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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 6, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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jeopardy team. >> thanks for your time. >> ♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a snowmobiler reaches the top of a winter wonderland, but -- >> that's when trouble begins. >> what happens when his snowy adventure starts to go downhill. >> whoa! >> nicole doesn't know it, but she just walked into the surprise of a lifetime. now everybody else is about to get another surprise. why this is just the first in a grand plan to sweep her off her feet. seems to be a smooth elevator ride until the one guy with the sunglasses comes in, swings, and then's it's on. the story behind the beef that
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gets everything blown way out of proportion. we have the best ever the web, including the italian granny getting acquainted with google. but see why she and goo goo may never understand each other. >> goo goo. goo goo. >> there we go. you know all that cold and snow that's blanketing the northwest? it's being welcomed by some people, the ones >> when you go down no problem avenue. >> you got the hang of things here. there's a reason why they call it look out, as soon as he gets to the top and turns around to see where he is, you get a greater idea of the grade of that slope. that's when trouble begins. >> whoa! >> i get it now.
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>> look out! >> took out a couple of trees along the way, but he's still rollin'. the guy is movin' around, and you do hear him say a few things that let you know he is still alive. just a woo? that's it? >> where's the snowmobile? >> it's gone. i think it's in the snow. i think i'm safe in saying it's in the snow somewhere. good luck finding it. the next video, theres an avalanche, but i love how people call it small. this is in peru. i see that as a big avalanche, because if you were a small person, it would be bigger the closer you got. i love what they say at the end of this video. >> we're still alive! >> it's fascinating to watch, every time.
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i deon't know why. we've had our fair share of surprises he surprises here at "right this minute", but this might be the biggest. nicole's getting quite a surprise as she comes around and is faced with a lot of people she didn't expect. as far as she was concerned, she was done with the surprise. then danny, her man says we're going to disney world. they enjoyed this whole trick and they turn up for dinner, and there's all these friends and families. she doesn't know what's happening, but the surprise is continuing. >> uh, you hear the music playing in the background, coldplay, it's all decorated. >> is this what i think it is? >> i'm going to say yes, and no, gayle. this was your instinct. he drops to one knee. everyone's going crazy.
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nicole's been surprised, but now everybody else is about to get another surprise. >> i'm going to mary rigry you here, right now. she said yes. >> nicole was diagnosed with lupus. it can be triggered by stressful events, and as a result, she's missed out on family holidays, dinners, you name it. so danny, her man five o monthmo he's been planni this. she's gone out to the back room where mom's laid out wedding dress options. it's just clap if you agree.
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>> oh, my god. >> it's just like the most thoughtful and magical thing that nicole basically got slammed with all these surprises but never had to stress out about it and didn't have to worry about missing out on it and got to have one of the most magical days ever. ♪ what we're seeing is security camera footage from inside an elevator. you see these two guys walkna io an elevator in brazil. they start chitchatting, but about 30 seconds later it appears the conversation has turned because now the guy in the red hat and his girl are looking off and waiting for the elevator ride to be over. we don't know what was said, but the doors open, the guy in the red hat gets off the elevator to allow these kpguys to get their cooler and they do o gget off t
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elevator for a while, and then he swings, a huge brawl erupts between the guys and the guy with the red hat. you never know what you're dealing with. the kid seems to take all three of these guys out. it escalates even further. >> everybody's pulling guns now? what's going on! >> the elevator continues on its journey. reports are saying that the three guys involved in this are off-duty police officers. the young guy, 21 years old with the red hat is a tourist, the officer in the elevator that he bate beat up dropped the gun. >> if i'm the guy in the red hat, i'm so o glad this video exists. if you watch this video, they slapped first and they drew down on him as well. >> he probably thought they were
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people he needed to defend himself against. >> the officer on the ground was injured, shot in the right thigh. he's expected to make a full recovery. the 21 year old man was arrested and released, because reports say there was no clear evidence as to who kicked off this brawl. right now he's not facing any charges, but the incident is still under investigation. >> oli, your best imitation of americans. >> speaking really loud any an airport. >> hey, everybody! good to see you. in the middle of a restaurant, everyone's there, and they're having a really loud conversation. >> everybody's got an opinion. >> my best impression of an american is talking like this, kind of the valley girl. >> because people from 70 countries are going to imitate americans. >> how are you? great. oh, how are you doing?
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i'm like so excited. >> i think that's more common, the valley girl. >> they've been watching a lot of tv, that's what i think. >> that's the thing. american culture, a lot of people learn about it through movies and television, so we have this perspective. >> hey. >> hi, how are you? i'm good, yeah. >> totally. >> awesome. >> howdy. >> it was put together by conde nast traveler. >> hi, how are you? >> oh, my god, this is awesome! >> i feel like that's me. >> like the bahamas. >> really? like i don't know, like literally? i can't even. like i literally die. as if. >> just for the record, not all of us talk like that. like not even. >> oh, my for gosh, i love your skirt. >> and then he was like oh, my
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god. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> dude, that's awesome. >> usa! usa! >> that's the one. >> what are we going to do for dinner? >> fear, fear. >> you want a burger? >> yeah, i don't know. i started off feeling really good watching this video, now i feel kind of sad. i don't know what to think. >> i want my starbucks to go. >> i like shug nugar in my coff. >> three sugars and two creams, thank you. a makeup tutorial by mila. see her unique tricks to get the look. >> yeah, right. >> yes, it looks great. >> and he's going for the front
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♪ closed cappsing provided by time for gold bondhealing lotio. penetrates 10 surface layers deep, with 7 moisturizers, 3 vitamins. gold bond. this kid's got a helmet on, yay. the helmet actually should be on the other end of his body. going for the first flip.
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>> oh! >> what was he thinking? >> he was thinking he would flim right over that fence. instead, came down and somehow is alive and talking. >> are you kidding me? >> he somehow landed in between all of those bars. >> oh, my gosh! >> there's a camera set up on the other side. i see what they were going for. that's a stupid idea. how lucky is he? >> there's not a scratch on him. great front flip. he looks like he just hopped out of the saddle. let's head over to russia where it's gray and cold, and let's pass the teime by watchin somebody nearly kill themselves. on the access covered with snow. he finishes with a flourish,
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flipping over, and this guy at the end of the viral video. it is very slippery. >> don't do this at home. >> don't do this anywhere. >> true. maybe do it inside your house on the living room floor. >> and the couch. >> how about yoga class. mila's a pretty popular kid on social media. makes you wonder how she obtained the look. she's got a special guest. >> special and seemingly unwilling guest. >> let the glam squad begin. >> first i'm going to take some full coverage, get a big glob. >> okay. >> i'm not sure if this is my color. >> it doesn't matter if it's your color. it's the in thing. just go with it.
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we can yes, ma'improvise. for all of you youtubers out there, if you don't have a blender, use a sponge. highlighter is everything, and it's the new trending thing too. >> bridge of the nose. >> time to curl the eyelashes. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> this is natural. >> this is the in thing, being natural. >> how's your mother-in-law? scary. you're not supposed to eat it. >> and now, now this takes a special technique. you can't have shaky hands. >> ooh, sharp. it it's dangerous. >> on. now for the reveal. >> i'm gorgeous. >> yes, honey, play.
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8k. >> she's got all the flair. >> compete with whom? she's at the top of her class. who's she going to compete with? >> she's won the title 14 different times. >> look at that! >> that's fitness right there. >> i do like the fact how she talks about people used to criticize her and find her passion so ridiculous and didn't really believe in this thing she loves so much. >> what do you have to say to those people? >> well, i'm just thankful to them because they've been jealous of me and they didn't really western really wish me the good things it gave me a lot of strength to prove them they were wrong. >> her impetus to fire and fuel her to get where she is. >> she needs to be cast in one of the "wonder woman" movies. >> you look like you're having a
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good time. it's a new year. people are taking down their christmas decorations and putting them away. and pretty soon, it will be spring cleaning team. wh when you start, maybe you should start with your ears, because the earwax specialist has found something pretty interesting in this woman's ear. he's got his special camera right there going inside. do you see anything? >> i love these. they're so fascinating. >> any guesses? >> what's it going to be? >> i'm going to say a moth. >> it's something alive that's going to have lots of wriggly legs. >> a worm. >> nope, nope, and it's not alive. my friends, that's a cockroach. >> oh! >> you are so dirty. you are so dirty the bugs have gone to are your head. >> no, it probably wiggled off in there when she was asleep or something and died in her ear,
5:53 pm
huh? >> yeah, a kind of place a cockroach chooses to die. >> you're so dirty your ea cock chose your ear to die in. he hands it over! >> yeah, look after it. ♪ this italian grandma's trying to talk to some tech. >> okay, goo goo. >> it could not have been any more clear. >> okay mcdonald's. i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. that's value jack's way.
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grandma, those are such areh gold, not because they're loving but gold because of this. >> goo goo. >> she is trying to use one of those google home devices. you speak to it. give it an order and it will play a song, tell you the weather, what are the latest headlines. >> hello, goo goo. >> goo goo. >> she can't quite say google. so she goes goo goo. >> you want to know what is the weather tomorrow. >> in flagler beach tomorrow, there will be showers with a high of 65. >> i'm impressed. >> that's impressive. the room was loud. she was screaming into it in her lovely accent, and it still gave her a response?
5:58 pm
>> yeah, she's just as shocked as you are. >> it scares me. >> my grandmother says these are the devil's things. >> ask google to play a song. >> here's the really sweet part. she's got a favorite italian song. they're going to ask google to play it for her. >> otherwise it didn't hear you correctly. >> you know -- >> grandma's just about had enough with this goo goo thing. we never know if she ever got her song or if she's still trying to figure out if this darn thing works. >> right now grandma's going hey, goo goo! >> hello, goo goo! thanks for joining us today. check out
5:59 pm
tonight on the news at 6:00, a wild shooting and crash. now officers are piecing together what exactly happened. we're there live with breaking details. license to sell. the pot revolution begins in san francisco. and it's there in your big shot tonight. more than a half billion dollars. news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. that breaking news, a roadway shooting and crash that shut down a major roadway in solano county. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened, and it could take all night. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> the extensive crime scene is blocking fairfield, and tiffany joins us now with breaking details. >> reporter: there was a very scary afternoon here in fairfield. police say it started with a
6:00 pm
shooting, and at this point, they are not sure if it was a shoot out, or just one person in a car firing at the driver of the other car. now that shooting took place about 300 yards from where i'm standing on the other side of the waterman boulevard overpass. one of the drivers took off, and the other was shot multiple times and lost control of his car. you can see where he hit a white van, and then another car, and then finally, his car came to a stop. police say the shooting victim was the driver of the silver, two-door sedan. she was shot multiple times and he is surcurrently in critical condition at the hospital. other people in the cars also suffered injuries. >> multiple people went to several different hospitals. i don't know how many, but there is a number of them, and from what i'm told, there are no major injuries, but several people were hurt. >> reporter: on medic ambulance's facebook page, they say they transported eight people in seven different ambulances, and


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