoffs last year. del rio spoke about his dismissal. >> my childhood team, but it's a results business. i understand that. so you know, i appreciate the players and coaches and all the hard work. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony spoke with players and fans. live in alameda. >> reporter: despite the poor finish, many raiders who showed up today told us they were still surprised that jack del rio was let go. as for the possible new head coach, jon gruden, many of the same players told us they know who he is but mostly from work
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as tv commentator. less than 24 hours after head coach was unceremoniously fired raiders players filed in one by one to empty lockers at team headquarters in alameda. >> kind of shock to me but it's part of the business. sad part of the business. >> never want to see that hap n happen. >> reporter: told us he didn't see it coming, sudden dismissal. >> lot goes into those decisions. we as players have to produce. he being at helm understands it's production business. when you don't do that, guy above makes changes. >> unfortunate. nature of the business. >> mark let me know he's not going to bring me back. >> reporter: comes amid reports raiders owner mark davis is in serious talks to bring jon gruden back as head coach. several players told us they
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know more about gruden the tv analyst than the coach. >> see him on tv and stuff like that. i don't know how he is as coach. just know him as commentator or whatever. seemed like a great guy. >> guy on "monday night football," i did run into him in elevator in hotel in philadelphia. hope i made a good first impression. >> reporter: outside the training facility, fans wondered how the next chapter will read for their favorite team. >> all i can say, high hopes for mark davis and hope he makes decisions for the betterment of this organization. >> reporter: announced no time line for naming the new coach. abc7 news. saving good food from the trash. a look at new state law that repurposes school lunches. the bay area well represented in today's 129th
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rose parade. going to show you locals performed and who were honored. will be many more magical movie moments from this star of the silver screen. >> star treatment. take you to hotel where you're not just guest but celebrity. taking vacation videos to new level. >> superior accuracy in palm of your hand. new accuweather app from abc7 news sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ two new laws on the books to affect public school students in california. both have to do with the food in front of them during lunch. lyanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: it's no secret that california public schools see a lot of food go to waste.
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school districts weren't allowed to donate unopened food because of the liability issues. until today. >> in my opinion, just like if doctor is about to save a patient and something happens, don't penalize that doctor for trying to save lives. >> reporter: gives schools authority to donate unopened food to local food banks and other charities. >> want if there's any leftover food, get it to people who need it. wonderful that the law provides the opportunity to do it. >> reporter: comes at time when more families are signing up at food pantry and food kitchens in san francisco overflowing with homeless people. another new law affecting students, schools must provide every student with lunch, even if parents behind in fees. some school districts have denied lunch to students if
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parents not paid lunch fees, giving them snack instead. sb-250 says regardless of parents' debt, all will be fed. >> strapped for resources but end of the day, can't penalize people not being able to afford to eat. >> reporter: says that school districts must do more to enroll students in federally subsidized programs and notify parents early if behind in payments. bay area high school band strutted their stuff in 129th tournament of roses parade in pa pasadena. mighty mustang marching band from cupertino. one of 22 bands in the event. codirector told the mercury news that plays in the parade was on the band's bucket list.
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also recognized in donate life float. former stanford and 49er tight end conrad who died. heart and one kidney transplanted in rod karrue who was on the float. and also a philadelphia woman. 25-year-old died last april pursuing degree from uc santa cruz. may be more recalls from ford dealers. >> and maybe not a good year for -- see more with 7 on your side's michael finney. >> after the holiday season, store closures. 2018 is expected to be tough for retailers. slew of closings expected. more than 12,000 expected to shutter nationwide in 2018, up
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from 9,000 last year. all according to commercial real estate brokers cushman and wakefield. last year a record year for store closings and retail bankruptcies. sears, macy's, j.c. penney alone. some expanding brick and mortar presence, t.j. max and ross stores. investigating if ford recall should be expanded. automatic transmissions could unexpectedly shift gears, causing drivers to lose control. federal regulators say complaints still coming in from drivers saying the repairs not working. ford says it's cooperating, federal government may want to recall another million ford
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vehicles. bitcoin's growth is spurring concerns about environmental impact. process of mining central to its existence. bitcoin miners use computers to make complex calculations to verify transactions in bitcoins, uses tremendous amount of energy, electricity. some estimates say the power use is more than that of a small country. value of one bitcoin, about a grand. >> watching from afar. >> you need to know what you're doing. you're smart. tourists in london becoming film stars thanks to victory house hotel. offers guests opportunity to star in their own film based on experiences visiting london. inspiration from location
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overlooking famous owedian cinema. provides a movie package. provides guests with 360 camera, map and advice on best places to film. >> send you out on the streets of west end. gives guests opportunity to express themselves. become stars they always wanted to be. >> and choose room overlooking the red carpet. $250 a night without the package. accuweather forecast. >> wet weather is coming our way. right now looking at dry conditions on live doppler 7. mainly clear skies, a few high clouds, hazy conditions and poor air quality. today is spare the air day.
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postsunset sky from sutro tower. mid-50s at oakland and mountain view. 63 at half moon bay. dramatic from emeryville. mid-50s at napa, novato and fairfield. one more live view from higher up in the east bay hills, forecast features. hazy, dry and mild tomorrow. rain likely on wednesday with possibility of isolated thunderstorms as well. wet pattern continuing to friday. tonight high clouds over bay area. upper 30s in some north bay locations. around the bay, mid-40s. san mateo. upper 40s along the coast. tomorrow is much like today. more haze, more clouds, low 60s
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at coast. low to mid-60s around the bay and inland but some rise into the upper 60s. quite mild. another view of the western skies. look at air quality tomorrow, another spare the air day. poorest is inland east bay and santa clara valley. moderate in other regions. approaching rain. storm moves in wednesday, continuing to thursday morning. light to moderate rain, ranks one on the impact scale. may be some isolated thunderstorms. rainfall from .3 to .7 inches of rain. may be more, over an inch in coastal mountain range. noon an wednesday, rain pushing onshore. reaching all parts of the bay area. light to moderate. break up on thursday but second
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wave coming in thursday night into friday, another storm. add to the much-needed rainfall to leave us with totals we project from generally quarter of an inch in areas with lowest amount, to nearly or over half an inch in bay. north bay, 3/4 of an inch in wettest locations. accuweather seven-day forecast. wednesday, thursday and friday storm activity ranks one. then dry out a bit over the weekend. partial clearing saturday. slight chance of north bay shower on sunday. mainly dry weekend coming our way. cooling down end of the week. kiss the mid to upper 60s goodbye. >> cool is relative though, looking at east coast. >> especially when you have to
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sing right? something like minus four with wind chill in times square and mariah carey, not even wearing a full coat. i think generally the consensus is she did a good job. >> what she did between songs has everyone talking.
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300 powerful women in entertainment industry, actresses, agents, writers and directors launched a new movement to stop harassment. called time's up. reese witherspoon is one behind it. mission includes establishing a legal defense fund for harassment victims and creating legislation to penalize companies who tolerate persistent harassment. mariah carey's performance last night overshadowed by
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request she made on stage. ♪ >> unlike last year, not great, her set this year seemed to go on without a hitch following technical difficulties from previous year. but between songs carey asked for hot tea. saying she was told it would be available darling, and it wasn't. called it a disaster. saying she'd have to rough it. twitter went wild is comments and carey tweeted out later in fact she found her tea. >> important when you're about to sing in the cold. >> love a good mariah carey tweet. as we welcomed in new year, one couple
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>> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, another spare the air day on tap for tomorrow.
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so we examine air quality versus previous years. ever notice easy to start, not easy to stop things? one bay area woman saw on phone bill that made her call your side. local guy is gone. perspective on raiders firing jack del rio and words of caution for jon gruden. first bay area baby born in 2018. >> two minutes past midnight at ucsf. appears didn't want to be born 2017. due date december 31st. >> mom in labor nearly 48 hours. can you imagine? doctors and nurses working at ucsf put on new year's hats to welcome the child. baby has to wait for name, not
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picked out for him yet. congratulations to all of them. >> "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up.
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tonight on "world news," relentless. the deep freeze gripping the country. more than 200 million americans shivering into 2018. life-threatening wind chill alerts. dangerous driving conditions. and a new winter storm that could be lining up to strike. when will the bitter cold end? ginger zee standing by. vacation horror. a passenger plane nose-diving just after takeoff. ten americans among the dead in the fiery crash. tonight, details about the families onboard and the investigation into what went wrong. deadly police ambush. a suspect unloading more than 100 rounds, killing one deputy and injuring four more. were warning signs missed? the takeover. after a sexism scandal rocked the miss america pageant, a former beauty queen who went public with her own sexual


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