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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 4, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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... breaking news a moderate earthquake hit the bay area. a magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook a lot of people awake at 2:39 this morning. looking at the usgs website. this quake was centered in berkeley near ashby and claremont streets. we have received hundreds of calls from san jose, petaluma, people who felt it across the bay area. so far no reports of any damage. >> we're coming on early at 4:00 in the morning. let's look at the abc 7 seismograph. you can see where the quake hit before 3:00 this morning. i know my dog was acting strange when i got up, i thought he was
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reacting to the early wake-up time, but i think he was reacting to what was going on. >> yes. gang's all here. a lot of you felt the earthquake this morning. i was the only person who had not felt it. >> it scared me this time. i have been through a lot of earthquakes in california, but this is the first one i felt in a high wise building. it was a big jolt. i felt it while getting ready for work. yeah, pretty shocking. >> we're hearing from a lot of people that they see it's 4.4, but they feel like it felt bigger than that. >> i guess because the initial bang was hard. i didn't feel it either. >> you didn't. >> no, and i drove right by the epicenter, didn't feel a thing. let's show you what's been going on the last 24 hours or so. we've had several earthquakes. the yellow is the oldest. the orange within the past 12 hours. even within the past hour we had some around san jose and up near knoxville. the big one in the middle is the
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one we're centered on. right in the berkeley hills, extending out towards emeryville, piedmont. let's see if we can get street level. around stonewall road, claire mou claremont avenue, claremont boulevard, that's close to where the epicenter was. this was a pretty shallow earthquake. and in fact it was only a couple miles deep. because of that, that's why you felt the jolt so much harder than you would have if it was a deeper earthquake. a quick look at the 12-hour planner. a few leftover showers, a lot to of fog developing in the inland valleys. isolated showers at noon. chances fade at 4:00, just mainly cloudy at 7:00. temperatures from the 40s and 50 rz th 50s this morning to 40 60s this afternoon.
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>> a couple things from the earthquake, bart usually slows down and looks at the tracks. there's no reported delays. vta and the other transitted atransit agencies do a routine check, but they all seem to be okay. we had an earlier accident at powell street, that's been cleared off to the shoulder a vehicle facing the wrong way. we have an accident in hayward that we'll update in a couple minutes. continuing our coverage right now. >> amy hollyfield is in berkeley this morning near the epicenter. hello. >> good morning. we're right next to the claremont hotel, near where the epicenter is, at domingo and tunnel road. the power is still on here. we don't see obvious damage. look inside this quaint shop, we see no problems at all. nothing has fallen off the shelves.
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and there's a lot of things in the store that could have broken. lots of glass, plates hanging on the wall. nothing has fallen down. the owner and the manager of this store, if you're watching, it looks great. i called the claremont hotel to check in the operator told me no damage there. i asked if any plates fell in the restaurant or the kitchen, any problems? she said, no, they have power, everything is fine. even though everyone is reporting they felt this earthquake, at this point we don't see damage here at the epicenter. we will continue to look and continue to talk to people as they start to wake up and get on about their day. so far no problems. reporting live from berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> glad the shop is okay. the u.s. geological survey says the quake struck at 2:39 a.m. this morning. it's on the hayward fault, nearly two
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southea southeast of berkeley. here at live desk, i've been collecting the reaction coming in on social media as so many of you are reaching out to tell us your experience this morning. if you did feel the quake. matthew miller saying most of my family felt the earthquake in pleasanton. woke me, my brother and my dad up. my mom slept through it. no damage as far as we can tell now. felt pretty strong. that's the case for a lot of people. this other viewer saying my father called me at work at the grocery store, merchandise fell in alameda. so we're working on finding out if that's true, if anything did fall in some of those locations. then fernando saying i felt it here in oakland. no damages for me. reggie, natasha, a lot of people
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saying they will check as soon as they get up and go for the day. a lot of people crawling back into bed since it was about 2:40 this morning. if you're watching us this early, send us your reaction to the quake. use #abc7 now. we're easy to find on social media and we can put it on tv and show you. >> there is an intensity map from usgs, and people as far south as santa cruz felt that shaking. >> people in the north bay tweeting me saying it shook them out of bed. so a lot of concern but so far no major problems as a result of the quake. mike nicco is standing by to show us what's happening with the weather. >> seems like the greatest damage was to our sleep habits this morning from this quake. everybody is up earlier than you wanted to be. let's focus in on the weather. that's not going to go away. the showers moving away. still isolated light showers and
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sprinkles out there. the atmosphere is so saturated now, fog is becoming a big deal. you can see the pockets of it in santa rosa down to novato, fog developing around oakland and hayward. heading into the east bay, three miles into concord, three in livermore with patches of visibility down to a quarter mile. thicker heading out towards tracy and discovery bay. if you come in through highway 4 or 580 through the altamont pass, remember, keep the low beams on, not the high beams. the water in the fog reflects that back to you and makes things worse. because of the moistness out there -- look at this, temperatures up 4 to degre8 degs compared to yesterday. if you're awake now, low to mid 50s is how you should dress. elsewhere, pretty much the same thing. low to mid 50s.
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pleasanton, 49, the cool spot. as we look at our temperatures for today, we'll hang around the upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. we could reach the mid 60s by the time we get to concord, anti york and livermore. we have another storm on the way. we have a storm impact scale for that. first i want to turn it over to sue and look at the slick streets. >> let's check in with the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it's slick there but light traffic-wise. back to this earthquake we had. bart is tweeting that expect major delays as they get off to a start this morning on the first trains because they do routine inspections. major delays means 20 minutes or mo. an accident in hayward, southbound 880 near winton. a couple lanes blocked here. not seeing a lot of slow traffic through the sensors. heads up in that area. we'll check back on all of this
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and more. ace train number 1 leaving on time out of stockton in case you're wondering. >> thank you. we're continuing to follow this breaking news of that 4.4 earthquake that shook the bay area. >> we have a team in berkeley where it was centered. >> we have been getting tweets from all over the bay area. i'm monitoring those. you may see yours on tv. we'll be right back.
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here's a look at doppler 7. snow at the highest elevations around lake tahoe and south, where as you can see color coded there in the white and the pink is a wintry mix. snow levels will be around 7,000 to 8,000 feet. so they're very high. there's not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. there still could be wetness on the roads if you're heading up that way. 65 in sacramento. scattered showers from monterey northward. southern cal, temperatures in
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the 70s with sunshine. in tahoe, scattered showers today. isolated showers tomorrow. chances linger through on saturday. sunday looks fine. monday, tuesday and wednesday, chances of snow. did you feel it? we are tracking this earthquake this morning. usgs saying it was a 4.4 quake that struck at 2:39 this morning. you can see the epicenter on the map on the hayward fault. of course we talked about the hayward fault in the past. some earthquake it is long overdue. originally reported as a 4.7 and downgraded to a 4.4. jess? we keep getting more tweets from our viewers. i want to show you some of these that just came in. luigi saying woke up about four minutes before to turn off the
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tv and boom! big jolt here in fremont. carmen saying i felt that earthquake 4.4 in oakland. my beautiful glassware went to pieces, my dogs are not moving now. it felt so hard. so a bit of damage there at carmen's house. charlotte saying my bed was shaking. that woke me up here in livermore. and saying that in the evergreen valley, south san jose, it was a good one. so people from all over the bay area saying they felt it. up in santa rosa as well, felt like a rumble. we are monitoring those tweets at the live desk. that's it for now. back to you. >> good reminder to get that earthquake kit ready. >> absolutely. a student at fresno state university found dead at a frat house. this morning investigators are trying to find out what happened. friends found the 19-year-old man unconscious outside the delta sigma phi fraternity.
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police were told someone handed him a pill. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the chapter saying this was not connected to a champion ter chapter event. capital one saying yesterday morning debit cards were deducted incorrect amounts. no word on when a fix might be coming. credit one says no fees will be charged because of the duplicate charges. some san jose students are building their own electric cars, and you can see them starting today. >> katie has a preview now from san jose. >> reporter: under gray skies, san jose skuniversity students prep their electric and solar cars for a commute.
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six vehicles went from campus to the convention center, home of the silicon valley auto show. >> this is sparis spartan 9. it can go from 0 to 60 in about three seconds. >> a car built for competition, as was this, its electric counterpart. >> i feel excited. i always enjoyed electric cars as a kid. to work on an electric race car is a dream. >> reporter: there are 300 cars here, but what the students are working on could be the future. >> hybrid vehicles, all electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. vehicles. >> reporter: this golf cart and quad quadracycle all solar. >> it's exciting to show our know how to the rest of the world. >> reporter: the world that seems more than ready to see the
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energy these students bring to the table. it's 4:16. we'll check in with the weather and there is some activity you need to be aware of today. >> that is the case. live doppler 7, what you're seeing here is the most potent part of this storm. it's moving up into the higher elevations of the sierra. there's still lingering showers down to the south. looking at the rotation of those, those are definitely heading off more towards vegas than they are anywhere else. so let's show you what's going to happen for later. we have an area of low pressure, you can see the cold front that's coming along it. that's going to be coming our way as we head towards tonight. so that's when we have to wait for the next round of rain that kind of felt like it did yesterday. so let's go through it hour-by-hour. 9:00 in the morning, you can see scattered light showers out. there all green, no yellows. no oranges. heading from 9:00 to noon, you
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can see the best chance up across the north bay, especially the mountains and higher elevations along the coast. getting into the commute, around 4:00, marin county, up across the north bay again. that doesn't mean there won't be elsewhere, just more isolated. maybe a little drizzle throughout the mountains. throughout the overnight hours, here we go. see that next potent batch of showers and thundershowers? probably not thunder, but showers with moderate intensity, 2:00 tomorrow morning. so the morning commute tomorrow, a lot of rain through 9:00. you can see it tapers heading through the rest of the day. here's a quick look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, we have a chance of isolated showers, maybe less than scattered. the next storm comes in, still a 1 with the bulk of the moisture across the north bay. then a break saturday and sunday before a 2 storm hits us on tuesday. >> it's fun, i get excited when i see level 2 s. more rain is coming.
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the san mateo bridge, tail lights headed in the westbound direction, headlights in the eastbound. it's a little slick but traffic is moving at the limit for a 16-minute drive from 880 towards 101. problem spot with a couple lanes blocked in hayward. not a lot of slowing, just minimal at highway 92, southbound past winton, closer to 92. two lanes blocked here. chp is on scene there tryingto get to the tow truck there and move that out of the way. it's early enough now. as we mentioned with this earthquake this morning, bart is saying expect delays on their first trains out this morning. as they do routine track inspections. 13 trains running now, they're not experiencing delays yet. we'll follow that all morning. ace train number 1 is about to leave on time out of stockton. >> thank you. we're back with more on the earthquake and including reaction from social media. every morning, i thought i had to make a choice.
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when you're using that app today to talk about the earthquake, you can follow what's going on with the weather. we still have a storm coming in later today, tonts aight and tomorrow, a 1 on our impact scale. light showers, scattered tomorrow. light wind and rain totals. more on that coming up.
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now breaking news from the abc 7 news live desk. >> more reaction from our viewers feeling that 4.4 magnitude earthquake in the east bay. this one from sandy jones coming in saying loud rumbling and bed shaking equals hearts racing and wake up call from mother nature. a few things fell off pantry shelves. >> we have heard about some things falling down in peoples homes. ms. butterfly saying lots of rattling dishes, woke me up in oakland. the damage was done to my nerves, which a lot of people can sympathize with. this tweet from nita, earthquake felt in dublin, quick jolt to the bed. woke me up, want go back to sleep. and miguel saying been doing earthquake drills my whole life. today i just sat on my bed. but thank god no damages from san jose. that's how i felt up, too i grew up in california doing those
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earthquake drills, it all happened so fast. i was getting ready for work to come in here, it happened like that. it was kind of a shock. i think a lot of people can sympathize with miguel. >> seriously decades of ducking under our desk as california natives, and i just stood there like a total dodo. >> it was fast and no damage. >> i felt nothing. i feel like i missed out. >> you did miss out. >> i'm glad i missed out on this. in san ramon, police say wet roads contributed to a driver hitting a fire hydrant. the intersection is closed until the water could be shut off. pg&e can no longer pass on fines to customers. the measure comes as the utility is being investigated for the north bay wildfires. in the past utilities tried to recover costs resulting from previous wild fires by seeking permission to increase rates, even if it was found at fault in
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those fires. the measure would cover all electric utilities in the state. top surfers from around the world are on alertd this mo thi because the window for the mavericks challenge is open. for the first time, women can compete. the window runs through february 28th. surfers get 72 hours notice to get to the contest. let's talk about what's going on outside. we still have plenty of shower activity to contend with. it's going to remain through. the fog is getting thicker as the rain moves out. i'll show you that as we come back at 4:30. i did want to show you what's going on, if you are traveling to the east. look at this from norfolk up to bangor, maine. the big storm. the one their calling -- we call it in meteorological terms, a bombogenesis, a storm that
4:26 am
explosively develops. there's criteria for that. i won't bore you with that. it's one of the most intensely -- rapidly intensifying storms that there can be. if you're heading that way, watch out. back at home, as we scan the skies, zoom down to our neighborhoods, scattered light showers out there. that's the case for the rest of the day. the next storm coming in tonight. brace for another round of heavier showers. let's turn it over to sue and see what's going on with the commute. >> what did you call that? >> bombogenesis. >> i will remember that. learned something new today. slow traffic out of livermore. green is great. i expect relatively slow commute it morning as we had a holiday week for a lot of folks. earlier accident 880 near 92, that's cleared out of lanes. traffic is getting by there. new accident reported southbound 680, the ramp to southbound 101. i'm seeing slow traffic on southbound 101 due to this. apparently a couple lanes are blocked.
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we'll update that when we come back and some bart you may want to fill up now. gas buddies say prices will go up in 2018. prices will be the highest this year than anytime since 2014. their fuel outlook predicts the national average of a gallon to rise 19 cents. the bay area expected to feel the pinch. prices will soar past $3 a gallon that is normally where we are here in san francisco. typically we win. number one in the country for most expensive gas. breaking news, a 4.4 earthquake that rattled the bay area this morning. live team coverage just ahead. did you feel it like me and natasha or not feel it at all like reggie? we want to know your reaction. send us your tweets on social media or facebook,
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bay area just before 3:00 this morning. a mag any feud 4.4 quake shook a lot of people awake at 2:39 this morning. >> this was centered in berkeley. you are looking at the usgs website. we've received calls from you and tweets and messages from san francisco to petaluma for people who felt it, woken up, bed shaking and other parts of the house rattling. so far no reports of damage. >> the seismograph you can see clearly the big spike, the moment the quake hit this morning. many of us asleep. many of us jolted awake. we are certainly seeing the tweets pour in. #earthquake trending. good morning, january 4th. the majority of us felt


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