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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 4, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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bay area just before 3:00 this morning. a mag any feud 4.4 quake shook a lot of people awake at 2:39 this morning. >> this was centered in berkeley. you are looking at the usgs website. we've received calls from you and tweets and messages from san francisco to petaluma for people who felt it, woken up, bed shaking and other parts of the house rattling. so far no reports of damage. >> the seismograph you can see clearly the big spike, the moment the quake hit this morning. many of us asleep. many of us jolted awake. we are certainly seeing the tweets pour in. #earthquake trending. good morning, january 4th. the majority of us felt it but somehow mike and i were left
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out. i was talking to our colleague, matt keller,san jose. he didn't feel it either. >> the men aren't sensitive. >> it's interesting. >> my husband felt it. it woke him up. i was already up. >> i was in the car, that's why i didn't feel it. there was a small earthquake in san jose, also. >> in addition to this. >> in addition to this. this is the big one. let me show it to you. i have it dialed in on live doppler 7. if you look around, the yellows and the arranges the past 12 hours and the red is the past hour. so within the past hour we've had that one in san jose. let's give you a general idea what this one did at 2:39, about a 4.4. because it was eight miles that may be limiting some of the damage because it was deeper than originally thought. you can see it's pretty much on the claremont hotel property. anywhere around claremont, over to alvarado road, that's where the greatest amount of shaking
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took place. let's talk about your weather. if you're heading out watch out for thick fog developing. mist and even leftover showers through at least 7:00. i would extend that to 9:00. by noon we'll have mostly cloudy conditions with an isolated shower. that chance will start to fade as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. 47 to 56. we'll hang out in the low to mid-60s this afternoon. another mild day. it is wet out there. let's see what sue is watching. >> the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see slick roads here heading into san francisco. no delays. that's great. if your travels take you on the east shore freeway into san francisco you're looking at under 30 minutes which is good news. let's check in. we had a couple of problems in the south bay. this accident that is still out there blocking two lanes. the ramp southbound 680 to 101. yellow sensors means slowing. we did check in with b.a.r.t. the first trains out this morning were delayed by about 20 minutes. that is a precautionary measure
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due to the earthquake. they did some preliminary testing and it was the first trains required to go much, much slower so they can inspect the track. so far those have passed all inspections. right now they're experiencing minor delays and just about 20 trains in service. vta will be doing routine inspection along their rails. expect possible delays. ace train number 1 did leave on time, ten minutes ago. >> we have b.a.r.t. delays because of the earthquake. >> amy hollyfield is live with the story. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. we just saw the 4:27 train come through here. look at your watch, about five minutes behind schedule. it felt it approached slower than usual. that's what they're telling us, the trains are running but the first couple trains will be impacted because they'll go slowly through the tracks to make sure that the tracks are okay. they'll be testing with these trains.
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and then everything should resume to normal. we talked to a couple of people waiting for the train. they were sleepy. they say the earthquake woke them up but didn't startle them too much. they feel used to earthquakes living in california and nothing happened in their homes, no damage to report from the people we talked to. i did ask -- oh, we do have some video from san leandro. a little bit of damage at a safeway where some bottles were knocked off the shell of. a little further away from the epicenter here in berkeley we haven't found any damage. the damage we have found, though, the impact was out in san leandro. in berkeley we even went to a boutique near the claremont hotel. a little china shop, a little boutique with gifts and lots of china and glass. nothing fell off the shelves. everything looked fine. i called the claremont hotel near the epicenter. they said no damage reported there. i asked b.a.r.t. passengers if they were concerned at all about the tracks, being the first passengers on the train.
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one passenger said he hadn't thought about it until i mentioned it. people are feeling sleepy this morning, not super concerned or alarmed by what happened here. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. the quake was felt across the bay area. >> true. very widespread. matt keller live for us at usgs headquarters in menlo park. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. we are at the home of the experts at the usgs survey. we put a call in to them and are waiting to hear their perspective what happened this morning. check out this perspective, the abc 7 seismograph. you can see at 2:39 when it peaked, when that quake hit, the u.s. geological survey the quake was two miles from berkeley and a preliminary depth of eight miles. no damage or injuries were recorded. i want to show you something i found on the usgs website, a community internet intensity map shows you where they're getting reports from people all across
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the bay area. you can see where the epicenter is at berkeley and down into san jose some reports of people who felt it there. i live in san jose. i was getting ready this morning, and i did not feel it. that was one of the things. but my photographer, ian, lives in santa cruz and, guess what, he felt it. what did it feel like? >> i felt it. it shook me pretty good. the whole house, one big jolt, got me going. we are very quake sensitive, all of us, who have gone through that. >> reporter: i was there for loma prieta. felt that in 1989. a lot of people, though, i've been seeing on twitter. it was quote a jolt for them. i must have been standing on something not moving very much this morning. reggie and i have that in common and also mike.
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back to you in the studio. a lot of you out there have been sending in tweets. look at all these we've gotten within the last few minutes. this one from gothy saying whole house shook here in petaluma. sounded like a lightning strike. dog was not so happy. these tweets all involve animals. sandra braun said, felt and heard large jolt in san leandro. kitchen cabinet opened and a few small items fell off the shelves. chandelier did not sway at all. rattled my house and my nerves. brett lynne said all my dogs except one ran barking to the back door about two seconds before i felt it here in vallejo. here in crockett my cat was acting squirrelly all afternoon. made me wonder if she was sensing something. sure enough, bam, earthquake. it woke her up and she ran and
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hid. those animals quite sensitive. keep sending in your tweets. use the #abc7now. rain the other big story this morning. abc 7 news is on scout road in the oakland hills as neighbors made sure no leaves or trash were blocking the drains. the city relies on volunteers through the adopt a drain program because there's not enough staff. >> we have 10,000 storm drains and only 17 staff members to maintain all of the storm drain systems. every little bit of help we can get is really amazing. >> i do it for me. it makes me feel good. >> only 1,200 drains have been adopted so far and there are plenty more that need to be adopted. a shooting near a b.a.r.t. station that left one man dead and another with serious
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injuries. witnesses say two men were fighting over a gun yesterday evening at the corner of 7th and chester streets near the oakland -- near west oakland station. they say a b.a.r.t. officer responded after shots were fired. police say it's unclear who fired the deadly shot because the gun was recovered on scene. the b.a.r.t. officer involved was not hurt. happening today angela alioto will officially file her nomination papers for mayor of san francisco. she's running to replace mayor ed lee who passed three weeks away from a heart attack. she feels she is, quote, the most qualified person to take on the vast number of problems facing our city. this will be her third run for mayor. her father joseph served 1968 to 1976. happening today some women leaders in san francisco will hold a rally this afternoon in support of acting mayor london breed. they say breed is strong, capable, dedicated, and deserves to serve until voters decide who will be the next mayor. the rally is at 4:00 on the steps of city hall.
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here's a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. you can see around san rafael, richmond bridge, down to the san mateo bridge, some of the better light radar returns right now. as i put this into motion you can just see that moist flow coming off the ocean, still coming out of the south that's going to keep us really frizzy today. at anytime the air may not be able to hold all the moisture in it and let go in the form of light showers. as far as temperatures inland, a few 40s. a look at some of our other neighborhoods and what you'll see with these neighborhoods are temperatures mild, low to mid-50s, even to the north bay. here's a look at that thick fog i was talking about. surprised the weather service hasn't put out a dense fog advisory for the san ramone
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valley. we look south on 680. the roads, they're not only damp, they're foggy. isolated showers if you're taking mass transit in our last of this round of king tides will be hitting the bay this afternoon. 12-hour planner, rains dotted throughout the next 12 hours with temperatures hanging out in the upper 50s. head down to the south bay. showers at 6:00. another chance as we head from noon to 2:00, temperatures in the low 60s here and that's going to be the case today. temperature in the upper 50s to low 60s. a chance of rain today, tomorrow, and many chances of rain next week. more on that coming up. here is sue. >> we'll check san rafael. you can see the rafael. you can see the fog settling in here as well. past the civic center as you go up, you'll be ascending into the fog and it looks pretty clear
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but the streets are moist and wet. richmond, san rafael bridge slick. very light traffic ways. no delay noose marin county. green is great. a light commute this morning. still with this accident in san jose, southbound 680 the ramp to southbound 101 looks like it may have been pushed off to the shoulder. we'll check back with chp and let you know. we are tracking that breaking news, the 4.4 magnitude earthquake shaking the bay area awak
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let's take a look at your neighborhoods and the temperatures you should expect this afternoon from 57 in san rafael to concord, livermore, san jose at about 64 degrees. tonight see more green, see yellow. light to moderate showers that will increase with the cold front. temperatures mild tonight. most of us in the low to mid-50s, 58 in santa rosa. i mentioned many chances of rain. 90% of us will get wet today and tomorrow. nothing over the weekend but then look at monday, tuesday and wednesday and those storms promise more rain than we're getting out of these storms. reggie, natasha? >> thank you, mike. u.s. geological survey says the 4.4 magnitude quake struck this morning, a lot of you felt it and were jolted awake.
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many of you probably still can't get asleep. it was on the hayward fault nearly two miles southeast of berkeley. >> reported as a 4.7 magnitude, it was later downgraded to a 4.4. here in california we're talking about the quake this morning but the rest of the country dealing with really rough weather. a storm continues to slam the southeastern part of the country. snow is even falling in florida for the first time in three decades and it's not stopping there. the winter storm now called the bomb cyclone is headed north. stephanie ramos has more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. the bitterly cold temperatures here in d.c. are moving out slowly swapping out with snow. a ferocious winter storm slams the northeast and is rolling up the east coast. the storm breaking records hitting parts of florida, georgia, south carolina with their heaviest snowfall in nearly three decades.
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>> it's pretty wild. never seen palm trees with snow on them before. >> reporter: police report that more than 220 people have been hurt in accidents near savannah alone. >> i don't know how to drive on the road like this in this type of weather. >> reporter: in massachusetts, people are stocking up and prepping for this monster storm. >> we bought lots of water. we do have heat in the house which is great. >> reporter: many schools are already closed for today or delayed the start time. the national weather service has blizzard warnings in effect from virginia all the way up to maine. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. it's 4:47. the senior business officer at the oakland unified school district is stepping down amid a district wide budget crisis. critics say vernon hall is partly to blame for a $9 million midyear budget cut that included layoffs. the cuts angered a lot of parents and teachesers. they say he failed to take steps
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to avert the crisis. 4:47. no one won the powerball jackpot. >> the next drawing happens saturday. someone in california did match all five numbers to win $1 million. we don't know yet where that winning particular was sold. here are the winning numbers if you haven't checked your tickets. 2-18-37-39-42 and the powerball is 12. are there people who don't check their tickets? >> what is happening or are they honestly not? >> am i the person telling you that you won? >> it is possible. we do have some rain to contend with today. >> i would hope you would be the person to tell me i won. honestly. i still would be very happy. i might even share something. let's take a look at what's going on the last hour. as that moist flow continues to as that moist flow continues to roll off the ocean
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san francisco, daly city, san bruno and this will head to the east bay and the north bay. there's really thick fog developing. if you're heading in from the central valley, watch out there. and also up around santa rosa. that's where the thickest fog is. while most of us are sleeping it will wake up to pictures like this, maybe even more puddles on the roads as we look at the richmond side of the bridge. humid and mild today. more fact tracking stronger storms for next week. a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see a 1 today and a 1 tomorrow with the showers tapering during the evening hours. a dry weekend. a 1 monday. 2 tuesday. 1 light on wednesday. we'll take an hour-by-hour look
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at today and tomorrow's storm up next. here is sue. heading to the south bay, a couple of live looks. first to 280. the headlights snaking their way from san jose in the valley up to cupertino, 280 northbound. going under the 880 overcrossing, those are the headlights you see heading east and west. there you go, a seven-minute drive from downtown san jose to cupertino this hour. quite nice. across town 101 at 880. headlights in the northbound direction. everyone is at the limit and behaving here. an accident at 101 and 680. a little bit of slowing still there. >> sue, thank you. an arsonist may be at work in berkeley. that story coming up. making history at a surfing contest. a change in the rules affecting the competition. first this morning's "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes"
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let's take a look at what's going on with the storm impact scale for today and tomorrow. light to moderate showers. the heaviest will be while we're sleeping tonight. they'll become scattered tomorrow, almost nonexistent by tomorrow evening. the good thing about this, another storm with light wind and light rain totals. fire investigators are looking into dozens of suspicious fires intentionally city. 55 fires set. they've been small involving mattresses, boxes or trash bins. authorities fear they could get worse if the person moves on to bigger things. they're asking people to pick up debris, bring in garbage cans and call 911 if you see suspicious activity. the california state senator at the heart of a harassment investigation is taking a one-month leave of absence.
4:55 am
tony mendoza says he made the decision after meeting with senate democrats considering a rare vote on suspension against him. three women claim the southern california lawmaker made unwanted advances. he is denying the allegations. democrats stripped him of leadership positions when the allegations emerged in november. he refused demand he step aside. top surfers from around the world on alert this morning because the window is now open for mavericks. for the first time in its 19-year history women will compete. mavericks wasn't held last year because the previous organizers filed bankruptcy. this year's window runs through february 28th. surfers will get 72 hours notice to get to the contest. as promised i want to take a look at our future radar and clouds. you can see it starts at 9:00 this morning with scattered light showers from about san francisco or the bay bridge northward. as i put this into motion, what you're going to see is just that moist flow from the south and any southwest facing mountains
4:56 am
which are the santa cruz mountains in the north bay mountains. they get the best chance of those showers developing even as we head into the evening commute from marin north. that means there will still be other areas as we head to 7:00, the santa cruz mountains and east bay hills and there you go. 1:30 tomorrow morning through about 4:00. the next chance of moderate showers rolls through and then that will continue through 9:00 and taper as we head through the rest of the day. sue? to the east shore commute taking a live look outside at the stream of headlights heading in the westbound direction. golden gate field on in to berkeley curve and the mcarthur maze. just a few minor minutes here if you're paying cash in the right-hand cash lanes. otherwise traffic is flowing nicely. they have been turning metering lights on. it's been later in the morning. we have some slick roads out there so we'll be following that for you. green is great. we're looking at very light
4:57 am
conditions on this thursday morning. once again we have this earthquake at 2:39 this morning. b.a.r.t. is expecting there will be delays as they do track inspections. that's routine. right now everything looks to be running within five to ten minutes behind. we'll be following that. vta says they're going to be doing some routine maintenance on their rails. ace train left on time this morning and is continuing to be on time as it makes its way to san jose. 4:57 now. there's a book getting a whole lot of buzz. a closer look at the bombshell causing a rift betwee president trump and steve bannon. plus, we continue to track the breaking news, a 4.4 quake in berkeley around 2:40. look at these tweets. i'll have much more reaction coming up. people in the bay area paying $16 for a new type of bottled water. bottled water. the trend gaining
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it is 5:00 a.m. breaking news, a 4.4 earthquake centered in berkeley but a whole lot of you felt it all over the bay area. the usgs considers this a moderate quake. >> you can see it very clearly, that big spike that we're highlighting. this happened at 2:39 this morning. we have been seeing tweets of things falling off the shelves, a panel coming down. >> just small things that have fallen but nothing major, like you said, natasha. a lot of people getting rattled, not able to go back to sleep. the first


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