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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tomorrow's spare the air alert is the 18th one this season. we are joined live from the newsroom to explain the health impacts. >> health experts are telling us 2017 was one of the worst for bay area air quality because of the wine country fires and then the thomas fire in southern california which is still burning and has sent smoke drifting our way. stagnant weather is creating unhealthy conditions. and triggers spare the air alerts day after day after there were 30 in two previous seasons, the winter of 2013/2014. so we have not set a record, thank goodness, because these alerts mean our air quality is extremely poor, down right dangerous for some people. according to a pulmonary specialist. >> people with asthma, chronic pulmonary disease and stroke are
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all at risk of having exacerbations or recurrences of their disease. >> the spare the air alerts are designed to help this. the management district says smoke from one fireplace can pollute an entire neighborhood and there are an estimated 1.5 million fireplaces in the bay area. >> wood burning is the number one source of fine particulate pollution. and it accounts for 4 0% of thee pollution. >> reporter: now heading into our 18th spare the air alert this season there is advice for the vulnerable. >> i advise them to stay indoors on days like this as much as possible. and if they go outside, not to exercise, and if the pollution is really bad
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particulate masks. >> one of the challenges of our job is to make sure that people understand this is a continuing issue. >> spare the air is not just a slogan. it is the law. those who cheat can face fines starting at $100 and increasing for repeat violations. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler. so will the new year bring us new weather patterns? >> it will indeed bring us new weather patterns starting midweek this week, but meanwhile, we're stuck in the same old pattern. this is the haze. this is the view from the east bay hills camera. and tomorrow is another spare the air day. we're hoping for change on wednesday as a storm moves in. it ranks one on the storm impact
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scale. it will continue into thursday morning bringing light to moderate rain and the chance of isolated thunderstorms. so let's hope that will improve the air quality. that's when the first wave of rain will be pushing onshore. we'll see rain reaching all parts of the area continuing overnight into thursday before breaking up a little bit, and that will be followed by yet another storm. i'll give you a closer look at that in just a few minutes. >> you can keep track of the changing weather conditions where you live with our weather app. it's free to download and you can get the forecast when you're on the go. a box truck plowed into two pedestrians and a car with a family of five in it this afternoon. the incident began when the driver lost control of the truck after running a red light in san francisco. the family in the car suffered minor injuries. the elderly pedestrians suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital. >> the pedestrians have, from
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what i've been told, a few broken bones, possibly a broken pelvic. and the family in the car is treated for cuts and bruises and basic complaints of pain. a homeland security officer driving by witnessed the crash and helped detain the driver. the driver speakers only cantonese and they were waiting for an interpreter to find out what happened. gary avenue was closed. a pedestrian was seriously hurt after being hit by a car in the ingleside district. the victim was hit around miramar avenue at around 2:00. an ambulance took the person to the hospital. new at 6:00, a san leandro woman is recovering after be being hit by a bullet most likely hit by a new year's reveler. she was in her apartment complex on pacific avenue when she was struck in the leg shortly after midnight. the injury was minor and she was
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not taken to the hospital. cannabis sales became legal. it's a busy day for the 42 dispensaries with sale permits. our reporter is live inside san jose inside the first pot shop in california to get a license. carlos? >> reporter: that's right. we're inside buddy's in san jose where they're actually having a sale. that's right. joints like this are selling for $5 a pop. but the biggest thing here is that recreational marijuana is now legal throughout the state of california, drawing some people here to wait for up to one hour in line to get their hands on one of this. for pot users like peter herman, being able to legally purchase cannabis is long overdue. >> it's just like buying anything. >> reporter: he waited 20 minutes to be called up to this counter to talk to a so-called bud tender. >> i did want to come out
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because it's the first day. >> reporter: buddy's was the first to receive a license to sell recreational weed. today's steady sales have exceeded expectations. >> i thought we would have a 30% increase, but i think it's going to be 50%, 60%. >> reporter: the temporary license is good until may, when they review a license for a permanent one that would be good for a year. >> san jose's 10% cannabis tax. >> reporter: and while marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the federal government, these types of businesses still need to file federal taxes. >> our federal tax bill is huge, which is fine, we do in fact pay federal tax. >> reporter: most businesses require you to pay in cash. not the case at buddy's that accepts paper or plastic. >> i wasn't sure whether they'd take credit cards or not, because there's all this news about them not being in the
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banking system. the credit cards worked out. >> reporter: an easy transaction for peter who spent more than $100 on his pot. it can range from $200 to $500 for cannabis. with these scissors, i dub thee free! >> abc 7 was in oakland where hundreds lined up at harbor dispensary. customers say it's about time they can legally buy cannabis. >> for a lot of people, it helps them get through the day, helps them maintain, if you will. and life's kind of stressful nowadays if you will. >> to be able couto come out as adult and purchase marijuana without legal ramifications that come with it. >> and remember, to purchase
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cannabis, you have to be at least 21 years old. soon customers may not even have to go to a dispensary. they could get cannabis delivered. melissa harrington introduces us to a company that expects to make that happen bit end of the week. >> i'm glad you ordered today. >> me too. >> reporter: lauren gets her medical marijuana delivered right to her door in her east oakland neighborhood. >> people don't have cars. some people aren't physically able. so having the delivery service is really beneficial. >> reporter: the company, called proper rx is hoping to expand to recreational users now that the laws in california have changed. orders are placed online. dispatchers like victoria herrera make the deliveries. >> they can have a lifetime map of where their driver is exactly. >> i can't stress how much
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things have changed over the last year. >> reporter: ceo elliott marshall says he started this business years ago to help patients who don't have cars or are too sick to walk. they still need to have all the proper permits, something they're working on. >> we're being patient. we're expecting to have them come in real soon, toward the end of this week. >> reporter: if the company gets the green light to deliver recreational marijuana there will be a one ounce limit per customer per day. bart fares went up almost 3%. it's an inflation-based increase that takes place every two years. if you use a clipper card you can avoid the fee, and bart will have extra staff checking to make sure that you have paid. the hope is that it will cut down on fare evade ers. and the youth covers those
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youth fares decrease from $1.75 down to $1. zones are not changing but there are temporary lots by east 31st avenue off south delaware street. the main lot is closed as part of a construction project. a new state law taking effect today aims to keep pedestrians from committing a crime without their knowledge. now you may not have known. but up until today it was illegal to enter a crosswalk if the count down had started, even if there was plenty of time to cross the street. it makes it a jaywalking violation to still be in the crosswalk when the count down ends. new sunny vevale has some o the highest wages in the country. california's state minimum wage rose 50 cents to $11 per hour.
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the federal minimum wage has not changed since 2009. that's still at $ it was kind of a shock to me, but, i mean, that's part of the business. >> it's end of the season for the raiders and the end of the job for their head coach. we'll hear about how the team feels about the future. next. also ahead. the bay area mom
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they are finished with games and finished with the locker room for the season. today the raiders cleaned out and moved out. they finished the season 6-10 and without a coach. the team fired jack del rio yesterday. laura anthony looks at where the raiders go from here. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after their head coach was unceremoniously fired, raiders players filed in one by one to empty their lockers at team headquarters in alameda. >> it's unfortunate to see something like that happen to a great guy, great coach, but it is the business that we signed up for, and we all understand that, but. >> never want to see that happen. >> reporter: he was among those who told us he didn't see it coming. jack del rio's sudden dismissal. >> a lot goes into the decisions. we as players have to produce, and he being at the helm of the whole thing, he understands that it's a production business.
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and when you don't do that, you know, the guy above makes the changes. >> came here and changed the attitude of the whole program, the whole atmosphere. for a while there, we didn't have any winning seasons, you know, and he came in here, you know, and made an effort to turn things around. >> reporter: del rio's firing comes amid reports mark davis is in serious talks to bring john gurden back as coach. >> we threw some bombs last night. >> reporter: several players told us they know more about gruden than tv analysts and the coach. >> he's a cool guy, so. >> reporter: outside, the team's training facility fans wondered how the future will be for their favorite team. >> i'll be fine, but i still like jack del rio. >> reporter: mark davis did not return our calls and has yet to
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release a timeline for selecting a new coach. laura anthony, abc 7 news. a bay area marching band made its first appearance at the rose parade today. ♪ you're watching and listening to the 220 members of the mighty mustangs from cupertino. it's the same high school where steve jobs ands w the theme is "making a difference", and actor gary sinise was chosen as the grand marshal because of his dedication to veterans' issues. ♪ across the pond,pond, band and color guard performed in london's parade. in total, more than 8,000 parade
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through the streets. organizers say 500,000 people turned out for the festivities the there are two new laws on the books that will affect public school students in california and their communities. both have to do with the food put in front of them, especially during the lunch hour. lyanne melendez has that story. >> reporter: public schools across california throw away tons of unopened food. school districts weren't allowed to donate any of this because liability issues. that changed today. >> we had to throw away food that was unused. >> reporter: now schools have the act to donate uneaten fruit, unopened food and milk cartons to other charities. it comes at a time when more families are signing up at the food pantry and food kitchens are overflowing with homeless
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people. there's another new law affecting students today. schools must provide every student with lunch, even if their parents are behind in their fees. some school districts in california have denied lunch to students if their parents have not paid their lunch fees, giving them a snack instead. san francisco unified is not one of them. sb 250 says all students, regardless of their parents' debt will be fed. >> i understand we're all strapped for resources in the school districts, but at the end of the day, we can't penalize people for not being able to eat. >> reporter: the law says school districts must do more to enroll students in federally subsidized programs. >> we've seen increases in the rates of families turning in the forms for school lunch, so we're going to continue to ramp that up. >> reporter: school districts must notify parents immediately if they have fallen behind in their payments. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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there is rain in the forecast. we have not said that in a long time. >> hello rain and good-bye to spare the air. >> i'm getting excited, actually. we need that rain. it's not wet yet, but it will be in about 36 hours, and we've got haze e hazy conditions over the bay area. the air is not good. we have another one coming tomorrow. this is a view of the super moon over the bay looking from sue troe tower. 53 oakland, mountain view, 55. 59 at san jose and gilroy. and here's a view from emeryville looking west ward across the bay under partly cloudy skies. 49 at napa. 45 in fairfield, concord. and one more live view from the exploratory camera. these are forecast futures. rain will be moving in on
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wednesday, possibly even isolated thunderstorms and this wet pattern will continue through friday. overnight, look for continued hazy conditions. low temperatures will be in the upper 30s to low 40s in the inland valleys. mid to upper 40s as you get closer to the coastline. tomorrow, almost a duplicate of today. perhaps even milder. we'll see high temperatures in the inland areas, mainly mid-60s, around the bay mid-60s and the coast low to mid-60s. the then comes the rain. here comes the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity, expected to produce light to moderate rainfall but there's a chance of isolated thunderstorms as well. forecast starting midday going into wednesday evening, rain reaching all parts of the bay area and pushing beyond going into thursday morning. then it will break up an a little bit, followed by a second storm coming in thursday night
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and friday that will add more rain to the mix and provide snow in the sierras. rainfall potential, going into friday evening, so from the two storms nearly three quarters of an inch of rain likely up in the north bay, locations moving to the central bay area, over half an inch in san francisco. almost half an inch in oakland. but only a quarter in parts of the south bay and inland east bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. dry tomorrow and haze ey. but three consecutive days of some level of rainfall. saturday and sunday, partial clearing, start to clear out an a little bit. there's a light chance of showers on sunday. we're not posting it because it's so slight. monday looks like a mainly dry day. it's going to cool down significantly by the end of the we week. coming up, rare celestial
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ask your doctor about entresto ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ "star wars" "the last jedi" has surpassed the $1 billion milestone at the global box office, one of only four movies
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to reach that mark last year and surpassed the other three making it the 2017. it has yet to open in china. it premieres there on friday. and china is closing in as the u.s.'s position as biggest film market. ticket sales rose totaling $8 8.6 billion. u.s. ticket sales dropped to $11.1 billion. you have the chance to see the first of two super moons this month. there is a live picture of what we're seeing outside and it's getting a little shy, kristen. >> still, you request tacan tak. it appears larger because it's
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ati at its closest point. the moon will feature a total lunar eclipse, often referred to as a blood moon, hence super blue blood moon. >> it sounds made up, but it's a thing. remember when the aquatic park closed because of the series of sea lion attacks? people are worried about a different kind of attack. >> stingrays. see the precautions people took to stay safe and enjoy the beach today. also ahead. >> we'll have a great
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. just hours ago, president trump returned to washington, wrapping up his working vacation in mar-a-lago and ready for 2018. the trump administration already facing escalating foreign policy tests in iran and north korea. >> and the president has a number of domestic challenges to face in the year ahead.
6:30 pm
megan hughes takes a look. >> reporter: president trump back in d.c. tonight after a day of golf and a glitzy new year's eve bash at mar-a-lago where he shrugged off questions about north korea. >> we'll see, we'll see. >> reporter: kim jong un warned it's completed its nuclear forces. the u.s. should note that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table. another hot spot, iran. antigovernment protests have raged since thursday, and several people have been killed. the president tweeting this morning that it's time for change. republican senator lindsey graham slamming trump's twitter approach on "face the nation." >> president trump is tweeting very sim pathetically to the iranian people, but you can't just tweet here. you have to lay out a plan. >> have you conveyed this to the president? >> i just did. >> reporter: he will be put to
6:31 pm
the test in the year ahead as the party faces midterm elections. he is also aiming for a big infrastructure push. and looming large, the investigation into the trump campaign and russia collusion. >> we got off to a great start with get the tax cuts and anwar and the mandate which was very unpopular as you know. >> reporter: he returns to washington with another budget battle brewing and whether the d.r.e.a.m.ers will be deporte d at the vatican, pope francis delivered his new year's message with a focus on migrants and refugees. he called upon global leaders to offer assistance.
6:32 pm
they mark world day of peace on january 1st. tibetan monks performed the cleansing ceremony near placerville in preparation for a design made out of sand. the new year means a fresh start. and many are pondering new year's resolutions. >> reporter: fireworks are officially done and dried-out christmas trees are lining theee curbs. and we're asking you, what are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? we're a city that loves our green juices. >> i want to keep it like this, you know? keep it. >> reporter: we're a city of realists. what are your resolutions?
6:33 pm
>> oh, i'm an adult person. >> reporter: some are seeking a digital detox. >> i think i'd spend less time on facebook. >> reporter: and we're city of dog lovers. >> walk the dog. >> more treats, more treats. >> reporter: do you have any new year's resolutions? i asked just about everyone i came across what their hopes were for 2018. including richard, he goes by yo-yo. he's grateful to have found this makeshift bowl. >> i just want a bowl to eat out of. >> reporter: he lost his job at a bicycle shop in the recession and the low point was having his things stolen. he's visualizing good things for the new year. >> have some kind of work lined up or somewhere indoors. >> reporter: he wants to appreciate the little things, the sun through the fog, the beauty of the city. for 2018, wishing you health,
6:34 pm
happiness, joy and the space and clarity to feel gratitude every day. abc 7 news. >> just asking kristin kristin n does new year's resolutions. >> same thing every year. l lose a little weight, be healthy. the swim from alcatraz d. tu didn't turn out the way it usually does. the fog made it hard for swimmers to see where they were going, and there was a shipping freighter crossing the bay which made the course unsafe. the dolphin club tweeted out these photos. an event was interrupted by unexpected guests. people in huntington beach have welcomed the new year with a dip in the pacific ocean. this year only about 100 took the plunge because stingrays
6:35 pm
have invaded the area. just last friday, 75 people were stung at the beach. even though authorities swept the sand today, five people still got stung. look at that. including the surfer. >> i thought, are you kidding? i've been surfing 35 years and never been hit. it hurts, but it's not that bad. i don't think i got like a full hit. >> and he's got quite the story to tell now. officials encourage people to shuffle their feet to discourage stepping on a stingray which can cause a painful, bloody foot. >> what was worse? the closeups of people's feet? it's easy to start something and not so easy to stop it? that's what one woman found out when she took a close look at her phone bill. chocolate shortage? how's that for a tease? and you can get the latest news anytime with the upgraded
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abc 7 news app. it has enhanced live video features, more
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(hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine,
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year, would you try skinny wine? wine typically has 120 calories per glass. skinny wines can save you 20-40 calories per glass. winemakers looking to control calories tend to lower the alcohol content. one says the calorie savings from skinny wine is negligible. maybe saving calories for elsewhere. >> like maybe dessert? >> some of us prefer dessert. >> like chocolate. >> we may be in for a global chocolate shortage. >> local researchers are trying to keep this cocoa prices at bay. >> reporter: what if i told you the world is facing a global cocoa shortage? >> that would be tragic. >> reporter: some scientists
6:40 pm
blame climate change and a lack of water like in africa's ivory coast. some believe chocolate could start going away as early as 2020. >> there's no way that's going to happen. too much money in chocolate. >> reporter: correct, which is why the mars company invested over $1 billion to combat to c climate change. >> there's over 1,000 different chocolate bars from more than 24 countries and growing. >> reporter: jack epstein has been in the chocolate industry for almost 24 years and says cacao could be growing in other places other than west africa. >> we have from peru, bolivia. fiji, we have beans. >> reporter: in the meantime, a scientist at uc berkley is
6:41 pm
partnering to create more resistant cocoa beans. [ inaudible ] so for now, indulge away. >> oh, time to go buy more. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> i'm going to hoard all the chocolate. >> got lots of boxes for christ
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sending a child on an overseas trip can be daunting. a bay area mother made sure her daughter could call home but ended up with a huge bill. >> we helped get her money back. >> you guys may have done this, add a service temporarily onto your phone account. it's a lot easier to sign up for a service than it is to get rid of it. lisa's daughter was about to embark on her first trip outside of the country. she was going to ecuador with a
6:45 pm
church group. lisa wanted her to stay in touch. she added an international calling plan, one month for $40. >> if there was an emergency she could call us. >> it went smoothly. here she is meeting with the children she'd been sponsoring for years. annie didn't use that international calling plan even once. >> i think the only thing i really liked about having my phone was to be able to take pictures. >> so lisa was happy to pay for it, that is until she found out she was paying and paying and paying. >> i don't really go in and scrutinize the bill. >> a year later she noticed it right there in her phone bill. verizon had been charging her $40 a month for international calls all that time. >> i contacted verizon, and i just didn't get anywhere. >> at first, lisa says verizon offered a partial refund, then no refund at all. >> because i had actual documentation. it was set to cancel, here's the
6:46 pm
date it was to cancel and it didn't cancel. >> she contacted seven on your side, we asked verizon, and they refunded $500, telling us, our goal is to provide the world class experience our customers expect. in this case, we did not meet our customer's expectations. we appreciate the opportunity to address ms. harrington's concerns and apologize tor any inconvenience. >> i was blown away by how quickly it resolved once it got in your hands. >> lisa has four phone lines on her verizon bill, so it's often ten to 12 pages long. so a $40 charge didn't stand out to her. the take away from all of this, you know what it is, check your bill every single month, because often companies will try to refund only three months of overcharges. i want to hear from you. my hotline is open, 10:00-2:00. you know the number, you can also reach me on my facebook
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page through abc 7 >> you did your magic. and it worked out. >> your homework. the bay area certainly a beautiful place. viewers prove it every day. >> these photographers got up early to capture the first sun rise of the day. they have the #abc 7 now which helped us find them and feature them right here on tv. king tides are in effect around the bay area and caused flooding along the redwood highway this morning. it caused slow going for some drivers and cyclists, but things are going to change. spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> things are going to change for the better, but we have to wait a day or two. we have prartly cloudy skies. tomorrow's going to be another spare the air day. overnight lows will range from low 40s to mid-40s in the bay. and tomorrow under hazy skies. we'll have highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s inland and
6:48 pm
speaking of the spare the air alert alert, the poorest quality will be in the santa clara valley. and here comes the big change. storm comes in on wednesday, maybe even a couple thunderstorms. continues on thursday, thursday into friday. three days of wet weather to end the week and perhaps cleanse the air before we get partial clearing over the weekend. >> we are more than ready. >> i haven't sat next to you in years. >> i was going to say, did i here too early? anyone who's played or coached in the nfl and has been through what jack went through, i have a follow up on jack del rio's firing and a battle for the
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. i think the entire raider nation was surprised at the timing of jack del rio's firing yesterday after their loss to the chargers. including del rio himself. he was obviously blind sided.
6:52 pm
gruden's not coached in nine years, and this is a different league since he last walked the sidelines. he was paid $10 million a year request with a stake in the team. the players would have to agree. the players had mixed feelings today. >> you know what he's dne in the past. you know that he understands the football, both sides, and he's studied quarterback position inside and out. >> he know the game, sure. he's like a master mind of the game, so it would be an honor. the first matchup in the rose bowl pitched oklahoma and georgia. this was the first overtime game ever in the rose bowl, and what a finish we had. boomer sooners suited up for the
6:53 pm
game. baker mayfield escaped fresh ire. georgia answers. score score, the dogs would get the last laugh after a blocked field goal. s sunny michelle takes it to the house. georgia moves on to the championship game, wow, what a finish, go dogs. 12th ranked central florida taking on auburn. three all. takes it to the house, 17 yards. does the cam newton super manzi man celebration. one score gained, less than a minute to go. auburn, one last chance. jared stidham picked off by antoine collier.
6:54 pm
scott frost's final game as the head coach, he'll take the nebraska job next week. another game, taking on lsu and the citrus bowl. we only need to show you on play from the game. ian book finds miles boykin. the two lsu defenders have no chance. that's game-winning touchdown. this lsu fan is like, come on, i could have made that tackle. boykin evades the defenders. the fighting irish go on to win it, 21-17. the big 10. the fighting tim harbaughs being looking to keep it going. bentley connects with edwards, gamecocks within three. next south carolina drive, bentley hits smith. 53-yard touchdown. wolverines fall. first big 10 loss this bowl season. the winter classic at city field
6:55 pm
in new york. rasmus with a shot from the point. this thing is tied at two. check out the replay, amazing e precision. the rangers go on to win it 3-2. if you play or o coach coach in, you will be traded, cut or fired. it's never easy. the way it was handled, i think very unprofessional. >> 15 million helps. >> it does help. it does help. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> i got them out of the car and ran over to see the guy who got hit, because he flung about 10-15 feet. >> a first hand account of a violent crash that put two in the hospital. >> and an unprecedented year for airlines, and it's good news if you're afraid to fly. >> and here's the prime time lineup. catch the two-hour premiere of
6:56 pm
the bachelor followed at 10:00 by "the good doctor." >> and don't forget to watch me tomorrow at 4:30 in the a.m. >> that's going to do it for now. look for us on twitter. >> hope you have a great night. watch out for that super moon.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a museum educator from everett, washington... an intellectual property attorney from white plains, new york... and our returning champion, a phd student from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. [ cheers and applause ] happy new year, everyone. if you're a big television fan, today is one of the busiest days of the year. we've got the parades, we've got the football games, we've got "jeopardy!" and i hope also that today is the beginning of
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a great year for all of us. nick, lisa, henry -- good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round. and these categories are now in play. a beastly poetry fill-in for you. followed by, hey... mmm. and finally... each correct response will begin with a q and end with a t. henry. beastly poetry fill-in for $200. [ beep ] time to tickle a lizard right before or after a blizzard. henry. beastly poetry, $400. ...what? [ beep ] it's a curious cat. henry. popcorn for $200.


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