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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 2, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> thank you for joining us, i'm that taunatasha zouves. kristen sze will be in later today. we're tracking two breaking stories, see on the map where the first is happening right now. the village at the shopping senter on redwood hallway in the north bay. mall security tells us the outdoor mall is being evacuated. this is the outdoor mall where i had my very first retail job. it's in the north bay, known for nordstrom in that area, the apple stores, macy's, several other stores. the reason is not noboknown at time. sky 7 is headed to the mall. this is a live look as it makes its way there. we'll bring you an update as soon as it arrives. also breaking news of a suspicious package at mineta san jose airport. no new passengers are being allowed on terminal "b."
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matt keller is on his way and will have a live report coming up. santa clara firefighters are still on the scene of a large fire at the cardboard plant. stacks of cardboard piled 15 feet high were burning. firefighters poured water on the flames trying to soak the dense material. >> cardboard bales are density packed together. when they burn it's really hard to penetrate into the hottest spots of the fire. >> firefighters could be there for days digging in with heavy equipment and putting water on those hotspots. new at 11:00 a.m. now a driver now faces murder charges following a crash that killed a highway patrol officer on christmas eve. prosecutors believe the 22-year-old driver was drunk and high on marijuana at the time. officer an draw camilleri died and his partner was hurt. a cadillac barreled into their patrol car along interstate 880. investigators claim the suspect named mohammed ali was
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more than 120 miles per hour. >> when will we say enough is enough? and finally reach a point where every single driver on the road realizes that he or she cannot and must not drink, smoke, take drugs? >> the suspect remains in the hospital after being hurt, himself in the crash. a chp report claims ali threatened his wife before getting behind the wheel. we'll keep tracking that story. membthe two suspects in the deadly ghostship fire made an appearance in court this morning. amy hollyfield interviewed both of their attorneys and shedding light on what their defense will likely look like. what are we learning now, amy? >> reporter: oh, hi, natasha, we're learning that the attorneys are feeling very good about this case. this is our first time to see the defense attorneys since last month's preliminary hearing. they have a new confidence, they tell me, now that they have seen the prosecution's case. listen to one of the attorneysu ast this morning.
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>> we're very encouraged after the preliminary hearing. we expected to lose based on the low reel standard that prosecution has to obtain. but we won in a sense we were finally able to see exactly ha their case is about and confident we can win in jury tri trial. >> reporter: that is the attorney who represents max harris. he and derek almena face involuntary manslaughter charges for what happened in that fire. prosecutors say they are negligent for several reasons including all of the chemicals being stored at that warehouse and also the faulty staircase that was in that building. there was a party going on at the time. a concert. there were also people living there. that party was happening on the second floor. many victims could not get out. the other defense attorney gave us a glimpse into their defense. >> they don't know how the fire started. how can they say my guy was criminally negligent when they can't even say how it started?
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so we will always be defending on the fact that there is superseding causes. >> what would your -- >> reporter: he told us his client, derek almena, is depressed. he called him a victim of the fire, too. but his attorney said they even may point out there's a foblt of arson because they don't know the cause of the fire, anything could have happened, they say. the two were supposed to enter a plea today. they postponed that to february to buy themselves more time to work on the case. they're going to file a motion to dismiss all charges. they are saying if there is a trial, it might not be until this summer. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> all right, amy, thank you for the update. there is a $2,500 reward offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in a santa rosa road rage shooting. it was reported around 8:45 last night at montecito and alta vista avenues. the victim told police the suspect was tailgating him while
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holding a gun. the suspect fired one round at the victim's car. the victim was not hit. the incident does not appear to be gang related but the motive at this point is not known. 2018 off to a frigid start for a large portion of the country. the deep freeze is setting temperature records and spreading to the south. people are waking up to frozen pipes and ice to louisiana all the way to georgia. the temperature in new orleans dropped down to 25 degrees overnight. snow is even in the forecast for places that rarely see it. slick roads are creating a nightmare for drivers. >> afraid to stop, somebody will hit you, afraid to keep going because you don't know what's up there. >> the northeast is expected to get hit with another blast of arctic air later in the weekend. the national weather service is warning of potentially dangerous wi windchills there as well. meanwhile here in the bay area not quite that way but it's another spare the air day. rain is in the forecast this week as well. meteorologist mike nicco tracking that. hey, mike. >> hey, natasha, hi, everybody. let's take a look at our weather window from the east bay hills
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camera. see just how hazy and murky it looks outside and looks a lot worse than what the bay area air quality management district tells us the air quality is. it's moderate. it's below anything that would be unhealthy for those most sensitive, which is where the poor comes in. especially in our inland east bay neighborhoods in santa clara valley. the potential is there. that's why we're under this 18th winter spare the air alert. we also got a coastal flood warning because of the king tides. they'll get up near seven feet today. flooding if l ining in low-lyin along the coast and bay shorelines. one last thing that maybe pierkd your interest the most, natasha mentioned, a chance of rain. first one of our storm impact scale is light. that means light to moderate showers. even a chance of a thunderstorm. i'll show you hour by hour coming up. after 11 days at his resort, president trump is back for the first full day at the white house. he's facing a number of
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challenges in the year ahead. >> reporter: for the sixth day violent protests are raging in iran. streets are consumed with burning buildings, cars on fire. at least 20 people have been killed in the clashes. the protests started thursday over economic demands. but some are now calling for the regime's downfall. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini is accusing his country's enemies of sparking the unrest. in a series of tweets president trump is slamming iranian leadership and siding with the protesters. this morning tweeting "the people of iran are timely acting against the brutal and corrupt regime." the commander in chief is also reacting to an olive branch in north korea. south korea is now proposing high-level talks with the north. ahead of the winter olympics in pyeongchang. the overture came after north korean leader kim jong-un offered to send a delegation to the games. president trump responded to the talks with a tweet, "perhaps that is good news, perhaps not."
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the rogue leader's new year's message also came with a warning to the u.s. kim jong-un claimed to have a nuclear button on his desk ready to launch a strike that could reach the u.s. mainland. after months of fiery rhetoric -- >> little rocket man. >> reporter: the president simply responded -- >> we'll see. we'll see. >> reporter: if the talks between north korea and south korea do a cur next week, it will mark the first formal dialogue between the two countries since 2015. abc news, washington. turns out the western united states continues to be a popular place for people to move to, but not california. which states are seeing a higher influx of new residents. hundreds of famous women are joining forces. the new initiative aimed at fighting sexual misconduct in hollywood and beyo
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11:11. back now to the breaking news in the north bay. take a look at your screen. sky 7 arrived live for us at the village after off highway 101. security guards tell abc 7 news the outdoor mall is being evacuated as we speak. as i said before, my very first retail job growing up was at this mall. if you're familiar with it, you know nordstrom is at the north end of it and that's where you're seeing the police presence right now. specifically, the loading dock area is blocked off. you can see that yellow police tape right now. as well. so far, no details about exactly what happened here.
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or what the cause of this evacuation is. we're, of course, monitoring this situation. we will continue to update this story for you. both on air here and on our news app, as we zoom in, you can see people evacuated. people standing across the street. and farther away from that outdoor mall. we're also tracking this breaking story in the south bay in san jose where the bomb squad was called in the airport. abc 7 news reporter matt keller just got to that scene. what can you see, matt? >> reporter: natasha, check it out. there's a lot of people waiting outside of terminal "b" waiting to get back inside. they were going to check in to their airlines or were out if front. now they have to wait for that to happen because they've been kicked out of the terminal here. now the bomb squad i'm told has arrived. i talked to some passengers who said they saw them arrive on the scene. firefighters are also here in case they're needed because a suspicious package described as a backpack was found in terminal "b" around 10:15 this morning.
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the big airlines here are southwest and alaska. the passengers who were already screened by security were taken o'er to terminal "a" so they won't have to be screened again once this is over. people who have not gone through security are not being allowed into terminal "b." planes landing here and scheduled to unload at terminal "b" are being held on the taxiway or the gate. of course, this is going to cause problems and delays for all the passengers mere where w planni planning to leave. check with your airlines. deals with delays. >> stress for the travelers. thank you, matt, appreciate it. today is minnesota democrat al franken's last day as u.s. senator. he announced he would resign. he apologized for some of the accusations and denied others. minnesota's lieutenant governor will be sworn in tomorrow to replace franken. a special election will be held in november to fill the remaining to years of his term. right now more thn 300 hollywood women are coming together to help people across all industries fight sexual harassment in the workplace.
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they're calling it time's up. here's abc's amy robach. >> reporter: a-list actresses like reese witherspoon, nicole kidman, and jennifer lawrence joining forces with behind the scenes power players like "scandal" executive producer shonda rhimes to fight sexual misconduct in tinseltown and beyond. coalition of more than 300 women ca calling itself times up, taking out full-page ads in newspapers including "the new york times" writing "unlike ever before our access to the media and important decisionmakers has the potential of leading to real accountability and consequences." the initiative, a response to the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations rocking hollywood and beyond. ing a treactress ash ash ash ash time's up. >> he obviously grabbed my hand. it's like the look on my face is abject terror, like, i can see it in my eyes. >> reporter: but time's up also vowing to help less privilege
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tprivileged women fight back saying to "to every woman employed in agriculture who has to fend off unwanted sexual avances by her boss, every janitor trapped in a building with a predatory supervisor, we stand with you. ." establishing a legal defense fund for working-class women backed by $13 million in donations from the likes of meryl streep and director steven spielberg. shonda rhimes telling "the new york times," "if this group of women can't fight for a model form for other women who don't have as much power and privilege, who can?" >> time's up is calling on companies and organizations in hollywood to fill half of their leadership positions with women by 2020. and there's a new study out this morning that shows people are moving westward, but not to california. according to united van lines, three of the top four destination states in 20 17 wer oregon, idaho and nevada. it was actually vermont that had
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the highest percentage of inbound migration. california is considered balanced between inbound and outbound moves. young professionals and retirees are leaving our state. two retail giants could be teaming up in 2018. next in your morning money report, why o
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> hey, welcome to tuesday. we're looking at a change in the forecast. not quite yet. looks a lot like yesterday. maybe just a little bit hazier. a real lack of sunshine out there. but with a southerly bli breere look at the temperatures already a lot of us in the mid to upper 50s. 62 at half moon bay. lagging behind a little bit
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brentwood and, ukiah at 51 52. walnut creek, see all the as we look south on 680 in the east bay. gray and hazy. mild highs remain on the 18th spare the air alert today. keep the temperatures up, a few sprink lts a sprinkles are possible. the morning commute, the streets will be dry even if the sprinkles come to fruition. extended tracking at least two systems that could bring us rain. temperatures today, 63 to 66. the exception, santa cruz, up toward ukiah, about 69 and 68. see the haze hanging around the south bay. this is where the fire was. so some of that could be because of that also. my accuweather 12-hour day planner, look at this, upper 50s to low 60s at noon. low 60s at 4:00. because of the cloud cover and the increase in humidity just a little bit, pretty mild at 9:00. low to mid 50. 47 to 53 as we strike midnight. that's when a chance of a few sprinkles could start.
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tonight through tomorrow morning, not as cold as morning. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. a few low 40s in our deepest 1r valleys. the moisture it's pulling up from the south. unfortunately most of the moisture is in the mid-levels, seeing cloud cover and not feeling any rain. there's a potential for thunderstorms as this comes from the south and brings us unstable air. so through the commute tomorrow morning, see just a few sprinkles, maybe a random shower then once we get past 9:00, it's when the flood gates open to showers, potential for lightning, thunder and small hail. see it's really concentrated at 7:00 during the evening commute tomorrow. then it kind of tapers and stays around the north bay. and out toward the coast as we head toward thursday's morning commute. then thursday evening, that's where that second storm comes in, potentially punches us with another round of some moderate rain. now the rainfall could be intense but the duration of it is going to keep our rainfall totals pretty low. couple of hundredths by the time we get to wednesday's evening commute to .2 in the north bay.
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everybody's going to be wet for thursday's morning commute. expect some accidents. good news, when i was watching sue this morning, there weren't a lot of people on the roads. >> that was nice. who are these people that have the entire week off? >> i don't know, did they have last week off, too? >> i think so. >> half moon bay gets off one week and -- anyway about the accuweather seven-day forecast. storm impact scale 1 for wednesday, thursday and friday and the weekend is trending drier. >> nice to know. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. amazon and target could be joining sources according to one influn shentia tech analyst. promotions for kid-friendly video content. last year amazon bought whole foods, remember, for $13.7 billion. according to analysts at citigroup, apple could be buying netflix. that deal would be made possible because of president trump's tax cut. it would allow apple to bring about $220 billion back into the u.s. from overseas without a
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major tax hit. apple has been trying for years to get into tv and movies. analysts say buying netflix would be the next step in that process. danica patrick may be retiring from professional racing but she's back and wants to help you transform hope for paws sets out to save a bunny. >> must be like the sweetest, cutest, easiest rescue ever.
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researchers at stanford are
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using google street view technology to predict how you'll vote. "the new york times" reports researchers pulled information about what kinds of cars we drive from 50 million google images. they cross referenced that information with census data and were able to determine how people in certain neighborhoods voted. they found people in republican-voting districts were more likely to drive extended cab pickup trucks. democratic districts had a higher concentration of sedans. may remember dan ica patric emotionally announcing her retirement from full-time racing. she's back talking about paleo life, freezing her eggs and advice she'd give herself. she has a new book out. it involves working out twice a day. being paleo, gluten and dairy free. if you can hack it for 90 days, she says it will transform you. i spoke to her about the inspiration behind "pretty intense" this morning. >> the book, you are really honest about how this all started for you after freezing your eggs. can you talk about that journey, how that inspired this fitness
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regim regimen? >> i wanted to sort of take control of my own destiny a little bit, with the job that i do, i know i can't have kids or a family right now, so i was like, you know what, i'm going to freeze my eggs, make sure no matter what happens in my life, i can at least do that if i want to. and so but when i did that, i mean, i had to do shots for many, many weeks and nothing really happened until the very end and then over the course of, like, two weeks i feel like i gained, like, five pounds. i was like, they said it would just go away. it didn't go away. >> well, she even went through this program with her mom and at nearly 60, her mom managed to transform her body and got pretty incredible abs as well. danica talks about her resolutions and regrets she has. what she would tell herself at the beginning of her racing career. watch my full interview with her tonight at abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. a reminder, we're on 24/7 on the abc 7 news app and we're updating those two breaking news stories for you. first, the evacuation of the village at the shopping center
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in the north bay. that's a shopping center that has nordstrom, apple store, macy's. a major shopping center in the north bay. also in the south bay we're tracking the story of a suspicious package at mineta san jose airport that's prompting headaches for travelers on this busy travel day. and a terminal that is fully evacuated at this time. if you're logging in from your phone, be sure to download the new abc 7 news app to get breaking news alert. turn on push alerts to get those. tune in for the latest news and weather on our newscast, abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. we have a changing forecast and chance for rain coming up. >> finally, yeah. will take away the poor air quality. really looks murky outside. i expect some of it tomorrow. little bit more tomorrow night then again thursday evening. >> 18 spare the
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>> hey, everybody, you're invited to sit back and watch as our players today are faced with some of the most important decisions of their lives. 14 questions, 14 answers, and $1 million in the balance. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] good, 'cause we're in the middle of a good show. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome back kris schneider. [cheers and applause] last we saw you, you got to $7,000. >> yes. >> playing a good game. two lifelines are gone. you still have your 50/50 yet to be used. 8 away from that $1 million. as we get back to your game. have you thought about what you would do with some of this money you're making? >> definitely. we are just so fortunate and just means the world to us to get this money, 'cause our son, five


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