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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> i started to reach for anything. >> a terrified east bay family still shaken tonight, a week after a s.w.a.t. team descended on their home. police say it was all because of a fake 911 call. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and tonight police are investigating the fake 911 call, similar to an incident in kansas that resulted in an innocent man's death. we're also learning about a different incident last night in castro valley. >> katie utehs spoke to the family. >> as soon as i got to the front door, i could see the spotlights shine up onto me. >> reporter: a swarm of police officers, weapons drawn, filled this quiet street, surrounding an unsuspecting family.
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a mother, father, two kids and grandparents, walked out of their homes with their hands up on police command. >> my son just kept asking, why are their guns pointed at my face? why is my daddy arrested? what's going on? >> reporter: just days after christmas, a caller made a fake 911 call, targeting their address. >> indicating that there was somebody in his house. he said he had heard shots and his mother screaming and that he was hiding in his bedroom. >> reporter: the young father went outside in his him to open. >> i looked at them and i was like, hello, i'm not reaching for anything. >> reporter: the traced the call to a cell phone with a 213 area code, southern california. hercules police tell us it's an open investigation. the hoax call also happened in kansas the next day. there police shot and killed an unarmed man as he moved his hand toas waist band.
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similar scenario, but a different ending. >> why were we targeted? this is a sick prank. >> reporter: police are looking into the possibility the cases are connected. a southern california man was arrested in the kansas incident. new tonight, we're hearing of a similar incident in castro valley. investigators are blaming a dispute over video games, for a fake 911 call. the alameda sheriff's office said a caller reported a hostage situation at a home on grove way before 9:00 last night. the person demanded a ransom be paid or the hostages would be killed. investigators quickly determined it was a swatting call. they say, it's the second call to the same address since last may. now to our other top story tonight, the weather. you can see rain still coming down this evening. this was earlier on columbus avenue in san francisco, which was quite wet. and a live look from our san mateo bridge camera. will the rain affect your
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weekend? let's check in with sandhya. >> wiper weather tonight. let's check out live doppler 7. there's rain right now. it's mostly green. so we are looking at light rain from pleasant hill road to walnut creek. danville boulevard, you are seeing showers. fremont, pretty slippery around 880, and then san francisco, south san francisco, across 380, we are seeing around airport boulevard, some showers right now. very spotty in nature. south bay, you're getting wet from sunnyvale to santa clara, san jose. the wider picture showing you the moist flow of air continues to come in. on the storm impact scale, level one. we'll keep the showers going. get a load at what live doppler 7 is tracking. it's a stronger storm that is coming our way. i'll give you a closer look and let you know if your weekend
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plans will be a wash-out coming up. >> sand yarks thahya, thank you. just hours from now, san francisco will get itself buzz on. today seven dispensaries were given the go-ahead to sell recreational poll. lanny rivera visited several stores that are ready for the new business. >> reporter: it's a monumental day for harvest on geary dispenser in san francisco. >> we just received an e-mail about an hour and a half ago from the state of california, authorizing us to sell adult-use cannibis. >> reporter: the sale of recreational marijuana became legal on january 1st. but san francisco had to wait until now because the city didn't iron out its regulations in time. harvest ceo marty gibbons expects business to triple. the store has more label in addition to m for medical use, items have a stickers for adult use. >> we get to serve a much larger
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audience. >> grassroots on post street also got its permits. by late friday, these dispensaries on mission had temporary signs up. dispensaries such as this one are waiting on word from state officials. once they get the green light, they're expecting a mad rush this weekend. some customers with medical marijuana cards support more access for adults. >> what the state has done, which i do appreciate, it's kinda deesqualated all the fears. >> you have to pay a higher tax now, which is fine. i support paying taxes as well. >> reporter: harvest will open by 9:00 a.m., anticipating a sales day to remember. >> and u.s. attorney general jeff sessions announced a plan today -- yesterday to rescind obama-era policies to not interfere with states marijuana laws. the sacramento bee reported today in response a southern california lawmaker proposed a law that would make southern california a marijuana sanctuary
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state, to protect california users against federal investigations. the nation's largest food service company has stopped using romaine lettuce after reports of a possible e. coli break-out. canada's public health agency pound 58 cases of e. coli in the u.s. and canada, including two deaths now. most of the patients reported eating romaine lettuce beforehand. today, compass group, which supplies food to hospitals and school cafeterias, told its distributors to use other leafy greens instead. san francisco health officials suggest staying away from any uncooked food linked to e. coli. >> cook it, you know it's contaminated with something. cook it and it will kill all the bugs. otherwise, avoid it until we figure out what's going on. >> the cdc is trying to track the source of the illness. northern california gets its lettuce from imperial county or yuma, arizona. local restaurants believe it's safe to eat. caltrans is taking action
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after last month's report on a dangerous stretch of road along the oakland estuary. but the victim's mother who sparked the investigation wants caltrans to do more. >> dan noyes has this i-team update. >> we're so close. >> reporter: she couldn't bring herself to celebrate christmas or new year's, the first since her son robert died. >> i went to visit my son at his grave, and that was it. >> reporter: the 23-year-old drowned after his car veered off the road on a rainy morning in february. sandra believes a car may have blown. in response to last month's i-team report that shows robert and other drivers who drowned in the area, caltrans installed reflective traffic delineators last week. >> i appreciate their efforts and they got on it, they were out there right away. >> reporter: it is a step sticking the safety markers in the ground, but she wants a more
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robust and permanent solution. >> they need to put metal guard rails up. that's what i would like for caltrans to do. i feel like that is the only thing that's going to stop a car from going in that water. >> our sympathies go to the victim and her family. >> reporter: caltrans said it would take time to evaluate what more should be done to make roads around the estuary safer. >> well, guard rails are one possible option. there are several other things. >> reporter: oakland city council president larry reed tells me they're waiting for police reports on crashes to make a final decision. >> i'm sure we'll get guard rails along that corridor and make sure we minimize the loss of any future life along the stretch. >> reporter: the guard rails can't come soon enough for sandra martin, trying to have something positive come from her son's death. >> they need to do something more and quickly, because it's going to start raining. the water's going to fill up, and it's just going to be more dangerous over there with the roads being wet. >> we'll keep pushing, with
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sandra's help. dan noyes, abc7 news. well, the arctic air is not letting up back east. strangers ban together to help, and one place tonight is dealing with temperatures approaching minus a hundred degrees. yes, minus a hundred. also the new book rocking washington tonight. it's already setting records right here in the bay area. and big jackpots mean big dreams tonight in the bay area. we know someone locally is at least $1 million
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) it's not california. >> yeah, right. >> someone from florida is about $450 million richer, matching all numbers for the mega
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millions tonight. >> that enormous jackpot and an even bigger $570 million drew interest, folks from nevada, where you can play either game, drove to california to line up for a chance. >> no surprise, a chance at a half billion dollars drew interest in the bay area. abc7's katie marzullo is live in san francisco. >> no jackpot winner in california, but somebody in daily city matched five of the six numbers, and that prize is worth more than $1,800,000. >> today was so busy because of the high numbers and the jackpot. people come in, buying $40 worth, $80 worth and higher of just lottery tickets. and i've never seen anybody spend that much on tickets. >> reporter: so that semi- winning
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7-11 in daily city. and the powerball drawing is tomorrow. >> good luck. >> reporter: it's more than a slip of paper. it's a glimmer of hope. >> it's amazing. even if you don't win, to dream about winning, gives you a positive attitude on life. >> these are the winners. >> reporter: roy bought his at hana's bottle shop in santa clara, a store with a winning history. >> it's almost a billion dollars if you win both. that would be kinda awesome. >> reporter: massive back-to-back jackpots. >> it would be nice to hit it. >> this store is also lucky. customers were dreaming big, but practical. >> give my mom a house. >> i always tell my husband this, there's billions of dollars. i just want one. >> reporter: first, you've gotta beat the odds. >> yeah, i do. why not? i think i'm as deserving as the next person. >> reporter: just remember this expert advice. >> whoever signs the back of the ticket is the individual that has to claim the ticket and the
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proceeds. >> reporter: the dream isn't over yet. the powerball drawing is saturday night. in san jose, katie marzull abc7 news. "fire and fury," the abc7 news. explosive book was released early and stores cannot keep it on the shelves. it's a similar story for those trying to get a copy at the library. the chronicle reports there's a record waiting list at the san francisco public library, more than 900 people have hold requests. >> well, the east coast is expecting record cold weather this weekend. temperatures will be 20 to as much as 30 degrees below normal. a winter nor'easter already buried the region. in boston, a bus got stuck in the slush. neighbors saw it couldn't move. they grabbed shovels to dig it free and then pushed it back to a more cleared-away part of the road so it could be on its way. >> in new york, these ferries couldn't be pushed free. they wouldn't budge in the ice
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obviously. tonight the temperature will be 3 degrees there. now, if you want to see a low temperature, check this out. mountain washington in massachusetts is negative 85 degrees, and including windchill. "the new york times" sent reporters there who said it's so cold the air froze their eye lashes. that's cold. >> when they thaw out, when it becomes, like, i don't know, minus 2 -- >> we can't even understand that. >> no. >> but we are experiencing some rain. will it last into the weekend is the question. >> what do you think, sandhya? still wet right now. and still wet while you're sleeping. by the time your weekend plans begin, we'll be done with the rain temporarily. i'll show you where the wipers are needed and the roads are wet. you take a look here as we go into the east bay, oakland, alameda, lincoln avenue, some light showers right now. liv livermore valley, heading to
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alta mont, it is west. we will continue to track the spotty showers. we're seeing them on the peninsula, from redwood city, middlefield road from sunnyvale and also in the south bay, north first street, san jose, campbell area. sierra, some of this is going from rain to snow, but at such high elevations, and it's not going to amount to much. a couple inches at best with this storm, but don't you worry, we have more coming. rainfall totals the last 24 hours, how much have you seen? oakland picked up quite a bit. third of an inch there. san francisco, quarter inch and in a short amount of time. not so much rain in san jose and livermore. santa rose a third of an inch. here's a look at the visibility due to fog. five miles in livermore, three miles in oakland. that's how your morning will begin. temperatures right now in the
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40s and 50s. it's really mild outside, the humid air, subtropical air, that's why it's feeling so humid. when you look at the eastern third of the country and it is windchills, minus 14 in detroit, minus 7 in new york, minus 13 in boston. the arctic chill with them again over the weekend, and they'll be setting more records. take a look at abc7 news camera, visibility is starting to come down looking towards san francisco. scattered showers through the morning hours, foggy areas to start the weekend. our next storm is a level 2, income week. the current system is a light one through early tomorrow. expect showers with light winds. as we head into the overnight hours, while you're sleeping, you might hear the pitter patter of rain drops. 3:00 a.m., light to moderate rain expected. this trend will start to wind down. by 5:00 a.m., east bay, south bay, santa cruz mountains, getting showers. and very isolated by 7:00 a.m. in the south bay. it's done by 8:00.
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we'll be seeing a lot of sun later in the day. tomorrow morning, fog for soe of the valleys. 30s to 50s to start your temperatures. for the afternoon, brightening it up, upper 50s to low 60s. then the level two, stronger storm, moderate strength, hits on monday. rain will be heavy at times. it has an atmospheric river connection, one to two inches for most areas, two to three in the ihills impact downpours dows monday night. the rain starts monday morning. continues on tuesday. as far as we're concerned, the snow levels will be coming down to below lake level. download the accuweather app and check out live doppler 7 anytime you want. an early morning shower and then you basically dry out. sunday late at night, there's a chance of some showers, but better possibility of heavy rain, thunder possibility, and gusty winds.
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three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3! or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. well, this is no tale of the tape. instead, it's a tale of the steak. talking philly cheese steak variety. a father in philadelphia has been measuring his son's growth using cheese steaks. it was a joke at first but game a family tradition. >> however, at 2, he rejected the sandwich. dad put the tradition on hold fearing his son would hate cheese steaks for the rest of his life. we can't have that. >> they're sacred. >> you lived in philly. >> geno's or pat's. which one did the kid prefer?
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>> neither. while we were playing mega millions and losing, jon gruden hit his own jackpot. the deal is going t
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because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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good evening. leverage is a wonderful thing and jon gruden had a bunch of it. a raiders team desperate to win, an owner who needs to keep his local fans intereted and get his vegas fans to buy the personal seat balances. it all adds up to a ten-year, $100 million deal for gruden to return as head coach of the raiders. got a news conference scheduled on tuesday when gruden will be introduced for the second time as the coach of the silver and
11:29 pm
black. the hundred mill is more than any other player has ever received. gruden coached the raiders 1998 to 2001. mark davis hoping he can recapture the glory. >> the raiders also back-loaded the money, which means that once they move to las vegas, jon gruden won't have to pay any state taxes in nevada. and now jon gruden will be introduced tuesday as the raiders' head coach. he'll take over a team that he last coached in the tuck rule game in january of 2002. >> long time ago. sharks stopped four of a five-game road trip in ottawa. that's the dance i was going to do if we won mega millions. wrap around off anderson and in. what could go wrong? how about three goals on 17 shots. that beat aaron dels. the sens kept coming and coming.
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tying the game at five, send it to overtime. two on one, matt duchene, good night, game over! sharks fall 6-5. to the home of the sharks, san jose tonight for the women's figure skating championship. 19-year-old bradie tennell from illinois, look at this. flawless performance. finished with a final score of 219.51 to win her first ever title. the crowd was going crazy. she earned a spot on team usa in the winter olympics next month. number two stanford and arizona, women's hoops. second quarter. sneezeek with the steal. carrington in traffic, up and in. she had ten points in 22 minutes. alana smith inside, little contact up and in. stanford wins it, 3-0 in conference play. number 23, cal, just lost to ucla, taking on arizona state. three seconds left, first half.
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this is asia thomas, the drive. oh, nice. team high 25. but the bears were down eight, and do not get any closer. keyiana ivis with the jumper. at 26, cal loses their second in a row. abc7 sports by river rock casino. and jon gruden broadcasts his final game tomorrow on abc. titans/chiefs at 1:00. >> then off to collect a hundred million bucks. >> yes,
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all right, that's our report this first week of 2018. we appreciate your time. >> right now, thank you very
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much, and we'll watch jimmy kimmel with armie hamme >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- armie hammer -- from "mudbound," jason clarke -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from they. and now, take it take it take it jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi. thanks a lot, i appreciate it. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching, thanks for coming. it's friday night. let's try to make the best of it. hey, you know there's a bomb cyclone on the east


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