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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 3, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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preparing for rain this morning, and it has been a while since we've seen that. meteorologist mike nicco says it's coming soon. >> good morning to you on this wednesday, january 3rd. the whole team here except for alexis. sue hall holding down the fort. we haven't had a good soaking for at least two months. this won't be either but it will bring us some rain and snap a little bit of the dry spell and the pattern we've been in. you can see how gray it's been. fog sneaking into the east bay so watch out if you're coming through the altamont pass or discovery bay. some random sprinkles this morning. not a big deal. showers will start to develop as we head to the noon hour.
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we'll have waves of shower through 4:00. they'll pick up in intensity and coverage by 7:00. notice the temperatures are mild, upper 50s to near 60 degrees and even mid-50s as we head through the evening hours. the chance of rain lingers through friday. here is sue with the morning commute. >> i think school is still out for a lot of kids. we're seeing extremely light conditions. look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. we don't even have any headlights -- one car. if we flip on over to 680 and walnut creek, reports of a dumpster fire visible from 680 at concord avenue. >> good to know. thank you, sue. the first rain of 2018 almost here as we're expecting a 1 on our storm impact scale. the king tides have also arrived as well. >> reporter amy hollyfield is
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live tracking the places preparing for flooding today. amy? >> reporter: look at the sign behind me at the park and ride. a king tide season warning everyone to expect high water here all the way until friday of this week. here is what it looked like yesterday, the entire park and ride lot and the road off highway 101 was flooded. king tide is not a scientific term but it is the term to describe the highest tides this time of year and science teachers encourage us all to appreciate the tides. >> i think it's important for us to get outside and pay attention to the things that are predictable and natural in our worlds. the tide, the sky, the effect of the celestial bodies on the waters around us are available as city dwellers. >> reporter: the exploratorium hosted a king tide walk. an expert taught everyone how
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the tides work. there's rain in the forecast today so king tides are expected to be even higher today. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. take a look at this just released video. police say these two men that you see on your screen dressed in reflective vests knocking on the front door of a home were not actually city workers. when no one answered they went into the backyard and tried to answer the locked slider. if you have any information, please call police. developing news in san jose where they're stepping up patrols at a private middle school where a teacher was sexually assaulted in a classroom. the assault happened around 6:30 morning at harker middle school. the teacher was preparing for the first day of school following winter break. she called 911 after the assault. matt keller will have more on the stepped up police presence
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coming up in our next half hour. more details about a 22-year-old hayward man facing murder charges in the death of a highway patrol officer. andrew camilleri's patrol car was rear-ended. >> reporter: mohammed ali has a wife and daughter but lived with his dad in this apartment in hayward. he is accused of driving his red cadillac into a chp patrol car on christmas eve along interstate 880. >> he was celebrating christmas eve like many of us do. unfortunately for him he chose to drink and drive and smoke and drive. >> reporter: he first threatened his wife and then with alcohol and marijuana in his system he hit the road and drove to
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hayward at speeds up to 120 miles per hour. the d.a. announced ali is charged with second-degree murder and three other felonies for driving under the influence. the alameda county sheriff's department release this had booking photo of ali in 2013 when charges against him for a burglary were dropped. neighbors described ali as a great guy. several were in tears as they declined to go on camera. >> when will we say enough is enough and reach a point where every single driver on the road realizes he or she cannot and must not drink, smoke, take drugs and get behind the wheel of a car. >> reporter: officer camilleri's funeral was held in stockton. mohammed ali will be transported this week. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. several richmond police
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officers are being held heroes for confiscating this without incident unfolding on sunday night. an officer heard gunfire just before 10:00 p.m. he called for backup. after interviewing people inside officers made several arrests. no one was hurt. one of the highest honors in the restaurant industry is changing the criteria to evaluate chefs. >> judges will now consider chefs' behavior and character. that change comes amid misconduct of other prominent people in the restaurant industry. members of the awards committee sent a letter to judges this week saying this is about ending a culture of silence and complicity that has allowed this behavior to proliferate. bear in mind that award winners are held up as role models.
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nominees will be held in march. prosecutors in los angeles are now considering charges against harvey weinstein. 80 women have come forward. prosecutors are examining two of the accusations that were presented by beverly hills police. weinstein has repeatedly denied criminal behavior. 5:07 now. fremont police say a suspect claimed he doused his body with a toxic chemical that would be dangerous to the touch. the standoff started after police said the suspect attacked his father yesterday morning in his fremont home before taking his dad's car. when police recovered the car they found the suspect near mill creek road. the standoff lasted two and a half hours before the suspect was arrested yesterday afternoon. >> marin county wants to trim the length of tour buses near muirwoods. the board of supervisors is considering an ordinance outlawing buses longer than 30 feet on muir woods road. the current is 36 feet.
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this has become a safety issue. longer buses can't make sharp turns without crossing over the center line. video cameras were mounted and they found 30-foot buss were able to stay within the lanes. >> not dry roads but the lack of visibility around discovery bay and heading back on 205 through tracy and on 5 to stockton and also on 580. we need to be careful that will be around all through the morning commute. so are the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. a mild start out there. you have upper 40s in mountain view. 62 in loss go toes now.
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let's talk about your activity planner. on the bay other than the chance of getting wet, a light breeze and chop. not a lot of wind. maybe take an umbrella. temperatures 58 in san rafael and richmond to about 61 in concord and san jose. tonight we'll have lows in the mid-40s to mid-50s. another mild night. a chance of rain not only today, tomorrow, friday, and tuesday. more on that coming up. here's sue. >> to the san mateo bridge where nothing much is happening. you're traveling at the limit. just wanted to show you the taillights on the causeway for about a 15-minute drive to the toll plaza and across the flat section and up to the high rise over to 101 on the peninsula side. we have reports of a car fire visible from the roadway north 101, the right-hand lane.
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help is on the way. >> there are 1 people in the hospital after a bus crashed in stockton. two others were hurt. the chp says it was a charter bus headed for the casino/hotel, crashed with another car and both drivers were among those 13 hurt. we will get an update this morning. our affiliate in sacramento reporting all of the injuries are minor. i will let you know as soon as we get an update. >> in just a few years your driver's license is not going to cut it to board domestic flights. how thousands of people are preparing for the change. hundreds of apps that are listening through your microphone even when you're not
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using them. >> from tkos to thc, a big move into the cannabis business.
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welcome back. let's talk about what's going to happen with this next system using our storm impact scale. it's a 1. we want a 2 or a 3 to get a nice soaker. we're getting showers, they're scattered, random. not everyone will get a soaking. unfortunately, there's that chance of lightning. we'll talk more about the fire
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danger coming up. >> in today's "gma first look" a search for two missing texas girls. >> the mom was found dead in their home. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" a manhunt for lulu and her sister lili griffith missing after their mother was found dead on new year's eve. >> our concern and focus is bringing the two girls home safe. >> reporter: an amber alert asking for the public's help to find the girls they believe are with this man, 44-year-old terry allen miles who lived with their mother near austin. authorities saying he may be traveling with the girls in this gray car. police said they thought miles was heading to louisiana but tips leading authorities to the other side of the country with possible sightings in new mexico and colorado. >> we believe they're not with terry allen miles willingly. >> to hear this, it's devastating. >> reporter: we will have the
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latest on the manhunt at 7:00 a.m. 5:14 now. the utility that delivers water to 500,000 customers could soon be charging more. now the public is being asked to weigh in. the contra costa county water district wants to raise rates to replace aging pipes. a family's water bill would jump about $3.51. a public hearing tonight is at 6:00 in concord. take a look at this. it may be coming to soma in san francisco, two twisting hours in the works to be built at fourth and townsend streets across the street from the caltrain terminal. as you can see it gives the illusion of four towers but only two there. this is a high structure, 39 floors. it would create more than 900 residential units. so many of you remember the
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spacex launch that freaked out a lot of people in southern california. it's happening again. another mission on friday night. according to space flight, the booster is carrying a secret u.s. government payload named zuma. aerospace and defense company northrop grumman hand-picked them for that job. a music producer is now suing spotify for $1.6 billion. they say it represents tom petty and accuses the tech company for playing tens of thousands of songs without licenses or compensation. they want to prevent spotify from playing the songs until a deal is reached. spotify plans to go public and could be valued as much as $20 billion. hundreds of apps are listening to you through your smartphone according to "the new
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york times" even when you're not using them. these apps use soft fair from a startup that collects tv viewing data for advertisers. more than 250 apps are available in the google play store. it identifies audio signals in tv ads and shows and matches that information to places you visit by using gps. most found in games for children. >> a former heavyweight champ and actor of sorts and one of the most recognizable voices on the planet. soon a marijuana entrepreneur. mike tyson and his partners broke ground on a 40-acre cannabis resort in california city. tyson ranch, as they're calling it, will be an oasis to grow weed. also an edible factory on site, a premium glamping area and the cultivation school to teach new growers. don't know when the oasis is
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going to open. something i never thought we would say on the news. >> and we just did. do you have your list? nothing? i'll take it over then. sprinkles this morning and showers later today, tonight. a better chance in small hail. the first one coming in today and the second one coming to us tomorrow. neither of them have that atmospheric river that we would like to see to get a nice soaking rain. pretty much dry. maybe a sprinkle here or there. as we head to noon some showers starting to move in.
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light showers. notice it's all green. as we head into the afternoon hours, some yellow shows up. showers over the ocean and across the north bay at 4:00. they spread across most of our neighborhoods. and then they continue during the overnight hours through tomorrow morning, again, mainly in the north bay and along the coast. the better part of the day tomorrow. looks fairly dry. so rainfall amounts by tomorrow evening to nearly half an inch in the north bay and then we get double that to triple that and friday and saturday -- late friday, saturday and sunday, that's when we'll see some clearing. how about your morning commute with sue? we'll pop into san rafael. your commute is looking great.
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the taillights heading past the way to central san rafael. your drive time there southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco just over 20 minutes. back to the richmond/san rafael bridge. last we checked, those right-hand lanes are cash. the left-hand lanes are the fastrakers. some slowing out of the central valley. a look at your mass transit options in a couple of minutes. the dmv will begin accepting applications for new state i.d.s because starting in 2020 your driver's license is not going to cut it when boarding a domestic flight. an act passed by congress in 2005 requires that licenses used to board u.s. flights be
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equipped with security features. not everyone will need one. >> you can check the tsa's website. you don't need a real i.d. driver's license to get on a plane. it's not that convenient to carry around your passport. >> the dmv will start taking applications on january 22nd. it has hired 300 new employees to help with the expected onslaught of processing applications. >> an uninvited guest disrupted a flight from oakland to portland. someone spotted a rat jumping from the jetway into the plane. alaska airlines quickly evacuated. all 110 passengers were rescheduled on flights leaving last night and today. >> most people knew it was beyond anyone's control.
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but very frustrating such a small animal could mess up everyone's plans. >> alaska says the plane is out of service while mechanics check for damage and an exterminator looks for the rat. >> i saw a rat walking home yesterday and i didn't evacuate anything. >> i see them all the time. just a friendly urban rat. coming up next, the seven things you need to know. music fans probably know this already. the coachella lineup is out. there may be a surprise, though, still to come. >> with rain expected today we are talking with officials in the south bay to see how they're working to prevent another disaster like we saw last year.
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have already arrived at a private middle school after an employee got sexually assaulted in a classroom yesterday. "the mercury news" reports she is a teacher. surveillance video caught the man police believe to be the suspect. number three from the live desk the president of the mormon church has died. thomas monson passed away late last night. monson served in church leadership for nearly five decades. he was 90 years old. a successor has not yet been named. >> a sign of diplomatic progress between north korea and south korea. officials with the two countries communicated today by telephone. the news comes after president trump's tweet taunted north korea about the size of its nuclear button. >> u.p.s. expects to handle 1.4 million returns today. it is national returns day, after all. fewer people will go to stores to return their unwanted gifts. number six, following your wednesday morning commute with light conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:26 am
no metering lights yet. a couple cars in the right-hand cash paying lanes. if it's anything like earlier in the week we'll continue light through the morning. two chances to become a multimillionaire this week. the jackpot is an estimated $440 million. friday's mega millions jackpot predicted to be $418 million. the fourth largest in the game's history. >> let's talk about the coachella lineup. >> just confirmed this morning that eminem and the weekend will be joining previously booked beyonce. >> who isn't performing? it seems like everyone is. >> a lot of people are. this is an image of the lineup clogging your facebook news feed this week, heavy on hip-hop and r&b. miguel and cardy b. >> she doesn't have to dance anymore because she just makes the sound and money moves.
5:27 am
>> she does make money moves. a big surprise is right there beneath the weekend -- where have you been? will be at coachella. no keisha. those are the surprises. >> maybe edm is on its way out. that would make me happy. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the major issue as lawmakers return to sacramento. >> with a flooding disaster still on their minds, the preparations for the upcoming wet weather.
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put your eye to the sky but don't hold it open too long because some rain could fall on it. that was an interesting thing to say. a live look this morning.
5:30 am
>> meteorologist mike nicco says you may expect a wet start to your new year with rain on the way. perhaps a better chance later today. we'll get into that. good morning to you on this wednesday, january 3rd. jessica is back. >> happy new year. >> mike, we've been waiting for this precipitation. >> how did you know i got goggles for christmas? i've been waiting to go outside to look at that rain. or that see-through umbrella. >> i have one of those. >> really? can i borrow it? >> yes. >> great. you might want to be like jessica today if you want to look at the rain. it's still well out over the ocean, all that gray you see is the cloudiness. showers for the most part are moving from south to north. they may clip the north bay first as we head to the lunch hour. up until then expect some sprinkles this morning with temperatures mild. our chance of getting wet
5:31 am
increases from 4:00 to 7:00. watch out, the time when the chance of lightning increases, also. a dry morning commute. is that helping? >> it is helping, of course. once the roads get wet, solo spinouts. we are looking at slow traffic for our early morning commuters. southbound blocking the right-hand lanes. 48 b.a.r.t. trains on time. muni looking good. >> sue, thank you. police want to you take a look at this video of a man they say sexually assaulted a school employee. police say the assault happened inside of a classroom. >> this is very concerning. to abc 7 news reporter live in san jose with more on what is being done today.
5:32 am
matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. this crime took place 24 hours ago and police are taking it very seriously. this video we saw in the past hour or so, they locked the gate behind them. this was expected as police say they're increasing patrols. the video they want to you take a close look at is here. do you recognize this man. san jose police say he sexually assaulted and robbed a woman at harker at about 6:00 yesterday morning about an hour before kids showed up for class. the woman is an employee at the school. people who live nearby are horrified. >> we didn't hear anything at all. it's really shocking to see something like this has happened. >> my wife used to take walks alone. trying to avoid taking walks alone. >> reporter: a spokesperson for harker school said the private school is fully cooperating with
5:33 am
authorities. police are hoping someone recognizes the man in the video and gives them a call. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. today's forecast of rain is an unwanted reminder of a disaster that hit a san jose neighborhood almost a year ago. >> abc 7 news was along coyote creek yesterday. water reliease overflowed the creek's banks. the water district says it is preparing for the upcoming wet weather. >> as soon as the storms happen, our crews go out there and inspect for blockages. >> it gives me confidence it won't happen again. not 100% sure. >> the water district does not pose a threat yet. >> we are learning of the death of the president of the mormon church, thomas monson. he was the 16th president of the
5:34 am
church and has died after nine years in office. he did spend nearly five decades in church leadership. he was well known. prior to becoming a bishop he served in the u.s. navy near the end of world war ii. a church spokesman says monson died at his home in salt lake city surrounded by family. monson was 90 years old. the next church president has not yet been named but is expected to be russell nelson. back to you. happening today the second session of the 115th congress will open with the swearing in of two new faces, both of them democrats. one is doug jones of alabama. he narrowly defeated president trump's backed candidate roy moore. the second is tina smith. she is the lieutenant governor of minnesota appointed to replace al franken. franken formally resigned yesterday. he announced his intent to step down last month among allegations of sexual misconduct.
5:35 am
there are calls for lawmakers to deal with the growing sexual misconduct scandal. the state senate has to decide how to handle allegations against tony mendoza. he's refused to step aside. at least one republican wants to introduce a measure to expel him. boosting protections for victims and people who report sexual harassment. >> and one of those would require hotels to provide panic buttons so they can call for help if they're sexually harassed by a guest. the measure follows a survey by hotel workers union. it found that 58% of workers said they have been sexually harassed by a guest. a fire near mineta san jose airport is continuing to be a focus. 24 hours later they're still watching for flare-ups because of how tightly packed the cardboard is. firefighters found several bales
5:36 am
of cardboard boxes on fire on matthew street. employees were evacuated safely. no one was hurt. firefighters are concerned about hot spots. investigators are still trying to determine the cause. happening today the los angeles man accused of making a swatting call that led to the death of another man is set to make his first court appearance. he's accused of reporting a fake murder and hostage situation after a dispute over video games. officers shot and killed a man as he came to his front door. authorities want to bring him to face criminal charges. investigators say the dispute involved a $2 bet. it's 5:36 now. happening today the first snowpack survey will take place. chances it will not be very good. exactly one year ago the snowpack measured below average, about half the normal amount. by the end of march after all of our snow and rain, the snowpack measured 183% of normal. we've had little measurable rain since then.
5:37 am
they use measurements to help them anticipate run-off from the mountains during the spring snow melt. >> we can do it electronically. it's not as good as getting out there and doing it yourself. 21% around tahoe. 29% around the sierra. that's 25% of where we should be as of yesterday when that survey was made. 9% of the year ends april 1st. we do have plenty of time to make up for it. we're off to a slow start. only san jose is cooler than yesterday. everyone else 2 to 12 degrees warmer thanks to the cloud cover and an increase in humidity. a wide range of temperatures across the north bay from 41 in ukiah. american canyon and vallejo 54. 62 right now. 54 in daly city. 47 in newark and san jose. it looks like brentwood, san ramone and lafayette at 45.
5:38 am
the roads will be but during the evening hours, caution, they could be wet. rain returns so be ready for that. we do have the king tides on the bay. temperatures 58 to 61 degrees. still mild but not as warm as yesterday. mild again tonight with mid-40s to mid-50s. when we come back we're going to take a look at exactly what all these chances of rain mean in your accuweather seven-day forecast. hi, sue. good morning. in your commute on the east shore freeway a good looking commute. you'll find yourself in company. moving at the limit all along the east shore if you're coming from up above near rodeo into emeryvil emeryville. it's looking just fine. wanted to show you our traffic map showing light conditions. we still see slowing from tracy up and over the altamont pass. that's typical. your east shore commute
5:39 am
westbound 80 from hercules into the maze, 18 minutes. another 11 minutes to get through the bay bridge toll plaza and into the city. 29 minutes, not bad. we'll keep that in the green. looking at a ten-minute drive once you get into the city to get to the airport. >> thank you, sue. if you expected the jackpot to fund your retirement, keep getting dressed for work. no one matched all six numbers and they are 1-42-47-64-70 and 22. that means this friday's drawing could reach $418 million. that is the fourth largest jackpot in mega millions history. and while you're at it, might as well try your luck at another insane jackpot if you're into these things. tonight's powerball jackpot is estimated to be $440 million which is the ninth largest in at that game's history. at the live desk apparently president trump has a bigger button than the leader of north korea. we'll have more on that tweet
5:40 am
that's getting a lot of attention. a special search and rescue in north bay months after the devastating wildfires. >> as you get your day into gear, make it a bretter day. keep on top of weather and traffic. looking on your screen during the commercial break.
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5:42 am
the weather system we've been following for it seems like weeks will touch the entire state with increasing clouds or
5:43 am
even showers the closer you are to the coast today. some showers in the sierra. it will take until the evening hours for that to happen. it's clear out there as we look at heavenly resort. here is my seven-day forecast for tahoe. a lot of chances of rain and snow. just not a lot of accumulation. we have several storms coming our way. they're just not going to produce a lot of rain. our first one is 1. more on that next. hi, everyone. this morning china is welcoming moves by north and south korea to use next month's winter olympics in the south as an opportunity for talks. in fact, this morning seoul offered high-level talks with pyongyang to find ways to cooperate on the olympics and all of this comes in reaction pouring in regarding president trump's tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than kim
5:44 am
jong-un. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has more details. >> reporter: good morning. this nuclear war tweet is getting a lot of attention, and that's because before president trump no u.s. president had bragged so openly about the power they hold that can actually obliterate another country. president trump and the man he's called little rocket man, north korea's leader kim jong-un, are squaring off on whose nuclear button is bigger. it back and forth prompted by kim jong-un's threat against the u.s. in his new year's day speech. he says, the u.s. should know that the nuclear button is on my desk. president trump responding on twitter posting, i, too, have a nuclear button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his. while the secretary of state and defense secretary have said over and over again they're taking the diplomatic approach with north korea. the former chairman of the joint chiefs offered this dark
5:45 am
assessment over the weekend. >> we're actually closer, in my view, to a nuclear war with north korea. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says if north korea carries out another missile test, they could face even more sanctions. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. it is 5:45. legal recreational pot may be new but the city of san francisco is trying to reinforce an old message. teens are too young for pot. >> it's okay to have edibles. they won't hit me that hard. fact or fiction? >> public service announcements like that one started running on social media yesterday. scientific studies have suggested teenaged brains are still developing and are more sensitive to damage from drug exposure. the study's health department does have some good news. teens in san francisco are less likely to try cannabis compared to young people nationwide. >> we want kids to know that they have good company in making a choice not to use these
5:46 am
substances. >> the health department also wants teens to know cannabis is still illegal if you're under 21. the search and rescue mission continues for cats that were lost during last year's devastating wild bay fires. hundreds of volunteers are still working around the clock to try to reunite these felines with their families. erica whitmore put out some fish-flavored food hoping to catch a cat and reunite the pet with its owner. jennifer started pet rescue and reunification. >> i would say we've caught about 70 and we've reunited about half that. >> oh, my goodness. >> the organization's facebook page is full of smiles and happy reunions. she believes about 100 cats are still out there that belong to families. she says she will keep going until all of them are back home. frigid temperatures that bay area natives only imagine continue to grip the eastern half of the country.
5:47 am
forecasters say there's at least two more days of the cold weather. >> we mean anywhere east of california. at least 25 states are under winter alerts for cold and snow. new england could get as much as 6 inches by friday and near buffalo they had a bad crash, at least 22 cars and a chain reaction multivehicle accident along the new york state thruway. >> you couldn't see anything in front of you. you could tell there was a complete whiteout. it's just cold. it's so cold. >> my face hurts just watching. >> do you see what's happening there? this is from chicago. they are having to light rail tracks on fire to keep them from freezing. >> never saw something like this before this morning. the fringed conditions in the southeast have resulted in several airlines issuing travel waivers. delta, american, and jetblue are allowing passengers booked on flights today and thursday to cancel their trip without the
5:48 am
normal fees attached. there's a catch. they have to rebook their tickets and travel by monday. the waiver impacts 14 airports, the largest charlotte, north carolina. let's see what it looks like around here. no freezing weather. >> no, it's even warmer here than this time yesterday. temperatures are anywhere from about 18 to 25 degrees warmer in places like omaha, chicago, and rapid city. that still puts you around 10 to 20 degrees for a temperature right now and then you factor in the winds and it feels like 6 below. 14 below in minneapolis where they don't mind. a look at what's going on from san rafael. use this as the backdrop. today showers develop especially around noon and into the afternoon and evening hours. no spare the air today. showers, a possibility of lightning tonight. and the extended tracking one more storm for tomorrow night. a slight chance tuesday. let's focus in on this one.
5:49 am
it's of so slowly drawing near. showers and thunderstorms. when do they get here? after the morning commute from 9:00 to noon you can see them march their way to the coast and into our neighborhoods and then scattered throughout the afternoon picking up during the evening commute. you see some yellows in there, too. you could have brief rain. the key is it will be brief. showers across the north bay and out in the coast. during the day some isolated showers. and then at 10:00 tomorrow night that next secondary push of wet weather comes in that will be a 1, light on our storm impact scale. it will linger through friday and will start to open up to sunshine and seasonally cool temperatures saturday and sunday. a look at your precipitation amounts up soon. >> we're start to go see brake lights as you make your way to
5:50 am
the high rise. no stalls or accidents here. a lot making their way from hayward to san mateo. a 22-minute drive along the span and over towards foster city. we check back with the bay bridge. metering lights have been turned on. we saw this about the same time yesterday and they stayed on to 7:00 a.m. and then things cleared out nicely. we'll take a look and see if that's the same pattern today. your cash lanes are actually getting by with greater availability than the fastrakers. we will check back on this and a little bit of your drive times. why burger king customers could have some cash coming their way. >> first, the unusual reason why the initiative to repeal california's gas tax is being put on hold. >> plus, what you should not do when celebrating the new year. it is 5:50. we leave up information about
5:51 am
weather and traffic so you're always in the know.
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5:53 am
toe's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. we're back at 5:53. we are on storm watch. let me expand on the scale being a 1. for today all the way through friday morning we have two storms coming in that will spread light to moderate showers. a chance of lightning during the evening and overnight hours with our first storm. neither of them is an atmospheric, nothing that will
5:54 am
keep you in the drought. >> new year's eve in houston was lit and not in a good way. someone dropped a lit fire work into the trunk filled with hundreds of fireworks. running for help or cover. others gathered just to watch it with their phones and get to the exploding trump. >> they're okay. there was someone in the car but they got out. >> a halt because it is so successful. >> they needed to briefly halt paid signature gathering so they can catch up on verifying all of the signatures.
5:55 am
drivers are now facing a new vehicle fee of $25. to qualify for a november 2018 ballot. >> a lot of folks wasting gas sitting in the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll see how long that lasts. slow traffic up and over the altamont pass for our early morning central valley. no delays this hour. ace trains 1 and 3 a great way to get off the freeway and avoid that 580 mess westbound. take a look at your north bay commute. >> a look at our chances for thunderstorms. that's the area you see behind me highlighted right there and it does encompass the bay area to 4:00 tomorrow morning.
5:56 am
they put these out for a 24-hour time frame. nothing through the morning and then as we head to the evening commute wetness to contend with. >> mike, thank you. 5:56 now. southwest will give employees a $1,000 cash bonus as a result of the republican tax bill. it will go to full time and part-time workers. in addition it plans to buy 40 more jets from boeing. >> mostly what police say happened in one town. officers knew something was up when the driver parked illegally and then walked over to the
5:57 am
patrol car to ask for directions in the area after exchanging a few words. they discovered the suspect, chris lee, was on his way to sell marijuana and got lost. always willing to help, just make sure you're not illegally possessing loaded firearms and drugs. >> new at 6:00, another step in the recovery from the north bay wildfires. the official who will visit devastated area today. >> and these people may look like city employees but police say they're frauds. the warning from investigators this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it is 6:00 and this morning we are on storm watch, live doppler 7 tracking the first storm of 2018 headed right to the bay area. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this wednesday, january 3rd.
6:00 am
alexis still off. mike nicco bringing us the rain finally. >> i'm here to deliver some scattered showers in your forecast. >> we'll take it. >> unfortunately, it's not a soaking rain. a little tradeoff there. you can see some showers over the ocean, even some thunder. we're going to keep an eye as we head to the latter hours of the morning commute. my accuweather planner, temperatures mild this morning. that's when we could have some lightning. sue? >> school is still out so light traffic. a few brake lights


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