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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 2, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, several dropping stories as we come on the air. if monster winter storm brewing right now off the east coast. set to hit in the coming hours from florida, then all the way up to d.c., philly, new york and poston. schools closed tonight already. and it all comes amid the deadly deep freeze in this country, 30 states already. the massive pileup tonight. the images coming in right now. also tonight, president trump, back at the white house and back on twitter. the president targeting the justice department, using the words "deep state." and this evening, our droernt asking, does the president really believe there's a shadow government actively plotting to sabotage him? the deadly police attack. the gunman recording his call to 911, luring officers to his home. the images tonight from inside that home. the holiday plane crash. two families, parents and their
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children, all killed. and tonight, what we've just learned. and your money this evening. if you lower your thermostat by just one degree, how much will you save? good evening. and it's great to start another year with you. and we begin tonight with the monster storm intensifying right off the east coast. it's going to hit overnight and right into the morning. take a look at the track of this thing. florida first. a state of emergency just declared in georgia. the carolinas on alert. schools closed in some places already. and then all the way up the coast to maine. add this to the deadly cold. 30 states under alert at this hour. blizzard conditions in buffalo causing a massive and deadly crash today. firefighters battling the flames at a burning apartment building in the bronx, hampered by the freezing cold. ginger zee has the new track of the storm system on the coast, but first, gio benitez on the deadly pileup, the images coming in right now. >> reporter: tonight, relentless blizzard conditions pummeling
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western new york. a stretch of interstate 90 near buffalo shut down after this massive chain reaction crash. >> miles of traffic. miles. >> reporter: more than 20 vehicles directly involved. at least person killed and another seriously injured. visibility down to near zero. >> you could can't see a gosh darn thing in front of you. >> reporter: with half of the country in a deep freeze, many schools delaying classes today or canceling them altogether. >> most of our children walk to school, majority of them walk to school and a lot of them are not prepared for this type of weather. >> reporter: that prolonged cold has water mains bursting from massachusetts to missouri, coating cars in ice. in baltimore, streets turning into ice rinks. the cold dipping so far south, roads dangerously slick even in houston. in the dallas fort worth area sunday, that scare for a police officer slipping on the ice, a sliding car narrowly missing the officer.
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in chicago, crews lighting fires to keep rail switches from freezing. in indianapolis, officials releasing 911 calls from a desperate rescue. >> it's a pond behind my house. the car is falling through. >> reporter: a dive team picking a woman from her car, submerged 12 feet in an icy pond new year's eve. the driver in critical condition. in maryland, three others rescued from this car overnight. in new york city, more than 400 firefighters battling a seven-alarm apartment fire and 13 degree temperatures in the bronx. residents racing to get out. >> by the time we opened the door in the hallway, there was black smoke. >> reporter: more than 20 injured. the fire fight believing behind a thick coating of ice. >> and gio benitez live with us at the scene of that fire tonight. and gio, this cold stretching all the way from the north, where we are here in new york, all the way down to texas tonight. >> reporter: that's right, david. we just learned in houston, two people died because of this cold weather. and here in new york, at that bronx apartment building, we know the people who lived here are now homeless.
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david? >> gio benitez leading us off. gio, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee tonight, tracking this major storm right off the coast. and the track of this thing, you were telling us jinger, will mean everything here. >> reporter: every mile counts as to how much snow is going to fall and how windy it is going to get. travel will be impacted along the east coast. that winter storm warning, you don't see this afternoon, from florida to knacks head, north carolina. you could see a tenth of an inch of ice there, up to three inches of snow and it all gets going overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. that's drive-time, 7:00 a.m. in southeast georgia, north florida, going to be a mess. tomorrow afternoon, from charleston, up through eastern north carolina, some heavier snow totals along that bpink line. that's the freezing line. it will clip through mid-atlantic, new york through eastern long island is where we pick up the heavier totals, into boston and maine. you can see the heavy snow totals. if you can believe it or not, david, even colder air than
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we've seen all season coming behind this thing. >> we have to get through this first. you'll be here every step of the way. ginger, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to the political storm brewing in washington. the president back at the white house today and back to twitter, taking aim at his own justice department, tweeting about the, quote, deep state. and so, we asked tonight, does the president really believe there is a shadow government out to get him? abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega beginning another year at the white house. >> reporter: president trump kicked off 2018 with a tweet storm today, attacking his own justice department as a deep state secretly working to undermine his presidency. he also lashed out at hillary clinton's abedin, suggesting she should be punished for her handling of certain government elaines. the president betweening, jail. deep state justice department must final ly act. also on comey and others. what did the president mean when he said the deep state justice department? and does this administration
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believe that the deep state is a real thing, that there is this shadow government out there actively plotting to sabotage him? >> ah, look. the president finds some of those actions very disturbing and he thinks that we need to make sure if there is an issue, that it's looked at. >> reporter: does he believe the entire justice department and its more than 100,000 employees are part of this deep state? >> obviously, he doesn't believe the entire justice department is part of that. >> reporter: the president stoking the conspiracy theory of a shadow deep state as special counsel robert mueller's investigation into possible russian collusion closes in on his inner circle. and he has been publicly encouraging the justice department to investigate the clintons and some of his other political enemies. the department's inspector general now investigating the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. the president tells "the new york times" he's, quote, uninvolved with that investigation, but he adds, i have absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice
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department. >> so, let's get to cecilia vega, live at the white house tonight. and cecilia, another presidential tweet getting a lot of attention today, the president tweets, quote, since taking office, i have been very strict on commercial aviation. good news, it was just reported that there were zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record. and cecilia, a lot of folks today seeming like the president was taking credit for the lack of plane crashes. >> reporter: yeah, david, and we did the fact check. an american carrier hasn't had a fatal plane crash in nearly nine years. this zero deaths figure isn't related to his own policies. as for that claim of being strict on commercial aviation, he did endorse privatizing air traffic control, but david, that idea fell flat. david? >> cecilia, thank you. the president had also been watching what would happen with senator orrin hatch of utah, the longest serving republican senator in history, revealing today he will not run again. hatch announcing he will retire. he is the chairman of the powerful senate finance committee and worked closely with the president on the new
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tax bill. speculation now focusing on whether mitt romney will run for the seat. romney was once considered as a possible secretary of state but since has become a frequent critic of the president. late today, president trump tweeting congratulations to senator hatch, saying, quote, i will never forget the beyond kind stauments he has made about me as president. we turn overseas tonight, and to iran, protesters taking to the streets again tonight, nearly a week now. clashes with authorities turning deadly. and the president tweeting until f in favor of them. here's abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: today, in iran, streets on fire. protesters clashing with police, banks and public buildings attacked. some in the crowds chanting revolutionary slogans. "down with the dictator," they cried. and now a hard line from iran's supreme leader, who claimed enemies of iran for bringing the unrest.
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while a prominent judge warned some protesters could face the death penalty. president trump has strongly supported the protesters, twe tweeting, the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime. at the u.n. today, nikki haley echoing the president. >> we must not be silent. the people of iran are crying out for freedom. >> reporter: it's the sixth straight day of these protests. hundreds arrested. at least 21 killed. largest demonstrations since 2009. but back then, it was millions in the streets. now, it's tens of thousands. still, the world seeing images like this, a young woman in a claude of tear gas, her clienchd fist raised here. iranians we talk to it's the economy, the nuclear deal many hoped would spur growth, and raise their incomes. it hasn't. and now, they're desperate and angry. david? >> terry moran, great to have you with us. next, to north korea tonight. in a new year's address, kim jong-un saying a nuclear launch
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button is always on his desk. but offering to have a dialogue now with south korea. today, south korea's president welcomed the move, offering to meet next week. back here at home, to new developments in the deadly ambush that targeted police officers in colorado. four police officers and two civilians were injured and a deputy was killed. tonight, new details, and new images from inside the home. it turns out the gunman was streaming the whole thing. but we are not going to show the actual video. abc's clayton sandell from colorado tonight. >> reporter: tonight, we are learning more about the moments just before a gunman ambushed colorado sheriff's deputies. >> i need s.w.a.t. right now. >> reporter: in a social media live streams obtained by local station kcnc, 37-year-old matthew riehl is seen making incoherent rants to 911 dispatchers early sunday. at one point, wearing a gas mask. we are only showing you still images, but he even live streams the moment he starts shooting. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment.
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>> reporter: neighbors found themselves in the line of fire. so, this is where it happened? >> yes. >> reporter: farook patail was shot when the suspect opened fire. very loud, very quick? >> yeah, it's not one shot, it's like -- >> reporter: several bullets breaking windows and blinds. putting a hole through his closet door. the bullet still lodged in his shoulder. tonight, three of the four officers who were shot and wounded are now out of the hospital. but now a community is mourning 29-year-old deputy zackari parrish, none more than his wife and two daughters. >> it means so much to hear your stories, because that's what i'm clinging onto right now. so i want to hear about him and i want to soak it in. >> it's okay, momma. it's okay. just be happy, okay? >> reporter: and david, the sheriff's department here asked that those live stream videos be taken offline. they were, but detectives now have them. they are now evidence. david? >> clayton, thank you. and those reassuring words from her little girl there. we're going to turn next here to the desperate search for
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two sisters missing from outside austin, texas, an amber alert going out for a 7-year-old and a 14-year-old after their mother was found dead in their home. police believe they may be a man who lived in that home, and abc's marcus moore is in texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi assisting texas police in their urgent search for two little girls believed to be with this man, 44-year-old terry allen miles. >> our concern and our focus is bringing these two girls home safe. >> reporter: 7 year-old lulu bandera-margaret and her 14 year-old sister lili griffith, missing after their mother tonya bates was found dead new year's eve in their round rock home outside austin. >> indications at that time is that it was a suspicious nature. >> reporter: police say they were called to the family home twice on saturday when a coworker and boyfriend suspected something was wrong. on sunday, they found bates' body. the girls, gone. >> we believe they are not with terry allen miles willingly. >> reporter: texas authorities asking for the public's help tonight, issuing an amber alert for the girls, who are believed
3:43 pm
to be with miles, their mother's roommate. police releasing this picture of the car they may be traveling in. police say they are investigating possible sightings in new mexico and colorado. david, as authorities search the roadways for that car, police in louisiana tell abc news that back in 2011, miles was charged with attempted murder in the beating of his then-girlfriend. david? >> marcus, thank you. and we turn to another family thaj ragedy, in fact, tw families lost. their parents and children dying in a holiday plane crash. their charter plane crashing in costa rica. one family was from florida and the other from new york state. and here's abc's kayna whitworth with what we've learned tonight. >> reporter: investigators in costa rica now looking into whether strong winds or mechanical failure were factors in the fiery new year's eve plane crash just moments after takeoff. >> it beared to left and it nose-dived right in front of us. >> reporter: nobody survived. 12 people killed, including two american families. from tampa, mitchell and leslie weiss and their teenage son and daughter.
3:44 pm
>> not having her in our lives is going to be -- is unfathomable. >> reporter: and from scarsdale, new york, irene and bruce steinberg and their three sons. >> the only comfort from talking to our other friends is that they were all together and they will be together. they'll be together forever. >> reporter: also killed, their tour guide, 33-year-old amanda geissler. the plane registered to costa rica's nature air which has had a solid safety record. but just four months ago, another nature air flight crashed, killing two people. david, the pilot of that plane was delayed on an earlier flight because of strong winds. and tonight, costa rican authorities say that american investigators will be joining them tomorrow. david? >> kayna whitworth with us tonight. kayna, thank you. and from afghanistan tonight, the u.s. military reporting the death of an american service member. four service members were also injured. the loss during a combat engagement in the eastern province known for isis activity. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight"
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i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new we're going to turn next tonight to your money, and we're not suggesting lowering your heat in the middle of this frigid cold spell, but when it's not quite this cold, how much can you save by lowering your thermostat by just one degree? abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis out to save your money tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with that arctic chill gripping much of the country, the cost of heating your home could soar as much as
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32% this winter. so, how can you keep your costs down and your home warm? >> one of the simplest things we can do is simply replace the existing incandescent bulbs with l.e.d. let free fit kits. >> reporter: kits will keep warm air from seeping out of the house. consider weatherproofing your doors and windows. and lowering that thermostat just one degree can save you 5% on those heating costs. last season, we caught one the friedmans of ridgewood, new jersey, who wanted to cut their bill. you have a beautiful home. >> thank you. >> reporter: energy expert scott fisher found cool air pouring in. the family replacing the bulbs, sealing off windows and adding a new door sweep. today, they tell us it added up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the winter. >> we save about 10% on our energy bill, but more importantly, the temperature is even throughout our home. >> everyone's looking to save, because it's going to be a cold winter ahead. you have some other areas of the
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3:53 pm
and, for the first time, does she acknowledge knowing any part of the plan to attack rival nancy kerrigan, set up by her exhusband. harding now revealing in that interview, quote, i knew something was up, about a month or two before it happened. she goes on to say, i did, however, overhear them talking about stuff where, well, maybe we should take somebody out, so we make sure she gets on the team. that was something we hadn't heard before. that interview will air in the documentary "truth and clies." it airs january 11th. krar cree underwood revealing she needed 40 to 50 stitches in her face after a fall. she recently shared a picture on instagram with her face wrapped in a scar scarf. of course, everyone just glad she's okay. when we come back, happy new year, and it could get a lot happier for someone. more than 800 million now up for grabs. what's the first thing you would do? your answers, right after the break here.
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the world. >> we'd go around the world a few times. >> reporter: two giant jackpots in excess of $800 million now up for grabs. what do you want? >> astros season tickets. >> reporter: the megamillions drawing tonight worth about $361 million. the chances of winning? about 1 in 303 million. if you don't get lucky tonight, there's always tomorrow when the powerball drawing is worth at least $440 million. and just a quick tip. 70% of past winners chose the quick pick option. >> modest house. maybe $500,000. >> reporter: square feet? >> yeah, square feet. and, did i mention the jet, too? >> reporter: oh, now we're talking. the potential for a very happy new year for someone. >> a jet to head back to denver. we like your ideas. good luck. i'm david muir. it's great to be back. we'll see you right back here
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when will we say enough is enough and finally reach a point where every single driver on the road realizes that he or she cannot and must not drunk. >> a driver now facing murder charges following a crash that killed a highway patrol officer on christmas eve. thanks for joining today the chp announced the arrest of mohammed ali. >> more on what we've learned about the suspect. >> mohammed ali has a wife and a for you-month-old daughter but he also lived with his dad in this apartment in hayward. he is accused of driving his red cadillac into a chp patrol car on christmas eve along interstate 880, killing officer
4:00 pm
camilleri and injuring another driver. >> today that driver, a 22-year-old resident in the city of hayward, was arrested by members of the california highway patrol. >> the chp said on december 24th, he first threatened his wife and then with alcohol and marijuana in his system, he hit the road and grove he mantika to hayward at speeds up to 120 miles an hour. the chp said his blood alcohol level was .11. >> the individual was aware of the extreme danger the drinking and driving posed to others and he chose to disregard that danger. >> they announced that he was charged with second-degree murder and three other felonies for driving under the influence. the alameda county sheriff's department released this booking photo of ali from 2013 when charges against him for a burglary were dropped. neighbors described ali