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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." it's a nice, quiet day, and this woman here just walking home from work. down the sidewalk here. when suddenly. >> oh! it took her out. >> rescuers rush over to help an injured street dog that -- >> can't move his back legs. >> but see how a little tlc has him learning how to get back on his feet. >> he's got a little swagger now. plus, it's an almighty fail at a wedding ceremony. [ laughter ] and a prankster who's looking for his lost pet. >> have you seen a squirrel running around with a backpack?
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>> watch as the search gets a bit squirrely. quiet morning here on the streets of lima, peru. this woman walking home from work down the sidewalk here when suddenly, look out, look out. >> whoa, it took her out. >> yeah, she was not able to get out of the way of that out-of-control car. she clearly heard it. here's the reverse angle. she lands on the roof of the car. >> the car caught her. it may have saved her from other injury. >> however you will be shocked to see that woman here in the hospital recovering from her injuries. somehow, she's awake and conscious and talking. her name is sandra lopez. she's got a broken knee and other injuries, you can see, but the worst of it appears to be that broken knee. police have caught up with one person who claims to be a driver. they've given him a breathalyzer and claims he is completely
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sober, however, witnesses are saying that there may have been another person in the vehicle who was the driver and they could have swapped out. that's what police are looking into now. here we in russia. we've got a dash cam, and it's stopped behind a few other cars waiting for the train to pass. we do have a pedestrian nearby who somehow -- >> oh, no! >> come on, like everybody was stopped. lights flashing red, and you look for her to miss it. >> and never heard the train, reports say because of headphones. that 18-year-old boy was wearing headphones, probably walking with his head down, did not hear the bell ringing. did not hear the horn of the train blaring, completely unaware of this locomotive bearing down on him. he suffered a concussion, fractures to his legs and ribs, but is expected to recover. it's because of donations from average people that this rescue is made.
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here we are in india, animal aid unlimited has been called in because of this poor street dog. they've named him robert. poor robert can't move his back legs. as can you see here sha, robert trying to sit up but can't sit up like a dog normally would. as you can see, he's got a bad injury on his back. they worry it may keep him from using his back legs. they carry him to their center. >> that's a severe injury. his entire back is exposed. >> it looks like it's festering and full of bugs and stuff. >> do they know knew happened? >> they think he may have been hit by a car. this is going to take many weeks
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of bed rest. they have to massage him and give him therapy. but watch him a few weeks later. he's taking his very first steps. >> they don't give up on these animals. >> hm-mm. >> there's a lot of hard work they're putting into these rescues. >> you're absolutely right. >> he's wobbly. >> totally wobbly. but weeks later, bed rest. >> he's got swagger now. >> pep in his step. >> but there you see robert, he's made a significant recovery from what he looked like when they first brought him in. he just needed some tender loving care and kisses, apparently. one thing you americans love, the elevated hand slap. >> up into the sky. >> hangin' out on the outside. but not for long, they veer off and head, head-first, toward the
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ground. it gives it this weird look like we're diving down on the teeny, tiny earth. >> they start getting closer. >> the american dna kicks in. we must elevate our hands and slap them together. >> bring it in. there's the slap. >> ooh, ooh. >> super cool. this 360 video. the guy kind of goes tumbling away. our guy does a back flip and now it's like where did that guy go? it's the biggest high-five on the planet. >> very cool. this is posted to the youtube channel. he's the guy who had the jet-powered wing suit. in this case, everybody was just using gravity. notice how many of them are flying on their backs as well, while at the same time maintaining the shape through the air. they've got an until of incredible moves. they have someone jump out. and while they're doing it, the other guy starts spiraling
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around them. >> my favorite part of the video is this one. one of them, with the camera, doing very impressive, long barrel rolls around them. check it out. this is super dangerous, but everybody knows what they're doing. we're not done yet with the cool stuff, because once somebody else pulls their shoot. and now we're kind of riding. we get to enjoy the spectacular results. nobody's exempt from the almighty fail. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> apparently, the person performing the wedding went a little longer than he was supposed to, 40 minutes rather than 20. >> it's not about you, pal, it's about you two. >> he was protesting. >> i'm out! >> the dude hadn't eaten, because he thought it was going
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to go a lot faster than it did. he lost sleep and suffered a broken nose. he lost his front teeth and messed up his jaw pretty bad. >> nothing broke his fall. he went down hard. >> like, was he in the wedding after that? >> i hope they -- >> i'm glad they recorded this next one. when you enter the reception, you've got to do it big, honey. here this couple comes walking down the stairs. they've got their two-step all planned out. >> oh, man! at least they didn't go for something they can fail at. >> i was expecting them to be dancing like we usually see. >> oh, wait, did you say dirty dancing? >> why do you people do this? >> oh, boy. oh, wow. >> he came at her like 100 miles an hour. she wasn't ready.
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. smart cars are smart. the drivers, well, that's questionable. >> oh, my gosh. >> he totally got it. he's totally got it. you're in, brother. >> a couple more adjustments, and they're in. >> he bumped it in front literally. >> this driver inches back. oh, oh, oh, oh. >> i'm getting in a small place. >> there's room to spare in there. i'm impressed. good job. we've seen some pretty poor parking videos. this one is great. >> don't speak so soon, because that one ended well. this was over in england. tell me what you think about this. >> oh! >> oh, no. no. >> you got your wheels turned the wrong way! you're pushing into it!
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turn the other way. >> why don't you pull forward and back in. it would have been easier for you than to make that turn. well, nothing in life is easy, gayle. the woman gets out of the car, she's like, how much space do i have here? >> the driver did move. >> at this point, she should have it. there is no problem. all she's got to do is go the opposite way, straighten up and carry on about her day, but no. >> oh, and there's a child in the car. >> is the child driving? >> no, the child would do a better job. now she's backing out. meanwhile, the person in the other car has pulled out completely so she can make it. she backs out. >> where are you going? go ahead. >> you're going to leave. leave! >> oh, my goodness. >> wherever she's going, i hope she's going to get her life
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together. [ laughter ] it is snowing in texas where people don't expect to see it, look at peyton here. >> she's trying to get her snow angel in. >> i don't want to wear a jacket. >> but she's adjusting to the fact that it is stinking cold. she just gives in to the cold and gets her snow angel in. >> go, go, go. >> she's like get out of here. chop, chop, you got it on video. let's go. >> in this video, little vin here is about to see snow for the very first time. he spent, according to his parents, about 30 minutes getting bundled up. he's ready to go. >> what is this? >> what? what? >> i don't know what it is, because i can't see nothing. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> you got to jump in face
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first. >> i'm pretty sure vin is done with snow for a long time. time. busty blue has a challenge for chris. >> i have a challenge, i bet you can't dribble this basketball wherever you go for an entire day. >> that's not all. there are certain other challenges he has to achieve throughout the day. go get coffee, bring it to the office, go out for lunch, and the hardest of it all, throw an office party with cake and balloons. why am i doing this? >> if you complete all three of these challenges, i am going to take you to a lakers game, my friend. >> sign me up, i'm for it. >> at some point during the day, he's going to come out of nowhere, very fast, dribbling, gets out onto the street. immediately is feeling self-conscious. >> very obnoxious. draws a lot of unwanted
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attention. >> wait until you go get coffee. >> no one seems to be too bothered. gets the coffees, manages to head out the door. >> he's not dribbling! >> but just as he's heading back to the office. mayday, mayday, mayday! oh, no! >> i'm going with a fuoul on tht one. somewhat easy. makes it out the front door before anybody gets angry. angry challenge number three. >> [ bleep ]! >> good news here, he's got a camera following him around so at least somebody can look at it and say you're being obnoxious -- oh, you're doing it for youtube. >> grabs the cake and makes it back to the office. >> he can almost smell the laker tickets and hear the squeak of
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the sneakers on the floor. >> i was this close. >> somebody get this brother some tickets. >> he totally got the [ laughter ] police get some help chasing down a suspect. find out why they were searching for the good samaritan. plus, it's her graduation ceremony but she's not celebrating without her brother. >> she can select a special family member and she heads trite her little brother. ly navd this broken-down rv. really? a road flare? it's my new year's resolution. now i'm all about safety and stuff. you're not even going to try to catch something on fire? i'm not. i'm going to miss you, man. yeah. i'm going to miss me too. ♪
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they're looking for the lady who used the long leg of the law. they wanted to congratulate her. they eventually did catch up with her. >> a local award. a not so happy ending in this video out of brazil. this woman is walking with this boy and a guy rides up on a moped. he snatches her purse but the little boy tries to intervene. he grabs the man, he spins around with the guy as he tries to get away. the woman's phone falls off. she goes to grab it. but the guy gets an i w way and police are looking for him. it's not that the kids are too young, but it looks like something important. >> this is a graduation ceremony in brazil, and they are dressed
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to the nines. you see the little boys in their bow ties and suits. and all the family members are there to support their little ones. i like how they're dressed up and being shown to present themselves. kids need to have lessons that give them a little confidence when they grow up. >> during the ceremony they are allowed to go into the crowd and select a special family member. and this little girl heads right to her little brother. she pushes his wheelchair right to the middle of the floor because this, my friends is a family couple dance. and, as the music begins, she starts to dance with her little brother. now she definitely has the moves. and she floats around to the music. look how happy she is.
12:24 pm
she has a smile on her face, and she continues to do her dance, and that's because her mother says she has such an amazing love for her brother. he has cerebral palsy and she was not going to go lothroughou the graduation ceremony without him being at her side. she insisted that he be involved in the dance portion of the ceremony. that's her brother, that's her person, they do everything together, and she wanted him right there with her. she's bringing him in and including him. that's a lesson to the other children there. a prankster's working hard to find his missing pet squirrel. >> he's questioning all potential witnesses to see if he has any
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for a store near you. it. >> he is the kid in the house. all is not well for ed bassmaster. >> i'm making a quick video of my squirrel running away, that's why i haven't been online for a while. >> i don't thouknow why i get sa kick out of this guy. >> he's going around the area being looking for his pet squirrel. >> have you seen a squirrel running around wearing a backpack. >> this guy immediately starts to drive off. he knows nothing about squirrels but is sure is nuts. >> don't you want to get out of the car and be part of the squirrel hunt for a few minutes? >> a common problem ed faces is -- >> have you seen him? this is his picture. if you notice, he's got his hair
12:29 pm
parted. and he's wearing a red backpack. >> if you spot a squirrel with his hair parted in a certain way with a red backpack. >> he's going to all potential witnesses. >> did you see little timmy? if you see him, let me know, okay? i'm serious, there's a big reward, okay? >> i'm not sure this fell low i convinced. >> no, that's for real. that's my pet. >> i like that man's laugh. >> he goes away, and then suddenly, a break! >> he says he just saw timmy run into this store right here. >> blasts into the store. >> timmy! did you guys see a squirrel come running in here? somebody saw him run in here. >> no one saw him. we don't manage to find the squirrel. the video doesn't end with a happy ending. >> show this video to everyone
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