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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the commute along interstate 680 and walnut creek. there we go. the cars are moving. this looks to be the embarcadero. certainly wet out there. >> the rain began falling at the san mateo bridge. earlier this afternoon, the drivers need to be cautious as you look live. good evening. there is good reason to be careful out there. just take a look at this video. this video just coming into the newsroom. a truck hauling cardboard, overturned at 98th avenue. fortunately, police tell us every one is okay. >> then there was this crash on san ramon valley boulevard. one person reportedly suffered a minor injury. this is the first in a series of storms. let me show you. although rage has eased all that bit across the bay area, there
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is more coming. don't let your guards down yet. let's get you between ukiah, we're getting some light showers. as we panel down around the peninsula, you will see some very spotty returns. let's get you in tighter. around fleetwood drive. it is slippery and slow going. when you look at what is off the coast, we're seeing a cluster of thunderstorms there. lightning strikes. and i want to show what you will happen. this moisture is moving. so there is a possibility in the next hour and 17 minutes or so. you might be hearing thunder and seeing lightning strikes. stay indoors if you could. a chance of thunder. san jose international, .17 of
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an inch. this is coming in at more of a southern latitude. this isn't the only storm. i'll be back with a look at the storms. >> thank you. most people are looking forward to the rage. it's been relatively dry. a pretty red rage coat out there. you need it. thank you. i also have a bright green umbrel umbrella. most of the people i talked on say they were fine with the rain. in fact, they were glad they were here in the bay area and not in the freezing rain. >> when was the last time it rained? >> oh, my god.
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it was sometime last year. >> a couple months ago? >> good rain, i would say maybe a month ago. it gave people hall -- >> we needed the pollution to be washed away. >> the manager of the restaurant. the public works department said the regular crews were toward clear out storm drains if and when any flooding occurred. those most concerned were business own orders 17th and fulsome streets. >> we flood ad couple times in the last five or six years. people on the streets, especially with the --
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>> they're expected to have a new drainage system built in the next several years. >> reporter: most students are still off from school. abc 7 news. >> now you can track the storm on that app. for the first time point kirsten talked about it. alyssa? >> reporter: this is one of the neighborhoods that she visited. the fountain grove neighborhood where the amount of damage is still shocking to see.
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the reason was to meet with first responders. this is video showing the remains of fire stagts five. t t the. >> it was very important for me to come out myself and to learn from folks what their needs are. >> fema and the office of emergency services met with first responders. she said more help is on the way. including fire management assistance grants which will help with debris removal and repair damage infrastructure. she calls this one of the largest debris clean-up missions in history. >> fighting fires is expensive work. this helped provide the funding. >> they lost their fountain
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grove hole. they want them to know the biggest need is housing. >> this entire community is gone. with house thing shortage to begin with, there is nowhere for them to go. ? faster response. more immediate housing. moving forward with permits to do new builds. >> he says people can apply for fema grants to rebuild their homes. most people can't wait. >> i talked to people daily. they have bounced around. they do plan to rebuild. pg & e would no longer be allowed to pass off fines to its customers under a bill formed today. it is being investigated for the north bay wildfires.
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they are seeking permission to increase rates even if found at fault. tonight an east bay family is trying to nurse their beloved dog back to health. shadow was hurt in a fight with another dog while both were boarded at a kennel outside walnut creek. eric thomas is live with the story and details that we just uncovered about the kennels. >> reporter: and that concerns the chance. what we know is there was a dog fight between the pit bulls. it is still unclear. one thing happened and the owner says another thing happened. these pictures are very graphic and some may find them disturbing. >> these are pictures of the
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painful injuries shadow suffered in the fight six days ago. >> he has over 18 puncture wounds. his ear and part of his skin was taken off. they decided to celebrate this. elizabeth got a call that shadow was injured. >> he'll be okay. he's a sweet, sweet boy. >> they received little information about what happened or even he whether the other dog had its shots. she's received numerous sympathetic posts. a volunteer tells a different story. she witnessed the fight but doesn't want her name or face
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shown. >> it was not mauled. there was no puddle of blood. his ear was ripped. wasn't an innocent animal. it was an aggressive pit bull. >> she adds the business has received threatening phone calls. the owner is not her on and hand returned phone calls. meantime, she wants answers. >> i don't want this to happen to moom family. >> noble had anything that the board go. the according to them the kennel does not have a valid license. if they don't get a license, they could face fines or be shut down. eric thomas.
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. in other news, they're looking for this man. he is opening the door. a woman suffered a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. an anti-i don't know man has been -- an antioch man has been sentence for two murders. he was sentenced for life without the possibility of parole for murdering two women. prosecutors say white was angry over the price of the necklace he had bought. he shot and wounded an employee. he surrendered when he ran out of ammunition. stay with us. fingers crossed and homes high.
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it is the first snow survey of the year and already people are worried about the rest of the year. one airline passenger was tired of wait go. you'll meet a man who uses other a shovel
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. the snow pack in the sierra is just a fraction of what it should be this time of year. but state water watchers are not
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panicking. at least not yet >> reporter: it's supposed to be a snow survey but it looks more like a grass survey. that's where frank did his first manual inspection of the new year. and the results were not exactly up to par. >> at this location, we did find snow to measure. we had an average depth of 1.3 inches. water at 1.4 inches. >> though it did look a little better last year, there was not that much more snow. just 17% of average. the record snowfall came later in the season. >> it is early. we're hoping there will be more snow the next time we come out
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here in the february, march and april surveys. ? they're keeping a close eye on the skies hoping it will beef up the snow pack. >> while last janel was a record year, we're hoping for something along those lines and we'll take whatever we can get. >> reporter: many of us they're could not tent. >> is this enough snow for you? >> it is the first time the girls have seen snow so yeah, it's enough. >> abc7 news. a squirrel caused a campus wide power out an. one squirrel. the power is still out at this hour. classes were canceled but the school said not too many were affected. wasn't too much of an impact.
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shares of intel plunged today. now intel says these reports are incredible and that it that planned to discuss it next week. some say a software fix could slow down computers many vendors' processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits. some capital one customers are seeing multiple charges for the same transaction. >> that tops consumer >> imagine, you charge one thing. that's very scary. capital one is scrambling to fix a glitch showing duplicate
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charges. capital one says it is dealing with very long customer service times. that means if you're waiting on hold, it will be a hop hop hop p it's all hands on deck. they said they will not be responsibility for any fees related to the duplicate charges which in many cases involved hundreds of dollars. the federal trade commission just approved a sellment against the laptop maker lenovo. they've accused them of install software that impacted the security. it would show ads or give out informati information. if you plan to be there live to
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see georgia and alabama in the college football national championship, bring your smartphone. ticket master has said, if there are any ticketing issues, paper tickets can be printed onsite. fans having problems will be quetsing a quick lesson in how to pull tim tickets to their cell phones. they said the change is for safety and convenience. this season, in a a's 50th anniversary in oakland. and the team is parking will be free. the tickets will be available a week from today starting at 8:00
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in the morning on the a's website. we are getting word of some breaking news at the abc7 news room. this is near the oakland b.a.r.t. station. there was a shooting across the street on seventh street. the good news not impacting service. the police say they are assist go b.a.r.t. police. we'll get you an update as soon as information comes into the newsroom. >> with the rain returning to the bay area, volunteers are making sure storm drains are clear to reduce flooding. one of those volunteers made sure there were no leads or trash blocking storm drains on the street. they have the document a drain program because there's not enough staff. >> we have over 10,000 storm dranls in the city. and we only have 17 staff members to maintain the storm drain system.
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and so every little bit of help we can get is amazing. >> i do it for me, for people on the street. it makes me feel they said there are plenty more drains available. it's about time we start to see some rain. take a look at live doppler 7.7. >> we have been dry for weeks. we are seeing some light showers from ukiah, let's get you out there. it is getting a little wet. seeing some scattered light activity. this is street level radar. as the radar sweeps, you will notice around southgate avenue, guadalupe city. later tonight, we have a lot
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more activity just off the coastline. so these norms are off the coast will be heading in our direction. as they hold together, they could produce water spouts or large hail offshore. so a special marine warning has been issued. the rainfall totals look like this. this is just running rainfall totals. sfo, .02 of an inch. this is a light level one system liflt to moderate showers. the winds will remain light. we are starting to see some snow showers. freezing levels above 7,000 feet. it is not snowing but the snow levels will be coming down. we're looking at snow level at 7,000 feet. they'll be seeing showers with the
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the next storm arrives tomorrow night and the dry pattern is expected this coming weekend. tomorrow into friday. a light system. this will bring moderate rain. breezy at times. let's go hour by hour. there will be some bombs of yellow indicating moderate showers. there will be some spotty light showers so i would not plan on a completely dry forecast. we'll be waiting for several hours. spotty showers continue and then into the nighttime hours. 11:30, we'll see some pockets of rain.
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rainfall totals through friday morning. most of this will fall with the next storm. mid 40s to the low 50s. a few lingering showers only to get a relief between two storms. we go into friday morning and it is showery. the weekend is dry. another chance of rain monday. then us the's storm is a level storm. we have a level one thursday, friday, level two thursday and then next wednesday.
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keep track of life doppleroppler have. the world's most expensive bottle of vodka is miss go. ?
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we all know flying can be frustrating and one airline passenger let it get the best of him. a man arrived from london, used an emergency exit to jump on to a wing once the plane landed. he was eventually coaxed back on to the wing. a passenger heard him say he got fed one the waiting. he said he had asthma and just need someday air. >> i expect a lot of us have
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been close to that. >> a man with expensive taste stole a bottle of vodka worth more than o 1 million. it was a particular bottle yesterday yesterday. it is said to be one of a kind with its value boosted by the bottle made it six pounds of goelt gold and six pounds of silver. there's a lot of value. it it was featured in an else of "house o woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer.
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woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) first off, we're going to give you all... ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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it's a small building with a big purpose. the work done there is to prevent damage to the san francisco bay. now a local lawmaker is taking action to make sure you have the unfettered access to
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websites that interest you. and a major automaker taking the idea of self-driving cars a step further. cars that can read your mind. those stories and a lot more coming up. now to one of my favorite stories. a five-mile run proved to be good for the heart of a recent chp cadet in more ways than one. >> cadet steven torres took part in the run that's a tradition before cadets graduate. immediately after, he dropped to one knee on the steps of the state capitol. >> his fellow cadets are cheering. cadets bellowed out their channel when she said yes. >> torres said he had been planning this for three months. he is set to graduate from the academy on friday. >> no word on when they will tie the knot. >> well done. world news with david muir is up next.
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tonight, two breaking stories. the major storm slamming the east. and the storm inside the white house. steve bannon turning on the president's family. calling donald trump jr.'s infamous meeting with the russian lawyer inside trump tower, quote, treasonous, claiming there's zero chance don jr. didn't take them to the president's office. tonight, president trump firing back. also tonight, the states of emergency at this hour. the massive storm called a bomb cyclone. possible hurricane-force winds slamming into the east. the track now shifting. snow totals will now be even higher. florida to virginia, d.c., philly, new york and boston all getting hit. president trump taunting kim jong-un over the size of their nuclear buttons. is this helping? the fire reported late today from hillary clinton's home. e


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